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Children of Hades
  • Despite their best efforts, plants wilt and die in their presence. Many gravitate towards apartment living. Their uncomfortable, deadly auras, demigod training and sharp features keep them safe in dodgy, dangerous areas.
  • Some of the most, if not the most, sarcastic people you will ever meet. They are characterised by a dry, deadpan and dark sense of humour. Chiron may or may not have had to reign in their cutting, bitter criticism towards the gods on more than one occasion.
    • They are the friends you need to explain to your other friends before you introduce them.
  • Cabin 13 is tiny in population. They tend to have age gaps of at least a few years between them and are almost always, conceived in spring or summer. Their familial loyalty extends far beyond the confines of camp.
    • They have a tendency of finding each other. 
    • They have a unique network to support them, provided they are able to survive long enough to establish themselves in the world to compensate for their lonely, isolated upbringings. This support is of course, very subtle.
      • Preceded by their infamy, their successes are understated. They are ambitious and have an urge to prove themselves, partly as a big ‘f you’ to those who undermine them.
      • Some gravitate towards politics, law and business. They are the very powerful, very influential key figures pulling strings in the shadows.
        • Children of Hades have friends in very high places.
  • Most are very introverted and reserved. 
    • Their distrust and skepticism feeds into their self-sufficiency and extreme resourcefulness.
    • They tend to land themselves in risky, life-threatening situations because they believe they can accomplish anything, no matter how dangerous, by themselves. Proud and stubborn, they usually resist help from others.
    • They are emotionally guarded but once their walls are breached, they fall very hard, very quickly. 
      • Those they consider ‘friend’ can be counted on one hand and can do massive damage when allowed to roam in their inner sanctum.
      • Children of Hades are some of the worst people you can betray. They will hold a grudge into the afterlife and will not hesitate to cut ties if taken advantage of.

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Soriel AU Week @sorielweek Day 3: Reapertale

Local god of death falls asleep in a flower meadow and ruins everything.

I hope this doesn’t defy Reapertale’s amazing lore too much since I’m not sure if the gods can even sleep ahah (although if any god could sleep, it would be Sans). There’s so much beautiful art for this AU I don’t think I could ever match up to it, so attempting humour with it was more in my comfort zone.

Enjoy the fun times while you can; tomorrow I’m hoping to rip some hearts out (◉‿◉✿)

Worth The Risk {Part 11}

Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky knew that all Steve wanted was for him to get along with her, but was it really worth the risk?

Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 04 / Part 05 / Part 06 / Part 07 / Part 08 / Part 09 / Part 10 / Part 12 / Part 13 / Part 14 

Word Count: 2376
Warnings: angst

A/N: Look who finally finished part 11! But also real talk though, seeing a professional doesn’t make you weak or lesser as a person. BUT not all types of help work for everyone and I strongly encourage anyone going through stuff to find a way of support and recovery that works for them. Take care of yourself, you guys <3

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You’d been hunched over your desk, absorbed in your work when a knock at the door pulled you out of your thoughts. Leaning back in your chair, you set down your pen and listened. The knock sounded again and you called out to FRIDAY, letting Sam in.

He’d been visiting you regularly over the past few days and as he entered the room you noticed the disapproving look he threw you. You weren’t surprised; you knew exactly why he was upset. He hated it when you buried yourself in work, yet there you were doing just that: anything to distract yourself.

You let out a small sigh and closed the binder in front of you, turning to face the older man.

“Hey.” You greeted, voice hoarse from lack of use.

“Hey,” he replied. “How are you doing?”

Sam took a seat on the edge of your bed and you shrugged. There was a pause and you opened your mouth to speak, but Sam beat you to it.

“I brought you something.”

You hadn’t expected that.

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“Home, sweet home.” Eric murmured to himself as he wandered the grounds of The Institute and its surroundings. Although his time away had been relatively brief considering the span of his long life, he found himself wondering if anything had changed. It was one scent in particular, accompanied by the telltale prickle of a set of eyes watching him, that drew him out of his reverie and caused a pause in his step. Eric turned his head to glance in the direction of the scent. “Did no one ever tell you it’s rude to stare?”

I dont know maybe Herman overdid the bed scene, put too many emotions in it, but man that was the truest shit… Thats the way the love of your life looks at you in the mornings, believe me I know. When a person looks like that at someone, they wont be falling in love with anybody else six days later. This is so fake it would never ever happen in reality. And the fact that Skam - out of all the shows - did that is so fucking depressing, it actually breaks my heart. The most realistic show did the most unrealisting thing in their finale and it’s fucking heartbreaking…

Twitter header for Anon aka Khaleesi ;)

Maybe I overdid it. But I wasn’t sure if my ideas will suit your taste. So I made a little selection.

I tried to include the colour blue. :) But it is very complicated to dye dark hair blonde (at least for me) and I wasn’t happy with the result. Therefore it is a brunette Daenerys. Sorry.

I used this twitter header template:

It is possible that the header looks odd without the template, but I hope it fits in the end. PS My template is in german. ;)

Please tell me if you like one of them. Thanks!

Stuff Izaya says in the chatrooms...

Tanaka Tarou
Kanra, you really do know everything.

Well, it’s all I’m good for, lol.

–Durarara!! Light Novel Volume 1


Kanra-san doesn’t like us, so we’re leaving.

Oi…wait a moment, maybe I overdid it but I was just kidding☆

I hope Kanra-san feels better the next time we meet.

Quarreling is not good


Ahhh! I said I was kidding! Don’t get all wound up!

— Durarara!! Light Novel Volume 4

Is Orihara Izaya lonely or not?

I have been asked that question.

This is just my personal opinion. I think he feels lonely, but at the same time satisfied.

His love has been, is, and always will be unilateral. It is not that he has never been loved; however, he always denies such love access to him. As long as he loves others, he feels connected to them and satisfied.

When he wants to use you, he does allow you to get close to him. But there will still be a thick wall between you and his heart.

Sounds pretentious, doesn’t it? But those were his very own smug words in my chatroom that day.

–Shinichi Tsukumoya, Durarara!! Light Novel Volume 9

((And when asked if Izaya was lonely, Narita says, “There are a lot of times when he is lonely.”))

Orihara Izaya【I guess you’re wondering ‘How did he know about Shinra’s injuries?’】
Celty@Day Off 【I am. Don’t tell me you had a hand in that?】
Celty@Day Off 【If t】
Celty@Day Off 【If that’s the case, I’m going to sew your mouth
and eyes shut with my shadow and put you in front of Shizuo.】
Orihara Izaya 【Don’t get all waspish. Calm down and at least type more steadily. By the way, it was not me. I’m not stupid enough to try to injure or kill my friend. I have few enough of them as it is.

- Durarara!! Light Novel 9



No one’s around, huh?

Even though it’s usually livelier around this time

It’s the middle of the summer, maybe everyone’s spending time with their family and their partners

[I had hotpot recently too]

[It was fun]

- Durarara!! Light Novel Volume 10

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Teacher GOM realizing they have a crush in of their students(separate) Thank you.

I apologize if you’re a Murasakibara fan because I had a total author block with him on this one. ㅠㅠ Also, please specify gender of crush/significant other next time! 

- Kru

Kise Ryouta - Kise constantly peeked at her from the lecture book he was reading aloud to the class. Whenever she would look up to glance at the board, he’d quickly look back at the words. The entire class could sense his odd behavior except for her. Some even turned back to look at the oblivious girl to see why Kise was constantly staring.

“Ahem, t-that’d be all for today. Everyone is dismissed,” Kise cleared his throat and circled back to his desk. The entire class was dumbfounded, but eventually got up and out the door to enjoy the rest of their class-free day.

However, she had stayed behind.

“Sensei, I thought your lecture today was really great! I was kind of sad that it ended so short…” she said, adjusting her hair while pressing her books up against her chest. Kise promptly apologized, a blush rapidly forming on his face. She looked disappointed at his lack of response, and turned to leave.

But Kise stopped her by grabbing onto her wrist. Do I… like her? He asked to himself as she looked at him, surprised. “I…” He started, taking a nervous gulp, “I, um…”

“…yes?” she urged for him to continue, desperate to know what he had to say.

“…uh, d-don’t be late tomorrow! I’ll pick up the lecture where I left off.”

Her eyes softened slightly, and she nodded. “Okay, sure.” Kise let go of her and watched her leave the classroom, counting every step she took. When the coast was clear, he put his head down on the desk and groaned at how idiotic he felt.

Midorima Shintarou - Midorima was about to take a sip from his coffee when he saw her, sitting underneath a tree in the middle of the school’s courtyard. She was studying material from his class, and she clearly seemed confused. He leaned against the pillar next to the teacher’s lounge and watched her trying to piece together all of her notes. A small smile tugged at his lips at how much she flailed around. He quickly went back to his usually resolve after realizing the effects she had on him.

Wait… it can’t be.

Midorima straightened out his posture and nervously adjusted his glasses. There was no way he had a crush on one of his students. Absolutely no way.

Yet the more she apprehensively bit her lip, twirled her pen, scrunched her eyebrows together, Midorima could feel himself falling deeper.

When the girl caught a glimpse of him, she smiled widely. “Ah, sensei! Can you help me over here?? Geez, why are these worksheets so difficult?!”

He cleared his throat and fiddled with his tie before walking over the her, a slight tinge of red on the apples of his cheeks. “You’re not studying enough, it’s quite simple.”

Aomine Daiki - Aomine snapped awake when one of his students hit his head with a notebook. He shook his head drowsily, wiping his drool while taking his feet off the desk. “Hmm??” he hummed, blinking his eyes rapidly to make out the face of the person in front of him.


“Sensei…you said you’d meet me in the library for after school tutoring,” she complained, hands crossed.

Aomine groaned and glanced at the clock. Shit, it’s already 6 pm. He scrambled around his desk for the review papers, “alright, alright. What kind of student hits their teacher on the head with a book?” He rubbed his head and attempted to look innocent.

She scoffed. “Why are you sleeping here anyways? If you don’t want to tutor me this badly, why don’t you just go sleep at home? Besides, it’s bad for you to sleep here. Your neck will hurt,” she placed a finger on his forehead and pushed his head back, releasing a groan from him, “See? And stop eating ramen for dinner everyday.” She poked the styrofoam cup with her pencil.

Aomine hissed, “there’s still some left-over, stop messing with it. And why does all of that matter to you? Acting like you’re my wife or something.”

Aomine’s eyes widened immediately at the realization of what just left his mouth. He quickly looked to her and she had a tinge of pink in her cheeks. Without saying anything, she just bowed and left the classroom.

“Wai-” she was long gone.

Fuck. Why is my heart racing? Aomine thought as he clutched his shirt.

Akashi Seijuro - Akashi calmly read his book in the library, turning the last page to the novel. A sigh escaped his lips as he closed the book and put it down. “Another cliffhanger.”

Curiosity got the better of him and he stood up to get the sequel. He walked through the endless halls of books, scanning to find the right one. There was nothing more peaceful than the library at this hour. Not many people around…no disruptions from the school kids…completely quie-

“Ah! Sensei?”

Akashi jumped slightly, and looked to his right. There she stood, the rays from the sky light shining on her like an angel. Now this was an exception.

“Ah, ______-san. Was I in the way?” he asks politely, wearing his most charming smile.

She shook her head. “I was searching for a book in this series.” She held the novel up, and Akashi’s eyes lit up.

“I was searching for that as well,” he stated. She immediately smiled.

“I didn’t know you read it! You know in the second book when the main chara-”

Akashi gently placed his index finger on her lips, hushing her. “I haven’t read the second one yet. No spoilers.”

Maybe it was the blush on her cheeks, the fact that she held her breath, or the nervous fluttering of her eyelids, but Akashi felt very warm on the inside. He quickly pulled his hand back and cleared his throat. “We can chat about it when I finish?” he offered, and she quickly nodded and then scrambled out of the library.

“She forgot the book…” he said to himself, a helpless smile on his face.

I’m in love.

Kuroko Tetsuya - Kuroko’s eyes flickered back and forth between the papers in front of him and the girl who sat three rows from the door, and four desks back. Was the test that difficult? Maybe I overdid it? Kuroko thought to himself as he watched her shove her hands into her hair, clenching the strands with fists. She bit her lip, closed her eyes tightly, and then let out a groan of frustration as she couldn’t figure out the answer. The surrounding classmates looked at her because of the noises she was making, and she just awkwardly apologized. She then proceeded to do finger math in the air while scratching her head.

Kuroko didn’t notice the smile that had formed on his face while he watched all of this. She was so entertaining and lively. She was something Kuroko had missed in all his life. He knew that from the moment she stumbled inside this classroom with papers and books all scattered across the floor.

But was this love?

Kuroko shook his head, and looked back at the essays he had yet to grade. Another groan was heard from the girl, and he looked up at her. This time, she had also locked eyes with him. Her lips immediately curved into a pout, as if to tell him to drop the test. Kuroko let out a quiet laugh and mouthed a ‘no’ to her, causing her head to fall to the desk.

Well he definitely did admire her.

A lot.

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Hi, I'm starting to get the flu and I'm pretty sad since I also have to give away my dog tomorrow so it is just making me worse. Can I have a scenario of Rei, Ritsu and Mao taking care of a very sick Anzu that can't get out of bed who's also having high stress? Thanks! :)

oh no i hope you’re doing better now !!! i wrote this as soon as i saw your request, i hope i’m not too late… please take care of yourself ! ♥ - mod mademoiselle

Mao :

“Really, Mao, you didn’t have to come all the way here…” Your boyfriend pointedly looks away, now busy making sure you have enough pillows and you feel comfortable in your bed. You squirm a bit under the three blankets he’s piled up on top of you, and he mistakes that for you trying to grab another pillow. He’s already put one under you before you even have time to protest, and you just sigh, admitting your defeat.

“It’s fine, I was planning to come anyway. And I can’t just leave you like that, who knows what you’d be up to if I wasn’t here ?” He laughs embarrassedly when he meets your eyes, and lets out a little sigh of his own.

“Maybe I kinda overdid it”, he mumbles, eyes on the ground. Now you feel like comforting him. Great job, Mao.

“Yeah, you did, honestly.” He looks up at you, still stuck and unable to move under the pile of blankets, your fifteen pillows threatening to take over the bed at any moment. His nerves eventually get the better of him and he starts giggling like crazy, soon joined by you. Once your nervous laughter finally subsides, you’re left wiping away at a stray tear while he fumbles around, retrieving a bottle of cough mixture from a paper bag.

“Did you buy medicine too… ?” He nods at your question, busy reading the package leaflet while you’re left staring at his bag in awe. Did he really think of everything… ?

“Of course. I’d be a pretty bad boyfriend if I didn’t, right… ?” He laughs weakly, trying to measure how much cough mixture he should pour in the little plastic spoon he found inside the box. You just stare at him, vaguely embarrassed, while he timidly moves the spoonful of medicine near your mouth.

“It’s not exactly tasty, but it should do the trick… I think”, he says hesitantly. You groan when a drop of sticky liquid falls on your chin, and he barely suppresses a nervous chuckle before angling the spoon better and finally getting it in your mouth. You can only grimace as you swallow the medicine, and he smiles, putting the bottle away.

“It’s the worst I’ve ever had”, you comment, looking away as he bends closer to you to wipe the drops that fell on your chin and pillows, courtesy of his trembling hand.

“Sorry about that. It works really well, I promise.” He smiles weakly at you, although his cheeks are more than a little red. Maybe it’s the sudden proximity… He jumps up a bit when you grip his wrist, admittedy a bit tighter than you intended.

“It’s fine, Mao. I’m… I’m just really happy you’re here… Especially since I needed you so much.” Wow. You managed to say all that without bursting into tears. Your voice did crack a bit on the last few words, but you’re still mildly proud of yourself. Are you this emotional because of the fever, or is it because you’ve been so stressed out recently, you wonder…

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t let you deal with that by yourself. Besides, thanks to Ritsu, I’m used to taking care of sick people. You wouldn’t believe how cranky he gets when he’s sick.” You laugh softly at his comment, making him smile in his turn. You can’t help but notice how pretty his eyes look when they’re twinkling happily, and so close to yours at that… You want to look away, but he inches just a bit closer, already slowly closing his eyes. His cheeks are beet red, and you try your best to muffle a chuckle before he shakily presses his lips against yours. They’re so warm and nice against yours… You close your eyes in your turn, parting your lips slightly when his tongue shyly pokes against them. Before you have time to truly melt into the kiss, a sudden weight on you makes you gasp, and Mao immediately moves back, removing his hands from where they awkwardly landed on your chest.

“Sorry, I kind of toppled over…” He tries his best to smile despite the embarrassment, before his face suddenly contorts in disgust. “You were right, this cough mixture tastes disgusting”, he adds, nose scrunched up in a way that makes you giggle.

“Told you so. It’s your fault for suddenly kissing me like that. What if you get sick too ?” He just shrugs at your question, giving you a shy little smile that makes your heart beat slightly faster.

“I don’t really care. If it’s the price to pay to see you smile and get better, then so be it.” You’re left staring at him, eyes wide, and he awkwardly blinks. Then realization dawns on him. “Did I say something cheesy again ?” he laughs, and you can only join him.

“You did. But it’s fine. I like it.” You’re not sure you actually said that last part out loud, but the warm smile on your boyfriend’s lips and the blush that spreads on his cheeks and ears seem proof enough. Maybe he’s just as glad to be with you as you are he’s there taking care of you when you most need it…

Ritsu :

“I can’t breathe, Ritsu…” You squirm a bit, but he squeezes you even tighter in his arms. You didn’t even know he was that strong… Maybe it’s what you deserve for not knowing he had it in him to almost hug you to death. Your boyfriend mumbles adorably, still half-asleep, then lazily opens his eyes. His red gaze meets yours, and he lets out a little smile.

“Too bad. I’m not letting you go.” You groan in response, and he chuckles, slightly relieving the pressure of his arms around you. There, much easier to breathe. He waits until you’ve made yourself comfortable on your bed to nuzzle against your neck, sighing in pleasure as he gets ready to nap again.

“Are you sure it’s going to make me feel better ?” you ask, not entirely convinced by his method of choice. He simply nods, looking up at you from under long dark lashes.

“Trust me, I’m an expert… A good nap can do wonders. Just rest and let me heal you…”  You’re about to question that last part when he starts nibbling on your skin, right at the junction between your neck and shoulder. You barely muffle a little yelp, while Ritsu just smirks against your skin.

“Is that part of the whole ‘healing’ thing too ?” Ritsu doesn’t answer your question, letting his lips wander lower and lower, kissing your collarbone and licking his way down to your chest, where he rests his head before he shoots a grin at you.

“Yeah. It’s supposed to make the illness go away.” You can only blink at him while he lovingly nuzzles against your chest, hands pawing at it. He really looks like a cat… You’d almost let him do as he pleases, just because of that lovely face of his, weren’t it for one particularly insistent grope.

“How is that supposed to make me feel better… ?” He rolls his eyes at your question, as if the answer were obvious and you were just particularly slow.

“Simple. To make you feel better from a fever, you’re supposed to get hot, right ?” His mouth is pursed in an adorable self-sufficient little pout, almost making you want to kiss him. If only you didn’t risk making him sick too…

“Well, yeah, but…” He cuts you off before you have time to explain.

“Don’t you feel hot, right now ?” He’s staring at you intently, lips finding their way to your neck again. You’re not sure if he’s genuinely trying to help with your fever or if he’s just found an excuse to do as he pleases again…

“Um, yeah, I do”, you concede, looking away when he inches closer. He’s grinning widely now, visibly satisfied his unusual remedy is working wonders.

“There you go. Told you it works.” Before you have time to refute his claims, he suddenly kisses you, not leaving you time to breathe. You were just starting to kiss back in earnest when he pulls back. He’s somehow still smirking, but you notice he’s slightly out of breath too…

“Was that part of your healing technique too ?”  you tease. He nods, snuggling close to you again and looking supremely satisfied.

“Yeah. And the next step is a long, long nap. Lucky you, I’m an expert at this too.” You roll your eyes but it’s too late : he’s already dozing off. Your fingers softly run through his hair, petting it slowly as he falls asleep.

His chest is moving slowly as he takes deep breaths, and you’re left to admire how pretty his face looks when he’s asleep. He looks almost like an angel… too bad he’s not always like that. You smile a bit, imagining his reaction if you’d told him that. He would probably huff his cheeks and cross his arms, throwing you an unamused glare… Really, his glares would impress you a lot more if he didn’t look like an adorable but quite pissed off cat.

As your thoughts are wavering, you find your eyes slowly closing. Unconsciously imitating Ritsu’s deep breaths, you’re on the verge of falling asleep. He’s so warm against you, too… You lean against him, cuddling him as your conscience drifts away. You’re barely awake when he opens one eye to smirk and whisper “Sleep well…”

When you wake up, you’re feeling strangely refreshed. Maybe the medicine Ritsu gave you really worked wonders on you… You still feel a bit feverish, but you’re doing a lot better. You turn to your boyfriend to tell him when you notice he’s tightly gripping you, face hidden in your neck. Is he still asleep… ?

“Ritsu ?” You gently touch his shoulder, and when he looks up at you, your eyes go wide. He’s shivering and his cheeks are burning hot… “Oh no, looks like you caught my fever…”

Your boyfriend barely represses another, longer shiver, looking at you as stoically as he can with cheeks that red. “I’m fine. What matters is that you’re better. Besides…” Before you can say anything, he’s hiding in your neck again, hot breath dancing on your skin.

“You can always try my great healing method on me… right ?”

Rei :

Honestly, this all feels so weird. Having Rei lovingly nurse you while you’re sick definitely wasn’t what you expected from a guy who claims he’s a vampire and tries so hard to be seen as hardcore. Well, him giving you medicine wasn’t so bad. But maybe reading you a bedtime story before your nap was a bit too much. You did fall asleep in record time, but still…

You wake up to feel slightly disoriented, before you remember you’re in Rei’s bedroom. The furniture clearly mirrors his aesthetic and tastes… He’s nowhere to be found, though. You’re just about to get up and go look for him when he comes in, holding a tray, and smiles at you.

“Oh, fret not, my love. Go right back to lying down, would you ?” You begrudgingly comply, while he puts the tray on the nightstand and comes to arrange your pillows so that you’re in an almost seated position.

“You know, I can get up just fine”, you say, but he doesn’t answer. Instead he lets you rest against the pillows, brushing a piece of stray hair behind your ear.

“You do not need to. I believe I already told you how I planned to take care of your every need.” He sits next to you and grabs a plate on the tray he brought, gently blowing on it to cool down its contents. Is it… soup ?

“Did you cook for me too… ? You really didn’t have to, you know !” You’re feeling a bit embarrassed, but he gives you a little smile. Clearly, he’s happy nursing you like an overprotective mother.

“You took such good care of me when I was in need, my love. How the tables have turned…” He chuckles, but brings a spoonful of soup closer to your mouth, and you feel your cheeks slightly blushing when you realize he wants to spoon-feed you.

“Really, I can eat myself—“ He completely ignores you, but you can see the corners of his mouth quivering. Is he fighting off a smile ?

“If you would please open your mouth, just like me. Aaah~” He opens wide to set an example, and the little light twinkling happily in his eyes tells you he’s having a lot of fun. You dejectedly do as he says, looking away as he spoon-feeds you. The soup is delicious, making you suspect he really cooked it himself… He clearly reads you like an open book, given that he smirks a bit.

“I see you are enjoying my home-made cooking. Do not worry, I longingly thought of you as I was preparing it…” You’re too tired to do much else than rolling your eyes. He’s gonna tease you no matter what, anyway. But as he dutifully feeds you until you get embarrassed and take the spoon yourself, you’re left thinking he’s not doing this to make fun of you. Not with the loving way he looks at you. Once you’re done with your meal, he takes the tray from you but makes sure you take vitamins. There’s really no way to escape his surveying gaze and you down them soon enough, much to his satisfaction.

“Very good. You shall see, you will be doing much better now.” He seems to mean it’s thanks to his loving care, but truth be told, it might rather be the ultra-efficient medicine he got you. You just nod wearily, but blink down in surprise when he leans down to softly kiss your forehead. His lips barely touch your skin before he turns away with one last smile.

“Now, if you will excuse me, I have dishes to wash.” He was about to leave when you manage to catch his arm, and he immediately stops in his tracks. He doesn’t even look surprised, rather worried.

“Wait… Can you stay with me ?” Rei doesn’t answer right away, instead slowly blinking. “Please ?” you add in a tiny voice. You’re already feeling all gloomy again. Maybe that’s because of all the stress you’ve been feeling lately…

Rei just puts the tray down again and sits on the bed. Before you know it, he’s looming over you and kisses your forehead again. This time, his lips caress your skin a little longer. His fingers gently brush your cheek, and you can’t help but get lost in his mesmerizing ruby eyes for a moment.

“Of course, my love. I am devastated you are feeling so sad.” You don’t remember ever telling him about it, but it’s not even surprising. Rei’s ridiculously good at reading you… When he hugs you tight, you hide in his chest. He’s big and his arms are strong, making you feel safe and protected… You close your eyes when he starts tracing intricate and soothing patterns on the back of your neck with his fingers, whispering sweet nothings in your ear until you calm down.

“Everything is fine, do not worry… I am here, by your side…” You weakly nod, sniffling softly. It feels kinda lame, just unloading all your stress in front of your boyfriend, but at least you feel a bit better now. And when he leans in to kiss you, all the tension just melts behind your closed eyelids.

When you resurface, he’s gently cradling you in his arms, his voice a caressing murmur trying to lull you into sleep again. With how tired you are, you gladly snuggle against him, letting go of all your worries. He smiles gently at you as you fall asleep, and you weakly smile too. He is so good to you…

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What about a scenario with aizawa being surprised by fem!s/o which arrived early from her months long trip abroad? she arrives and kinda goes home but leaves clues she was around subtly like (he comes home to find something is slightly off place/something new is there "was someone here? Home invasion?") and it goes on for a while until she makes a surprise/or he finds out it's her and catches her on the act. It just seems like fun xD

You’re right my friend. I had fun writing it it’s always so fun to make a laughing stock of Aizawa and maybe I overdid it :D

She was home way earlier than she expected. There were still two weeks left. There was a problem with her luggage and she came home only with her backpack but it was better this way because Aizawa didn’t notice her presence the whole morning while getting ready for work. He left unaware of her arrival and she thought it was kind of fun observing him. She planed to appear unexpectedly this evening and surprise him. He didn’t need any distraction before his work. She was hungry so she opened the fridge only to see there wasn’t much food. Anyways she grabbed something to eat and went in the living room to turn on the TV. The hours passed by as she waited for him to return and when the TV programs got boring she picked a book. After reading for a while she heard the front door open so she jumped ready to surprise him. He went in the kitchen and she followed him stopping at the door and waiting for him to notice her but he wouldn’t move away from the fridge. Maybe she should approach him silently from behind and shout “surprise” but then he mumbled to himself:

“Something’s not right. I swear there was more food when I left.” He couldn’t be wrong since he was alone and bought only enough for him to eat. It clearly had decreased.

At this moment she changed her mind. Why not have a little fun before showing herself? She kept hidden while he searched the whole kitchen and then moved on to the living room. He looked around and his eyes fell on the remote which he always placed on the table but this time it was on the couch. His eyes scouted the room again and he found out that one of his favorite books was missing. He searched the other rooms as well. What was this? No valuables were taken so it wasn’t a burglar. But to take some food and a book was at least to say strange. Which insane person did this? He was confused but some sleep may solve the problem so he snuggled in one of his sleeping bags and fell asleep. She needed to sleep as well. She sneaked and grabbed another one of the sleeping bags. She was ready to sleep outside if she could enjoy more of this show in the morning. But first she had to make some preparations for tomorrow.


The next morning Aizawa woke up and prepared for work. No food missing and even the book was in place. Whoever did this wasn’t in their right mind. He was ready and the only thing left was to put on his shoes…

“Where are my shoes?”

He looked around but no. There were no shoes. He looked in the direction of her shoes but she had packed all the comfortable ones and now there were only high heels left. The only “shoes” in this house were his slippers. He sighted. Nobody these days looks at your feet, right?

Aizawa came back from work with more desperate look on his face than usual. Who knew people noticed these kinds of things? Nevermind that now. Miraculously all of his shoes were back in there place. Was he going crazy? He headed towards the fridge immediately and opened it to find it emptier than before once more. Could it be one of those homeless people who invade your home while you’re gone? Should he call the police? No, there’s no need to bother them with this for now. Nothing expensive was stolen and they even returned everything after using it. Today he felt tense. Taking a shower could help him relax. He went in the bathroom and stepped in without looking around and he nearly fell when he slipped on the wet floor.

“What the hell??”

Since when were those homeless guys so impudent? Did they use his towel by chance? Or maybe even his toothbrush? Maybe he should really call the police? He sighted. Whatever. A shower and good night sleep can fix everything.

She watched from the windows and couldn’t stop laughing the entire time. She could even make it more fun. Why only eat his food and misplace things when she could actually prank him?

“When did they take my sleeping bag?” she started laughing again.

“Just wait to see what I’ve planed for tomorrow.”


He woke up with the hope of a better day. Maybe they found themselves a new house. He wanted to have breakfast and take his time because only then he wasn’t disturbed by something. What should he eat today? There was nothing but cereal. He put some in a bowl and poured milk on them. He yawned and rubbed his eyes. He grabbed a spoon but when he was about to scoop some cereal he saw something black float up. He squinted his eyes.


He didn’t scream very loudly but still he screamed. Was there a cockroach in there? Those homeless guys brought it. But it didn’t matter who brought it, it was in his house and he should kill it. He got off one of his slippers and spilled the bowl on the table prepared to fight.

“What the?”

It wasn’t moving and now that he could get a closer look at it, it didn’t look like a real one. He pushed it slightly with the spoon. This was one of those rubber cockroaches that kids used to scare each other. Someone thinks he’s very funny. He got ready faster than usual with the intention to have breakfast in the school.

After this awful start of the day his work didn’t seem so bad but still, there was nothing better than coming home. He just needed to open the door and…his key didn’t fit. But how? He tried again. Was this really the work of some random homeless people? He looked around and saw that a window was left opened. He always made sure they were closed when exiting the house. Something fishy was going on here. He had no other option but to enter his house through the window. He put his hand on the window sill but before he noticed something was wrong he had already lifted his leg and couldn’t go back. He was stuck. Where did this come from? Was it glue? Just great. What was he supposed to do now? He should call the locksmith to fix the door’s lock but to fix this sticky mess he needed someone else to help him get in his own house. Was there any way to make it worse? While he was thinking what to do two young men in police uniforms stopped in front of the house.

“Is this our guy?”

“No way! It can’t be him.”

“He matches the description the old lady gave us.”

“Don’t you recognize him? That’s Eraserhead. He’s a super cool hero!”

“You’re right. It’s really him.”

“Do you think he’ll give us autographs?”

“What’s going on here?” Aizawa was looking at them with confusion and annoyance.

“We’re really sorry mister Eraserhead. An old lady told us someone was trying to break in your house and we came to check.”

“There’s no one breaking in. Now go away.”

“Yes sir!” They were about to leave but they had to ask: “May I ask what exactly are you doing sir?”

“Nothing.” He stared at them and soon they understood it was time for them to get going but as they turned around Aizawa said: “Wait.” This was so embarrassing. “I’m glued to the sill.”

“Does that mean you need our help?” Those damn enthusiastic kids were getting on his nerves.

“Yes.” He answered while staring at them blankly.

They helped him and it turned out they had a locksmith friend who came right away to give a hand to the famous hero in his time of need. They didn’t stop babbling about how they were going to tell everyone about their encounter. He awkwardly sent them away and all that was on his mind was to rest enough and gather his strength for tomorrow because he was installing cameras and alarm system.


He woke up so tired and worn out. He overslept a little bit so he had to hurry up. He opened the wardrobe. This was too much and definitely not the work of a homeless guy. Did those damn students found his address? Someone was clearly pulling a prank on him and they were getting bolder. All his cloths including his boxers were pink. He panicked for a second but calmed down really fast. He could wear the clothes he wore yesterday. Whoever did this didn’t think it through. But he was wrong. The basket for dirty cloths was empty. Damn it. He slept with a gray T-shirt but the bottom part was obviously from a pajama set. However he decided to dress he was going to feel the humiliation. The pajamas were already on him so he could go with them.

He left for work and she had the whole day ahead of her to think of something funny for this evening and tomorrow. She had no idea this could be so much fun. After all Aizawa was the perfect target. He wouldn’t consider calling for help or bother to do something about it. She had plenty of time so she could rest before doing the next prank.

When there was about an hour left before his arrival she filled a bucket with water and stepped on a chair so she could set the bucket in a way that it wouldn’t fall. This was classic and there was no way she could miss it.

“Didn’t you have enough fun already?” Aizawa was home earlier than she expected and she didn’t hear him coming in.

“Wow you’re home so early and I haven’t even cooked dinner.” He looked really annoyed. Maybe it was because of the clothes he was wearing.

“What were you thinking?”

“Oh, come on. Can’t you have a little fun?”

“Do I look like I can have fun?”

Gravity Falls - Mabel’s Guide to Life - sentence starters

1. “As we all know, I’m a dating expert. In fact, I can’t get the boys/girls to leave me alone.” 

2. “Who are you even making this for?” 

3. “I’m only here because you promised bacon.” 

4. “And now for a simple, 9000 question dating quiz.” 

5. “_____, your score is… eesh! You know, scores don’t matter. You should focus on being you.” 

6. “_____, on a scale from 1-5, you scored… a 12?” 

7. “My _____ was right all along. I am the world’s most perfect wo/man.” 

8. “Oh no! The squirrels, they’re back!” 

9. “Throughout history, stickers have been the backbone of many great civilizations.” 

10. “Have you ever actually read a history book?” 

11. “I need a sticker to put on my car that’ll, you know, get the cops off my back.” 

12. “I’m gonna get so sick.” 

13. “Wow! I’ll definitely never be allowed to do that again.” 

14. “I’d be pretty mad at you, ____… if I didn’t look so fantastic.” 

15. “I’m taking your aftershave.” 

16. “Now all you have to do is walk backwards everywhere you go, and bingo, you’re fabulous.” 

17. “What’s your favorite color, ______?” 

18. “I don’t have a favorite color. I don’t even like colors.” 

19. “All right, _____. How can we get _____ to see a rainbow? I need ideas, people!” 

20. “Sometimes, when I drink expired milk, I see rainbows!” 

21. “It’s fine. S/he does this.” 

22. “My eyes are on fire!”

23. “Maybe we overdid it a little bit.” 

24. “I hate color more than ever!” 

25. “In conclusion, flying and falling are basically the same thing.” 

26. “Don’t quit your day job, _____. That’s… that’s really bad.” 

27. “No one knows what art means or where it comes from, but one thing is for sure. I’m great at it!” 

28. “You’re right, it does look exactly like you!” 

29. “Do you need an agent? I am now your agent.” 

30. “You’re always weirder than I remember.”             


(Eric x Reader)

{‘Soulmate AU where when you write something on your skin it will show up on your soulmate’s skin as well.’}

Eric had never met that asshole but he was sure it had to be a giant cosmic joke. How was someone so, immature, childish and just plainly annoying supposed to be his soultmate. Of all the things you’d done until now, this was by far the worst.

He had been standing in front of all the other dauntless leaders and important members, making some announcments when, at first rather quietly, people began to laugh. Most of them had been trying to hold back until he was finished. Eric ended his speech and went to the bathroom, pretty sure you had done something stupid again. You hadn’t dissapointed him. When he looked into the mirror there was a dick painted on his forehead.

“You got to be kidding me! Of all the things….that is enough.” Eric decided then and there, he was going to find you. He had never cared about finding you but this shit had to end once and for all. He just hoped you were dauntless too or this whole thing would turn out more difficult than anticipated.

It was your free day and you didn’t need to go, so you thought why not? Walking around with a dick drawn to your forehead wasn’t bad if no one saw you. But the poor guy on the other side was in for a surprise. You really didn’t care about that soulmate stuff but you did enjoy to embaress him whenever possible. When you looked at your arm, you noticed something strange. There was something written on it and you were pretty sure it was directed at you. This guy hardly ever drew something on himself except for notes scribbled down when he couldn’t find a piece of paper.

“I’m going to find you and believe me you will regret this.” You read out loud, “Oh boy, maybe I overdid it this time.” You mumbled to yourself. You checked if there was something else visible but you didn’t find anything. You were a little worried but after all there was no evidence he was in dauntless as well. Besides he wouldn’t draw something stupid on himself just to find you, you knew that much.

When Eric left his apartment the next morning, he drew a ‘X’ on his throat. Nothing too weird, people wouldn’t ask him about it. He went to train the new initiates.

You had left even earlier than Eric. That’s why you didn’t even see the mark appearing on your throat. You had made sure to check everywhere but you hadn’t noticed anything when you left your apartment.

New initiates were coming today and you had been tasked to get new throwing knives and make sure everything was ready for them. When you entered the training ground with everything in hand, you saw Four and Eric already giving their best to scare the new ones for life. You went to store away all the stuff you brought. You were almost done when you felt a hand on your shoulder and turned around. Eric. You wondered what he wanted from you.

“Look who I found.” He said with a devilish grin that worried you a bit. You didn’t think you had talked to him before or that he even knew who you were.

“Uh, sorry? Is there something you want from me?” You asked him, confused.

“Yes, how about an apology.” He said, looking kinda angry now. You really didn’t know what you had done to him. He pointed to the ‘X’ written on his throat. You hoped you were wrong but if you weren’t there was big trouble coming your way. You searched the room for a reflection and when you saw the same mark on you, you slowly faced him again a guilty look on your face.

“To be fair, being your soulmate is boring. All you ever do is write down unreadable notes.”

“What gives you the right to draw dicks on my forehead when I’m in a meeting?” He yelled at you.

“How am I supposed to know that you’re in a meeting!” You yelled back, “Or one of my leaders…” You said more quietly.

“It doesn’t matter if I’m in a meeting or not. Don’t you ever do that again, girl. This whole thing is entirely stupid, there is no way you’re my soulmate.”

“I’m not thrilled either.”

Four made his way over to you with an annoyed look, “Could you two keep it down, we’re still training here.”

“SHUT UP!” Both of you yelled back at him. Four looked surprised but left, it was way too early for him to deal with this. You and Eric looked at each other and both of you had to smile a little. Maybe there was a reason for him being your soulmate after all.