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Soriel AU Week @sorielweek Day 3: Reapertale

Local god of death falls asleep in a flower meadow and ruins everything.

I hope this doesn’t defy Reapertale’s amazing lore too much since I’m not sure if the gods can even sleep ahah (although if any god could sleep, it would be Sans). There’s so much beautiful art for this AU I don’t think I could ever match up to it, so attempting humour with it was more in my comfort zone.

Enjoy the fun times while you can; tomorrow I’m hoping to rip some hearts out (◉‿◉✿)

Children of Hades
  • Despite their best efforts, plants wilt and die in their presence. Many gravitate towards apartment living. Their uncomfortable, deadly auras, demigod training and sharp features keep them safe in dodgy, dangerous areas.
  • Some of the most, if not the most, sarcastic people you will ever meet. They are characterised by a dry, deadpan and dark sense of humour. Chiron may or may not have had to reign in their cutting, bitter criticism towards the gods on more than one occasion.
    • They are the friends you need to explain to your other friends before you introduce them.
  • Cabin 13 is tiny in population. They tend to have age gaps of at least a few years between them and are almost always, conceived in spring or summer. Their familial loyalty extends far beyond the confines of camp.
    • They have a tendency of finding each other. 
    • They have a unique network to support them, provided they are able to survive long enough to establish themselves in the world to compensate for their lonely, isolated upbringings. This support is of course, very subtle.
      • Preceded by their infamy, their successes are understated. They are ambitious and have an urge to prove themselves, partly as a big ‘f you’ to those who undermine them.
      • Some gravitate towards politics, law and business. They are the very powerful, very influential key figures pulling strings in the shadows.
        • Children of Hades have friends in very high places.
  • Most are very introverted and reserved. 
    • Their distrust and skepticism feeds into their self-sufficiency and extreme resourcefulness.
    • They tend to land themselves in risky, life-threatening situations because they believe they can accomplish anything, no matter how dangerous, by themselves. Proud and stubborn, they usually resist help from others.
    • They are emotionally guarded but once their walls are breached, they fall very hard, very quickly. 
      • Those they consider ‘friend’ can be counted on one hand and can do massive damage when allowed to roam in their inner sanctum.
      • Children of Hades are some of the worst people you can betray. They will hold a grudge into the afterlife and will not hesitate to cut ties if taken advantage of.

Part 1 | 2

Worth The Risk {Part 11}

Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky knew that all Steve wanted was for him to get along with her, but was it really worth the risk?

Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 04 / Part 05 / Part 06 / Part 07 / Part 08 / Part 09 / Part 10 / Part 12 / Part 13 / Part 14 - Coming Soon!

Word Count: 2376
Warnings: angst

A/N: Look who finally finished part 11! But also real talk though, seeing a professional doesn’t make you weak or lesser as a person. BUT not all types of help work for everyone and I strongly encourage anyone going through stuff to find a way of support and recovery that works for them. Take care of yourself, you guys <3

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You’d been hunched over your desk, absorbed in your work when a knock at the door pulled you out of your thoughts. Leaning back in your chair, you set down your pen and listened. The knock sounded again and you called out to FRIDAY, letting Sam in.

He’d been visiting you regularly over the past few days and as he entered the room you noticed the disapproving look he threw you. You weren’t surprised; you knew exactly why he was upset. He hated it when you buried yourself in work, yet there you were doing just that: anything to distract yourself.

You let out a small sigh and closed the binder in front of you, turning to face the older man.

“Hey.” You greeted, voice hoarse from lack of use.

“Hey,” he replied. “How are you doing?”

Sam took a seat on the edge of your bed and you shrugged. There was a pause and you opened your mouth to speak, but Sam beat you to it.

“I brought you something.”

You hadn’t expected that.

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“Home, sweet home.” Eric murmured to himself as he wandered the grounds of The Institute and its surroundings. Although his time away had been relatively brief considering the span of his long life, he found himself wondering if anything had changed. It was one scent in particular, accompanied by the telltale prickle of a set of eyes watching him, that drew him out of his reverie and caused a pause in his step. Eric turned his head to glance in the direction of the scent. “Did no one ever tell you it’s rude to stare?”

Stuff Izaya says in the chatrooms...

Tanaka Tarou
Kanra, you really do know everything.

Well, it’s all I’m good for, lol.

–Durarara!! Light Novel Volume 1


Kanra-san doesn’t like us, so we’re leaving.

Oi…wait a moment, maybe I overdid it but I was just kidding☆

I hope Kanra-san feels better the next time we meet.

Quarreling is not good


Ahhh! I said I was kidding! Don’t get all wound up!

— Durarara!! Light Novel Volume 4

Is Orihara Izaya lonely or not?

I have been asked that question.

This is just my personal opinion. I think he feels lonely, but at the same time satisfied.

His love has been, is, and always will be unilateral. It is not that he has never been loved; however, he always denies such love access to him. As long as he loves others, he feels connected to them and satisfied.

When he wants to use you, he does allow you to get close to him. But there will still be a thick wall between you and his heart.

Sounds pretentious, doesn’t it? But those were his very own smug words in my chatroom that day.

–Shinichi Tsukumoya, Durarara!! Light Novel Volume 9

((And when asked if Izaya was lonely, Narita says, “There are a lot of times when he is lonely.”))

Orihara Izaya【I guess you’re wondering ‘How did he know about Shinra’s injuries?’】
Celty@Day Off 【I am. Don’t tell me you had a hand in that?】
Celty@Day Off 【If t】
Celty@Day Off 【If that’s the case, I’m going to sew your mouth
and eyes shut with my shadow and put you in front of Shizuo.】
Orihara Izaya 【Don’t get all waspish. Calm down and at least type more steadily. By the way, it was not me. I’m not stupid enough to try to injure or kill my friend. I have few enough of them as it is.

- Durarara!! Light Novel 9



No one’s around, huh?

Even though it’s usually livelier around this time

It’s the middle of the summer, maybe everyone’s spending time with their family and their partners

[I had hotpot recently too]

[It was fun]

- Durarara!! Light Novel Volume 10

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Bawson prompt: Ginny having a bad day, mike bringing food to her hotel room, they fall asleep together & wake up cuddling (smut if you want)

Okay, so I tweaked a few things, and while I almost always want smut, I couldn’t get my brain to go there this time around. perhaps next time?

baseball is pretty good too | ao3

Ginny’d been so excited to start training again. The ten weeks between her collapse on the field and her first time back on the mound was the longest she’d gone without picking up a ball since the accident. 

Then, she couldn’t force herself to confront the game. Now, she wasn’t allowed to.

She’d practically skipped into her first bullpen session. Her physical therapist had been a little leery of starting a throwing regimen so quickly, but Ginny’d finally hounded him into agreeing. So what if a few of the exercises still gave her a little trouble? They were mostly for conditioning, rebuilding strength. What better way to condition than put her arm through the motions?

Because, really. If Ginny had to go one more day without getting on the mound, she was pretty sure she was going to scream or cry or both.

Which, funnily enough, was exactly what she wanted to do upon waking the morning after that work out.

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Teacher GOM realizing they have a crush in of their students(separate) Thank you.

I apologize if you’re a Murasakibara fan because I had a total author block with him on this one. ㅠㅠ Also, please specify gender of crush/significant other next time! 

- Kru

Kise Ryouta - Kise constantly peeked at her from the lecture book he was reading aloud to the class. Whenever she would look up to glance at the board, he’d quickly look back at the words. The entire class could sense his odd behavior except for her. Some even turned back to look at the oblivious girl to see why Kise was constantly staring.

“Ahem, t-that’d be all for today. Everyone is dismissed,” Kise cleared his throat and circled back to his desk. The entire class was dumbfounded, but eventually got up and out the door to enjoy the rest of their class-free day.

However, she had stayed behind.

“Sensei, I thought your lecture today was really great! I was kind of sad that it ended so short…” she said, adjusting her hair while pressing her books up against her chest. Kise promptly apologized, a blush rapidly forming on his face. She looked disappointed at his lack of response, and turned to leave.

But Kise stopped her by grabbing onto her wrist. Do I… like her? He asked to himself as she looked at him, surprised. “I…” He started, taking a nervous gulp, “I, um…”

“…yes?” she urged for him to continue, desperate to know what he had to say.

“…uh, d-don’t be late tomorrow! I’ll pick up the lecture where I left off.”

Her eyes softened slightly, and she nodded. “Okay, sure.” Kise let go of her and watched her leave the classroom, counting every step she took. When the coast was clear, he put his head down on the desk and groaned at how idiotic he felt.

Midorima Shintarou - Midorima was about to take a sip from his coffee when he saw her, sitting underneath a tree in the middle of the school’s courtyard. She was studying material from his class, and she clearly seemed confused. He leaned against the pillar next to the teacher’s lounge and watched her trying to piece together all of her notes. A small smile tugged at his lips at how much she flailed around. He quickly went back to his usually resolve after realizing the effects she had on him.

Wait… it can’t be.

Midorima straightened out his posture and nervously adjusted his glasses. There was no way he had a crush on one of his students. Absolutely no way.

Yet the more she apprehensively bit her lip, twirled her pen, scrunched her eyebrows together, Midorima could feel himself falling deeper.

When the girl caught a glimpse of him, she smiled widely. “Ah, sensei! Can you help me over here?? Geez, why are these worksheets so difficult?!”

He cleared his throat and fiddled with his tie before walking over the her, a slight tinge of red on the apples of his cheeks. “You’re not studying enough, it’s quite simple.”

Aomine Daiki - Aomine snapped awake when one of his students hit his head with a notebook. He shook his head drowsily, wiping his drool while taking his feet off the desk. “Hmm??” he hummed, blinking his eyes rapidly to make out the face of the person in front of him.


“Sensei…you said you’d meet me in the library for after school tutoring,” she complained, hands crossed.

Aomine groaned and glanced at the clock. Shit, it’s already 6 pm. He scrambled around his desk for the review papers, “alright, alright. What kind of student hits their teacher on the head with a book?” He rubbed his head and attempted to look innocent.

She scoffed. “Why are you sleeping here anyways? If you don’t want to tutor me this badly, why don’t you just go sleep at home? Besides, it’s bad for you to sleep here. Your neck will hurt,” she placed a finger on his forehead and pushed his head back, releasing a groan from him, “See? And stop eating ramen for dinner everyday.” She poked the styrofoam cup with her pencil.

Aomine hissed, “there’s still some left-over, stop messing with it. And why does all of that matter to you? Acting like you’re my wife or something.”

Aomine’s eyes widened immediately at the realization of what just left his mouth. He quickly looked to her and she had a tinge of pink in her cheeks. Without saying anything, she just bowed and left the classroom.

“Wai-” she was long gone.

Fuck. Why is my heart racing? Aomine thought as he clutched his shirt.

Akashi Seijuro - Akashi calmly read his book in the library, turning the last page to the novel. A sigh escaped his lips as he closed the book and put it down. “Another cliffhanger.”

Curiosity got the better of him and he stood up to get the sequel. He walked through the endless halls of books, scanning to find the right one. There was nothing more peaceful than the library at this hour. Not many people around…no disruptions from the school kids…completely quie-

“Ah! Sensei?”

Akashi jumped slightly, and looked to his right. There she stood, the rays from the sky light shining on her like an angel. Now this was an exception.

“Ah, ______-san. Was I in the way?” he asks politely, wearing his most charming smile.

She shook her head. “I was searching for a book in this series.” She held the novel up, and Akashi’s eyes lit up.

“I was searching for that as well,” he stated. She immediately smiled.

“I didn’t know you read it! You know in the second book when the main chara-”

Akashi gently placed his index finger on her lips, hushing her. “I haven’t read the second one yet. No spoilers.”

Maybe it was the blush on her cheeks, the fact that she held her breath, or the nervous fluttering of her eyelids, but Akashi felt very warm on the inside. He quickly pulled his hand back and cleared his throat. “We can chat about it when I finish?” he offered, and she quickly nodded and then scrambled out of the library.

“She forgot the book…” he said to himself, a helpless smile on his face.

I’m in love.

Kuroko Tetsuya - Kuroko’s eyes flickered back and forth between the papers in front of him and the girl who sat three rows from the door, and four desks back. Was the test that difficult? Maybe I overdid it? Kuroko thought to himself as he watched her shove her hands into her hair, clenching the strands with fists. She bit her lip, closed her eyes tightly, and then let out a groan of frustration as she couldn’t figure out the answer. The surrounding classmates looked at her because of the noises she was making, and she just awkwardly apologized. She then proceeded to do finger math in the air while scratching her head.

Kuroko didn’t notice the smile that had formed on his face while he watched all of this. She was so entertaining and lively. She was something Kuroko had missed in all his life. He knew that from the moment she stumbled inside this classroom with papers and books all scattered across the floor.

But was this love?

Kuroko shook his head, and looked back at the essays he had yet to grade. Another groan was heard from the girl, and he looked up at her. This time, she had also locked eyes with him. Her lips immediately curved into a pout, as if to tell him to drop the test. Kuroko let out a quiet laugh and mouthed a ‘no’ to her, causing her head to fall to the desk.

Well he definitely did admire her.

A lot.

Rap Daddy (Part 6)

Episode 6: Rap Rap Rap

It was a foggy early morning as Yongguk and the twins arrived to the studio.They were surprised to see they were there first. “Good morning” Yongguk greeted followed by the twins own greeting.

They were stopped from going to the center area by yellow police tape.

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(Eric x Reader)

{‘Soulmate AU where when you write something on your skin it will show up on your soulmate’s skin as well.’}

Eric had never met that asshole but he was sure it had to be a giant cosmic joke. How was someone so, immature, childish and just plainly annoying supposed to be his soultmate. Of all the things you’d done until now, this was by far the worst.

He had been standing in front of all the other dauntless leaders and important members, making some announcments when, at first rather quietly, people began to laugh. Most of them had been trying to hold back until he was finished. Eric ended his speech and went to the bathroom, pretty sure you had done something stupid again. You hadn’t dissapointed him. When he looked into the mirror there was a dick painted on his forehead.

“You got to be kidding me! Of all the things….that is enough.” Eric decided then and there, he was going to find you. He had never cared about finding you but this shit had to end once and for all. He just hoped you were dauntless too or this whole thing would turn out more difficult than anticipated.

It was your free day and you didn’t need to go, so you thought why not? Walking around with a dick drawn to your forehead wasn’t bad if no one saw you. But the poor guy on the other side was in for a surprise. You really didn’t care about that soulmate stuff but you did enjoy to embaress him whenever possible. When you looked at your arm, you noticed something strange. There was something written on it and you were pretty sure it was directed at you. This guy hardly ever drew something on himself except for notes scribbled down when he couldn’t find a piece of paper.

“I’m going to find you and believe me you will regret this.” You read out loud, “Oh boy, maybe I overdid it this time.” You mumbled to yourself. You checked if there was something else visible but you didn’t find anything. You were a little worried but after all there was no evidence he was in dauntless as well. Besides he wouldn’t draw something stupid on himself just to find you, you knew that much.

When Eric left his apartment the next morning, he drew a ‘X’ on his throat. Nothing too weird, people wouldn’t ask him about it. He went to train the new initiates.

You had left even earlier than Eric. That’s why you didn’t even see the mark appearing on your throat. You had made sure to check everywhere but you hadn’t noticed anything when you left your apartment.

New initiates were coming today and you had been tasked to get new throwing knives and make sure everything was ready for them. When you entered the training ground with everything in hand, you saw Four and Eric already giving their best to scare the new ones for life. You went to store away all the stuff you brought. You were almost done when you felt a hand on your shoulder and turned around. Eric. You wondered what he wanted from you.

“Look who I found.” He said with a devilish grin that worried you a bit. You didn’t think you had talked to him before or that he even knew who you were.

“Uh, sorry? Is there something you want from me?” You asked him, confused.

“Yes, how about an apology.” He said, looking kinda angry now. You really didn’t know what you had done to him. He pointed to the ‘X’ written on his throat. You hoped you were wrong but if you weren’t there was big trouble coming your way. You searched the room for a reflection and when you saw the same mark on you, you slowly faced him again a guilty look on your face.

“To be fair, being your soulmate is boring. All you ever do is write down unreadable notes.”

“What gives you the right to draw dicks on my forehead when I’m in a meeting?” He yelled at you.

“How am I supposed to know that you’re in a meeting!” You yelled back, “Or one of my leaders…” You said more quietly.

“It doesn’t matter if I’m in a meeting or not. Don’t you ever do that again, girl. This whole thing is entirely stupid, there is no way you’re my soulmate.”

“I’m not thrilled either.”

Four made his way over to you with an annoyed look, “Could you two keep it down, we’re still training here.”

“SHUT UP!” Both of you yelled back at him. Four looked surprised but left, it was way too early for him to deal with this. You and Eric looked at each other and both of you had to smile a little. Maybe there was a reason for him being your soulmate after all.

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Jungle Beat was so much fun but i distinctly remember the boss battles hurting my hands from the rapid alternating beats and claps (or maybe i just overdid it lol)

No idea if that was a common thing since I haven’t heard many people talk about this game.

The bongos seems fun to play with compared to wiimote, but I’ll probably just get the Wii version for convenience.


@fyeahtaylorp (I kinda made an imagine out of it because I hadn’t enough ideas for a oneshot I hope it’s okay nonetheless)

Letting Camille out of her prison wasn’t a good idea, it really wasn’t. She was a sly,cruel and cunning person and all this would surely and in chaos.

Besides that, she had some kind of history with Raphael and you weren’t sure which kind. Normally you wouldn’t be jealous but Camille was…stunning. When she entered a room, you couldn’t help but look at her.

“Do we have to let her out?” You ask again for the the fourth time.

“Y/N please, we’ve been over this. Would you just be quiet for a minute.”

“But surely the shadowhunters can find another way to…-”

“Quiet.” Raphael hisses at you. You’re taken back by his anger and stop talking, clenching your jaw.

Camille looks at both of you in disdain when you let her out.

“You’re the one who helped put me here.” She says directed at you.

“That’s where you belong."You say not able to control your fury.

"Y/N, that is enough.” Raphael says without looking at you.

“Why are you taking her side?”

“Maybe he knows what’s best for him.” Camille tells you with a sly smile. If you didn’t know her, you could almost think it was a friendly one. You make a few steps towards her but Raphael stops you and pulls you back harshly.

“Maybe you should wait upstairs.” He says, his eyes still on Camille.

You yank your arm away from him and storm out angrily. You couldn’t believe he would talk to you like that.

You hear a knock on your door but don’t bother to answer, you already know who it is and you’re in no mood to talk to him.The door opens and he steps inside anyway. You shoot him an angry look and go back to reading your book, purposely ignoring him.

“You’re mad I get it.”

“No, I don’t think you get it asshole.”

He chuckles at your outburst and comes closer sitting on the edge of the couch.

“You do realize I was just trying to protect you?”

“Oh of course, you were very brave thanks for saving me.” You answer, sarcasm dripping from every word.

“Camille is dangerous, you don’t need to give her a reason to come after you. I was just worried.”

You look at him and put your book down. Your anger is slowly fading, when you look him in the eyes and you can tell that he’s telling you the truth.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have talked to you like that.” He says and puts his hand on your shoulder.

“I…it’s fine maybe I overdid it a bit.”

“Oh no, I like it when you’re jealous.” He grins at you.

“I wasn’t jealous!”

“If you say so.” He states in a smug voice.