maybe i overdid it

Soriel AU Week @sorielweek Day 3: Reapertale

Local god of death falls asleep in a flower meadow and ruins everything.

I hope this doesn’t defy Reapertale’s amazing lore too much since I’m not sure if the gods can even sleep ahah (although if any god could sleep, it would be Sans). There’s so much beautiful art for this AU I don’t think I could ever match up to it, so attempting humour with it was more in my comfort zone.

Enjoy the fun times while you can; tomorrow I’m hoping to rip some hearts out (◉‿◉✿)

Children of Hades
  • Despite their best efforts, plants wilt and die in their presence. Many gravitate towards apartment living. Their uncomfortable, deadly auras, demigod training and sharp features keep them safe in dodgy, dangerous areas.
  • Some of the most, if not the most, sarcastic people you will ever meet. They are characterised by a dry, deadpan and dark sense of humour. Chiron may or may not have had to reign in their cutting, bitter criticism towards the gods on more than one occasion.
    • They are the friends you need to explain to your other friends before you introduce them.
  • Cabin 13 is tiny in population. They tend to have age gaps of at least a few years between them and are almost always, conceived in spring or summer. Their familial loyalty extends far beyond the confines of camp.
    • They have a tendency of finding each other. 
    • They have a unique network to support them, provided they are able to survive long enough to establish themselves in the world to compensate for their lonely, isolated upbringings. This support is of course, very subtle.
      • Preceded by their infamy, their successes are understated. They are ambitious and have an urge to prove themselves, partly as a big ‘f you’ to those who undermine them.
      • Some gravitate towards politics, law and business. They are the very powerful, very influential key figures pulling strings in the shadows.
        • Children of Hades have friends in very high places.
  • Most are very introverted and reserved. 
    • Their distrust and skepticism feeds into their self-sufficiency and extreme resourcefulness.
    • They tend to land themselves in risky, life-threatening situations because they believe they can accomplish anything, no matter how dangerous, by themselves. Proud and stubborn, they usually resist help from others.
    • They are emotionally guarded but once their walls are breached, they fall very hard, very quickly. 
      • Those they consider ‘friend’ can be counted on one hand and can do massive damage when allowed to roam in their inner sanctum.
      • Children of Hades are some of the worst people you can betray. They will hold a grudge into the afterlife and will not hesitate to cut ties if taken advantage of.

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Finally finished the landscaping on my lower-CC version of what I’m going to call the Fern Park house (named after the lot on which it was built originally).

Awhile back someone requested that I make my backyards cozier and more functional, so I attempted that here (and maybe overdid the plants a bit). I couldn’t fit a pool in, but there’s a firepit, a little meditation area with a birdbath/fountain, a grill/dining area, a gardening spot, and an easel.

Time to playtest this lot and then get it uploaded!


Today I spend half of my day practicising to doodle faster (I always spend too much time on my ‘sketches’ cause of my wannabe perfectionism *cries*)

maybe I overdid it a little. If you noticed I started it with a quite serious atmosphere but a few drawings further I had to fuck it up *cries* I’m not made for serious shit like this. Of course I have to turn everything into OTP drawings xD

I noticed that it felt like I never did draw anything decent with only KagaKuro so here I used deliquent Kuroko as an excuse for the typical deliquent x nerd KagaKuro version lol

yeah many mistakes but as I said practising light drawing here ;D

(and Kuroko your timing sucks for real)

Please open in a new tab for full view :3