maybe i over did the textures but she is so magical and yeah

Coffeeshop Cutie [Zach Mitchell x Reader]

Author’s Note: Whoa, this is really dialogue-heavy, but I actually kind of like it. Dialogue is fun. I hope you enjoy this! I’ll admit it’s pretty rushed and I think  you can kind of tell, but it’s cute, so. Also I haven’t exactly proofread it yet, but I’ll slowly do that! I’m really tired right now.

Word Count: 2,060

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Something Different //part1

Fandom: Supernatural

Summary: Slow-burn Crowley x asexual!reader. When Crowley notices you actually have a weak point, he becomes very interested in taking advantage of it. But not everything goes as he expected.

Word count: 1,621

[Masterlist[Part 2]

A loud yawn almost broke your jaw. You rubbed your tired face that felt more like a mask, trying to wake up just a little bit more. Even though a fresh cup of coffee was an extremely tempting idea, you doubted you would survive one more. You were pretty sure that caffeine was flowing through your veins right now, after so many cups that you lost count.

It was a hard night. You and the Winchesters were wandering in the dark, trying to find out what was going on in a small city in the middle of nowhere. You hated this particular hunt. Nothing was going as it should be and since you arrived there, you have been attacked three times already in the span of a few days. But people were dying, so there was no chance of leaving it unsolved. To be honest, you didn’t even want to leave it be, you were a hunter after all – but you were exhausted after another sleepless night and another sleepless day when you had to interview more people. It was fair, actually. Dean had taken the guard before you, and Sam was supposed to watch over you two on the upcoming night. You still had no idea what was hunting people down in this city, but you were sure as hell that it was aware of your arrival. And it wasn’t happy.

You bit your lip slightly, just to keep your mind awake, but it took you only a few seconds to go back to your previous, barely alive, state. You were leaning on Dean’s Impala, watching the boys flirt with a middle-aged woman across the street. She must have known something she didn’t want to tell, because otherwise the boys wouldn’t be acting like this just for fun. Not in the middle of a hunt at least, you hoped. And damn on you if it wasn’t working.

“Hello, darling. Fresh and resplendent as always, I see,” a well-known voice erupted behind you. You could almost smell the sulfur. Or maybe it was overstrain.

“Yeah. Few more days like that and I may even visit you in Hell personally,” you muttered, not bothering to look back. You felt like every move was taking the tiny scraps of your energy that were left. You didn’t have many of them, so you surely weren’t in the mood for taking a risk.

“As much as I would love your visit, I am pretty sure it’s still too early for you,” Crowley said with a smirk, now standing on your left.

You gave him a tired look.

“But Dean-o said I will rest in a grave. It’s so tempting.”

Crowley laughed quietly at your poor attempt in joking, even though it was really bad. You have known each other for a while now, since you were working with the Winchesters and they had to use the demon’s help from time to time. You have known every sin and every move Crowley made even before you had actually met him – that was the boys’ way of protecting you from him and his charms. It was kind of cute of them, but they didn’t have to worry so much about you, to be honest. You were not a kid anymore. You understood how the world was working.

But even though Crowley was not a Saint, he was still playing by the rules and you respected this side of him, just like he respected your hunting skills. There were times when you had been a true pain in his ass, killing so many demons that he almost didn’t believe one person was able to make it. And yet, there you were, standing side by side.

“You feel alright?”

“I’ve been worse,” you shrugged. “But I’ll be back to my old self once we finish this mess. I wish we could do it soon.”

“I don’t have any information about this case, unfortunately.”

“Since when would you want to help us without begging?” you raised an eyebrow. “I thought the begging was the best part.”

“Oh, I still love it. I just do not enjoy seeing you in a state like this, it takes the fun out of your poor attempts in convincing me to do anything. Especially if you are driven to the limits because of some stupid monster.”

“And who’s saying that?” you asked sarcastically.

Crowley shot you a bright smile, obviously proud of himself for making you a little more alive.

“Maybe we could discuss this problem somewhere in private,” he offered slyly.

“Sure, ‘cause I obviously have so much free time right now. Who cares about people dying,” you dismissed his flirt. You weren’t even mad at him. He was Crowley. He flirted all the time, with literally everything that had two legs.

“I’m not saying about right now, but I’m always open for any…”

“Go there,” you pointed out to the other side of the street, where the Winchesters were working their magic.

Crowley frowned.

“What do you mean?”

“If you want to have fun, show the boys how they should charm the pretty lady, because I’ve been waiting for like half an hour and they still have no answers. Well, I mean, I’m pretty sure they have many answers, but none is useful for our case. And you may lose some steam by the way.”

The Demon blinked, taken by surprise.

“Darling, I’m pretty sure I sense something more than you are actually saying,” he stated carefully, watching you with concern. “If anything is wrong, you may tell me…”

“Sorry, Crowley,” you backed up, feeling guilty. He had nothing to do with your irritation and shouldn’t be blamed for it. “I’m just tired and everything makes me angry right now. I mean, just look at this woman – how can anyone be so stupid? Boys aren’t even trying, and she is still so tacky… And it’s gonna take some time before she says anything connected with the case.”

“Oh my, are you jealous?” Crowley gasped theatrically. “Is it Moose or Squirrel? Who should I hate even more?”

“Nah, stop it. I just can’t believe anyone can think like an animal. I mean, I’m used to it, but it still keeps me surprised every time people act like they have never heard about dignity.”

“It’s not that bad, everyone has their needs…”

“Crowley. She is drooling in front of them.”

“She is not…”

“Look closer. She just raised her skirt with the door frame, of course unintentionally.”

“…you may be on point a little bit.”

“Say that again, so I can record it.”

Crowley laughed quietly.

You yawned again. You had only slept in the Impala once and it left a not very comfortable feeling, but at this point, you were so tired you would fall asleep on the ground. You gazed longingly at the backseat, almost feeling the soft texture underneath your beaten up, exhausted body…

Crowley was observing you, but you were too lost in your thoughts to notice it. The two of you were neither friends nor  enemies anymore (for which he was more than relieved, but would never admit). You were an interesting person and he kind of enjoyed working with you. You often had those little conversations, when things weren’t in so much rush and you had a short break before rushing into new problems.

He got to know a few things about you. Most of the time, you kept being hardy and determined as to what did you want to archive. There was hardly anything one could use against you. And now… You probably didn’t even think about your words, but Crowley was rarely forgetting anything. And now he had something that could be considered as your weak point. Of course, he still wasn’t sure what precisely caused it, but was more than willing to find out. In a world where people and monsters constantly had to fight each other, having an advantage over one of your biggest opponents was at a premium.

“I guess the boys have finally found the answers they were looking for,” Crowley stated casually, looking at the other side of the street. The Winchesters noticed him and visibly hastened their steps.

“You sure you don’t want to teach them how to take from people what they want faster?” you asked.

“I think I still have to learn a few things myself, love,” he said in an abnormally nice tone. He was radiating with happiness, just as if he won a billion dollars. Or maybe souls, who knows what demons preferred.

“Okay,” you shrugged.

Before the brothers came to you, Crowley was gone in the blink of an eye. They didn’t look very pleased.

“What did he want?” Dean asked worried.

“I don’t know. Maybe he was bored in Hell. Can we finally go to motel? I’m dying…”

“You could take a nap in the car.”

“I didn’t want to be mugged. I hate breaking fingers of muggers, they scream so loudly…”

“Right. Let’s go back, Rambo,” Sam laughed, patting you on a head. You may be smaller than him, but you could toss him to the ground any second.

You wanted to remind him of that, but another wide yawn stole your words and closed your eyes, and after you entered the car, you already forgot what you wanted to say. Thanks, Chuck, that nothing important happened that day and you could sleep through the better part of it, not bothered by any more problems.

Just Roommates: Part 5

Plot- Jungkook as your roommate+College Adventures lol.

Characters- Y/N, Jungkook.

Word Count- 1.8k+

Warning- None, but like accidentally touching and stuff. lol.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3  Part 4  

casual texting shit- part 1, part 2  

Are you all even ready?

(A/N- should i give them a leap and put them in 3rd year so i can spice up things a bit more, like add smut and stuff *wink wink*? please do suggest)

<3 much love who are still following this <3



Man, this is so much fun. I am so happy that my ‘hot’ roommate actually took me here, and he was trying to spend time with me. I would seriously be ready to do this with someone like him on any given day. I couldn’t keep his face from coming into my mind.

Pretty odd as it seems, but he was acting strange suddenly. He didn’t make any eye contact with me, and just left… he was inside the tent, basically abandoning me, all alone, into the wilderness.

Strange, indeed.

What was even strange was that, what had gotten into me to suddenly agreeing to this plan.

‘About time, Y/N’, I whispered to myself. ‘I should probably go and sleep too. Long day ahead.’

I waked towards my own tent, to only discover that, we have only had bought, one sleeping bag. And that was with Jungkook.

Well, fuck.

I got inside my tent and zipped it. I removed my jacket and laid over it. I started wondering as to what shall happen next. I was tired and I haven’t spoken to anyone who was close to me, in the past two days.

‘I should probably text my mother,’ I thought.

I got my phone out and I discovered that it was dead. My phone’s battery was over and so was my life. Being an internet addict I was, couldn’t even fathom survival without my phone. HOLY FUCK IM SCREWED. I WAS IN A DESPERATE NEED OF INFORMING MY PARENTS THAT EVERYTHING WAS FINE! JEEZ, WHY ME?! OUT OF ALL DAYS, WHY TODAY?!?!?! FML.

Then it hit me.

I quickly got up and hesitantly walked over to Jungkook’s tent.

“Hey, Jungkook. Are you awake?” I asked from outside. I could tell, he got startled as he immediately opened up and peaked at me.

“Hey, yeah. What’s up?” he told with a little smile.

“Do you, by any chance, have a powerbank or something? My phone died.” I explained, tossing my phone.

“Oh- I don’t think so.” He said.

“Alright.” I awkwardly told and walked away like a meme.

“Hey! You can use mine if you want?” he exclaimed, which made me turn my head back at this handsome fucking hot piece of man.

“You sure? I mean, it’s not that of a big- “he cut me off.

“Y/N, I insist. Please, you should inform someone about this.” He genuinely told.


I was trying my best to hold back the stupid smile that he caused every time he looked at me. but I just, couldn’t.

“Here.” He offered. I took the phone and stood there.

“What aren’t you coming in?” he asked me surprizing. I got shook.

Did he just ask me to get inside his tent? What?

“No, no, I’m fine.” I told.

“STFU Woman, its cold outside, come in.” he snapped as he pointed me to get in.

“Thanks.” I chuckled, uncomfortably.

I dialled my mom’s phone. “Hey mom, it’s me, Y/N.”

“Hi Y/N, how are you, child?” she was really happy to hear from me.

“Okay, so I’m outside and my phone is dead so I want you to not worry about me.” I quickly said.

“Oh, where are- “before she could finish, I told her bye and hung up. I looked over to Jungkook who had raised his eyebrows at me and gave me a smug look.

“Wow, you could talk to her actually. I still have my battery.” He said in a mocking tone.

“Yeah, but you know…” I said and hand over his phone.

“Aren’t you too formal with me?” he abruptly asked making me widen my eyes.

“Um, it’s like been 2 days since we met and I mean, I don’t know!” I hid my face in my palms which made him suppress a laugh.

“Gosh, you’re really weird you know.” I fist bumped my shoulder.


“Haw! How can you just say that!? You’ve just met me.” I stick out my tongue teasing him.

“Well, I did spend the past couple of hours with you and you definitely don’t seem normal to me.” he mocked me back with a sarcastic tone.

“Well, you’re not too normal either.” I pouted playfully at him.

He just gave me his gorgeous smile and that eye smile of his which could actually melt anyone’s heart.

“Dude, seriously.” He said.


I wanted to say something but mouth seemed to have lost words. So I just shrugged it off.

There was a comfortable silence between us. It was rather numbing and calming in a way, unlike before. Sound of the crickets, the movements in the lake were audible, occasionally disturbed by the burning wood that was outside. This was getting strangely stable for me.

I heard him thump down on the sleeping bag and to my surprise, he grabbed my wrist and made me fall besides him.


“What even- “before I could finish he shushed me. “So, you’re my roommate and I don’t want things weird between us ever- “

What the hell do you even mean there hottie

“-Like, let’s start being casual around each other, like roommates… or more like, friends?” He turned around to meet my eyes which were already staring at him.

I nodded because that’s all I could process in that moment. It was the most beautiful moment in my life and in that moment nothing seemed more perfect. Not only was it initiation of a new friendship, but also a start of my own new life as an adult. I was free now. I wasn’t worried and that’s what mattered.

The thing I realised about jungkook was that he didn’t seem to be unnatural. He didn’t feel creepy to even have laid down with. He didn’t seem dangerous. It was rather, a safe feeling, a feeling of being home. I know it had only been a short while, but things were right. So right. I never thought I could get this right, but I did. I was happy.

“Aigo, I’m sleepy. “he stretched his arms making sure not to even have brushed with my body, even accidently.

“Yes you better.” I smiled and got up from there and as I was crawling towards the door, he called me out.

“Yah! Where are you going?” he asked me.

“Um, to my tent?” I said with a confused look.

“Oh please, do you even know, how bloody cold it is? And we don’t even have an extra sleeping bag.” He explained.



I couldn’t process what he had said and in answer I could only tilt my head and hang my jaw low because I just couldn’t think of what to say.

He frowned at me majorly. “What are you waiting for? A snake to come, and eat you alive?”

I just blinked a few times and realised that he had indirectly asked me to get in the bag with him.

“So, like, I should sleep here then?” I asked, obviously.

“Duh?” he gave me the most disgusted look ever which seemed to scream ‘how dumb are you? who even got you graduated’ look.

Without saying a word, I crawled over to him and he made room for me to fit in. To my luck, this one was spacious enough to fit us both, like a burrito. Oh well.

“Wow okay.” I managed to breath out.

“You fine there.” He asked.


“Yeah I guess.” I giggled.


We just laid there staring at the wall of the tent for 12.5 minutes without exchanging any words or movements to avoid any further touching. and the there it was, my bad habit.

I was getting drowsy despite all the activities that had been going on in my heart and mind. I was knocked out.

Tired and asleep, literally next to the guy I met 2 days ago accidently who happened to live with you now.



But despite all that, I was happy that I made this decision. I was happy that I got to talk with her, but I wasn’t happy for the fact that she was so close to me and breathing and having her chest go up and down and I just couldn’t help but notice her face. Even though things were barely visible, I could see her silhouette. The texture of her hair, the way it fell on her face, how she had her lips so moist, how her eye lashed curled like magic and how her little nose scrunched when she senses any sharp air. Gosh, she looked exclusive. Probably the first time ever that I had seen a girl up so close. I don’t want to lie, but damn, she looked so pretty.

I felt an unconscious smile form on my lips and I could feel a bit of adrenaline rush up my stomach. There was something about her, which didn’t make me uncomfortable anymore, enough to give me panic attacks as usual. She was different. I was sure. She had a very positive vibe to her. She was cool and certainly would make my perfect roommate.  

It was about 30 minutes that I had been awake after her. Just as I was about to close my eyes, I felt something. Heavy indeed. Near my thigh. The weight exponentially increased as another second passed. Now, it was on my torso ascending towards my clavicles.


Just as I was processing the situation, I felt her face bury inside the crook of my neck. I could feel her breathing next to my neck and it was bothering me more than anything in the world right now.

‘Jungkook, be strong.’ I reassured myself.  


Thanks if you made it til the end. i really hope you liked it <3 

feedback appreciated neg or pos <3

Edge of Something

Shallura ~4000 words 

Shiro looked up as she came into the room. He let his gaze linger as she crossed the space to him. She was unsettlingly graceful right up to the point that she made a grimace and then spun to drop herself down beside him in a wave of fluttering fabric. The sigh and the way she slumped made her seem both younger and more human than she usually did. Usually she seemed to deserve descriptions like ethereal but right now, she just looked cranky.

“Good day?” he asked.

She muttered something back. An annoyed sound that wasn’t really an answer but told him everything he needed to know. He dropped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her into a half hug. She leaned into the touch and slouched down to settle against his side. He rested his cheek against the top of her head. Kissing her forehead crossed his mind but he stopped himself from doing it. That was on the other side of the line.

There was definitely a line.

He wasn’t quite sure where it was but it was there waiting for him to trip over it. 

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Ascendance of a Bookworm – 049

Discussing the Devouring With Freida

Engulfed by this fever, I remember that this sensation of being slowly eaten away from the outside in is just like it was before. Just like before, I focus my willpower as best as I can, struggling to somehow push back the fever.

I haven’t even made any books yet!

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fluff friday “angel” [indrasakuashu] {wind, light, & dust}

pseudo-religion here we come! I’m not sure what religion this is comparable to, but I feel like kaguya is similar as a goddess to isis (ancient egyptian goddess of magic and nature) and ishtar (ancient babylonian goddess of love and war).

Sakura climbs into her car, squinting against the sand that blows across the desert. The sun is red and full in the sky, pregnant with the unfulfilled opportunities of the day. She coughs, mouth dry as bone as she scrabbles around her dashboard for her water bottle.

“It is not safe for you out here,” a voice says.

“Leave me be, Ashura,” Sakura says, leaning her forehead against her wheel. Between her sweat and the sweltering heat, it sticks there. “Can’t you see I’m brooding?”

“You are not a bird; you have no eggs to hatch.”

Sakura rolls her eyes, still refusing to look his way. “Cut the shit, Ashura. You know what I meant.”

“I care not for your ever-changing human definitions. Naught but a few centuries ago, brood meant to breed and nothing more.”

“Well, we’re an ever-changing species,” Sakura says. “You get used to it.”

“I’d rather not.”

Sakura exhales deeply, squeezing her eyes shut and pulling away from the steering wheel, leaving it tacky with sweat.

She glances over to passenger seat, taking in her unwelcome guest. It…he…Sakura still isn’t sure but she considers him male, is large and foreboding. His awe-inspiring presence is slightly negated by the way he is squeezed into her car. He has six feathered wings, all covered by eyes of varying shapes and sizes. She cannot really make out a discernable face of any sort and she idly wonders how exactly he fits into her car. Maybe it is one of his divine qualities.

“Ashura, why don’t you take your human form,” she coaxes. “It’d be a bit more comfortable and hella less creepy.”

He bends in what she thinks is a nod before being enveloped in a blindingly bright light. Sakura turns her gaze back to the darkening landscape.

“Sakura, you are HER Angel,” Ashura says. “You must stay in safety as you receive your training.”

“I don’t want this,” she replies, still staring out the window. “I don’t know this ‘her’ and I am certainly no angel.”

“SHE is not ‘her’ but ‘HER,’” Ashura explains as if it truly clarifies anything. “You are HER Angel, HER messenger, HER prophetess. You will be HER advocate, the herald to HER next coming.”

Sakura shakes her head, finally looking back to him. Ashura is now in his human form, tall and dark haired. He still looks out of place with his hairstyle and antiquated clothing. There is something alien about his dark eyes, maybe in the curve or in the way no light is reflected.

“I do not understand,” she says. “How can I be Kaguya-kami’s angel? I thought you were her angel.”

“HER Angel,” Ashura corrects. “And no, it is not the same. Your English word ‘angel’ is derived from the Greek ὰγγελος. It means ‘messenger.’ I am one of HER descendants, a child of the light.” His expression is oddly wistful. “But you…you are a child of the wind and dust; a child of free will.”

Sakura squirms slightly. He has tried to explain this to her on numerous occasions but she still finds herself lost. There is too much history and context that is beyond Sakura’s scope.

“How am I a candidate to be the Rabbit Goddess’s Angel?” Sakura asks. “I’m an ordinary human.”

“No human is ordinary,” Ashura replies firmly. “As I said, you are a child of free will. You are HER chosen; you are extraordinary.”

Sakura flushes but she clears her throat. “Your…I believe he was your brother? He approached me.”

“Indra?” Ashura asks in alarm.

The air around him heats and vibrates with his invisible wings.

“Whoa, calm down!” Sakura says, bracing herself against the heat. She can feel her skin blistering wherever it is bared. “Not all of us are celestial beings with impervious skin.”

Ashura immediately stops, remorse clear as he reaches a hand out gingerly. He takes her arm, fingers gentle and soothing. Sakura finds the texture of his skin odd, somehow feathery. He brings her elbow to his face, blowing cool, wintry air across her skin. His lips touch her skin ever so slightly.

Sakura finds the bracing chill wonderful. It spreads from her elbow, down her arm, through her torso to the burns upon her legs. Sakura sighs softly, slumping into her seat.

“What did Indra want?” Ashura asks, still holding her arm.

Sakura shrugs as best she can. “He asked me to be his…acolyte? Yeah, his acolyte. Said some stuff about his grand destiny, his right to be a god, yada, yada, yada…”

Ashura’s hand tightens on her elbow. “And how did you respond?”

Sakura snorts. “What do you think? I told him to go to hell and punched him in the face.” She is oblivious to his horrified expression. “He was really surprised and tried to threaten me and then he said something ominous along the lines of: ‘I’ll be back.’ Then he left.” She pauses, glancing at him askance. “Why are his wings black?”

Ashura shakes his head, disappearing from the car.

Sakura glances at the spot he left, the scent of ozone and lightning lingering. A few feathers are in the floorboard.

“So he sheds? Never letting him live that down.”

“What were you thinking, you fool? Daring to approach HER Chosen? Have you no sense or shame?” Ashura asks.

“Brother,” Indra greets, sinuous smirk clear on his face. “How nice to see you. It’s been what; three centuries? Time sure flies when you’re exiled.” His jovial expression melts into a scowl, eyes bright red. “Or not at all since, again, I’m exiled.”

“You made your choice,” Ashura says. “You chose to be a Fallen Child.”

“It is the only choice offered us if we ever want to be free,” Indra says, sauntering forward. “You desire free will do you not? The only taste of freedom you’ll ever have is if you Fall.”

Ashura shakes his head. “And what has that given you? Freedom to wallow in isolation and madness? No thank you.”

“At least it was my choice to make,” Indra hisses. “I see you still fulfill grandmother’s Will in all things.”

“Leave HER Angel alone,” Ashura says tightly. “She is not yours to take.”

“You mean Sakura? Quite an interesting choice for a Messenger; very different from previous candidates,” Indra says, smile large. “She has no fear nor respect for things greater than she.”

You are not greater than her. None of us are. She is a child of wind and dust and HER Chosen besides,” Ashura says. “Stay away from her.”

“You care for her,” Indra says, blinking at the revelation. It is such an oddly human gesture that it takes Ashura aback. “This is the first time you’ve interfered in my affairs on behalf of a human, even one who may be HER Champion.” His eyes are bright with contemplation. “I can, of course, understand your interest. She is…riveting. She burns brightly but fleetingly; remember that.”

“You needn’t concern yourself with me, Fallen,” Ashura says stiffly. “Stay away.”

“I shall not. This is one heavenly intervention that I do not want to miss. Be ready for Sakura to turn on you. She is too wild and independent to be bound by divine requests,” Indra says, spreading his black wings, covered as they are by red eyes, and flying away.

Ashura watches him go, a pit of dread boiling within him.

Despite himself, he cannot forget the feeling of Sakura’s skin beneath his lips and the heady scent of human (sweat, dust, and blood) that surrounds her.

For the first time in his existence, Ashura can understand why Indra Fell.

Breakfast At The Weasley's - Fred Weasley Imagine (requested)

That sucks that all of the requests got deleted ): but can I get a Fred one where I’m in the trio’s year & Ron’s best friend & he invites me to the Burrow over the summer for the first time. The twins don’t know about this until one day they come down for breakfast & see me & George teases Fred about the crush he has on me & Fred gets mad. Then nobody has seen Fred for the rest of the day so I go looking for him & find him skipping rocks & I tell him I like him too! Name’s Daisy btw thanks ! (:

Nice name!!! xxxx


Daisy’s pov-

Scorching beams on sunlight bounced off from the sun down onto my body as Ron and I strolled around the backyard. Spring break came faster than ever this year and with my family taking their yearly vacation to Paris, I was stuck without a destination. That was until Ron had offered up his home and with a bit convincing I finally agreed. There was nothing worse than feeling like you’re interrupting or intruding on a family’s plan and that was the last thing I wanted to do to the Weasley’s. Once Molly found out about my possible change in plans, she immediately set up a welcoming room for me writing a letter basically saying there was no way out of coming to the Burrow since she was aware  I had nowhere to go.

The thing was, I loved the Weasley family. Sometimes I felt closer to them then my real blood related family. Ron was a close friend of mine seeing as we were in the same grade, as well as Hermione and Harry (who sadly had plans of their own). We spent almost every waking moment together so the problem I had with staying at his house didn’t necessarily involve him but rather yet his older brother Fred.

Fred was two years above us and twins to George Weasley. It was no doubt that those twins were attached to the hip and did practically everything together. Their names roamed the halls of Hogwarts on a daily bases making it impossible to go a single day without thinking about the witty twin. The Weasley boys were famous for their endless pranks and high spirited jokes played among many at Hogwarts including myself. I wasn’t exactly the most popular at school like them so it was safe to say sometimes they intimidated me without even trying. Especially Fred seeing as he was the most handsome wizard in the whole school. I would spend the lunch hour hanging onto his every word, listening to joke he spoke, and every playful insult he threw around. To me, he was the definition of perfection. But with my luck, I wasn’t the only one who thought this.

Day by day, girls threw themselves onto Fred. Beautiful ones too. Fred being the type of person he was, flirted and played along with them but I couldn’t tell where he stood when it came to them. George acted identically but was a bit more reserved when it came to bragging in public that was of course unless Fred was by his side. So I guess that was the real reason behind me being so hesitant towards coming, I was in love with Fred Weasley who most likely didn’t know my name.

A giddy voice pulled me out of my daydream,

“Hey Daisy you alright?” Turning my head to the side I grinned at Ron. A pair of blue denim jeans hugged his legs nicely and a loose Irish Quidditch t-shirt hung around his upper half. Looking down at myself I realized that I was wearing the same clothes I had fallen asleep in the night before.

Ron and his dad had picked me late last night after I collected some belongings from my home on the outskirts of London. The original plan was to head to the Burrow with the Weasley’s but I remembered my mom had sent me a letter asking me to pick up a new set of notebook since I had used up all my old ones and didn’t have any left for the last few months of the school year.

Nodding my head, I hesitantly squatted into a sitting positon on the soft damp grass. Ron was quick to follow, folding his legs beneath him and filling up the empty space to my right.

“Yeah I’m fine, still a bit tired from the drive up here yesterday.” I admitted leaning back to fully lay down. Ron chuckled taking a handful of grass and throwing it on my face,

“What’re you talking about? You sleep the whole way!” He howled and I shrugged lazily. Ron was right. I spent the entire trip dozing in and out from the backseat until Ron pointed out that he’d wake me when we got to his house. I was thankful for having a friend like him in my life; god knows I can never get too much sleep.  I sat up spitting small shreds of grass out form my mouth and threw some back at Ron.

“Okay so maybe you’re right but you can’t blame me, I was tired!” Ron rolled his eyes and looked as if he was about to respond but a booming voice cut him off,

“RONALD AND DAISY! BREAKFAST IS READY COME QUICK BEFORE ITS ALL GONE!” Sharing a daring look, we both darted up from our cozy spots on the grass and took off in a full sprint to the house knowing that any meal at the Weasley’s didn’t last for very long.

The ‘race’ ended in a tie but I managed to squeeze in before Ron and took the third chair on the left. Ron scowled but eventually sat next to me giving my shoulder a harsh bump.

“Ow Ronald! That hurt really bad!” I complained adding more dramatic effect then necessary. Molly’s head whipped over. Turning down the oven notch, she pointed her spatula straight at Ron,

“Roald Weasley, Daisy is your guest which means you treat her well, you hear?” Ron shook his head in fear and I laughed covering my mouth to keep it hushed. It was an odd sight to see; usually when I came over and ate meals at the Burrow Molly was never cooking. I honestly wasn’t sure if she knew how. Magic was their key ingredient to preparing the food but maybe she wanted to try something new. A thundering sound erupted form the stairwell as two tired look children bounded down.

First came in Percy bounding with his head held high then Ginny trailing close behind the opposite of her brother’s early bird personality. Her bright hair flashed form behind the stairs as she rounded the corner. Excitement entered my veins when she entered the room with her head down and eyes fixed on the floor.

“Hey Ginny…” I said watching her lift her head ready to give a snappy remark but her eyes froze on mine. I grinned full of excitement but she remained still and unmoving.  Ron laughed and Percy sent me a small wave and a short ‘hello’ which I happily returned in morning glee.  Finally, Ginny snapped back to reality and bolted over wrapping her arms tight around my waist catching my off guard. I stumbled backwards and regained my balance, placing my arms around her shoulders.. She pulled back a smile still printed on her face,

“Daisy, what’re you doing here? I have barley talked to, placing my arms around her shoulders.. She pulled back a smile still printed on her face,

“Daisy, what’re you doing here? I have barley talked to you yet all this year! We need to catch up, thank god I don’t have to be all alone with these ragamuffin children. She commented voice lowering to a whisper towards the end.

“Heard that…” Percy muttered grabbing a piece of toast from the countertop and taking the seat so his back was facing the stairwell. Suddenly, a pair of footsteps entered the scene as they descended down the stairs.

“Did someone say Daisy?” My heart picked up its pace almost immediately at the sound of that voice. Fred Weasley, I could pick his voice out from anywhere. It was always so fierce but a good kind. Not more than a second later, a bright eyed and curious Fred whizzed around the corner scanning the room. His chest rose the fell at a rigid uneven pace and his red hair stuck up in every which way like the needles that coated an adorable porcupine. His mouth was agape and eyebrows scrunch together leaving him to look deep in concentration. A long deep red mark ran across his cheek, my guess from sleeping too hard. Not wasting a moment, his eyes locked onto mine and he blinked.

“Oh, uh, hi Fred.” I commented with a rush of confidence abandoning my natural shyness which seemed to take over in every conversation I held with the prankster. Taken aback he struggled out a small response and George entered the room rubbing the back of head with a dazed expression,

“I- um yeah, good morning Daisy.”  Fred stuttered out. Molly pretended to be into her work at the sink but it was obvious she was listening in. Ginny and Ron shared a look that I couldn’t quite pick apart. Percy leaned over to whisper something into Ron’s ear and Ron shook his head ‘yes’ back at him. What was going on? Were my cheeks that red? Did I have something on my face? Was I speaking a different language? Did I miss something?

George rubbed the sleep out of eyes and took a look around the cluttered kitchen, then his gaze landed on Fred and I. A devilish smirk found its way onto the twins face and he stepped forwards still keeping his attention glued on us,

“Now I understand why you got out of bed so quick. For a second I actually thought there was a fire, but now that I see your little girlfriend is here I understand why you were so eager to get down here.” If it were possible for my cheeks to turn any redder than they already were, they did. Fred let out a deep breath and I shuffled awkwardly holding to the back of the wooden chair for support and distraction.

“George Weasley, you leave them alone this instant and take a seat before I change my mind about you eating lunch with us!” Molly scolded her son, slapping his side with a dirty dish rag. George chuckled loudly taking the open seat to Ron leaving the Fred to take the last unoccupied seat which happened to be next to me.  All the dining chairs surrounded the dinner table in an unorderly family fashion. Each chair had a different pattern, shape, texture, and cushion to them.

With a swift flick of her wand, Molly Weasley sent all the foods dispersing to the table. Eggs, toast, sausage, bagels, fruits, bacon, and much more cluttered the cloth and without hesitation the Weasley kids dug in scrambling for their choice in breakfast foods before it ran out. Taking a second to process the selection of food, I decided the eggs and toast looked the most appealing to my appetite. Though, as I reached my hand out for the plate of heated bread my hand brushed that of Fred Weasley’s. Snatching mine back I stammered an apology but Fred simple shrugged nonchalantly and laid a piece of bread on my empty plate then tossed another piece carelessly to his piled plate.

“How cute of you, Freddie. Getting breakfast for your lover. I can’t get enough of your guys relationship!” George cooed leaning his body forward to get a better view of us. Ron snickered and Molly scolded him with a stern glare. Arthur sat silently at the end of the table, his laughter was light but was still audible.

“George this is your last warning, now you quite it or else-“

“Wait Molly, dear, I’m sure they don’t mind. I mean they’re already a couple.” Arthur commented folding his copy of the Daily Prophet up into a small hand held square. Now the whole group, excluding Molly, Fred and I, erupted in laughter including Percy.  Molly rolled her eyes squatting her husband.

“All of you stop that. Don’t mind them you two.” I hid my head into the crook of my arm too embarrassed to talk to anyone. Ron told everyone hush down and his hand slipped into mine. I gave it a light squeeze that he returned. That was when I looked up and noticed one hand was sitting on his lap and the other aiding his hunger by shoveling food into his mouth.

Glancing down, I realized that my hand was intertwined perfectly with that of Fred Weasley’s. In shock and surprise I nudged him wondering if he might’ve done it by mistake, but he just smiled like a fool and sent a wink my way. My face flushed and my body became completely paralyzed. I was afraid if I moved a muscle Fred would slip his hand away but he didn’t. Fred’s thumb drew small circles along the outline of my knuckles sending shivers down my spine.

Fred leaned over and pressed his lips up to my ear, his warm breath hitting unexpectedly,

“Watch this, love.” I tilted my head in a question matter but I was too late,

“No it’s alright we don’t mind much, I mean we are a couple and everything so it really only makes sense for you to talk about us like that, right Daisy?” What? Did he just say we were… a couple? An echoing crash sounded and all heads turned to the strarstruck Molly who had dropped the pan of hash browns to the ground.  Her eyes were the size of saucers and they were staring right at me. Oh good grief.

“Uh, yeah you’re right, Fred.” George narrowed his orbs and gave a disbelieving scoff.

“Oh whatever, I call bloody bullcrap! I reckon you two are making all this rubbish up! Prove it then if you two really are a couple.” George challenged crossed his arms over his puffed out chest. I was lost for words, how are we supposed to prove that we’re together when really we aren’t? Fred seemed to know exactly the way because soon enough he was pulling me close whispering,

“Follow my lead and play along.” Not giving me a chance to reply, Fred placed his lips firm against mine. Although it felt forceful at first he lost the tenseness over time as did I as the kiss grew more relaxing and for a second it felt natural. Kissing Fred felt natural to me and I wanted no part in it ending. His hands reached up to hold my cheeks, bringing me closer to him if that was even possible. I kissed back with just as much passion and when his tongue brushed along my bottom lip I jumped in astonishment causing us to break the little connection and end the show.

Out of breath, I allowed my hand to reach up and brush over my partly swollen lips, did that really just happen? Fred grinned satisfied with my reaction and laced our fingers together once again standing up from the table and tugging me to my feet. Facing his family he spoke,

“Well, if you folk don’t mind my lovely girlfriend and I are going on a stroll and would like it if we weren’t interrupted. Hope that proved enough to you brother, good day to the rest.” He nailed the silly polish accent right on the head and pretended to tip his invisible hat off to his flabbergasted family. Turning in one motion on his heel, Fred walked out of the house dragging me with him. Once we were outside and alone I finally spit out my question,

“Fred what was that?” Fred was leading the pathway down to the rocky river Ron and I had visited often during my trips to the Burrow.

“You see Daisy, I think it’s easier if I just straight up tell you so here it goes. I kind of have this small, scratch that, humongous crush on you and for some odd reason I couldn’t bring myself to tell you because I was afraid you wouldn’t feel the same way. So today I thought I might as well take a chance as see where I end up so I held your hand and… and when you didn’t pull away from it or from that kiss I started to ponder on the thought that maybe, just maybe for some dysfunctional reason… you liked me back. What I’m really trying to say and have been for a while now is… would you be interested in going out with me. Maybe on a date or something? I promise I would prank you during it or anything! It could be a real nice date if you’d prefer or a laid back one it’s up to you. You’re the smartest, prettiest, wittiest, adorable, cute, down to earth and humblest person I’ve ever meet. All I want is to take you out sometime and make you mine.” Reaching up, I placed a delicate peck to his blossoming cheeks and smiled,

“I’d love to go out with you sometime, Fred. It’d be my pleasure.”

-Daizy xxx

Let’s... Talk, part 2

(Part 1 is here. This part 2 is ADULT CONTENT and pretty graphic – because Owen and Amelia have been longing for each other for a damn long time. Shonda is too slow, and I don’t think they should have to wait any longer. I’m remembering with sweetness the days when summer was new, and I was afraid to even write something like this. But the colors have burned to gold and crumbled away now, and there is peace for me in this new season and confidence in my own voice. I’m using the #poetic smut hashtag for this one.)

The floor was cold against Amelia’s back. Chills crept up her arms to her chest where Owen kissed her. His mouth warmed her breast while he caressed the other lightly with his thumb. He felt goose bumps on her skin multiply as he took her nipple gently between his teeth and then closed his lips around her with insistency.

For Amelia this became the focal point of feeling. Every sensation at her breast tugged low on her body, as if an invisible string was tied between the two. She could come like this – with him touching only her breasts. She was almost there already.

Owen could hear the pleasure in her breathing. Soft moans escaped her open lips. He heard her murmur his name. He wanted her like this. He wanted her every way. He slid his hand down her stomach to the silken threads below. He touched her lightly, feeling her between his fingers, reaching slowly for the spot where he could feel the beating of her heart. He wanted to make her come alive. He found this tender spot with his fingertip, and he caressed her there in gentle circles as his tongue continued its attention on her breast. His kisses moved downward then, sucking each place along the path that his hand had taken.

Amelia felt all the feeling in the universe collapse inward at the juncture of her thighs. Owen did these magical things with his mouth that she had forgotten. But she remembered now. She remembered everything. She held this feeling for as long as she could stand it without breaking into a million pieces. Her heart was crazy, like a wild bird in her chest.

“Owen… It’s been so long… If you want me to wait for you… You can’t… God…”

He pulled his mouth away from her to look into her eyes. In all that blue he could see forever. He continued drawing circles with his fingertip as he inched his body up alongside her until his mouth was close to hers.

“What do you want?” he whispered as he kissed her lips. This kiss was wet and tender as the ones that had come before.

“Everything,” she answered. She reached down and covered his hand with hers to still the movement. “I’m so close, Owen. Just from this. God. What are you doing to me?”

“Everything,” he told her, “I’m as close as you are just from lying here beside you – against you – touching you – kissing you… It’s been so long for me too. So long, Amelia.”

She heard in his voice an echo of her own longing. It was hauntingly beautiful in the way that only echoes can be. She heard it again as it crept over her body and settled deep inside her. Her eyes filled with tears without knowing. She was only aware of them as one spilled onto her cheek, and Owen wiped it away with the thumb of his hand that rested near her head.

“Hey,” he said, “Are you okay? Are you sure you want this? We can wait.”

He held her there, naked in the shadows, with his hand still on her body. Faded images of long ago flashed in her mind. Him lying beneath her, on top of her, inside her. This big, strong man with all this feeling. This feeling that was still here – unfaded in the sound of his voice, in the way that he touched her.

“Yeah. I am,” she answered, resting her hand on his chest, “I don’t want to wait anymore.” She ran her fingers down the front of his body slowly, rediscovering the texture of each muscle, each bit of skin. She touched him everywhere.

His fingertip started to move again in circles as they lay there with nothing between them except this longing for more.

Amelia pressed even closer and reached her arm around his back. She felt along the floor for her clothes.

His brow furrowed and a smile crept up his cheeks. “What are you doing?” he whispered in her ear.

“Looking for my pants.”

Owen chuckled. He wrapped an arm around her and held her tight to him. “I don’t think you’re going to need those yet.”

“I think we will,” she disagreed as she found them. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a condom.

Owen laughed some more, “You have a condom in the pocket of your scrub pants?”

“I was being optimistic,” she smiled.

She placed her hand on his chest again and pushed him back so that this time he was the one lying flat against the floor.

“I like this optimism,” he said, waiting for what would come next. He held his breath as she touched him.

He was warm and solid, like unyielding silk in her hands – and then between her lips. She could make magic too with her mouth, and Owen had not forgotten. He had remembered it in his dreams.

“Damn… Amelia… I meant what I said before… I’m almost there already… You can’t…”

She was powerful. And she could – if she wanted to. She loved this feeling and wanted to hold on to it. So she held on, deeply, one more time before opening the wrapper.

“You’re killing me,” he muttered as she rolled the condom onto him with painful slowness.

“Not yet,” she winked, “But there’s still time for that.”

“Come here,” he said, “You’re too far away.” …‘I need you in my arms,’ he thought, but he didn’t say it out loud.

“I’m right here.” She lay on top of him. …‘I need to hold you.’ She kept her thought silent, and they held tight to each other until their bodies were desperate for more.

Amelia opened herself over him. Owen moved inside her slowly, and she was in him too. They held their breath for a moment, remembering the sensation of their bodies together, learning it again.

Owen reached for her. He held her cheek in his palm, with his fingertips in her hair. It spilled around her face in chocolate strands that almost touched him. He pulled her closer so that they brushed against his face. She kissed him then, as she started to move. His hands caressed the length of her body to her hips, and he settled them there. He moved with her in a rhythm that they felt like a heartbeat.

He filled her up all the way, reaching places in her that had been untouched for so long, maybe forever. But he touched them now as he looked into her eyes. She didn’t want to blink. She didn’t want to miss any of this. They moaned into each other softly.

Owen felt her all around him, everywhere. He moved his hands over her, stroking her skin, squeezing her curves. He remembered where to touch her, how she liked it long ago - and still. He felt her accelerate their rhythm, and it was hard to stay quiet as she called his name once, twice, three times.

There was no more control for her, no more waiting, just this intensity of pleasure and letting go. The throbbing of her pulse surrounded him as she did, and he followed her into the abyss. They broke into a million pieces together. There was no running from this. There was no other way.

The smell of cherry blossom shampoo permeates through the air, carried by the steam billowing out of the hallway bathroom. Alicia walks past, pausing next to the open door, inhaling deeply, and bangs on the wall: “Leave some hot water for the rest of us!” She yells into the cramped space. 

“Aw, fuck off, Alicia! There’s plenty for everyone!” Elyza shouts back through the streams of water pummeling down her naked body. 

Alicia grins, looking down at the threshold of the doorway, and threatens, “Yeah, there better be!” 

She can hear Elyza chuckle softly behind the glass shower door. 

Alicia starts to move off, but she makes the fatal mistake of looking up. 

She can see Elyza directly through the water-sprinkled glass. Her body was covered in suds and dripping wet, eyes closed under the vigorous spray. Alicia could see the dirty bubbles traveling down her back and over her cute, round ass, shining in the afternoon light reflecting off the giant mirror across from the shower stall. Elyza had her hands buried in her hair, her back muscles flexing and shoulder tattoo winking out at Alicia from underneath the soap. 

She looked like a goddess. 

Alicia gulped, caught between knowing she should look away and the complete incapability to do so. Every sense on her body was tingling: her hearing, her vision, her smell, her touch- she could feel the texture of the drywall underneath her fingers as she gripped the doorway. She could hear Travis and Chris opening the front door, calling goodbye to Maddie. She could smell the three different products Elyza had opened. She could see the individual droplets on the side of Elyza’s jaw. 

Holy. Fuck. 

Elyza hadn’t washed in over a month. Her hair had begun getting ropey with grease, and her leather outfit was practically radiating BO. So of course, she’d called dibs when she and the Clarks had found a house with a working backup generator. 

They’d been running together for how many weeks now? Two, three? The Clarks had embraced her into their fold easily, realizing quickly that having a ruthless blonde with a diverse set of combat skills had certain… advantages. One of those advantages included saving Alicia’s life. Multiple times.

Elyza enjoyed their company, but none more than Alicia. This firecracker brunette held her captivated with every word, every hair flip, every snarky bite. Elyza couldn’t help but feel like she was some sort of godsend- a flicker of memory triggered every time Alicia snarled, or yelled, or smiled at her over whatever substitute dinner table was available as they ran. But maybe Elyza was just glad to have human contact again. 

The warm water was amazing. She hadn’t felt this clean since before the outbreak. The soaps were working their magic. And the atmosphere of the bathroom calmed all her frayed, worrying-about-alicia nerves; sunlight was spilling in through the window, bouncing off the beige and green walls, reflected on the huge-ass mirrored vanity, facing the shower. If the person who designed the house were alive, Elyza would probably ask them for interior design tips. 

She turned, grabbing another bottle off the wall and breaking her nail trying to open it. Spitting curses, she angrily dumped the lilac body wash on her chest before tossing the bottle back onto the rack- and catching a glimpse of a face in the mirror. 

Elyza froze. 

The face disappeared. 

Was she crazy, or had that been Alicia? Watching her?…. was she still there?

Elzya had hoped for this moment, a sign that Alicia wasn’t as straight as she’d thought. The girl had been giving teensy signals for the past two weeks, and Elyza was about ready to burst if she didn’t get confirmation. 

The corner of a forehead reappeared, resting- hiding- around the doorway. Elyza could only see it if she leaned a little to her left… so she took an entire step left and started spreading the lilac soap across her body, hands moving slow and sensually. 

If Alicia wanted to watch, she was going to get a show.

Alicia was practically hyperventilating. 

Elyza hadn’t seen her, right? Right? Of course. Duh. But wait, why is she doing that… why- what is she doing?

Oh. Oh god- oh dear god that’s hot. Holy shit. Okay. Okay, her hands are doing that thing oh my god, Alicia, this is ridiculous! I can’t believe your letting yourself watch this!

Alicia tipped her head closer. Yeah, but I mean…. look at her.

The protesting part of her brain subsided: you got a point.

Elyza was roaming her hands all over her torso, cupping her full breasts and running her fingers over her taunt stomach, swaying her hips softly side to side. 

Who the hell bathes so seductively?

Elyza backed up so press against the wall, tilting her head back, her mouth falling open. Her legs were spread slightly- and Alicia’s jaw dropped.

Oh my god her hand is disappearing between her legs, I can’t see her hand, she’s got her eyes closed and she has the PRETTIEST o-face oh my-

And then footsteps are banging up the stairs, and Alicia is stuck. She can’t make it to the nearest room in time, and she can’t exactly be spotted by her mom peeping at Elyza in the shower. 

So she took the only course of action she could think of: she ducked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. 

If Elyza hadn’t noticed her before, she sure as hell did now. 

Alicia stood facing the closed door, her hands on the knob and forehead pressed against the wood, thoughts racing, ears listening for her mom to pass. 

Elyza said nothing behind her, yet. 

Maddie’s footsteps clonked past the door, and her voice echoed down the hallway. “ ‘Licia?”

Alicia sighed. “Yeah, mom! I’m in the shower!” She yelled through the door. 

Elyza giggled.

“I thought Elyza called dibs?” Maddie called, feet moving towards the door. 

“Nah! She gave it up!” Alicia lied. She thought frantically- “Elyza’s up on the roof!”

“The roof?” Maddie and Elyza spoke in the same moment. Alicia turned around urgently, a finger to her lips. Elyza grinned, not bothering to hide her body by any means. 

“Yeah! She does weird things.” Alicia replied to the door. 

“Alright. I need your help later, with dinner!” Maddie called, retreating downstairs. 

Alicia sighed, slumping against the door. 

“What was that about?” Elyza quipped behind her, still under the running water. Alicia turned to face her, still leaning on the door, bright red flush creeping up her neck. 

An understanding smile dawned on Elyza’s face, and she raised a hand- crooked her finger. C’mere. 

Alicia swallowed and approached the water-splattered door, hyperaware to keep her eyes up. 

Elyza was smiling at her through the spray, blue eyes beaming at her, her lips curved and pink and deliciously wet. She reached out and opened the glass door, cold and hard under her fingers. 

Alicia’s eyes dropped lower. Elyza cocked a hip to the side and smirked, her blonde hair glowing. 

“You know, showering together can save quite a lot of water.”

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Secret Admirer (1 of 4)

Outlaw Queen week: Prompt 6- Secret Admirer (¼)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Emma has her hands flat on the table, hunched over it and staring down at the surface, at the dozens of scraps of paper strewn there.

“How long has this been going on?” Emma asks, whispering because Snow is holding a sleeping Neal to her chest, holding him with huge frightened eyes as she reads a paper she’s plucked from the table, the writing on the scraps is languid cursive, it takes Emma longer to read, she hasn’t had to read cursive since, what, like grade three? On one scrap is a flowery description of Regina’s mouth, and okay, that’s fucking weird, another paper in the pile has the word mouth too, she digs that paper out, and the flowery words are gone, and now it’s a vivid in detail description of what the writer would do with Regina’s mouth.

“Jesus,” Emma hisses, shoving the paper back onto the pile, finally looking up at Regina.

Regina has her hands deep in her pockets, she’s still wrapped up in her dark coat, the line of her body is tense, she’s got a slightly peeved face on, the one that tightens her mouth, she eyes the pile of papers disdainfully, and finally answers with an overly nonchalant shrug, “Three weeks,” she answers.

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Good Form

Thank you @fleurreads for the prompt! I’m always a sucker for best friend au’s. Sorry it’s taken me so long to write; I am currently on a maymester class trip in Texas for my scholarship. Not a lot of time for writing. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Also, remember that I am open to prompt requests and ideas; I have some writer’s block to overcome and the practice helps. Plus, let’s face it. We all need something to do to get us through this hiatus :)

Rated T for language.

“Exactly what is the point of this?” the girl asked, holding the controller with disgust and flipping her dark hair.

“We have to get through this cave, slay the dragon, then beat the boss,” Killian answered back, his eyes focused on the game before them. Emma saw the girl scrunch up her nose in distaste and throw aside her controller as if it were a revolting insect.

“I meant being here,” the girl said back, smoothing down her skirt. Emma rolled her eyes at Killian’s obvious lack of attention and/or interest in what his date was saying.

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This is our home now || Derek Hale

Prompt:  hi, could you write an imagine where the reader and derek have been going out for a while and she moves in with him and even though she loves the loft, she asks him if she can make it more homey and he says yes and leaves her to it so she gets things like curtains, lamps, rug etc and later he’s surprised by how nice it is and the pack come over and are surprised at the place being so different too and end up spending the most time there bc it’s so comfy and homey and lots of fluff please xoxo

Pairing: Derek x reader 

words: 1,252

A/n: I am extremely sorry it took me so long to write this ugh. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it, i’m sorry, it must be the lack of sleep i’m having u_u but i hope you like it, and again I’m so sorry. and it’s so late ugh 

Originally posted by tylersposey

Relationships were never your thing until you met Derek, he made you see the world in a different perspective and helped you understand why being alone it wasn’t always good; the two of you complemented each other, he was serious and headstrong, you were easy going and reasonable. Derek had fallen for you so much that he had told you about the supernatural, at first it was something hard to process but once you did it, your first instinct was to do a massive research trying to learn and understand as much as possible. 

That was two years ago and now you were moving in with him, a huge step for both of you; his loft was extremely large and spacious, there was a really tall window across the front door, the building in general was painted with a shade of gray that killed the vibe of such an amazing place. At first, you didn’t want to say anything because it was his place, but if you two were going to live under the same roof, it had to be comfortable for both, so one morning you decided to tell him.

“Hey, Derek” you said while cooking breakfast

“Hhmm,” he mumbled typing something on his computer

“I was thinking that maybe we could make a few changes” you bit your bottom lip

He lifted his head to see you “What do you mean?”

You turned off the stove and turned around “I mean… the loft always looks so empty and dead”

He raised his eye brow “I thought you liked the loft”

“I do! I really do, but I was thinking maybe we could redecorate, just a little?” You closed your eyes, you didn’t mean to offend him or the loft “I totally understand if you don’t want to, it’s your place after all”

“No,” he said firmly, you nodded and turned around “it’s our place” Derek knew how empty and simple the loft was, but he never had the time to think about it until now

You turned around and looked at him confused “what do you mean?”

“I mean you live here too, right? So that makes it your place too and if you feel like the loft needs a makeover, go ahead! Give it your special touch” he said looking at you

You couldn’t help but smile and run to him, wrapping your arms around his neck saying ‘thank you’ over and over again.

You kissed his cheek “did you know you’re the best?” you were sitting on his lap with your arms resting on his shoulders “I already pictured it in my mind, we could go to Home Depot and maybe IKEA together and choose a color palette and the new furniture, it’s gonna be amazing!” You were out of breath and 

Derek smiled"You look so excited about all this"  he placed a hair tress behind your ear “but shopping stresses me out and I’m sure you have better taste than me when it comes to things like this”

“I know but I thought it would be nice if we did it together” you gave him a sad smile

“How about this? I’ll be in Mexico for a week and when I come back we could go to Home Depot and buy all the new furniture”

You pretended to think about it for a second “yes, I’ll take it. When are you leaving?”

“in a few hours”

You had breakfast and Derek left after that, you were definitely not waiting a week to redecorate the loft. You had magazines scattered all over the living room floor, your laptop was on the coffee table with the home pages of Home Depot, Target and IKEA; you couldn’t do this all by yourself so you called for backup. Lydia was there in less than fifteen  minutes, you liked her style and taste, obviously she had been your first option; you spent two days deciding the color palette and ended up choosing a neutral one, the basic colors being different shades of gray, black and brown. You went shopping for the furniture and paint; Lydia was three years younger than you, but she knew what she was talking about when it came to combinations and stuff like that, you got to know her a lot better and her story as a banshee. After 5 cups of coffee and eight hours, the loft was completely painted and ready to be redecorated, the stores sent you the furniture and you and Lydia started planning where to put them. 

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Debt [Outlaw Queen; Post-Finale]

Merry Christmas to Kimmy, aka heartisdrenchedinwine! Sorry this took forever, I know I am a total knobhead. Hopefully worth the wait though? And here’s the ffn link. Happy reading!

It always happens when she least expects it, when hope is but a four-letter word and all the quarters in the world aren’t going to bring Robin back to her.

The first time, she’s at the Charmings’ for dinner, because Henry had all but insisted with that stubborn look in his eye, that stern tilt of his head that she can’t say no to; and it’s for the sake of her son that Regina finds herself surrounded by people when she would rather be alone, with nothing but the memory of Robin’s smile for company and the dull ache in her heart that he’d left behind.

So she tucks away into the farthest corner of the couch with the baby cradled to her chest, watching him curl a fist around her finger the way Henry used to when he was small enough to fit in her arms the way Neal does now. He’s staring at her, dark eyes large and unblinking; but where she finds pity in everyone else’s, his are only filled with a vague sense of wonder, and she appreciates him all the more for being there with her but letting her keep her pain to herself.

The door opens and Charming steps inside, cheeks flushed where the cold has bitten into his skin. A smattering of snow still clings to his hair as he dusts it off his boots and scrutinizes the small pile of mail he’s just fetched at Snow’s behest.

“Regina,” he speaks slowly, and with a start of surprise, “I think…I think this is for you.”

She frowns as she trades Neal off for the slip of parchment in Charming’s outstretched hand. It’s folded into fourths, with a single word penned into a corner in tight, woven script, and her heart stutters upon recognizing the texture of the paper, the smooth waxy surface beneath her tentative touch. She opens it with Henry peering curiously over her shoulder, and then it’s fluttering to the floor when the shock loosens her grip, numbs her to her fingertips. “Mom,” she hears distantly, a concerned “Regina?” as well, but she’s already to the door, rickety wooden steps blurring in and out of view beneath her quickening feet, and her tears are a string of icicles, while the image of page xxv burns like a hot iron seared to her brain.

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An Awful Fix - 10


Bog vanished from beneath her fingers at the sound of Dawn’s voice. Marianne stumbled forward into the empty space where he’d been. She tried to play it off by smoothing her extended hand over her hair when she turned to look at Dawn. Her sister stood on the threshold of the mansion and even at a distance Marianne could spot the concern pinching her delicate face.

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