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I can’t believe I did this in one day.
Thank you so much, my little trolls for playing with me, that was really interesting and intense to do. Maybe I will do more in few weeks.
I noticed there was lots of requests about The invisible Child, the last dragon on earth, Adventures of Moominpappa and the Secret dish! I know i didn’t draw an Adventures of Moominpappa’s doodle (something’s coming ;D ) and I certainly forgot some episodes you asked me… But you were so many! XD

Last thing, even it’s doodles, I swear I did my best. Thank you to be with me and I hope i will give you the need to rewatch some episodes!!


Some Canek doodles from last night !! Mostly focusing on The Parents for once…

Noona is A great granny but she barely looks (or feels) older than the day Zam was born. Which is kind of off putting but I mean, can’t exactly remove all that tiny tech very easily

Remember how I said cricket is an Absent parent but not necessarily an Actively Bad Parent? WELL I was wrong she’s kind of shitty. She’s got…some issues and a bad attitude and really just can’t stop herself from picking fights with like, everybody

Tirzah and rosa’s other dad, he was part of the ORIGINAL Usem hunter squad


it’s been a while, but he’s back

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‘Requested* Klaus x Reader fic where they meet after season 4

(This is more from Klaus´ perspective than usual. Also, I could totally imagine that is what Klaus could be up to at the moment. Okay maybe with a little bloodshed on top, but hey. Do let me know what you think if this one. Happy reading my lovelies!)

Characters: Klaus x Reader, Mikaelson´s (mentioned), Stefan (mentioned)

Story Title: “Piece of work. art”

Warnings: To Season 4 Spoilers, Tvd Season Finale Spoilers,

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Klaus has always liked Chicago, so it was not much of a surprise when he found himself arriving at the city after he forcefully parted ways with his siblings.

He kept himself busy with drawing and showing off his work in several exhibits.He always expected people to simply rush by his work, because it is diverging from his usual style and admittedly also not his best work. What he certainly did not expect was someone staring at the piece of art for several minutes.

Klaus: “An interesting piece, wouldn’t you say?”

A man stops next to the abstract piece of art hanging on the wall, his voice thick with a British accent and his hands are crossed behind his back.

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His crush remains a mystery, but the clues begin to make themselves apparent

[other kana stuff]

have…an atsutodo doodle…..maybe expect some more….Maybe…


Tom is a child and gets lost in crowds
This is how he finds Tucker

Based off that one thing [X]

veser doodl i did to unwind a bit!