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A HC where MC trip and falls onto some random guy, but RFA V Saeran misunderstood, thinking that the guy was trying to do something to MC?? (Imma slut for Jelly Gang)

Dedicated to @masshiro-shiro for her birthday!! (not sure if it’s the right day because timezones x.x) Remember when I asked you weeks ago when your birthday was? nyahaha!! 

I was looking through the requests and thought you’d like this one :3 Sorry, I know it’s not much, but I wanted to do something for a follower (and friend) who’s been so supportive all along >-<

Alsooo thanks Zenny’s lil masochist for the ask~ Have you been a good girl~? Don’t forget, you proposed to me, so you’re mine too! >:0 (But I’m sorry, I think I misread the ask a bit, aaaa)


RFA/Saeran Misunderstands and Gets Jealous


  • You were helping him pick a suit for his friend’s wedding
  • He’d been trying on clothes all day…
  • “I’m getting hungry, MC,” he pouted, his eyes teary as he stared at you with sad puppy eyes
  • You sighed, “I’ll go buy food. You stay here and wait. Let me know if you find something that suits you…”
  • 10 minutes later
  • Yoosung peeked out from the changing room, searching the store for you. Oh! There you were, right at the front… and you were hugging someone?
  • He felt his stomach churn in discomfort (or was it hunger? Lololol)
  • Before he knew it, he found himself between you and the other person, pulling you into his arms. He fastened a glare at the stranger, growling, “Get lost.
  • The stranger turned on their heel, sheer shock in their expression as they sprinted off.
  • “Y-Yoosung… he was only helping me on my feet,” you said, a small laugh escaping your lips.
  • Ohhh. Oops.
  • Red filled his cheeks, and he pushed you away. “I-It’s not like I was jealous or anything!”
  • You only continued to laugh, staring at him adoringly.


  • Zen had been waiting for this day for so long… YOUR FIRST DATE TOGETHER!!
  • He was pacing nonstop back and forth in front of the movie theatre, his hands stuffed in his pockets to hide his nonstop fidgeting. He’d arrived 10 minutes early, so you wouldn’t have to wait for him (what a gentleman, amirite?)
  • but you were a few minutes late, and his anxiety continued to pulse throughout his body, making him feel more and more nervous
  • Gosh, he wasn’t supposed to feel like this, it’s not like he’d never been on a date before… he had experience. And yet, Zen felt hopelessly anxious at the mere thought of being with you for a whole day
  • He continued to search the crowd for you, not even noticing the stares from surrounding women (and men)
  • His eyes practically lit up when he spotted you, and he raised an arm to wave at you, a huge smile on his face
  • You waved back at him…or so he thought.
  • In the blink of an eye, Zen saw your arms wrap around a man, your figure disappearing behind the stranger. Huh?
  • Had you brought someone along? Wasn’t this supposed to be a date? Maybe that was actually your boyfriend…
  • The thoughts tortured his mind, and his cheeks burned in embarrassment as he remembered how giddy he’d been waving at you, when you weren’t even waving back at him…
  • Feeling heartbroken and humiliated, Zen turned around, unable to watch your exchange with your ‘boyfriend’ any longer. As long as you were happy, he’d let go. He would never interfere with your happiness…
  • “ZEN!!”
  • Your voice rang out to him from a distance, and he turned his head to stare at you, wonder in his eyes. You were running towards him with the sun peeking behind your back, illuminating your figure like you were an angel descending from the heavens.
  • “MC…?” he furrowed his eyebrows, rubbing his eyes in disbelief. Weren’t you with that other guy? He couldn’t see your ‘boyfriend’ anywhere nearby.
  • You were panting as you finally caught up to him, “Z-Zen… Sorry I’m late…”
  • “What about that other guy…?”
  • “What other guy?” You looked at him like he had two heads.
  • He avoided your gaze as his lips curled into a small, dissatisfied frown. “The one you were hugging just now?”
  • “Oh gosh, don’t even talk about it! It was so embarrassing. I-I slipped on a banana peel and tripped on him!” you exclaimed, clearly mortified as you covered your cheeks with the palms of both hands.
  • Zen blinked, a mixture of amusement and relief filling his chest. It felt a lot easier to breathe now…
  • …sorry, that’s a lie.
  • He burst into laughter, finding it absolutely comical that you’d slipped on a banana peel of all things. “Oh g-god, I c-can’t breathe,” he wheezed, tears coming out of his eyes.
  • “HEY! Stop laughing at me!” You pouted, smacking his arm.
  • Well, this had definitely not been a part of his plans for a first date…
  • (Alternate Ending: He stops laughing, his eyes focusing on you. “I’m glad it was only an accident but… the next time you trip, you can only fall into my arms. Got it?”)


  • You’d promised to meet up with her after work, and she was practically prancing down the halls of C&R as she made her way to the front entrance
  • She couldn’t wait to meet you.
  • She almost skidded to a stop when she saw you through the glass doors, embracing someone else
  • The smile had fallen off her face, and she approached you, feeling numb. “MC… I didn’t realize you were bringing someone else,” she commented, staring down the man who you had been touching. Her gaze was cool as ice, filled with irritation.
  • The man raised his eyebrows in surprise, and opened his mouth to explain himself, but you immediately pushed him away (frantically, at that)
  • “I bumped into him! There’s nothing going on between us!”
  • (You were desperate for her to know that there was absolutely nothing going on. You couldn’t risk digging yourself deeper into the friendzone than you already were, after all…)
  • “Is… that so,” Jaehee murmured, her gaze softening. She nodded as an apology to the man, then grabbed your hand firmly to lead you away. “Let’s go.”
  • You felt yourself blush. This was the first time she’d boldly taken your hand like this… Usually, you were the one to initiate it…
  • Maybe you should make her jealous more often. Just a little.


  • You were returning from the bathroom on a dinner date with Jumin, when you suddenly tripped and fell into the arms of a (handsome) stranger
  • “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” you bowed in apology, feeling guilty immediately
  • They shook their head, reassuring you that it was okay. “More importantly… there’s some rice on your face,” they said, reaching out to brush it off your cheek
  • A hand reached in between the two of you, swiftly catching the stranger’s hand
  • You turned your head to face Jumin, who’d restricted them from movement. “J-Jumin?”
  • “Hands off my woman,” Jumin scowled, sending an icy glare at them.
  • The stranger tried to explain, “No, sir, there was some r-“
  • Jumin wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you in close to kiss you. “Must I make it more clear? She’s taken. Don’t even think of approaching her. Leave.”
  • When they ended up leaving, you turned to Jumin with a frown (and rosy cheeks.) “Jumin, they were only trying to help wipe this off my cheek…”
  • “I don’t want any man to touch to you except me. Is that so wrong?” He looked down, almost sadly.
  • Aww, crap. You couldn’t deny that look. (But you’d make sure to explain why he couldn’t be so possessive when you returned him later. For now, you let him off the hook.)


  • Living with Seven meant getting engrossed in watching funny videos, trying out video games and getting dragged into his messy sleep schedule
  • The days would just fly by and you’d hardly notice…
  • No, seriously. You couldn’t even remember which month it was. ಠ_ಠ
  • He’d been on his way back from buying you a (surprise~) gift, hoping to surprise you when he got home. He couldn’t wait!! He just knew you would LOVE his present
  • Oh hey, look, in fact, there you were! Right across the street
  • … with some guy’s arms around you?!
  • Seven sprinted across the street, his eyes zeroing in on the man who was smiling down at you. A car whizzed by him, just barely missing him, but he could care less
  • There was no way he’d stand by while someone else was touching his girlfriend.
  • He took a huge leap and proceeded to jump onto the stranger, kicking him down with both feet. “DEFENDER OF JUSTICE! 707 is here!!” he shouted
  • Poor guy was knocked out. (Seven forgot to hold back on his strength. He was used to attacking people from his previous missions, after all…)
  • “S-Seven… he was only helping me up after I bumped into him,” you explained quickly, eyes wide from the scene that had just played out before you.
  • Upon hearing that, Seven robotically turned his head towards you, “W-wait, what? But I thought he was hugging you…” His eyes mirrored yours, wide with shock.
  • “Still, you didn’t have to hit him with full strength…” you protested softly, although you were smiling. How could you not? It was reassuring that he got jealous, especially since he was usually so joking… it meant that he was serious about you.
  • “Aaah, I wasn’t thinking,” he mumbled, running a hand across his face in embarrassment. (do you ever think??) “I just saw his arms around you and I…”
  • He trailed off, noticing the huge smile on your face, and he couldn’t help but grin. He quirked an eyebrow at you. “Hey, what’s so funny?”
  • You stuck your tongue out at him. “Nothing~ Come on, let’s go before someone reports us for harassment!” you whispered, and grabbed his arm to drag him away.


  • He’d decided to surprise you by picking you up at work from Jaehee’s café today…
  • So he sat quietly in the corner, reading a book as he waited for your shift to end
  • A customer walked in, and you greeted them with a—HUG?!
  • V tore his eyes from the page, watching the way your hands were on the other guy (who was smiling pervertedly—in V’s vision, at least)
  • He stood up, walking towards the two of you. “May I ask what’s going on here?” He offered a polite smile to your customer, but it held no warmth whatsoever.
  • Even after hearing the explanation from both sides, V’s smile remained cool until the customer left.
  • “V…?” You stared up at him expectantly, waiting for an explanation. It wasn’t like him to act this way…
  • He blushed, averting his eyes. “I’m sorry. That was childish of me. I just felt a bit jealous that you were in someone else’s arms… even if I know neither of you meant it.”
  • You offered a warm smile, embracing him tightly. “I’ll hug you as many times as you want. You’re the only one I love.”
  • Jaehee coughed from behind the counter, “Sorry to disturb, but, your shift’s not over yet, MC…”
  • sigh. Back to work, then…


  • He rarely let you walk off by yourself, to be honest. He liked having you close with him, especially in public. You made him feel safer.
  • But every now and then, he didn’t mind being separated. Like when you were buying ice cream, for example. He watched you contentedly from a bench, anticipating the taste of his ice cream already.
  • He watched as you bumped into someone, and Saeran was at your side as soon as he saw their hand touch yours. He pushed them back, red flashing through his eyes.
  • “Don’t touch MC!” he shouted, staring down at them with his jaw clenched.
  • You tried to explain, “Saeran… they were only trying to help me hold the ice crea—“
  • He wouldn’t hear any of it. Saeran was too caught up in his anger to listen to your words. One of his hands held your shoulder while the other grabbed one of the cones out of your hands and crushed it against the stranger’s shirt. “Fuck off before I fuck you up,” he scowled at them.
  • They sprinted off, terrified by your boyfriend.
  • “Saeran! Calm down, I’m fine!” You tugged at his shirt. After listening to your explanation, he cooled down, and apologized for his outburst of anger.
  • “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again… can I still have some ice cream, though?”
Oh Boy(s)

Anon Request: Is there by any chance you do Harrison? If so, could you do an Imagine where Haz is drunk and he is singing Shape Of You. You may let your imagination loose on the rest, surprise us readers with the out come 😊

A/N: So while writing this I kind of let my imagination loose a little too  much and decided to turn this request into the idea I mentioned months ago, so hopefully this works out. Possibly another part to add.

Warnings: jealous!harrison, jealous!tom, alcohol use, harrison and tom being drunk jerks, sexual implications

A/N: Also, I just want to point out that, judging by this picture, Tom (and Jacob if they’re playing teams) is horrible at beer pong.

Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four

Young and hopeful, (Y/N) decided to be a volunteer at the 2016 Comic Con, however she could not have imagined how far this act of civil service would take her. From manning backstage at panels and working the photo-op lines, she had managed to find an ‘in’ with some of the celebrities her age making an appearance at the con. When she learned that she’d be able to have a behind the scenes photo-op with any actor or actors of her choice, she eagerly chose the Spider-Man: Homecoming crew. At the end of the day, when her chance came, she’d managed to hit it off with a few of the actors, namely Jacob and Tony.

A few months later, after stewing in anticipation, (Y/N) received an email from Tony saying she was chosen to be a PA on the set of Spider-Man. During this time she had grown to be incredibly close to all of the main actors, but the person she bonded with most had to be the other PA their age: Tom’s best friend, Harrison.

When the actors were running lines and perfecting takes, Harrison and (Y/N) were doing whatever needed to be done, whether it be helpful work or coffee runs, they did it together. They roasted Tom, told jokes, distracted their actor friends one too many times, and frequently hung out outside of work as well. With how much time they spent with one another, Tom, Jacob, Zendaya, Tony, and Laura all assumed that Harrison and (Y/N) were already an item. It wasn’t until their last day in Atlanta that the rest of the group figured out that their relationship was still considered ‘platonic.’

Months rolled by and the group remained in contact with one another, but Harrison and (Y/N) remained closer than the rest, except for maybe Harrison and Tom. About a month before Tom’s upcoming birthday, Harrison sent a message in the group chat that hadn’t been used in half a year, with the exclusion of Tom.

HazO🇬🇧: Trying to have a surprise birthday bash for Tom at my place. Who’s in?

JB🌺Aloha: in london?

Tony⚡: I’m in

HazO🇬🇧: Yes in LONDON!

Z✊🏾: ON his bday?

HazO🇬🇧: No in December

 Z✊🏾: Did I ask for your negativity?🙅🏽 

La-La-Laura👑: I can make it :)

Tater🍠: I can try

JB🌺Aloha: who TF is tater?

Z✊🏾: can’t be Tom. He has a quackson emoji 😂

Tater🍠: It’s (Y/N) -.- you nuke a sweet potato around Haz and Tom ONE TIME and you’re scarred for life 

JB🌺Aloha: Ohh, I forgot about the tater name.

Tater🍠: I wish everyone would…

HazO🇬🇧: So everyone’s coming??? cool!

A month and a lot of convincing later, (Y/N) managed to work out a way so that she could afford the plane ticket out of the country and to England for Tom’s birthday. Jacob, Tony, Laura, Zendaya, and (Y/N) all stood outside in the warmth of the London sun, waiting for Tom  to stroll into the backyard alongside Harrison, unaware of the gatherings taking place. They lingered around a cooler, each sipping on cold beer or hard cider, chatting about their time in Atlanta and catching up in one another’s lives.

Slowly, the back doors opened to reveal Tom and Harrison, bare chested and obviously buzzed, sauntering toward the group. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOM” they called as he approached. Jacob passed Tom a beer and smiled.

“First legal one with all of us according to your home away from home,” he said as Tom twisted off the top of the bottle. (Y/N) continued to linger around the outside of the group and sip her drink. She had always felt slightly different from everyone else. Even though Harrison wasn’t one of the stars, he was still an actor and shared the extraverted tendencies of the rest of the group. Lingering and ostracizing herself was just a few of the many introverted qualities of (Y/N) that seemed to overcome her when in social situations.

(Y/N) sat along the side of the pool and kicked her legs back and forth in the water as the icy alcoholic apple taste slid down her throat. She listened as Tony connected his phone to the stereo system and heard faint footsteps as Tom made his way toward (Y/N) as she sat alone by the pool.

“You came!” he smiled while sitting down beside her.

“You think I’d miss this?” she questioned with a laugh as Tom sat down beside her.

“I bet Harrison is excited to see you,” he said lightly in a deep tone under his breath

“Why? Are you not excited to see me?” she teased in return, offering Tom a small smile..

“All I meant is that you and him are close, right?” Tom returned with apprehensive eyes. “He’s been blabbing about (Y/N) since Atlanta.”

“Yeah sure,” (Y/N) sighed while finishing her drink, catching on to Tom’s lack of stream of consciousness. His eyelids looked heavy when he blinked and (Y/N) could almost hear the fuzziness of his brain like one of the static channels of televisions from her childhood. “Are you already drunk?” she asked.

“Maybe,” Tom said with a chuckle in his voice and holding a finger to his lips, signaling for her to keep quiet about it. “I mean, it’s my birthday!” suddenly his light hearted tone fluctuated to irritation. “It’s my birthday and I have to watch my best friend try and get it on.” 

“It doesn’t look like he’s hitting on anyone,” (Y/N) said, trying to reassure Tom while looking over her shoulder to Harrison as he stood beside Zendaya and Tony. 

“Not yet,” he said while finishing his drink. “Look, just…don’t tell him I was talking to you,” he rushed to add while slurring his words. “Harrison doesn’t want anyone to know that he likes (Y/N).”

“Then why did he tell you?” she asked sneakily, feeling guilty for taking advantage of Tom’s inebriation. 

“He thought I wasn’t interested.” With that he slipped into the pool and swam underwater to the opposite end where Jacob and Laura were practicing underwater handstands.

Since Tom was drunk, (Y/N) chose not to give their conversation much thought, but she couldn’t help remember her interactions with Harrison and Tom in Atlanta and even during the convention when she first befriended the group. When she first met everyone, she immediately threw herself into a roasting battle and got caught in the crossfires, inevitably being on the receiving end of Tom’s banter. As the day went on, she and Tom continued their roasts even when the others had stopped and soon their banter was interpreted as bickering. Harrison was convinced Tom wasn’t interested in the random girl they had just met. After all his breakup was still moderately fresh, fame was on the horizon, and when Tom shows and interest in girls it’s normally through jokingly showing off and being kind, not by what Harrison was interpreting as him being blatantly rude to the new company.

(Y/N) always had a hunch that Harrison liked her. He would occasionally bring her favorite candy to set for a snack, he’d use his own money to buy her coffee when they went on Starbucks runs, and always seemed slightly shier around her than with anyone else, opposed to one on one, they were always laughing and smiling. She had begun to rely on Harrison’s kindness to get her through the relentless teasing from Tom that had, in reality, been a continuation of their banter from when they first met. She didn’t have anything against Tom and liked that he could be a genuinely nice person, but he was never that way when anyone else was around. He was always standoffish and on defense when (Y/N) was involved in the group’s activities, but since that first night that Harrison disclosed to Tom that he may like (Y/N), Tom set roasting as his default when (Y/N) was around. He had to keep himself from indulging in whatever could have been for the sake of his best friend and if being an ass is what would make Harrison happy with (Y/N), then being an ass is what he’d have to do.

The sun faded behind the earth long ago. Since arriving, the group had run out of alcohol and was then replenished when Harry and Sam arrived at the party. Pizza fueled the young adults’ day and turned into a life source once night fell upon them. (Y/N) was pretty sure that, between Harrison and Tony, the local pizza joint had to have been called at least four times; Harry and Sam didn’t make the food overload any better when the brought frozen, prepackaged hamburger patties to the party.

Despite trying to ignore any inclinations of either Harrison or Tom trying to make a move on her, it was nearly impossible for (Y/N) to keep her mind off of the thing causing her the most anxiety. Everything seemed to be a sign, whether it be through the chicken fights or their water rugby/basketball game, everything pointed in a million different directions. When the group decided to play chicken, Harrison chose (Y/N) to be on his team, one of the twins took Zendaya, the other chose Laura, and Tom and Jacob were a team while Tony continued to man the music. Harrison’s logic was to keep (Y/N) as close to him as possible so that, if the time was right, he could tell her how he felt. Having her on his shoulders was about as close as they could get. Tom’s logic was to be as physical as he could: fighting her would fulfill this. She was caught between support and competition as Harrison held her above the water and Tom tried to pull her off Haz’s shoulders and into the water with him.

When the sun began to set, the game changed when Tony threw a rugby ball into the pool. Z and Laura drew the line at dangerous sports but (Y/N) had grown up playing watermelon ball with her family every summer since she was fourteen. The object of the game was very similar to the one proposed in this game: teams were divided and the object was to get the ball from one end of the pool to the other; the only difference is that when (Y/N) played it back home, a watermelon was used instead of a ball, which made the game much more difficult. Again, she was paired with Harrison per his request. Competing alongside them was Tony and Harry while Jacob, Tom, and Sam became their opponents.

As soon as Laura threw the ball into the pool, (Y/N) took off. She dove into the water and grasped at the ball, careful not to bump heads with the other players, and swam to the bottom of the pool. Thinking she could skim the bottom until reaching the other end, she hurriedly kicked her feet only to have a pair of hands come from behind her and latch onto her hips. Frantically, she looked at the swimming trunks around her and tossed the ball toward the white shorts with blue stripes: Harrison. She turned underwater and looked for the person who had grabbed her but they were already gone. Once resurfacing, she found that her team had a turnover and Tom now had the ball. She went back under and quickly used her feet as leverage while she grabbed his ankles and pulled him back. As expected, he face planted into the water and dropped the ball, giving Harry just enough time to swoop in and rush toward their scoring end. Just as quickly as (Y/N) had pulled Tom, she shoved him away and swam toward their scoring end to receive Harry’s pass and dunk the ball through the small basketball hoop. From there, the physical interaction among players only escalated. Guys were able to avoid groin kicks to one another but they were really grabby with the ball and forgot their completion was female until they accidentally grabbed a boob. Used to the similar physical interaction in watermelon ball, and being too incredibly competitive to let it bother her, (Y/N) took advantage of the guys’s awkward moment after accidentally grabbing her and scored against them. It wasn’t until the end of their fourth round that (Y/N) began to notice the looks on both Harrison’s and Tom’s faces. Both exhibited excitement but while Harrison’s showed pride, Tom’s displayed thrill–the thrill of the chase. The two didn’t square off on one another until Tom forced (Y/N) under water and Harrison hurried toward them and shoved Tom under, allowing (Y/N) to swim away throw the ball to Tony and their team to score the winning point.

After the sun was completely absent from the sky, the group decided to settle down from the roughness of their afternoon, eat dinner, and play a little beer pong. Harrison and (Y/N) stood side by side as they each took their turn throwing pingpong balls at the red solo cups that floated opposite them.  As the songs transitioned into Ed Sheeran’s latest album, Harrison’s excitement and confidence boosted. Without coordinating anything, Harrison and (Y/N) began to sing ‘Shape of You.’ She laughed as he hurried his drunk slurs to hit all the right words and notes during the verses, but once the chorus came on, it was like he was at a concert, screaming to hear himself over the roar of the crowd and pounding speakers.

“I’m in love with the shape of you; we push and pull like a magnet do. Although heart is falling too, I’m in love with your body. Last night you were in my room and now my bedsheets smell like you. Every day discovering something brand new; I’m in love with your body. I’m in love with your body; every day discovering something brand new. I’m in love with the shape of you!” Laughing, he took her hands and spun her around in an attempt to dance only to find the resistance of the water to make it much more difficult than expected. Thankfully, almost everyone had joined in with Harrison’s charade and (Y/N) was able to deny that he was doing any of this seriously rather than to be funny or because of the heat of the moment or the liquor in their systems. Harrison had definitely crossed her mind in the romantic way but she’s constantly debated with herself for and against taking their relationship from friendship to romantic. He was nice and kind and loving and she would love to be able to see where their relationship could go, but she was more than terrified of losing the friendship she had with him. It had been ages since she had someone like Harrison in her life and being friendless was something she was too horrified to return to that she couldn’t imagine risking what she has to have something else. She wasn’t greedy, she was thankful for how things were and didn’t see a need to try and have more.

“Get it, Haz!” Zendaya and Jacob laughed. (Y/N) let out a small chuckle as the faces and voices faded in and out of her buzzed analysis of her situation. She focused on their actions rather than the implications and hurried to take her turn, inevitably missing the cup and accidentally hitting Tom in the chest.

“(Y/N), quit staring at Harrison and get your head in the game,” Tom grumbled as he rubbed water over the stinging welt on his chest. Harrison rolled his eyes and gently put his hand on (Y/N)’s shoulder in a reassuring and also possessive manner. She partially melted in his touch, ready to surrender her opposing argument and be in favor of a romantic relationship, but the other half of her felt nothing more than a platonic protection. In hopes to drown her thoughts out, (Y/N) chugged one of the cups in front of her and felt a buzz return to her head.

“Come on, mate! Don’t take your anger out on her just because you suck at beer pong,” Harrison chuckled.

“She pegged me!” Tom protested.

“I’m sorry!” (Y/N) quickly interjected with a small laugh on her lips, assuming the back and forth between Harrison and Tom was playful, friendly banter.

“Let’s go Holland!” Harrison called while slipping his arms around (Y/N)’s waist and resting his chin on her shoulder. Hesitant, her heart started to flutter against her chest in both excitement and apprehension, not wanting to start a relationship with Harrison on account of alcohol. Tom rolled his eyes and tried to shoot at one of the four cups he and Sam had left. After missing, he huffed as Harrison leapt back, lifted (Y/N) and spun her around in the water–her back against his chest–in a drunken victorious jest. Tom walked to the edge of the pool, hoisted himself up, and grabbed his towel.

“Is he okay?” (Y/N) asked Harrison who shrugged in return. Her eyes then flashed toward Sam who also exchanged a look of confusion. Both of the guys she was trying to get information from were even more inebriated than she was so she swam to the edge of the pool, quickly got out, dried off, and then picked up her phone and followed Tom’s path into Harrison’s home. Slowly, she raised her hand to the bedroom door the boys used to change: Harrison’s room. Pushing the door out of it’s closed position, (Y/N) entered to see Tom hunched over on the side of the bed staring aimlessly at his phone as his thumb scrolled against the glass screen. “Tom, are you coming back out?”

“In a minute,” he stated. As (Y/N) closed the door and made her way closer toward him, she could see that he was staring at a now blank screen and the reflection of his face didn’t look very happy.

“Is something wrong?” she asked him. At her words, Tom rose and faced her.

“Yeah, I don’t need you to come and check up on me when I’m just trying to cool off.” (Y/N)’s nose scrunched at his words and she turned as he tried to pass her.

“Why do you try so hard to be an asshole to me?” she called him out. Biting his cheek, Tom turned to face (Y/N).

“For Harrison’s sake,” he stated. When (Y/N)’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, Tom continued to explain in an exasperated voice. “I’m always acting like I don’t like you so Harrison doesn’t see that I actually do like you.”

“What’s the big deal with pretending not to be my friend? Harrison is your best friend and he’s one of my closet friends. He should be glad we get along!”

“Never mind,” Tom sighed while walking away. “You’re not getting it.”

“What am I not getting? You’r paranoid about Harrison knowing you’re my friend so you act like you can’t stand me! Just tell him you actually like me and don’t hate me and maybe he’ll stop trying to drown you in water rugby.”

“I can’t do that to him,” Tom stated.

“Why not?” (Y/N) asked as her frustration continued to soar. Tom let out an aggravated groan and cupped (Y/N)’s face in his hands before allowing his lips to crash onto hers. Stumbling backward from the force of their bodies colliding, the pair fell on the bed, Tom’s bare chest pressed against (Y/N)’s now chillingly wet bikini top. Subconsciously, her lips opened against his, asking for more. The fluttering in her chest that rose when Harrison put her arms around her was tenfold as Tom’s mouth latched to hers. The hesitation and confusion over Harrison disappeared and everything seemed not to exist except for the moment shared between her and Tom. 

She could smell the beer on his breath as it trailed her neck but didn’t protest his touch. Even when he tugged at the strings of her top to unlace them, it was as if the rest of the world was gone. The sloppy kisses, fluttering hearts and various other products of the moment swept her away into a realm where reality ceased to exist and what was to follow seemed like a dream.

Be Here

Request: Can you write a smut story where you go through the tower. You thought nobody was home until you catch bucky pleasuring himself. So you decide to help him out. - Anon

Warnings: masturbation, unprotected sex (please wrap it before you tap it), oral (giving and receiving)

Word Count: 1,500+ (kinda got carried away)

A/N: yeah so first smut. Feedback please. I’m not v experienced so please excuse how bad it is. Hope this is what you wanted, anon. @fvckingavengers @bovaria @marvel-ash @marvelfanfichq @givebuckyhisplums2k16 @starstar1012 @fairy-frills (hap bday bby) @annadier @buckystories @shamvictoria11 @totheendofthelinepal @thelazyorange (I finally finished it)

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The compound was quiet today. Usually it was a symphony of Tony and Steve arguing, Nat and Clint laughing and other things. But today everyone was out, some party that Tony had been invited to. Bucky was still fragile from the 70 years he had spent as a prisoner of war so he stayed back. You had also decided to not attend the party because parties weren’t really your thing.

You were walking from the kitchen to your room when you heard something from Bucky’s room. You changed direction to see what it was. You heard something else, your name?


Yeah, definitely your name. You walked toward the door and Heard him grunting. Maybe he was having an episode and needed you to help calm him.

But why would he need you? I mean you guys were friends and all, you flirted all the time, but he usually needed Steve.

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late to the game with another birthday drabble–this time for jas <3

will you play with me?  stick swords?  for practice?”  

she hadn’t known what sort of a question it was.  maybe it was because she was a girl, or because she was highborn, or because she was younger than him and any combination of those things could mean she wouldn’t understand the question.  

what do you want to practice stick swords for?  you’re a girl.” 

she’d glared at him.  she’d glared, and he’d begged pardon.  her father was now the hand of the king–she could bring down a world of trouble if she wanted to.

my brother gave me a sword.  i need to learn how to use it, don’t i?

he hadn’t seen the sword.  she wasn’t wearing it.  all the soldiers and guards and knights all wore swords, but arya stark didn’t have one.  she might be hiding it.  girls weren’t supposed to have swords, after all.  

why are you asking me, then?  i don’t know how to use a sword.

because he didn’t.  he was just a butcher’s boy.  a meat cleaver–sure.  and all sorts of knives.  but a knife wasn’t a sword, and gods only knew a cleaver wasn’t one either.  

she’d cocked her head, an odd look on her face.

because you’re my friend.

so simple.  so matter-of-fact.  

mycah felt his heart swell.  in that moment, he forgot she was a lady and he was a butcher’s boy.  he forgot she was a girl and not supposed to have a sword.  he forgot that she was only a little girl and he was nearly a man grown.  he forgot that he’d been nervous about leaving winterfell, about leaving home, about not knowing anyone in the south, or how southron folk did things.  he forgot all of it because he had made a friend.

all right.  let’s go.”

I/O Reports - Fukui, Fukuoka

Please credit skysj4 if posting, sharing, retranslating, posting screenshots, quoting. PLEASE DO NOT CREDIT TO OWNER. Be more sincere if you are going to post this somewhere.

Most reports are by me, and for the shows which I did not attend, they are translated from fan reports on twitter.

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Maybe something about what the v3 boys will do for their s/o’s bday??

Aw, cute! Hope you like it!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • he doesn’t really know what he should do for you, so again, he keeps things pretty traditional.
  • it’s a pretty simple celebration, but he also does little things like make dinner and draw a bath for you.
  • and of course, he gets you a cake.
  • and it’s really good too!
  • but definitely store-bought.
  • you still appreciate it though.
  • he gives you lots of cuddles and attention, and wishes you a happy birthday many many times!
  • he just wants you to have a good day today.

Rantarou Amami

  • he made you a cake!
  • it tastes pretty good, and it’s really beautiful!
  • he’s really happy that you like it too, because he worked pretty hard on it.
  • he also wants to give you something else.
  • he takes off his necklace and puts it on you, as a gift!
  • you’re really flattered that he would give you something so important to him…
  • he assures you that he wants you to have it, and he trusts you with it.
  • he kisses you on the cheek, and suggests you two watch a movie!
  • he knows you’ll probably just want a nice quiet birthday, just the two of you at home.
  • so that’s what he gives you.
  • you two cuddle a lot that night, and he makes sure to wish you a happy birthday every time he kisses you.

Kokichi Ouma

  • he acts like he forgot completely.
  • he acts like that all day! no signs of birthday love!
  • honestly you don’t mind too much, you didn’t even tell him when your birthday was, so how could you expect him to know?
  • so you’re just going through your day like usual, on your way home.
  • and when you walk in…
  • he’s set up a massive party for you! absolutely huge!
  • there’s balloons, and tons of food, and all your friends are there!
  • plus some people you don’t quite recognize dressed in purple who may or may not be members of a secret society trying to make sure everything goes smoothly
  • you have a surprisingly good time!
  • he makes sure you get your space when you need it, but that you’re having fun too!
  • you’re kind of curious as to how he actually found out your birthday??
  • he has his sources.
  • he kisses and clings to you so much, you can’t get away from him for a second!
  • not that you’d want to of course.
  • he makes sure you have a really special day, and even buys you something really cool!
  • OUMA NO.

Shuuchi Saihara

  • he’s not really sure what to do…anything that’ll make you happy.
  • so he takes you out for a date, wherever you want to go, and he pays!
  • you even get to order an expensive dessert!
  • he insists on you get whatever you’d like, despite the dent you’re putting in his wallet right now.
  • he just wants you to have a good birthday!
  • and you do!
  • you feel a little bad about the price though.
  • after that, you two go home and cuddle on the couch while you watch your favourite movie!
  • you really enjoyed this birthday, and saihara is glad.
  • <3

Kaito Momota

  • you will never guess where you’re going today.
  • he tells you to pack for a day out, but you can tell he’s up to something.
  • besides, he won’t tell you where he’s taking you and the trip there is taking quite a while.
  • but surprise!
  • he’s taking you to a place that’s really special to him!
  • this here?
  • this is the first rocket he ever took up to space!
  • that’s so incredible!
  • and he wants to share his experience with you!
  • he actually, truly wants to take you up to space!
  • after some debate, you decline, only because you’re not qualified.
  • but you two still have a very nice lunch date inside the rocket.
  • happy birthday!


  • he’s had your birthday in his internal calendar for weeks!
  • he’s been planning as many traditional birthday festivities as he can, and he’s confident you’ll like them!
  • when you get home, there is balloons and banners and confetti EVERYWHERE.
  • kiibo made a cake! yay!
  • he’s so excited that you’re finally here for your party!
  • at first, you’re surprised, but you found it really adorable honestly.
  • he’s just so happy to be throwing you a birthday party!
  • and you absolutely love it!
  • he hugs you lots and gives you lots of kisses and bought you a present from toys r us and loves you so much!
  • he wants you to have the happiest birthday you can!

Gonta Gokuhara

  • has never had a birthday party.
  • has never been to a birthday party.
  • has no idea what a birthday party is.
  • but understands that birthdays are special to you!
  • so he takes you to the butterfly conservatory!
  • it’s absolutely beautiful, and you both have a fantastic time.
  • the butterflies are absolutely beautiful, and he makes sure that you get to hold a few!
  • he wants today to be really special for you.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • he knows today is a pretty big deal.
  • after all, it’s his s/o’s birthday.
  • so he spends the whole day with you, doing things you like!
  • he cuddles you, makes dinner, and gets you lots of ice cream!
  • he also gets you an absolutely beautiful ring.
  • n-not that it’s an engagement ring, not like he wants to marry you!
  • i mean, th-that’s not to say he doesn’t want to marry you, just-
  • this is really embarrassing now.
  • maybe he wants to marry you??
  • maybe he was waiting until your birthday to ask you??
  • maybe???
  • the ring is absolutely beautiful and as soon as you two figure out that he just proposed, you say yes!
  • happy birthday!
Dress (Werewolf!Yoongi)

Plot: 061: “I wanted to surprise you for our anniversary, but everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.” + “081: “I can’t fit into my favorite dress anymore.” with werewolf!Yoongi

Word Count: 1427

A/N: so I meant to say this yesterday but in my sleepy state I guess I forgot to mention so HAPPY NEW YEAR’S!!! I’m so beyond ready for 2017 and now it’s here, I’m ready for the next set of birthdays and holidays, I’m already pumped for my bday and that shit isn’t gonna be here for a couple of months I’m ready to go back to school but also not bc I’m taking a math class this term and that’s gonna suck major ass but onto the post, this is gonna combine husband!Yoongi (here) and werewolf!Yoongi (here) bc they were originally two requests but it was for the same thing so I figured I’d combine the two

Packs had their pros and cons. One of the upsides to having six boys, plus their spouses, siblings and parents, in your pack was you never felt alone. There was always someone in your house, someone willing to drive over at three in the morning when you felt like you heard a weird noise downstairs, someone who cooked breakfast for the entire pack every Sunday. It was a giant family, a loud, slightly chaotic family that loved each other beyond words. They took care of each other, they always knew whether they were injured physically or were going through a rough time, they could truth their pack to catch them when they fell.

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I want to say I love you (pt. 1)

im sure about 90% of yall have noticed how whipped ive been by valgrace lately so in tribute to my bbs jason and leo ive written this (and aLSO this is dedicated to @nacholeo because i love her and shes my bestest friend online tbh so..happy belated bday charlie!! i hope u had a great day and also sorry this isnt liper lmao)

prompt: cramming until 3 in the morning and having to sleep over at each others house AU

summary: Jason has just very recently come to terms with the fact that he is so, so very not straight, and he’s kind of in love with this guy, but he doesn’t know how to tell him.  At least not without screwing something up.

“Hey Leo,” Jason started, trying to stifle a yawn as he turned a page in his textbook.  “Did you get to number twelve yet?”

Behind him, Leo groaned from his spot on the bed.  Jason didn’t even bother to turn around as he heard his friend shift on the mattress, and the sound of papers sliding off of the bed and down to the floor.

“Nah,” Leo croaked behind him, and from his long pause and jumbled speech, Jason could tell that he had fallen asleep.  “Not yet.”  Jason spun around just in time to see him rub his eyes, his curly hair sticking up all over the place and slightly matted to one side.  “Wha’ time is it?”

“Um.” Jason glanced down at his watch.  “About two.”

Leo scrubbed at his eyes vigorously, his knuckles pale.  “Ugh - okay.  Lemme…lemme get back to work.”

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PART 4 (part 1, part 2,  part 3, //, part 5 end + smut)

“Jaehyun..” I whispered as I run into him.

I grabbed his arms and took him away.

I’m sorry.. Yuta is such a..” 

“It’s okay y/n..I knew already that I wasn’t her type..” he said faking a smile.

“I already said it: you’re thousand times better than him. You will surely treat her better. You want to give up just for a stupid jerk? “ I said,

“Let’s talk about it at the cafè, I think that this isn’t the right place” 

He’s right, everyone are looking at us.

As we arrived at the cafè and sit I asked: “So, what do you want to do?” 

“I need time. I really like her, and I think that she’s the girl that I’ve been searching for too long. I mean, her smile, her kindness, the way that she moves, and she’s intelligent and pure too. she’s perfect. But girls like her always chose those cool bad guys..” He said as he drinks his orange juice,

Jaehyun, listen, just follow your heart, that’s always the right path. And, remember that i’m always here to help you, and that I can make anything to make you smile..” I said sincerly.

He hugged me: “Thanks.. You’re the best, really..” 

I looked at him in the eyes: “that’s what bestfriend do” I said at him.

He smiled.

“Oh, it’s already 9 pm, we should be in our dormitories” He said

We hugged one last time, and then say bye to each other, since we have to  go back to the dormitory.

He’s so preciuos for me, and I really love him, as a friend. 

I’m on my way back to the dormitory, but I feel like someone is following me.

I started to walk as fast as I can, but if that person will ever touch me, I will defend myself. Kung fu is a peaceful sport, and it’s used only for self defence.

I’m near the dormitory, but that someone grabbed my hand.

I immediatly pushed him on the floor. He’s a guy, but I can’t see his face clearly since it’s really dark here.

“Who are..” I couldn’t finish.

Here we go again.. bad girl” He said.

Y-Yuta..” I was so embarassed. I was on the top of him since I did that kung fu technique.

So,what do you want to do right now?” he said whispering.

Nothing..!” I said as I stand up.

He smirked.

“So, you’re lovely bestfriend is in love with that chinese girl..” He started.

Her name it’s Tzuyu. And yes, he is. I know that you hugged her on purpose because you saw him. You are the worst.” I said giving him a hate glance.

Yes I did on purpose..” He stopped.

What a..” I said without finishing.

“But not for him. I saw you first and I wanted to see your reaction. You were pretty angry..” He said.

Angry because I saw you hugging my bestfriend’s crush.. nothing else” I said.

I don’t think so..” He said as he steps closer.

go away..” I said.

“you don’t want me to go away, right?” he said.

g-go away!” why the fuck i’m blushing?

Damn.. you’re lips are so sexy..” He said biting his lips.

You’re such a pervert jerk!” I said as I started to walk away.

“Your cheeks are on fire.. Why don’t you tell me truth?” He shouted. 

He was right. I was blushing like crazy, But why? for a jerk like him? pff, no way.

As I entered the dormitory, Mina approached me: “y/N you know that.. omg, what happend to your face?!” she said surprised.

Damn, she noticed it.

you’re red like ripe tomato!” she laughed.

I throw her a pillow.

“Maybe.. you and Yuta..” She started.

“NO!” I yelled.

pff, something happend, I can see it your eyes” she said.

well,maybe.. but not what you think!” I said.

“You two kissed?!” she shouted.

“shh.. paboyaaaa! others are sleeping..” I said.

“And, no” I added.

So, why you’re cheeks are still blushing even now?!” she said.

I sigh and told her about Yuta. Everything.

He said that you’re lips are sexy.. that only means one thing: he likes you, y/n” she said.

It’s impossible: “No way. I don’t want to be anyone’s doll to play. Since he plays with the girl’s feelings.” 

“Or.. he wants you..” she said with a strange face. 

what do you mean?” I said confused.

That he’s physically attracted to you” she said.

No way. I’m a potato compared to other girls. And most of all.. again, I don’t like boys like him..” I said.

So why you blushed?” she said.

I sighed: “I don’t know either..” 

You should be more open with him, especially if you like him..” she said.

“I really don’t like him..” I said.

“You’re lying, y/n. If you don’t like him why you blushed like that? You’ve been close to hundreds of guys, but no one made you blush like he did.” She explained.

She’s right. Maybe I like him, bu i’m too stubborn to admit it.

“He’s..not..” I started.

Shh, let’s see what will happen, And if you two will be together I can finally say: “I TOLD YAAAAAAA” “ She said while putting her pigiama.

I need time to think, and maybe tonight will be a sleepless night. Fuck you, Yuta. You made a mess inside of me.

I woke at 7 am, and Mina is not here as always.

I slept at 3 am last night, so I look like zombie right now.

I go to the bathroom, wash my face, and put my make up on, hoping that I can cover those big eyebags that I have now.

I went out the bathroom, ready to put my clothes on.

I undress my self, all I have are my bra and panties.

So.. let’s see..” I whispered to myself while checking my wardrobe.

*knock knock* 

someone knocked the door, that’s probably Mina, but.. why today she finished early?

I fastly put a white large tshirt on, that’s Jaehyun’s shirt. 

“Mina, you are early today and…” I couldn’t finish.

“Oh..” He said while looking at my short tshirt. It’s Yuta. Fuck. 

What the fuck are you doing here?!” I said covering my self with a pillow.

Hansol needs.. hmm.. Mina’s ballet shoes, I mean, she forgot them..” He said blabbing, without even stop looking at me.

I searched for Mina’s shoes, and finally found them under her bed. This is really strange, I think that Mina planned it all. That paboya. 

“Here! now you can go..” I said giving him the shoes.

He doesn’t make a step.

I tried to push him away, but he stopped me.

“Why are doing me this, huh?” He said as he gets closer.

Yuta.. what are saying..” I said looking away. I don’t want to look him in the eyes. 

“Look at me” He said.

“Stop it!” I said.

I said look at me!” He answered.

Look at me and say that you don’t like me.” He added.


I turned my face to him, I didn’t know that he was that close.

Say it.” He said looking at deeply in the eyes.

“I don’t.. “ I started.

“You don’t like me?” He continued.

“I like you stupid asshole!” I covered my mouth after realizing what I just said.

He smirked.

“I knew it..” He said.

I didn’t mean..” I couldn’t finish my sentence.

“shh..” he said putting his finger on my lips.

And then, he sat on my bed: “What’s happening to me?” He said looking at the floor

What do you mean..?” I said, still shocked about what I said.

But, I think  it’s true. I like him. Even if I met him for the first time just a few days ago, it feels like I know him since forever. No one made my heart beat like that, no one made my cheeks redder than a ripe tomato, no one. Except him.

Why my heart beats so fast when i’m with you? Those kind of things are not my style. I’ve never been like this before. It’s all your fault y/n..” He said.

I get closer to him: “I’ve never been like this before too, Yuta..” 

You.. aghh!” He shouted.

You make me so crazy!” He added stading up.

Well let’s talk about you. When you arrived my life became a mess. A.. beautiful mess..”I said blushing again. This happens onlt when i’m with him.

And you’re a freaking beautiful disaster.. y/n..” He said getting closer, again.

“Yuta..” I whispered.

“I’ve never wanted someone so bad..” He said before our lips touched.

A long, hot and awaited kiss. His lips are so soft, like clouds. I can feel his heart beat. 

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He puts his hands on my hair, making the kiss more intense.

He stopped. Damn, why?

And then, he smiled.

I think that i’m falling for you, y/n.. deeply.” He said looking at me.

His smile. I never see it before.

Yuta, I don’t know what you did to me, but.. It’s amazing.. you’re amazing.. but at the same time you are a big jerk..” I said laughing.

Your smile is my drug” He said holding my hand.

And the math’s teacher my nightmare. Come on, we’re gonna be late” He said as he stand up with up.

“Wait! I have to dress up!” I said stading up and entered the bathroom.

Oh.. you wouldn’t mind if I come with you?” He smirked.

“No, you pervert” I said, and he laughed: “Too early right?

As I finished, we left the room together.

His hand are holding mine so tight, that I can’t even move it.

As we exit the girl’s dormitory, we saw Jaehyun, he’s surprised.

“Wow, finally my bestfriend having love life..” Jaehyun said looking at me and Yuta.

“Meet my girlfriend” Yuta shouted. Everyone were taking pictures.

Tzuyu was there too. I tried to remove my hand from his. But he’s holding it so tight.

“Bro, can I talk to her just for a minute?” Jaehyun said to Yuta.

Go ahead” Yuta said.

Hmm.. without you” Jaehyun answered.

Yuta removed his hand: “See ya later jagi” he said winking at me.

I blushed and smiled, and Jaehyun is still confused.

So..? what happend? I thought that you hate him” He said curious.

I thought it too.. but my heart doesn’t want me to hate him.” I said.

“Well, finally after years, you fell in love.. But I don’t think that he’s the right guy for you. He’s rude, and I don’t want you to be sad for a jerk like him. You know, you’re like a lil sister to me, that’s why i’m saying this..” He said.

“I understand you. You want the best for me. But the heart wants what it wants, and I have to accept the fact that.. i like him..” I said.

“As long as you’re happy, i’m happy for you too. Let’s see what happens. But, I swear, if he breaks your heart, I will broke his perfect face.” He said.

We laughed.

Thanks for everything, Jaehyun” I said huggung him.

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SOOOO. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! AHAH. yes, i share the same bday as gdragon and Eunji. I’m getting older ugh. 

Btw, the next chapter will be the last, ready for the smut? ahah. Okay, let’s be serious, Thanks for reading my first story/fanfic/imagine in english. Sorry again if I made some grammar mistakes, i’m still a beginner at this tumblr thingy.

AND, i’m working on the requests, so wait for them <3

Btw, my name is Grace, so from now on I will be insert “-admin Grace” to my works.  NICE TO MEET YOU! XD

Best Birthday Ever

Request// An imagine where the reader is Derek’s gf and like the pack mom and it’s Liam’s bday and he thinks everyone’s forgot bc they don’t say anything but really the reader has Derek take him out to do pack things while the rest help decorate the loft etc to surprise him with a party when he comes home and when they do later he bursts into happy tears so the reader holds him in her arms comforting him & he tells her that he thought everyone forgot & she tells him never & it’s just an cute pack moment x

A/N// Thank You For Your Request, Hope You Enjoy.

It was early on a Friday night, and Derek and I had just got into bed cuddled up.After a long week of helping the pack out and working, I was just happy to finally get into bed a relax. Derek wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his chest.

“Babe do you know that it is Liam’s birthday tomorrow?” I asked him breaking the silence.

“Yeah?” He asked confused at where I were going with this conversation.

“We should throw him a surprise birthday party” 

“Maybe, but how are you going to do that?” Derek asked me half asleep.

“I will send a text to the all the pack and tell them to pretend that they have forgot it is his birthday and they have to come to the loft. You can take him out all day so he is away from the loft, and the pack and I can decorate it and Lydia can make a cake for him. What do you think?” I asked Derek.

“Yeah, that’s good” He said nearly asleep.I grabbed my phone to tell everyone about my plan. I soon got texts back from all the pack agreeing to my idea. I was so excited tomorrow, I couldn’t wait to see Liam’s face when we all surprise. I snuggled up to Derek and fell asleep.

The Next Day//

I was up and ready for this birthday party, I felt kind of bad for Liam, as we all were going to pretend that we forgot his birthday, But it will be all worth it. I was in the kitchen when Derek came in a hugged me..

“So what we doing today then?” Derek asked

“I told you last night that we are going to through Liam a surprise birthday party” I told him with a confused look on my face.

“Oh right, so what i’m going to do then?” 

“I told you that to last night, Your going to take Liam out so he won’t be in the loft. You agreed to that to.You don’t remember me telling you, do you?” I laughed

“You got me at a weak moment, I was falling asleep, But I will still take him out I will tell him it’s for pack reasons or something else.” 

“Derek Hale you are the best thank you” I said placing a soft kiss on his lips.

We both went to get ready, and it was just in time because when we both came down stairs Liam came in the loft with a big smile on his face.

“Hey Li, you alright?” I asked

“Umm yeah i’m good you?” His smile slowly started to fade away, and I started to feel really bad, but I will sure make up for it later.

“Hey Kid, your coming out with me today, You and I need to do pack stuff, we will be back later tonight so you can stay over” Derek said, Liam agreed and went out of the loft with Derek after they both gave me a hug goodbye.  

When they left I had 1 and a half hours till the pack would be here, so I got my jacket and my car keys and went to the shop to get everything. I bought; Birthday banners, balloon’s, Variety of different snacks, Variety of drinks, Ingredients for the cake, candles and lots of food. I got back home just in time to lay everything out on the tables.

Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Malia and Kira walked through the door ready to go. I gave them all jobs; Kira and Malia were to blow up all the balloons up, Scott and Stiles were to put up all the banners and Lydia and I were to prepare all the food. 

“What about music?” Malia asked

“Oh I have already sorted that out, I just need to connect my laptop to the speakers then we will have music” I informed. We all started your jobs. While Lydia and I were putting food into bowls and the oven, Scott and Stiles were putting up the banners. I walked back into the the living room with a plate of food.

“Y/N, How come you throwing Liam a birthday, My birthday was last month?” Stiles asked

“You had a birthday party” I claimed

“But it wasn’t a surprise” He told me.

“Stiles, That’s because you planned it yourself, and to quote what you said, You wanted to do it yourself so everything would be right, and anyway I made you a Star Wars Birthday cake” I laughed as everyone else joined in because they remembered when Stiles said that.

“That cake was nice though” He told you changing the subject. And with that you all got back to your jobs and Lydia went to finish off cooking the food and I started the cake.

“What cake and Design you doing?” Lydia asked you.

“I’m making a chocolate fudge cake, then having a layer of green icing and making two lacrosse sticks out off icing then crossing them over then having a little goal. Then I am making some lacrosse cupcakes” I said through excitement.

“Y/N that’s a great idea, he will love it” Lydia told me. I had 3 hours to finish all the cupcakes and the cupcakes. I finished just in time.I left the cake in the kitchen and I placed the cupcakes onto the table, my phone buzzed in my pocket.

From Derek

  Heading home now, Will be 10 minutes Xxx

“Everyone they will be home in 10 minutes,everything looks great, find a hiding spot” I shouted as I grabbed my laptop to plug it in. I turned the lights off and got into a spot and then waited for them to arrive. I couldn’t wait to see Liam’s face. The next thing I knew I saw Liam open the door.

“Turn the light on Liam” Derek Ordered. Liam did as he said.

“Surprise!” We all shouted. Liam was so shocked, he had tears in his eyes. I pulled him into a big hug and ruffled his hair.

“Happy Birthday sweetheart” I said as I kissed him on his forehead. 

“Oh My God, Thank you, I thought you forgot that it was my birthday” 

“How could we forget” You told him. Everyone gave Liam a hug or fist bump and told him happy birthday.

“Let’s get this party started!” I shouted, I turned on the music and the first sound that came on was by Neck Deep. We all started dancing, everyone was having so much fun. I sat down on the sofa and Liam came and sat on my lap and gave me a big hug.

“Thank you so much, This is the best birthday ever” Liam started crying from happiness. I pulled him into a hug.

“Your welcome sweetie, so happy that you like it” I said wiping the tears away.

“Like it I love it, I really thought you all forgot” Liam smiled

“How could we forget, and you haven’t seen your cake yet” and with that I got up to go into the kitchen. I put all the candles in the cake and lit them and carried in the cake. Scott turned off the music. I carried the cake over to Liam while we all sang Happy Birthday. 

“Make a wish” I tell Liam as he blew out his candles. He turned to me and gave me the biggest hug in the world. I hugged him tight and kissed his forehead. 

“This is the best birthday ever” 

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Hi! This isn't exactly a reaction, but I was wondering if you could write about what they would do/get you for your birthday? It's my birthday today😊😊thank you sm love

Sure dear! I hope you had a happy birthday!


He would go all out. Cook your favorite dinner and a dessert. You’d get a present that you’d been wanting for a long time. You mentioned it to him once and thought he forgot about it. You’ll probably cry at how sweet and thoughtful he is.

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He wouldn’t go over the top or anything. He’ll take you out for dinner somewhere you wanted to eat but not too fancy. He’d get you something simple that would mean a lot to the both of you. Probably inexpensive. Maybe something to do with an inside joke. You’ll probably laugh but cherish it forever.

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You’d get two celebrations with this guy. One where he dragged all of BTS with (not that they didn’t wanna celebrate your bday!) and then a celebration just the two of you. He’d get you something nice but dorky. Like matching couple’s sneakers or something. But he’d also get you something meaningful and deep. You’ll probably cry.

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You’d get a huge party with the rest of BTS there. He would have made them all get you something. His gift would be thoughtful and personal to you. He wanted to make you cry with happiness… Oops now he’s crying too. You’re both a hot mess. He just cares so much and is so happy you’re alive. 

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He’d wake you up at the crack of dawn to wish you a happy birthday. Try not to kill him. He’d give you cake for breakfast. Just go with it, he’s trying. He’ll give you his present at the end of the day after you’ve hung out with other people. You’ll cry cause it’s something with a deep meaning for both of you.

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This kid will be wishing you happy birthday every hour on the hour. He’s so happy you’re alive and in his life. He’d take you wherever you wanna go, get you anything you want. His actual present will be hilarious. You’ll laugh, he’ll laugh, then he’ll give you his serious present. And then you’ll cry and he’ll laugh.

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Party. Like all day and all night kinda party. You’re gonna get drunk by the end of the night, just go with it. He’ll make sure you get home safe. He’ll end up giving you your present the next day while you both look a hot mess from the night before. You’ll laugh because it’s perfect and funny.

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Surprise - Draco x Reader


Hey! Can I request an imagine where Draco and Y/N are a couple and he has been sort of distant towards her lately (like he forgets dates and barely spends time with her) and one day he stood her up at Hogsmeade and she confronts him about it, turns out he was planning smt special for her bday? That would be great since my bday is nearly here, thanks xx

Happy Birthday! I’m sorry if your birthday has already passed, but I hope you like this!

Y/N = Your name | Y/H/C = Your hair colour

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Over the past few weeks, you had realised that Draco had been growing distant towards you. When he spotted you in the hall, he would walk in the opposite direction. And every time you did talk to him, his eyes were vacant, as if his mind was elsewhere.

But this? This was new. He had stood you up.

He invited you to Hogsmeade, and stood you up.

Maybe he had forgotten. Maybe he… didn’t feel well?

But as you searched for an excuse, you knew it wasn’t true. You had saw him earlier that day.

Your heart slowly fell to the bottom of your stomach as you paced around the streets. Biting on your trembling lip, you rushed into Honeydukes - only to find a familiar figure standing in one of the aisles.


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(Happy birthday!!! I hope it's a good one <3) how about something abt the fact that nurseys bday is also valentine's day and dex wants to die about it

Thank you!! This also takes place during MoP. (because I am a little bit trash)

Dex stands in the card aisle at the local gift store, staring. He is assaulted from all angles by bright pink, purple, red. Signs everywhere proclaim “be mine Valentine!” and similar nonsense.

Dex has never once celebrated Valentine’s Day. The only time he’s ever really acknowledged its existence was when he was in grade school and the whole class always had to give each other Valentine’s Day cards. He was always the weird kid who pointed out that Valentine’s Day was actually Saint Valentine’s Day and that it was because he was a martyr that it became a holiday. He might not have been very Catholic, but his grandma always made sure he knew his saints.

But now he’s surrounded by the holiday, and it’s staring him in the face, covered in chocolate kisses and pink lace. He suddenly has to fight away a mental image of licking chocolate off Nursey’s abs, and he’s still blushing when the sales person comes over to see if she can help.

“Valentine’s Day card?” she guesses with a knowing smile.

“Birthday actually,” Dex replies, grimacing.

“Aha. Whose?” she asks.

“My boyfriend’s,” Dex says. “Which is actually on Valentine’s Day.”

She winces appreciatively and shows him to the not-Valentine’s Day cards. He finds something that seems plausible and then has to deal with the whole gift thing. They’ve been together just shy of a year, but like…he wonders if it would be entirely inappropriate to just like, pose naked on their bed with a bow stuck to his body somewhere.

And okay, if this is where his brain is going, he seriously should just go home, have sex with his boyfriend, and then try again for the whole “gift shopping” thing.

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I was wondering if you could do one for my birthday? If you can't that's ok but if you can my bday is December 14. And could it be Nico's bday and he low key really wants a surprise party but doesn't think anyone will do it? Thank you and I love your writings! 💟

Happy Birthday, anon! I’m glad you like my fics! Here’s one for your birthday! It’s not quality writing but I’ve been battling with writer’s block for the past few days. :’( (I blame the Indian Education System. It suppresses me.)

Hope you like it anyways!

Nico trudged down the footpath, buried in his jacket with his hands in his pockets. It was late, nearly 10 and very cold. It was also his birthday, not that it mattered much. Nico had been at college nearly the entire day to complete his art assignments. Exams were just around the corner and he was slowly getting buried in projects, along with a massive syllabus. So birthday parties were the last thing on his mind.

But Nico did want a party. He wanted to spend the night with his friends, watching movies over some drinks, laughing around like idiots, maybe even cut a cake. He wanted to spend some time alone with his boyfriend, Will, and just relax for the night. He was allowed to be selfish on his birthday, right? Nico sighed, knowing it was no use thinking about that now. Everyone had their own fair share of exams and Will was extra busy with his pre-med courses. So he just walked on home, hoping that Will was awake enough to at least cuddle with.

He reached their apartment and pulled out his keys. He slowly opened the door, not wanting to disturb Will in case he was asleep. Taking off his coat, he turned on the living room light. There was a note on the table with Will’s untidy scrawls on it. Nico picked it up and read it. ‘I’m down at the coffee shop. I’ll be back in a while. Don’t stay up. Happy Birthday, Neeks! –Will’

Nico chuckled at Will’s childish nickname for him. Maybe some coffee wouldn’t hurt. He shrugged and put his coat back on and made his way to the café down the street. He hoped Will didn’t mind his joining him though he doubted he would. The shop was the only open one on the street and it shone with a gentle light, almost beckoning Nico to its warmth. He could see a familiar mop of blonde hair sitting at one of the tables. Smiling, he entered the café, ready to surprise Will but just then –


Jumping Nico turned around and gasped. All of his friends were standing in the middle of the shop, huge grins on their face. The back wall of the café was decorated with a banner saying ‘Happy Birthday!’ and there was a delicious looking cake in the middle of the room. Will stood in the middle with a huge grin on his face.

“Oh my- Guys, you didn’t have to!” Nico stuttered, still stunned.

“Oh, please,” Percy said from the back, “Who can say no to cake? And free food?”

Leo nodded earnestly next to him. “Free food and a break from studying. It’s a win-win situation.”

Calypso smacked him on the head and looked at Nico apologetically. “And Nico’s happy.”

Leo nodded sheepishly. “Yeah, that too.”

Will rolled his eyes and walked towards Nico, his arms spread out for a hug. “Happy Birthday, babe!”

Nico surged forward and pulled Will close. He buried his face in Will’s neck and whispered, “Thanks, Will.”

Will chuckled and pulled back. He gave Nico a quick peck on the lips before turning back. “Let’s eat,” he announced, steering Nico towards a table covered with plates of food.

For the next few hours, Nico forgot all about his tiredness. It turned out that Lou had managed to pull a few strings with the manager of café and had rented the shop for the night. Apparently, they’d been planning a party for days. “Term-ends should not ruin a man’s privilege of a birthday party,” Lou Ellen told him solemnly.

They laughed around for a while, drinking the soda Jason brought. (“No alcohol,” Jason had glared at them, “I don’t care how old you are.”)

 They played an eventful game of spin the bottle (in which Nico had to kiss Frank, much to the chagrin of Will) and then everyone gave Nico their gifts, which were surprisingly thoughtful (though Nico had no idea what to do with Leo’s ‘Valdezinator’). They ended the night with cake and ice cream or ‘sugar-y goodness’ as Percy called it. Needless to say, Nico had loads of fun.

After everyone started leaving, well after midnight, Will had pulled him to the side and whispered, “I still have to give you your present, di Angelo. I hope you’re up for it.” He winked at Nico before turning around to bid everyone a good night, leaving Nico hot and bothered. In the end, they both fell asleep the moment they went back to their apartment, they were so tired.

All Nico had to say was that it was probably the best surprise birthday party he’d ever had.

Hope you enjoyed! I just realized that I didn’t even mention Hazel! Dammit! Sorry!

P.S. I want cake. xP

Born to Hand Jive, Baby

for @queerleighyours, sorry I’m late! Happy bday! 

“Stiles, I don’t think this is the best idea.” Scott whispers by his side where they’re peeking at the cheerleaders practicing from under the bleachers. 

Stiles scrunches his upturned nose. “I swear it’s him Scott. I can’t just not talk to him. I don’t think you understand.“ 

Scott scuffs his sneaker against the dirt and rolls his eyes. "So you had some beach fling with the new guy, big-" 

"No! No, Scotty. We made sweet sweet love while the ocean waves crashed and the sun was setting. I didn’t even get sand in my ass, Scott! It was down right magical and I refuse to throw that away!” He shrieks. 

The summer of ‘58 was suppose to be empty and pointless for Stiles, what with Scott spending the Summer with his father and the rest of the Pack doing their own thing. 

Then Stiles met Derek.

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