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A Song of Ice and Fire AU  ♦ Sungyeol of House Baratheon
“Ours is the Fury”

House Baratheon of Storm’s End is one of the Great Houses of Westeros, and is the principal house in the Stormlands, which they rule as Lords Paramount of the Stormlands. They are known as Kings of the Forest and are best described as greedy, dangerous, headstrong and are sometimes feared for their dangerous temper. 

So I’ve heard it’s the 21st of August, which is apparently fanfiction author appreciation day, where followers of hard working blog writers come together to show gratitude for the stories they’ve read. In light of this, I would instead like to turn the tables and thank each and every one of my readers who have ever reblogged, commented, tagged, sent in asks, or messaged me about my writing. It really, truly is because of you guys that I’ve continued to write~ please continue to take care of me in the future, as I will continue to work hard to bring you all my best!!

ooc; My Legion Captain Perseus Ford with his highborn boyfriend Avestrus Calpernicus ( @tales-of-nexus ) by the amazingly skilled @daddyschlongleg! Their art is incredible and you should absolutely check them out.

I’m 100% sure Viktor asks Yuuri more than once if he’d want to continue training in bed while being at the rink in St. Petersburg 8)


it’s that time of the year again 🎄🎅

You were my first friend

i just finished hxh for the first time
is there a way to keep on living

ok so, it turns out that i love drawing altean lance,, a lot

The legend herself