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letters to be hidden

a while ago i made this post and this is sorta related to it. to understand it you need to read at least the beginning of the other post first btw

how’d it go with the the last o.w.l.s? i didn’t get to see you after it at all.
- r.a.b

fine, i guess. i think i messed up one of the questions but the rest was pretty well. what about your problems with potions? did bella help you eventually?
- s

not yet, but hopefully she will. she said she’s just busy with the d.e, you know. yesterday i saw you and remus in the corridor again. you gotta be more careful if you don’t want mom to know. cissy got eyes everywhere. and i think he is
- r.a.b

you think he he’s what? and don’t worry about getting caught. cissy got her eyes, we got ours. since the first year we’re sneaking around, doesn’t matter if we’re with james and peter or not. no one caught us if we didn’t want to be caught. also, what’s d.e?
- s

death eaters, i hoped you’d figure it out yourself. and i’m your brother, i need to worry. just try to be careful, i don’t want mom to be angry. bella helped me, by the way, and she told me about some things i want to use against them one day. i’ll write them to you but please try to hide the note as much as possible.
- r.a.b

okay, i’m waiting. and i know exactly where to hide it, they will never find out.
- s


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Theater AU

This idea came to me when I was watching a local production of Romeo and Juliet, and for the whole second act, the actors who played Tybalt and Mercutio just. Sat on the stage and stared at each other? It was gr8.

FLUFFY Snowbaz One Shot

Warnings: Some swearing

Words: 3251


I hate modern theater. Actually, I’m more infuriated by modern directing. No, I just hate my director for making me sit on a stage for an hour every Thursday, Friday, twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday

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anonymous asked:

“im a pizza delivery person & i just delivered a pizza to someone in the middle of a satanic ritual & they gave me their #?” au.... or.... “i woke up this morning to find you sitting in my living room w/ a goat in a poncho? who are you? why is the goat wearing a poncho? how did you get the goat in here i live on the 12th floor?” au.... or “im a cashier & i saw you stuffing you pants full of potatoes & i would stop you but you already have 27 & i want to see how many you can fit" au...

I also picked one from this message too bc whoops

Derek is transfixed. He has never been so hypnotized in his life, and he’s not even sure why he is. After working in this grocery store for the last three years of high school, he’s seen some pretty weird shit. His classmates get up to weird shenanigans and usually he has to be the party pooper. But this? This is nothing he’s ever seen and is slightly impressive.

To be fair, his eyes were already on Stiles because his eyes are kind of always on Stiles. Stiles, who is popular by association with Lydia, has never even looked back at Derek, but that doesn’t stop the undying crush Derek has on him. Derek is just a basketball player. Stiles is on the lacrosse team and part of that crowd and their paths rarely cross despite them both being in sports.

But the second Stiles walked in the grocery store with a determined face, Derek hasn’t looked away. He’s supposed to be bagging for Erica as she scans, but she’s picking up his slack since she knows exactly who is distracting him.

“He’s at 27 now,” Derek mutters to Erica. “Where is he even putting them?”

She opens her mouth, but Boyd who’s in the till behind them stops her with, “Don’t say it.”

She turns around to pout at him, which you’d think would work since he’s her boyfriend, but he just gives her blank look in return. Derek can see his amusement in his eyes though.

“He’s still going,” Derek continues his narration of Stiles’ shenanigans.

“Okay but why,” Erica sighs. “Who in their right mind would want to shove potatoes down their pants?”

Derek shrugs. “Dare? From the lacrosse team?”

“Jackson is ridiculous,” Boyd agrees, knowing from experience of being on the lacrosse team with him. “Or it could be Isaac. This sounds like something Isaac would dare too.”

“Someone should probably stop him,” Erica comments, but her bored tone shows how much she cares about stopping him. “I nominate Derek since he’s just a bagger today and I can obviously work without him.” 

“What with this huge crowd we have?” Boyd asks, gesturing to the empty lines at their tills. 

The couple turn their unimpressed gazes on Derek, and he can literally feel the pressure to go stop Stiles. “Fine,” he groans and stalks over to the produce aisle where Stiles is slipping potatoes down his pants.

“Thirty-one,” is what pops out of Derek’s mouth when he gets close enough to Stiles to talk. “Why do you need 31 potatoes in your pants?”

Stiles’ head snaps up, his eyes wide. “I, uh…I really like starch?”

“Who doesn’t,” Derek replies easily, weirded out how easy it is to talk to Stiles. “But, um. I’m pretty sure this is against some regulation. Probably. You know, maybe it isn’t, but we might have to write that regulation in because of you.”

Stiles pumps his fist in the air, keeping one hand securely on his pants to keep the potatoes from falling. “I’ve always wanted a ridiculous rule made in my honor.” He looks ridiculously proud of himself.

“Was that the point?” Derek asks.

Stiles shakes his head, smile still plastered on. “Not at all. But it’s a very nice benefit. Isaac dared me to fit as many potatoes in my pants as possible. I promise I’ll buy these ones since I’m not sure even I would want to buy potatoes that were in my pants. So fair’s fair, ya know? Actually, no. Do the Whittemores have a tab or account thing here? Is that a thing? If It is, you should totally put it on theirs. Jackson’s an asshole.”

“I thought Jackson was your friend?”

Stiles snorts so hard he makes himself trip. “Nah just by association.”

Derek nods and then looks back down at Stiles’ pants. “Uh, do you want me to ring you up or are you not done?”

“I’m done,” Stiles says quickly. “And you can ring me up any time.” 

Derek frowns as Stiles turns red.

“I mean. Sorry that came out wrong. Not that I don’t have a huge crush on you or anything - fuck I just need to shut up. Right now. And I’m doing it…now.” Stiles mimes zipping his lips and locking them.

“You have a crush on me?” Derek asks, eyes popping out his head. “Wow. That’s. That’s great because I have a crush on you.”

“You do?” Stiles yells out, excited again. He looks happier than when he managed to get a ridiculous rule made in his honor.

Derek shrugs. “There’s just something really charming about a guy who can fit 31 potatoes in his pants.”

Stiles’ chest puffs out and he smirks. “Damn straight there is.”

Derek’s nose scrunches up. “Maybe not so straight.”

And it might just be Derek, but it looks like Stiles’ eyes are glazed over. “You need to go out with me. Right now.”

All Derek can do is nod enthusiastically and ignore the way Erica’s head is thrown back with obvious laughter and how Boyd is dropping his head onto the cash register.

Fic: Plots and Pitfalls

anon prompted: WHAT IF Kurt was an incredibly terrible spy hired to follow and (arrest? kill?) Blaine but Blaine feels so bad for him and embarrassed for him that fluff happens instead?

This is ever-so-slightly off from that request, but the main elements are still there. ~2700 words, PG-13.

Kurt hoped that his posture and steely look were fooling his handler into believing he was actively awaiting his next assignment, because mentally, he was one hundred miles from the office.

Or, well, about a mile and a half from the office.


“Sorry, so sorry, I wasn’t loo-”

“No, it was me, I wasn-”

A pause as they finally look at each other’s faces for the first time.

“I’m Blaine.”

“Kurt. And I’m still sorry about spilling your coffee.”

“It’s my fault, really, I wasn’t looking as I came out the door.”

“Are you really not going to let me make it up to you?”


A tentative, hopeful smile on Blaine’s beautiful face.

“I don’t have time for a coffee run today - but tomorrow? My treat?”

“I’ll be here.”

“I can’t wait.”

“Hummel!” Kitty’s voice finally broke through Kurt’s daydreams, startling him into awareness.

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To follow up my angry canon Stucky post:

Seriously, the male and female relationships in these movies are so tentative. Like, Thor and Jane don’t even kiss in the first movie; they kiss in the post credits scene of the second one. Tony and Pepper don’t get together ‘till the end of the second movie and Tony is considered a sex symbol.

So what if after a Bucky and Steve centric (as it has been announced that it will be) Captain America 3, filled with the usual subtext stuff that us fans eat up, what if the post credits scene was just this tentative little closed mouth kiss that fits in completely with the rest of the Marvel relationships. Just this tiny little sweet thing that’s followed by nonchalant end dialogue.

But the fucking media would die.

It would blow up, all over news cites, interviews, no cast member can get through a talk show without being asked about the barely two second kiss.

Parents claiming that they should have been warned before bringing their 8 year old to see Captain America 3 that there would be homosexual behavior. Like, you’re willing to bring you child to a fucking action movie that involves torture and brainwashing but not a kiss between two people in love?

There would be angry, hateful, comments and it would be awful.


But think about us on tumblr; jumping for joy and completely losing it because Marvel did something right!!!!!

The kids who saw the kiss and thought nothing of it except ewwww kissing, wondering why Mom and Dad are so upset. Realizing that men aren’t supposed to love each other and same for women. But maybe they think, That’s stupid. And maybe they think I don’t care I want to marry my best friend just like Steve and Bucky.

Imagine Stephen Colbert on TV making fun of the people who were mad about the Stucky kiss and being so enthusiastic about the whole thing.

Imagine the love letters written to the actors and writers thanking them for representations and that they had needed had needed a hero like them to prove that there wasn’t something wrong with them.

Imagine the funny nonchalant banter between Sebastion and Chris at comic con the following year and how tumblr would light up with it.

And in the years following this teensy tiny little kiss, it would continue to inspire anger but mostly hope that one day two people could express affection on screen without it being considered inappropriate or a specifically a LGBTQ film.



I want the BarelyTwoSecondButSomehowRevelutionary Stucky Kiss in Captain America 3.