maybe i just need a couple of days to think things through

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hey rae, I'm sorry to bother u abt this but I needed to rant abt it. I have really severe sensory overload & my mom like half cares, she thought it was add & when my dr said it wasn't she just thought I was faking or smth idrk?? my siblings are super noisy & almost everyone in my family sets it off every day and I can't deal with it, my mom talked to my siblings but they dont care and it's so stressful bc I can't think half the time bc of it and I'm just really frustrated and upset rn I'm sorry

sweets, you aren’t bothering me!
im glad you came to vent.

i’m not an expert and i cant say i know exactly what you are going through but
a couple things that may help when you find it happening around your family are

-maybe excusing yourself and going somewhere quiet (shaded/darker areas may help)

-give yourself time to calm down (self-care is important)

don’t give up my friend. im sorry its rough to get your family to understand. i hope things get easier for you. sending you love and support 💕


I’ve been getting a lot of hate lately. You all need to stop, I have done nothing wrong for you to hate me like this. Who ever you are, stop. For past couple of days, it’s been nonstop and it’s making me really upset. I didn’t tell anyone thinking it would stop after I addressed it before. 

I don’t write like a child. 

I’m not a child

It’s bad enough I struggle through a few things at home, I don’t need negativity from here. I thought tumblr should be my safe place, where I make friend and make people smile with my writing.

But’s the opposite. I don’t need this, it hurts to see y'all hate on me. 

Meanwhile my dashboard is filled with people getting these nice messages, while I just get hate.

Why do you hate me? Why me?

I can’t do this anymore.. I give up on it. 

Maybe I should delete my tumblr. 

~ Sparrow..