maybe i just like her since she's my baby

anyway, i haven’t watched a single ep since after 2x08 except 2x12 “luthors” and maybe you guys should too to stop giving them views and making them think we support this. i’m sorry but someone like my baby cousin watches this show and i’d hate for her to grow up and think that this kind of relationship is okay and that she should have to deal with fuckboys like man hell. no, just, no.

I am a brave and fearless soul (she does)

I told mom and the bros they were welcome and if they went digging too deep and struck TMI they should just click exit and never mention it to me :p

Also since mom likes to keep journals of pictures that make her happy I thought she would really like tumblr (she does)


Okay but seriously Disney has basically kind of maybe confirmed that Jay and Audrey won’t be a thing (or maybe it’s just my imagination acting up.) In the last Wicked World short, Jay was like “nice hair” to Audrey and Audrey was like “REALLY?!” with a hopeful face and Jay was like “Nah, I’m just trying to be nice.” Also known as- he’s only trying to be nice to her, not like he is interested in her or anything, maybe she’s interested in him but he’s not. During Set It Off it was her that came up to Jay and maybe being too nice to reject her he danced with her (since his gay baby Carlos was off with Jane oops) ALSO HE BROUGHT CARLOS A PHONE. HE COULD HAVE HAD IT HIMSELF. do you see him stealing things for anybody else but carlos, no HE DOES NOT. BUT HE GAVE THE GODDAMN PHONE TO CARLOS. THANK YOU DISNEY. GOD BLESS YOU. and if you ever make Jay and Jordan canon rest assured I will also whoop your ass. just my opinion thanks.

Lay Me Down

So this is for the utterly sweet ckhybrid, and her always amusing reviews. She’s really good for my ego, guys. And since Requiem is still a ways out from any potential smut, this happened.

Lay Me Down: His curse is broken. Mikael is dead. Having successfully created the first of his hybrid army, Klaus turns his attention - his obsession - to Caroline Forbes.

The mattress was soft against her spine, bedding kicked aside as Klaus pinned her hands above her head, grip bruising. Caroline kept her thighs locked around his waist, eyes drinking in the lean lines of him; the ink on his shoulder; the smoothness of his muscles. She wasn’t sure she’d seen hotter than Klaus Mikaelson in nothing but jeans, hair tousled from her hands, lips kissed bruised and his eyes. She shivered, watching the way he drank her in, gaze dragging down her body possessively.

It hadn’t started like this.

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I don’t understand why skinny girls feel the need to bash fat girls and why fat girl retaliate with bashing skinny girls. 

Fat is not an insult. 

Skinny is not an insult. 

The words before and after them are. 

Let me put this into perspective: 

My little sister is chubby. She’s tall for her age and grows out of her clothes really fast. We’ve always called her our gordita since she was a baby. She’s six years old. Near the end of summer, all of a sudden, she got really upset when we called her anything regarding her weight. Gordis, gordita, golda, chubby-girl etc. Now maybe they sound mean, but my family has always used those as terms of endearment. 

All of a sudden she hates being called gordita because she thinks we’re insulting her, and I’m like, since when is it an insult? 

And just now I saw a girl- who is very proud of her fatness, and that’s really great because she is really pretty and she should feel great- post a pic on Facebook that said, “mas vale una gorda sabrosa que flaca y babosa.” It roughly translates to “It’s better to be a tasty fat girl than a skinny idiot.” 

And I, as a skinny-ish person (because let’s face it most skinny people don’t really think we’re skinny, we just say we are because everyone else does), felt offended by that. Since when is it bad to be skinny? Since when is that an automatic insult to fatter girls? I can’t help being skinnier any more than the next girl can help being fatter. 

Honestly, we all come in different sizes, and half the time we hate it. We hate how short or tall or skinny or fat or flat chested or full breasted or small assed or big assed or light or dark we are. Why? Because society and (for some) guys have always put us down for it. 

So the last thing we should be doing is doing it to each other. Don’t put another girl down for being or doing something you don’t. If you wear make up and she does, okay. If you don’t wear make up and she does, okay. If she’s fat and you’re not, if she’s skinny and you’re not, whatever the fuck the fucking case is, okay! Tell her she’s beautiful. Build her confidence up the way you wish you could build your own up. 

Stop putting each other down. It only makes it okay for everyone else to do it too.