maybe i just forget how to photoshop

anonymous asked:

Just curious, why don’t you watermark your art? I haven’t seen anyone take your art before but it surprised me cause so many artists focus on watermarking their stuff

I did do watermarks but then I started to forget about it more and more and then I just stopped doing it because people just photoshop it of or cut the image anyway and I don’t wanna add text smack-dab in the middle of the drawing to try and prevent that. I don’t want my followers, who actually respect my wishes to let my art stay on my tumblr-blog only, to not see my art at it’s best just because some assholes can’t understand how to respect artists!!

Maybe people are too scared to steal my art? ehehe But no, I’ve had tons of my art stolen and I ALWAYS makes sure that the reposter know what I think about that!! Sometimes people send me links to where my art’s been reposted, sometimes I reverse google image search my own drawings to see if someone’s stolen it. I ALWAYS report reposts!!

If anyone ever see my art reposted let me know!! If you aren’t sure it’s a repost or not, tell me anyway and I’ll let you know if it’s me or not! :)

Anyway, thank you to everyone who has ever helped me hunt down a repost or reported a stolen image! You guys are gold!! :D <3