maybe i have too many ocs

so multi    :    seven of nine from voyager, finn of tfa, barristan selmy of asoiaf, fallout oc, greer from reign, neal cassidy of ouat, maybe move deacon and my lavellan over as well ?

nijiryuu  asked:

For the ask meme: 1, 2, 5, 7, 10, 11 (ah, sorry for so many questions)

There isn’t too many questions! ♥

1. what is your favorite color to work with?


2. who is your favorite character to draw?

I have 2 fav characters. The first one: Donquixote Rocinante♥ (And maybe his bro’. I think it’s easy to guess~). Then it’s one of my OC… Cyvrani Vespasiano♥ (I always hesitate… should I post some drawings~?*feels a selfish love for her baby*).

5. digital or traditional?


7. do you prefer sketching, outlining, or coloring?

I think I don’t really like outlining. I often go mad when I outline my drawings. x) Sketching brings me a quick feeling of satisfaction by laying down on paper my ideas. And I don’t mind about all the mistakes that will appear in my sketches because they are sketches! If I MUST correct them, then I will. So coloring is the part I enjoy the most while Drawing. It brings life to your creation… I find it really soothing~ 

10. are you right or left handed?

Droitière~ :p

11. warm or cool colors?

…Must I make a choice?! ;;

i have so many things to write and draw for ‘tectives but i’m too busy w/ homework etc right now to make em happen. my ocs make me so very happy, though
mostly i’m thinking that if i do decide to serialize a story, i would do it in maybe a script or narrative format with occasional illustrations, rather than a webcomic per se. aaa

i want to make this more like a personal blog again like idk i used to make so many personal posts on my old blog and it was actually pretty helpful u kno just. screamin in2 the void but also for some reason i have a ton of anxiety about making any kind of post like what’s that all about huh

oh hey it’s that sweet baby girl I totally haven’t forgotten about, now with 98% bushier hair. I wrote a thing for this?? but lmfao it’ll never get finished and realistically neither will this. Uh maybe it’ll end up on a sketch dump someday. Too many tender feels. ಠ◡ಠ

Still not happy with how I color stuff in. :/ IDK it always ends up too clean for my tastes.

EDIT also everything I make looks super undersaturated after uploading but it’s probably my phone screen.
I’m in Love


I love it. Gild is awesome. Cray cray but awesome. I felt really bad about his past though. His abilities are something else, my goodness… I already have one messed up bae in my life, I can’t deal with two xD 

Sorry I’m too hype right now to give a proper feedback about the movie but just know that I enjoyed it in it’s entirety. It reminds me why I love One Piece so much <33 I’m so tempted to make more OCs but I shall resist that trap of an urge lol Lucci came back even if it was maybe ten mins tops I do not care. He’s a cool cat (no pun intended) and I’m just glad to see him again. Ugh it was just great. I think I’m starting to see why NaLu is a thing lol You just might have a converter here e u e Too many feels from this movie guys. Now I want to update my current OCs ; v ; I do miss working on them. 



click through them for brief bios (:

maybe one day i’ll actually write a novel with all these characters, but right now all i really have figured out about them is relational stuff and interpersonal dynamics… their story is kind of bare bones at most (with… far too many romantic subplots……..)

if you have any questions about them, ask!! i can talk about these guys for centuries honestly