maybe i have school tomorrow


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

i am… rly impressed with myself rn. my painting skills are rapidly increasing and that makes me so happy. i couldnt paint for shit when i walked into dp but now im getting good at making paint look like stuff. depth, form, light, shadow, volume, and everything. so exciting :’)K

OK but for real tho everything is falling into place now by exposing Kaistal the fans blow up and exo gets thrown into the gutter for a while making NCT, who debuts like a week after the scandal look the knights in the shining armor who are gonna save kpop and kick exos ass. Not only that but Kris and Luhans final plea date is on April 8th so if things turn into a shit show for SM regarding the lawsuits everyone will be too distracted by Kaistal and NCT to care


me ft. blurryface shirt & a new shade of blue!!



Days were dull, yet full of life in her surroundings, or what seemed to be the surroundings of others. Maybe she should have stayed at home today? No, it wouldn’t do well with her reputation; there’d be talk of unspeakable things perhaps. Worst case scenario she’d receive quite the lecture from a guardian, seeing as her father never ‘had time’ for her. Besides, school was over for the day anyway; too late to have been thinking about skipping school. ‘Maybe tomorrow, I should skip.’

A gust of wind blew her hair to the side, making a small scowl form on her face. Before she knew it, her ribbon had become undone and slowly flew off. She only noticed the red ribbon blowing away as it entered her vision. She would not have run after it but she didn’t need the trouble of having to buy another, especially since she did like the color of this one.

She followed it to a park she used to visit when she was younger and stopped chasing after the ribbon. Hm, this was where she had met a strange kid some long time ago. She resumed her chase only to see her ribbon had been caught by someone else.

“Do you mind returning my ribbon?”