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Drunken Mistake-Part 3

A/N: It’s a little shorter than I expected because I didn’t have time to do what I wanted with the ending, but there will be another part! x

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Three days, that’s how long you spent cooped up inside of your apartment feeling sorry for yourself. You couldn’t really blame Gemma for the way she acted; you did go behind her back and slept with her brother, but a part of you can’t help but feel annoyed that she didn’t even let you explain.

You knew this was going to be the outcome, you were right when you told Harry that everything was going to come back to bite you in the ass, and you would be the one thrown to the side, alone and heartbroken. Gemma will eventually forgive Harry, but with the amount of hate that coursed through her veins the other night, things aren’t really looking good for you.

You have never felt more alone, absentmindedly flipping the channels as a mountain of pillows and blankets surrounds your pathetic body. You have barely left your bed since you got home after that disastrous dinner, opting to build yourself a fort and live the rest of your life as a hermit.

You’re lying on your stomach, snuggling a pillow while watching mind-numbing reality TV when the sound of clanging dishes makes you bolt out of bed.  

Cautiously, you make your way towards the kitchen where you assume the noise came from, quickly grabbing an umbrella from the hallway as you do so, for protection.

“Well you look like death warmed over,” The blonde intruder says as soon as you walk into the kitchen, “Did you forget how to bathe since I last saw you?”

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OMG! You guys!!!! Ahhhh!

Possible Spoiler(s)!! Do not read unless you want to have your mind f*cked ten ways to Sunday!!

I literally just stumbled across the most heart breakingly awesome clue! It’s one of those things you CANNOT unsee, so please do not read any further unless you literally want to ball your eyes out!!! I can’t say for sure this proves this person is A, but it is certainly one of the most compelling clues I’ve personally seen. Enter at your own risk. You’ve been wArned!

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