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i was v turned on by maggie interrogating and i high key feel like alex would be to (aka we always need more smut written by you)

Alex watches.

Watches still with disbelief that this is her girlfriend.

That her girlfriend is interacting with her best friend.

That her best friend is clapping his hand on her shoulder because she’s fighting for him – she was fighting for him from the beginning – and he has no idea how hard.

Alex does.

Alex knows that her ass of a partner’s been racking up the number of lives he shatters and calling it fun in the precinct pool – the one competition that Maggie always turns down.

So she watches as Maggie makes that adorable little oh my god you weren’t exaggerating he really is as extra as Kara I love him so much what the hell how is he real face in response to Winn’s boom; watches as she teases Winn and maybe makes him a bit terrified: a good big sister’s job, as Alex comforted him lovingly last game night.

Watches as the woman she’s falling in love with – is already in love with – what’s this supposed to feel like, anyway? – whatever it is, it’s perfect – entwines deeper and deeper into her life.

“Think I scared him?”

Alex slings her arm around Maggie’s shoulder and relishes the way Maggie automatically leans into her, relishes the way she reaches up and puts her own hand on Alex’s shoulder.

“Almost as good as I do.”

Relishes Maggie’s adorable giggle, her perfect smile that Alex feels, hears, rather than sees.

“Take me home,” she tells her, and she relishes the way Maggie swoons at the intimacy of the statement, the way that – for the first time – it feels right, it feels natural, it feels perfect.

“Mmm, Danvers, my place or – “

“Nice work today, Sawyer. Good to see you arresting the bastards instead of protecting them for once, huh?”

And suddenly the perfection is gone, because Maggie’s body is stiff and her stance straightens and her perfect smile vanishes.

She nods stiffly at her partner, and Alex could kill him, and Maggie knows it, because Maggie feels the rage coursing through Alex’s blood. And that rage? That rage is what keeps her calm, keeps her voice level, keeps her suddenly slightly trembling arm around Alex’s shoulder bravely, as she counters smoothly, “Well, not all of us need to beef up our records with profiled cases, partner.”

“You accusing me of something, Sawyer?” His thin lips curl and Alex nearly reaches for the laser gun in her waistband and Maggie nearly lets her.

“Cool it, man, I’m just trying to go home for the night.”

His eyes drag up and down Alex’s body and he smirks.

“Bet you are, Sawyer.”

Maggie is out from under Alex’s arm faster than even her DEO agent girlfriend can react, and she is mere inches from her partner’s body and despite having nearly half a foot on her, he backs up. He’s seen her in action too many times not to.

“You look at her like that again and I swear to god you won’t have eyes left to look with, we clear?”

“No need to get all – “

“We clear?”

“Yeah. Yeah. Clear.”

“Apologize to the lady.”

“Maggie, it doesn’t – “

“Yes, it matters. You matter, Alex. Donnelly. Now.”

“Apologies, Agent Danvers. You have a lovely night now.”

He retreats through the hall quicker than Maggie’s ever seen him move when not chasing down an innocent suspect, and she sighs with her eyes closed and relishes the way Alex’s arms wrap around her waist, the way her lips nudge aside her hair and find the nape of her neck.

“You didn’t have to do all that for me, Maggie. I don’t want to make work harder for you.”

He makes work harder for me, Alex, not you. You never deserve to be disrespected like that, you – what?”

She’s turned her face to look at Alex, and Alex’s eyes are fire and fierce, fierce desire.

“What?” Maggie asks again, a slow grin starting to form, because she knows Alex, and she also knows what excited Alex Danvers looks like.

“Take me home,” Alex repeats, and Maggie gulps and grins and giggles and practically yanks her out of the precinct.

They’re barely even in the door before Alex finds herself slammed against a wall, Maggie’s lips crashing up into hers, Maggie’s tongue slipping into her mouth and making her melt, making her moan, making her reach down to undo Maggie’s belt.

“Uh uh, Danvers. You gotta earn it,” Maggie chastises with a kiss to her nose and a grin so sexy Alex’s knees threaten to buckle.

“I didn’t earn it, Maggie? I busted a crime ring for you, I – “

“Yeah, you did, and while we can… discuss… how attractive I find that later, while you were spending your twenty three hours and fifteen minutes beating the shit out of bad guys, I spent my twenty three hours and fifteen minutes jumping through administrative hurdles and holding off my terror of a partner from hauling Winn’s ass back into the precinct and getting my ass investigated for assisting a criminal enterprise.”

“Well, see now,” Alex gasps as Maggie nips at her neck and runs her hands through her hair. “That’s the kind of day that deserves a reward. And that’s all I wanna do, babe. Reward you. For protecting my friend, for protecting his girlfriend and her brother, for putting yourself on the line for someone I love, for your principles. For putting yourself on the line for me. For looking so damn sexy in that blazer – “

“Oh, you liked that blazer, did you?” Maggie asks between open-mouthed kisses, letting Alex back her over to the couch, nodding when Alex asks with her eyes if she can lay her down and, practically whining with desperation when Alex asks if she can nudge her legs open with her thigh, if she can hold her hands down above her head, and grind down with her thigh. Hard.

Maggie gasps and tries not to let it become a scream, and Alex smirks.

“I did. So much authority in that interrogation room, Detective Sawyer.”

Maggie chuckles breathily and glances at the way Alex’s hands are holding her wrists down.

“Not so much here though, huh?”

“You can change that if you’re in the mood to,” Alex invites, and Maggie moves.

Moves faster than Alex has yet seen her move in bed, until Alex is pinned beneath her, panting and whimpering and spreading her legs and sighing in relief when Maggie presses her thigh between them.

“So am I any closer to earning it?” Alex wants to know, and the frustration of Maggie’s day, the tension in her muscles, all ripples across her face, throughout her body, as she practically growls down at her beautiful, perfect, preening girlfriend.

“Keep being a good girl for me and we’ll see.”

Alex shrieks and Maggie grins and kisses her forehead. “All good?” she makes sure, and Alex rolls her hips up into Maggie’s thigh in response.

“Please,” she pants.

“Please what, Danvers?”

“Take me.”

Maggie tosses her head back and groans from deep in her throat. “Yeah, Ally? You want me to take you?”

“Well you already took me home, so…”

Maggie’s heart leaps and Alex’s eyes soften from the lust because they’re not in Alex’s home. They’re in Maggie’s.


Their home.

In the same moment, Alex leans up and Maggie leans down and their lips crash together because home, home, home, and Maggie makes good on Alex’s plea to take her.

Takes her with her jeans still on and her hair a tousled mess, takes her with her thigh between Alex’s legs and her wrists held carefully above her head. Takes her with Alex’s desperate pleas for more and Maggie’s body shifting so she can unzip Alex’s jeans, so she can slip her hand beneath her underwear, so she can check in one, two, three more times before Alex begs her to just fuck her, please, please, please, and Maggie does, she does, and Alex grabs at her ass and prays for more and Maggie obliges, bracing herself with one hand next to Alex’s waist so she can get a better angle, so she can fuck her deeper, fuck her harder, palm her clit firmer, and she reminds her what a good girl she is, and she reminds her how tight she is, how amazing it feels to stretch her out, how incredible it feels to take her, her, her, hers.

“All yours,” Alex breathes right before she slams over the edge, and Maggie watches her face because her face is beautiful and her face is rapture and her face is lust and her face is something that Maggie dares to hope is love.

And it is, it is, it is.
Pourquoi le ciné et la télé doivent arrêter de faire coucher des lesbiennes avec des mecs
Comme récemment dans la série Dix pour cent, il arrive régulièrement que des personnages introduits comme gays ou lesbiens couchent finalement avec une personne du sexe opposé... au plus grand regr...
By Marie Kirschen

Remember that French TV show (Dix pour cent) I told you about, that made their lesbian main character sleep with a man? Now that character is pregnant with him of course, but the creator of the show Fanny Herrero (a straight woman) has a very good reason, don’t worry!

“Andréa is gay but she’s liberated enough to, on a one-night-stand, have sex with a man and not have a problem with it, because her sexuality is mature and fulfilling enough that she doesn’t ask herself questions. From the beginning, I knew that this character would have a very rich, complex and liberated libido, and for me that goes beyond sleeping with women. I think Andréa is more modern than that.”

Did you hear, ladies? A modern woman with a rich, complex, fulfilling sex life = a woman who wants to have sex with a man! How progressive!

Anyway, for once a Buzzfeed article about lesbians isn’t completely awful, so @sespursongles and I translated it in English :

Why movies and TV have to stop making lesbians sleep with guys

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4x01 Recap - Echoes (The 100)

Alright folks, it’s time. My show has returned, and I am throwing myself back on this ride with wild abandon.

I’m adopting my Discussapalooza style from here on out. Which is to say that this recap is going to be very long. If there are any sections that you’d like me to pull out and post seperately, let me know. Otherwise, you have been warned - I like to go in depth.

We ready? LET’S GO.

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Leave The News To Me (Part 2)

The news was already blasting through your phone. Simon had been pictured leaving your place. Excellent. The rumours of you two getting back together had already begun and you were concerned as to how he’d take everything. Especially since now, he was getting all of the twitter mentions about it too.
In all honesty, a part of you was worried that this would affect him.
As you headed to your offices for a meeting of the day, you were blasted by paparazzi in front of you.
“(Y/n), (y/n) is it true that you’re back with Simon?” They question in chorus.
“What is going on with the two of you?”
However, as usual, they eventually settle down and you can genuinely answer their questions.
“Explain to us what’s happening with Simon” One of them asks, all of them holding microphones to you.
“He came round just to have a chat, I’m still friends with the other guys so we’re still in the same circles. Nothing more” You comment.
“And how do you feel about him now?”
“Simon will always be a part of my life. And I still have complete respect for everything him and the guys are doing. They’re amazing people” You smile politely.
“So there’s no hard feelings about how you two left things?”
“Of course not,” You lie, “These things just happen in relationships”
You nod and are soon led inside by one of the security members of the offices. It was for Simon’s safety that you lied. The reason why you cared? It annoyed you. After the way he treated you, his protection should be the last thing on your mind. And yet, you still told yourself that you should help him. You still respected him for sure and the more and more you thought about it, the more you realised that there would forever be a part of you that loved him too. Always.
“Simon get off me” You chuckle as he lifts you up in the lounge and tickles your sides.
“Babe I’m not letting you go until you admit how fucking incredible this is!” He laughs, holding your sides securely.
“I know it is” You squeal and he sets you down.
“You’re number 1 in the charts (y/n). Number one!” He exclaims, “That’s insane”
You smile at him and still feel a blush on your cheeks. You always did because he complimented you so much and you could never get used to it.
“So are you gonna forget all about me now you’re a big singer?” He asks, slinging his arms loosely around your waist.
“Hmm I’ll think about it. I mean I have a lot more options now you know?” You joke, hooking your arms around his neck.
“I’m honestly so proud of you babygirl” He mumbles, “but if you fucking leave me to become a WAG or some shit…” he jokingly begins.
“Hmmm can’t see it happening” You grin, pushing up onto the tips of your toes, “I love you. Always”
“Ughhh you two are so sickeningly sweet” JJ scoffs as he jogs downstairs.
Simon rolls his eyes and presses his lips longingly to yours. And in that moment, you couldn’t imagine anyone better to celebrate your success with. Not a famous singer or a footballer or an A-list celebrity could match what you had right here. Simon Minter. The guy that got far too passionate about a game of FIFA and yelled at the ref when there would never be a response. Simon Minter. Always…
~~~Real Time~~~
“(Y/n)” Your assistant calls, snapping you from your daze, “Is everything okay?”
“Ummm” You start, “I actually realised there’s something really important I have to do. Can I take a raincheck?”
“Sure” She nods, “I’ll let you know”
“Thank you so much” You smile, grabbing your jacket and heading outside to where a car was already waiting for you, “Can you take me-” You stop before the address of the new house Simon lived in fell from your lips.
Within minutes, you’ve arrived and you suddenly feel increasingly nervous. Though, even more adrenaline seemed to be pumping through your veins. You had to release what you had been thinking.
“Hey (y/n), what are-” Josh begins as he opens the door, “Are you here to see Simon?”
“Is he in?” You ask hopefully.
“Yeah he’s upstairs but are you sure about this?”
“I just need to talk to him” You respond.
“(Y/n)” Josh sighs, “Are you sure you’re thinking straight? Simon’s one of my best friends but he really hurt you”
“Josh please” You reply, “I know what I’m doing”
Josh nods and steps aside to let you up the spiral stairs to where Simon’s room was.
You knock on the door and he yells, ‘Come in’.
“What the fuck are you knocking for?” Simon laughs, turning round and clearly expecting to see one of the guys, “(y/n). Shit sorry, I thought it was Jide or something” He chuckles awkwardly, “What are you doing here?”
“I hate you” You state simply.
“Look (y/n), I get it now okay. I know I hurt you” He sighs.
“Because ever since you came round the other day I’ve felt instantly different. You had to be cute didn’t you? You had to be all sweet and remind me of how good we were together and tell me you loved me” You sigh, pacing the floor, “You couldn’t have just carried on being a dick. Because that’s what you were when we broke up. You had to turn around and be… Simon”
Simon simply sits there with a delicate smile spread on his lips.
“What are you smiling at?” You question, stopping to look at him.
“Just reminded me of that time you got reallyy passionate about that Nandos order” He chuckles.
“That could’ve killed me!” You exclaim, “I specifically asked for no nuts!”
He laughs and when you see him, you cant help but laugh too.
“Okay maybe I exaggerated a bit” You chuckle, “See this is my problem. You can say the smallest thing and it makes me forget about what you did”
“What I did was the worst mistake of my life. What I did 6 months ago. And yes I’ve counted the days because I hoped that each day would make me feel a little bit better. And then I saw a photo of you smiling or on stage and it hit me right back to being that absolute dick that was ‘afraid of commitment’.“ Simon explains.
“I don’t want this to get repetitive Simon. Coming to each others houses just to complain about how we feel” You shake your head.
“So what do you suggest?” He asks, clearly expecting to hear you say this is the last you’d see of each other.
“Do you remember when we went to the first book tour that I was with you for?” You ask him, “I stood behind the camera helping everyone through and someone asked you whether you loved me. And you looked at me and smiled and said ‘I can’t imagine loving anyone else’.”
“That hasn’t changed (y/n). I still feel exactly the same. And if you let me, I’ll spend every day of my life proving that even considering splitting up with you is the worst thing I could’ve ever done" His voice cracks once again and he stands up from his chair to look in your eyes and see the same reaction.
“You’re a prick.” You chuckle, “You know I never cry”
“You and me both” He smiles and wraps his arms around you.
Simon pulls away slightly and looks down at you, cupping your cheek in his hand before softly pressing his lips to yours.
“I know this will take time” He mumbles, “But there’s nothing past, present or future I’ll ever put in front of you (y/n)”
“Definitely looks like you just wanted to talk” Josh calls as he walks past.
“Shut up Josh” Simon rolls his eyes, resting his forehead against yours.
“Wait, what?!” Jide exclaims, “Simon’s got his babygirl back?”
“Looks like you’re being replaced Jide” Vik laughs as he walks upstairs before being chased by JJ.
You were happy to be home.

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What do you think Ford looks like when he thinks no ones watching?

his usual self but with 150% the internal monologues (which, with no one to interrupt his train of thought, just keep running) and heroic poses (within reason). occasionally enhances his actions with drama or flourish for no actual reason and while it should look ridiculous it’s just kind of impressive, actually. maybe a bit of murmured narration or spoken mental notes that he usually tones down when in company

The Med-Jack

Request: Hi, I love your work you make my day! Can you do a newtxreader where something happens making the reader think the newt likes fierce and badass girls so she trains her herself to be like them secretly but gets hurt. But newt fell in love with the reader’s kindness and innocence in the first place because she was a mad jack in the glade taking care of everyone. Fluff in the end please

Request: Hi I love your blog, can you do a newtxreader imagine where something happens making the reader think newt likes the type of girls who are tough and fierce like the ones in group b, so she secretly trains to be like the them gets hurt in the process, newt notices her injuries and explains to the reader that he fell in love with the gentle, kind, and loving medjack he met in the glade. Lots of fluff in the end please

Let’s say the Gladers stayed with the right arm for more than a day, a week perhaps. Let me know if you like this imagine!

You shot daggers with your eyes, glaring at Sonya talking- well more like bragging to Newt about how tough she was. You could hear her annoying voice saying how she ‘single-handedly took on a Griever and stabbed it until it died’.

You huffed, and to your dismay you heard Newt say, “That was incredibly brave, I know I don’t have the bloody guts for It.” as he smiled at her.

Sonya flipped her stupid blond hair. “It was nothing.”

She gave Newt a flirty look, causing you to become even redder.

You stood up, gaining a curious glance from Minho. “Aren’t you going to have dinner?” he asked.

“I’m not hungry.” You declared, walking to the tents.

It had been about a day since you and the Gladers had found the Right Arm, thanks to Thomas. Everyone else had pretty much already settled in except you. You missed the Glade.

And Alby.

And Chuck.

And Winston.

And all the other people who had died for you to get this far.

The Glade seemed like a distant memory now, although you knew it hadn’t even been a week since you last saw the place. You and the Gladers had managed to escape from the maze, only to encounter the horror which waited outside.

The new people didn’t help either, especially the girls from Group B. They were all so strong and tough, ready to take on anything. And what was worse is Newt seemed to like them, and their bad-ass personalities. You had a huge crush on Newt, but you were always unsure of his feelings towards you. You two were friends, he was the person you were the closest to in the Glade. He would always be around you, making sure you were okay, asking you if you needed anything. He wasn’t around as much since he started talking to Sonya. You held back tears.

“Y/N?” You heard someone say. You turned around to see Harriet standing by the flap. She smiled. “You’re in the wrong tent.”

You looked around and noticed that she was right; this indeed was not your tent. You were too caught up in your emotions to notice.

“Sorry.” You apologized heading out. Your eyes suddenly caught hold of the rifle that was slung over Harriet’s shoulder.

“Hey, I was wondering how you fire that.” You said, an idea forming in your brain. It, unfortunately, did not involve shooting Sonya in the head even though you wouldn’t have minded.

“This old thing?” said Harriet, patting it.

You nodded.

Harriet flung it into her hands and did a quick demonstration on how to reload and fire.

“I could teach you how to shoot if you like.” She offered.

Well that was easy. You thought. “Sure.” You played with the ends of your hair. “Let’s just keep it secret if you don’t mind.”


You spent the next few days training with Harriet. At first it was shooting and then you began to learn hand-to-hand combat moves as well. Harriet was good at it, and she showed you the best techniques.

“When fighting with an enemy, always aim for the head.” She taught. “And when someone tries to punch your stomach, and you have no way to defend yourself, exhale. Let all the air out before the hit comes. It hurts a lot less.”

You nodded, taking every piece of advice and embedding it in your mind. She was a good teacher, because by the fifth day you had improved remarkably. You weren’t as clumsy and flimsy like you were before, even though you weren’t totally out of that state.

You couldn’t wait to show Newt how bad-ass you had become. Maybe he would forget about Sonya and come back to you. You knew it sounded childish, but you were jealous. There would be nothing to be jealous about if you had Newt.

“Aim for an opening.” Harriet said. It was six in the morning, and you were practicing your moves with her. You preffered this time because most of the camp was asleep, so there was no one to question where you were.

You swung at her and she deflected your blow. “Faster.” She ordered.

You aimed for her jaw, but she side stepped causing you to stumble.

You were suddenly very annoyed. Come on. You told yourself. Just one hit.

You channelled all your anger towards your fists and you aimed at Harriet’s side.

Harriet gasped, tripping backwards, as your fist landed on the target. But as she plummeted she took you down with her. What either of you had failed to notice was the sharp rock lying on the ground just next to Harriet’s feet.

You let out a wounded cry as pain exploded on your left shoulder, the stone tearing through your skin and into your flesh as you fell on it. You screamed in agony, your vision becoming blurry.

Then, you blacked out.


You slowing willed your eyelids to open. Familiar voices surrounded you, but they seemed distant even though they were close. You caught a few words; ‘training’, ‘fighting’, ‘fell’, ‘blood’, ‘hurt’… the rest were a jumble.

You groaned.

“Y/N? Love, can you hear me?” You felt rough but gentle fingers stroking your hair.


You slowly opened you eyes.

“Y/N?” he said again. You peered up at his face.

“How do you feel?” he asked, his brows were furrowed, worry prominent in his face.

“Like shit.” You muttered, smiling slightly.

Newt chuckled, his thumb rubbing lightly against your cheek.

But his expression became serious again.

“Y/N?” You glimpsed at Harriet now by your side. “I’m sorry.” She apologized frantically. “I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have-”

“It’s okay,” you said, “Accidents happen. It’s not your fault. Most of it was me anyway.”

You attempted a weak smile.

“Looks like sleeping beauty’s awake.” Minho joked as he entered the tent you were in.

You laughed lightly but then began coughing. A doctor, a name you couldn’t recall, checked your temperature. “You’ll be fine.” She muttered.

“I know.” You replied. “I’m pretty sure that stone didn’t go too deep into my shoulder, probably only a quarter of the way, or else I would’ve needed more gauzing and I bet you’ve already put some anti-bacterial serum on, so the worst stage of the pain is gone.”

The doctor looked at you curiously.

“She was a med-jack.” explained Newt. “The best that we had.”

You smiled at him. His expression turned sombre all of a sudden. “I need to talk to her. Alone.” He addressed the rest of the people in the tent. They left without a word.

You sat up, eventhough it hurt your shoulder a lot. “Why-”

“What were you thinking?” His voice was raised, close enough to a yell. He looked at you, his eyes displaying anger, worry and hysteria.

“Newt I-”

“Secret training? Why didn’t you just tell me? If you wanted so badly to fight why didn’t you do it somewhere safer? With more professional people who don’t nearly kill you?!” his hands were cupping your face, forcing you to look at him and shaking you lightly.

“I didn’t nearly die, Newt.” You protested.

“Yeah? Well what if that bloody rock had pierced your chest instead of your shoulder? What then? What would’ve happened to you then?” he asked pleadingly.

You didn’t have anything to say.

He sighed, leaning back in his chair and closing his eyes. “I don’t understand why you suddenly needed to learn to fight. I could protect you, I could keep you safe.”

You inhaled. “I did it because of you.”

His eyes snapped open. “What do you mean?”

You bit your lip and then sighed. “It’s just; I saw how much you like Sonya and her brave and tough personality. I saw how you smiled and looked at her like she was the most amazing girl you’d ever seen when she told you how strong she was in the maze” You knew you were exaggerating a lot, but you continued. “So I asked Harriet to teach me how to fight and fire a gun. How to be tough and brave. So… so you might… so you might actually like me.”

Newt looked at you like you were insane. Maybe you were, and you turned red with embarrassment. He bent forward and placed his hand on the side of your cheek.

“Y/N, first of all, I don’t like Sonya like that. Not even by a little bit. And I did not look at her like she was the most amazing girl I’d ever seen. Because I only look at one girl that way.” You inhaled sharply and he continued, “Second of all, I do not fall in love with ‘bad-ass’ personalities, though they are okay. I fall in love with innocence and kindness and good hearted people.” He smiled suddenly. “I also have a thing for med-jacks.”

You couldn’t help but laugh by then. Newt laughed along with you.

“So, if you haven’t bloody figured it out yet,” he said leaning in closer and cupping your face. “I’m in love with you. I always have been and I always will be.”

You placed your lips on his, resting your hand on the side of his neck. You felt him kiss back and pull you closer gingerly, careful not to touch your shoulder. All your worries and stress faded away, and for once, in a long long time, you were happy.



And you looked at the smile on his face and knew he felt the same.

Baby Fever - Imagine request

Request:  Well, I really would like a mix between Kids and Mind Reader

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam, Cas (mentioned), Crowley (mentioned), Rowena (mentioned), John and Mary Winchester (mentioned).

Warnings: Pretty angsty, tbh. Plus, the Winchester’s traumas.

Word count: 2,367

A/N: I wasn’t sure what aspects of each fic I should mix, so I just went with, obviously, mind reading powers and Dean talking about babies because, as I said before, it makes me go weak on the knees. Enjoy!

Stupid witches, throwing spells like crazy and not even caring what kind of curse they’re throwing.

Sam, Dean and (Y/N) had gone hunting for a witch who, before being killed by Sam, threw a bunch of curses to the hunters. Cas had told them that the curses would last a couple of days, her magic was too powerful to vanish easily after her death so they had to hold on.

None of them was sure what kind of spell was thrown their way, however, Dean was starting to guess the one he got: Mind reading.

“Any clues, fellas?” Dean asked, handing a beer to his brother and his wife.

Yes, wife. Dean was married to a strong, stubborn hunter that he had met many years ago in a bar back in Texas. He fell immediately in love with her and so did she (although it took them a hell lot of a time to admit it) and eventually got married in Vegas after solving a case there.

“Nope.” His wife spoke. “Think, (Y/N)! There must be something off about… oh my God, that baby is so cute, why do they always pick cute babies for internet ads? They make me want to… okay, focus.” The huntress frowned and opened a new computer tab.

Definitely mind reading.

“What about you?” Dean asked his brother.

“I don’t know… I don’t feel anything weird except for a strange itch in my… There it is, again.” Sam cringed before basically running to the bathroom.

“Do you feel anything?” (Y/N) asked as Dean took his brother’s place in front of her.

“No.” He lied, taking a swig from his beer.

Why does he always look sexual when he drinks?” She thought, “I wonder if he did that same thing as a baby… Baby, I want a baby… Although, I already have one, right? Baby the Impala… She’s Dean’s baby so that makes her my baby and…”

“Babe, are you okay?” Dean furrowed his eyebrows. The girl had spaced out.

“Yes, yes… I’m just trying to figure out my curse… That’s all.” She faked a smile.

Baby fever, crap.

“Guys!” Sam called, “I think I found mine.” Dean and (Y/N) quickly stood up from their seats and walked closer to the bathroom door.

Sam opened it closely as he came out. His skin was completely red, and he looked a bit bloated. Dean and (Y/N) gasped at the image.

“Skin rash.” He stated.

“Clever bitch…” Dean muttered, “Witch…”

“Is it itchy?” (Y/N) asked.

“Very.” Sam replied. His fingers were tense; he was clearly trying to fight the urge to scratch.

“Okay, it will last a couple of days but I guess Dean and I can go to the drugstore and get you one of those creams to ease the…”

“YES.” Sam begged.


The drugstore was huge and it was full of people. Dean and you couldn’t find the cream in any of the aisles so you decided to ask the clerk.

A huge, ex-convict looking man attended you. Dean held your hand protectively as he started to speak.

“Hi, uh… We’re here for that cream that eases itch…” Dean said awkwardly, “It’s for my brother.” The man grumbled and turned around. He took a tube of cream from the cabinet behind him.

“Here.” The man said with a deep voice. “Yeah right, his brother needs it. I bet it’s for him.

“Yeah uh… We’re going to need more…” The man breathed out a heavy sigh and turned around again to grab another tube.

“Here.” He repeated. Dean gave him a sheepish smile. “Ken doll likes to exaggerate, great. One tube lasts a whole week of treatment.

“Maybe a bit more,” Dean mumbled, “he is like six feet tall and has the rash all over his body and…” The man rolled his eyes angrily. “A little help here, sweetheart.” Dean whispered at (Y/N) but she wasn’t paying attention.

Dean turned his head to look at her. Her eyes were focused on two kids who were chasing each other between the aisles.

Look at them, they’re so cute… I wonder if my kids with Dean would be this cute… Or even so, I wonder if Dean would consider having kids with me.” The curse only worked if Dean was looking at the person.

“Babe?” Dean called and (Y/N) immediately looked back at him.

“Yeah, yeah…” She nodded and got closer to the counter. “Look, my brother in law in allergic to certain plants and we went hunting yesterday and he fell and rolled over a bunch of those plants and he’s in a lot of pain.” She explained. Dean loved that she was that good at lying, she always saved their asses.

“Uh, I see.” The clerk replied. He turned around and took a big container. “This one works for those cases… It’s the same as ten cream tubes but it costs half of that.” The clerk explained.

“We’ll take that, then.” She smiled. Dean couldn’t help but to feel a little angry. Every man on Earth was nice to her, and Dean knew exactly why.

Dean paid and then they drove to the closest gas station. Dean wanted to fill Baby’s tank before they went back home that night.

(Y/N) stayed in the car as Dean filled his car. There was another car at the gas station, parallel to them. The man was filling the tank as his wife re-applied her lipstick; there were two kids on the backseat singing some Barney song.

That song again, I’m sick of it.” The man thought, making Dean cringe. “But they like it so much, how could I ask them to stop?

Look at the girl on the other car; she’s so young and beautiful…” The woman thought, finishing her lipstick and looking at (Y/N). “She doesn’t have kids and the man with her is so cute… I remember when Bob and I were like that.” Dean’s heart ached at the woman’s longing. “Now I’m old and I don’t have the same body I used to… But aren’t they worth it?” The woman turned to look back at her kids, a small smile forming on her lips as the kids repeated the song. “Yes, they’re worth it.

Dean shook his head and focused back on his car. (Y/N)’s thoughts at the drugstore, about wanting to have kids, had done something to his brain. Of course he wanted to have kids; it was part of his dream life… But growing up in the life wasn’t ideal, and he knew it better than anyone.

His eyes roamed to his girlfriend, she was looking at the kids through the mirror.

So pretty, so full of life… Those two must be so happy with their kids…” Dean looked back down at the car.

Half of him was happy that his girlfriend wanted kids, but the other side wasn’t. Sam and Dean had grown with a hunter father, and their lives were crappy as hell; not to mention the fact that they could never have a normal life with friends and a stable house and all of that. Yes, they had the bunker, but Dean was pretty sure that it was no place to grow kids.

Why are you even worried? Her thoughts are created from the witch’s curse. Wait a few days and she’ll forget about them.

Dean sighed as he finished filling Baby’s tank and he drove back to the motel.


Sam was only wearing his underwear. He was sliding an ice over his swollen skin, that being the only way to stop him from scratching. (Y/N) handed him the cream and Sam ran back to the bathroom to apply the cream.

(Y/N) and Dean cuddled on their bed as they waited for Sam.

Should I ask him? No! Of course not! What if he pushes you away? We’re married but… DIVORCE EXISTS. No, just keep it to yourself and wait for the best. Maybe he’ll be ready one day, then he’ll ask and you won’t have to scare him. Yeah, I’ll wait.” (Y/N)’s thoughts were fast and so full of desire, Dean had to look away in order to stop listening to them.

Just a curse, that’s all.

Sam went out of the bathroom covered from head to toe with the cream. He put towels on his bed and lied down, immediately falling asleep. (Y/N) fell asleep as well, and then Dean followed them.

The next morning, (Y/N) was the first to wake up. She knew her lady days were due to start that morning; therefore she ran to the bathroom before the Winchesters could wake up. She wasn’t expecting what she saw.

Not only was her hair green, but also her eyebrows, eyelashes and every other hair on her body. Even the ones that weren’t supposed to be visible were green. Worse thing is, it wasn’t a pretty green but the most hideous one she had ever seen.

She screamed at her own reflection, waking the brothers up.

Sam and Dean bursted through the bathroom door with their guns in hand. Sam still had a bit of cream unabsorbed and Dean seemed to be still asleep.

“What’s wro… Oh, crap.” Dean lowered his gun. “You’re green.”

“No shit, Sherlock!” (Y/N) shouted.

“But why are you all green?” Sam asked, tilting his head.

“Newsflash, Sammy, girls have body hair too!” Dean chuckled at her response.

“Oh, I uh… Sorry I… I’m going back to bed.” The younger Winchester said, taking his cream and getting out of the bathroom. Dean was trying not to laugh.

“This isn’t funny, Dean.” She argued.

“I know but… You look like a green version of the cookie monster.” Dean giggled.

“I’m not that hairy!” (Y/N) shouted. Dean shook his head and wrapped his hands around his girlfriend.

“Of course you’re not, I’m just joking.” He stroked her hair in a soothing way until the realization sunk down on him.

“Wait… Green hair… That’s your curse?” Dean inquired.

“Duh.” She replied.

“I thought… Crap.” His whole body shivered. The baby fever wasn’t a curse, it was an actual thing.

“What?” (Y/N) pushed him back in order to look at him directly in the eyes.

“Nothing I just…” Dean couldn’t find an excuse; he wasn’t as good as lying as his wife.

“Dean, tell me the truth now.” She commanded. Dean sighed and looked down.

“I thought the witch had cursed you with a baby fever or something like that.” Dean confessed.

“Why would you think that?” (Y/N) asked in confusion. Dean looked back up.

“She cursed me with mind reading.” (Y/N) turned pale under the green, she swallowed loudly.

“Dean I…” She didn’t know what to say. “I’m sorry… I don’t want to pressure you or anything, it’s just… I’m a woman; it’s in my nature and…” Tears started streaming down her face. Dean shook his head, wiping her tears with his thumbs.

“I know, and it’s fine.” He whispered, “I won’t leave you, I won’t divorce you… I just…”

“I know, it’s a stupid idea and I promise it will pass.” (Y/N) completed.

“It’s not that stupid… If we lived another life then I’d… We’d already have kids, but growing up in this life… It sucks.” Dean explained, his eyes were also getting watery.

“I know, I know.” She dried her tears and cleared her throat. “I get it, it’s fine… Just ignore my thoughts, they’ll eventually change. I promise.” She tried to smile, but Dean knew he had just broken his wife’s heart.

“Babe, I…” She hushed him by pressing a finger on his lips.

“I know, it’s fine.” She kicked Dean out of the bathroom, claiming that she wanted to take a shower.

Sam was sitting at the edge of his towel-covered bed. He had a disappointed look on his face.

“Don’t do that, Sam.” Dean begged, “You know it’s for the better.”

“Is it?” Sam muttered.

“Yes! Sam! You and I grew up in this life, you know how crappy it is! I won’t do that to my kids.” Dean whined.

“Our life was awful, yes. But only because dad sucks, and we didn’t have mom…” Sam insisted.

“That doesn’t change the fact that my kids would learn how to shoot a gun before they know how to spell their names.” Dean continued.

“Not because dad did that, you’re going to do the same, Dean.” Sam trembled, “You are better than him – than dad. And (Y/N)… I’m sure she won’t burn in the ceiling like mom… You two can raise kids differently than dad did… And you have me; I can help you too and…”

“Stop, Sam.” Dean begged, a tear spilling from his face.

“I’m just saying, our life doesn’t have to be your kid’s lives too.”  Sam stated.

“Would you… Would you have kids? I mean if you were me?” Dean whispered, looking down.

“Yes.” Sam answered. Dean looked back up to his brother. “We are stable now. The bunker is big and safe enough to have children there… There’s a small school nearby where they can go… We also have Cas and… I don’t know, man. Things are different now from how they were when we were kids.” Dean nodded and sat beside his brother.

“Do you really think I will be a good father?” The older hunter asked and Sam chuckled.

“No doubt of it… You did a pretty good job with me.” Dean smiled a little.

“Yeah… I’m good with kids and (Y/N)… She will be a great mom and they will have you and Cas to take care of them too and…” Dean had started to smile bigger and bigger with each word.

“It’s going to be great.” Sam finished.


Thankfully, Dean decided to have kids. Turns out, (Y/N) was already pregnant; her hormones were the ones to cause the baby fever.

Their kids grew happily in the bunker, their life turned out better than the Winchesters. They had a lovely mom and dad, two caring uncles from which one was an angel; the king of hell and his witch mother would spoil rotten them whenever they were around… It was the greatest life a kid with hunter parents could ask for.

A bit of how I feel

To be in constant interactions with people who may know a little bit more than what the general public knows is, fun.

Along the way you will see who lies, you will see how they lie to make their stories believable, you will see how different these stories are. All are according to what that person believes in.

Even if I know that they exaggerate or that they make up stories or that maybe they are just another person that is tricked into believing- I still listen to them, because the gist is important rather than taking the whole thing as it is.

Along the way, it made me realize a few things too.

I take into consideration also what both Chanyeol and Baekhyun do onstage or when in public places. I like observing them. Really. That’s all I ever did in EXOluxion and EXOrdium. 😅😂 Nevertheless I enjoyed the concerts.

The more I observe and the more I ask around, I slowly enjoy the ship less. Not because they are not real but its because I am starting to see how ‘real’ they are. That every moment they do I can’t seem to enjoy it as much as I did before because I am so used to it, and also because I ask around.

In exchange of such realization is the sense of fun being a shipper. I regretted it at first, I can’t enjoy the ship like I used to but at the same time I feel calm. That kind of calm that says, “They are doing it again, I am glad.” Or like “They are having fun again.” And it goes without any excitement. If anything I am more excited on seeing it really happen- pictures and videos and all that rather than that excitement of just knowing what happened.

I am happy. I am calm.

I am not a shipper anymore but a supporter.



Gin expression sheets from April 2016. A lot of his expressions are exaggerations of faces pulled by adolescent children in reference photos I found. Gin is essentially a kid in canon, so I wanted his expressions to be a little bit childish. His angry face is very exaggerated, complete with bushy eyebrows, to turn his typically malleable and round face less squishy, more severe, and maybe a little creepy.

The Easy Way (Part 16) - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine


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summary: filler chapter, violence


let me know what you think! my messages and inbox are always open, and i respond to everything :-)

word count: 847

Cyndie helped you move quickly towards a house, but you fought against her. 

“No, I can’t. I have to fight,” you mumbled, your words slurring as your vision grew blurrier. 

Cyndie scoffed and chuckled, shaking her head. “Come on, hun.”

“No! You don’t understand! My people are back there, and they are fighting! I need to make sure they’re okay,” you frantically complained. Rick looked like he was in a rough position, and you weren’t ready for him to be killed. 

The sound of guns going off was becoming more and more sporadic as ammo began to run out. The fighting was mostly hand-to-hand, blade-to-blade, or somewhere in between the two. The Saviors outnumbered Alexandria, three to one at least, but your group was tough, and you had a good feeling that Alexandria was going to be okay. Negan was gone–really gone, but that was the easy part. 

Your feet began to stumble over each other, and your headache was pounding harder than you thought was possible. Cyndie had given up trying to fight against you. 

“Who are we saving first?” Cyndie asked, holding you up by your shoulders. You refused to stop moving towards Rick, knowing he was your best shot at reviving what little hope was left. You didn’t know where anyone else was, and you weren’t really sure what else to do. 

The amount of Saviors surrounding Rick had drastically decreased, due to the fact that Maggie had begun taking them out left and right. There was something about these Saviors… Their limits were really hard to understand. They didn’t seem to enjoy hurting women, but children were okay to rough up a bit, and men were completely expendable. 

Maggie was so damn strong, even though she was a ways into her pregnancy. You hoped that one day, her child would look at you the way you look at her. That’s all you could do for her kid; be the example to them that Maggie was to you. 

Her strength and unshaken willingness to fight for her people is what really pushed you to let go of Cyndie and fight for Rick. You unsheathed your knife, plunging it into the skulls of two unsuspecting Saviors, Cyndie following your lead.

You didn’t really have time to wonder who Cyndie was or where she came from. All you knew was that she was against Negan, and for now, that was good enough. 

There were only a few men left by the time you, Maggie, and Cyndie reached Rick. When you first saw him, he was yelling something while pushing Rick’s face into the rocky gravel. The second he noticed his men tearing off, he held a gun to Rick’s head. Saviors ran behind the three of you, a knife held to beneath your chin and guns to Maggie’s and Cyndie’s heads. 

“Here’s how this works,” a fifth man declared. “We’re gonna take all your shit, kill whoever we want, and take whoever we want. If any of you have any complaints, save ‘em. You say a single word, and we’ll kill Rick and take the three of you back for ourselves.”

You panted intensely, your headache finally catching up with you. You squinted your eyes shut, wishing you had the strength to rub your temples with your fingertips like Carl did for you. You didn’t know if you were going to be okay, but you knew you had to keep fighting for Carl. He was there, fighting somewhere. 

“You know, you’re a pretty girl. It’s a shame you look like you’ve been beat to shit,” the leading man remarked, sauntering over to you and holding your chin between his thumb and forefinger. “Mm, what I would do to get a piece of you. So young… So sweet.”

You refused to open your eyes, unsure if you could handle the headache and the oncoming nausea. 

“I bet you’d just love that. Wouldn’t you, hun?” he teased. His face was so close to yours, you could feel his breath on your face. Without warning, you vomited on him. You jerked your head forward in the process, scraping your neck against the knife. You were sliced a little beneath your chin, but there wasn’t much blood, and the cut wasn’t deep at all. 

“Oh, fuck!” he yelled, wiping his face with the back of his hand. The man behind you loosened his hold on you, and that’s when you got an idea. 

“I-I really don’t feel well,” you whined, exaggerating quite a bit. Maybe if these men thought you were really ill, they would go easier on you. “I feel like I’m gonna be sick.”

The man behind you chuckled. “You really think a little puke is gonna scare me? Honey, you gotta try harder than that.”

Maggie was staring intensely at Rick, who seemed to be absolutely unfazed by the man on top of him. Her breaths slowed, and she closed her eyes, before muttering out, “I’m pregnant.”

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My Boyfriend Sucks - Joe Sugg Imagine

Request: Hey could you do one where you are a acting student but also a YouTuber and getting really stressed and anxious with the work load but when your boyfriend joe finds out he offers to help and just makes you smile

Here you go! 

“And scene!” your director yelled. You immediately dropped your pose took a deep breath. It had been a grueling 6 hour rehearsal for your semester showcase, every acting student had to act in a semester showcase, and your performance was just over 3 weeks away. You’d run through the show 4 times today and now you were exhausted. The show was far from perfect, and every time you ran through the show there seemed to be a new mistake. 

“I hope we can fix that fight scene, it still looks so choppy!” your cast mate Jess remarked as you were leaving the building. 

“ugh same” you replied, “I also need to figure out my monologue! I can’t seem to remember it!” 

The two of you kept comparing notes as you walked out to your respective ubers. Soon you got home, and were met with an empty fridge and a full to-do list. The biggest item on your list (which included food shopping) was to film and upload your weekly video for your YouTube channel. You had been planning on uploading a new sketch this week as a collab with your friend Mikey Pearce but he had to postpone his upload so it was back to the drawing board to find a new idea. 

The frustration began to take over as you thought of all the things you needed to do tonight. You needed to find something to eat, work on memorizing your monologue, think of a video idea, film the video, edit the video, upload the video, and get to bed at a reasonable time so you weren’t tired for your rehearsal tomorrow. In the midst of your frustration session, your phone began to ring. 

Without even looking at the caller ID you answered, with a glum “hello”. 

“Hi babe!” your boyfriend and fellow youtuber Joe Sugg replied. “I just wanted to see if you fancied dinner and a night out with the boys tonight? I feel like I haven’t seen you in forevaaaaaaa.” 

You chucked at his exaggeration – as you had seen him just a few days ago for dinner. “As much as I’d love to, I have a million things to do tonight, so I’ll have to pass.” 

“Well maybe I can help you!” your sweet boyfriend replied. “What do you need to do?” 

After you listed off your the things you needed to get done, Joe decided that he was going to come over with some food and help you film a video. 


After a wonderful meal that helped you de-stress a little bit, it was time to film your video for this week. Joe listed off a lot of great ideas but none of them seemed to catch your interest. Plus you still needed to work on your monologue, so it needed to be easy to edit. 

While you were in the kitchen cleaning up from dinner, Joe yelled out with excitement. “I have a way to help you memorize your thingy –” 

“My monologue?”

“Ya that thing! And also film a video!” 

You were intrigued, so you made your way over to where your excited little boyfriend was jumping up and down on the sofa. 

“Ok so what if we do a video called ‘My boyfriend sucks’ where its just you trying to memorize your mono thingy” 

“Joe its a monologue, just a speech. Its not that difficult to say!” 

“Ya whatever. So your trying to memorize your monologue and I just do whatever I can to distract you! that way you can practice and be ready for anything the stage throws at you!” He finished and sat down looking mighty proud of himself. 

It wasn’t a bad idea, you thought. It’d be funny and original, plus it would be easy to edit! 

“Ok lets do it!” you replied happily. 

“I love it!” you exclaimed as you finished watching the final cut of your video. It had taken you just over an hour and a half to film and edit the video, and Joe cleaned up all the eggs and whipped cream he had used to try and distract you. 

“It really is funny” Joe agreed, beaming down at you. 

“Thanks again for the idea, and helping film it, and cleaning up. Oh and for the food too!” you laughed. 

“No problem.” he replied ‘As long as I get a link in the description! And tickets to your show!” he said, smiling. 

You smiled back at him and pulled him in for a hug as you said “Of course. And just so you know, you don’t suck. I’m pretty sure you’re the best boyfriend on the face of this planet” 

The End! I hope y’all liked it! Remember to like, follow, and request for more! 


anonymous asked:

I don't want to sound harsh but your akaashi seems too excitable and too exaggerated, maybe it's just my preference..... but I think it's a bit weird to see him express emotion so freely? like the point of him being stoic is so when he shows more emotion - it makes an impact, making him act super exaggerated takes away from that... if that makes sense? ;___;

i understand where youre coming from and i agree with you. most of the moments i draw with akaashi and bokuto are private moments the two of them share. moments where he thinks no one is looking, no one is paying attention. and its like, idk if u read the manga or not, but akaashi is SUPER expressive. he’s always making a face, disgruntled or otherwise. tbh idk if i’d call that stoic. i totally think that akaashi would LIKE to be seen as stoic but idk. ur right, it’s all up to preference 

Studying for finals
  • *eyes papers and then untidy room*
  • me: I should tidy up first
  • *puts on music and sings along*
  • *puts laundry in washing machine*
  • *does the dishes*
  • *cleans the kitchen*
  • *folds up clothes*
  • *changes bedsheet*
  • *moves stuff from floor*
  • *vacuums room*
  • *desperately looks for another reason to procrastinate*
  • *writes tumblr post about this*

anonymous asked:

Hi, so I want to start writing smut.... and I have written one. But when I started writing ut I just got akward and I didn't turn oit weary great. Do you have any tips?

Firstly, congrats on writing your first smut!

Secondly, I always find it so hard to write smut especially if I’m writing it so often like I am lately, because I think they always turn out the same and then I’m like “that’s boring” but one thing I try to do, I try to write smut based on what I’ve experienced. Obviously, if you’re under the age limit; ignore this tip!
Most of the smut I wrote, I’ve actually experienced (maybe a bit more exaggerated but sure, we all like to spice things up a little bit!)

As well, if you’re writing smut; write it all in ONE period, don’t start and stop, and start another day because then it cuts it up a little and readers can notice it (sometimes); one part is really rough, the next is soft and sweet, things like that. But once you get going, you kind of get into a flow, you know? It’s like you’re pouring a bucket and all the water just goes onto the pavement.

I don’t think I’m that great at writing smut, I do get awkward writing it but I also read A LOT of smut, and I get ideas and phrases from other imagines in the Teen Wolf fandom and other fandoms. We’re all here to share and chat with one another.

If you ever want me to read an imagine you write, and let you know what I think, then by any means, just DM me and I’ll check it out❤️

I really hope this helped, I’m not a great smut writer but I do try❤️

Better With You By My Side

prompt: Dan and Phil are both sons of rich families and are sent to ballroom dancing lessons. Because there is a shortage of girls, Dan and Phil end up as partners. Phil really doesn’t want to be there and Dan doesn’t either, but is so frustrated by the fact Phil doesn’t want to dance with him he is determined to get him to.

a/n: shits goin doWN i think phil’s side of the story is kinda important so i hope this gives you a lil background on where he’s at atm cause i don’t really want him to be a completely 2D character when dan’s got all his friends adn   u get the idea ok i hope this is ok aLSO A HUGE SHOUTOUT TO SITS-WITH-CATS CAUSE THIS TWIST IN STORYLINE WAS INSPIRED BY HER SO THANK U SO SO MUCH 



Chapter Eleven

Despite having had enough experience, Phil’s never been good at being the'new kid.’

He’d made some friends, sure. Besides Victoria, who shared a common ground of starting Fernhaven on the same day as him, his friendship group hadn’t exactly expanded beyond the cluster of stoners and crazy art-lovers with a passion for cigarettes and spray paint, who tend to spend more time sharing a spliff behind the Maths block than in any lessons, just out of the picture of the furthest CCTV camera.

They’re some people, at least. Probably the only group of people in the school he’d be willing to get along with, if he’s honest. But he’s still unsure as to whether he can draw the line dividing ‘people to eat lunch with’ and 'actual friends.’ He wonders which side they’d put him on.

He’s certain about which side Victoria would put him on, though.

“Hey.” She catches his eye as he shuts his locker door, turning around and leaning against the metal cupboards, the coolness feeling somewhat good against the skin of his back.

“Hiya.” He sighs, blinking tiredly. He hadn’t even kept track of what time he’d got to sleep last night; all he knows is that the orange glow of the sunrise had begun streaming through his curtains just as he’d manage to finally drift off to sleep after the early hours of the morning had been taken up by vicious overthinking. He really doesn’t know why he’s even here, to be honest; with parents whom he only has to say so much as 'my head hurts’ in order for a potential day off school, the idea of being curled up in bed watching the Breakfast Club sounds painfully more appealing right now than the idea of traipsing to Geography.

“You alright?” She furrows her dark eyebrows at Phil’s appearance, and he realises it’s obviously just as noticeable as he’d hoped it wasn’t.

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Bruised Wrists

A short fanfiction inspired by and (partially) based on this awesome post by @bmp-slbp-matchup

Katakura Kojuro x MC (Yui)

angst, physical abuse, romance 

Three months. Every morning it became harder to get up than the last. Every time my hand automatically reached to the other side of the bedding, just to find it cold and empty, it hurt a little more. Only my desire to protect Masamune got me moving. They say time is supposed to heal all wounds, but for me, time only made it more painful. There was no place without any memories of her, her smile, her laugh, her red cheeks when I complimented her. She’s gone.

I sat up in the bedding and looked around my as always messy room. I had tried to keep it clean to make her proud and able to smile upon me from where ever she now was. But if I were honest with myself, it only had gotten worse.

She still was the reason which kept me in line. Yui would have been hurt if I had neglected my duties because of her. She always got depressed when something happened to Masamune, and she thought it was because I was with her and not my Lord. Like the one time Masamune was shot, and she had tried to leave me out of guilt. Always ready to sacrifice herself for my well-being.  
With a groan, I got up to search for some of the clothing which were lying around on the floor. After finding some clean ones, I got dressed and made my way up to the castle. Without breakfast.

As I walked through the front gate, some of the other retainers turned towards me, but none dared to greet me, let alone talk. I always had the reputation to be strict and reserved, but ever since the attack it had gotten even worse, I know that myself. I could hear them start whispering when they thought I am far enough away, so I won’t catch them. Gossip wasn’t anything new in Yonezawa, and I couldn’t have cared less about them talking about me, saying I never smile or laugh anymore or being even stricter and harder while training the troops. Ignoring them completely I walked towards my office with a brisk pace.

My work proceeded without any interruptions until the late afternoon when Shiro stood in front of my door. “Lord Kojuro?”
“Come in.” The sliding door opened with nearly no sound, and Shiro stepped into the room with a small bow. “Lord Masamune requests your presence in his personal chambers.”
“I will be there right away.” I gave Shiro a short nod, and with a final bow, he left me alone again.

When I arrived at Masamune’s chambers, Shigezane was already there. They both looked towards me when I entered the room, Shigezane with a bright smile and Masamune with his usual collected look. “A clan full of lowlifes wants to make trouble.”, Explained Shigezane after I had taken my seat, handing over some documents. I took them and skimmed over them.

They’re over a clan at the border of the Date-territory. We were watching them for some time now. Our scouts had reported worrying behaviour, such as troop and resource gathering. I knew all the reports. They’d caught my interest when some possible indications were found which suggested actions against us. Among other incidences also the attack on Yonezawa a couple of months ago. The attack where… she… No, not now! I have to concentrate. All the trails had led into nothing, but we still decided to continue to observe them.

I looked up to face Masamune who begun to speak for the first time since I had entered the room. “They are planning something.”
“Agreed.” I replied, Shigezane nodded too.
“I want to send someone to them before they turn hostile. Maybe so, we can avoid unwanted battles.” Silence fell over the room for a moment.
“I guess, that someone is me?” Masamune seemed strangely uncomfortable about the question. Shigezane, however, smiled just as bright as ever. “Tell me old man, who of us has the outstanding negotiation skills?” Now it was my turn for the troubled look.
“Should I really go? Who will stay at Masamune’s side when I’m gone?” With that question, Masamune’s look changed from uncomfortable to exasperated. “I really can take care of myself. You don’t have to follow me everywhere. I get it, you’re worried about me, but it’s getting… too much.”

I overthought his words. I’ve always been protective when it came to Masamune. But when I thought back to the last couple of months, he might have been right that I had exaggerated a little. I sigh. “I admit, I maybe have been a bit overprotective. But still…”
“Maybe, a bit?!” Masamune interrupted me looking aghast.
Shigezane laughed at our bickering.  "If you feel better, I can stay at Yonezawa until you’re back.“ With that, we started to discuss the details for my mission.

When I got home, it was already late at night. Even though I was tired, I had to pack because we were leaving tomorrow morning. After finish packing, I changed into my sleeping robes, let my clothes fall to the ground. But after a second I thought better of it. “Yui will be angry if she sees….” I stopped in the middle of my movement. A dull pain was rising in my heart. “She won’t. ” I let the bunch of clothes fall to the floor once again. 

We visited them under the pretext to simply check how the clans at our border are doing. We stayed three days, negotiating over some trading route. We heard around, trying to find anything suspicious. But we still could see that something was going on. They sure had gathered some recourses, but whenever I tried to push the conversation into that direction they came up with an excuse or changed the topic. I was unwilling to give up. But we couldn’t stay any longer without arousing, even more, suspicion. So we spend the nights in the inn of a nearby town.

Some days later we finally got luck. We heard a rumour that preparations for visitors were made in the castle. So I send someone in to check if that gossip was true. And it was. We weren’t able to figure out who was coming, but I was sure it wasn’t anyone good. It took us some time to figure out a plan to infiltrate this meeting. It was a simple one, but these are often the ones who work the best.

Two of my fellows and I were hiding in the shadows in the near of the gate. The visitors were late, and our legs started to get numb from the crouched position. Hours after the sun had set they were marching down the road at last. It was a dark cloudy night, and it was probably going to rain later. When the last of the guards were about to pass us, we slipped out of the shadows, covered their mouths with clothes and pulled them back with us into the woods. Just when the last one of them stopped struggling, and I wanted to sigh out of relief, we heard a voice from the road. “Hey men, what’s going on? Where the hell are you? The boss will be furious if he finds out, you guys slipped away.”

The rough voice of the guard came nearer, and I could see my man starting to panic. If he would shout a warning, our whole plan was going to fall to pieces. I signalled them with a calming gesture of my hand to stay down. I leant into the shadow a bit further pressing myself against the tree I was hiding behind. The steps were now directly on the other side of the stem. “Are you there?” My plan to surprise him was ruined by a cloud moving and exposing the moon. The light was caught by the armour of the unconscious man at my feet.

“What the …?” The guard saw it too, drawing his sword. He sneaked around the tree and spotted me. He raised his sword for blow. I ducked under his arm away, and with a well-setted punch, I knocked his blade out of his hand. He turned around, trying to hit me with his elbow. I managed to evade the attack but got him enough time to draw a short dagger out of his belt with which he now aimed me again. He threw himself upon me which send me laying on the floor, with him on top of me. When he attempted to stab me in the face, I pushed his arm aside, sending his blade into the dirt where it got stuck. While he was trying to pull it out, I struck him to the ground next to me. Now I was on top of him and gave him a good punch against his temple, so he was just as conscienceless as his friends.

“What a mess.” I stood up looking at my scratched knuckles. Luckily the rest of the mysterious visitors didn’t notice our little fight in the woods. “Alright, let’s get changed.” Disguised in the armour of the guards we caught up with the group. So far, so good.

Everything went fine. We didn’t blow our cover and got into the castle. We also found out who the ominous visitors were. They were from a group of rebels which wanted to get rid of the Date clan. We sat somewhere in the back with a couple of the other retainers, trying to listen to the exchange in the front of the main hall. The few scraps of the conversation we were able to pick up, let us assumed that they were working together for some time now. I looked around, realising that none of the watchman nor the maids were the same as when we were visiting. Makes sense. It was much easier to hide something if none of the servants knew the whole story.

Just as I thought that we got pretty much all the information we needed, I noticed that the hand which was pouring my sake shook. Taking a closer look, the hand was clearly the one of a woman, but it was unnatural bony, and her wrist was also bruised. “You okay, Miss?”, I couldn’t help but ask. But when I looked up to her face, she hurriedly turned away. But that was more than enough. Even with her hair cut short and her cheek discoloured with a contusion.

My indifferent expression which I kept up the whole evening fell and was replaced but pure disbelieve. My precious girl. I let my eyes scan her body. But with every look, the sick feeling inside my stomach only got worse. She was way too skinny nearly looking anorexic. Not only her wrists but also her neck were covered in bruises. I wasn’t that stupid to actual need that many signs to understand what was going on. She was a captive, obviously abused and forced to work. She turned to face me again but when she saw my dark expression she anxiously glanced over to the guards. Looking back to me she weakly shook her head, but the fact that she couldn’t keep the tears from rolling down her pale cheeks stole the last bit of my calm control. My men, starting to recognise the woman in our middle, staring at her baffled. But I already was on my feet. Drawing my sword.

The fight was a tough one. We had the surprise moment, but we were outnumbered from the very beginning, and the enemies just kept coming. Our advantage was that not the whole hall immediately understood what was going on and the moment everyone figured out there was a fight, panic broke out. Maids fled screaming from the danger, tripping over themselves, blocking the entrances. We formed a circle to protect each other’s back. My anger and determination kept me fighting, putting out one after another. We were fighting for some time and most of the higher lords fled already, when suddenly my comrade on my left side screamed in pain. I turned to him, seeing his sword arm drenched in blood. My inattention nearly got me injured too, but I was able to block the attack at the last moment. With one of us not fully able to fight we got into trouble pretty fast. Just as I started to panic, I heard shouts and the sound of metal clash together from one of the grand entrances. The rest of my troop, waiting in the forest for our return, had noted what was going on inside the castle came to our rescue. We had luck. A lot of it.

Afterwards, I had to confess that it had been utterly thoughtless to start a fight like that. The floor was covered in bodies and blood, but I paid it no mind. I looked around us, searching for that one special face. Hearing that the fight was over, Yui came out of her hiding place and glanced around the main hall, spotting me she dashed towards me and threw herself into my open arms. “Kojuro!” I pressed her a bit more to my chest. “My precious, precious girl…” Clinging to me, she sobbed my name again against my shoulder. And with that sound of my name, even though it was muffled and her voice hoarse, my heart finally started to heal. “It’s okay, we are going home. Together.”

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Here is the promised Epilogue!

Zutara Week 1- Dragons

During their bedtime stories, Zuko once again learns that firebending is not just destructive, but can bring joy and light. He makes the fiery dragon dance for Hanabi’s amusement. Katara relishes in reliving their adventures when she tells their daughter about them (and maybe exaggerating just a little bit…)

Sorry, this is super crappy and hurried but I did want to submit something because I really want to participate in ZK week. (The longer I look at it the more I hate it, so I’ll just throw it out there before I chicken out.)

I have sketches for all prompts, but I have a dragon of my own to face this week so I hope I’ll manage to upload them. Probably won’t have access to a scanner or Photoshop in the next few days. In the worst case I’ll just upload a phone picture of my sketch- I’ll work them out later, for now I just want to prove that I do participate!

Prepare for lots of Mom!tara and Dad!ko with my OC steambaby Hanabi, because they give me feels.

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More mute!Dick AU! :) How about them going on a date and they run into some friends? I kind of want to see how the couple interact with others (like fam and friends and stuff).

The amount of love you guys have for this AU warms my heart. It’s such a fun thing to write and I’m glad you guys enjoy it too!

Love Language

Despite the fact that they were sitting across from each other in a booth, Jason wanted nothing more than to pull Dick into his arms. The warm lighting of the restaurant was illuminating Dick’s face and he kept looking at Jason with this tiny appreciative smile on his face and this sparkle in his eyes. Jason couldn’t help but grin back. It was their anniversary and he had done a great job. 

They were at Dick’s favorite restaurant and they’d just finished their meal. Jason was excited to take Dick home and pepper his whole body with kisses. 

“Would you two like any dessert?” 

Jason looked at Dick who tapped his chin and then scrunched his nose and shook his head. Dick’s mannerisms became a little bit more exaggerated when they were talking to strangers. 

“Yeah, I think we’re good,” Jason said as he handed the waiter his credit card. When the waiter was gone, Jason looked at Dick. 

“I was thinking maybe we could go to that ice cream place that you really like,” Jason said. “Share a split with me before I get you in splits tonight?”

Dick smacked his hand playfully from across the table and then he gave Jason’s hands an affirmative squeeze. 

They walked hand and hand to the ice cream shop, but when they got there, Jason had to hide his sigh. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Dick’s friends, but it was their anniversary and Jason had been hoping he’d have Dick to himself for the night. 

Wally rushed out of the restaurant to greet Dick and Jason did his best to ignore the pointed looks Wally gave him. A lot of Dick’s friends still didn’t like Jason after he’d come back to Gotham. He’d been dragged away from Dick at events and parties on more than one occasion, even after Dick had become his boyfriend. 

Dick shot him a quick apologetic look as Wally threw his arm over Dick’s shoulder and did his best to drag Dick away from Jason. Dick kept their hands linked and pulled Jason behind him. 

They sat down in one of the booths and Jason was lucky enough to be squeezed in next to Dick, who immediately started stroking Jason’s arms with gentle fingers. It was an apology and a calming action all in one as Dick leaned his head on Jason’s shoulder, letting the table know they were a couple. 

“So,” Donna asked them. “You two aren’t out doing your usual thing tonight.”

“Nope,” Jason said. “It’s our anniversary tonight.”

Dick held up two fingers, glowing with how happy he was to announce the date. Jason didn’t know exactly how long they had been going out, but one day after moving in with Dick, he realized they’d been together for a year. Not just fighting and sleeping with each other, but actually dating. It had taken some work, but Jason had realized they’d gotten together and talked about things the night a big case had closed. Soon, Jason had a date, and he’d surprised Dick with dinner and a spectacular night in bed. 

Here they were again, a year later, still discovering things about each other. 

Jason ordered a banana split for them to share and upon Dick’s insistence, he also ordered a rootbeer float for them. 

“Two years,” Wally said. “That’s pretty impressive for both of you.” There was a level of condescension in Wally’s voice that made Dick and Jason both stiffen. Now it was Jason’s turn to rub Dick’s knee as his leg started jiggling. When Dick was nervous or anxious, he had to move to get out the excess energy. 

Jason knew Dick’s face was probably showing his slight discomfort but Jason still pitched in with a, “Was that really necessary, Wally? Two years is just how long we’ve officially been together. We’d been doing things for months before that.”

Dick looked at him, something that would look slightly annoyed to his friends but Jason saw the embarrassment in the slight flush on Dick’s neck, but the amusement in his eyes and the way his mouth pinched when he was trying to hide a smile. 

“Sorry, Pretty Bird,” Jason said as he rubbed their noses together in an eskimo kiss. “You know how I get.” 

Dick sighed softly and gave Jason’s lips a quick peck. 

Things were a bit calmer at the table after that. Artemis and Gar joining them. It felt like a Teen Titans reunion where Jason was wholly unwelcome, but he was able to deal with it by exchanging small looks and touches with Dick while eating their banana split.  

At one point, Dick did something that made Jason laugh and everyone at the table turned and looked at them. 

“Wait,” Wally said. “Are you guys having a separate conversation right now?”

Dick shrugged and Jason swallowed his spoonful of ice cream. “We always do that,” Jason said, sharing a look with Dick. 

“It’s so weird,” Gar commented. “It’s like the two of you have some secret love language or something.”

“I mean, yeah,” Jason said. “We kind of do.”

Dick polished off the last bite of the banana split and tapped Jason’s knee twice. 

“I think we’re going to head out and finish celebrating our anniversary together,” Jason said as he slid out of the booth, wrapping Dick up in his arms when Dick was standing again. Dick leaned into him and Jason buried his nose in Dick’s hair. 

Dick waved goodbye as he gentle pulled himself from Jason’s grip and they left the ice cream shop. 

“I guess we do have our own little love language, don’t we?” Jason asked. Dick nodded. 

“You know, I used to be jealous because you and Bruce can communicate so well, but I guess I have something with you that he can’t.” 

When they got to their apartment, Jason pressed Dick against the door and kissed him eagerly, tasting the chocolate on Dick’s tongue until it had faded and the only flavor left was the familiar taste Jason had fallen in love with. Dick wrapped his legs around Jason’s waist and squeezed it. 

“Alright, alright,” Jason said, grinning as he carried Dick to the bedroom. “How much do you want to bet I can make you moan again tonight?”

Dick sighed and playfully tapped Jason’s shoulder, but his body stayed relaxed. Yeah, Jason had a pretty good chance.