maybe i exaggerated a little bit

  • me when i'm not watching brooklyn nine-nine: i think i over-exaggerate my love for this show. it's probably not as good as i think it is. maybe i should rein it in a little bit.
  • me watching brooklyn nine-nine: this is the single most important show to ever be on television. no show will ever surpass it's greatness. i'm in awe of how hilarious and perfect it is at all times. we are truly blessed to experience this show in its prime.

Zutara Week 1- Dragons

During their bedtime stories, Zuko once again learns that firebending is not just destructive, but can bring joy and light. He makes the fiery dragon dance for Hanabi’s amusement. Katara relishes in reliving their adventures when she tells their daughter about them (and maybe exaggerating just a little bit…)

Sorry, this is super crappy and hurried but I did want to submit something because I really want to participate in ZK week. (The longer I look at it the more I hate it, so I’ll just throw it out there before I chicken out.)

I have sketches for all prompts, but I have a dragon of my own to face this week so I hope I’ll manage to upload them. Probably won’t have access to a scanner or Photoshop in the next few days. In the worst case I’ll just upload a phone picture of my sketch- I’ll work them out later, for now I just want to prove that I do participate!

Prepare for lots of Mom!tara and Dad!ko with my OC steambaby Hanabi, because they give me feels.


Spot the differences!

IM NOT EXAGGERATING (ok maybe a little bit but it’s for a good cause)

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A little alien and a lot more alien… Both up for adoption.

Soooo I really wanted a hot alien guy for my hood. Maybe a little bit of mean in the face, interesting hair…
So I made Zaphix. But then I thought, he is just a Sim - hot though he may be - there isn’t a lot of alien in the face. So then I edited him further to add in some more alien/exaggerated features. The ZaphixAlienPlus package has larger, tilted eyes; more pronounced, higher cheekbones; a longer face, and more sunken cheeks.

Pick your poison! Either way he’s pretty hot! [/shallow]

Zaphix - Alien (pic 1) - DOWNLOAD

Zaphix - AlienPlus (pic 2) - DOWNLOAD

B.A.P Reaction When Their Significant Other Accidentally Hits Them in the Crotch

Understood ;3


*Takes a deep breath and tries to wait for the pain to stop. Probably giggles because let’s be honest, Yongguk would do that. He’d try to ensure you everything is fine*
“I’ll be ok, don’t worry about it…”


*Dies inside a little bit*
“What did I do to deserve this!? You can do anything but hit it, ok?”


“I WILL HAVE REVENGE. God I just hope I’ll be able to have my 7 children!”


“I just wish you felt my pain now”


*Tries to brush it off, but the pain stays for a while, calms you down whenever you apologize*
“I will be ok, you don’t need to worry about my… me”


*Falls in pain*


A very quick, very rough, non well explained thing of tips for more dynamic drawings. I would totally do way more if I had the patience, but here’s some written tips:

  1. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate and experiment with poses and expressions. It’s okay for them to be unrealistic sometimes. Maybe you’ll end up with something a little weird, but it’s part of the learning process. 
  2. Cuuuuuurve your liiiiines. Bones are somewhat straight, but it makes for pretty uninteresting drawings. Curved lines, rounded shapes- organic lines for organic things, basically. It’s nice to pair the curved lines with a straight line on the opposite edge, though, since it makes it stand out a bit more. 
  3. Line weights are very important. Thicker lines where things are bunched together- folds, bends, the ends of a curve, shadowed areas, etc. Thinner lines where there’s small details, lots of open space, etc. This can help show tension, lighting, dimension, etc. It’s a lot more interesting than a bunch of lines that all look the same. 
  4. You don’t always need to close everything off, or draw in every detail. Sometimes, leaving things open is a good thing. It helps draw the eye through a drawing- in one gap and out the other. This is especially useful in areas that strong light may be hitting! 
  5. Let things overlap. Very important, but it can take a while to get the hang of. 
  6. Draw from references and life as often as possible while you’re learning. I used to not have access to live models,  but we do this every friday now in one of my classes- and the difference it’s made in my classmate’s and I’s work in just one semester is astounding. Gesture drawings are extremely helpful. 
  7. You’re art probably isn’t as stiff as you think it is. I ALWAYS worry that mine’s too stiff, that the poses aren’t right, etc etc- but I’ve realized that a lot of that is that I’m looking at my own stuff. And hey- it’s also always good to know where you need to improve. 

There’s probably a million other tips I could give- but that’s what I got for now. I’ll definitely make a better one of these when my tablet isn’t about to kick the bucket!

Thank you teatimeismytime for being patient with me!

Preference: When you’re sick


Dean doesn’t like to see you in bed all day just sneezing and coughing, he wants to make you feel better but he doesn’t know how.

He walks to your bedroom and knocks on the door.

“Can I?” he asks in a low voice, maybe you’re sleeping.

“Come in” you answer, sitting in your bed, tired of being lying.

“Hey” he says with a soft smile when he approaches your bed “How are you feeling” He puts his hand on your forehead. “It seems that fever has dropped”

“Yes… I’m feeling a little bit better” you say before coughing. “But it’s still feeling like crap”

“You’re always so exaggerated” he laughs

“Thanks for your words of support, Dean” you say with an ironic smile.

“Come on, I’m gonna make your boredom disappears” Before you can say anything he’s carrying you in bride style to the living room.

“What are you doing Dean?”

“Are you leaving me to surprise you? Thanks” You can’t help but laugh because his angry face.

“Sorry, sorry” He leave you in the sofa before approaching the TV.

“Do you remember…” He starts looking at you with a smirk, a competitive one “That game where you cheated and won me?” you laugh.

“Are you serious Dean? It was four months ago!”

“Well” he shrugs “It’s time for payback, don’t you think?”

“You are worse than a child, Winchester” You say asking for you controller “Are you ready to eat dust?” He looks at you squinting, the game starts.

The two of you make your best to win the other, it wasn’t just a game, your pride was at stake. Everything worth to win, pushing, jabbing… Finally you win again.

“Get that, Winchester” you exclaim raising your hands as a celebration of victory.


“Get over it Dean, it’s time to do it don’t you think?” you ask with a smile.

“How do you do it?”

“Better than you” you laugh.

“Really?” you stop laughing when you see his look, you know what does it mean; tickle

“No, Dean no, Don’t!” But it’s too late, in a second he is above you, tickling, you can’t help but laugh. The torture last a few minutes till you are exhausted. You don’t know why but now you are above Dean, with you head on his chest, both hugging each other.

“Are you feeling better?” he asks in a low voice, you just nod “I’m glad to know that” he says before kissing your forehead.


The sofa is a very comfortable place to be when you’re sick just because you have not strength enough to go to your bed. A blue blanket covering your body, your hair in a messed bun and you drowsing.

The main door opened letting Sam in after being in some libraries searching for some information for another hunt.

“Dean? Y/N?” You try to answer him, but your voice is just a fine thread. Luckily he enters to the living room “Hey, are you okay?” he approaches the sofa and squats in front on you to put his hand on your forehead “You don’t have fever” he says caressing your cheek “How do you feel?”

“Cold” You answer opening your eyes, he smiles in a sweet way.

“Do you need something?”

“Warm” you say with a smile

“Just wait, I’ll be right back”

You hear him walking and some noises from the kitchen. Your eyes are closed again, trying to focus yourself in enjoying the warm the blanket provides your body but you’re trembling. Minutes after you feel his hand on your cheek again.

“Black tea is still your favorite one, right?” he asks. You smile and open your eyes. The smoke coming out of the cup reaches your nose making you smell the brown sugar that Sam put on the tea.

“Thank you Sam” you sit on the couch and cover yourself again with the blanket.

“I’ve brought this too” he raise another blanket and two books.

“Are you going to take company with me?” he nods, smiling “I’m sure that you have more important things to do, Sam” you say a little ashamed “I don’t want to be a nuisance”

“Please, stop saying nonsenses Y/N” he sits by your side, covering himself with his blanket “I prefer to be with you than making research” He puts his arm on your shoulders

“Thanks, Sam” you say with a sweet smile on your face. You kiss his cheek softly before rest your head on his chest, your book in one hand and the tea on the other one.

That’s how you two spend that day, both lying with each other, reading, drinking tea, sharing warm and enjoying the mutual company.

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Castiel knows that recently you haven’t felt very well thanks to Dean and Sam and he’s worried for you. Finally today he’s able to go and visit you but first he wants to go and buy some things for you.

He enters in the shop and start to catch everything he thinks that can make you feel better.

You are in one of the sofas in your living room, doing some zapping. It seems like anything can result interesting today. An annoying itch appears on your nose till make you sneeze.

“Bless you” A low voice sounds behind you, your turn surprised to find Castiel.

“Cas! You scared me” Your voice is clearly affected by the cold.

“I’ve brought some things for you” he raises the bag on his hand “Can I sit?”

“Of course” you cough a little and catch that bag that he is offering to you. You open the bag and start looking and taking things out “Ice cream and… Oh”

“I’ve seen in some movies that ice cream is useful when people is not feeling well and that other things… well, the guy in the store told me that is what girls use when they’re not in their mood” You can’t help but laugh, yes, Castiel bought tampons. “Should I not have bought them?”

“Oh no, no Cas” you laugh “It’s okay” His face is full of incomprehension and you don’t want to make him feel bad. “Let’s see what else is in here” There was a small box of chocolates and a bag of chips with cheese. “Chocolates!” you say smiling.

“Have I chosen properly?” he asks in a worried way you look at him and smile sweetly.

“Yes Cas, thank you very much”

“I wanted to come when I found out that you were sick but I couldn’t because…” you cut him.

“Hey Cas, you don’t have to worry” You calm him down putting your hand on his. “Thank you very much” You see his hands raising and his frown puckering. You finish his doubts and hug him “Would you stay a while with me?”

“Sure” he answers with a soft smile.


The night starts with one book, then another one and another one. Thanks to the hunt you are involved now you haven’t slept for two days, the dark circles below your eyes are almost black and you feel weak but finished the sooner the better.

Your coffee cup is empty again. You feel dizzy, lately it has been very cold and you haven’t worried enough to bundle up yourself. You put your hand on your forehead to hold your head and you can feel the fever starting to rise.

“You look so tired, darling” you roll your eyes when you hear his voice.

“You again?” you stare at him, closing the book “What do you want, Crowley?” He smiles and grabs a chair.

“Can I?”

“Please, make yourself comfortable” you say in a not very nice tone of voice and open the book again.

“Thank you” He remains silent for a few minutes, which makes you nervous.

“What are you doing here?” The book is closed again and you stare at him with an eyebrow raised.

“Help you”

“Yes, sure” you laugh ironically. You rub your temples trying to concentrate and forget the headache.

“I mean it, I want to help”

“Look I don’t feel very well and I don’t need you here trying to mess up my head, got it?” He snaps his fingers and a fire appears in the chimney. “Stop trying Crowley, no”

“All right, all right” he raises his hands in a peace signal “But at least let me try to give you some warm” you look at him in a bad way “That sounded weird isn’t it?” he smiles and you roll your eyes again.

“Can you just leave?” he sighs and stands up from the chair.

“Fine, but I leave my offer open, if you need some help… Just call me”


“And by the way…” You return your stare to him and cross your arms on the table “You should sleep a little, maybe that way the letters on the books won’t dance and you will understand something” he wink and leaves.



Exams, the worst thing hunting can be mixed with but your parents don’t know about your “hobbie” and what you do when you’re out till late or even whole days.

On the last hunt to got hurt, a serious wound on your right leg which hurts a lot and even some days gave you fever.

The last of your exams just finished. You tried to go home by walking but it’s snowing so much so you have to make a stop in the closest cafeteria.

You sit in the first table you find, near one of the windows.

“Welcome, what can I offer to you?” a blonde waitress asks.

“A hot chocolate please” you order putting your hair in a high bun. You take your scarf of your bag and put it around your neck “Damn it… not again” Your hand goes to the zone of your leg where the wound is. “I hate vampires so much…” you mumble.

“Here you have, beauty” Another waiter serves your chocolate cup.

“Thanks…” You say putting your hands on the cup, feeling the warm of it while you start to have goosebumps.

“How is your leg, honey?” You quickly stare at him while he’s taking sit in front of you.

“Excuse me?”

“Your leg, you know” he shrugs “That vampire hurt you so bad, huh?” and then he put a smirk that make you recognize him.

“Gabriel?” he snaps and then his truly face appears and starts clapping.

“Congratulations, you’re very smart” he laughs “It was so much harder for Dean” you smile.

“You’re so mean with him”

“I just want to have fun” he puts his arms on the table, approaching himself to you. “You got fever again, huh? Your temperature is higher, and I thought that was very difficult”


“You know me” he winks

“What are you doing pretending to be a waiter?”

“Well… Being your substitute teacher bored me”

“You what!?” He looked at the man behind the bar counter.

“I think I have work to do… by now. Whistle when you’re leaving” he says winking again and throwing you a kiss.

 ~Resquested by anon 

Double Jealousy?

Request: Hi! Love your work! Can I request one where the readers steves ex girlfriend (but they still love each other ofc) and in one solo mission she finds Bucky and brings him in so its like she’s the only one Bucky trusts and talks to and Steve gets jealous of this? Thanks!

A/N: I’m not even going to talk about the name… So, apparently when I wrote this I pictured Bucky being a helpless little kitten that needs to be taken care of 24/7. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, haha. Hope you’ll like this imagine!

Pairing: Steve x reader

Words: 3,664

Warning(s): Arguing between Steve and the reader, jealous Steve, platonic!Bucky x reader, NOT PROOFREAD

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Studying for finals
  • *eyes papers and then untidy room*
  • me: I should tidy up first
  • *puts on music and sings along*
  • *puts laundry in washing machine*
  • *does the dishes*
  • *cleans the kitchen*
  • *folds up clothes*
  • *changes bedsheet*
  • *moves stuff from floor*
  • *vacuums room*
  • *desperately looks for another reason to procrastinate*
  • *writes tumblr post about this*

Jack: “Okay, look. I have to tell you about the…sheer insanity I’ve been putting up with for the last fifteen minutes. So we’ve been playing Eye-Spy - don’t judge - and Punze has literally chosen the color yellow her last three times and they have all been lights. Every. Single. One.”

Rapunzel: “Alright, Jack here is exaggerating and not explaining it right. I have not-”

Jack : “No, no, no, you have. Let me explain. So she went first and said ‘Eye-Spy with my little eye” blah blah and she chose yellow. Okay. That’s fine. That’s cool. I looked around a little bit and then saw a yellow convertible and I thought that could be it. Wasn’t. And that’s fine.

So then I thought I had it nailed with this patch of yellow daisies that’s pretty near to us. Like maybe she was going for something close. Wrong. So now I’m like 'Okay, all knowledgeable one, what is it?’ And she said a light. A LIGHT.“

Rapunzel: "This is so biased. He is explaining this in his favor-”

Jack: “Shush. Let me finish. So I was okay. You know, I guess she’s just trying to be funny or something. We all know how stellar she is at that.”

Rapunzel: “Just finish…”

Jack: “So I take my turn and she guesses it correctly. And then she goes again. With yellow. And it’s a light…again.”

Rapunzel: “The lights look so different! That theater light has a golden twang and the other light I was talking about was like a pure, neon yellow.”

Jack: “We are looking over a city at night- A CITY. And she’s Eye-Spying lights!”

Rapunzel: “They are so different!”

Jack: “She just went again. Guess what it was?

Rapunzel: "Jack-”

Jack: “A LIGHT.”

Plush Head Pattern

I am a wannabe plushie maker and would like to know how you go about making head patterns for your plushies. I dont understand head gusset-making.

I’m answering it here, since I have had this asked before from others. I’m also gonna be hella thorough. And I don’t know how to add pics. Sorry, but I fail.

Before you pattern anything, make a scaled drawing of the design, even just a sketchy guide so everything stays in proportion.

Firstly, the two sides of your head - your face, where your eyes will likely sit - should really just be a flat cutout of your desired head shape, so if you were making a horse, you’d just draw a horse face. For fine features, such as a short snout, sharpen it slightly and exaggerate it a little bit. Maybe try 10% “over inflated”. Plushes like to smooth out when stuffed, so little bumps and protrusions may well disappear.

The gusset is quite easy. It simply needs to wrap around that face piece. Decide where your neck hole will go, and mark it on your pattern, front and back. Then take a flexy tape measure and measure the outline of the pattern for your face pieces. If you have no tape, use string and then measure it.

Mark at key intervals what the measurements are - so I mark from the front of the neck to nose tip, nose tip to where the snout meets the face, from there to the top of the eyes / brows, and then brows around to the middle of the head, then all the way down to the back of the neck join. 

To make the gusset pattern, take a ruler and draw out the full length of the face’s circumference as a straight line. Then mark out each of the intervals, so you know that, say, three inches up the face gusset is the tip of the nose, etc.

Using your scaled drawing, decide how wide the head will be. If you’ve darted the face pieces, this will add a little roundness, so take this into account. If you’re unsure and limited for materials / money, make it slightly too big. It’s easier to take material out than add it in.

At each interval marked, draw a line across it showing the width of that section, with the main “length” baseline being centred. Likely, the snout tip will be narrower than where it meets the face, and then the brow will push out. The neck-jaw-area should be similar to the width of the brow, and the back of the head should be the widest point in a conventional design.

So your pattern piece should look like a weird symmetrical hourglass with the nose (likely the narrowest point) sort of in the middle / nearer the bottom. If fur direction demands, cut the pattern at the nose tip so the fur runs up to the brow but down to the chin. Add colour breaks as required, again measuring it against the face pattern if it crosses over.

I do not sew the gusset on a sewing machine, I always do it by hand. A machine will make it way too angular and solid.

Sew from the nose to the back of the head or chin first. Material stretch, miscalculation or puckering could result in the piece being too long. If it is? Honestly, I just trim it. I’m too lazy to redo it. If the width is too noticable, unpick that last bit and trim the width down to size. But if you start at the back and work to the snout, any issues will show up big time.

I can’t think of anything more to add, really, I think that’s it. I hope this helps!

Tadashi wakes to the sound of someone screaming his name.

Er, well— screaming may be a bit of an exaggeration.  Tsukishima never screams, maybe just hollers.  Speaks loudly.  Extends the last syllable in “Yamaguchi” a little bit.

Tadashi yawns, and rolls over, tangling his legs further in the sheets.  It takes all his willpower to not ignore Tsukishima and to sit up, rubbing the sleep away from his eyes.  He opens one of them, glancing over at the clock on Tsukishima’s bedside table.  A sigh escapes his lips at the time.


Tadashi stifles a giggle, and pulls himself off of the futon.  He digs around in Tsukishima’s dresser for a bit, slipping on a shirt, and then heads in the direction of the kitchen.  

“What’re you doing?”

Tsukishima jumps when Tadashi steps up behind him, stirring motions ceasing as he puts down his spoon.  Tadashi peeks around his shoulder into the contents of the bowl—some kind of batter?


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Neymar Imagine || Cuddling

Being a girl sucks. Maybethat’s a little harsh, but it’s the truth. I love the cute outfits, the makeup, jewelry and all that as much as the next girl. I really do. But take that away and all you’re left with is periods, cramps, mood swings, bloating, food cravings - I could go on for days. It sounds a bit too dramatic, but since I’ve been curled up on my bed for the past hour, sobbing by myself, like the emotional mess I am, I believe I have the right to exaggerate.  

All it took was a morning phone call from my mother, whom I haven’t seen in a few months, telling me about how much she and my dad miss me, to send me on the brink of depression. I wasn’t particularly cheerful before that either, given all the previously mentioned symptoms, but this made me feel a million times worse. I was suddenly questioning every single life decision I ever made that led to me moving away from home and coming to Spain. It was completely irrational. I was thinking about how maybe if I hadn’t watched that documentary in middle school, about what happens if you don’t go to college, I would have stayed home and worked at the McDonald’s on the corner of my street.

The sound of the front door being unlocked and opened pulled me out of my senseless meditation. I wiped the tears that had been dripping down my cheeks and put on a brave face, because I didn’t want to let Neymar see me like this and make him worry.

“Meu amor?” He calls from downstairs. “I come bearing gifts.” The cutest grin is plastered across his face as he walks into our bedroom, with a brown paper bag in his arms.

“Oh?” I sit up, fluffing up a pillow to lean onto. He plops on the bed next to me and kisses me, a hand on the back of my neck, pulling me in. I giggle against his lips when he straddles me, basically sitting on my lap. “Am I finally getting that lap dance?”

“No.” Neymar laughs. “But you are getting this.” He gives me a quick kiss. “And this.” Another one. “Okay, just one more.”

“If there’s no lap dancing involved, please move. I can’t feel my legs, you elephant!” I laugh, pressing the palms of my hands onto his chest until he rolls off of me and onto the mattress. “Now let me see what’s in the bag.”

He picks it up from the side of the bed and dumps its contents all over my lap. Chocolate bars, cookies, gummy bears and two little containers of ice cream fall out. The sight of them alone is enough to give me diabetes, but I’m not about to turn down sweets. Not now, not ever.

“I thought you went to training, not to rob a candy store.” I chuckle, tearing off the wrapper of a Hershey’s chocolate bar. “But thank you.”

“I love you, but you need to get your priorities in order.” He raises an eyebrow at me and takes my chocolate away just as I’m about to bite into it. I begin to protest, but he hands me one of the ice cream containers instead. “This is going to melt. Plus, everyone knows ice cream comes before chocolate. It’s common sense.”

“But we don’t have any spoons.” I pout, as a not so discrete request for him to go downstairs and bring some. Instead, Neymar starts gathering all the candy from the bed and throws it back into the bag. “What are you - ?” I begin, but I get cut off by him handing me the bag with one hand, while using the other to hoist me up in his arms.  “What is happening?” I ask, as I’m being carried bridal style across the room. “Neymar, what the hell? Put me down!” I’d probably sound a lot more convincing if I wasn’t giggling the whole way down the stairs and to the living room.

“It was too depressing in there.” He states, gently placing me on the sofa, as if I were a doll. “I’m going to get the spoons.” I’m left wondering what gave away my not so happy mood, as he disappears into the kitchen. Maybe I’m not that good at hiding my emotions. Or maybe spending an entire morning curled up in bed alone isn’t a thing happy people normally do.

“Why did you say that?” I question him once he’s back. He looks at me with a confused expression, sliding next to me on the sofa. “That I was depressed, I mean.”

“You’re depressed?” He pulls me closer, until I’m sitting in between his legs, with my back resting against his chest and hands me a spoon and the ice cream. I take the lid off and grab a spoonful of the chocolate chip cookie dough piece of heaven. “Why are you depressed, baby girl?” He presses in the sweetest tone.

“I’m not.” Neymar sticks his spoon into my ice cream and I’m tempted to protest, but I don’t really want him to have to get up and get his own. I like sitting like this, so I don’t say anything. “I’m fine. I just didn’t know what you meant by that earlier.”

“Oh, please.” He starts playing with my hair, twirling my curls around his fingers over and over. “I know you’re having the monthly blues. You’ve been mopping around for no reason for a couple of days now.”

“The monthly blues?” I laugh, turning my head around to face him. “You gave it a name?”

“You get moody and sad out of the blue every month, so I might as well come up with a name.” He sounds so serious talking about it that it’s kind of adorable. “But you were crying when I got home, so it must be something other than that. What happened?”

“Nothing.” I shake my head, taking another spoonful of ice cream.  “This is really good.”


“Nothing happened. It’s just – I don’t know. My mom called this morning to tell me she misses me and I was already feeling down, so I started crying. It’s no big deal. I’m just moody and weird.”

“Do you miss home?” He asks, tightening one of his arms around my waist as I lean my head into his shoulder, looking up at him.

“I am home.” I place one of my hands over his and trace little circles across it.

“You are.” He kisses the top of my head and I can feel him smiling. “But you know what I mean.”

“This is home.” I state once again. “I’ve never felt more at home anywhere than I do right here, right now. Of course I sometimes miss my old town and my childhood bedroom and my family, but home is wherever you are.”

“Home is wherever we are.” He places two fingers on my chins and gently tilts my head, meeting my lips with his in the sweetest kiss. I break the kiss to place the ice cream on the coffee table, next to all the other sweets, and lie back down, this time hiding my face in the crook of his neck. “Have I told you I love you lately?”

“Yes.” I smile, raising my head up to bring my face closer to his, until they’re almost touching. “But you can say it again.”

“I love you.” I don’t know whether it’s the actual words, the way he said them, or the fact that his beautiful eyes stared into mine like I’m the only thing in the world that matters, but I completely melt in his arms, as he kisses me and runs his hands over my back in the most comforting way.

“I love you.”


he like sprouts several fuckin feet and suddenly he’s TALLER than obi wan like who ever could have guessed that the shrimpy little kid from tatooine would turn into a giant 

anakin like eats the entire contents of their fridge in one sitting

‘anakin please take a shower i can smell you on the other side of the temple.’   ‘ don’t you think you’re exaggerating a little?’ ‘have you smelled yourself lately, anakin?’

and his body’s internal clock is all screwy so he stays up late and sleeps in and he’s just this lanky noodle who also has broad shoulders and several inches on his master 

and obi wan just looks on in vague pride and maybe a little bit of befuddlement and only screams internally like 65% of the time and gives little sighs whenever anakin has to go to the local jedi fashion distributor (IDK how they got their robes) because he’s outgrown the size he got like two weeks ago

when our lips met
suddenly that was the only thing that mattered in the world
everyone, everything around us faded away
as if nothing else existed
but us
and that kiss

and our lips danced together
like it was a dance we’ve known our entire lives
and we just needed to be reminded
it took one kiss and our lips danced
and danced
and danced
without getting even a little bit tired

and when we separated for air
i couldn’t help but shake my head in disbelief
at how fucking
good it felt
i didn’t know kissing someone could feel like that
it was so right
it was almost wrong
and i couldn’t get enough

i thought
maybe it’s because i had a little bit to drink
and the alcohol in my veins exaggerated how good it felt
but no
the next morning
looking into your eyes
without the alcohol to numb my nerves
and settle my heart
and the butterflies in my stomach
it still felt the same
and i can’t get enough

—  e.k.s. // let’s dance

i just realized something. i thought that this gem’s size was exaggerated or made weird because of proportion, or whatever else. i assumed that this gem was pretty much jasper’s or rose’s height, maybe a little bit taller. but you remember this axe they found in rose’s scabbard?

were those gems fusions, or were they just giant gems, or…?