maybe i dunno anymore

New Year, Still Me

I’m making this post mostly because I just need to for me if not anything else.  The birthday for my blog is coming up in a few days and it just got me thinking like wow it’s been an entire year already? Haha, and I just realized I’ve been absent for a lot of it for some for personal reasons I refuse to disclose and some of that reason being for school. I literally dropped all my interests to focus on school and I still barely passed my classes and have to retake one. But that’s not important the point of this post is I feel like I sorta just dropped into this fandom where there are already little groups of people who’ve known each other for years and I just feel like some people either haven’t gotten to know me or have made wrong assumptions about me and I’d just like to start this year on the right foot. Starting with full disclosure on some not so great things about me.

(I’m incredibly ridiculously nervous to post this but here goes) 

It’s pretty long guys… 

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My fave Haise is the kind that has no idea what he is doing.

ALSO, this isn’t going to turn in to an ask blog or anything, BUT, if anyone has any questions they want Haise to ask Shironeki for important research, feel free to send me an ask. Who knows what sorts of rumours are on those ghoul forums..

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I’m pretty freaked out right now and am shaking really badly. I have a crazy strong urge to go to school tomorrow with knives and see how many people I can kill or wound. I have no idea what to do in this situation and I don’t even know what I want to do anymore.

I dunno, maybe I won’t do it. Maybe I will. If I don’t come back after tomorrow assume I did it and I’ll probably be gone for years. Or forever. But hey, if anyone has an idea for how to prevent this, I’m listening.


Breanna Rose Long, 14, brutally attacked eight people with a knife at  Dunbarton High School in Pickering, Ontario on February 24th, 2016