maybe i drew something


it’s 2 am and i can’t stop thinking about undynetale.

Undynetale of course belongs to @g0966

In which Paul asks Drew for flirting advice (and isn’t nearly as smooth)….

Happy Ikarishipping Day! <3


mechformers  asked:

I am absolutely flabbergasted!!! Your zora!Gabe picture is amazing on so many levels, you have no idea! 😵 Please tell me there'll be more of zora!Gabe and Jack? 😊

thank you so much ; 3 ; i’ll try! XDD i wanna try zora!jack too hhhhh (with freckles and all)

^^^ i drew that 2 days ago maybe idr but yeah something like that lol


imagine these two ridiculous nerds, unsupervised, in a fancy restaurant

(kind of a continuation to this? bc i was thinking about how the actual date would go lmao)

peri s looking at the camera like shes on the office

l o l when your friends reminds you that one of the main reasons why you chose to attend this school was because it had a CODING CLASS for you to take as an elective  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I came across a piece of paper with your signature, some memories look better written out rather than felt everyday. You’re the block I’ve been writing over, you’re the heart I’ve been holding onto. I came across a piece of paper with your favorite words, you used to say that love means we’ll always be together. You’re something I’ve been waking up to, going back to sleep means I’ll hold you for just a little longer. I came across a piece of paper with your favorite scenery, maybe I drew something I’ve forgotten. I draw flowers where people should be, people may break you, but flowers only grow where people should. I came across a piece of you inside of my spine and I’ve been feeling your thoughts all over mine.

My crumbled heart will read what you meant to me, my crumbled heart will be just fine.

—  Ripped journals

i wanted to try designing fusions between ruby, sapphire, pearl, and amethyst haha…. i used this for ruby and sapphire’s weapons btw