maybe i did too much i dunno

It’s not at all novel in fanon but I keep thinking about Baze cooking. He’s definitely one of those people who’s like “I’m not gonna talk about feelings but here eat this bowl of soup I made so we can silently agree I love you and I’m taking good care of you”

Also he’s king of birthday/anniversary meals/gifts. Chirrut doesn’t even remember dates and stuff like that–love, and life for that matter, are more of a continuous thing for him. Not that Baze doesn’t always love him (so much that he thinks he’s gonna explode) but he’s big on “look at this specific thing I did for you” also maybe “but mostly I’m gonna look at it so I’m less scared you’re gonna remember you’re too good for me”

And I dunno I think I’ve stumbled off the cooking topic into something larger but it already seems like I’m avoiding writing Actual Things so that’ll do

Neinhart doodles from notebook! (ehh the lines >___>)

also did a simple coloring for one 

dunno his past story (mashima would probably never show it) so I just went with my own headcanon [when he was younger, Neinhart escaped some sort of training/abuse (emotional/physical) because he has too much magic power (kinda like Urtear’s past i guess), then some old mage (August maybe?) helped him out and taught him magic/Historia].

my style kinda change from day to day (idk how lol)

Mia gets a lift into town with Roy because she wants to find a hairdresser. Joël thinks he might relax and maybe have a nap. He forgets to lock the door.

Dom: Can I ask you something?

Joël: What the actual- did I invite you into my room, arsehole?

Dom winces but is determined.

Dom: I’ve…I’ve been thinking. You must have lots of photos of Megan, right?

Joël’s hatred for Dom is starting to limp towards pity. He stares at him for a minute, then nods.

Dom: Well, maybe, sometime, could you, um, I dunno, put some on a USB or something for me? I mean, if it’s not too much trouble?


Goddamn the action was great in this ep, there were just constant back and worths between all kinds of moves. Pikachu was a monster, can’t be mad at that considering this is Ash at the fucking league finals. 

Now, if I was as much of a Noivern fan as I am a Torterra fan this is where I’d probably rage quit but…well I dunno, I don’t feel TOO salty right now, maybe cause Noivern did get a great fight VS Salamence despite it being a tie, and it did cool stuff here as well. Also I loved seeing daddy Lucha come out of its Pokeball on its own for revenge. Even if Noivern as an individual isn’t exactly “dream team material” as far as strength goes right now, it’s moments like these that make this a great team. 

Luchabro’s fight was amazing, they focused on his battle style again but unlike with VS Shota he was able to get fully pumped up by receiving its opponents hits this time. Noivern immaculately avenged~

And the bird brawl was too real as well, I love how Talonflame just IMMEDIATELY went in after seeing Unfezant without even receiving a command from Ash, it knew what the fuck was up. Iwane did an amazing job depicting a high speed air battle, probably the best one we’ve seen so far. It’s a bit of a shame that they didn’t focus on Unfezant’s potential abilities but I guess it’s fine since the action was so good, can’t wait to rewatch it a thousand times.

Pikachu VS Metagross, the highlight of this was probably…James lol. HE WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE PIKACHU WIN while Jessie and Meowth were like “Uhh..”. I love James. But yeah, Pikachu is a legend, even Charizard is receing major damage from him. How can Ash lose after this? How could Ash Greninja fall after this? He won’t, they won’t, I believe. I love how the “To Be Continued” screen showed Pikachu, Greninja and Goodra. The flying trio did their parts, it’s all up to you guys now. LET’S GO~