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The Rent tour has a video up on their website, of all the characters together.

And while some are the correct cast, others are obviously not. …I think they’re u/s and swings, which at least makes sense even though it’s kinda weird.

It still gives me SUPER FEELS to see a stage cast in the stage costumes out on the streets though, and properly filmed. I love the movie, but it makes me miss Roger’s plaid pants, Mimi’s blue spandex pants, Mark’s plaid jacket… and all their getups in general really.


So I finally got a chance to watch the women’s special and I swear I got so many chills and I cried maybe 3 times. It’s so awesome to see how far the women have come and it makes me so proud of all of them ❤️

Nalu, An angst fanfiction~

Lucy woke up from a dream, drenched in cold sweat. Nightmare she thought bitterly. She was getting dressed in her normal attire when she suddenly had a flashback of her dream. It was a good dream mixed with a bad one.

Natsu Dragneel was her boyfriend of 4 and ½ years until something tragic happened. There was a fire and he was too slow to get out safely, he ended up being reduced to pile of ashes. Lucy was reduced to a crying mess. She decided she could stay in for the day.

She grabbed her phone, dialing her friend, Levy.

“Hey Lu-chan! What’s up?” She heard her friends cheerful familiar voice.

“Oh not much,” Lucy softly laughed and sniffed, “It’s just….could you maybe come over and hang out?” Lucy could practically feel her friends sympathy through the phone. After all, it hadn’t been that long ago when he died.

“Of course Lu-chan.” Levy said in her soft warm tone, “Is it okay if I bring some ice cream?”

Lucy smiled and said, “ Of course! Oh and thank you so much, sorry if I intruded any special time you and Gajeel were having”

“Oh no it’s perfectly fine! He’s hanging out with Lily and all. You know, ‘boy time’ to have 'boy talk’ as he said” Levy said with sarcasm hinted.

Lucy gave a little giggled and said, “Okay, see you soon!”

“Yup! Bye!” Levy said.

After around 20 minutes Levy came with ice cream, tissues, chocolate, etc.

“Wow,” Lucy said.

“Yeah, it’s been a while since we hung out and all, so I wanted this to be extra special,” Levy said with a warm smile.

Lucy felt lucky to have a friend as good as Levy, she hugged her small frame tightly, tears welling up.

“Hey, Lu-chan, it’s alright” Levy said, sensing she wanted someone to hold and talk to.

“I just….i’m so sad. Levy I miss him so much.” Some tears fell out and landed on Levys shoulder.

“Shhh, it’s okay, we all do. Here, lets go and change into some more comfy clothes.” Levy said, leading Lucy into the room.

Levy borrowed a big shirt from Lucy and some shorts. Lucy wore some pajamas and sighed, feeling a bit better.

Levy then took her into the living room, sitting her on the plush couch. “Now, do you want to talk about it?” Levy said in a motherly tone, her eyes filled with understanding.

Lucy remembered the dream, more tears surfacing back to her dulled brown eyes. “W-well, it started off kind of nice and all but then reality came all too soon.” Lucy said sadly.

“What was the dream about, if you don’t mind me asking.”

“Well, it was back when it was your wedding, when I kissed him in the balcony,” Lucy said, remembering it clear as day.

“Oh,” Levy said blushing at the memory but also saddened. “Back when you had that beautiful white dress, and he had that white-grey suit? You two looked so cute,” Levy said smiling, trying to lighten the mood and Lucy.

Lucy smiled too, she loved that dress, it was a simple plain white dress, she added white sleeves and a white barrette. She loved his suit, it made him look so handsome.

“I swear, you looked more beautiful than me that day,” Levy said.

“Wha-?! No way! You looked so cute in that dress!” Lucy said blushing.

Levy giggled. Lucy ended up hugging her again and remembering how he kissed her that day. How he grabbed her hand and waist, pulling her close, and kissing her so passionately. It was every girls dream to be held and kissed like that. She remembered his fluffy pink hair flowing in the wind.

She remembered she couldn’t kiss him like that again. Couldn’t be touched by him. Couldn’t touch him. Couldn’t hear his laugh, see his smile. Only in her dreams, she could faintly remember almost everything.

She hugged Levy tight, tears falling down freely, like a waterfall. She could feel Levys hand, stroking her back soothingly. “Lu-chan….” Levy said, a bit strained, Lucy could tell Levy would start crying too.

She was right.

She could feel tears hit the shirt, and get soaked up. She could feel Levy start shaking and sniffling, she didn’t want to see her friend like this. She pulled away slowly, wiping Levys tears away.

“Don’t cry please. I hate to see you cry, it just makes me feel so much sadder.” Lucy said, offering a small smile.

Levy half laughed, half sobbed. “I’ll try but I can’t help it! Here, i’ll be back in a second” Levy said, smiling back.

When she returned she had chocolate, and ice cream with two spoons. “Here, lets eat a tub of ice cream, because why not?” Levy said, winking at Lucy.

Lucy chuckled a bit at Levys silliness, “Okay, sounds perfect.”

They ate the ice cream for a bit, enjoying each others company. The sun was almost setting, but making a beautiful color in the sky.

“You should get going, don’t want you walking in the dark,” Lucy said.

“Hmm, I suppose you’re right. Are you going to be okay? I can stay over night if you want.” Levy said.

“No i’m fine, you’ve done so much already. Go relax with your man,” Lucy said smiling.

Levy sighed, “If you say so, goodbye then. See you next time. Goodnight Lu-chan!” Levy said, giving the most sweet smile she could muster. “Goodnight Levy!” Lucy said waving goodbye.

Lucy hopped into bed, feeling content. She closed her eyes and slowly but surely drifted to sleep.


“Hello, Lucy!” Lucy turned around.

“Natsu!” She said, running up and hugging him tightly.

“Where have you been? I haven’t seen you in a long time~!” Natsu whined and pouted.

Childish as always Lucy thought.

But then she realized….this was a dream. An illusion. Not real. But she decided to take what she can. She smiled and cried. “I’ve been in the real world.”

“Hey, I have to go Lucy!” Natsu said, fading away, slowly.

“No…” She whispered.

“See ya soon!” Natsu said, giving a wide smile.

He faded away, until she was left in the darkness by herself.


She woke up. Covered in cold sweat. It was still dark out. 3:42 The clock read. It was only a couple hours ago when Levy left.

Lucy suddenly felt an ache in her chest, so pained. It hurt her physically. She clutched where her heart was. It was a pain like no other. The worst pain possible.

She cried out, loudly sobbing. The time with him was short, too short for her liking. Her shoulders bounced up and down, she was crying hard. She curled into a ball, wrapping a certain scarf around her.

She felt empty, dead, lifeless. But as she was drifting back to sleep, she could have sworn she saw a shadow, watching her.



(A/N) So yeah. Um angst Nalu fanfiction ;-; Kind of teared up writing this tbh. And this is set in this time zone and shizz that’s why Natsu died by a fire so yeah. Levy being a cute friend and all, I hope you liked it!

I mean it’s been a freakishly long time since chapter one so maybe the author changed her mind by now but do you think Jeje’s face still looks like this

under the paper bags because if it does I’m not sure why Mikuni went to such lenghts not to let it show that time against Tetsu and also I kinda wanna draw him look at him his hair makes a snake’s tongue I’m crying he’s so cute


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Couldn’t help myself and watched Mindful Education.

Just a warning guys: It will make you cry, but for various reasons.

I cried when Garnet and Stevonnie started singing together.  The parallels between them just came together and it was so beautiful.  These fusions are made of love, of two people who care about each other more than anybody else in the world.  They’re fusions that people had never seen before.  Stevonnie is the first gem/human fusion, and at the time, Garnet was the first fusion of two different types of gems.  Garnet is one of the most powerful gems on the show because she’s made of love, and I think Stevonnie might one day become as strong as her, maybe even stronger.

I also cried when it stared showing what Steven was trying not to think about.  I kept wondering why they were putting so much focus on Connie hurting this random kid, and then I realized that it was meant to parallel what Steven was feeling.  He hurt Bismuth and Eyeball, and he didn’t mean to.  He tried to save Jasper, but he couldn’t.  And his mom, he doesn’t know what to think about her anymore.  She used to be this perfect wonderful person.  Now that he’s found out what she did to Bismuth and Pink Diamond, she haunts his mind as much as Bismuth, Eyeball, and Jasper.  All of the traumatic things he’s gone through are finally starting to get to him, and it’s so sad to see.  This poor kid just wants to help those around him, and he can’t.  I’m hoping Connie will be his rock for him, something that keeps him steady and helps him recover from the bad things that have happened in the past, and probably will happen in the future.

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