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Vacation - Kai Parker

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Warnings: praise!kink (just a bit), smut, unprotected sex (WRAP IT BEFORE YOU TAP IT), vacation?, pure nakedness, major smut, the normal stuff.


Pairing: Kai Parker x fem!reader

Kai Parker was a sociopath with a tiny bit of emotion. Most of that emotion was focused to you, making him look like a monster to the rest of the world. Right now, Kai looked normal. He was sleeping, just his boxers, light shining on his face. You took a trip to Pennsylvania, to the mountains. He rented the lodge and got you there late last night. You were standing in the doorway to the bathroom, listening to the birds and watching trees sway in the breeze while he slept. It was early morning and you had just woken up.

Kai stirred and rolled onto his back, lifting his head to look at you.

“Good morning.” You say with a smile, he smile back, head flopping back onto the soft pillow.

“Good morning, gorgeous.” He smirks. You kneel beside him on the bed.

“So I was thinking..” You trail off, drawing slow circles on his chest.

“Never a good sign.” Kai comments. You hit his arm and he chuckles.

“But anyways,” You put your head on his stomach, “I was thinking maybe we could go to lake today and swim for a bit, you know, chill out.”

“Well I was thinking that we would stay here all day and maybe I could do this.” He tugs you up to kiss you. You brace your arm on the other side of his head as you kiss him back. One of his hands cup the back of your neck, keeping you kissing him while the other slides down your side.

You break the kiss, pulling away from him reluctantly.

“Yeah, I think that works.” He gives you another heart stopping smirk and pulls you back down to kiss you again.

His hands slides over your butt, skimming the lace of our panties before hooking on your inner thigh and pulling it to make you straddle him. You moan into the kiss when you feel his half-hard cock against your thigh. You have to pull away for air. You sit up, hands tugging your shirt above your head. His big hands find your boobs quickly, rubbing his thumbs against your nipples. You arch into his hands, and grip his wrists.

“Fuck, you look beautiful like that.” He comments as you roll your head back. You grind your hips down and he moans in response.

His right hand goes from your boob to your panties, pushing past the edge and finding your clit quickly. He rubs two of his fingers into it in slow circles, making you grind your hips down for more. He flips you over and you open your eyes to look up at him.

“I want you so bad.” He presses a chaste kiss to your lips before hooking his fingers in your panties and pulling them down your legs. They get snagged on your ankle which breaks some of the tension by making both of you laugh.

He kisses your thigh and you bite your lip as he goes higher. As soon as he’s close enough you thread your fingers into his hair. He lays a kiss to your inner thigh, and you take a deep breath. His hands spread your thighs wider and you bite your lip again. Kai gives a small lick to our clit and your moan, tensing quickly. He rubs his thumbs into your thighs.

“Shh, relax.” Kai hums and presses a few more kisses to your thighs. You take a deep breath and cover your face with your arm, embarrassed that you reacted so quickly to just one lick to your clit.

“There’s a good girl.” You blush at the praise. He gives your clit a bigger lick and you whimper, pulling on his hair a little. He holds your thighs down but you buck your hips anyways as he continues to eat you out.

Kai’s tongue brushes your entrance and you moan louder, bucking your hips more into his mouth. He opens his eyes and looks up to you, drinking in every single one of your curves as you arch into his mouth. One of his hands leaves your thigh and nudges at your entrance gently. You moan and try to shimmy your hips downward.

“Relax, baby.” Kai’s fingers stay circling your hole as you try to calm down.

“Fuck, Kai.” You buck your hips into his fingers. He pushes one in slowly, making you moan and arch your back at the sensation.

“So naughty, Y/n.” He teases, pressing a second finger in and thrusting them slowly. You clench down and roll your hips.

“Kai.” You whimper, hips rolling onto his fingers. He goes back to your clit, licking it and sucking in it in time with his fingers.

“Kai, come on.” You try to get him to speed u by bucking your hips more but he doesn’t listen, adamant on teasing you until you break and beg him. He speeds up his fingers and you tug his hair more.
“Kai, fuck, yes.” You arch your back farther and grind onto his fingers as he thrusts them at a steady pace. You moan loudly as you get closer and just as you’re about to cum he pulls away, leaving you completely unsatisfied.

“Fuck you.” You say breathlessly, knowing just what he was doing. He wanted you to cum with him inside you, it’s why he almost never let you cum on his fingers.

“I’m planning on it.” He comes back up to kiss you but you flip him over again, pushing his shoulders into the mattress. He smirks at you as you pull away from the kiss. He kicks his boxers to the floor.

“You were saying?” You ask him, grinding down on him slowly. He scrunches his eyebrows together and shakes his head.

“I wasn’t saying anything.” He lifts his hips up to try to get more as you smirk.

“Oh yeah, I’m sure you weren’t.” You reach down and line him up with you. Both of you moan as you sink down onto him.

“Fuck, Y/n.” He moans your name as you circle your hips slowly. You close your eyes.

His hands grip your hips, pulling you against him slowly, building up a pace with your help. You moan and bounce with his hands, chasing your own orgasm as well as his.

“You look so beautiful on top of me, you know that?” Kai asks, moaning once he finishes his sentence. You nod.

“Fuck, Kai.” Your nails dig into his chest a little.

“Such a good girl, fucking yourself on my cock. You love it, don’t you? Being my good girl?” You nod breathlessly and grind down onto him.

“I asked you a question.” He thrusts his hips up into you and you bounce at the power of it, moaning loudly. His thumb circles your clit quickly.

“Yes, I love it Kai, I love it so much.” You moan loudly as you get closer and closer to cummings.

“Go ahead baby, cum for me. Cum for me like the good girl you are.” You arch your back, mouth open in a silent scream as you buck your hips sporadically. He follows right behind, hips stilling and spilling into you just as you start to come down.

You fall to his side, panting and sated. He lays on his back, also panting. Your legs twitch as you continue to come down even as he gets up to find his boxers.

“That was great.” You pant as he lays back down.

“Fuck yeah it was, you’re great.” You smile at him and lay your head on his shoulder.

This vacation was going to be the best one of our whole life if it kept going like this.

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Anthony Trujillo - Flirtationship

You and Anthony weren’t in a relationship, but you were always flirting with each other.  It was a flirtationship.  You had no idea if you had feelings for Anthony or not, and no idea if he had feelings for you.  But regardless, it was fun.

“Good morning beautiful,” Anthony said as he came up behind you and wrapped his arms around you.

“Morning handsome,” you said with a chuckle as you turned around to face him.  “What’s on the agenda for today?”

He shrugged.  “Well, we actually have a normal pool again, so I thought maybe we could go swimming?  I’d love to see you in a bikini.”

You rolled your eyes.  “Keep dreaming, because I only wear one-piece bathing suits.”

He sighed dramatically.  “Fine.”  He stepped away from you to walk over to the fridge.

You heard the door that led outside open, and turned to see Logan Paul sneaking in with shirts and cans of spray paint.  You’d never met him in person, but you’d seen pictures and YouTube videos.  “Um…”

He looked at you for a second, then sighed.  “My brother has beautiful security now?”

“Um, I’m not security.”

He stood up straight and walked over to you.  “So he just has girls this beautiful sitting around his house?”

You face flushed slightly red.  

“I came to pull a prank on Jake, but…  That can wait.  I’m Logan.”

You smiled at him.  “y/n.”

He smiled at you.  “Wanna help me pull a prank on my brother?  Then maybe after we can go get something to eat?”

You nodded.  “Yeah, that sounds great.”

Anthony watched you leave the Team Ten House less than an hour later, Logan escorting you by the arm.  He felt angry watching the two of you together.  

“Hey man, what’s - woah.”  Chance cut himself off when he saw the look on Anthony’s face.  “What’s wrong man?”

“y/n just left with Logan…” he said, before letting out a sigh.  

Chance shook his head.  “You’re not in a relationship with her, Anthony.  You’re in a flirtationship.  She’s free to go out with anybody she wants to.”

Anthony put his head in his hands.  “I know…  I-I just…”

Chance put his hand on his best friend’s shoulder.  “You have feelings for her, don’t you?”

He nodded his head slowly, before running his hand through his hair.  “I think I do…”

Chance sighed.  “Dude, she’s out on a date with Logan Paul.  That guy’s like, the king of charming.  You screwed up bad.”

Anthony let out another sigh.  “I know I did.”

⟨ ⟡⋰⸰ misadventures sentence starters ⟩
  • “i was lying to you, but you were lying, too.”
  • “so what’s left to do? what’s left to say?”
  • “stop making friends, it’s just us.”
  • “just because you’re screaming for my attention does not mean i will waste my time.”
  • “what’s your problem, baby?”
  • “don’t mean to break your heart.”
  • “kill me if i end up like you.”
  • “i know that it’s not safe here, you did this to yourself.”
  • “can you tell that story? it’s my favorite one.”
  • “you fucking disappointment.”
  • “i can’t entertain you anymore.”
  • “don’t cross your boundaries and think that it’s cool.”
  • “if anything should happen to me, i want you to know i’ve loved you.”
  • “don’t dance around me, i know what it means.”
  • “maybe i could swim into your thoughts like your drugs do.”
  • “i’m not meant for this world, i just don’t see the point.”
  • “don’t think about it, don’t over think about it.”
  • “you’d better hide the bullets.”
  • “together we can fake our own deaths here.”
  • “i’m just a stupid motherfucker, can’t figure it out.”
  • “i wanna leap when you want me to fly.” 
  • “darlin’, i don’t mean to beg.”
  • “close your eyes, picture you and i.” 
  • “one day, somebody’s gonna go and get pushed too far.”
  • “not gonna say what you want me to say.”
  • “some things are better left alone but thanks for your concern.”
  • “i’d put a bullet in my head if i ever lost you.” 
  • “fuck you, no one is gonna ruin all our fun.”
  • “i’m not everything you wanted me to be.”
  • “i suggest you pray for a full recovery.”
  • “what’s happening to me?”
  • “do you feel the shame inside of you?”
  • “save yourself, don’t ever look back.”
  • “hey, what’s on your mind?”
  • “i think about my life without you and i start to cry.”
  • “hey, it’s alright; we’ll make it.”
  • “i love you and i’ll never leave your side.” 
  • “baby, pull over, tell me: are we concrete?” 
  • “what would you do without my perfect company to your undressed spine?”
  • “i think we’re bleeding out.” 
  • “i’m the one who made you, i’ll be the one who brings you down.” 
  • “this will be the last time.”
  • “just give me a signal i’m reaching you now.”
  • “i’ll teach you to love again.” 
  • “don’t believe it’s a never-ending summer ‘cause they don’t exist.”
  • “why am i the one falling apart?”
  • “you don’t even know you’re an angel.”
  • “foolish am i, for the times i come and go.” 
  • “i hope you don’t regret me.”
  • “this was never my intention after all.” 
  • “what the fuck did i do?”
  • “we’re made to destroy.”
  • “tell me what you want until it hurts.”
  • “i think we’re in over our heads.” 
  • “i can’t deny it’s getting worse; trust me, it’s a blessing and a curse.”
  • “call me if you’re crashing, we’ll take turns.”
  • “i won’t be here in a year.” 
  • “if there’s still evidence of us, why can’t that be enough?”
  • “i don’t mean to drag you down.” 
  • “all we have are parking lots and nowhere to go.”
  • “if you love me then show me more.”
  • “i’d give anything just to surround your dreams.”
  • “i’m an anarchist in love.” 
Learn to Swim

A Wattpad request. I do not own Pietro. He belongs to Marvel. 

Warnings: Pietro can’t swim. Fluff

Pairings: Pietro Maximoff x reader

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Pietro knew he shouldn’t have been going so fast. He knew it, but he didn’t care. He loved the feeling of the wind through his silvery hair as he ran. The adrenaline rush was something he could only get when he ran. He didn’t expect to have to try and avoid a rather large lake. He’d been going too fast to avoid it. Knowing he couldn’t swim, Pietro panicked.

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A Court of Lost Things


              “What do you mean ‘this world’?”  The queen hisses at me.

              “I’m from Prythian which is a continent connected to the human lands.  I have a whole map on all of our continents.  And trust me my father and mother made me learn it, but I have never seen anywhere called ‘Terrasen’.  Even in the courts: there is night, day, dawn, spring, summer, autumn, and winter.  No Terrasen.  In the night court all we have are mountains where the Illyrians camp.  Forests where dangerous things roam but great for training and thinking.  Velaris our shining city, where the rainbow sits.  The music pouring through the warm evening.  My mom’s shop open and cheerful.   Or the warm ocean that you can just lose yourself in…”  I trail off realizing I am rambling on.  There goes the confidence I had in me.  My wings droop as I look around to see everyone staring at me.  I see sympathy and understanding, especially in the queen and the male who looks a lot like her.  Possibly a twin.  “I just want to go home,” I say quietly.

              “Well, little bat, all I can do is offer my sympathies and our library.  Also my charming and handsome presence,” Calev winks at me.  I feel a curt reply on my tongue but I swallow it, drooping my shoulders in submission.

              “Just please don’t put me back down there in that dungeon of yours,” my voice sounded small even to my own ears. Thoughts of what happened under the mountain to both of my parents’ weave through my head.  I hadn’t been told much about it, although I’ve read a lot about what happened.  The trials of my mother, what my father had to endure, it was all so horrifying.

              “We won’t put you back there,” the queen said.  I look up at her with wide eyes.  “I know what it is like to be separated from your home and family.  To be locked away, I will not do that to you.” She finishes, her face looking dejected. As if she’s remembering something dark and haunting. The white-haired male - the king - put a hand on her shoulder and looked at her, his face unreadable. The queen turned to face him and nodded, touching his hand on her shoulder. She turns back to me and says, “Sweet girl, we will get you back home.”  

I feel tears in my eyes, but I blink them away.  “I think you are quite acquainted with my son so he will show you around.  And looking at him, he seems to be quite taken with you.”  I glance at Calev, who is blushing.  It is…very enduring and I wish he would stop.  “Calev, maybe try to keep her away from Anya for now.” The queen looked at Calev with a look I couldn’t place and my curious mind took over and asked,

              “Who’s Anya?”  I had regained my voice again as I look to Calev.

              “My pain in the ass sister.” he answered, rolling his eyes.

              “Calev!”  The king reprimands him.

              “Sorry, my pain in the butt sister.”  

A disgusted noise comes from the king as  Calev comes up to me offering his arm.  “Shall we, little bat?”  

I glare at him and walk towards the doors without so much as brushing against him.  “She’s hot when she gets all high and mighty,” he chuckles.  I flip him off and low chuckles from the males in the room have me wanting to punch them.  I keep walking and Calev falls in step with me.

              “So what would you like to see first?  The gardens?  Your room, the art gallery, the armory, ballroom, dining room, library, my room?”  At the last word, I turned and glare at the male beside me.

              “I would like to see the art gallery.”  It seemed to be the closest I was getting to home at the moment and right now, I really wanted to be somewhere that reminds me of home. “Also, you don’t happen to have anywhere I could swim, do you?”

              “Oh, maybe a late night swim under the starry stars? Possibly naked? Hopefully naked?”

              “Don’t be a pervert, Calev.”

              “I like the way you say my name,” his voice holds none of the smugness he usually speaks with but as if it’s something that amazes him and I choose to ignore it.  Relationships would not be good between worlds, especially when I won’t be staying here for long. More pain just did not seem worth whatever we would have together.  

As we walk in silence, it becomes awkward and I try to shake out my wings to give me something to do but unfortunately, my spectacular wingspan makes it hard to not touch the male beside me. And that thought came to me too late as my wing wraps around Calev, brushing against his shoulder as I try to snap them back in, my face redder than ever.

              “I bet you could get into some fun positions with those,” I feel his finger run along the bone in my wing and a sliver of moan escapes my mouth before I can stop it.

              “I told you not to do that!”

              “Sorry, I am just so curious over them.” He replies as his voice took a tone of wonder

              “Well keep your curious hands to themselves.” I said, staring straight ahead. “Are we almost there?”

              “Yes, little bat, we are almost there.”  I look at him, confused as to why he looks so morose.  Asking him would require getting to know him and so I act like I did not want to know and ignore him. We come to a plain wooden door and Calev gestures for me to enter.  Inside the room are paintings that are beyond beautiful, sculptures so lifelike I have to look twice, and drawings that look like windows.  I started at the first painting and as I make my way through every art pieces, Calev sits on a bench and watches me.

I’m not sure how many hours pass when Calev comes up beside me.

              “Seren, dinner is coming soon.  I will show you your room.” I nod and we both walk in silence once more.  Once at my door he opens it and then tries to guide me in by putting his hand on my lower back gently.  I shiver and pull away from the hand as I enter.

              “I will get you when it’s time to eat.” He promptly leaves after and it looked like my rejection to his hands made Calev put out.  Well…he can suck it up. I cannot afford to have my mind distracted by a man I will likely not see again.

With that thought, I finally look around. My room is small and plain.  A muted gold of colour covers the walls. One door lead to a closet and another one to a bathroom. The bed is big enough for two - well two people without Illyrian wings - and the sheets looks so comfortable to lay on. I flop onto the bed with a sigh.  As I stare at the roof above me, my mind finally took over and the sobs came.  Was my family freaking out?  My mother was most likely beyond worry and unable to paint.  She was probably searching through the library at this very moment, looking for anything that could help. And my father never sleeps when he has a problem, but even more so when he is scared.  I wonder if my mother and and father are holding each other trying not to cry as I had been.  Were my aunts fearing for me?  Were my uncles?  Did the sea miss me?  Velaris was probably alive and beautiful, moving on without me there.  The creatures roaming the forest went on without me trailing the woods barefoot.  A sob wracks through my body again and I wrap my wings around me, my only comfort.  I wasn’t sure how long I cried for but all too soon a knock sounds at the door.  Wiping my eyes, I stood up and walked over to the door, opening it.  Calev stands there, reaching up to rub the back of his neck as he looks down at me.

              “Are you ok, little bat?”

              “Fine. I’m starving, where’s the food?”  He chuckles at me.

              “Alright, follow me.”  As we start to walk, he looks back at me and says, “although we could stop at my room for a pre-meal.”

              “Shut up,” I snarl.  His answering chuckle has me smacking his head and Calev looks back at me with wide eyes.

              “Did you just smack me?”

              “Yes and I will do it again.”

              “Well then, the battle begins.”

              “What battle-”

Laughter bubbles from my lips as his fingers dig into my sides and starts tickling me.  I grip his arms to stop him, about to walk away, but then I decide to enjoy the moment. I haven’t laughed like this for a while. Our moment was cut off when a gasp comes from behind us.  Calev and I look up, his arms still wrapped around me, to see a beautiful woman with golden hair.

              “Calev what are you doing and who is this…woman,” the female says.

              “Mind how you speak sister,” Calev growls.  His arms are wrapped around me protectively now.

              “What is…she?”

              “She is a faerie now go in the dining hall,” he snaps.  I step away from Calev, to his dismay.

              “I am Seren, you must be Anya.  Nice to meet you.”  I reach my hand out to shake hers, but she ignores it and replies,

              “Yes quite,” she gives me a shrewd look then disappears into the dining hall.  I follow her in, not once looking back at Calev.  When I walk in, all eyes go to me and I see more people than there was back in the throne room.  I don’t dare to meet anyone’s eyes as I walk up to the table as Calev follows and stands next to me.

              “You can sit by me, little bat.”  I follow Calev to the seat next to him.  All eyes are still on me and my legs shakes as I walk from all the attention in the room. And when I sat on the chair, I just wanted the world to swallow me up as my wings awkwardly fit around the chair.

              “So what are your powers,” the twin to the queen asks.

              “Aedion,” a beautiful dark haired woman reprimands him. She has the most striking green eyes I’ve ever seen.

              “My powers?” I close my eyes and call forth some of that night magic within me to show them. This will be the only magic they could know about me, nothing else.  Soon the room was filled with a starry night sky, twinkling like a thousand diamonds.  Gasps came from those seated at the table.

              Good enough for you? I say into Aedion’s mind.  I hear him yelp and jump in his seat in surprise. I then slammed the night back into me, opening my eyes.

              “You can talk to other people with you mind?”  Aedion yelps to me, his eyes wide.

              “Among other things,” I smirk at him.

              “Wait what?” That came from Calev beside me.  My eyes flicking up to him shyly.

              Yes, fangs. At that, his lips curl into a smile.  Damn it stop flirting, I chastise myself.

              Can I send thoughts back to you? The words are garbled but I hear them nonetheless.


              Perfect.  Now you can know what I could do with these fangs.  I shivered at the sultry voice through my mind.  It was still garbled but now that I let him through my shield, his voice is clearer for me to hear.

              “Calev, did you hear what I just said?” the queen asks.

              “Sorry what?” Calev turned, stopping our mental conversation.

              “We are going to be having a ball next weekend, so you need to start those dancing lessons again with Lysandra.”  Calev groaned beside me.

              “Come on, we’ll have fun!”  Lysandra - the dark haired woman with green eyes - replies cheerfully. She is seated next to Aedion who looked awfully like the Queen, which reminds me-

              Am I going to learn anyone’s names? I ask Calev in his mind.

              Sorry, they don’t trust you enough yet.  I let out a frustrated noise at Calev’s answer and turn back to my plate.

              “Would you like lessons too, sweetheart.” My eyes went wide.

              “Oh no, I was just…thinking.  Sorry.” I stuttered.  Calev’s laugh rumbled like thunder beside me and I kick him beneath the table which only has him grinning even more.

              “Awe young love,” the wolf male says.

              “We don’t need your commentary, Fenrys.”  Calev says, still grinning and it occurs to me that he is calling out their names so I will know them.  “Anyway, Elide did you get in contact with Manon blackbeak?”  He directs this question to another dark haired female who sits next to a dark haired male who is looking very angry for no reason. Is it because of me?

              “Not yet,” she says softly.  He nods to her in some kind of understanding and I was surprised at the stab of jealousy coursing through me at that.  Angry at myself for feeling that kind of emotion, I change the subject.

              “So queen…”


              “Queen Aelin, about this ball…am I allowed to go?”  She looks at the king and they seem to have a silent conversation before-

              “I suppose,” she says, turning back to face me.

              “Thank you. I have never been to a ball.  Only read about them.”

              “You’ve never been to a ball!?” Lysandra says, aghast.  I shake my head, no.  “Anya! We must help this female get ready for the ball!  With those wings my dear we could make a beautiful gown.”

              “Oh um I can’t put things on my wings,” I say.  Calev snorts beside me and I shoot him a look.

              “Why not?”

              “They are very…sensitive…”

              “How so?” Lysandra looking at my wings, asks.

              “They just are; I can make them disappear if that would be easier.”

              “Oh my dear, I would love to show off your wings so we can just work around them,” Lysandra says.  

I nod and murmur a thank you before I excuse myself from dinner and take off for my room.  Lysandra reminded me of my aunt Mor and at that thought, it made me feel homesick all over again.  Aunt Mor would have loved a ball. Her and Lysandra would make great friends.

Back in my room again, a knock sounds at my door and I put down the book I was reading after marking the page I was on.  Opening the door I expected Calev but what I found was Anya, glaring at me.

Written by me! Edited by @crazy-fangirl16. Thinking about putting this up on watt pad but I’m not sure

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prompt idea: Emma teaching Regina to swim

Thanks for the prompt :) 

TW for panic attack and references to child abuse. 

Emma frowns as she lazes in the pool and looks over to where her girlfriend is. She can’t understand it. Regina magicked this pool up for them to enjoy over summer but won’t go anywhere near it. 

Henry loves it. He’s in here swimming and showing off his dives every day. Emma too, has always loved the water and now she finally has someone to show off her amazing splash war moves to it’s even better. 

Yet Regina, just sits on her lounger as far away as possible. When Emma or Henry do manage to call her nearer to the water, there’s always a hint of fear flickering across her face and an excuse as to why she can’t come in the pool. 

Today, Henry is at the arcade with his friends and it’s a gloriously hot lazy Saturday so there’s no excuse not to be in the water. Emma swims over to the edge of the pool, “Hey Regina!” 

Regina lifts her head up, shielding her eyes from the sun, “What?” 

“Come over here,” Emma calls, “I want to show you something.” 

Regina rolls her eyes, “Not one of your ridiculous dives?” 

“I think you’re mispronouncing the word ‘cool’” Emma replies watching as Regina sighs before cautiously make her way over to the pool. Once she gets close enough Emma reaches out for her hand. “Help me out?”

Regina nods, “Good, I was starting to wonder how pruny you were going to let yourself g-” her words cut off in a petrified scream as Emma pulls her off the edge and into the water. 

She continues to scream as she hits the water, unable to gain purchase or steady herself. She feels herself fall under the water and her eyes open wide as she remembers being beneath the water and what it means. She kicks frantically as she struggles to free herself. 

Emma frowns in horror as Regina tumbles beneath the water, her amusement quickly turning to panic as Regina falls and doesn’t emerge. She dives down immediately grabbing her flailing girlfriend and pulling her above the water. The brunette’s breath is laboured and rapid and hot tears roll down her cheeks as Emma holds her above the water. 

“It’s okay,” Emma whispers as she swims slowly over towards the steps in the corner, “You’re okay. I’ve got you.” She sits down on the steps, careful to keep Regina’s head above water as her girlfriend shakes and sobs. 

“I…I….” Regina gulps, her words drifting off into louder sobs before she simply turns and buries her head against Emma’s shoulder. Emma’s heart aches as she wraps her arms around the trembling woman and holds her close.

“I’m sorry,” Emma whispers, “It was a joke…I didn’t know….I’m so sorry Regina. I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” 

Regina sniffs, her tears ebbing slightly, “I will be…I….I can’t swim. My mother,” she shudders as she thinks of her mother’s punishments, varied but constantly cruel, “I spilt juice over one of my new ballgowns once. She sent me for a bath to clean up…when I went up there…she held me underneath….I thought I was going to die, that this was the moment when she was going to go too far…since then…”

Emma nods, “I’m sorry I brought that all back for you…I’ll never do it again. You’re okay. You’re going to be okay. I won’t ever try to trick you into a pool again…do you want to get out?”

Regina shakes her head, “I’m okay…I feel safe…maybe one day you could teach me to swim?”

“You’d trust me to do that?” Emma asks. 

Regina nods, resting her head against Emma’s chest, “I always trust you…you’ll keep me safe.”

The Honeymoon--Chapter 10

Rating: T

Summary:  With the Black Fairy defeated and the Final Battle won, Emma and Killian are able to focus on the important things—like their honeymoon.  Thanks to a souvenir from the latest curse, Killian comes up with a way to give Emma the wedding trip of their dreams.

Missed the Beginning? (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 4) (Chapter 5) (Chapter 6) (Chapter 7) (Chapter 8) (Chapter 9)

Tagging a few people who may be interested: @sailormew4@annaamell@flslp87@emmateo26@fleurreads@doracianstormrose@mermaidswans@bethacaciakay@ultraluckycatnd@allfangirlallthetime@effulgentcolors,@ilovemesomekillianjones@kat2609@brooke-to-broch@missgymgirl@hellomommanerd@galadriel26@the-lady-of-misthaven@charmingturkeysandwich@jennjenn615@laschatzi@kimmy46@snowbellewells@iamanneenigma@daxx04@lapi-lazuli@nickillian@a-rose-for-a-savior@in-spirational@gillie@manic-pixiefangirl@britishguyslover@ginnyjinxedandhanshotritafirst@nofeels@holmes-a-holic@kmomof4@linda8084@spartanguard


They left DunBroch with a full contingent of pipes and drums following them back to the Jolly.  It was a bit weird, but it was supposed to be an honor, so Emma decided to just go with it. Emma stood at the railing of their ship as they sailed away and looked over the assembled kingdom waiting there to see them off.  Front and center were Merida and Macintosh, their hands joined, the happy, excited look of new love plastered on both of their faces.

“They seem happy, don’t they?” Emma said as Killian came to join her at the railing.  “Merida and Macintosh?”

Killian chuckled. “Aye, they do for now.  I wonder how long it will be before they’re screaming at each other again.”

Emma turned in his arms to look up at him.  “You don’t think they’ll last?”

Killian laughed again. “Oh I’m sure they will.  They seem perfectly suited for each other, but I also think they won’t ever be able to make it a week without an explosive argument.”

Emma smiled.  “You’re probably right.  But then they seem to enjoy arguing with each other as much as most people enjoy getting along.”

“And there is one boon to arguing, love,” Killian said, his eyebrows wiggling.

“Yeah?  What’s that?”

He leaned in close and nipped at her earlobe then whispered in her ear.  “After a fight, a couple must make up, and that can be oh so very pleasant.”

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The Escort- Part 3

Grad School AU! You are a grad student, one year away from completing your Master’s degree. Despite your successful life, your family won’t let go of the fact that you are single. It makes your yearly family vacation a living hell. On a whim, you call the number you find on an ad for an escort to events, and you meet Dean. He’s gorgeous, charming, and perfect to help get your family off your back. What more could you ask for?

Summary of Part 3- Dean and reader make it through the vacation, only to find out that that’s not the end of their arrangement.

Part 1, Part 2 (if you haven’t read them)

Word Count: 2537

Warning: None, except for some kissing.

A/N: I know, I know, there’s no smut. I have that all ready to go for part 4. :)

You smiled before you opened your eyes, the sun warm and orange behind your eyelids. You could smell the fresh air coming off of the lake and coffee drifting up the stairs. And you knew when you opened your eyes, you’d be looking at him.

Dean was the best decision you’d made in a long time. He had spent the last six days with your family acting as your boyfriend, and he had played the part flawlessly. He was charming and funny, and seemed genuinely interested in spending time with everyone. Somewhere along the way, you had relaxed and started to actually enjoy yourself.

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You are open doors and patient arms with a voice like lullaby that resonates in the darkest corners of my mind. You are equilibrium that does not require balance and eyes so deep I could swim for all time’s sake and maybe that’s why I am drowning; because all I ever really learned to do is paddle because it is the basic and that’s all I seem to accomplish. Anyone else would have quit on me by now, you could have been gone by now but you did the opposite. The idea of forever has always terrified me but the way you look at me each time our souls pass each-other by, they make me think that they are real and maybe they are you. Maybe it could be you.
—  Charlotte Hesslewood
ME Fic: The Water’s Fine (1/1)

For @inconocible. I was your @masseffectholidaycheer holiday husk this year! You should be getting a couple of little gifties in the mail, but I also wanted to bestow upon you the gift of fluff <3 (Because fluff!!) Hopefully I did not mangle your Colleen Shepard too much.

The Water’s Fine 

A breeze blew through the open doors, warm against Garrus’ plates. Pleasant. Perfect.

It was always pleasant here, always perfect. A little dull sometimes, if he was honest, but after all the not-dull he’d experienced, he wasn’t complaining. Not really. His old injuries never ached here; his dreams were softer, less dark. He laughed a lot. Was always well-rested.

Outside, the wind rustled the leaves in the trees and he could hear the rhythmic pulse of the waves against the shore. He finished mixing the drink and stabbed a few pieces of fruit onto the pointy end of a little paper umbrella before dropping it into the cocktail. A bird sang and was answered by its mate. He hummed under his breath, an old song his mother had sometimes sung to him when he woke in the night and couldn’t sleep. It made him smile.

The door to the patio was ajar, letting in more of the fresh air. Bugs, too, but they never bothered him. A pair of little green lizards chased each other up the back of one of the lounge chairs. Beyond them, the extravagantly large infinity-edged swimming pool stretched out toward the horizon and the beach, water glittering in the sun.

As someone who Did Not Swim, he hadn’t really understood why both pool and ocean were necessary. A few more meters and the ocean stretched out as far as he could see. Plenty of water. Nice to look at. Soothing to listen to in the dark of the night with the windows open and the night birds chirping.

Shepard, however, had been adamant about the pool. She’d designed the thing herself, grinning like a maniac the entire time. He’d been so happy to see that grin, he’d have given her any damn thing she wanted to keep it on her face.

He saw the grin a lot, now. Another thing worth the periods of dullness.

And he did like the hot tub.

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Suit and Tie (Pt 2 of Grade A Asshole)

Request: CONTINUATION TO THAT FRANK IERO IMAGINE PLEASE WHERE IT’S HOMECOMING ALREADY AND HIM AND Y/N ARE REALLY CUTE AND HE’S NOT USED TO WEARING A TUX BUT HE’S RLLY ADORABLE AW and after that they decide to go early and spend time together somewhere fun and they’re both alone and they get a little bit more intimate and then he finally tells her he loves her AND OMGSJSJS

Part 1

“It’s itchy” Frank whined and continued to fidget with the collar of his tux. Even though he wasn’t thrilled about it, it made me so happy that he was willing to wear one for tonight. Frank wasn’t used to wearing a suit, in a formal way at least. He wouldn’t even wear his school uniform properly. I giggled and abandoned the mirror to fix it. 

“Frank your gonna mess it up”

“It feels messed up already” He grumbled, but held still and let me straighten it. “It’s a little tight, do you think I got the wrong size? I probably did. Dammit why did I let Brendon talk me into his one, you think he would know a lot about suits. Last time I let him talk me into some-”

“Frank, you look perfect” I gave him a quick peck on his lips. Frank smiled, a faint blush on his cheeks. I returned to my mirror, applying some more mascara. Frank eyed the corsage on my wrists then at my dress. 

“Fuck! The fucking flower bracelet doesn’t match!” He exclaimed, running his hands through his hair.

“Frank, it’s fine. Red flowers can go with a black dress” 

“Yeah but-”

“Frankie, it’s okay. The flowers are perfect and your perfect”

“I’m sorry. I just…I’ve never been to one of these before and I just want to do it right” He admitted bashfully.

“Your doing amazing Frank. Thank you for doing all this”

“thank you for being my first and last prom date” He smirked and tugged at my waist, pulling me into a kiss.

“Time for a slow one for all you love birds out there” The DJ said smugly before blaring “Yellow” by Coldplay through the gym. I smiled in excitement and grabbed Frank’s arm before he could protest, dragging him into the swarm of couples.I turned around to face him and draped my arms over his neck.

“I have no idea how to do this” He chuckled, slightly embarrassed. I guided his hands onto my waist. We got more comfortable as the song played on, me leaning my head on his shoulder and his hands easing their way lower and lower. 

Look at the stars

Look how they shine for you

And everything you do

His mouth brushed against the shell of my ear. “Do you wanna get out of here?” The sound of is voice sent a chill up my spine. I looked at the clock, there was only an hour left anyway. I nodded, making him grin as he quickly guided me back to his car. 

“Where are we going?” I asked as he pulled out o the parking lot, loosing his tie.

“You’ll see”

I wasn’t expecting Frank to pull into his driveway, he always avoided staying at his house. “I thought we could have a bonfire outside. Maybe go swimming, is that okay?” He asked.

“I don’t have anything to swim in” 

“I’ll give you some clothes to wear” He persisted.

“Alright, let’s do it. Yolo”

“Don’t ever say that again” He laughed, adding a playful eye roll.

I leaned against Frank’s shoulder, watching the flames light up the backyard. We laid on the hammock in silence, enjoying each other’s company. Frank leaned down and kissed me, gently. The kiss grew heated as his tongue rolled against mine. “Fuck your so beautiful” He groaned in between kisses.

“Frank” I whimpered as his kisses made their way down my jaw and to my neck.

“I love you so much” I froze in place. He said he loved me. Frank has never said that to e before, he dosen’t say that to anyone. Frank pulled away to look at, grabbing my hand. “I. love. You.” He confirmed, holding my hand tightly. I kissed him again, tugging at the hem of his shirt.

“I love you too Frankie”

Ouat Imagine: Wanna Cool Off?


Pairings: Reader x Felix and Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: None

It was hot.

Jesus, it was hot, and by hot I mean blistering, in Neverland. The sun beat down in scorching rays, waving over the camp like waves on sand; never stopping and always there. You could feel your skin turning red beneath the heat, cursing the sun for creating such a presence on the island. 

You wiped the sweat from your brow with the back of your hand, turning your eyes from the ground to glare at the sky, pushing your sopping hair away from your pink tinted forehead.

How it had gotten was past your thinking, it was always sort of a monotone temperature year round on the island. Usually a quite pleasant sixty to seventy degrees had somehow turned into an unbearable, what felt like, one hundred degrees. You couldn’t even imagine how hot the boys were with their cloaks and dark clothing, for you had been able to make yourself a pair of shorts to go with your usual t-shirt to wear on the warmer days.

You could smell the disgusting scent of body odor drifting from not only the lost boys, but also you. Wafting through the air unpleasantly with it’s sharp and foul smell. It assaulted your whole nose andmade you want a bath of ice to lay in.

Your eyes widened considerably as an idea clouded your thoughts with temptation. You smirked and let out a cheerful giggle, dropping the heavy shovel from your hands and running up to Pan, who was currently trying to impatiently teach a lost boy how to make a spear out of a stick.

“No! You can’t slice it there, you’ll make it less sturdy!” he said stressfully, guiding the boys knife to where he needed to peel off the bark to make it sharp.

"Pan?” you asked from behind him, tapping gently on his shoulder to get his attention.

He turned with a smirk, knowing your voice held a certain tone that meant mischievous.

"Yes, (Y/N)?” 

You backed up a little as he stood up to talk to you, a little intimidated by his extreme height. He practically towered over you.

"I was, um, I was wondering if maybe I could go take a swim near the shore since it’s so hot, actually you know what I’ll just, I’ll just get back to work it was a bad idea anyway-" 

He interrupted your stuttering with his reply, surprising you with a light, happy tone instead of his usual grumpy, assertive one, “Alright, but I have a better idea. How about we go to Mermaid Lagoon instead, the water’s much more calm there. Don’t tell the others, though, then we’ll never get any work done. Just you and me.”

You were a little frightened by the suggestion, scared to be with Peter at all, much more scared alone with him in a lagoon filled with magical creatures that could drown you in an instant.

"B-But what about the mermaids?” 

"They won’t get you if you’re with me, they’re scared of me.” 

You didn’t know whether to be more terrified of his answer, or feel more protected, so you just left it at that and nodded.

"Okay then, um, thanks?” you told him, still intimidated by him even though you had lived with him for a while now, “Uh, maybe we could take Felix too or something. Just because he is probably boiling too, not because I am scared of you or anything! I just think-”

“Alright, we can take Felix too, no need to get jumpy, love.” he said with a wink, raising his eyebrow in amusement.

Your face blushed as he whistled for Felix, looking down at the dirt beneath your feet. Had he just called you…love? Felix came sauntering towards the two of you, his long legs reaching you in practically one step.

"What do you need, Pan?” he asked, glancing down at you for only a second with curiosity.

"The two of us are going to go for a swim, would you like to join us?”

The boy looked down at you again and smiled, just then noticing how short you were compared to himself. He nodded and let out a visible sigh, “Oh, thank God, I thought I was going to die of exhaustion out there working!”

You smiled, and started marching towards the direction of the lagoon, or at least what you thought the direction was.

The two boys watched and started laughing, “The lagoon is THIS way, (Y/N)!”

You paused your marching, bringing your hand up and dragging it down your face, and then turned around to see them chuckling at your reaction. You slumped your shoulders and blushed, hiding your face with a curtain of your hair. You walked towards them and gestured for them to lead the way.

Once you had reached the peaceful scenery of the lagoon, you immediately took a deep breath of the refreshing, yet muggy, air. It was beautiful.

The water cascaded from the hanging rocks above you, flowing down like a wave of fresh air in your lungs. The rocks of the lagoon were covered in a bright green moss, making everything look soft and plush. You could live here if there weren’t so many dark creatures surrounding it; their dark aura making themselves present when Pan wasn’t around.

"Are you going to get in, or just stare at it! Come on!” you heard Felix yell to you.

You turn away from the beautiful plants that you were admiring only to see the two boys stripping down into nothing but their underwear. You shrieked, closing your eyes as tight as you could and slapping your hands around them. You turned around, ducking your head as your face turned the darkest shade of red it had been in years. Your hair blocked out any extra light that shone through your eyelids.

Then, you felt something warm behind you. It brushed against your still-clothed back, and two steady and muscular arms wrapped around your waist. You could feel a light presence, as light as a feather, drawing small circles on your hip as a hot breath trailed down your neck.

"What’s the matter, darling?” the voice taunted from behind, sending you into a fit of stuttering and unfinished sentences.

“I-I um- holy cow, just, I’m just not used to, um, half naked…boys.”

Pan chuckled, “Oh, us? We’re nothing to worry about, we won’t do anything. How about we go for a swim?”

He backed up and let go of you, turning to the small rock that hung over the edge of the lagoon and jumping from it, landing with a loud splash in the water below.

You uncovered your eyes, breathing out a small, “Oh my God…”

Your eyes were practically popping out of your own skull, still nervous about what had just happened. One thing was for sure; Peter Pan was a flirt.

“C'mon, you gettin’ in or what, (Y/N)?” Pan shouted from below, his voice bouncing off of the stone walls that dripped with water.

"Uh, yeah!” You yelled back uncertainly,”What about my clothes? They’re the only ones I’ve got!”

"Take ‘em off like we did!”

"I am not taking off my clothes with you two here! I am a girl!”

"Leave your bra and panties on! We left ours on, well minus the bra that is…”

You squeezed your eyes shut tight, groaning at the thought of having to do what he just said. You knew it would be the best thing to do though, because, one, you only had one suitable pair of clothes for this weather, and two, you were the one who suggested going swimming and couldn’t back down.

"I can’t believe I’m saying this, but fine!”

You hesitantly began to strip off your pants, making extra sure that neither of the two could see, and then began working on your top. You slowly unbuttoned the bottons on your shorts and then slipped it from your lower half, also disregarding the thin cloth from your shoulders, glad that you had on a decent bra and underwear.

You took a deep breath, walking timidly over to the edge of the cliff and looking down. Your eyes widened as you saw how far it was to reach the water, and how bad it would hurt when you broke through the surface of it.

"Uh, Pan, I might just-”

You were interupted from backing down by the same feeling you had felt a little bit ago; warm hands on your shoulders.

 But this time…you didn’t have anything to cover them. This time your were exposed, and the hands were slightly bigger and thinner. It was Felix behind you, and you could sense a mischievous smile on his face.

“Felix, don’t. You. Dare–AHHH!”

And suddenly you were falling, and then hitting the hard surface of the green water. You took a gulp of the algae filled water, it being enough to help you resurface coughing and gagging. You held your throat as you coughed up the swallowed water, soon recovering and turning to the boys with a death glare.

“Was that necessary?!” you shrieked, a laugh escaping your mouth soon after.

The boys were almost on their butts laughing as you tried to straighten out the wet and tangled hair away from your giggling face. Once it was away from your face, you stood in the water and watched them, planning your attack on one of them. It was going to be Pan, the one laughing hardest.

You grinned wickedly like the Cheshire Cat, shrinking down into the water like a wild dog, slowly and silently slithering over towards him. He was completely oblivious to your actions, and still laughing with Felix; joking and replaying the face you had made with his own face.

You jumped up, and grabbed onto his broad shoulders, playfully growling and shuffling up his body like a koala. His face mirrored your own when you were pushed off the cliff; his mouth making an o shape and his eyes practically the size of golf balls. He fell into the water with you on top of him, but he couldn’t be the only one that went down, so he took you with him. His arms wrapped around your waist, one trying to push the two of you back into the air so that you could breath.

“What was that for?!” He yelped as the two of you resurfaced, him still holding you close to his wet, bare body. You wiggled from his arms and crossed your own, giving him a cute little grumpy face.

"You laughed at me!”

"So did Felix!” He defended himself, gesturing towards the blonde headed lost boy.

You turned towards him and his eyes widened, holding his hands in the air in defense. You glared at him and scrunched up your nose like a bunny, causally walking behind him as if you thought the rock near his back was the coolest thing ever. Then, like lightening, you hopped on his back and tried to tackle him just like you did to Pan. Instead of falling, however, he caught the backs of your thighs in his hands, stumbling from the surprise, and then running deeper and deeper into the green body of water.

“Wait, Felix! You were supposed to fall, not give me a piggy back ride!” You giggled in his ear loudly, causing him to chuckle and drop you off of his back and into the water. 

You got up and ran to the rocky shore covered in moss, noticing the heavy footsteps behind you bounding across the water.

“When I CATCH YOU, (Y/N), oh you’re in for it!” You heard Pan yell from one side, Felix still chasing you, and now Pan.

"No! You’ll never catch me!–woah!” you yelled just as you tripped on a loose rock that had somehow managed to find its way under your feet. 

You fell with a tiny splash in the shallow water, the moss and other slimy grasses breaking your fall. You backed up on your elbows as they ran towards you, sickly grins on their faces. You tried not to smile as they, also trying not to smile, looked at you unapprovingly. 

"Trying to tackle US?” Pan interrogated, a tiny smirk growing like a weed on his face with every word.

"Yep, and I did, well one of you.” you replied smugly.

"Nope, that just won’t do. Looks like we’ll have to punish you!” Felix growled teasingly.

He dropped to his knees beside you, and before you had time to ask what he was doing, you were being assaulted by him wiggling his fingers up and down your stomach and arms. You tried to keep the vain laughs from bubbling up, but when Pan joined in you couldn’t control yourself.

Their fingers ran up and down your whole body, Pan holding down your legs and Felix pinning your arms to the slippery lagoon floor. You probably sounded like someone on a rollercoaster, screaming and laughing like a maniac.

"P-please, ahhh! No! Let me go, I’m sorry, ahaha, please!” 

Happy tears streamed down your sunburnt cheeks as they continued on, only stopping when they felt they had given you enough torture, finally releasing your limbs and letting you take a breath.

"I say we head back to camp, yeah? The boys will probably be wondering where we are.” Pan suggested.

"Yeah, plus the sun’s starting to go down.” Felix added.

You nodded, standing up on wobbly, exhausted legs and helping the boys get up, “ We definitely need to do this again.”

Needless to say, it was a pretty fun way to cool off on a hot day.

Wow okay wrong season but I got the idea and needed to write it so I hope you liked it! Love you guys, and feel free to give me cute Christmas/Winter promts for the season! P.s. holy cow I’m five followers away from 200! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

FREE!ES RinHaru Moments [eps 01 - 03]

I really, really enjoy doing compilations, so I figured this one may come in handy for those who may be interested in either editing videos, gifs and the likes or writing meta :D

I’m going to be including:

  • Interactions
  • Them being in each other’s thoughts
  • Looks
  • Third party commentary
  • Parallels
  • Flashbacks shots and similar imagery (regardless of context)

I plan to do this every three episodes; so here is the first installment. Please, do let me know if I missed anything! (I also tried to link to gifsets but came up short for some scenes; so if you’ve got any of those, send them my way and I’ll add them!)

Warning: heavy image-post is HEAVY

♒ Episode 1


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Break Up and Make Up (S.W)

Request: Can you make an imagine where sammy and Y/N broke up and she starts getting jealous of Stassie and all those girls he hangs out with and they go to Puerto Rico with the squad and he gets jealous of the boys that flirt with her, and they have a huge fight that leads to a heated make out😁


“Well you know what? Fuck you Samuel!” I scream at the top of my lungs, throwing my hands in the air, frustrated with the whole entire argument. I couldn’t even remember what it was about.

“Piss off, (Y/N). God you’re such a fucking bitch. Why the hell am I even dating you?” He spat out in a burst of anger. After he said it though, his face began to soften. “Fuck.. (Y/N), I-I didn’t mean it..” he mumbled, and I rolled my eyes.

“What the fuck ever.” I groaned. I grabbed my purse and opened the door. “Guess we’re over then, asshole.” I stepped out of his house and slammed the door shut.

A few days past after Sam and I’s break up. Everyone knew about it, because the next day, he was all up on every girl he could see. So much for giving a shit about me. I was currently at the club with my best-friend, Anna and the rest of the Crew. Of course Sammy was here, but he was all up on Stassie and her friend. I slowly sipped my drink as I watched them grind on one another.

“(Y/N), are you jealous?” Anna asked me, and I looked over at her. I scoffed, and took a swig of my beer, shaking my head.

“Nah..” I mumbled, but in all actuallity, I was. It should be me over there with him on the dance floor. He should be grinding on me, instead of that fucking whore. We should be getting wasted off our asses together, not fighting. But I guess this is just how life works.

Gilinsky and Johnson shook their heads, because they knew that I was lying. They could read me like an open book. “Hey (Y/N)?” G asked and my head shot up. I nodded towards him so that he could continue speaking. “The boys and I were wondering if you would like to come to Puerto Rico with us.” He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, as if he was afraid of my answer.

I nodded my head again, a grin beginning to curl up on my lips. “Hell yeah I’ll come to Puerto Rico with you guys! That sounds like so much fucking fun!” I squealed in excitement, and slowly the radiaiting jealousy began to vanish.

A week later, and we were in Puerto Rico. The plane ride was God-Awful, because I had to sit next to Sammy the whole way. All he did was talk about Stassie and her friend. It was “Stassie this,” and “Stassie that”. It was such an annoyance and I wanted to hit him.

We had gotten a large condo at a Resort in Puerto Rico. There were 4 bedrooms in the place. G, Johnson, and Nate got 3 of the bedrooms, while Swazz was staying out in the living room on the pull out couch. Who had the fourth bedroom? That’s right, Sammy and I.

I hauled my bags into my side of the bedroom, with Sammy on my tail. He didn’t even bother helping me, what a dick.

“Hey, (Y/N), did you need help unpacking?” Nate says as his head pops in. I smile at him and shake my head.

“Nah, I’m actually gonna try and find my bikini so that I can hit the pool.” He nods his head and then allows himself to come into the room.

“Well once you find it, maybe you and I could go swimming?” He suggests, and adds a suggestive tone to it. “I wouldn’t mind spending time with you and your pretty face.” I giggled quietly, and just nodded my head.

“Sure Nate, we can go to the pool.” He grins and sends a wink my way, before exiting my room.

Sammy, who had just watched the whole encounter, scoffs at my actions. “Whore.” He mumbled under his breath, and I looked at him.

“Excuse me?” I asked, my attititude becoming present.

“We broke up like two weeks ago, and you’re already going after my friends. You’re such a whore. A homie-hopper.”

I groan loudly, rolling my eyes at his stupidness. “Sorry that I can’t move on? You moved on like the next day, so just get over it Sammy! I’m not yours anymore! You can’t control me.” I mumbled.

“Well what if I didn’t want it to be over?” He yells, and I look at him confused. It was him who basically said he didn’t want us to date anymore.

“Wha-” I began to say, and then I was cut off by his lips meeting mine. They were attacking me with hunger, and his arms slid around my waist. His hands gripped my ass tightly, and its like his lips were devouring me.

I, of course, reciprocated his actions. I moved my arms around his neck, and my finger slipped into his hair, tugging in places. He moaned into my mouth, and he slowly bit my lip before pulling away.

“I fucking love you (Y/N), can’t you see that?” He asked, looking me deep in the eyes.

“I fucking love you too Samuel.”

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I have a scar that runs half way across my back from a surgery that saved my life before I had even said my first word. My mom always tells me to hide it from prying eyes, as I hold my tongue, wanting to ask if she would prefer for my skin to be unblemished and for me to be dead.

I wanted to die when I was thirteen, and I’m not saying that to be romantic or poetic. I’m saying that I was prepared to slit open the knotted veins in my wrists with a knife forged in the birthplace of my grandmother before I truly understood what it meant to be alive.

I’m the only person I know who’s afraid of being happy because I’ve realized that the higher I feel, the farther I have to fall and I don’t want my emotions to hit rock bottom and splinter as ocean waves crash over me and pull my mind out to sea.

I’m old enough to know by now that true love and happily ever after only exists in fairytales. I’ve witnessed enough screaming matches at two in the morning between the two people in my life who are supposed to love each other more than anyone else to know that nothing good can last forever.

I’ve shed enough tears to drain all the oceans on earth plus any water that could ever have existed on Mars. Maybe I don’t swim any more because I know what it feels like to drown without being in water and maybe I know that I would be too tired to fight against any waves pulling me away from shore.

—  e.e.h. - Things I Told the Internet but was too Afraid to Tell my Friends