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Finn x Reader

Requested by @onceitoowasinnocent

Part One

“There are a few other girls you could chat with going through a similar thing.” Esme muttered as she finished chatting with you, smiling when you helped clean up the bookies.

“Everyone is taking this so calmly, my parents won’t approve.” You mumbled and she stopped what she was doing so she could look at you.

“No offence but around here your news doesn’t even make the list of Tommy’s problems.” She chuckled and you smiled.

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any tips about familiars?

Originally posted by ninngunaparte

In some traditions of modern Paganism, including the various Wiccan paths, the concept of an animal familiar is incorporated into practice. A familiar is often defined as an animal with whom we have a magical connection, but in truth, the concept is a bit more complex than this.

Today, many Pagans have an animal companion that they consider their familiar–and most people no longer believe that these are spirits or demons inhabiting an animal. Instead, they have an emotional and psychic bond with the cat, dog, or whatever, who is attuned to the powers of its human partner.

Not everyone has, needs, or even wants a familiar. If you have an animal companion as a pet, such as a cat or dog, try working on strengthening your psychic connection with that animal. Books such as Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak contain some excellent pointers on how to do this.

If an animal has appeared in your life unexpectedly–such as a stray cat that appears regularly, for instance–it’s possible that it may have been drawn to you psychically. However, be sure to rule out mundane reasons for its appearance first. If you’re leaving out food for the local feral kitties, that’s a far more logical explanation. Likewise, if you see a sudden influx of birds, consider the season–is the ground thawing, making food more available? Not all animal visitors are magical–sometimes, they’re just coming to visit.

If you’d like to draw a familiar to you, some traditions believe you can do this by meditation. Find a quiet place to sit undisturbed, and allow your mind to wander. As you journey, you may encounter various people or objects. Focus your intent on meeting an animal companion, and see if you come into contact with any.

In addition to familiars, some people do magical work with what’s called a power animal or a spirit animal. A power animal is a spiritual guardian that some people connect with. However, much like other spiritual entities, there’s no rule or guideline that says you must have one. If you happen to connect with an animal entity while meditating or performing astral travel, then that may be your power animal, or it may just be curious about what you’re up to.

@thewonderofnature actually wrote a powerful familiar finding spell when we were in college and all of us in our group have used it.  Maybe I can convince her to come guest post on here.  Would you all like that?

The Lift

@soreidy27 asked:

Can you write a oneshot on last nights episode of Danny telling Margot that Sophie saw them in the elevator. Please 🙏🏻

and here it is…

“Margot, stop-“ Danny gasped, peeling his lips from hers he gripped her shoulders firmly and held her at arms length. Margot darted forward, attempting to pick up their kiss where they had left off. “Sophie,” Danny mumbled, his brown eyes scanning rapidly across her confused features.

“You’re thinking about Sophie right now?” Margot demanded incredulously, her chest still heavily distractingly from the adrenaline and lust coursing through her.

“What?” Danny frowned. “No, Sophie, Sophie saw us!” He said.

“What are you on about?” The blonde questioned, her brows knitted together in worry.

“Sophie, just now, she saw us.” He said softly, releasing Margot’s arms and running a shaking head through his jet black hair.

“Oh,” Margot mumbled biting her bottom lip and twirling so her back was flat against the wall of the lift. The pair stood side by side, both panting and each engrossed in their thoughts as the elevator pinged from floor to floor.

“She saw us, before the doors closed.” Danny stated, as if he was telling himself as much as her.

“So I guess our fun is over then,” She replied, rebuttoning her white blazer and brushing the wrinkles out of it.

“I’m gonna lose my job!” Danny groaned wiping his hand over his face.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Alice Vaughan isn’t going to fire you because you’re sleeping with me.” Margot shot back, annoyed. “We don’t even know if Sophie will say anything!”

“She will.”

“Danny!” Margot sanpped.

“No she will,” Danny said firmly, raking his hands through his hair again and walking the length of the elevator in a sort of roundabout pace.

“She wo-“ Margot is cut off as the lift bings loudly and opens to let a few people shuffle on. Moving to the back, Danny and Margot stand closely together, saying nothing. Finally, unable to keep her mouth shut any longer, Margot hisses under breath, “She won’t.” Danny stares forward, ignoring her as the elevator comes to a stop and lets a few people off.

“I did the same thing to her a couple of weeks ago.” He muttered, looking everywhere but at Margot’s questioning eyes. Finally the car reaches the lobby and the remaining passengers depart leaving Margot and Danny alone. Waiting silently for the doors to bounce shut, the pair avoid eye contact.

“She was…involved with a client and I outed her to Alice.” Danny said finally, turning to face her. Margot placed one hand on her hip.

“Well then, what do we do now?” She asked shortly, not bothering to hide the annoyance in her voice.

“I should go and speak to her, maybe I can convince her-“ He thought out loud.

“So, you’re not coming with me then?” She queried in frustration, her body language stiff and uncomfortable.

“Margot, I could lose my job!” Danny yelled in frustration, his brown eyes blazing.

“You know, I don’t think that’s what this is about!” She fired back hotly. “I don’t think this is about that at all!”

“Oh really?” He questioned sarcastically.

“No I think this is about Sophie!” She snapped.

“Of course it’s about Sophie!”

“No, it’s about you and Sophie,” Margot said, drawing herself up to her full height and glaring meanly at him.

“Me and Sophie?” Danny asked incredulously.

“Yes! There’s obviously something going on there and now you’re pissed because I’ve somehow spoiled your chances!” She screamed back at him.

“My chances at what?” Danny yelled at her, causing her to take a step back. “God you’re insane!” He announces, throwing his hands into the air in rage. The frustration oozing from his every pore.

“And you’re insufferable!” Margot shouted back, moving to jab at the button to open the elevator door.

“I’m going back up to try and talk to her!” Danny growled gruffly as Margot moved to stride out into the lobby.

“Fine!” She called back loudly as she angrily made her way out of the building.

“Fine!” He replied aggressively.

The lift doors slid shut and Danny slammed his hand against the cool metal.

“Damnit!” He roared to no one at all.

this is quite possibly my favorite blooper EVER because I can 100% see Uhura wanting to dance with her man and playing him like a fiddle to make it happen. Let’s be honest there’s not much he would or could deny her.

“Nyota if I’m not mistaken this is one of your favorite songs.”

“as per usual you’re right,” She smiled at him. “you know what I would like even more; if you would dance with me.”

“Nyota I doubt that would be appropriate," the tips his ears flushed green like they always did when he felt embarrassed  "particularly with so many of our fellow crew members present.”

“Well maybe I can convince you in a way you’ll understand,” Uhura laces her fingers in his. “Ok how’s this Don’t think of it as dancing infront of people and embarrassing yourself. Think of it as an exercise in compatibility."  

"would you elaborate in that please?” he inclined his head curiously.

“when you dance being compatible with your partner is crucial.” she knew she had this one in the bag once a logical argument was presented the end result was almost guaranteed. “You have to trust the one your with and move together within the confines  of the music. so the question Mr. Spock is do you trust me?"  

"Implicitly,” Spock nodded rising from his chairs at their table and extend his hand in offering. “May I have the honor this dance Ms. Uhura?”

“of course you may,” she accepted and allowed herself to be lead to the only truly open space on the Mess deck.

 They didn’t touch at first the tune was set to a Vulcan lyre  so the dance was almost a waltz as they mirrored each other moving in a tight circle. “we appear to be attracting attention,” he was most certainly right every eye present was on them and nearly all chatter had died away. “should we stop?”

“nah lets just finish the song,” she whispered so only Spock could hear her. “just act like no one else is around and keep your eyes on me.”

“that is most definitely a feat I can manage,” he placed his hand at her wait waist drawing her close using his other hand to capture hers. when asked
what he was doing he quietly replied. “Deviating I’m trusting you and also the music.” at a particularly long chord he increased the distance between then spinning her and then renewing their positions

when the song ended there forehead were intimately touching and the deck erupted in applause after which they left the deck to the turbo-lift. “thank you.” she placed a soft kiss on his lips. “admit it you enjoyed it.”

“I found it exceedingly pleasing yes.” the corners of his mouth twitched to the Spock equivalent of a smile “you and I appear evenly matched and compatible for the exercise.”

“As well as others commander,” it was a start at least. “as well as others.”

#and not a logical thought was had for the rest of the night 

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@girls What do you think about nathan drake (uncharted series)

Nova: He’s pretty cool. love his attitude 

Missy: he’s pretty awesome but I don’t know he seems too wanderlust you know having trouble settling down and living a normal life. 

Star: He’s pretty cool but not as cool as my Marco. Sorry Elena. Oooo maybe i can convince her to have our husbands go on adventure competition again

Janna; psst nah he’s boring. 

Jackie; I’m glad he mellowed out. 

@nornities replied to your post “Ranty bit story time incoming….. I was going to schedule a time to get…”

How annoying :( If you have too much time you could find out which dog salon she tries to call. Maybe they can convince her to use the right number

I do know which one she’s trying to call. They even have a Facebook page. I’ve been real tempted to message the owner and give her an ear full but I don’t know the woman’s name that keeps calling. The owner probably knows who it is because if the woman is so rude to me she’s probably being rude to them.

@hyperkaos replied to your post “@hyperkaos replied to your post “Ranty bit story time incoming….. I…”

Totally fucked up. 100% approved! LOL

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You are also participating in the day of silence, Shy? So am I, but I forgot to tape my mouth. But I'm glad you're alright, Shy. But I have a question: Have you heard of Sans the skeleton and Tattletail? If so,, what do you think of them?

*shakes in joy* /I’m happy you are doing it too!~/ *nods his head in excitement* / I love Sans!~ And Tattletail, but they scare me sometimes!~ I’ll tell you a little secret!~ Mun has her own Sans she created! I’ve met him, he smells like candy! Maybe I can convince her and him to join me sometime!~/

Rather annoyed

My parents kept my kids overnight because the landlord was going to come over today and do work on the house, fix a ton of stuff that needs fixing from before we moved it. I figured it would be easier for him and the workers to not have 2 children running around, and the workers wouldn’t have to be quiet at nap time.

Surprise surprise, he isn’t coming. It’s Mother’s Day weekend. He has plans. One day I’ll have fixed place.

It’s okay, after work I’ll pick the kids up and treat them to something nice for dinner. James isn’t going to be home till tomorrow, so maybe I’ll let Charlie stay up late and eat popcorn and we can watch a movie. I’ll paint her nails. Maybe I can convince her to let me trim her hair.


I knew she might be special. I just had a feeling. I thought, ‘if this ones special, maybe I can convince her to sign with me.’ From the minute she walked in the door, I never saw her again as a 14-year-old. I saw her incredible potential. She was so unique as a person. She was a giddy little girl, then, in a heartbeat, extraordinarily sophisticated. She was always smart.

-Scott Borchetta on meeting Taylor Swift

I Didn’t Know (Part 3/3)

Pairing: Sam x Reader (endgame), a little bit of Dean x Reader
Summary: (AU!) Having an affair with Dean Winchester is never a good thing, especially when you’re best friends with his brother.  After getting caught with Dean, the reader must face the consequences.  Sam and the reader’s friendship is changed for forever.
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 2,775
Warnings: asshole!Dean (seriously, he’s pretty ooc), affair, ANGST, some pretty depressing thoughts
A/N: Ayyyye I couldn’t resist with the ending… As always, there is a 23488098% chance I’ll respond with a funny gif/nice words if you leave a comment/reblog with a comment/send me a message!

I Didn’t Know Masterlist


Suddenly, a loud knocking on the front door startled you out of focus. You pulled your headphones out and shut your laptop, surprised at the sudden interruption.  The knocking started again and you heard Sam grumble, “What the hell?” and go to open the door.

“Where is she?” The voice of the intruder shocked you to the core and you ducked out of sight.

“Dean,” Sam said, sounding just as surprised as you.

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A Little Magic Called Love (1/4)

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Summary: Arthur Kirkland and Alfred Jones have been friends since first year despite hailing from rival houses. After creating a lie to escape some unwanted romantic attention, Arthur gets more than he bargained for when all of Hogwarts comes to believe he and his best friend are dating! Now, the Slytherin and Gryffindor must fake a relationship just long enough to shake off Arthur’s unwanted suitor, but will it stay fake?  

A/N: USUK Pottertalia AU based off an RP between me and my best friend, Impossibilitygirl. Slytherin!Arthur and Gryffindor!Alfred. Fluff! 

A warm summer breeze wafted through the open windows of the eastern corridor sending the hems of black robes rustling against pairs of pristinely pressed pants and dark knee highs. Though it was the first day of classes at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, hardly a single soul was focused on anything related to new textbooks or fresh rolls of parchment and bottles of jet-black ink. The whole corridor was alive with excited chatter and laughter as students from all houses rekindled the friendships that had gone neglected over the summer holiday. Arthur couldn’t keep himself from feeling a tad envious of a group of Hufflepuffs he saw exchanging embraces in the adjoining courtyard. The Slytherin had yet to see his only the only person he had been waiting all summer and he was about to cross paths with the one he prayed he wouldn’t encounter so soon.

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could you please do Marichat nº11 pleasepleaseplease?

11: “I may have accidentally said something and now my whole family kind of thinks we’re dating. Oops.”

(Marichat is my jam.  It got kinda long but I like it so please enjoy :D )

The annual Dupain Family Reunion was a week long event.  Dupains from all over France and the world crowded into Paris, crashing on the couches and floors of the ones who lived there, or splurging on hotel rooms to share.  Marinette’s bedroom floor, in particular, was a pile of sleeping bags and pillows, a dozen or so cousins having decided to camp out with her.

The first night of the affair was dubbed the Fancy Night, which, in all honesty, was a terribly boring name, but no one ever said the Dupains were particularly creative with words.  They had a huge hall rented out, big enough for the hundreds of cousins, where they’d dance and laugh and have a great time well into the night.

At least, that was the theory.

Normally, theory reflected practice, but Marinette was almost eighteen now, and apparently that meant her apparent lack of a boyfriend was appalling.  

“Come on, dear,” Tante Marie crooned.  “There’s got to be someone out there who’s captured your heart.”

Marinette sighed.  She was cornered by six aunts who were trying to wheedle a confession out of her, and a smirking Isla and Phoebe, who were saved from their own torture by Isla’s recent engagement and the fact that Phoebe had been dating someone for the last four years.

Hmm.  Maybe that could work.  Maybe she could pawn the attention off on the fact that Phoebe’s boyfriend still hadn’t proposed and then–she shook off the idea.  That would be mean.

But the probably still remained that there was nothing to reassure her aunts and that they’d brush off the only boy she could think to point out as a silly celebrity crush.

“Well,” she said–lied, really, “there’s not.”

“You’re getting too old, honey,” Tante Helene pointed out.  “When I was your age, I was married and already had a baby on the way.  You’re wasting away.”

“You don’t want to end up an old maid like me,” Tante Elaine assured her.  “You need to find someone soon.”

Marinette sent a pleading look at her cousins, and, thankfully, Isla took the opportunity to step in, handing her glass of wine to Phoebe.

“I can get information out of dear Marinette,” she said, grinning at the aunts.  She folded her hands in front of herself, staring into Marinette’s eyes.  “I’m going to ask you some questions are you’re going to say the first thing that pops into your mind, alright?”

Marinette nodded.  This couldn’t be too bad, right?”

“What’s your favourite colour?”


“How many fingers am I holding up?”


“Do you think I’d look good with a bob?”


“What’s two plus two?”


“What kind of animal is Nemo?”

“Clown fish.”

“Who do you have a crush on?”

“Chat Noir.”

Marinette punctuated her statement with a gasp, her hands coming to her mouth as if she could push the words back in.  Her aunts were sending her sad, knowing smiles, like look at this poor girl with her crush on a superhero, and Isla rested a hand on her shoulder.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting that,” Phoebe laughed.  “Our Marinette has high standards.”

“Hey, you realize that anything happening there is basically impossible, right?” Isla said softly.  “You don’t even know him.”

“I do know him,” Marinette grumbled.  What the hell was she doing?  Honestly.  She was digging herself deeper into a whole she wouldn’t be able to get out of.  “We’re friends.  He comes over sometimes and we hang out and eat cookies.”

There was a moment of silence before she was all but pounced on.  She blamed the wine for her inability to keep her mouth shut.

“You should snatch that boy up before someone else does,” Tante Margot instructed.

“Does he look as good up close as he does on the television?” Tante Gertrude wondered.  “That boy is a tasty looking one.”

“Has anything more happened when you’re “hanging out”?” Phoebe asked, making air quotes around the word with her fingers.  “He seems like the kind of guy who’d eat your cookies, if you know what I mean.”

Marinette shoved her cousin away.  “He’s not like that,” she protested.  “He’s really sweet and a huge dork and wouldn’t do anything that I wasn’t comfortable with.”

“Then you’d be comfortable with him–what was it you said, Phoebe, dear?–eating your cookies?” Tante Noele prodded, wiggling her eyebrows.  “I wouldn’t have any problem with it, if I were you.”

“He’s not–he hasn’t–he never eaten my cookies,” Marinette protested with a shudder.  “God, I’m never going to be able to look at a cookie again.  Thanks for that, Phoebe.”

“Anytime.”  Her cousin grinned.  “But seriously, Mar.  How far have you gone with Chat Noir?  I really don’t believe he just comes over for snacks and to hang out.”

“I’m not–we haven’t gone anywhere,” Marinette protested.

Isla stepped forward again, cracking her knuckles.  “I’ve got this, guys,” she said, focusing on Marinette.  “Answer with the first thing that pops into your head.”

Marinette’s eyes popped open and she sent her cousin a pleading look.  “Isla, I’m not–”

“What’s the capital of France?”

She sighed.  “Paris.”

“What’s my Fiancé’s name?”


“Chocolate or Vanilla?”


“How good of a kisser is Chat Noir?”


The rest of the night passed in a blur.  It was just her luck that she had to have been talking to her six most gossipy aunts when she said that, and news spread faster than wildfire.  Her cousins hardly left her alone, begging for details on what it was like dating a superhero, and she’d had to face an awkward conversation with her parents about why she’d keep something like this a secret from them.

And then, to top it all off, Oncle Maurice took the microphone from the DJ and announced her engagement, which meant she had to deny congratulations the rest of the night.

So, needless to say, Marinette was very happy to be back in her room with her cousins at the end of the night.  Sure, they wanted all the juicy details, but at least there was less people to have to talk to.

“Marinette, please tell us how you got together,” Adeline begged, hands clutched together and offering her best puppy dog eyes.

She glanced up at the trapdoor in the roof, letting out a sigh.  “Maybe later,” she offered.  “Just–get ready for bed, okay?”

Her cousins met her request with protests, but Isla just raised an eyebrow.  “So you’ll tell us everything after we’re ready for bed?” she confirmed.

“Yeah,” Marinette sighed, mounting the ladder.  “So I’ll be back in in a bit.  Just, uh, please don’t come up.”

“Where are you going?” Sophie asked, blinking up from the floor.  Her eyes widened and she let out a squeal.  “Is Chat coming?  Is he going to be on your balcony?  Oh, my god, Marinette!  You’re sneaking out to talk to your boyfriend!”

Her high-pitched screech was echoed in a dozen different voices, and suddenly everyone was clamoring to push past Marinette to get up the ladder.

“Wait!” she cried, and her cousins froze, pouting at her.  “Please, just, stay here okay?  He’s not going to come if he thinks you’re all still awake.”

Her statement was met with grumbling.

“We can’t even meet him?” Phoebe whined, lip stuck out in a pout.  “But, Mari, that’s not fair.”

Marinette sighed, running a hand through her hair.  Why was this happening?

“Maybe I can convince him to come down and meet you,” she finally conceded, holding up her hands against the squeals of delight.  “But!  I need to talk to him first.  Alone.  Got it?”

Isla let out a loud giggle, clapping excitedly.  “You know what talking really means, don’t you?” she asked, elbowing Monique in the side.  The younger girl shook her head.  “Marinette, you don’t have to lie.  We know you really want alone time with Chat Noir so you can make out with him.”

Another round of squealing erupted and Marinette sighed.

“Sure,” she agreed, pressing her fingers to her temples.  “But I can’t if you guys keep making so much noise because then he won’t even show up.”

Isla and Phoebe jumped into action, shoving everyone back onto the mountain of pillows and flicking off the lights.  The one by Marinette’s bed was still on, shedding enough light for her to catch the grins and winks.

“You won’t even know we’re here,” Isla assured her, flopping down on top of Valerie. “Go get your man, Mari.”

Chat’s ears twitched as he made his way to Marinette’s balcony.  There was definitely some whispering and shushing going on inside her bedroom, though it was too low for him to make out the actual words.  He sighed, disappointment sweeping over him as he slowed down.  It looked like he wouldn’t be able to visit his princess tonight.

He got closer to her roof, her balcony coming into sight, and, with it, the girl leaning against the railing.  He had to pause, smiling at the gorgeous picture Marinette made.  Her hair was down, falling around her shoulders in loose waves, and she was wearing a pink dress that fluttered around her knees in the slight breeze.

But what was she doing up here?  And why was there whispering in her room when she wasn’t even in there?

Marinette picked him out of the shadows, offering him a breathtaking smile and a nervous wave.  He grinned back making the last couple of jumps onto her balcony, and leaned in close, planting a kiss on the back of her hand.

“You’re looking paws-itively purr-ty tongiht, Princess,” he purred, pulling back to smile at her.

“He’s here!  Chat Noir’s actually here!”


“Did you hear that?  He called her princess!”

“Sophie!  Shhh!”

He raised her eyebrows at Marinette, shooting a glance at the trapdoor.  Marinette sighed, leaning back against the railing and offering a sheepish smile.

“They’re not going to come up,” she assured him.  “Yet, anyway.  They’re giving us some time.”

“Time to do what?” Chat wondered, grinning at the way Marinette’s face turned bright red.

“Make out,” she muttered, so quietly that Chat’s ears barely picked up the words.  His grin grew, and he leaned in closer.

“What was that?” he asked.  “I didn’t quite cat-ch it.”

Marinette rolled her eyes, pushing him away with a finger to his nose.  “We kind of have a bit of a problem.”

His grin dimmed and he lowered his voice.  “What kind of problem?”

“I can’t hear anything.  What are they doing?  Sophie, what do you see?”

“They’re just…standing there?  Really close, but they’re not making out.  They’re just whispering.  It’s probably really romantic whispers, though.”

Marinette sighed, her hands twisting together nervously.  “I may have accidentally said something and now my whole family kind of thinks we’re dating.”  The words came out in a rush and she offered him another sheepish grin.  “Oops.”

He blinked for a moment, before wrapping his arms around her and enticing a squeal from below that was quickly shushed.  “Well, it’s not like you lied to them, Princess,” he pointed out.

“I guess,” Marinette conceded.  “But it wasn’t like I meant to tell my family.  Not until Hawkmoth was gone and you could tell me who you were.”  She sighed again, resting her forehead against his chest.  “And my dad’s entire side of the family knows.  Oncle Maurice even announced it at the dinner tonight.”  She looked up at him through her eyelashes.  “They want you to come to the rest of the reunion.  I do, too.”

Chat grinned, pressing a quick peck to her forehead.  “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”  He tucked a claw under her chin, tilting it upwards.  “Now, we both know your cousins are watching.  Why don’t we give them what they’re waiting for.”

Marinette grinned back, twining her arms around his neck and stretching up to capture his lips with her own.

A squealed “Oh my god!  Guys!  Come look!  They’re kissing!” floated up from below and Chat pulled away, chuckling lightly.  Marinette looked up at him, biting her lip against her smile.

“Well, Chaton,” she said, her fingers trailing through his hair and down his neck.  “Are you ready to meet my family?”

Send me Writing Prompts :D

It was November 2, 2004. It was 7pm. I had received her promotional package a couple weeks prior. Her manager at the time had called me, and I had agreed to see them. I intentionally had them come in at 7pm because I knew that I was leaving (Universal Music), and I knew she might be special. I just had a feeling. I thought, ‘if this ones special, maybe I can convince her to sign with me.’ From the minute she walked in the door, I never saw her again as a 14-year-old. I saw her incredible potential. She was so unique as a person. She was a giddy little girl, then, in a heartbeat, extraordinarily sophisticated. She was always smart.
—  Scott Borchetta on meeting Taylor Swift

It is coming up on 2 weeks taking the new antidepressants. I don’t have miracles to report, but I do feel a little something. And if that little something grows into a bigger something, then I might even call it a result. But it could very easily stay a little something and I will have to try something else. It’s almost painful waiting to see how things turn out. I wish I could skip to the end. I’m not always good at patience. 

I see the doctor on Tuesday to give him a progress report. I don’t know if he’ll want to keep going with Wellbutrin a while longer, but I think it is worth a few more weeks of trial. I look forward to going back to his office because of the fishies. They have the most amazing aquarium in that office. It must be several hundred gallons. It has a giant porous rock that has little caves in it. The fishies pop in. The fishies pop out. It’s very exciting. I watched that thing for half an hour last time. 

I’m getting a haircut and a beard trim on Monday. My hair has become floppy and my beard is just wild and crazy. It’ll be nice to have them tamed a bit. I am so lucky to have found a lovely lady by the name of Mary. She drives to my house and cuts my hair. And then when I try to overpay her for her services, she then refuses to take it all. It’s a frustrating battle of wits. I think she deserves extra for coming all the way to the house. She thinks she is just doing a good deed and money isn’t the reason she does it. But this time I have a trick up my sleeve. Instead of overpaying her a lot, I’m going to try and overpay her just a little. That way maybe I can convince her to take the extra money. We can bargain like they do on Pawn Stars. Perhaps I’ll even bring in an expert to evaluate the cost of my haircut. 

I’ll be sure to post some before and after shots of my haircut. 

Later today I am going to try and get some shots of Otis playing and running in the yard. The weather has finally become reasonable and I have been wanting to do that for some time now. Stay tuned!

That’s all for now. Look forward to doctor visit news, a new haircut, and Otis pictures. 

Mini adventure: meeting an anti-got7 for the first time

so like every day, i come on to tumblr and scroll through my dashboard. you know how there’s this little section to the right where tumblr puts up suggested blogs you should follow? well, i happen to glance there and notice a certain blog title that caught my attention. so i viewed the blog and the first thing i see in the description is ‘I hate Got7 #anti.’ so i privately contact the person and discover she really is an anti-got7. not only that, she hated mark, jb, and jackson with a passion.

oh, she did not just go there…

so i ask her why she didn’t like got7. she said they were annoying. she said she didn’t even bother watching any of their mv’s or even giving them a chance - she just found them ugly and annoying. at this point, i was literally like 'dis bitch’

but then I was like: 'hey…maybe I can convince her to like got7 *le idea* so i managed to convince her to watch their show igot7, real got7 s1 + s2. 2 days later, she comes back all like

and realizes she made a mistake by not giving got7 a chance. she said that once she got done watching the first coupe of episodes of igot7, she was immediately hooked. but then she asked me what to expect and instead of saying jaebum’s dangerous smiles, jackson’s weirdness, mark’s hotness, bambam’s non-existing aegyo, jr’s nagging/being the umma, yugyeom’s habit of making fun of/picking on is hyungs, and youngjae’s derpness, all I say is 'good luck’

A Long Week

The series is as follows :

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Mulder occupied her dreams that night and kept popping into her thoughts at the most random of times as she brushed her teeth, drove into work, cursed out the idiot who cut her off in traffic. The kiss he’d given her appearing even more. She hadn’t asked him about it and he hadn’t offered, deciding it was probably best discussed when they saw each other again or not at all, given their track records of ‘why the hell would we talk about that?’.

Her mind settled down as soon as she walked into Skinner’s office, however, the man forgoing a ‘hello’ for, “the pathology guy at the Academy just had an appendectomy and they called to see if you were available to fill in for the week, starting this afternoon?”

Hesitating for a moment, she held up the pile of papers in her arms, “we need to get through this first.”

“It’s either you or Barrington.”

He got the reaction he wanted by dropping the name, watching her wrinkle her nose in dislike, “Barrington? Might as well give the students crayons and tell them to color Bert and Ernie for a week.” Dropping the stack with an ‘oomph’ on the empty conference table, “what time do I have to be there and how many classes?”

The morning was spent deciphering Mulder’s chicken scratch notes and organizing scattered ideas into a cohesive report that Skinner could pass along when necessary and Scully could back up with science if and when she was drilled about its contents. The headache both had by the time they were done was evident by the bottle of Tylenol Skinner shook in her direction, “need one?”

“One is an understatement. I need at least three and a beer to chase it with.”

He gave her a weary smile, “no drinking in class.”

Waving a water bottle at him, “sure, then believe me when I tell you this is water.”

“You got that from the fridge in here.”

“Kimberly and I have come to an understanding about the ‘special’ water in there.”

Skinner just shook his head, “she and I have, too. Only take the ones with the green lids.”

Scully laughed, “I’m gonna head out, if we’re done here?  I need to go get caught up before class.”

Her boss nodded, “tell Mulder I hope his mother feels better soon and not to worry about getting back. I’ll hold whatever cases I can until he returns.”



Teaching was like riding a bike, to use a sad and clichéd cliché, but it was. She got up there, did her thing, answered questions, corrected wrongs, interjected past cases when appropriate and kicked the class out early when her phone rang.

It was like she never left, “Scully?”

“Hey, it’s me.” The din of the students exiting had him wondering immediately, “where are you? Some weird Monday night frat party?”

She chuckled as she gathered her things, “no. Skinner’s got me filling in at the academy for somebody who went out with appendicitis.”

“Slash and dash?”

“One of them. The other is basic anatomy and physiology, which is just getting out now.”

“Why’d you get stuck with them?”

Joining the line of students heading out the door, “it was me or Barrington.”

Two states away, Mulder wrinkled his nose in a mirror image of Scully’s earlier, “might as well just send them home for the week.”

“That’s what I said, well, I mentioned coloring Bert and Ernie but the same principle applies.”

They talked while Scully walked to her car and on her drive home, Mulder filling her in on his mom and Scully detailing him about her morning with Skinner and her afternoon with the students. Sooner than later, she was in her kitchen, heating up a late dinner and hating to do it but telling him goodnight, “I need to read through tomorrow’s lectures and see what kind of cases apply.”

He had absolutely no desire to sever his connection to her, “I have an idea.”

Stirring the leftovers from Sunday night with her fork, “is it a good idea?”

“Of course. I think that we should hang up, finish dinner then you call me back and we hash out your lesson plan together. I’m bound to be full of really good examples of weird crap that those kids’ll eat up.”

She didn’t really need to think about it, “I’ll call you back in about a half-hour, alright?”



Tuesday morning was spent in the basement, digging up cases and evidence for class and the afternoon was spent entertainingly teaching the wide-eyed future of the FBI. Scully thoroughly enjoyed how curious about Mulder’s case examples the trainees were and she smilingly accepted compliments as the students filed past her at the end of the session, asking if they would be able to meet Agent Mulder in the next few days.

She optimistically told them it might happen but to not hold their breath, which they understood, Scully having mentioned his mother in the first few minutes of the first class.

“They loved you, Mulder. They are clamoring to meet you and will probably ask for photos and your autograph.” He wasn’t as enthusiastic as she expected and she switched gears, “everything okay? Did something change?”

“She woke up but she’s having a real hard time. She can’t remember anything from the last few days and when she first woke up … she … she didn’t even remember me.”

Scully has such a strong urge to touch him it physically hurt to know she couldn’t, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. She remembered after a few minutes.”

Voice now in a whisper, “I wish I could give you a hug right now.”

Equally as quiet, “I wish you could, too.”


Wednesday passed in much the same way, Scully having to clarify some items from their last case in the morning. Her afternoon classes were good, Mulder’s casework making several appearances once again, this time with concrete examples, including filled specimen jars, Tombs’ xrays and the broken tail of Eddie VanBlundht, Sr.

When Mulder called later that evening, he told her his mother’s surgery had gone well, her heart was back in working order but the doctor was keeping her in the hospital a few more days, given her age and her previous conditions. Laying back against his piled pillows, “so what do you think I do after this?”

Scully, curled on her side in bed, phone wedged under her ear, “what do you mean?”

“Do I move her closer to me? Do I let her go home and then check in with her more often? Does she move in with my aunt, which has apparently been suggested several times but my stubborn mother has refused to do?”

As much as she knew Mulder loved his mother, she was very surprised they hadn’t killed each other yet, their personalities and pasts diverging years ago with almost no chance of a full recovery, “you’re gone so much, Mulder. Having her close to you doesn’t seem any more of a solution then letting her live alone three hours away. The aunt might be the best thing, although I imagine she can’t be that young either. Would she be able to take care of your mom?”

“Apparently, I’ve never told you that my aunt is almost 15 years younger than my mom. She’s not much older than I am, maybe 10 years at most and her and my mom get along fairly well, actually.”

“I thought you mentioned knickknacks and dried flowers and funeral parlor wallpaper?”

“I did. She may be younger but she still decorates old.”

Scully had to smile at that, “Well, then, I think maybe that’s the way you start steering your mom. I mean, it’s her choice but maybe the two of you can convince her.”

Mulder yawned, his long day of mostly sedimentary-ness making him exhausted, “I’ll talk to you tomorrow, okay? I’m about to fall asleep and you don’t need to be listening to me snoring in your ear.”

“I don’t mind it at all but the phone bill would probably be astronomical by the morning.”

“G’night, Scully.”



On Thursday, Scully made it to her mother’s house just in time for the second round of Shepherd’s Pie, having rushed her students by being honest, telling them that a homemade meal awaited her exactly 26 minutes from the parking lot. Given that all of them would have killed for a homecooked meal at that point in their education, they thanked her for her teaching and told her to drive safely and if possible, bring them some leftovers.

Maggie met her at the front door with a steaming plateful of food so aromatic Scully wondered if it was possible to bottle the smell and wear it as a perfume. She stopped mid-walk to the kitchen when she had the very sudden and very vivid image of Mulder licking first behind her ear, then smacking his lips at the flavor of her. She had to do a little hop, skip, slide in order to catch back up with Maggie, wanting to avoid having to stammer an answer as to why she suddenly went very red in the face and very unfocused in the eyes. Taking the plate her mother had been leading with, she breathed the scents in deeply a second time, “I love you so very much right now.”

“Are you talking to me or the plate, dear?”

“Um, you … mostly.”

“Then you’ll love me more when I get the strawberry shortcake out.”

“I am so hungry, you have no idea.”

She refrained from too much drinking, knowing she needed to drive home later but did indulge in a small glass of wine, which she sipped as the evening progressed. She had hoped the night would provide a distraction but her thoughts kept drifting elsewhere, causing one losing hand after another, until finally she lay down her final play and stood up, “I think I’m gonna go out back for a little while.”

No one questioned her, simply nodding and telling her to come back, they would deal her in whenever she was ready. Giving smiles around the table, Scully headed outside, choosing the hammock over the chairs to recline on.

The moon was a simple sliver just below the edge of the trees, not providing enough light to block out the stars above her. Swinging gently back and forth, she let her mind slow down, allowing the noise of work dissolve, leaving a comfortable void to be filled by unbidden yet not unwelcome thoughts of her partner.

She wanted him to come home.

She wanted to go to him.

She wanted them to somehow meet in the middle and ignore the rest of the world.

She wanted to tell him how much she missed him constantly underfoot, making bad jokes, filling her life with nonsensical amusement and irrational happiness, neither of which, until the last four days, did she realize she adored so very much. Her phone was out and dialing his before she could think about it but to her great disappointment, it went straight to voicemail.

“Hey, it’s just me. Thought I’d call and see how things were going. Any idea when you might be back? Your fish wrote ‘we miss Mulder’ in the algae growing on their tank. Anyways, hope everything’s all right and you’re getting some sleep or eating dinner with your mom or something. Talk to you later.”


Mulder parked down the street, in front of Betty’s house, so not to give away his sudden and what would be a very surprising appearance to the ladies in the house. He could see some of them through the front door once he made it up the walkway but then didn’t notice him. Knocking, he watched Maggie turn and head his way in confusion before her face lit up in a smile of recognition. Tugging the door open, she pulled him into a hug, “Fox?! What are you doing here? Dana said you were still with your mother.”

“I was but I decided I needed to come home for a day or two, check out my fish, make sure my apartment’s still standing, hang out with my Thursday night ladies.”

Hugging him again, she shut the door and led him into the kitchen, where he was greeted with smiles and quiet helloes, inquiries and finally knowing looks as they older women all saw his gaze sweep over them, looking for one red-head in particular.

Maggie patted him on the arm, pointing outside, “she went out on the deck about an hour ago and fell asleep in the hammock.”

Not wanting to appear too eager to see her, he stopped himself from rushing out the door, “how are things here?”

Maggie turned him by the shoulders, “would you just go outside?”

With an embarrassed smile, he headed out the door, closing it behind him.



Janet looked at her but spoke for the crowd, “if they don’t get it together very soon, we’re going to lock them in a room and throw away the key.”


Scully had no idea why but her dream went from cold, shivery images of snow and driving wind to her in a cozy house, fire in the fireplace and Mulder curled up beside her on the couch, keeping her warm. Snuggling in deeper to her dream Mulder, she had no idea the real one was pressed just as tightly around her.