maybe i am losing it after all

February 10, 2017

Which path leads back to you? I think life is strange. We know each other. It has only been for a few months, but I know who you are. Some day I won’t be the same. The same thing goes for you. Isn’t it a little scary? The person that I am today… I won’t laugh the same after hearing the joke for a second time. My thoughts will be altered. New feelings will smother old feelings. What if my passion for writing burns out? I’ve been doing some thinking about what is in my heart. When was the last time I picked myself? When did I lose my way? The choices I have made… my regrets and mistakes… when will I forgive myself? I can drop it all and say fuck it. I can smile and laugh it off, but am I being honest to myself for myself? Maybe the life quotes are right… everything happens for a reason. There you go again. Lost. Which path will lead you back to me? The things you felt last week, the kiss you blew to me, your voice over the phone, your heart and my heart clings to one another– we may change one day, but today we’re still us. Do you ever think about where your next passion will come from? I heard that from within ourselves we’ll find a perfect balance between selfish and selfless. How can I say that I love you if I can’t even say it to myself? How can I expect you to respect me if I don’t even respect me? It’s all internal. There’s a grey cloud in every poem. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I just want to better– a better me to come home to.

13 Going on 30 (Part 3)

Summary: When your 13th birthday party goes awry, and you make a life changing wish - you wake up to discover you’ve flash forwarded 17 years ahead. 

Word Count: 1,719.

A/N: This part was super fun to write! Hope you enjoy, and feedback would be greatly appreciated. (also can we take a moment to appreciate this beautiful gif)

@spidweeb - you’re a gem, and thank you so much for always being a great help.

Part 1 Part 2

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A New Beginning Part 1

Summary:  After moving a lot, you found yourself in a small town in the middle of Europe ready for a new start. You see yourself falling in love for the city and developing a crush for the cute stranger that you never had the courage to talk to until you’re forced to. (Modern Au)

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Words: 1586

Warnings: Fluffy like so much fluffy. And Steve with a beard because that should be a warning.

Thanks to @drinkfantasy , to beta this for me you rock.

Credits to the gifs owners

You have a routine, every day you wake at 5:50 a.m. and stays 10 minutes in bed just enjoying the warmth and the comfort of your sheets. Then you drink a hot cup of coffee or tea looking outside your window, you love to see the people passing by and how the city comes to life with the morning.

But by far your favorite part of your morning lately has been the time you spend walking with your dog. You look at the small puppy in the end of your bed “Come here, babe.” You say tapping the bed, she was so adorable and so small. You were so glad that your mom gave you a puppy as congratulations for living alone gift “Do you want to go for a walk, Blueberry?”

The dog barks making you get off of bed “Come on, girl let’s find your leash.” You change your pajamas into a pair of black leggings and a pink sweater and your favorite sneakers. Even though is summer the morning is cold, you put the leash on your dog going outside.

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the-moon-loves-the-sea  asked:

The first time John sees Sherlock laugh after he moves back in.

at first john thinks he’s crying, and doesn’t that say something about the way things have been. 

he sees the shake of sherlock’s shoulders, the way they hunch over to protect his middle, the gasp of air shuddering in through his mouth, and immediately he puts down his chopsticks, reaching, unsure what it was about the flippant comment that would make sherlock cry – it was only supposed to be a joke, honest. his belly churns but john is ready, he’s ready, to be the strength that sherlock has been for him.  

but then the edge of sherlock’s voice weaves into his breath and john sits back, stunned.

he’s laughing.

really, truly laughing. 

the sound of it bubbles up from sherlock’s throat, fresh and frail like he’s not sure of it, like he’s not used to it, and john knows he’s not because it’s been a week of living in 221b’s awkward silences and uncertain conversations. it’s been a week of cautious joy at having come home and uneasy fear that he has come too late. it’s been a week, and john has been here, somehow still missing sherlock terribly from only an arm’s length away. 

finally sherlock straightens and then falls back into the sofa cushions, boneless and breathless, rubbing one hand absently across his stomach. ah, john, he says, sighing with a final giggle, you’re an idiot. 

john drinks the sight of him in, feeling the echo of his laughter in his chest, tight and high under his breastbone, and smiles softly back. maybe i am, john agrees, looking at sherlock’s easy grin and wondering at how close he came to losing this forever even as hope for something else he’d thought he’d lost – something more – sparks in his spine. maybe i have been.

sherlock looks over at him, caught off guard by the seriousness of his tone, his smile turning soft as it begins to fade, and after a moment he reaches across the sofa to take john’s hands. everybody is, he says, but it’s fine. it’s all fine. 

and john sits there, surprised by sherlock’s hand, dry and warm and steady in his own, and believes him. 

Magic Kaito Chapter 36 [English Translation]

Happy KaiAo day!

  • The danger divides two destinies
  • And Thief’s choice is…

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9,100 - 10,000 Follower Prompt Batch Special
  • “I was trying to keep it a secret.”
  • “I don’t know how you managed to throw a party in my own house without me noticing, but props to you.”
  • “Stop getting us kicked out of grocery stores.”
  • “Look, I can’t even touch my toes.”
  • “Something tells me that you’ve been keeping information from me.”
  • “We’re wearing matching outfits. Don’t make this any more embarrassing than it already is.”
  • “You picked me to do mission impossible. This is all your fault.”
  • “I know my limits, but everyone keeps pressuring me to do better.”
  • “I have exactly three coins and two lint balls in my pocket, I assure you.”
  • “So long as I get to my goal, it doesn’t matter what I have to do.”
  • “It’s not that I won’t, it’s that I can’t.”
  • “We could care less.”
  • “How inconvenient. I guess I have to deal with you.”
  • “Messing with you is always a little bit fun.”
  • “Stick to the plan and we’ll be fine.”
  • “I don’t want to admit that I wasn’t listening to any of it.”
  • “Don’t look now, but they took our ride." 
  • "Maybe wearing bright colors on a stealth mission isn’t a good idea." 
  • "You are in no position to argue with me right now.”
  • “You stress me out. One bad choice at a time, please.”
  • “How’d we lose? I thought we had that!”
  • “I can help, but it’ll cost you.”
  • “What was I supposed to do?”
  • “I’ve been wanting to dance with you all night.”
  • “Can you give me a chance to prove my innocence?”
  • “I worked really hard on that and you’re just going to throw it away?”
  • “I stopped listening after you said you needed my help.”
  • “What am I to you? I want you to be clear about this.”
  • “Your agony is music to my ears.”
  • “I have no idea where I’m going. I can only hope it’s the right way.”
  • “If I have to suffer watching your favorite movie ten million times, you can watch mine at least once.”
  • “I always feel dread in my stomach when I see you plotting.”
  • “At this point, I ask myself why I even hang out with you.”
  • “One of these days, you’re gonna light my house on fire.”
  • “If there’s one thing you’re not allowed to do, it’s crawl on my ceiling like a spider.”
  • “I’ve practically mastered this piece of machinery.”
  • “There’s no easy way to say what I’m about to tell you." 
  • "You make it so hard to care about you.”
  • “I’d be done with all of this by now if I weren’t so tired.”
  • “Unless you have a crown on your head, I’m not listening to you.”
  • “It’s been a couple hundred years since I’ve had a friend.”
  • “Reckless and careless are just two of the many words that can be used to describe me.”
  • “I thought, if anyone, you’d be happy for me.”
  • “There’s always a problem according to you.”
  • “I saved my last dance just for you. Come on.”
  • “Don’t eat the snow. You don’t know what’s touched it.”
  • “I’ve been saving my love for the right person.”
  • “There’s no stopping me now.”
  • “Watch these smooth moves. I’ve been working on them for months.”
  • “Shapeshifting is not an easy ability to master, okay? I’m trying.”
  • “Are you ready to fail? I’ve got this in the bag.”
  • “Look at me, darling, and start taking notes.”
  • “I started looking for aliens as a joke and then this happens.”
  • “It was always you and I together, but I need to grow independently.”
  • “I don’t want people to associate me with you.”
  • “It’s a shame that you won’t be able to go.”
  • “Don’t think you can get away with that kind of behavior here.”
  • “What went from me trying to get money out of the bank turned into some sort of robbery that I hadn’t been planning on doing.”
  • “Stop worrying about what will go wrong. It doesn’t help you in any way.”
  • “Do you wanna explain to me why pasta sauce is all over my kitchen?”
  • “Yeah, like I haven’t heard that joke before. ‘Need a hand’? Ha, so funny. My sides hurt from laughing so hard.”
  • “Your looks are attractive. Maybe not to them, but certainly to me.”
  • “This just goes to show why you shouldn’t press large red buttons.”
  • “I don’t remember ordering an AI. Do you think they got the wrong house?”
  • “You have no business exploring my floating castle.”
  • “I got lost in the clouds. Literally.”
  • “Sometimes I can see them in the mist or the snow. Sometimes the rain, too.”
  • “I’ve been trying really hard to be patient with you.”
  • “I can count on all ten of my fingers on why I can’t stand you.”
  • “Magic has been a part of your family for many generations and I was sent to help you.”
  • “So, what, you have the ability to make dolls come to life? That’s creepy.”
  • “You had an eyelash on your cheek. Sorry.”
  • “I started to piece together that I was more like your bodyguard than your friend to you.”
  • “I’ve never seen you look so blue. What’s got you down?”
  • “I’m not the kind of person who can comfort others, but I can try.”
  • “I can’t believe you decided on that name for your dragon.”
  • “You should be offended. I’m offended on your behalf.”
  • “I can see you staring at me.”
  • “I thought I had let that fire die out ages ago.”
  • “If I’m the tree, you’re the sun and the water.”
  • “Waxing poetic is about the only thing I do for you in your time of need, sadly.”
  • “I think you enjoy mixing up quotes, because you know it irritates me.”
  • “Sometimes I hope that I can find you when I look up at the stars.”
  • “All I need you to do is cover me while I sneak out.”
  • “Don’t you know it’s dangerous to hang around here? You might run into creatures like me.”
  • “I don’t recall asking for your opinion and yet here you are.”
  • “It’s nice to look back on all the progress I’ve made.”
  • “If you don’t think you could support your child no matter the possibility of who they become or what they are, you shouldn’t have one. No ifs, no buts, no ands." 
  • "It’s so cold, I can’t feel my hand. Can you feel it for me? You know, to make sure it’s still there?”
  • “I’m tired of trying to make you laugh at the expense of my own feelings.”
  • “Don’t ask me how I got stuck. Help me get out of here.”
  • “I’m knitting wing covers for you. What color do you like?”
  • “I’m starting to think you aren’t worth the time and devotion I’ve given you.”
  • “You don’t have to smile if you’re not happy.”
  • “It’s unfair to ask me such a question.”
  • “I knew you cared! This blanket didn’t make its way around my shoulders by itself when I was sleeping.”
  • “When I said I wanted a roommate, I meant a living one, with a job." 
  • "All you need, my friend, is a little spark to help you.”
  • “I feel like you all have your lives figured out.”
  • “Just where would I be able to hide the world’s biggest gem on my person? These pockets can barely fit chapstick.”
Festival Hero // Byron Langley

Word Count- 1495

Summary- You’re a bit lost at a festival, and decide to help out a stranger in need.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; Recently watched IT.. I’m genuinely obsessed. Usually I hate horror movies, but like oh my gosh, it was so well made.

Requested; Yes, so sorry for the wait. Hope you like it x

req;  Could you write something with the boys and the reader being at a festival and some girl(s) won’t leave Byron alone (flirting, touching,…). He feels really uncomfortable but is too nice to say something so the reader saves him by pretending to be his girlfriend?

req; Please can you do a Byron smut or imagine pleaseeee


“We’re going to the loo, Y/N!” They said, walking to the never-ending line of people waiting for the bathrooms. “I’ll wait here? I don’t have to go, and I’d rather not stand in a two hour line for nothing.” You said, a pleading tone in your voice. “Sure, meet us at the bar in about an hour?” Y/B/F asked. “Okay, I’m just gonna wander around a bit.” you told them, and they nodded.

Now here you were, an hour and a half later. Beer in one hand and phone in the other, you walked aimlessly around the festival, in a feeble attempt to find your best friends. They never showed up to the bar, and now you were completely alone in a very busy festival, with tons of strangers. You tried texting and calling them several times, but neither of the two picked up or even read the messages. Sighing, you walked slowly, glancing every which way as much as possible, looking for your lost companions.

As you walked, you saw a group of a few guys, who you thought were cute.. Oh, who were you kidding. They were all really hot. Your best friends would regret not being with you now; you weren’t necessarily the most flirtatious of your group; the other two were, and now they were missing out. You scanned the group, they all had beers in hand, and were chatting aimlessly. Your eyes fell on one boy; he was a bit separate from the group, looking extremely uncomfortable.

He had three girls fawning over him; one blonde girl with way too much makeup on was hanging loosely from one of his (very nice) arms, a brunette with very skimpy clothes had her arms wrapped around his neck, practically sitting on his back, while a black-haired girl who looked semi-normal, was lightly running her hand up and down the arm opposite to the blonde.

Normally, you would scoff at guys like this, or laugh with your best friend. But then again, normally, the guy would be enjoying it, and basking in his attention. This blue-eyed brunette, who was very attractive, looked absolutely disgusted and was silently pleading with his eyes for his friends to help; but none of them were looking his way. He sighed, obviously annoyed.

You weren’t a mean person; and this guy was hot. You figured you’d kill two birds with one stone; help this guy, and possibly get his number for later. Smirking at the thought, you strolled over to the guy, putting away your phone and holding up your untouched full bottle of beer, looking a little hurt. “Who are all these girls, babe?” You asked, and he looked at you confused. You sent a little wink and a look that said ‘Go with it.’ He looked instantly relieved, and nodded ever so slightly, letting you know he was in on the plan.

“Not sure. Took you long enough, though. Were the lines really that bad?” He asked, shaking the girls off his arms. Almost immediately, the black-haired beauty shrugged, skipping over to one of the brunette’s friends, flirting with him instead. The blonde stormed off, clearly mad she didn’t get the boy’s attention. The brunette on his back, however, refused to give up, and jumped on his back, making him stumble. He grabbed her thighs, and you looked at her unimpressed. “Can I ask why you’re on my boyfriend’s back?” You said, a warning tone to your voice.

She shrugged, wrapping her arms slowly around his neck. “I don’t see him arguing about it.” She said, innocently. “Actually, I’d love for you to get off me.” He said, dropping her thighs. She fell off, landing in some mud, ruining her oh-so-small clothes. With a squeal and a huff of annoyance, she stormed off, clearly ‘distraught’ over the destruction of her outfit. If you could even call it that. You may as well call it a bathing suit.

As soon as the girls were out of view, the brunette sighed, relieved. “Thank you.” He said, now looking at you properly. He very obviously scanned you up and down, but he didn’t look like he hated what he was seeing. Feeling flirtatious and playful, you slowly began to spin, showing him all aspects of you. You even took the liberty of sticking your butt out a bit when it was facing him. You did a full 360 turn, stopping and facing him with an innocent smile on your face.

“So, do I at least get a name to put to the man I just saved?” You questioned, stepping closer slightly. “I suppose it would only be fair. My name’s Byron.” He said, and you looked him up and down. “Hmm. You don’t look like a Byron.” You stated, smirking. “Then what do I look like to you?” He asked, raising a brow. “I don’t know. Maybe a Harry, maybe an Oscar.” “Oscar?” He chuckled, amused.

You shrugged. “Don’t know. Was never good with names.” You said, teasingly. “Well, are you good enough to remember your own? Or should I just call you my festival hero?” He asked, cocking a brow with a smirk. You pretended to think about it, plastering a confused look on your face. He smacked your arm lightly, making you both chuckle. “It’s Y/N.” You said, sticking out your hand to shake.

“Nice to meet you Y/N.” Byron said, shaking your hand with a bright smile. “Wow, you are really hot. You could be a model.” You said, blatantly. Byron looked taken aback by the confident and calm nature of your compliment, but he recomposed himself quickly and smirked. “I’ll have you know, I actually am a model.” He said, winking. You laughed, thinking he was joking. He just smirked and waited for you to stop.

Realizing he wasn’t laughing, you gawked at him. “Wait, seriously?!” You asked, surprised. “Yeah, let me show you.” He pulled out his phone, showing you some of his pictures from old shoots. “Wow. Maybe losing my friends here wasn’t so bad after all.” You said, smirking up at him. He closed the photos app, and opened the contacts one, handing you the phone. “Can I have your number?” He asked, a tad of nerves laced in his voice.

“I’m sure we could arrange that. I’m much better with numbers than names.” You winked, typing in the number and taking a quick selfie for the contact picture. You were about to hand him your phone, when it began to ring. “Hello?” You answered, furrowing your brows. “Y/N! Where are you?!” You friend exclaimed, basically yelling into the phone. “With a guy..” You muttered, sheepishly. “What?!” She exclaimed, excitedly. “Where are you?” You explained to her the directions, and she and your other friend found you in under 10 minutes; it was surprising, especially for the size of the festival.

They pulled you away from Byron, much to your distaste. “Ooh, he’s hot!” Your friend exclaimed, eyeing Byron up and down. “Hey, he’s mine!” You said, teasingly. She smacked your shoulder, but froze when her eyes landed on one of the boys Byron was with. “Oh my god, but he’s hotter!” She exclaimed, pointing to a short boy with floppy, dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. “And so is he!” Your other friend said, pointing to a tall red head. “Hey, Byron!” You called, and he came over. “Everything alright?” He asked, smiling kindly.

“My friends think your friends are hot. By the way they’re checking out my friends too, I’d say they feel the same. Wanna play matchmaker?” You grinned evilly, and he shook his head with a chuckle, but motioned the two boys over anyways. They happily obliged, strutting over. “Hey, Byron.” The blonde hair, clapping him on the back. “Hey. This is Joe, and this is Josh.” He introduced his friends. You introduced yours, and the pairs separated.

After chatting for a bit in your little pairs, one of your friends motioned you over again. You walked over, confused. “The Killers is about to go on, come on!” She said, excitedly. The boys all snapped their heads to her, gawking. “You like the Killers, too?!” Joe asked, who’d she’d been hanging out with asked, astonished. “Yeah, we all love them!” Your other friend pitched in, and the boys all gave each other looks. “Boys, we struck gold!” Byron teased, throwing an arm around your shoulder.

You shimmied out of his grip, grabbing both girl’s arms and running towards the stage. “We’re about to be the Killers if we miss that show, boys!” You called back, smirking as you and your friends laughed and ran. The boys followed, and caught up with ease. You spent the night dancing with Byron, and yes, you did eventually give him his number. You mentally thanked your best friend’s for ditching you for the bathroom; all was well, and all six of you were more than happy.

A New Beginning  (PREVIEW)

Summary:  After moving a lot, you found yourself in a small town in the middle of Europe ready for a new start. You see yourself falling in love for the city and developing a crush for the cute stranger that you never had the courage to talk to until you’re forced to. (Modern Au)

Pairing: Steve x Reader

The streets are almost empty with a few exceptions, the small coffee shop on the other side of the street is already open and there are a few people inside mostly business man that work long hours and they need their caffeine.

A few people are running, while others are walking with their pets like you. It is so odd how you recognize so many faces but don’t know any of their names, like the teenage girl who is always reading a book by her window, or the old lady knitting on her balcony but for sure your favorite is the handsome stranger.

You see him every morning, the blonde man with a magnificent beard. Usually, he is sitting on a bench drinking some coffee and reading a book. As usual, you pass through him and he nods when he sees you, you don’t think too much about it, he was just being polite. You wish that you had the guts to talk to him, but you don’t even know what you can say to a man like that.

You and Blueberry walk for a few more minutes enjoying the cold wind and the sun that rises until you stop at the small coffee cart there is nothing that you wish more than a hot cappuccino with cinnamon and caramel. You are so distracted trying to find the right change to pay for your coffee that you don’t notice that, Blueberry‘s leash getting lose, you only notice when she was already asking for the handsome stranger to pet her.

“For fuck’s sake, Blueberry. It had to be him?” You pay for your coffee and go to the stranger'a direction, pretty sure of the fact you gave the guy the wrong bill. You wanted to talk to him for so long maybe you should thank your dog after all “I am so sorry about her, she usually is very well behaved.” He stops petting her looking at you “Please, don’t apologize, I love dogs and she is the sweetest thing ever. What is her name?”

If you want to be added to the tag list of this series, please let know.

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anonymous asked:

hi! i really love your blog and your scenarios! they're really great!!! i was wondering if you could do one with rfa + saeran where mc is feeling very insecure about her weight because she's gained some weight recently is a kinda chubby/curvy and they try to uplift mc and make her feel better and more confident~ i'm having a similar problem and would find this a little comforting~ ❤️

You never need to feel insecure about your shape! It’s your body and it’s perfect no matter what shape it is. Hopefully, these will help you to feel more confident, though! ~H x

RFA with an MC that’s insecure about her weight


-He noticed that you’d been standing in front of the mirror for quite a while, looking at your stomach
-“What’s wrong, MC?” he asked, noticing the frown on your face.
-“Yoosung, do you think I’m fat?” you asked.
-He was very startled
-“Of course not! Why would I think that?” he panicked, thinking it was something he’d done.
-You sighed
-“I’m sure I’ve put on weight. I’m getting chubby,” you explained.
-“You look perfect- you always do. It doesn’t matter to me if you maybe put on a bit of weight and I’m sure no-one else can tell either,” he consoled.
-You shrugged and released your top
-“I just feel disgusting,” you sighed.
-Yoosung knew how to fix that
-“Want to go and get some ice cream and play LOLOL?” he suggested.
-“Yeah,” you grinned, glad that at least your boyfriend didn’t think you being a bit curvier was an issue.


-You’d decided to go out with Zen less
-Because you were pretty sure you’d put on weight and didn’t want to ruin his image
-But Zen had realised you standing in front of the mirror
-And decided to subtly lift your spirits
-So he left post it notes round the house saying how beautiful you were
-Next time he suggested a run in the park and you rejected, he decided to talk to you
-“Why not, MC? You used to love going out,” he asked.
-“I’m getting fat,” you stated with a sigh.
-“Nonsense,” Zen declared, “You’re body’s perfect, ok? You can’t leave your boyfriend just because you think you aren’t as beautiful as you actually are.”
-“Sorry, Zen. I feel like I have to be perfect to be with you,” you sighed.
-“And you are,” Zen kissed your nose, “So will you come jogging with me? Please?”
-You smiled


-You were sure Jaehee was losing weight
-So the fact that you thought you’d put on a bit made you feel really fat compared to her
-Why would she stay with you when she could have someone with a figure like hers?
-Jaehee wasn’t blind and could tell you were feeling self-conscious about your weight
-Mainly from the figure hiding clothes you wore
-So she decided to constantly pay you compliments
-Because she wants you to know she thinks you’re beautiful
-Only you don’t take it that way
-And you think it’s because she thinks you’re getting fat
-So you ask her
-“Jaehee, do you think I’m fat?”
-“Of course I don’t! If I was concerned about your health, would I have given you a triple chocolate muffin yesterday?” Jaehee asked.
-“But do you think that I look horrible?” you sighed.
-“No!” Jaehee said, “You look beautiful. I promise that I’ll love you no matter what size you are. I’d rather you gained weight because then I’d know you’re eating well.”
-That made you feel a bit better
-But you were still going to try exercising if Jaehee kept feeding you cakes and cookies


-You first noticed that you’d gained a bit of weight when your custom made dress Jumin had bought you started to feel a bit tight
-But you didn’t want to let Jumin down
-And you squeezed into it
-Jumin could tell it was too tight, though
-“Princess, I could buy you a new dress if that one isn’t fitting too well,” he offered.
-“No, it’s fine. I’ll just have to lose a bit of weight,” you laughed it off.
-Did Jumin think you looked fat?
-“It’s too tight, my love. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable and I want you to stay the size you are. Please- let me buy you a new dress,” he begged.
-Wait- he wanted you to stay that size?
-“Don’t you think I’m getting a bit fat?” you asked.
-Jumin raised an eyebrow at you
-“Not at all. You look as beautiful as ever, my dear,” he responded.
-You sighed. Jumin would say that regardless
-“MC,” he said, taking your hands, “I can tell it’s bothering you, but I can tell you with certainty that you look just as perfect to me as you always do. I’m still in love with you and I always will be, no matter what shape you are. It’s your kind heart I fell for.”
-You couldn’t stop the tears
-You hugged Jumin tightly
-“Thank you,” you smiled.


-Apparently, a life of sitting around and doing nothing other than binge on Honey Buddha Chips was not good for you
-Your stomach started to reflect this
-And it made you pretty upset when you realised
-Seven noticed this and asked what was wrong
-“I’m getting fat,” you complained, “It’s from all the HBC.”
-“Ouch! How could you offend my children like that,” he mocked.
-Until you glared at him
-“Ok, ok, I don’t think you look fat at all, love,” he smiled, “Just squishy.”
-And he proceeded to hug you
-“Saeyoung!” you complained.
-“Sorry,” he grinned, “We could start exercising a bit. It would probably be a good idea.”
-You agreed
-So the two of you took up going for runs in the park
-Which usually turned into late night stargazing on a park bench
-The perfect date
-With the new exercise you two were getting, you didn’t feel as conscious about the Honey Buddha Chips
-And if you were ever feeling a bit squishy, you could count on Seven to cheer you up
-Because, hey, what’s a bit of cute chub if it means the best food on the planet?


-He noticed that you were getting a little chubbier
-And he loved it
-He would constantly be cuddling you or lying on your lab or finding some way to be squished up next to you
-But you just thought you were fat
-So you decided to ask Saeran what he thought
-“Saeran, am I getting really fat?” you asked.
-“No,” he said, “You’re just really nice to cuddle. Perfect.”
-That wasn’t exactly the answer you wanted
-But it still made you blush
-“So you don’t think I need to lose weight?” you checked.
-“Definitely not. You look great and you feel great,” Saeran informed you.
-At least he was honest
-After considering losing weight for a few days, you decided you could definitely get used to Saeran constantly cuddling you
-Maybe you weren’t fat after all
-You were just right for Saeran
-And he’s all that mattered to you


-No, you don’t look fat hun, I’m blind
-(That was a joke, he’s had surgery in this)
-He noticed your change in clothes first
-Suddenly you were wearing baggy things instead of the lovely tight-fitting outfits you used to wear
-But he didn’t mention anything- maybe you just wanted a style change
-Until you came to him
-“V, I’ve become really fat. What am I going to do,” you suddenly sobbed whilst you were sat on the couch together, watching TV.
-“No you’ve not,” V reasoned, “You’re absolutely fine at the weight you are. I’d tell you if I was concerned for your health.”
-“It’s not just that,” you sighed, “I look horrible.”
-V laughed slightly
-“MC, I don’t think you could look horrible if you tried. Your personality’s too nice and you’re beautiful anyway,” V said.
-You groaned. You just wanted to know if you were getting fat.
-“But I have put on weight, right?” you asked.
-“I wouldn’t have noticed,” V shrugged.
-He knew you were upset about the topic
-So he decided to comfort you
-“MC, no matter what shape or size you get, I will always love and support you. If you want to exercise more, I’ll join you. If you want to change our diet, I’d be happy to. You are just fine the way you are, though, so it depends what makes you happy because I’m happy to just have you,” he said.
-You almost cried
-“Thanks, V,” you smiled softly, hugging him close.

“Go to sleep,” Loki told Thor flatly. “I am not going to kill you. Should I try, your friend would assuredly stomp me into paste.”

Thor frowned at him as though he doubted that - or perhaps as though he did not think it was amusing. But he went, at least. Loki watched him, one eye on Thor and one on their surrounding motley band. 

He did not miss Banner approaching - for the moment in his human skin - but did not acknowledge him either. It seemed better for them both to proceed that way. Or at least it was better for Loki. He had no interest in getting too close to Banner, even when his green monster was slumbering. He had thought, by how Banner had returned the favor, that he felt the same. 

But now Banner was approaching him. Or perhaps Thor. Loki continued to pretend as though he did not notice, hoping that was it. Although after the effort he had put into getting Thor to sleep in the first place…

“He is resting,” Loki said, not looking at Banner. “I can tell him to find you when he wakes, if you wish.” 

“No, actually,” Banner said, in his deceptively mild voice. “I was hoping to talk to you.”

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I have rewatched the Mon-El/ Karamel/ Kara/ Imra scenes in 3x07 and 3x09 and it got me thinking.

There are several occasions in which Mon-El or Imra use their time to talk to Kara about Mon-El’s love and devotion for her and how he didn’t forget her easily and how much he still does care about her and how important she was to inspire the Legion.

They even chase her up twice to be able to speak to her. So it’s important for them to say it.

- Mon-El telling Kara that he could never forget her, no matter the planet, universe or galaxy.

- Imra + Mon-El telling Kara about her being the inspiration for the Legion.

- Mon-El asking Kara in the bar if she wants to speak about the situation.

- After that, Imra goes to speak to Kara about Mon-El’s feelings for her and how not easily he “moved on”.

- After that, Mon-El chases her up to talk again about Imra.

Well, this could be only big clues for us Karamel shippers to remind us how endgame they are, but it’s weird if they try to sell a conflict, because they are not making it a conflict. At no point Imra or Mon-El talk about Mon-El’s feelings for Imra. Mon-El or Imra don’t even mention if he is happy now. Kara assumes he is.

What if there is a reason for Imra and Mon-El needing Kara not to lose hope in Mon-El’s love for her?

My best guess is for her love to be key for something needed in the future to save Kara and defeat Reign, even if it’s necessary to keep Karamel separated for now.

Maybe they need Karamel to get back together later. Maybe they need Kara not to move on for the necklace to be able to resurrect her after her death. Maybe Imra can only control his mind if he doesn’t lose his hope of them being together again in the future. Maybe he is in the brink of being insane because of his fear for her death or the lead poisoning not being completely cured and he freaks out about the idea of losing her forever.

Maybe I am just trying to make sense of this weird way to sell the marriage storyline lol. I still don’t buy it. Fake marriage all the way.


You guys, confession time: I’m not actually okay right now…

My step dad left with no warning to any of our family about 4 weeks ago, with no letter, no explanation, nothing and because of the joy of getting to go to the SS not two weeks later, I think It’s just hit me.

Someone I truly loved as a third parent has not only destroyed my mother and her trust and left her crying for weeks on end, but also completely iniolated my trust in people, men in particular, and my belief that romance or sincerity is even fucking real (when I hardly needed yet another reason).💔 He looked me in the face just a few days before he fucked off and told me that I was exactly what he’d always wanted if he could have had another daughter, only to secretly pack up all his belongings and leave the next week when we were all away in London.

How can someone do that? How can they say one thing and then do a complete other knowing they will therefore be inflicting maximum harm? Why do people always leave me when I finally let them in? I already have issues with trust in men because of the treatment I’ve had with boys pretending to like me as ‘The Weird Disabled girl’ only for it to come out they were laughing at me. People wonder why I’m the worlds biggest cynic and expect the worst to always happen. 😞

Honestly I’m so sad because my poor mum has been left with a massive legal battle to fight now so we can protect ourselves from his anger issues and keep our home (that he pays the mortgage on) and be on the other end of his threats and anger issues when she hasn’t done anything at all. She’s dealing with a broken heart while also having to deal with maybe us losing our home where me, my siblings, her and my grandma all live and love and I am in awe of that. I mean honestly, it’s not said enough: women forced to protect their families are fucking. badarse. and hardcore. and so underappreciated.

Anyways, it’s all ongoing so I can’t promise I’ll be rosey much even with the SS wonder that happened to me just after I got this news. I didn’t get to tell Taylor any of it because of the rush and I’ve only just had it hit me now and I’ve only just started to cry 😢 . I know you all won’t be able to do or even say much but I thought I’d say what’s happening at least as much as I can so you know what new anxieties I’m dealing with.

In short: On top of wondering if romance is The Movies’ Greatest Fiction™, I now am wondering how the fuck you can ever believe anyone and how the hell I can help my mum when I’m a graduate with no job and no money. Basically - I have a new layer to my existing ‘issues’ but I hope y’all will love me in spite of them anyway…. and hopefully tell me if I’m getting too cynical so I don’t turn into some kind of Ice Queen.

I love you all

xxxx India xxxxx 😞🖤😘💔

Second choice

Request: Y/N and Hailey were best friends until Y/N realized that Hailey was only using Y/N to get closer to Justin. Will Justin and Y/N’s friendship be affected when she tells him this?

Warning: a little long

“Justin, don’t you get it? She used me just to get close to you!” You yell in frustration.

Justin doesn’t look up as he was too preoccupied tuning his guitar.
“I really don’t have the time for your excuses, if you can’t handle Hailey and I being in a relationship then-”

“Then what?” You say interrupting him before he can continue. You knew where this was going but you were too guliable to think otherwise so you decided to test him.

Justin puts his guitar aside as he takes a deep breath before looking at you. “Then we can’t be friends…”

Can’t be friends? You thought to yourself. This was just getting ridiculous, you didn’t know wether to be upset or just to laugh about it. The sentence kept repeating in your head causing your eyes to water.

“Are you fucking serious?!” You say upset, but you tried your best to contain your emotions. “You chose her over your own best friend?!” You say raising your voice. You were hurt but you weren’t going to let him know but it was helpless, your emotions were getting the best of you.

Justin shakes his head and takes a step towards you. “You’re the one who made it come to this…if you weren’t so selfish-”

“Woah, woah, woah….selfish? I’m the one being selfish?” You ask surprised as you take a step back. You chuckle before continuing. “Was I not the one who considered your feelings before my own? I could have just left this whole thing and not tell you, thinking maybe you would realize on your own that she was just going to use you like she used me but I didn’t…I wanted to tell you because I didn’t want to see you hurt. Hailey was my best friend but if it meant losing you…I just couldn’t be her friend anymore even if it tore me but I mean, maybe I am just a selfish idiot.” You say as tears rolled down your face. Justin looks at you, and your swore you saw guilt but he quickly looks away.

“Can you please leave…” he says quietly, and you felt your heart shatter once more. After all you guys been through, he ended it just like that. You were the second choice…. yet you put him first.

Your friendship with Hailey meant the world to you but your friendship with Justin was a whole other level. He was the one you grew up with, the one you told your most darkest deepest secrets, the one you can stay up till 4 am talking about the most random at stuff, and through all that you fell for him.

“No need to tell me, I was just going to”. You say harshly before storming out the door.

You continued to walk without stopping until you reached your car. Suddenly you just bursted into tears, you held onto your car door as you yell in frustration.

You felt so many feelings at the same time and it made you sick. You slowly got into your car, and sat there quietly, and emotionless. After a few minutes, you finally calmed down. You took a deep breath before driving away.
*at your house*

“He’s such a jerk!” You yell angrily as you throw a pillow across the living room. You were now circled by your and Justin’s closest friends, Tyga, Fredo, Kendall, Kylie, Za, Khalil, etc.

“Shhh, forget about him” Kendall says as she gently pats your back.

“Who do they think they are? T-that bitch…how could she just humiliate me like that and act so clueless about it!” You say, as you angrily bit into your chocolate bar that Za gave you.

You suddenly hear chuckling, you look up to see the guys trying their hardest not to laugh.
“You think this is funny?” You ask glaring at them, they quickly stop laughing as they shake their heads no. “That’s what I thought” you say before finishing your last piece of chocolate.

“You don’t need them, you’re better off without them.” Kylie says, you watch as everyone agrees.
“Yeah, you have us” Ryan says, and everyone agrees once more.

“You don’t understand…” you say quietly, but it was loud enough for them to hear.

“Understand what?” Khalil asks, and suddenly the room got quiet. You felt your cheeks heat up as all the attention was now on you.

“Guys, I think us girls can take it from here,” Kylie says, as they all stand up before leading me upstairs.
“Wooooow,” we hear the guys say in union causing us to giggle.
**in the bedroom**

“Why are we up here?” You ask confused before taking a seat on your bed.

Kylie takes a seat next to you as Kendall closes the door. “Y/N…there’s something else that’s bugging you, it’s not just the whole Hailey-Justin thing.” Kylie says gently.

You felt tears peak through the corner of your eyes as your breaths were becoming short. Suddenly Kendall and Kylie wrap their arms around you, trying their best to comfort you. That’s the moment, you couldn’t hold it in.

**back with the boys**

Justin’s POV:

After the argument Y/N and I had, I knew what I did to her was wrong. She was only concerned about me. I even confronted Hailey about the whole thing to find out the Y/N was telling the truth. I felt like an idiot, I was so harsh to her and now she probably hates me.

I decided to go to her house and apologize even if I knew I was probably the last person she wanted to talk to. As I made it to her house, I noticed there were other cars parked in the driveway. I observed closely and realized those were my friends cars.

Shit…well I’m probably in trouble. Even though they were my best friends aswell, they will still kick my ass for hurting Y/N.

I reached the doorstep and doorbelled. Tyga opens the door, his reaction changes from similing to frowning. “What are you doing here?” He asks bitterly. “Come on Man…I’m here to apologize.” I say desperately, after a few seconds have gone by he finally lets me in.

I walked in and I was welcomed by a bunch of glares from the guys. I swear if Y/N did me wrong they probably wouldn’t even care. I repeated what I said to Tyga to them. They looked at me uncertain before signalling she was upstairs. I looked at them smiling before thanking them. “I swear Justin if I hear her cry, you’re out of here”. Khalil says, I glared at him. “Uh I mean love you bro…” he says quickly causing the other guys including myself to laugh.

I quickly thanked them again before running upstairs. Just as I was about to open her door, I overheard her saying things. I knew it was wrong to eavesdrop but I bet she would remain silent if I walked in.

**back with the girls**

You heard the doorbell, but the three of you didn’t mind it. After a few minutes you finally had the courage to tell them what was wrong.

“I’m tired of being the second choice, the one who gets chosen if the other one is taken. I’m tired of the fact that I fall in love with so many guys that are close to me to end up being broken-hearted at the end. It fucking hurts to let people get so close to you, so close that they can just rip your heart out any time without mercy. Every time I’m the one who gets hurt…it’s either because I’m not good enough, I’m not perfect, I’m not beautiful-”

“Shhh that’s enough…” Kendall says as she pulls you in for a hug. Kylie quickly wipes away a tear as she hated seeing you like that. She grabs your hands gently, “Y/N you are not a second choice, and you will never be. Take it from the two of us you have always been first. You are such and amazing, beautiful, kind, most down to earth person and you don’t need a man to tell you that. They may have been a lot of heartbreaks in the past but that’s what makes you stronger, and if you feel weak…Kendall and I also even the guys will be right behind you pushing you to get back on your feet.” She says causing you to tear more, you squeeze her hand gently to let her know you appreciated all those words. “We love you Y/N, we’re like sisters…don’t ever forget that.” Kendall says. “Aww I freaking love you guys…” you say as you pull them in for a hug causing all three of you to giggle.

Suddenly you hear someone knock on the door. “Go away!” Kendall yells causing you to giggle. “Uh it’s Justin,” and the three of you look at eachother surprised. You nod at the girls letting them know it was okay. Kendall and Kylie hug you once more before opening the door. You watch as Justin has his hands in his pockets, “can I please talk to Y/N?” He quietly says.

“If you hurt her, you’re going to wish you never came here…” Kendall says, causing you to chuckle. The girls run downstairs, leaving the two of you alone.

“Seems like I’ve been getting death threats all day…” Justin says trying to lighten the mood, but you remained silent as you looked away.

“I’m sorry” he says breaking the silence. You look up to see that his expression was pure guiltness. “I’m sorry for what I said and for not believing you. It was wrong for me to push you away like that when you were only concerned. I’m sorry, you didn’t deserve that.” He says sincerely.

“Y/N I know that’s not what you’re mainly upset about…uh before you get mad…I overheard you, Kylie and Kendall talking”, you suddenly whack him with a pillow, “you fucking eavesdropper!” You yell interrupting him.

“No, no, no! Y/N listen to me carefully, yes I eavesdropped-ow!” Justin yells as you hit him once again with a pillow. “Hit me once again and I’ll tickle you so hard.” He says sternly, you slowly put the pillow down, glaring at him for knowing you were ticklish.

“As I was saying, Y/N why do you feel that way? It pains me to see that you think of yourself like that. In fact you’re the opposite of the things you said. Y/N you know you’re always first to me, whether it’s for anything. I know sometimes I don’t show it especially today but I swear Y/N I would take a bullet for you. That’s how much you mean to me…from day one, you’re the one who has always been there for me, through my happiest moments to my bullshit ones. Everything I’ve experienced was with you and I’m so honoured that they were spent with with you…I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Justin says, you quickly wipe away your tear. “What are you trying to say?” You ask confused.

Justin hesitates before taking a step closer to you, he kneels infront of your bed before taking your hands. “I’m in love with you…”

You look at him shocked, before shaking your head. You get up slowly before looking at him sadly. “What? Now that Hailey is out of the picture, you’re going to crawl back to me? I don’t want to be a second choice!” You yell angrily. Justin walks to you before grabbing your hands once again. “Y/N you’re not a second choice, I’ve had feelings for you since you walked into my life but I held it in thinking it wasn’t going to work out. Why do you think you’re the one I always want to hang out with? Or how I get so overprotective when you have a date. Why do you think I call you in the middle of the night, it’s because I miss you and I want to hear your voice. Why do you think I can’t spend a day without you by my side? I love you that’s why, when you walked out that door it was one of the worst feelings ever, and I never want it to happen-”

You gently grabbed his face, as you press your lips onto his. You felt Justin smile through the kiss, as he places his arms around your waist pulling you in closer. You wrap your arms around his neck, as he deepens the kiss. You both pull away to catch your breath. He looks at you, “you will always be my first choice…don’t forget that.” He says gently causing you to smile. He pulls you in for one more kiss.

You pull away before looking at the door confused. “What’s wrong?” Justin asks worried. You walk towards the door, opening it. You watch as the guys fell on the floor and the girls on top of them.

Justin looks at you then back at them. “Uh Uhm we were just checking if the door was stable…and it is.” Za quickly says as they all immediately get up.

“why the hell do you all eavesdrop?” You say causing everyone to laugh.

Requested by @sumaiyah10

My Girl

Y/N gave a sigh as more of the noisy American boys flooded into the dance hall, they had just arrived and were eager to enjoy their freedom while it lasted. They were being stationed in the barracks of the English countryside but it was only a matter of time before they were shipped out to Europe. She didn’t mind them too much, it was just they were rowdy and she had enough to deal with as a military nurse without brawls breaking out every night. The English lads didn’t like how flirty their new allies were and a lot of the girl’s didn’t know what to make of it.
She personally found some of the new arrivals awful. The nurse had come with her friends to enjoy a few dances before returning to her barracks and getting much needed rest but she had a problem. A very loud and very handsy problem.

The soldier had targeted her almost as soon as he stepped through the door and several times she had politely declined his offer of a drink or carefully avoided his advances for a dance. ‘Come on! Just one dance, just wanna see your pretty skirt twirl a little!’ His hand was on her wrist agains and with an annoyed huff she pulled herself free, he was more persistant than last time with more drink in him, he grabbed her upper arm and yanked hard enough that the seam along her sleeve split.

Y/N let out a sharp gasp in both surprise and pain, before she could yell at the man and shove the heel of her hand against his chin another man seemed to materialise and pulled the other from her, 'Didn’t bring your manners, pal?’ She stared at the broad back in front of her, the newcomer seemed to be blocking her from the drunk’s view on purpose, it was a very protective stance and Y/N felt a little more at ease. 'I think you need to head back to barracks. Better yet – Go back to Jersey.’

'Why don’t you butt out!’ The drunk exclaimed and swayed toward the man with a beefy fist, the man’s arm came out toward her and gently he swept the nurse to the side with him and dodged the sloppy punch, the drunk fell against the table and cursed loudly. He made another swing and this time the soldier landed a solid, right hook to the drunk’s jaw and knocked him out cold.

A slight cheer rose up, some of the other soldiers clapping and raising their glasses, “You show 'im, Sarge!” “Alright, Bucky! You show 'em how Brooklyn boys do it!” Y/N sighed at the rowdy men and turned to leave, this was enough for one night and she really was tired. 'Hey, wait!’ The tall man fell into step beside her and Y/N froze when she saw his face for the first time, he smiled at her with a somewhat lopsided grin, 'He’s one of mine, sorry he caused trouble for you… I know he’s been hounding you all night already but…’ he gave a shrug, 'Can I buy you a drink?’
There was no possible way she couldn’t stare at him, he was so attractive that she was captivated simply by his steel blue eyes and his perfectly chiselled features. He wore his hat slightly to the side, his brunette hair styled neatly beneath it – his entire appearance was impeccable and she didn’t think she’d seen a uniform look so well on anyone else. But his mouth… those perfectly shaped, plump lips, pink and moist as his tongue peeked out to lick his bottom lip in what she assumed was a habit. The corner’s curled up just right and Y/N couldn’t have refused if she’d wanted to. 'Sergeant James Barnes of the one o seventh.’

She blinked rapidly, her brain trying to process the information and get away from how beautiful he was, 'Y/N, Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service.’ It was a mouthful to say but she was incredibly proud of the service and pointedly ignored his bemused expression – he was trying to turn it into an acronym but no one had managed it yet. 'And I’d like a G and T, please Sergeant.’

'Bucky.’ He said with another charming smile and pulled a chair out for her at the first free table he found.

'Sorry?’ The nurse tucked her skirt underneath her as she sat, looking up at him slightly confused by the single word he had uttered.

'Call me Bucky.’ Another flash of teeth and he was striding toward the bar, parting a few of the soldiers confidently and getting the barman’s attention. She watched him curiously, admiring his confidence and poise – he had a funny accent but he was behaving better than most of his fellows had been so far. A moment later he was back, setting their drinks down and sitting across from her before taking his hat off and carefully running his hand over his hair to keep it neat – she wanted to mess it up so much. She wasn’t really sure what to say to him and sipped quietly at her drink before asking him where the name “Bucky” came from, he leaned forward to speak to her, he seemed to be naturally friendly and his every gesture showed it, 'Buchanan  is my middle name, my pal, Steve, came up with calling me Bucky and it kinda stuck. James is what my Ma calls me and that’s usually when I’m in trouble!’

He was so boyishly charming that Y/N began to relax and fell into easy conversation with him and that was only the beginning of her trouble. The way he unconsciously swayed to the music was a huge indicator that he liked to dance and she really wasn’t very keen on the activity. 'How old’s your sister?’ The nurse had to smile when he sat up straight and furrowed his brows, lips pursed slightly as he so obviously wondered how she knew he had a sister. 'When you got between me and that guy earlier, you blocked me from his view and kept me behind you the entire time, it was a very practised protective instinct – so you’re either happily married or you have a younger sister.’

'You one of those head nurses?’ Bucky laughed and licked his lips before answering, 'Yeah, I got a little sister back home, she’s real pretty and the fellas keep trying their luck… I hope she doesn’t get in too much trouble.’ Their was such a fond look in his eyes that Y/N couldn’t help but sigh at the sight, 'And no wife.’ A flash of his left ring finger brought her attention back to him fully and he chose that moment to stand up and offer his hand, 'I’m dying to dance with you, doll.’

Her head was already shaking back and forth, her eyes widened in a sort of alarm that made him grin further, 'I…really am a terrible dancer. I’ll step on your toes and lose all of my mystique.’ As an after thought she quickly tacked on, 'I’m not your “doll” either.’

'Lucky for you I’m a great dancer and my boots can handle your dainty, little feet… ma'am.’ He was a devil in disguise, she was sure of it, and somehow that made taking his hand impossible to resist.

'That’s worse,’ he knew that too by the way he smirked, 'I’m not a “ma'am” or a “doll”, I have a name and maybe you could use it?’ He didn’t reply as he tugged her gently toward him, the music wasn’t too slow and there was a good beat, his hand rested on the small of her back as his other hand cradled hers, easing her into a few easy steps. 'Not bad, Sergeant.’

Bucky laughed quietly at her compliment, 'You’re not so bad yourself, d- Y/N.’ He turned them smoothly and he wisely kept quiet when she tripped over her own feet, he thought her blush was sweet, 'You’re thinking too hard.’ He told her and she shrugged lightly rather than admit he was right, it was then that Bucky noticed the rip on her sleeve and a frown tugged on his perfect lips, it would need sewing up and he felt bad that she’d have to mend such a pretty dress because one of his men couldn’t hold their drink, 'If anyone gives you trouble again you let me know and I’ll take care of it. I’m gonna twirl you – there we go!’ Bucky watched Y/N’s skirt flare out as he turned her and he caught her smiling as she started to enjoy herself. 'I am such a good teacher!’


They met twice a week at the dance hall, Bucky was the only man she would dance with and though he flitted from girl to girl like a bee to flowers, he always ended up with her. They didn’t have much in common but they always found easy conversation and it wasn’t long before some of the soldiers started referring to her as “Bucky’s girl” she denied it when her friends asked her and of course the nurses all laughed at her denials. The barracks were always noisy on dance nights, curlers, hair spray, dresses, underwear and excited yells would be noisier than any dance hall, Y/N would blush when they started talking about her American sweetheart and she would very quickly change the attention to her friend and the soldier she had been caught kissing in the hall.
It became a tradition for catcalls and wolf whistles to echo around the room when Y/N and Bucky would greet each other, bets were already made on how long it would be until they got together. He’d tell them to knock it off and roll his eyes, nodding his head toward the bar and she would follow him without question.

They would flirt, everyone could see them doing it but no one ever noticed the way they looked at each other or the subtle touches when they danced. Neither one of them were strangers to the opposite sex and after two months of hints and silent suggestion Y/N took his hand one night and guided him out of the dance hall and to the barn doors of the neighbouring farm. She leaned up and finally was able to press her lips to his – she hadn’t been able to stop her fascination with his mouth since the day she met him.
Bucky pulled her close, sealing his mouth to hers, devouring her moan as he deepened the kiss, tilting his head and dominating the kiss. She didn’t simply let him take over, giving as good as she got and moving his hands from her waist to his hips in invitation. His large hands slipped under Y/N’s uniform blouse, marvelling at the smooth skin beneath beneath his fingers, his thumbs caressed along her ribs and traced the edge of her bra before he pulled away, a smile playing on his lips when her’s tried to follow, not wanting to stop kissing him, 'Not out here, doll.’

He took her hand and together they snuck into the barn, he helped her onto the ladder that led to the upper floor, bundles of fresh hay providing a safe hiding place for them to explore one another. Her dexterous fingers unbuttoned his shirt with practised ease, sliding it down his shoulders as she straddled him, her palms pressed to his chest with splayed fingers and she stroked down his body teasingly until she was undoing his trousers, whining a little when he captured her mouth and blocked her view of his body.
Bucky undressed her whilst he kissed the nurse, fingers stumbling with the fastening of her bra but persevering he managed to remove the garment, manoeuvring them so that she was laid out atop his jacket, protected from the prickly hay, and once more she fought him to keep the kiss going. He wanted to admire her though, the sight of her stealing his breath faster than their kisses had, it was one of those clichéd nights where the sky was clear and the mood bright enough to cast a blueish light in through the windows and gaps in the barn’s old roof. Every curve and dip and groove of her body, letting his blue eyes rake over her before he dropped his head to slowly worship her body with his lips and tongue, groaning into her skin when her hands wound into his hair.

Her suspenders were unsnapped from her stockings and Bucky slid her underwear down over her hips, his hands leaving a hot trail down along her thighs and further down her calves as he pulled them free of her, catching her foot in his right hand the soldier pressed a kiss to the inside of her ankle and when she turned pink and tried to his herself from his eyes Bucky gave a reassuring grin. 'You okay, doll?’

'I’m not used to a guy taking his time like this…a little embarrassing…’ Y/N had never been looked at like this, never had a partner who seemed to cherish her as much as Bucky was right at that moment and she couldn’t think of a time she ever felt this exposed.

Bucky placed her knees either side of his hips and leaned over her, keeping his weight on his forearms so that he could nuzzle into her neck, inhaling her perfume, 'You have nothing to be embarrassed about – not a single thing. If we had more time I’d show you what I can do with my mouth,’ he felt her breath hitch and he brought his head up so that he could look her in the eye, 'Yeah, I caught you staring. I bet you know every little detail of my lips and I bet you thought about more than me kissing you with them.’ She was nearly crimson now, her skin hot and it was all because of the sinful words escaping those perfect lips. He had no problem with gazing into her eyes, boring into her very being with those mesmerising blues of his. 'You wanna be my girl until this stupid war is over?’

Her hands cupped his face, tracing his cheek bones and nodding slightly, 'I think I’d like that…’ His boyish grin was the last thing she saw before he was kissing her breathless with an addictive passion that she was determined to match. Bucky’s hand found it’s way to the base of Y/N’s back and lifted her hips just so, breathing in her perfume with a deep groan as he sheathed himself, she was so ready for him and Bucky felt a shiver run up his spine as her thighs squeezed against his hips. He didn’t need to mutter encouragements to her, he didn’t need to praise how tight her heat was as her body hugged him so perfectly and it was one of the few times he was utterly speechless.
Bucky rolled his hips against hers, and Y/N mewled into his mouth, she moved with him as if they’d done this a thousand times before. They found an easy rhythm, their hands grabbed and stroked and caressed wherever they could, again and again her hands carded through his hair, tugging at the brunette locks. When ever she pulled a little too hard his hips crashed against hers, his thrusts gaining in speed and depth, huffing sharply against her collarbone as she called his name just a little too loud. 'Lay off the hair a little, Y/N.’

Bucky had slowed, grinding against her just right to make her whole body arch and tense, her mouth forming a sweet little “o” as sound seemed to get trapped in her chest, he grinned breathlessly and pressed his forehead to hers, hissing when her nails scored down his back. His hands gripped her hips and pulled her to himself, driving into her almost desperately, her name becoming a mantra on his tongue – neither of them cared who heard at this point.
He knew he was bruising her hips by now, her skin slick as his with perspiration, it stung the cuts her nails had left in his back but it only encouraged him further. Bucky caught her gaze, staring unabashedly at her flushed face. Y/N felt as if he were burning her with his gaze, it was hot and predatory – his mouth was her undoing. His tongue slid over his bottom before his teeth caught it and the expression he had was so feral and raw that Y/N’s head fell back against the hay, her body coming completely undone for him.
The brunette held her tight to himself, smothering his name with a hard kiss and working her through it, ploughing into her almost harshly until his vision whited out and he let out a satisfied yell.

With a little effort Bucky caught himself before he could crush the nurse under him, falling to her right with a satisfied grin, both of them panting as if they had run a marathon. They dressed quietly once they had cooled down, smiling at each other every time their eyes met and then helping the other neaten up their uniforms. He held her hand all the way back to the dance hall, making sure she would get safely back to her barracks before heading to his own.


They were both deployed a week later, Bucky heading to the front lines whilst Y/N went to the field hospital. Every time a soldier was brought in injured Y/N silently prayed it wasn’t him, some of the boys she took care of – and some of them were just boys, barely grown men – broke her heart. She saw them break both physically and mentally, missing limbs and memories of their friends dying in front of them made for haunting nightmares. How many dog tags had she collected?
By the time they were called back to England the nurses felt as if they had been in the fighting, the glamour of helping their boys was sullied by blood and no one wanted to go dancing.

When Y/N decided to get some air one night she was surprised to find a familiar face, a brunette soldier half way through climbing the gates into the nurses’ barracks, ’…Bucky?’ His head shot up, alarmed that he might have been caught trying to sneak in but then he smiled big and bright. His eyes seemed tired, he’d seen the same horrors she had but his smile was still boyish and his spirit burning hot. He jumped down from the fence and caught her in his arms, hugging her close and burying his nose into her hair – he’d missed her. 'You’re going to get in so much trouble!’ She admonished him fondly.

'You girls have locked yourselves up in here since you got back,’ he held her at arms length, obviously checking her over for any injuries. Though they weren’t in the fighting the nurses were always at risk of shelling and Bucky knew that traumatised soldiers were dangerous too – she seemed just fine and he pulled her back into his chest. 'You gotta get out of here, thinking about it won’t do anyone any good… Hey?’ Y/N hid her face into his shirt as she wound her arms around his middle, crying for the first time since she’d been deployed and feeling ashamed for showing him such weakness. Bucky held her tight and let her cry it all out.


It took a while for everyone to adjust, for everything to fall back into place like before, the American soldiers and the English soldiers still had disagreements, there were still fights but there was a camaraderie there hadn’t been before too. The nurses still made a fuss and spent hours getting ready to go out, they came back a little tougher and this time it was a few of the men fighting off advances from them.
Bucky danced with his girl, she tripped over her feet still but they could laugh about that and they did often. They would sneak away like naughty children to the barn – finding it padlocked one night after the owner had caught them the night before. Bucky had picked Y/N up and carried her over a stone wall, searching for a suitable place to ravish his girl, both of them giggling when he got his boot stuck in a hole, deciding to stop in the middle of the field and have his way with her rather than keep looking.

He’d walked her back to her barracks, kissing her until their lips were red and swollen in front of the gate. She giggled at him when he gave her a lazy salute and blew him a kiss, he caught it and pressed it to his heart.

That had been the last time he’d seen her alive. The warning sirens had been too late sounding as planes flew overhead, dropping shells from the sky with little accuracy – the explosions were scattered over the countryside. The nurses’ barracks had been hit hard.
The only consolation was that they had been sleeping when the bombs hit and Bucky hoped that they hadn’t known, that they hadn’t been frightened or suffered. Stretchers with the bodies covered up were lined up along the road, he’d found Y/N’s body and he knelt beside her quietly, holding her cold hand that had slipped from the stretcher and no one had the heart to shoo him away.

He cried silently, angry at himself that he hadn’t been able to help her and sad that he hadn’t had longer to spend with her. Bucky pressed a lingering kiss to her hand before tenderly placing it under the white sheet and standing up. He wiped his eyes on his sleep and stiffly he began to walk away, his jaw clenched as frustrated anger began to fester inside his chest. A fire growing inside him that he hadn’t had before and he silently swore that if he had to walk to Austria to end this damn war, he’d do it.

Bucky Barnes stopped, he turned on his heel and stood at attention, saluting his girl with the silent promise to win this war for her.

Dear Unrequited love, Thank you.

I finally got to the point where I can see that I have to let you go, or I’ll just end up destroying myself.

But even though I feel like I am losing someone I never had, I have to let you know all the things you taught me while I loved you from the distance, eagerly waiting that something would happen, that maybe, someday you might be able to see that I was the one to make you happy. But now, after I literally poured my heart in front of you, I am now ready to love myself, and put it right back it where it belongs.

Thank you for making me a dreamer. A daydreamer mostly, who smiled in the bus ride all alone imagining all of the possible scenarios of how you would realize you loved me too.

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Saeyoung - Valentine’s Day Special

  After you chose the happiest member, but with a tragic past, as if affected by a spell, you felt tired. Your body was heavy and your eyelids were closing instinctively. Just as if you hadn’t slept for days. You gave up quickly, without reading the messages.

 Some hours later, you woke up feeling a lot better. Unlikely before, your body seemed extremely light. However, you weren’t expecting that.  Everything seemed wrong.

  You were in a strange place, lying on a couch and everything was a mess. What you made you more confused was how that room was identical to Seven’s. After playing his route so many times, you were sure about it.

  While looking around, you found your phone. But seeing all those Honey Buddha Chips made you hungry. You would be so happy to eat it with Luciel.  That’s when someone suddenly appeared.

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anonymous asked:

Well, this is great. Just fine and fucking dandy- oh wait, NO IT'S FUCKING NOT. So after Dark's aura tried to kill him, it goes on a wild rampage and almost kills everyone. Then The Author comes back and all the egos lose their shit. AND THEN Ollie, who almost died, somehow had a fucking virus planted inside him, and now he's gonna fuck some more shit up. Am I missing anything, Reverse?

I don’t know, maybe a chill pill.

Why am I not enough ?

So I got this idea this evening of a little angst ereri drabble, and here this thing happens. For some reasons I thought writing it in english instead of my usual french would be a good idea, and also thought why not publish it on tumblr ? So here it is read it and enjoy ?

“Why am I not enough ?“

Levi voice is fill with anger makes Eren shiver.  But there is more than anger has he says those words.  Fear, confusion, sadness, and above all despair that makes Eren’s heart squeeze in his chest,

"Why am I not enough for you ?”

He asks again, locking their eyes together. Eren’s air escapes his lungs, as he loses himself in those piercing silver eyes, full of questions and regrets.

“Why am I not enough for you to stay?”

Eren feels like his body has turn to stone, every inch of himslef seems to be heavier, he can’t move, he can’t talk, he can’t avert his gaze. It’s not the first time they had this fight, but it certainly will be the last. Levi moves closer, kneeling next to him, and resting his forearm on his lap.

“Why are we not enough ?”

It’s more than what Eren can handle. He swallows hardly, holding back his tears, and turns his face away, as he wispers :

“You know why…”

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So, here’s the truth: If you care about comics, art, what-have-you, you’re gonna start to feel less than trendy emotions because, hey, you’re a human being.

Resentment, envy, and chips-on-your-shoulder are par for the course. It doesn’t have to be that way, I guess, but I too often see popular artists extolling the virtues of positivity, zen, and joy while not thinking back to when they were struggling in anonymity. And, dear ones, therein is the shit. 

The shit that sounds like “maybe my best isn’t good enough” or “nobody gives a damn about me or this thing” or “what I am isn’t it and who the hell is in charge of it anyway!?!” 

I will say! Doing something regularly is gonna help you stay busy when those thoughts come. That way, you won’t lose ground when it comes to running after that thing you value, your dream, your passion, your random curiosity, whatever. BUT… it’s gonna feel lonely if you don’t share your progress with people you value and trust and who can give you the kind of perspective you need. Because we’re all big enough fish in this crazy ocean. You can’t control what’s popular, but you can stay on top of what you value, what you enjoy, and what you’re rubric for success is.

Here’s a metaphor:

Doing something popular and easy (a meme, a tweet, a single doodle, fan art) is  a kite. It’ll fly pretty effortlessly and well and you have some control over it, but not a whole hell of a lot once the wind picks up. It’s light enough and high enough that it can be seen by a whole mess of people. 

But you may want to see that whole mess of people – you wanna learn something. You want to see what the world looks like from the stratosphere. So you build a plane – a little glider maybe. And that takes more time. You can’t just get that in the air effortlessly. That’s when you work on that thing in your workshop, maybe alone (not necessarily.) But it’s a project with heft and weight even though it will appear weightless. And that will be something people can see and remark on from the ground but you’ll be able to feel uplifted by the experience too. 

The ideal, let’s say, is something you work so much on and really dedicate a lot of time and effort toward. You care about it. It matters a lot to you and others. Maybe you have a team. Then, that’s a dirigible, a zeppelin, or a commercial airliner. It’s thoroughly built and it lifts you up to see more but it also inspires many others to join you on that flight. This is how those things that make us want to make work. TV shows, books, large master works of static visual art, a ballet, whatever! And that can be something you work toward a little day by day.

But then again… kites are fine? And you can have both? 

I guess what I’m saying is this: when you get discouraged by the kites, find a means of getting airborne. Why the hell not?