maybe i am imagining things but i see

okay so usually thoughts i get at night dont tend to turn into any sort of urge but ive waited long enough

why has no one

I MEAN????








Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Warnings: Cursing, awkwardness, sleep deprivation (?)

Summary: You stayed up late on a school night, and the side effects are as prominent as ever the next morning.

A/N: I wrote this over a couple of days so I’m sorry if some parts are a little wonky or inconsistent. It’s my longest imagine yet, lol. Also I might make this a series, maybe, maybe not :-) I’ll see how you guys like it. Ok, I think that’s it,,, enjoy!!

Staying up until 3 AM on a school night was never a good idea. However, after the new season of Stranger Things had just been released onto Netflix, your brain suddenly disregarded this well-known fact and decided that it would be a good idea to binge all the episodes in a single night. You’d certainly enjoyed the new season, but you weren’t enjoying the after effects of only getting three hours of sleep. 

That was why when you’d stumbled onto the train the following morning, hair tied up in the messiest bun it’d ever been in, it took all of your willpower not to just fall asleep standing there holding onto the rail. It was just your luck that there were no open seats and you had been forced to stand up, cramming yourself in between other commuters and students and clutching onto the metal pole with one hand. You almost pulled out your phone to lazily scroll through social media, but thought better of it when the train rocked slightly and you almost went flying down the aisle.

Note to self: No matter how much Nancy Wheeler is your “badass queen”, there was no way you were going to function getting through a whole seven hour school day like this. 

For heaven’s sake, even the extra-large, extra-hot coffee you’d downed before you left your apartment wasn’t even working. This was bad. And it could only get worse.

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She Ain’t You (Tom Holland)

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Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Warning: Cursing

Summary: Y/n is Tom’s best friend and when he breaks up with his girlfriend, hidden feelings start to surface.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: Just a little Tom Holland fic with the best friends to lovers story I obsess over.

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Tom checked his phone for what felt like the thousandth time since he has texted his best friend, Y/n. He took a sip of his beer with a sigh as he wished the bar stool he sat on would swallow him whole until the ache he felt in his chest would dissipate. He didn’t quite like to deal with the harsh feelings of man at that moment.

Y/n’s eyes scanned the bar as she waltzed through the door, thanked the man who held it open for her as she searched for Tom.

“Hey stranger.” His best friend slid next to him at the bar, raising her brows as Tom took in the drink and properly ordered two more. “Bit too pretty to be sitting to be at the bar on your own, aren’t you?”

Tom snorted, at that line. “Ah, well, thank god I’ve got you to rescue me.”

Hiss friend’s expression turned slightly more serious. “What happened?”

“She just broke up with me.” 

“Always said she was a nutter.” Y/n replied as she took a drink of her beverage. 

“Yes, Y/n, you were right yet again.” Tom stated a bit harshly. 

“I’m going to ignore the tone in that comment and accept the victory of telling you so.” Y/n smiled as she threw an arm around Tom’s shoulders. “You know you only found the nutter cause you had Harrison as a wing man and not me.” 

“I hate to break it to you, darling, but you are the worst wing man I could ask for.” 

“Why? Is it because I’m picky about who you date?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Well, that’s only because I don’t want you to date a slag or settle for less than what you deserve.” 

“I’m a big boy, Y/n, I think I can figure it out.” Tom stated with a smile as he removed some hair from her eyes and brushed her cheek lightly before pulling his hand away. 

Y/n looked away for a moment, trying to calm the burning feeling on her face as she quickly took a swig of her drink before turning back to Tom. 

“I just don’t think some people are good enough for you.” She stated truthfully.

 “Yeah, you’re the only one good enough for me, right darling?” 

Tom was joking, but it still set Y/n’s emotions into turmoil and her stomach into a mess of knots. Tom looked at her curiously as Y/n flashed a fake smile while Tom did nothing but study her closely, too close for Y/n’s comfort.

But, it wasn’t as if Y/n was the only one who had caught a hint of a feeling, Tom’s pain turned into something else as he sputtered out his joke. He couldn’t figure out what it was, but it made Y/n’s eyes shine brighter and her smile more stunning than it had been previously. 

Y/n removed her arm from around Tom’s shoulders and playfully pushed him, trying to ease the tension she felt between them, though Tom hadn’t noticed the tension she was feeling due to his venture into his own thoughts. 

“Okay, loser, you wanna find a new girl tonight? I promise not to be picky this time. You can choose the girl.” Y/n stated, her cheery tone sounding a bit forced as Tom was pulled from his thoughts. 

“Alright, deal.” Tom smiled as he and Y/n rose from their seats. He thought about asking his friend what had come over her moments before, but decided against it in hopes that she would tell him on her own.

“How about the girl over there?” Y/n asked as she pointed to a blonde on the other side of the bar. 

“No way. She has a friend with her. I’m never getting in.” Tom shook his head as Y/n frowned and kept looking. 

“Okay….” Y/n tapped her chin as she spotted another girl. “How about her?”

“Y/n, that’s a drag queen.”

“Now somebody’s being picky!” Y/n exclaimed. “I think she’s actually quite pretty… How about her? She’s cute.”

Tom followed Y/n’s line of sight across the room to a girl who looked eerily similar to her. He studied the girl for a moment before she locked eyes with him. 

She had Y/n’s h/c hair and bright e/c eyes and Y/n’s exact same style. She was beautiful, but something in Tom’s chest was nagging at him and he wasn’t sure what it was as he turned to Y/n. 

“She looks exactly like you, darling.” Tom stated.

“What? No she doesn’t. You’re just seeing things.” 

Tom took a look back at the girl he was just looking at and studied her once more. Her hair was a different color than what he had previously seen and her eyes were not the same e/c as Y/n’s, but the complete opposite. 

“Oh, maybe I am seeing things.” Tom said, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. 

“Are you okay, honey?” Y/n asked as she placed a hand on Tom’s chest as she moved to stand in front of him. 

Tom’s eyes moved from Y/n’s hand on his chest to her eyes quickly, making Y/n believe she had imagined seeing him do as such. He felt his chest grow tight and his palms grow sweaty as Y/n continued to study him. 

“We can always do this another time, Tom.” Y/n said reassuringly. 

“No! I mean, no. I’m fine. I think I figured out which girl I’d like to go out with.” 

“Really? Who? Where is she?” Y/n asked, looking around the room as Tom chuckled lightly.

“Well, she has h/c hair, beautiful e/c eyes and she’s wearing a black dress that makes her look stunning.” 

Y/n searched the room as she eliminated each girl she saw without h/c hair, then eliminated the ones who had e/c eyes from what she could tell. She felt as though she was playing a game of “Guess Who?” with living people rather than plastic. But, no one that remained in her mind game wore a black dress. Different colors popped out at her, but not a single one was black, 

Y/n frowned as she looked back at Tom. “I don’t see her.” Tom laughed as Y/n gave him a curious look. “Are you tricking me?”

“No, no. I was talking about you, but it didn’t end up as romantic as I’d hoped.” 

“What? But, I - I mean you’re…you,” Y/n waved a hand at the general splendor of Tom. “You could have anyone you want.”

A soft smile crossed her friend’s lips. He caught her gesturing hands, bringing them to his lips as he placed gentle kisses on each knuckle before drawing Y/n closer. “I want you. If I can have anyone I want, don’t you think I should get to have you, hm?”

Y/n managed to nod dumbly for a moment as she looked around the room. “But there are so many beautiful girls here, ones who seem fun. Like her.” 

Tom looked back at the girl over his shoulder that Y/n pointed out to him before he shook his head and looked back at her bright eyes. 

“She may be great, but she ain’t you.” Tom stated as he leaned into Y/n and put his lips on hers. 

How I imagine the Starks reunion with Sandor Clegane:
  • Sansa: I am so happy you're still alive Sandor, I have prayed for you everyday...
  • Arya: You prayed for him? When I left him for dead the last thing he said was that he should had fuck you bloody the night of the Battle of the Blackwater!
  • Sansa: Really?? Maybe he should had done that!!
  • Sandor: WHAT?!?
  • Arya: WHAT?!?
  • Brienne: WHAT?!?
  • Baelish: WHAT?!?
  • Sansa: WHAT?!?
  • Bran: WHAT?!? I didn't see that coming!

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RIGHT QUESTION. 6 years is a loooong time for them to be separated. I still believe in Bellarke, but I have to imagine dynamics will have changed by then, personalities, all that kind of stuff. Do you think they'll ever be the same towards each other? Do you think it hinders the story, shipper goggles or no? Curious to hear your thoughts!

Their dynamics (although probably not their personalities) will absolutely change, in fact it’s already begun. We see Bellamy stepping into Clarke’s shoes in the finale as more of the “head” than the “heart” that he normally is. 

When we see Clarke 6 years in the future, she has a child and she’s more emotionally open than we’ve ever seen her before (the confessions on the radio) we’ve never seen or heard Clarke be as emotionally vulnerable as she was in that moment. 

Taking care of a child, most likely on her own, for 5-6 years (meaning she found this girl when she was 7 or 8 years old, has softened Clarke. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if Clarke’s relationship with Madi is meant to…serve as a parallel for Bellamy’s relationship with Octavia (when they were on the Ark and Bellamy basically served as Octavia’s father.)

However, I don’t imagine that a child will cause serious issues between Bellamy and Clarke, in fact, this would be one more thing that they have in common!

Also, I’m going to be honest because I see a lot of people worrying about the length of time Bellarke will be apart (longer than they ever spent together) but, and maybe this is just me, I am closer to a group of women that I met in January of this year (I literally talk to them everyday) than I am to people I have known my entire life and even some of my family members. We’ve visited each other at our homes, send each other birthday gifts and our even planning a Disney World trip for May of next year and all because we originally had one thing in common (we love The 100). 

Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship was forged in fire. The experiences they’ve shared…those aren’t normal. You don’t led a group of people together, save each other’s lives multiple times, take lives together, etc et. al and then have that suddenly erased simply because you spent years believing the other to be dead.

In fact, put yourself in the position of believing someone you loved was dead. And then, unfathomably, after years, you find that they are alive and healthy. Do you think you wouldn’t be overjoyed? Wouldn’t want to spend time catching up on everything that you’d missed? Wouldn’t want to….surround yourself with them?

There is no way that Bellamy and Clarke, upon discovering that they are alive, won’t finally make a go of it. 

I don’t think this separation hinders Bellarke at all, I think they very clearly set up romantic Bellarke in 4x13 and they are going to shoot us to canon-dom in S5.

My initial reaction to the last scene of Supergirl 2x15 was negative (I really liked most of the episode, so I’m specifically talking about the ending here), but then stepping back, it’s actually giving me hope. Season 1 established how important it is to Kara to be Kara Danvers, but Mon-El blatantly does not understand that. He tells Kara that she doesn’t need to help people in other ways because she is Supergirl, implying that that is the most important part of her personality. Kara follows that up a few lines later by saying: “maybe being Supergirl and having you is enough.” 

As much as I have taken issue with the writers this season, I can not imagine that there is any way that they could argue that having their lead, feminist character say this is a positive thing. The entire scene shows how little Mon-El really understands Kara, and how his place in her life is detrimental to her. I really do not see another possible way to interpret this, so I am choosing to believe that this scene is a set-up for the destruction of relationship, along with some dialogue about how it was unhealthy all along and Kara deserves better. 

I’m still going to be wary though. A few weeks ago I made a twitter account specifically to tweet at the writers about the toxic nature of the Kara/Mon-El relationship, and I know a number of people who are using that medium to get their feelings across. Just because I’m optimistic doesn’t mean I’m not going to keep pressing the writers, but I am far more hopeful than I have been in awhile that the fans are being heard, and that we will get our Kara back.  


Requesting Rules (For when they’re open): 

  1. Please do not ask for NSFW drabbles/oneshots! I do not write those right now, but maybe later.
  2. I do not feel comfortable writing fics involving the reader having children younger than 10 or the reader being pregnant. I have my reasons, so please don’t request them.
  3. Please keep requests to reader imagines or fictional character ships (if you’re confused on what that means, just ask me).
  4. Understand that I am human and have other things to do besides writing!
  5. Other than that, feel free to shoot me your ideas!

Want to request but don’t have any ideas? Go HERE to see what you can do.

If you’re interested, HERE’s what I’m currently working on.

– means that there are no specific pronouns in fic.


Steve Rogers

Clint Barton

Pietro Maximoff

Natasha Romanoff

Peter Parker


Tom Holland


Request: Hi! Can you please do an imagine where the reader first comes up in the maze and when Gally jumps into the box, she beats him up and Newt got sent down to convince her they aren’t dangerous? It would be nice if you could include a part where he gives her a tour and they feel something towards each other, but they are both too scared to admit it, but I know you’re busy so I wouldn’t mind if it got excluded. Maybe things could get a little heated if that’s okay with you…..

I know this is well overdue. I am so extremely sorry for being so late with my imagines. I know I asked for requests and disappeared just like that, but due to sudden unavoidable circumstances have I been inactive on Tumblr and only now started to write my long list of requested imagines. I promise I’ll get them done as soon as I can.

About this one… I kind of made Newt and the reader know each other before, because I couldn’t see such a quick connection without familiarity. I hope you don’t mind and that this imagine has lived up to your expectations. And again I apologize for the delay.

You blinked a few times, willing all of this to go away. Where were you? What were you doing here? Who were all these boys? Who were you?

You shook your head, denying everything. Why couldn’t you remember who you were?

Your thoughts were cut short as a boy jumped into the pit you were in. He was seventeen, maybe eighteen, with rough hands and a disgusting nose. You felt threatened.

“Hello?” he said, edging towards you. “I know you’re probably confused and sca-”  

You lunged at him before he could finish. Your arms and legs were flailing wildly, and your fist made contact with his jaw. He let out a guttural scream but they were cut short as you kneed his thigh. He doubled over and you kicked him.


And again.

Suddenly arms were pulling you back, dragging you away. Several, actually. You thrashed and swung your limbs only to have more hands stopping you. The boy- Gally, as you heard someone call him- was lying on his side and groaning, blood dribbling from his mouth as people tended to him. You felt guilty for a second, but survival instincts and panic took over your gut. You screamed at tried to squirm your way out of these people’s grasps.  

“It’s okay.” Someone said. The calmness of his voice made you falter and look up.

Two warm brown eyes stared deeply at you. “It’s alright. Everything’s okay.” The voice murmured, soothing you. A thumb gently rubbed your elbows, causing ripples of calm to pulse through your body. “You’re safe. No one’s going to hurt you.”

You felt clutching hands letting you go and only two still clasping your forearms.

You stilled and look fully at the boy holding you. He was tall, with soft sandy hair and thin orange lips, a tranquil and at the same time concerned look on his face. You felt yourself trust him almost immediately.

“You promise?” you whispered, hearing your voice for the first time.

“I promise.” He replied, squeezing your hand reassuringly.


“This here is the homestead, and there we have the fields.” said Newt; the boy who calmed you that other day in the box. He was giving you a tour of the Glade, the place you landed in with no recalling of how you got here. Or before that for the matter.

“What’s that?” you asked, pointing at the vertical large gap in the seemingly walled up site.

Newt’s expression turned dark. “It’s an entrance.” He replied.

“To where?”

“The maze.”

You gave him a questioning look.

“All in good time.” He said, patting your shoulder. You felt butterflies churn in your stomach when he touched you. You fended them off. You just met him, right? But you couldn’t shake off the feeling that you knew him before, like… you had a connection. Each time you smiled at each other it was like electricity hummed in the air.

“Just don’t go in there unless you want to be torn apart and eaten by loud and unseen creatures.” He said, causing you to snap back from your thoughts.

You furrowed your eyebrows and he laughed, even though there was an edge to his tone.

“Moving on.”

He guided you through the fields explaining about the rules as much as he could. You weren’t really paying attention to his words. All you could think about was that cute accent in his voice, which sounded so familiar, the way he ran his hands through his fluffy, gorgeous hair, the way his arms contracted when he walked that tuned his biceps… until he stopped talking.

He smiled, and you blushed knowing that he knew that you were checking him out.

Sort of.

You suddenly found the grass very interesting. You poked at it with your foot, refusing to look up.

He laughed, causing you to frown. “What?”

“Nothing.” He replied. He met your gaze and smiled. “You’re cute when you blush.”  

You reddened even further.

“This might sound strange, but I feel like…” he furrowed his eyebrows and sighed. “Forget it, it’s probably nothing.”

He continued showing you around the Glade, and all you could do was debate in your head about whether or not to tell him about the familiarity which you felt. After a while you decided not to, scared that he might think you were delusional. But you could almost swear he felt it too.


It had almost been a week since you had come to the Glade. By now you had grown accustomed to it and its rules. But not your feelings towards Newt. The connection between you two only seemed to grow which wouldn’t have been a bad thing if he admitted that he felt something too. You could almost hear the hum of electricity when you were around him.

Like right now, for instance.

“Pass me that box, Y/N?” he said.

You were helping him arrange some supplies in the homestead. You hadn’t got an official job yet so you just helped around here and there.

“When’s more stuff coming up?” you asked, handing him the box.

“After about three weeks.” He replied.

Newt reached for a shelf but abruptly slipped. You instinctively reached for him, only to result in you tripping and bumping into him; which in turn caused him to fall and land on top of you.

You blinked, your head slightly throbbing from hitting the floor. Your gaze came into focus, and you realized that Newt’s body was pressed against yours, his face only centimetres away. You blushed.

“I’m so sorry.” He grunted, attempting to get up.

All you could do was redden at the proximity of your bodies, your heart beating faster. His arms were on both sides of your head, his cascading locks brushing your brow, the pressure of his body causing you to let out a small gasp.

Newt stopped struggling and gazed at you, then your lips. You found yourself staring at his too.

You moaned as his lips moved against yours. Your arms circled his neck, kissing him back, letting out all your feelings into that embrace. Heat coursed through your body, and the feeling of his arms tightening around you as you rolled on the floor caused you to deepen the kiss. His tongue traced yours and youmoaned. He suddenly pulled back and both of you gasped.

You traced your fingertips along the back of his neck.

“There’s something I have to tell you.” He said, cupping your cheek with one hand as you sat up. “Ever since I first saw you, I had this feeling that I knew you before, like you meant something to me.” His thumb ran gently across your jaw line. “I felt this connection, this protectiveness over you. I wanted to tell you, but I couldn’t bring myself to. I think… I think there was something between us before, before all this.”

You leaned into his touch and lightly pecked the tips of his fingers. “I felt the same way too. This familiar feeling came over me each time I saw you. I think you’re right.” You felt the corners of your mouth lift. “There was something between us before.”

Newt studied you intently. “What about now?”

You furrowed your eyebrows, pretending to think deeply. “What do you want us to be?”

“I don’t know…” he said playfully, leaning in. “A couple, maybe?”

You smirked. “Maybe.”

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Bucky stares down at the rectangular white object in his hand. Why he had listened to you in buying this contraption was beyond him, but as you pointed out “what’s the worst that could happen?” He knew in every fiber of his being he was going to regret every second of this. It had already taken all of his will to not punch the know-it-all kid in the electronic store through the wall. 

“Why the hell do I need this again?” Bucky asks as he flips the object in his hand. “I don’t even know what wizard to contact to turn the damned thing on.”

You try to hold back your laughter. “Because, old man, we need to bring your stubborn ass into the 21st century and whether you like it or not we are gonna sit here until you learn how to use it,” you say, scrunching your face at him. Bucky groans audibly. 

“Haven’t I suffered enough? I’m too old for this shit,” he balks. “And you better watch yourself little missy, I use an M16 instead of a cane so don’t test me.”

“If you’d stop being overly dramatic for two seconds you could see it’s not that hard,” you say as you roll your eyes. You grab the phone out of his hands and push the button to turn it on. “Smart phones are incredibly useful. What if you need to find a certain store or restaurant?”

“I know this may be a new concept to you young people, but I could just ask someone,” said Bucky as he continued to furious his brows in frustration, trying to keep up with what you were doing. 

The laughter began to bubble up inside you and you had to cough just to suppress it. “Alright smart-ass,” you pick, “but it would help you stay connected with the world. You could meet all sorts of people on Facebook. Even Steve has one of those.”

Bucky rolled his eyes. “Yes, I know, but I ain’t exactly Americas poster child. What am I supposed to talk about?”

“You could talk about your day, what you like, that kind of stuff,” you advise.

“Oh yes I can see it now,” he said as he shook his head, “‘Just took down two Hydra operatives with a kitchen knife, but I saw cute kitten so it wasn’t a totally bad day.’ Or maybe 'When you just want to buy some plums but then you get chased by a 6 foot tall cat man. This is gonna put a damper on my plans.’”

The laughter began to spring from your lips as you imagined the things he would post. You could feel Bucky glaring at you as you continued to giggle at his frustrations. 

“Hey I would pay good money to see stuff like that,” you pick as you look back up at him. 

“Glad to know I can amuse someone with my struggles,” he grumbled.

Benched Byers (part 1)

Title: Benched Byers

Summary: Reader sits with Jonathan at lunch every day trying to build a friendship/more.

Words: 1,454

Warning: Considering that I wrote this, it very well might be garbage. Read at your own risk. 

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Benched Byers

He was sitting on the bench when you were looking for a place to sit and eat your lunch. You were kind of an introvert, so you didn’t exactly feel like finding a table full of people looking to make small talk.  He looked occupied, and for some reason, this felt like a safe place to sit. You decided to take a seat. When you did, he looked up but only for a millisecond; immediately getting back to eating his lunch and listening to music.

The first day you sat crisscrossed on the opposite side of the bench with your back resting against the arm. You pulled out a sandwich, two apples, and a book. As soon as your eyes hit the words on the pages in front of you, you two fell into a casual, comfortable silence. There was no hint of awkwardness. The two of you ate your lunches at ease, both reading and listening to music respectively.

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Fight or Flight (Indiana Jones)

Pairing: Indiana Jones/OC

A/N: This was so much fun haha I effing love Indiana Jones. Let me know what you think!

Warnings: Nothing crazy or wild in this one!

“It’s incredible.”

Sweat trickled down the back of my neck as I stood with my hands on my hips, gazing up at the vine covered temple. Nature had reclaimed most of the structure, roots twisting up and covering the doorways while moss clung to the faded, time-worn walls. My pulse was thrumming beneath my skin, my entire body prickling with the anticipation of what I might find waiting inside. There was something about stepping foot in a place no one else had for centuries. It was bit of a sacrilegious experience, a moment I kept stored in the back of my memory for safe keeping…Aztec civilizations in Mexico, pyramids rising from the sands in Egypt, ancient tunnels twisting and turning beneath all of Europe. Each stood out in my mind, the memories serving as my own personal treasure.

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do you ever paint people of color?

Strangely, this question strikes a nerve for some reason, maybe it’s just because its really late at night or maybe I’m just having a bad day. So I apologize in advance if this comes off as a little rude, I don’t mean to be.

When it comes to my work, I draw from my head, completely from imagination mostly. I draw these subjects, these people that I imagine in my head and bring them to life along with the ideas, meanings and feelings that are associated with them. In this moment the last thing I am thinking about is the colour of their skin. 

The thing I want people to see and recognize at the very moment they see my work, and until that very last moment before they turn away, is emotion. I want my work to capture something as fleeting and indescribable in words like pain, love or loss. I want my work to resonate, to talk and to connect with people, and I try to achieve that by using various different art elements and techniques and merging them all together to create this overall idea and feeling (fingers crossed, I hope I am somewhat successful in achieving that). My work isn’t necessarily about who the subject matter is, their identity or the character, it’s about that emotion of the work as a whole, that introspective dialogue between work and viewer. Heck, sometimes even drawing animals can capture an expression I want to show better than with drawing people!

If anything, I draw upon my own roots of South-East Asian influences for the girls that I draw, with features that are often mixed, fantasy/surrealist anyway because it’s derived from my roots of Manga/Anime art as a kid.
If anything, I do paint people of colour, my own people, everyday really.

I would absolutely love to draw all types of people! I’m still learning how to do so in study sketches, from different parts of the world, of different skin colours – different people, full stop!

(Dreamswap) What friends are for (2)

Okay, enough Durarara posts, have more story.


(Cross’s alarm goes off, playing a Disney song much louder than necessary. The three of them shift in their positions, which somehow became a tangled mess over the course of the night, all of them cringing slightly.)

Nightmare: Cross, what the hell is that…

(Cross slams his hand on the nearby table his phone is on. He slams various places until he finds his phone.)

(But his hand is asleep, so when he tries to pick it up, it falls out of his grip and onto the floor.)

Cross: aaagghhhh

Nightmare: What are you doing, turn that stupid thing off…!

Cross: where is ittttt

(Cross flops over the side of the bed, crushing Nightmare under him as he searches the floor next to the bed.)

Nightmare: oW

Cross: okay I found it

(He picks up the phone with his other hand and struggles a bit to turn it off. Finally, he succeeds and places the phone back on the table, and slumps even more of his weight into Nightmare.)

Nightmare: get OFFFF

Cross: too early… too much physical exertion…

Nightmare: Why the heck did you even set an alarm?!

Cross: it makes me feel like a productive being…

Cross: also I’m trying to fix my sleeping schedule…

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konoto  asked:

What if Tony had a pet? A fancy, fluffy black cat that seems to hate Sams guts, and Sam is not jealous of the little thing, especially not when the cat seems to always be plastered against Tony, curled up on his chest when Sam comes into the bedroom and finds Tony asleep, Sam is not jealous when he sees Tony petting, hugging and even cooing at the little fluffy devil. And the worst thing of all is that the cat seems to go out of his way to cockblock him.

(Watch out for the cut)

Sam likes cats just fine. Really he does. If he was asked he would say he is a cat person rather than a dog person and he didn’t need Clint’s and Bucky’s jokes about how that didn’t fit. But the point is. Sam likes cats. He loves them, they love him and it all works out. Usually.

But not with Tony’s cat.

Tony’s cat is, of course, special. It wouldn’t be Tony’s if it wasn’t but even Sam has to admit that this is a bit much.

The cat adores Tony, clearly, always around him, cuddling up, being pampered by Tony and loving every second going by the constant purr that’s going on. It’s not that Sam has a problem with that, he really doesn’t, but. He does have a problem with it.

Because as much as the cat seems to love Tony, it’s pretty clear that it hates Sam.

And Sam has the scratches to proof it too.

It’s not even that he purposefully disturbs the cat or something. It’s just that whenever he comes close to Tony, in any capacity, the cat is suddenly there, coming out of nowhere, and it makes very clear that it doesn’t like Sam being this close to Tony.

Even if there are at least three feet between them.

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Imagine Chris spying on you.

The entire time you had coffee with Oliver- an old friend from high school- Chris was across the road, spying on the two of you. You knew he was there, you had spotted him five minutes into the conversation; unlike Captain America, he wasn’t very stealthy. You found it amusing because he had always said he wasn’t the jealous type, yet after finding out Oliver used to have feelings for you, there he was. You chuckled softly to yourself as Oliver continued to tell you about his baby boy, you were definitely going to throw it in his face later.

“It’s been really good catching up with you, Y/N.” Oliver hugged you at the door of the Starbucks where you’d coffee together. “You still look as beautiful as ever, it’s no wonder you stole the heart of Captain America.” He complimented and you smiled, giving him one last squeeze before pulling away. “I’ll see you around.”

“See you,” you waved as he walked off in the opposite direction.

You looked up at where you had spotted Chris earlier and noticed he was still there. He was in his brown leather jacket with a pair of aviators hiding his pretty blues and a cap tugged over his short and still-blond-from-work hair. You chuckled and crossed the road, pulling your phone out of your back pocket. Once you were safely across, you dialed for his phone. You stood at a safe distance, listening to the phone ring as you watched him.

“Hey babe.” He answered as he looked for you across the road. “What can I do for you?” He asked and nervously shifted his weight from foot to foot. “I thought you were going to be busy with that friend of yours until two.”

“It is two,” you responded and you saw him glance at his watch. “I was hoping you could meet me for lunch, we only had coffee so I’m kind of starving now. Are you in the area?” You bit back your smile when you asked that question. “Think you could swing by and pick me up?”

“Uh…” He paused for a long time. “Yeah, I could swing by. I might be a while though ‘cause I gotta drive and whatnot. I’m actually quite far from where you are,” he lied and you stifled a chuckle. “And um- sorry, where are you again? I don’t think you mentioned where you were going this morning so I don’t- I don’t actually know where you are or how far I am from where you are.”

“Turn around and stop rambling,” you instructed.

You watched as his body stiffened, he hung up the call and turned around. Even with his sunglasses on, you could tell that he was wincing. You smirked and beckoned him over with your index finger; he sighed and did as he was told.

“What a coincidence,” you tried not to chuckle. “Who would’ve thought we’d be in the same area at the same time? I mean- what are the odds you’re running an errand where I’m having coffee with Ollie.” You saw his jaw twitch with a jealous anger when he heard you call Oliver 'Ollie’. “I’m not the jealous type, Y/N.” You mocked him and he huffed. “What kind of girl do you think I am?”


“Well?” You chuckled in disbelief at his response. “That is not an answer that’s going to get you out of trouble. Oh my God.” You narrowed your eyes when you realized there was a legitimate concern in his demeanor. “Were you seriously worried about me and Ollie?”

“What do you think?”

“I think you’re a big dummy.” You told him and he scoffed; you laughed and locked your arm with him. “Christopher Robert Evans, do you honestly think I’d do anything to jeopardize what I have with you? You are as perfect as they come, why would I give you up to have something with Ollie? He’s a good guy but- why reach for silver when you already have gold?”

You heard Chris stifle a chuckle and you smiled, pressing a kiss to his arm. “Alright, I’ll admit I was- as you put it- a big dummy for following you down here. But I don’t know, Y/N.” He pulled his arm out from your grip and moved in front of you. “You keep putting me up on this pedestal, like I’m the one in the relationship who settled when- it’s the opposite.”

“You think I settled for you?” You snickered at how preposterous that sounded. “Chris, do you know who you are? I’m just an ordinary girl, you’re Captain freaking America. I’m a waitress with an attitude that will probably get me fired one day, whereas you’re an amazing actor with a heart of gold. Let’s not forget that you look like an angel straight from heaven.” He chuckled softly, placing his hands on your hips when you wrapped your arms around his neck. “I’m the one who’s lucky in this relationship.”

“I love that you don’t see how ridiculously perfect you are,” he told you. “You think you’re this ordinary girl? No, Y/N. You are beyond compare. So yeah, maybe I am all those amazing things but- nothing is more amazing than being your boyfriend.”

You chuckled softly. “You’re just trying to distract me from the fact that you followed me down here and spied on me,” you called him out and he nodded, laughing. “Well, congratulations.” You got on your tiptoes and leaned in, your lips inches from his. “Consider me distracted.”

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what exactly is the difference between not liking a ship and being an @nti because as far as i knew that's the same thing

i’m going to answer this because you seem genuinely curious, but keep in mind i want to keep my blog as discourse-free as possible. if i get any more asks about this i’ll probably delete it.

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Seventeen (Vocal Unit) Reaction to: Their Idol Crush Saying They’re Their Ideal Type

Jeonghan: laughs and maybe smirks a little. he tries to play it cool, “ah, I can’t blame them for having me as an ideal type.” but the guys can see the excitement in his eyes. they’ve always had a feeling he had a crush on you, just from the way he would watch your dramas/movies or play your music. his happy reaction proved to them that they were right

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Joshua: his mouth falls open and he blinks owlishly. if he’s watching the interview with the other guys, he might turn to one, like, “did I hear that right? or am I imagining things?”

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Woozi: he was in shock at first, only knowing he’d heard correctly when the boys started looking at him either like “O.O” or like “( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)” Then he let out his famously cute laugh, still a little in disbelief

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“me?” he wonders out loud.

“ah, they must have fallen for your charming eye smile,” seungcheol states.

“or maybe it was his violent nature and bad mouth?” hoshi jokes, causing more laughter to fill the room

“ah, shut up,” woozi tells him, still smiling from the happiness of his crush liking him back

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DK: leaps up from the couch, snatching the remote off whoever had it and replaying that moment one more time, to check that he’d heard right. then, turning around, he shot his signature sunshine smile at the boys. “me? I’m their ideal type?”

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Seungkwan: considering that imo he’s a little insecure, he first watches the screen with a blank face. his mind tries to find a reason why you would say that. publicity, maybe? to hide your relationship w some other idol? when the boys nudge him, he’ll deny it, saying, “ah, it was probably just for t.v!” (ignore the caption)

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but a few weeks later, 17 and you are on the same variety show and the MC brings your confession up. your reaction of growing shy, blushing and giggling is what makes this jeju boy start to believe that you had meant it. now he’s shy and awkward too, not believing his luck that his idol crush would like him back

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Frustrated (ChrisMD)

Requested?: Yep, Thank You
Warnings: Smut
Pairing: Chris and Reader. Sidemen (platonic)



You would think that being around Chris would be really awkward.

Being that about three months ago when we were out with a couple of friends, we both got a little drunk. Which soon lead to us heading back to his hotel room, and hooking up. We both vowed to never speak of that night and to act like nothing happened.

Although I don’t think that Chris has been forgetful of it though. I mean the boy literally flirts with me every chance he gets. Not saying that I don’t enjoy it or that I don’t flirt back, because I do.

Take right now for instance, Chris and the sidemen are out recording football videos, and he is continuously flirting with me. Winking at me, looking me up and down, and constantly making eye contact with me.

I’m trying to ignore it, but the rest of the guys are not letting anything slip past them. Every time Chris does something one of them has to say something.

As Chris takes his turn, trying to hit the crossbar, he makes direct eye contact with me as he hits hit. I take in a deep breath as he runs his tongue over his lips, before turning to the camera.

Once everyone has taken their turn, and everyone but Josh and Ethan has hit the crossbar, the recording equipment is soon packed up.

“Yo, Y/N. you okay over there?” Simon asks, walking towards me “You seem a bit flustered.”

“I’m fine.” I say, walking away from him

“Awh, Chris look what you’ve done to her.” JJ says jokingly

“Shut up.” I mumble, grabbing my bag and walking towards the car

I hear all of them laugh before following me out.

“You know that they were just joking about, right?” Chris asks as we enter the spare bedroom, at the sidemen house.

“Didn’t seem like they were.” I say crossing my arms

“Come on, it’s not like you were actually getting flustered by all of that.“  Chris says, walking over to the desk

He sets down his phone, before he looks up at the wall.

“Unless you were.”

I look down “Of course I wasn’t.”

I then hear him get up, before walking to directly in front of me.

“Y/N, were you actually getting flustered by me earlier?” Chris asks

When I don’t answer him, he gently lifts my chin up with his hand.

“Y/N, answer me.”

“Okay, fine. So what if it did?” I ask, making eye contact with him

“Because that’s what I wanted.” He mumbles, before pressing his lips against my own.

After getting over the shock of him kissing me, I begin to move my lips with his. I’ve been waiting for this to happen, since the first time it happened. I missed the feeling of his lips against my own.

I feel his hands travel down my back, before resting on my upper thighs.

“Jump.” He whispers against my lips

I do as he says, and jump up, wrapping my legs around his waist. He then walks backwards, so I am between him and the wall. Our lips now moving together, in an almost desperate manner.

Chris then disconnects his lips from mine and trails them down my jaw and my neck. I lean my head back, ever so slightly, to give him better access. I then feel him hit that certain spot, causing a moan to slip past my lips.

He sucks on that patch of skin, leaving his mark there.

He then moves his head so he is making eye contact with me again.

“You sure about this?”

I nod my head “Never been more sure of anything.”

He smiles and then walks us both over to the bed, where he lays me down and crawls on top of me. I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him down and connecting out lips once again.

He happily complies, and moves his lips with mine. I move one of my hands up into his hair, gently pulling at it. This causes him to let out a groan, and push his lips against mine harder.

I then feel him trail his hand down my side, before gently lifting my shirt up.

Our lips disconnect for a second, so we can both get our shirts off. Chris loves his hand behind my back, unclasping my bra, as he connects our lips again.

Before long all of our clothes, besides our underwear is off and on the floor. I then feel Chris get up from the bed.

I open my eyes, and follow his every movement.

“Don’t worry, just getting this.” Chris says, pulling a condom out of his bag

“Oh, you were expecting something like this to happen?”

“Maybe not with you, but I’m not complaining.”

He then climbs back on the back and on top of me.

“You’re one-hundred percent sure about this?” He asks, looking in my eyes

I nod my head “You ask one more time, and I will take complete control over this.”

“I’d rather you didn’t.” He says, now removing both of our underwear.

He then hands the condom to me “You do it.”

I take it from him, ripping open the package. Then rolling onto him.

He then grabs a hold my hand in his, using his other hand to hold himself up.

“Might hurt a little bit.” He says, before pushing into me.

I groan, and squeeze his hand, closing my eyes. It only hurts for a few seconds, before he starts to move slowly. 

“Chris, please.” I mumble “Move faster.”

He complies and then begins to move his hips at a faster pace. Moving his head down, burying it in my neck.

His lips, connect to my neck, gently sucking. This causes more moans to slip past my lips.

My hands then travel to his back. My nails are now digging into his back, running my hands down. Surely leaving scratches down his back.

Soon enough the both of us are reaching it high. The sound of both of our moans is ringing throughout the room. Neither of us cared if anyone in the house could hear us. Right now, we were the only two in the world.

Soon enough Chris and I are laying side by side on the bed, both out of breath.

“That was so much better sober.” Chris says after a while

I turn to him “I have to agree.”

He turns his head towards me and smiles. “Been wanting to do that since the first time.”

I smile and the cuddle into him “So have I.”

I then feel my eyelids start to become a little heavy.

“Goodnight.” Chris whispers, pressing his lips to my forehead.

-Next Morning-

I am in the kitchen, cooking all of the boys breakfast, consisting of pancakes and bacon. When I hear someone walk into the kitchen.

Before long, two arms are wrapped around my waist, and a pair of lips against my temple.

“Morning.” Chris whispers

“Morning.” I say smiling

“It’s too early for that.” I hear Simon groan, as he walks into the kitchen.

“Morning to you too Simon.” I say as I take the last of the pancakes off of the pan

“Why are you two so lovey dovey this morning?” He asks

I didn’t realize what he meant, until I remembered that Chris still had his arms wrapped around me.

“Probably has something to do with what I heard coming from the spare bedroom, last night.” Josh says walking into the kitchen

“Then that explains the bruising on their necks, and the scratch marks on his arms.” Simon says

My face turns best red, and I turn away from the guys. This is something I wasn’t really wanting to talk about, being that it was mine and Chris’s personal life.

“I think she’s had enough teasing within the past two days.” Chris says, hugging me closer to him

“Yeah and not just by us.” Simon says

“Please just drop it.” I mumble looking at him

“Fine.” Simon sighs “I’m just happy you two are pretty much together now. I can’t take anymore of this flirting shit going on between you two.”

I smile, agreeing with what he said. Chris has always been the one I want to be with. Whether I knew it or not. I couldn’t wait to see what the future will hold for the two of us.

Who knows, maybe we will be together for so long that we start a family. Although that’s probably far off in the future.

As of right now. I am just going to be living in the moment. Enjoying every little thing.

sue3000 replied to your post: Hello! I am loving the RegencyAU! So some…

What about what sarah promised tony about learning fencing and horse riding? Wouldn’t they fall in love faster seeing tony do something like that, wooping with joy because he just mastered a difficult jump or something and imagining himself alone… Ohh! Tony blacksmithing should be a thing here! Maybe sneaking away at night as his confidence grows, and learning himself how to make an armor for peter to safely ride dummy in.

I love everything about this except the end because Tony HAAAATES it when Peter rides Dummy. He thought it was cute in the beginning but now that they’re older and he knows Dummy’s wiling to leap down the grand staircase with Peter on his back he is constantly worried about it happening again and both of them getting hurt. (Typical Mom lol)

Dear Unrequited love, Thank you.

I finally got to the point where I can see that I have to let you go, or I’ll just end up destroying myself.

But even though I feel like I am losing someone I never had, I have to let you know all the things you taught me while I loved you from the distance, eagerly waiting that something would happen, that maybe, someday you might be able to see that I was the one to make you happy. But now, after I literally poured my heart in front of you, I am now ready to love myself, and put it right back it where it belongs.

Thank you for making me a dreamer. A daydreamer mostly, who smiled in the bus ride all alone imagining all of the possible scenarios of how you would realize you loved me too.

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