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I can´t actually believe this…I know that 101 is not that big crazy number FOR YOU but baby let me tell you…FOR ME IS A FUCKING LARGE NUMBER  :) 

I am sooooooooo happy,please just let me enjoy my little milestone.I ´m so happy…oh…did I already said that? WHAT EVER I´m happy.

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You are always there for me! (I mean that you like my work,I think?)

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Notice me senpai !!

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I love you and  you love me and you know it…  ;)

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I lo-love you…*run like a moe girl that is to embarrassed to wait for the respond of her senpai*


I see what you did there…clever.


You are the first one that give me a like.You are MY FIRST and I will never forget you.


You are my first request tat wasn´t anon.

But thank to @all ,even if you only read 1 of my Hc/posts It doesn´t matter I really appreciate that.All my gratitude is for you.

Making this tumblr page and writing help me a lot with my depression.Now I don´t feel like a useless potato that was in bed like a little shirty version of me Now I feel appreciate by you guys all the persons that like my stories.

A quick thank you to @thehoneybuddhadefender.You may be don´t know why BUT days ago I made a anon question of how to start a HC blog and You told me that paraphrasing “ go for it”.Maybe you don´t remember or may be I dream that (because it was to beautiful to be truth),what ever it was that you.

All that comes to my mind now is…Thank you so much you guys.

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(I am the cat and you are the baby)

And my brother told me that I am making a big deal over this and maybe that´s true ( I am making a big deal out it that´s for sure) but I don´t care.

I don´t know anyone of the blogs that I mention(sorry If I am being to much) you don´t have to respond or any thing.If you don´t want to.

-Are you going to do this again?

-Fuck yeah! 

-Your embarrassing your self…

-I don´t fucking care.I´m to happy to think that.

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name: Mel

nickname: Mel actually is a nickname! been going by it since day one. 

sign: Aquarius 

height: 5′3

orientation: Bisexual

nationality + ethnicity: USA, white

favorite fruit: Bananas, peaches, strawberries

favorite season: Fall

favorite book: The Last September, Elizabeth Bowen 

favorite flower: Tulips

favorite scent: Bakeries! or maybe I’m just craving cookies right now…

favorite color: Blue

favorite animal: Forever a cat lady

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: All of the above

average hours of sleep: 7ish?

cats or dogs: Kittieeeees 

number of blankets you sleep with: 2

dream trip: Ireland 

blog created: March 2017

number of followers: 117! where did you all come from???

tagging anyone that wants to do this! I am so bad at these things ahh 


Hi Taylor!
I know you probably won’t notice this since I’m not one of those well-known blogs but let’s try. Hope is the last one that dies, right?
My name is Cristina (but most of people call me Crisy) I’m a 15 year old Brazilian swiftie. I’ve been your fan since 2009/2010 when I was just a little bun (still am actually). I’ve got a cat named Dallas. My favorite albums are Speak Now and of course 1989.
My biggest dream is to see you live, or maybe even meeting you if I get the chance. Unfortunately I never got the chance to realise it (you came here once on the Red era for a closed show, and since it was on Rio I wasn’t able to go). I spent years crying in front of the computer watching videos of your shows or your DVDs thinking how it must feel to see you in person.
You help me through so much. At 6th grade I used to get bullied every single day, and I remember sitting in the back of the class with tears in my eyes writing ‘Mean’ lyrics on my notebook. Three years ago when I really really really liked one of my friends I used to write little notes with quotes from your songs and hid it on my backpack. A year later when his girlfriend made him stop talking to me I locked myself in my room every day and listened to YBWM. This year I got diagnosticated with depression, and sometimes when I feel sad I just put ‘Fearless’ or ‘Shake it off’ on and dance until my feet hurt. When I feel ugly and useless I listen to Enchanted on repeat till my thoughts go away.
You’re the person that can put a smile on my face. You’re the person that can make me confident. You’re even the person that made me interested on feminism.
This fandom… Also helped me though so much. I love them with all my heart, they are my second family. I met amazing people here. I usually get really shy and don’t have the nerves to try to start a conversation with some of you that I find really nice and sweet. I’m afraid that you guys will think that I’m boring or annoying so I just keep it to myself, but I just want to have this chance to say that I really care about you. You’re all so important to me.
I know I would never get a package or get invited to loft ’89 or to anything like that since I live so far away. I’m not asking for any of that. Just knowing that you saw this would bring tears to my eyes and a smile to my face (which doesn’t happen in a very long time). I want to thank you, for everything you’ve ever did and still do for me without even knowing it. I’m so thankful for having you in my life. I love you so much, you’re my sunshine.
Keep being this wonderful woman. You’re my role-model.

blogrates yo

im bored and julia’s doing blogrates without me so here we go

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So, that was it, election day. There has been a lot of politics on this blog during the past 24 hours, and I know that many (if not all) of my followers are upset or afraid after the outcome. 

However I think that everything important that there was to say has been said (or reblogged) on here at this point, and for now I am going back to the usual blogging (maybe with some extra added cats/dogs or random positive posts), mostly to make this blog a safe haven and distraction for the people who are either sad or terrified by what happened. 

Regardless, if you are afraid/sad and need to talk about this subject, you are free to do so in private if you come off anon, and I will reply you (chat or ask, whatever you prefer) if you need to vent. 

In the meantime, stay strong, stay awesome, and if you’re American; look out for each other. This too will pass. 


a.k.a rip me.
holy cats, y’all! i am not worthy of you people! this blog started out as a maybe and turned into my pride and joy, and now there’s so many people following me and i just?? don’t get it, why are you all here, omg. so, since i am too much of an anxious shit to write up a follow forever, i’m just gonna do a SMALL GIVEAWAY for you guys. first, though, a couple people who have made my existence here amazing:


and now on to the main event!


  ✗  must be following me. please don’t follow and then unfollow after the
      giveaway is over, that’s a dick move.
 ✗  likes and reblogs count, but don’t spam your followers, y’all.
 ✗  giveaway ends tuesday 9/15 at 6pm pacific time.
 ✗  there will be three winners.


 ✗  FIRST PRIZE - promo banner, 100 static icons of your choice of fc, and
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 ✗  SECOND PRIZE - 50 static icons of your choice of fc and 10 gif icons of
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 ✗  THIRD PRIZE - 25 static icons of your choice of fc.

examples of promo banners: x
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Let's talk

I have been wanting to make this post for a while now. The thing holding me back is fear of the backlash that could come from people knowing stuff about me. But I stand by the values I had when I created this blog. If I think something is going to help even one person then it’s worth it. I can deal with a little hate if I can make someone’s day better. 

Representation is so important. It’s easy for me to feel like I’m the only one in this community that fits a certain description. I feel that way both here and on my personal blog. So I’m taking a step and making a few things known about me. I don’t want people to feel alone here. I want people to have someone to relate to. So enough delay, let’s talk. 

 This is me:

In all my weird glory.

I am many things. I am very introverted but once you get to know me I am a sarcastic little fricker (who doesn’t swear, I have nothing against it I just personally don’t really want to swear). I am nerdy yet also not in many ways. My personality can seem all over the place. I guess years of trying to blend in and hide the real me does that.

I enjoy makeup and I will attempt to mother you. I am sorry it is just a habit. I will stop at nothing to help those I care about. Even if it means sacrificing my own mental health. I’m working on learning how to balance my health and helping others. It’s hard but I’m trying. 

I am dyslexic (that is a hard word to spell. I disapprove). I just cant process language right. Its not going to happen. I was in a assisted education program for most of my education. It taught me to work hard. So hard that I push myself passed my breaking point. I’m working on that too… I want to be smart. I can comprehend so much but I just cant translate thoughts to written word. That makes me feel stupid sometimes. 

I am queer. I am a proud asexual. I will fight to my death against the hate we get for simply not feeling a single type of attraction.

I am trans. I am genderfluid. I call myself Ari but my birth name is Chelsea. I love my name. Both of them. I don’t care what others call me and for the most part pronouns aren’t a big deal to me. I can do they/them or she/her. I don’t really care. I’ll admit that he/him makes me a little uncomfortable. I don’t like when I’m masculine. It makes me feel so dysphoric. Its a scary feeling and I just don’t like it. I am very feminine but my gender itself likes to chill in the neutral zone most the time. 

I am over weight. I’m over weight and I am beautiful. I am nothing less then stunning. 

And yet I struggle with how I view myself. My body, my face, everything. I am perfect the way I am but it doesn’t always feel like that. 

This is the one that I was the most scared of. Its not something I want to hide but I’m scared of people looking at me like I am a stereotype or refusing to look past stigma. I am pagan. This is the path I am meant to follow. And ever since I started to accept this I have been so much happier. I love my religion. It gives me hope. Its everything I need and more. 

There is so much else to say about me. I am a book worm, I am an artist, I’m just a touch tall, I’m overly sensitive, I am a night owl, I spend too much time on the internet. 

I am me. I am all these things and so much more. I have trouble connecting with others because I am scared we have nothing in common so here I am, all my cards laid out on the table. Maybe we aren’t that different. Maybe now you know that you aren’t the only one here who fits one of these descriptions. I don’t want people to feel lonely. I also don’t want to hide who I am. I’m here to talk. About this stuff, misophonia, your cat, whatever you want. You can always come to me, this blog is a safe place. I want you to know that you are not alone. 

So, lets talk.

alldawufs  asked:

What alignment are your dogs though?

Cabal: Lawful good. 

Jude: Chaotic neutral.

Dasha: Chaotic good.

Bonus cat, Blackjack: Lawful evil. 

Side note: I now want to draw all my animals as D&D characters but am working on blog sigils. So maybe when that’s done I can get down on it.