maybe his balls


“do not touch anything. these are… artefacts from my past, in a time when my power was almost absolute.” (x)


they were meant to be longer

and his entire ass is out 

this is why u make prototypes

also this

     Where the football came from exactly, Davin wasn’t entirely sure at the slightest. Amongst the other various memories and objects in his closet, it was stored on a shelf in the back. The ball was brought out more often than Davin ever thought he would use it. Despite his lack of ability to be good at any sport, he was always proud of the fact that he was good at juggling the ball with his feet. Or so he thought he was good. His confidence often grew when he had a few drinks in system, which were currently settling in,  and that was typically when Davin brought out the football. Juggling the ball was a good distraction all while being an activity that helped him concentrate. He managed to multitask with the ball on his foot while he putzed around his apartment. 

     “I would happily pass the ball over to you, but I don’t know if I can trust that you would be able to catch it and then pass it right on back.” He said as the ball went over his head, only to be caught instantly by his foot. “Plus, I’ve been goin’ at this for almost ten minutes and I have yet to spill this drink.”

So today i beat Hyper Light Drifter and I loved this game to bits ! I can’t wait to play it more and try to find everything.

And of course i started to think of some of my (and @shuuzaar‘s) ocs in this universe, so here’s Anank !

(the image is scaled to 150% here !)