maybe hes a monkey


Steve Rogers, poor, asthmatic and sickly, with two cents to his name and nothing but his best friend to keep him safe and sane, was only allowed to pack one suitcase for the war he knew all to well he wouldn’t be coming back from.

Knowing this, Steve Rogers decided to pack Bucky’s old leather jacket, two sketchbooks with his pencils in a tin case, a pack of playing cards for when all the other soldiers were too busy roughhousing something fierce and a total of four books, three of which detailed war strategy and techniques.

The Machinery of War, Heroes on the Western Front and Front Field Tactics.

Steve Rogers spent the last of his rent money buying those books brand new and studied them every free moment he got. And hidden under those titles, was the one book he’d had for most of his life. One he’d spent countless nights poring over when the hacking of his lungs wouldn’t let him sleep.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Because Steve Rogers needed the comfort of an old story after Hodge had thrown yet another insult, or punch his way. Because the bittersweet memory of his mother’s voice flowed through every word, pure comfort sown into the worn canvas of its cover and the ink on every page.

Because when Steve Rogers finds himself stuck in an impossible future, where everything is better, but simultaneously worse. The only thing he understands is Nick Fury’s passing comment on “flying monkeys” and suddenly he thinks, “Maybe it won’t be so bad after all.”

Luffy’s lips purse, looking between Riskua and the guy with the bird.

It’s funny because ‘Skua has certain looks for people.

Her eyes are always warm when she looks at him, like fire for roasting meat on. She’s always relaxed and chill when she’s with Zoro, there’s a bubbly warmth to her when she looks at Sanji.

But Luffy’s never seen her look at some stranger like she is now; why are her cheeks red? Why is she having trouble meeting pidgeon-shipwright’s eyes?

Luffy tilts his head to a side, frowning further. What’s with the weird look?

“So, dark and tall, huh?” Nami muses, gently elbowing Riskua as she coughs and flicks her gaze away.

“Well on appearance alone, this guy is very attractive.”

Attractive? That’s like, what relationships are made from, right?

Luffy scowls, eyeing the guy more and he decides he doesn’t like his at all.

'Skua can do better.

DEH x Reader at the Zoo HCs

-Really likes birds at the zoo. Not like, the ostriches or peacocks, but he could literally sit on a bench watching the pidgeons for an hour or so

-He’s actually hella scared of ostriches. He won’t admit it, though.

-Evan LOVES elephants. If he gets to see baby ones, he’ll smile the rest of the day.


-Reluctantly agrees to look at snakes, but holds your hand really tight the entire time

-He can’t keep his eyes off of the tigers. He finds them calming


-Sad because animals in captivity

-“[Name], sweetheart, can you take a picture of me with this stuffed koala?”

-Ends up buying you said koala because he feels bad for using the merchandise if he didn’t buy it

-Demands that you see the monkeys as soon as you arrived.

-Like, literally, “C'mon. Monkeyssssss.” And Jared whines like an incapable five year-old until you agreed.

-When you finally get to the monkeys, he looks for maybe seven seconds before getting bored.

-“I’m not scared of bats, that’s dumb!” So he storms into the bat house and you find him in the corner shifting uncomfortably between his two feet.

-Tries to feed himself to the giraffes.

-Really likes the naked mole rat and groundhogs for some reason.

-“Do you think they’d let me ride a rhino?”

-Spends more time in the gift shop than with the actual animals.

-He doesn’t buy anything related to the zoo, but instead $55 dollars worth of candy, fidget spinners and shirts with dumb animal puns.

-“Babe, can we pleaseeeee go back tommorow? That was like, the most fun I’ve ever had.”

-Enjoys the reptile house, which is expected.

-He really likes the otters, which is less expected, and it makes you giggle.

-“If you tell anyone that I just went to the kid’s petting zoo and enjoyed it, I’m not kissing you for a month.”

-Talks/yells back at the parrots when they squawk.

-Lowkey tried to kidnap an aardvark and take it home because he loved it so much.

-Eats way more than you find healthy

-You take like a million photos of him in the butterfly pavillion and you can see the exact photo where he realizes you’re documenting the experience
and is less than amused.

-“I am taking over the world with an army of polar bears. Fuck yeah.”

-Tries to make out with you in the bat house, which you don’t exactly find romantic

-Managed to only do like two illegal things


-Takes a thousand photos, some of animals and most of you being cute as hell.

-Really wants to hug a panda

-Tries to pull a Harry Potter with the boa in the reptile house

-Talks a lot about the owls, because she apparently went through a hardcore owl loving phase

-“Aw, look, the lizards are hugging!” “Zoe, that’s not hugging”

-Has you take a bunch of photos of her making faces at llamas

-Offers to give you a piggyback ride through the Bear County when you get tired.

-Reads the names of all the animals and mentally catalogues them.

-Buys you both “She’s mine” tee shirts, and smirks at the cashier when he gives you two a weird look.


-Knows more things about the animals than the employees

-Mapped out the entire trip beforehand

-Liked anything endangered, colorful, or fluffy

-Even the animals she didn’t necessarily like, she still appreciated

-“We should start a campaign for endangered animals!”

-Kindly told children who were knocking on the dispay glass to stop

-Found flowers and put them in your hair as you walked, grinning the entire time

-Fell in love with the badgers. You have to pull her away, and eventually convince her that you have to stick to her schedule

-Used multiple bird calls that she knew

Set by stars

✖ Characters/relationships: Charles Xavier x Reader, others

✖ Genres: Domestic

✖ Summary: Raven was always interested in zodiac signs and she tries to use her knowledge to find a perfect partner for you. @Anonymous

✖ Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

✖ Word count: 1897

A/N: I know this fic wasn’t next in the list but I wanted something happy and light to help me ease back into writing after this semi-hiatus. I hope you all will like it because it was fun to write.

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LawLu fic for @humblingbumble‘s ask based on this sentence:

58:  “I’d die for you. Of course, I’d haunt you in the afterlife but really, it’s the thought that counts.”

On AO3

“Say, Torao…”

Law let out a groan. What did Luffy-ya want this time?


The Heart Pirate shook his head. There was no way he could ignore the other Captain, was there? He’d known this from the very start, and yet here he was, still trying to ignore him.

Well, sometimes, that was actually fun. Driving the “Future Pirate King” mad. Somehow, getting his attention was very important for Luffy.

His face appeared just in front of him, hidding the book he was holding in his hands from his sight. Of course, he was pouting now.

“Don’t ignore me like this,” he said like a spoiled kid would.

Law stared at him. There was still a possibility to use his ability, and read that book elsewhere. Wouldn’t be the first time it happened. Wouldn’t be the last.

“Huhu, no,” Luffy said as he kept staring at him.

And before he knew it, Luffy’s hands and feet were all around his body, making sure he wouldn’t try to escape or something like this.

“So that’s it, hu” Law sighed, smiling despite himself.

He heard Luffy’s light laugh on his shoulder, and his smile widened.

“What do you want, Luffy-ya?”

His laugh stopped, and he remained silent on his back for a few seconds. His arms and legs went back to normal, and Law relaxed a bit. Dating a rubber man was alright, but he still wasn’t at ease with that kind of excessive touch. Anyone could understand that.

“We’re gonna separate again soon,” he heard, “and we don’t know when we’ll see each other again.”

Law couldn’t help but smirk.

“What, are you gonna miss me?”

Luffy frowned. “What do you think? Of course.”

The former Shichibukai opened his mouth for a second but finally closed it. Damnit, he did know his boyfriend was straightforward, yet again that would always shock him. After all, he hadn’t really had a great experience of trust and honesty as a child.

“Just promise me you won’t let yourself get hurt or anything.”

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The Littlest Winchester - Secret Pet

Character: Castiel

Warning: None

Word Count: 889

Request:  Hello! I’m in love with your Littlest Winchester fics and I was wondering if maybe you could write one in which the reader gets the help of Castiel and sneaks a pet into the bunker? Like, a bunny or something, you know?


    Dean has a strict rule about pets in the bunker. The answer is ‘no’ no matter how much his daughter begs. At least until she’s older and can stay home alone to take care of an animal, the only pets she’s allowed to have are pet rocks. The toddler and Castiel, however, have a different understanding of this rule. Rather than interpreting it as 'no pets’, their version sounds more like 'no pets while Dean is around’, and the sub-heading states 'or while Sam is around so he can’t tattle’.

    When he’s installed as her babysitter, Cass sometimes brings a small animal with him. Usually it’s some like a puppy or a kitten or maybe a chick, but a few times he’s brought something a little more exotic. Once, she had a grand time chasing a big old toad down the hall and poking him whenever he stopped hopping, and another time she fell asleep between two bear cubs. No matter what he brings, it’s always a good day. Except for maybe the time he brought the monkey. The monkey was obnoxious.

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by 脳みそゲログチャ。

A Certain Romance(Acoustic)
Arctic Monkeys
A Certain Romance(Acoustic)
A Certain Romance(Studio Acoustic)
from Straighten The Rudder

“Don’t you know, oh it’s a funny thing you know
We’ll tell them if you like
We’ll tell them all tonight
They’ll never listen”


Ahahaha it’s done! Scar Daud and his hyena Whalers, in two versions, more or less normal and crazy magical Disney color scheme for your viewing pleasure XDDD For those who don’t know where this crazy Lion King AU came from:

I was sketching Havelock the other day and I decided that his hair isn’t too impressive so in a fit of madness I suddenly made him sing I Can’t Wait to be King from Lion King because it’s quite fitting for his ambitions (XDDD) and Zazu points out that Simba has little hair there. And then I was like: “Emily should be singing Simba’s lines, Farley, not you! She has the royal amount of hair, L’oreal hair runs in the family there.”

And then I suddenly thought… who killed Mufasa (Jessamine)?!… and suddenly I understood that Daud is Scar and Whalers are the hyenas and the Flooded District is the Whale Graveyard.

And then nobody stopped me so I drew this.

It makes all kinds of sense for the Whalers to wear those vapor masks now, with all this strange green smoke XDDDD

Theme music: Be Prepared (obviously XD)

“Stick with me and you’ll never go hungry again!”

ps. I think Hiram Burrows is good Zazu material. Anybody wants to see that XDDD?

Favorite SnK Moments: Mike Zacharius

He might be humanities second strongest but he’s number one in my heart. The pain just never goes away. Mike was serious, smart and determined, with a nose that could pinpoint the number and location of Titans before they could be seen. 

My favorite Mike moment is when he realizes the Titans are going to catch up to his soldiers. Without hesitation he turns leadership over to Gelgar and goes to face them alone. 

Mike kills 5 of the 9 Titans. The buildings aren’t particularly tall, so he had to cut them down at the ankles first.  Mike stops to rest only when he is certain he has given his team time to get away.

With two blades remaining and his horse nearby, things look hopeful. For a brief glorious moment we think Mike is going to be ok. Sadly, Isayama had other plans.

My only consolation is that Mike died knowing he saved his team. My other consolation is that his final memories were of Nanaba (oh yes I ship it! ). 

His death wasn’t meaningless. Still, Mike deserves more. I hope in a future chapter, the remaining senior members of the Survey Corps find a moment to remember him.

Favorite SnK Moment/40 of 55

anonymous asked:

Oh I saw that announcement about the NYCC. I was honestly surprised they didn't make Colin go. Maybe he decided he wanted to take a break from being their dancing monkey. And please don't mistake me, that's NOT a dig at Colin, more like at them for continuing to use him as promotion this summer, even making him dress up at SDCC to take pics with fans.

I’m glad he’s getting a reprieve. Plus him not going allows me to completely ignore it. 

101 Reasons to Love Ken
  1. He’s the cutie main vocal
  2. Everyone recognizes that he’s the CUTIE main vocal of VIXX
  3. He has a wink disease where he can’t stop winking
  4. He twits like a five year old kid
  5. He posts instavids doing almost the same thing over and over again
  6. He turned into a dragon
  7. He has the sexiest voice ever
  8. He will do embarrassing things while filming and regretting it after
  9. But he’ll never learn his lessons so he’ll do it again
  10. Ravi has a thing on calling him cute and scratching his neck like a puppy
  11. We’ve got a cyborg concept because of him
  12. He wants to earn first before he goes solo because he doesn’t want to burden anyone
  13. According to Leo, Ken is always humble.
  14. He has a strong alcohol tolerance ;)
  15. He’s such a cute ball of hair during pre-debut
  16. His animal impressions are the best
  17. He had some of the best yet pervy OTP moments. (If you know what I mean *coughs* re-uploaded vixx tv *cough*)
  18. He’d be wearing girl’s outfit and wig but he’ll be walking really manly, show off his armpit hair and you know… everything that you might see… unintentionally
  19. Everyone be thinking that he’s cute and innocent but he’s a quite a perv deep inside
  20. He got a perfect score in their Starlight exam
  21. He thinks that he’s a three year old boy
  22. He’s the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet like you’ll get toothache if you’ve got to taste him *cough*
  23. He’s a walking aegyo machine
  24. He’s a VERY good kisser
  25. He cried during their second concert while singing Love Letter. Now, that made me cry too. *ugly sobs*
  26. Leo can’t stop wondering what’s running on Ken’s mind
  27. His mouth runs faster than his brain
  28. He’s an ahjumma
  29. He has a very sexy English accent
  30. He’d be watching horror movies with you but don’t be surprised if someone suddenly crawls under your sheets at midnight
  31. He’ll take you on a food trip on your date
  32. He also have cute hyungs kkk
  33. He has this thing for pouting
  34. He looks great with glasses
  35. He’s a chic magnet so don’t go crying to me when you see him kiss a lot of girls
  36. He gets embarrassed around girls though
  37. But you can actually tell that he knows his way around them
  38. He draws the member’s caricatures on VIXX TV’s opening
  39. He’s close friends with B1A4’s Sandeul & BTS’ Jin(a.k.a. the 92-line Monkeys) as well as BigFlo’s HighTop, ToppDogg’s Nakta and many more
  40. He’s the type who will spit out nonsense in the most crucial time like if you’re angry with him, he’ll suddenly say that he’s hungry and he wants to eat gopchang
  41. He tries to edit out his part by exclaiming different brand names but Ad***s & N**e are his faves
  42. He’ll be the first one to wake up but the last one to get in the car
  43. His grandpa beatbox is the best
  44. He gave his lines to Hyuk in RUB because he didn’t get that much in Superhero
  45. He always tries hard to improve his dancing (he almost quit VIXX because of it, people)
  46. He steals the limelight on live performances
  47. His high notes are a must
  48. He wants to be known as a variety idol but gets awkward when on one
  49. He knows how to shake his butt like a pro
  50. He says things you probably wouldn’t understand
  51. VIXX thinks that he came from the farm when he first came to the company
  52. He’s a puppy but sometimes he’s a dog, or a chicken, no, maybe a sea lion that turns into a mosquito that morphs into a pterodactyl, well…
  53. He can literally be anyone you want him to be
  54. He’ll be trolling himself when no one else does
  55. He never gets angry.. Like what will actually make him angry?
  56. Raken is rockin’ all other OTPs once they’re together
  57. He said that VIXX doesn’t even smell nor fart
  58. He broke up with SpongeBob because of Chopper
  59. He had changed the most since pre-debut
  60. His nose is so cute and his lips too, oh and his eyes *sings eyes, nose, lips*
  61. He starts a secret rebellion against Mama Cha by saying “Malhi Manhi (a lot of horse)” which also means “talks to much”
  62. He has a nice butt XD
  63. He tries to expose Leo’s hidden charms and sweetness only to get hit by the said Hyung
  64. He says “otteokhaji” a lot that you would actually think that it’s the only word he knows
  65. He made Ravi and the others ROFLing on MTV Diary
  66. He started the whole “Ravi is dirty” thing
  67. He’ll give you drawing lessons but will spank you if you won’t focus XD
  68. He talks nonstop while on the way to Gimpo Airport because Leo won’t say a thing
  69. His biceps are… okay, hot
  70. He is spiderman
  71. He calls VIXX - Bikchuu
  72. He asked Ravi to call him “his man”
  73. He is dying to ride a horse but falls off the moment he rides one
  74. Ravi called him “his girlfriend”
  75. He’ll teach you how to eat gopchang and become… a pig
  76. He continues to bow down to people even though he’s already being carried by Ravi
  77. He’ll do everything for his girl even to the point that he needs to sacrifice his life.. *tears*
  78. He calls Starlights his Babies
  79. He sang in a local resto in Jeju because they are broke
  80. He’ll drive you wherever you want
  81. There’s no boring time when he’s around
  82. He’s a closet ahjumma
  83. Like, he’ll be dancing inside the closet and no one will ever notice
  84. He doesn’t really look at a girl’s visual, he just wants someone who’ll only love him
  85. He’s an amazing actor
  86. He’s actually a prince
  87. He asked Leo if he prefers “regular size” or “big size” *winks*
  88. He draws really well
  89. He thinks that having a good personality is really charming
  90. He learned that the members are having a hidden camera prank on him and he rode along faking his annoyance so that his members will think that they succeeded
  91. “Starlight is the reason VIXX can Exist” - Ken
  92. He looks good on anything but Ravi callss him the biggest fashion terrorist
  93. He walks around the dorm with no clothes (or less clothes maybe, just wth is this guy doing anyways?)
  94. He wants to be a monkey if he’s going to be an animal
  95. On his Chained Up Contract there’s a warning saying that regardless  of the place he’ll throw infinite aegyo and kisses at you so you’ll need a strong heart
  96. He will suddenly scream out of nowhere
  97. He’s chained up special clip might leave you in great state shock
  98. He covers Adele’s songs like a pro
  99. He turns VIXX TV into a Meokbang (Food Eating show)
  100. He was dubbed as “Multi-talented Jaehwan with a face of god” during MyDol
  101. He just turned 20 + 4 years old last April 6.