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What do you think that's wrong with the 100? I personally agree with you but what do you think that's wrong or that they should have done differently?

Short answer? Everything. They should have done everything differently.

Long Answer;

  • Not killed Wells Jaha. The show makes a whole lot more sense if he lives, because Finn is not the “moral center” of anything. But Wells, oh poor sweet Wells. He took the blame for Jake Griffin’s death so Clarke wouldn’t hate his mother. He got himself arrested so he could take a one way trip to his death to be there for Clarke (who hated him at the time). He was the one who went out and buried those two kids who died following Finn’s lead in the drop ship (meanwhile Finn “moral center” Collins was off flirting with Clarke, even though at this point he still had a hope of seeing Raven again). Wells who forgave Clarke in a heartbeat, Wells the good friend who talked so much sense but no one listened to him because of his father.
  • With Wells alive you have an actual moral center, a voice of reason who isn’t a hypocrite like Finn. It doesn’t actually matter that everyone hates Wells, because the 100 hated Clarke at the start too, but they came around because Clarke proved herself, as Wells should have too. If they hadn’t killed him.
  • I don’t like the fact that the fandom basically ignores the fact that Charlotte was a killer. Yeah she was young, but she’s old enough to know what right and wrong are. Fandom please stop naming Bellarke’s first child after her, it’s gross. Clarke would never do that, Wells was her only friend on the ark.
  • Jasper should have died when he was meant to die. He’s an utterly useless and totally offensive character. he refers to a girl as “low hanging fruit”, then in season 2 he screws Clarke over for a girl and is literally the last person to stop drinking the Mount Weather Kool Aid but somehow he becomes the “brains of the operation”, why? Because he’s the white boy? Such bullshit, should have been him and not Harper who got tortured. That would have been some fitting narrative punishment for being such a sexist dick (also devon bostick is a sexist dick, can’t ignore that)
  • Pretty much get rid of Jasper, give all his screen time to Monty.
  • Murphy. Should have stayed gone or stayed evil. Absolutely should never have gotten a redemption arc. I know everyone thinks Richard Harmon is wonderful, but Murphy isn’t. He’s a cold blooded killer who is responsible for Raven’s paralysis. And he’s walking around with a freaking gun smarting off. I dunno if they’re keeping him on because he’s pretty or funny or white, but none of those are reasons to just ignore murder.
  • Literally the only reason Nathan Miller has a first name and half a plotline this season is because the fans loved him so much. Otherwise he’d have stayed in the background like pretty much all the other poc’s. So yay for Nathan Miller but he should have had a bigger role from the start, take screentime from Murphy and give it to him. He’s far more interesting.
  • They need to stop physically abusing Lincoln.
  • There needs to be some consistency in the Ark’s concept of justice. Or failing that, they need to acknowledge how fucked up it is and stop acting like the mostly white ark adults are the good guys. They’re fucking evil, okay? They used to execute people for stealing food.
  • Like, there’s a whole colonialism narrative going on here but it’s being told all wrong. You have the ark people come to earth, massacring grounders, refusing to leave grounder territory that they have no claim to, and somehow the grounders are the savages? What’s next, are you gonna tell me that the english settlers who came to Australia and massacred the aboriginal Australians for sport after stealing the entire country from them were the good guys? Because that’s the narrative message here.
  • Finn murders eighteen people and gets a pardon. Murphy murders a black member of the 100 and shoots Raven and never faces justice.
  • Meanwhile Bellamy punches Murphy for this and gets put in ark jail, Raven punches someone and Abby threatens to banish her. When did punching become worse than mass murder?
  • I haven’t watched the last couple of eps since Finn’s massacre because I’ve been so angry about it, but from what I’ve seen they’re putting all the Mountain Men atrocities onto the one guy (the nut who tortured Lincoln, which they also have to stop doing, it’s gross) and kinda keeping Dante Wallace clean. Like yeah, he’s overseeing a program where they drain grounders for blood like we milk cows, but he’s hesitant about doing the same thing to the 48 so maybe he’s not totally evil? No fandom, he is totally evil, and he’s also racist and elitist.
  • The whole horror story with the reapers. Sure it makes for good TV and this is a post apocalyptic world. But they’re still dehumanising the poc grounders and this shit doesn’t happen out of context of the real world. I’m not comfortable with it.
  • Anya’s murder. So totally pointless, never should have happened.
  • Commander Lexa should be poc, since the majority of grounders are. It’s a little gross that the grounder leader is white. Kinda takes away from the miniscule victory that is a woman in charge.
  • Isaiah Washington is a homophobe, the guy who plays Kane harassed a woman on the Lost set and got her fired. Thomas McDonnell, Devon Bostick and the guy who plays Wick have truly disgusting twitter accounts, sexist, racist, you name it, one of them has tweeted it.
  • Paige Turco’s skinny jeans. Those are 97 year old jeans, why are they so tight? It’s completely impractical, along with the low necklines on any woman. Really, they should all be wearing variations of the same uniform. Makes no sense that they’d take skinny jeans with them when trying to escape a nuclear holocaust.
  • Abby Griffin and Clarke Griffin being racist. calling the grounders savages, saying they’re better than them, stealing grounder territory and refusing to leave when confronted with that fact. If they have to be racist at least stop pretending they’re also the best things since sliced bread. They’re that uppity WASP woman who you hate in real life. You know the one who reads eat pray love and has a very narrow view of sexism and thinks all brown skinned men are terrorists. That’s who the griffins are. Also never forget Abby slapping Raven and not apologising or even showing an ounce of regret. Gross.
  • Finn Collins. Oh, I have so much to say about him. Firstly I’m glad that he’s dead. But I’m so upset about how they did it. I’m so upset that they absolved him of the spacewalking at Raven’s expense. I’m upset that he died a hero (he’s not, he’s a mass murderer. Would you call a school shooter a hero ever? Same difference, innocent people running away or huddled on the ground, no threat to him, no reason for them to die, but he did it anyway). In season 1  when he apparently became the “moral center” it rang false because of the deaths in the drop ship on day one and the spacewalk that cost people their lives through the waste of valuable oxygen. But it was okay because no one took him seriously when he talked. Then of course there’s the Clarke and Raven thing. Say all you want about how he didn’t think he’d ever see raven again, he still should have told Clarke about her. Such a douchebag. I can’t believe they wasted like two or three episodes after the massacre basically insisting that Finn wasn’t a bad guy for murdering 18 innocents and that the grounders are savages for wanting justice for that act.
  • They did a real job on the grounders, so racist. The whole thing about how they’re going to torture Finn before killing him, it’s so shitty. The grounders aren’t the bloodthirsty tribe, the reapers and the Mountain Men are, what’s more the reapers are only what they are through the manipulations of the white Mountain Men. it would have been more in character for the grounders to behead Finn or shoot him with a couple arrows. Instead they had the grounders plan to torture Finn so you’d be disgusted by them. Note, they only said that to manipulate the viewer because obviously it was never going to happen. Because of that, a lot of people agree with people like Clarke when she says they’re savages.
  • According to the narrative you’re absolutely not meant to walk away from the 100 feeling an ounce of sympathy for the grounders. When in reality they parallel really well with the American Indians or the Australian Aborigines. or any indigenous group that was slaughtered so white Europeans can steal their land. The way they’re being written is the way europeans used to (and still sometimes do) talk about the cultures they murder and enslave for profit. Right down to the savages label and talk about how they’re bloodthirsty and that they don’t have an equitable system of justice, because they’re savages.
  • God, this show is so racist on so many levels.
  • It’s not like it wins many points for feminism either, not what Jasper “low hanging fruit” Jordan stays on as a hero of the piece. That’s the kind of sexist asshole who should immediately die for his remarks. Instead he’s being written as a hero. How’d you feel if a guy called you “low hanging fruit” because you’re not as pretty as Marie Avgeropoulos? Ugh
  • Jason has said that there will be gay members of the 100. But so far there have been none and we’re halfway through season 2. The show might not get a season 3 (and doesn’t deserve one on current form), so he better hurry. Jason, you don’t get representation points until it happens on screen. Same applies to you, JK Rowling. God, it’s like if I went into a car dealership and said “I have a million dollars, give me the keys to that Ferrari”, those million dollars aren’t real just cos I said so. The car dealership is gonna want the real thing, and so should we as the viewers before we give Jason kudos for representation.
  • Of course even if we do get it, it’ll probably be two white boys and the fandom will idolise them even if they do gross things like murder or stuff, so I’ll hate it. Or maybe two lesbians, but the lesbians will be highly sexualised for the straight boys viewing pleasure (Is it just me who thinks it’d be really creepy to watch a lesbian love scene knowing it was written by an old creep like Jason and filmed with a bunch of middle aged men watching?). Definitely nothing bi or trans or anything else on the scale will get a look in.
  • Tell you what, I think a lot of the show’s problems would have been sold if the show was done from the grounders POV. Anya and Lincoln as the mains. Mostly because the grounders would be humanised and as a result it would be harder for everyone to ignore the crimes committed against them. I’d love to read an AU from Anya’s POV.

I could probably say more but I’ve now been writing this for 80 minutes so I’m gonna leave it here. Hey the100writers, feel free to take notes, I’m not saying I’ll ever forgive you for the crap you’ve done so far. But redemption arcs are fashionable these days so why don’t you try redeeming yourselves? (preferably instead of redeeming Murphy)