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Fake Chats #174
  • Taehyung: Jungkook.
  • Jungkook: what's up?
  • Taehyung: I have a serious question.
  • Jungkook: okay.
  • Taehyung: why do you love playing with Jin-hyung so much? This is said with the knowledge that you play with all of us, but you definitely pick on Jin-hyung more. Why?
  • Jungkook: his reactions are funny.
  • Taehyung: no.
  • Jungkook: like, his eyes get really big and and his mouth gapes open and he's just so outraged. Like, if I bite Namjoon-hyung, he kinda just thinks, "oh, that's Jungkookie," but Jin-hyung REACTS.
  • Taehyung: that's it? It's not because you have a hard time expressing your emotions and it's way easier to be silly and tease us than to tell us that you love us? It's not because you do secretly look up to Jin-hyung and granted, it's very easy to test his patience, but he still looks after you and you just don't really know how to say thank you?
  • Jungkook: so when you said serious...
  • Taehyung: I meant serious.
  • Jungkook: he's got good reactions.
  • Taehyung: and?
  • Jungkook: and maybe a little bit of what you said. A little. A teensy bit. You just know me pretty well, that's all. You're not super smart or anything.
  • Later, Taehyung: Minnie! I'm really smart! I figured out why Kookie plays with Jin-hyung so much!
  • Jimin: you mean how he has a hard time expressing his emotions?
  • Taehyung:
  • Jimin:
  • Taehyung: that's just because you know Jungkook really well. You're not super smart, or anything.
  • Later, Jimin: so, Kookie, any time you want to work on expressing yourself, you can practice with me.
  • To Be Continued:

Ok, so you know the post about Vanitas and Noé arguing?

Building off of that, MAYBE, just maybe…

Noé got upset (the first time) because he’s seen that face before.

Noé compares Vanitas’s face when he’s angry at Noé for protecting him in Chapter 15 to the dead-eyed look in Chapter 11. Noé has identified this face, it’s the “i’m angry at Noé for protecting me (probably because I don’t want him to get hurt but not that Noé knows this part)” face.

So then, he sees something similar here.

It takes him a moment to recognize it.

And he yells, at first not in anger but in recognition of “that face”. The “don’t protect me” face. Or the “I’m trying to protect you” face.

Maybe this shows that Noé knows that Vanitas knows that there’s more to this story, and that he’s trying to save face-or protect Noé- by not telling it.

  • Interviewer: "What can you tell us about Yuichiro-kun?"
  • Mika: "Well, he's pretty dense and-"
  • Yuu: "Mika!"
  • Mika: "What? It's the truth."
  • Yuu: "No, it's not! I'm smart!"
  • Mika: "Yeah? Then tell me why it took you so long to notice my feelings for you."
  • Yuu: "You just were to subtle!"
  • Mika: "Yuu-Chan, do I have to remind you that it took you eight years, seven confessions and two kisses and even then you asked me: 'Hey Mika, could it be that you're maybe in love with me?'!"
  • Yuu*breaks out in a sweat*: "C-could we change the subtject, please?"
  • me: louis is so iconic.
  • someone: wait, what? we weren't even talking about --
  • me: i mean, even after being put in a band he still didn't have many opportunities to shine. his mic was turned down/off, he wasn't given hardly any solos on Up All Night OR Take Me Home, which were his bands /first two albums/. let that sink in!!!! and if he let that discourage him, he didn't let it keep him down, which is inspirational enough on it's own. but not only that, he's used every negative experience in his life as a stepping stone to become better and better (especially career-wise).
  • someone: how did you put the parentheses in a spoken conversation?
  • me: people said he couldn't be a solo artist because his voice was "weak" but Just Hold On depicts exactly the opposite; JHO is full of range and really emphasizes the vocal power i've always known he's possessed. you asked about his songwriting?
  • someone: no i didn't but
  • me: don't even get me started on his songwriting. louis is one of those people who writes to tell a story. he takes the listener from Point A to Point B; within three minutes and thirty seconds, he manages to weave songs of high points&low points, good&bad, and most of all, an overarching theme of hope. he sings of love in a way that sounds attainable for anyone, and maybe it is. louis's songwriting sounds like memories being made and summer days and
  • someone: are you crying? again? i'm pretty sure this has happened before
  • me, choking down my tears: no i'm not crying shut up i'm not finished... bc i mean. not only is louis Doing That(TM) in all of these other areas (and slaying, i might add), he's still so lovely and sweet. he's humble and thankful for everything he has and for all the people who have helped get him this far. i mean, i have never seen someone so appreciative of their fans. he doesn't have to support our fan projects but he does because he /cares/. he loves us even though he doesn't know us and what's important is that he knows how to make us feel loved
  • someone: *sigh*
  • me, crying openly: i wonder if he realizes just how much he's adored and how much people admire him. because for the past six years, he's had struggle after struggle thrown at him and he's faced it all with such dignity and grace. even if he's had bad moments and sad moments, he still manages to laugh and make other people laugh and i admire him so much.
  • someone: are you done
  • me: i'm never done talking about louis but for now, yes pls put on up all night and cry with me. we're on 1d discography lockdown lets go

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'Fair play to him' what do you think he means by that?

I think he probably means “Zayn is gonna say what he feels and that’s totally fine” or maybe “Zayn was in the band just like the rest of us and can feel any kind of way about it, it’s not going to change who he is to me” or “I can tell you’re digging for some dirt here but I’m not going to talk shit”.

I’m pretty sure it’s just an Irish colloquialism that means like “fair enough” “that’s all good” “okey doke”, you know? He’s just being Niall. He’s a magnanimous dude who isn’t going to get all bent out of shape if people don’t feel the same way about a thing as he does and he’s very friendship-focused so I think it would take a lot more than Zayn being open about his feelings in a few interviews to make Niall say anything bad about him. Even if they don’t talk regularly I’m sure he still looks at Zayn and is like “that’s my friend, I love him.” He’s Niall. Zayn is Zayn. Fair play to both of them and stuff. Everything is good and fine. 

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Hi Oranges. So your list is pretty inspiring. Could you write an angsty KenmaxHinata short for “Can’t you stay a little longer?”

Hinata told Kenma that meeting him was like catching a shooting star. 

Except… Hinata was a bit too late on the uptake to actually catch him in his arms, so instead he watched him leave a mark on the earth. An unwanted black scar in the soil that would leave traces for the years to come.

Hinata was ecstatic – honored even – to meet a star child. Only in his dreams was he able to meet such a fabled and storied people.

Star children were beings of light, native to the moon, they lit the night sky with a million colors that burned so far that anyone could only see pinpricks. Hinata wanted to burn as bright, even brighter. He wanted to know if he could. But for the life of him, he couldn’t ask. 

So their friendship started as such. Hinata showed Kenma life on earth. And Kenma fell in love with it all. How different it was from life on the moon! He fell for the dirt beneath his feet and the rain on his face. He fell for the sun, bright and warm on his cold thin hands. There was no real silence on earth. Everything passed on. Life continued as it would. Tragedy came and went like night turned to day and day turned to night.

Some nights, a few hours after the rain cleared and Kenma could be convinced, they would go to the roof. They’d bring some sheets for the cold and a candle for light and they would talk for hours until the sun rose.

“Kenma,“ Hinata would say “what is it like on the moon?“

Hinata never looks at Kenma when he asks, but Kenma figures that even if he was struck blind he would always see the fire burning bright in his eyes. That if he turned deaf, he would hear the tug in his voice.

Kenma knows longing when he sees it, yet his response was always the same. “It’s nothing compared to Earth.“

HInata always laughed in response – like a pebble tossed into a pond. The whip of a surface breaking, slowly. “I still want to see it.“

“Maybe someday you will.”

Kenma knows that someday won’t be enough. It wasn’t enough for him, so why would it be so for the strange and blinding Hinata? This boy who wished to burn brighter than any other, even if he already did. This boy who passed through the star child’s fingers every time, no matter how much he tried. How could this be enough for the boy who left warmth where there was none.

“We should go now Hinata, it’s late.”

Every time, Hinata would hold on to Kenma’s hand, and Kenma would know he would know the answer even before the question was asked. “Can’t we stay a little longer?”

These nights Kenma goes to the place he met Hinata. There, the cursed ground was still black from his fall. Kenma drenched his fingers in moonlight, and wished that the warmth didn’t have to ebb. He searched the stars, but could not see anything but pinpricks of light.

Kenma never told Hinata, that meeting him was like watching the sun rise for the first time. 

Except Kenma was not prepared, so instead he watched as Hinata burned memories into Kenma’s skin until he couldn’t. It was a brand that would haunt Kenma even after they disappeared. Even now, Kenma could not catch light in his fingertips – he could not watch the sun set.

@lethesomething Heyyyy. This time it’s a little experimental? I was aiming for a storybook-esque feel, but it ended up turning into a weird cross of moments and exposition. Tell me if you liked it (or not). Hope you enjoy!!

P.S. If you liked this and sort of want to kind of give me a request you can check these prompts out for some inspiration (if you need any) or just drop by my inbox and send me something.

EXO in the bedroom
  • Chanyeol: Hm.. makes me doubt. Probably would be both. He would like to pleasure you but also that you pleasure him.
  • Kris: They call him "Sex God". Just imagine...
  • Sehun: Dominant AF... But would also like yo make you believe that you have the control, even when it's clearly his.
  • Tao: Submissive. Probably would like it when things get rough.
  • Kai: With those hips... do you thing he would let you have the control? C'mon... his thrusts are the most perfect thing on this world, you don't need to ask for more.
  • Xiumin: Let's stop here and think of the perv he is. He looks at girls just like he looks at cake... so you tell me, naughty girl ;)
  • Baekhyun: "I like seeing you on top of me..." He would probably just pretend to be gentle... but is a little perv in the inside.
  • Luhan: Well his manly yeah, probably would get rough, but he would enjoy what you do to him. He would enjoy everything that comes from you. Yup, submissive.
  • Chen: Dominant. I think he is the naughtiest of them all!
  • Kyungsoo: Well... I'm pretty sure this little guy would surprise anyone. There are no words to describe him, dominant is clearly not enough.
  • Lay: He would be nice, maybe a pervert but nice. He would give you exactly what you need and treat you right.
  • Suho: Sub. Definitely. He is nice and kind and probably pretty good on bed. But he would do anything to make you reach heaven, even if this means giving you the power.

It reads far better than the others. Maybe two books in, he got the handle of it, or maybe he finally had an editor to tell him to chill.

But he still uses big/somewhat obnoxious words (“indelible imprints”? I’m pretty sure you could have said “lasting imprints” or just “imprints” and it wouldn’t have bright me so far out of the story as “indelible”) and his syntax can still be fuckin weird.







     Ok but seriously, Shuuhei’s been a reoccurring character in the manga for how long? Mikuni’s telling him to NOT follow C3′s orders and seek revenge and he’s finally starting to move in that direction. And he is pretty much earmarked as the arcana of temperance from what I’ve discussed with Fuka. So… So… did… is this maybe… 

     Ok but just imagine though… Shuuhei hates vampires so much but then THIS. ImagineifGluttonyhateshumans. FUCK. I SHIP IT AND IT’S NOT EVEN A THING. FUCK PLEASE LET THIS BE A THING!!!

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About that post about Lars being trans, I can honestly say that all is pretty solid. As a trans man myself, I can honestly say his behavior is similar to some of my inward feelings(he's more outward about them since I'm kinda shy). Although, the chances of him being confirmed as trans is very low, and let me tell you why. Parents in America can be assholes, and since Lars has been shirtless and, if true, "was a girl", parents can claim that as child nudity(because of his chest)

true true 

maybe after 15 years su ends sugar will confirm lars was trans

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my ex just butt dialed me on valentine's day which immediately made me think of sterek because i'm trash and i can't stop thinking about like ex boyfriends sterek and they're both sad because it was going to be their first valentine's day together (i'm sure the break up was some stupid "you're better off without me" thing like shut up boys) and stiles is with scott and he's talking about he's pretty bummed because he had this big romantic day planned and he accidentally calls Derek (pt. 1)

(pt. 2) And Derek answers because you never know and he hears Stiles telling Scott about how he’d still do all the things but he knows Derek would just be grumpy about it but maybe he could still get him a card because he still lov- likes him you know and scott is just like yeah mmhm go for it bro and then like i dunno stiles buys derek a card and just plans on dropping it off and running but then he gets to the loft and Derek has this big set up and apologies and kisses forever

awww yes good, Nonnie!! our babies are so dumb sometimes they would totally fight and make for Valentines day :’) 

I hope your ex butt dialing you didn’t make you feel bad or anything… if so i send you all the hugs!! 

thank you for sharing this with me you’re a gem <333 

The signs as '10 things I hate about you' quotes
  • Aries: “Are you telling me I'm not a pretty guy?”
  • Taurus: “I warned him that if he told anyone, the cheerleading squad would find out how tiny his dick is!”
  • Gemini: “Do you even know my name screwboy?”
  • Cancer: “Alright, wait a minute. No drinking, no drugs, no kissing, no tattoos, no piercings, *no* ritual animal slaughters of any kind. Oh, God, I'm giving them ideas.”
  • Leo: “You're asking me out? That's so cute! What's your name again?”
  • Virgo: “Expressing my opinion is not a terrorist action.”
  • Libra: “I hate peas.”
  • Scorpio: “Well maybe you're not afraid of me but I'm sure you've thought about me naked, huh?”
  • Sagittarius: “Yes, Miss "I Have An Opinion About Everything"?”
  • Capricorn: “Do you really wanna get all dressed up, so some Drakkar Noir-wearing dexter with a boner can feel you up while you're forced to listen to a band that, by definition, blows?”
  • Aquarius: “Maybe if we were the last two people alive, and there were no sheep. Are there sheep?”
  • Pisces: “I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?”
I have a proposal to make

*sweats nervously*

Umm hi I’m here to present my ugly child.

It’s name is Tidal Lock AU. It has sith!Rey and muggle!Ben Solo.

Okay hear me out I brought diagrams (sorta)

So basically, poor dear Ben here has about as much Force sensitivity as a cactus, Uncle Luke tried teaching him but after several years he like managed to levitate a small rock for tweleve seconds after concentrating for seven hours, so everybody just gave up on him.

His occupation is Resistance supply pilot and Skywalker family disappointment.

He’s a cutiepie who’s generally quite nice unless you piss him off (in which case you’ll end up with a hole in you from one of the six or seven blasters he carries). He’s a coward, prone to panicing, running first and asking questions later. He’s pretty used to weird.

His only probably Force-related talent is that he speaks about five million languages, including the garbled, accented communitation of the Falcon, so they usually send him out with it. For some reason he can perfectly manage the ship’s spaghetti-engineered Frankenstein’d garange-boosted systems and drives her with a near unheard-of precision.

Despite his language skills, he insists on speaking a weird mix of slang and smuggler lingo that usually renders him totally incomprehensible.

Rey however is a hella strong Force user, whose terrified parents left her on Jakku to fend for herself. Who found her? Yeah you guessed right. Snoke’s been the voice in her head for as long as she could remember, training her from a distance, waiting for the right moment to get her to him to complete her training.

She’s a tough survivor with enough aggression to fill three people, wicked staff skills, and zero tolerance for bullshit.

Her darksider power is drawing energy from sunlight, to be a better figher, have better focus, more strength, more stamina, to heal quicker. She can also light small fires, glow in the dark at will, and defeat her enemies with the power of irony. Also, when her solar batteries are drained from sitting too long in the dark, she crumples and has to be brought back into the light (Hah.)

She’s angry, easy to piss off, has little patience, and an almost religious devotion to Snoke.

Ain’t they cute.

Clueless Ben is sent alone in the Falcon for a routine supply run to Jakku. Shit hits the fan when Snoke recognizes him through Rey, and decides it’s time for her to go. So Rey attempts to commandeer the Falcon, except she’s such a weird junky zombie-ship she has trouble even doing the startup sequence, which is how Ben survives the ordeal

And that is how Ben Solo ends up lying to the entire Resistance and all her family about an errand he has to run for a really nice girl, while becoming the glorified space-chaffeur and sweet-talking grunt to the decidedly not nice lunatic with a voice in her head telling her to do things. Hilarity ensues. Especially since Rey does NOT like Ben (he pisses her off), and Ben, after the initial shock, thinks Rey is pretty weird, and is being kept hostage on his own ship. Angry bickering! Uneasy companionship! Maybe sexytimes…? 

*leaves ugly child here to be judged*

  • Baekhyun: Kris! Why are you back in the dorms?
  • Kris: Definitely not taking back the stuffed animals I gave to Suho.
  • Baekhyun: Awesome. Cuz that'd be awkward to explain to Suho.
  • Kris: Maybe he can get his latest boy toy to buy him so new ones.
  • Baekhyun: Speaking of, Suho and I are going to a DVD room tomorrow.
  • Kris: YOU'RE WHAT?
  • Baekhyun: Yeah, I kind of lied and told him the Star Wars movies are like my favorite thing in the universe, so we're going to a DVD room to watch some of the movies. So maybe I'll get a little action with your ex. Man, I'm so awesome. He has no idea I've never even seen those movies
  • Kris: Baekhyun no I don't think you understand he actually wants to watch Star Wars with you
  • Baekhyun: Yeah, among other things ;)
  • Kris: Baekhyun, trust me, I know from experience, you are not getting laid in that DVD room.
  • Baekhyun: Maybe you've just got no game. I'm gonna be preparing all the pretty Star Wars pick up lines for him.
  • Kris: Oh
  • Kris: Hm
  • Kris: I think I have a couple you could try. I actually know a lot about Star Wars. Suho made me pass a Star Wars triva test before he let me marry him.
  • Baekhyun: Oh yeah? I guess you wouldn't have the charm to pull off pick up lines yourself.
  • Kris: Hahaha shut the fuck up. Just tell him, "Greedo shot first." Honestly, I think that will get plenty of results on it's own.
  • Baekhyun: Sounds like a fun double entendre
  • Kris: Yeah sure
  • Baekhyun: Okay, later man! Don't wreck Suho's room too much -leaves-
  • Kris: Well, he's dead.
  • Kris: :)
Kid Icarus: Uprising Starters
  • All starters taken from the game's dialogue. Three lines per stage.
  • -----------------------------------
  • "Sorry to keep you waiting!"
  • "What way to celebrate my return than with a festive little bloodbath?"
  • "It's like an all-you-can-hurt buffet!"
  • "I suppose it IS an old story!"
  • "Chicken is much more economical!"
  • "We're done talking about this."
  • "Why hello there!"
  • "Can we go home and watch TV now?"
  • "Do you like the gift? It's my patented monster pheromone!"
  • "...That silence means we have to go there, doesn't it?"
  • "It's funny. It's okay to laugh!"
  • "Even though I almost died, I've really enjoyed our time together."
  • "Yes...? No...? Uh..."
  • "Refresh my memory. What am I doing here again?"
  • "Don't make ME throw up."
  • "Did I say something funny?"
  • "Just think of all the stuff you could get done with more than one of yourself."
  • "What would you know about faith, anyway, you treacherous blackheart?!"
  • "Just use your gills! Tell me, [character]. How are you with brachial respiration?"
  • "Oh, my. An excess of frizowatts must have overloaded the dooziestat."
  • "You don't have to sound so gleeful!"
  • "Right. I hid them in case of an emergency. You know, so that they wouldn't get stolen."
  • "So I should destroy the shiny thing?"
  • *Gibberish*
  • "For future reference, face kicking isn't usually this effective."
  • "Threaten all you want! You don't scare me. I will put an end to you."
  • "...I suppose I don't really understand how that happened either."
  • "Whoa! Man! This is some intense heat!"
  • "How cold of you. Your words pierce my heart like an icicle."
  • "It's so obvious to me now."
  • "There's just no reasoning with her."
  • "Good! There are survivors!"
  • "This place is big."
  • "What mischief are you two getting into now?"
  • "Wowza!"
  • "Oh, no. Mischief making is one of my principal responsibilities."
  • "Those lasers are quite the security system!"
  • "Huh? That wasn't my doing."
  • "I'm well aware of my name!"
  • "Yes? You called?"
  • "Whoa! I gotta admit—he's fast! Must be all that free soda."
  • "He embarrasses easily. Don't mind him."
  • "Sorry to drag you out so early, but we've got an emergency. We have a BIG problem."
  • "How much more hell DO they plan to raise?"
  • "This is out of control!"
  • "We are from outerr spaaaaaace..."
  • "As a disclaimer, your insurance doesn't cover getting run over by alien trains."
  • "I don't care! If it works, I'm gonna use it!"
  • "WHAT? I can't hear you over all this AWESOME!"
  • "Time to let nature take its course!"
  • "My X ray specs allow me to see your ignorance."
  • "Is that supposed to sound like me? 'Cause it doesn't."
  • "They're grunts. What did you expect?"
  • "Well, there's nothing more we can do here. Come on, [character]."
  • "So basically, you're telling me to ram a horse cart into a brick wall."
  • "Your foolishness is matched only by your rudeness."
  • "Maybe he's a gearhead."
  • "Don't get the wrong idea. I'm not here to help."
  • "What is this, Everyone Pick On [self] Day?"
  • "Out of the way, coming through!"
  • "This place doesn't run on batteries, dingle brain!"
  • "Hey, what's your problem?"
  • "If we don't help him right now, we won't have another chance!"
  • "Oh, I get it. You want to turn back the clock and cheat death. Raising the dead, keeping the near-dead alive? It's pretty dirty business."
  • "You might want to break out the Brain Age, pal."
  • "Eat your hearts out, ladies."
  • "It's a tall order, but if anyone can do it, I have faith that you can!"
  • "Even your darkness can't hide from the light!"
  • "Tell me, [character], why do you hate life?"
  • "Sometimes it feels like I'm fighting the entire universe."
  • "Well, I don't have any answers for you. I'm only here to TEST you."
  • "Wait! DON'T SHOOT!"
  • "This thing is so awesome."
  • "Yes, I was hoping to greet [character] on top of a mountain of corpses."
  • "Let him enjoy his moment in the sun."
  • "Nawwww, I'm just messing with you, buddy... Settle down."
Drunk Calls
  • Ashton: "Baby!" Ashton shouts into the phone. The word takes him over double the time to get it out as it normally does. "Uh, hey, Ashton," you laugh. "Are you drunk right now?" He giggles in reply. You roll your eyes and cross your free arm over your chest as you wait for him to speak. He does, but to someone else on the other end. You're only catching half of the conversation, so his words don't make any sense. You don't think they would have made sense if you even if you were hearing the other half of the conversation. "Ashton, are you celebrating with the guys?" you ask. "Uh huh," he says slowly. "Babe, you know I won an award right? I gave the speech. Did you see?" You open your mouth to answer, but he talks over you, "Babe, we should make out right now." You laugh before explaining, "Ash, I'm not anywhere near you. I'll see you in, like, two days though. We can make out then if you still want to." He humphs before resolving, "Okay. Okay. Wait, Calum is doing something that looks fun. I'm going to go now. Bye, babe." He hands up without another word. You shake your head at your boyfriend's drunken actions before going back to watching your movie.
  • Calum: You stir from your nap when you hear your phone ringing. "Hey, Calum," you mumble into the phone after glancing at your caller ID. "There you are!" Calum says far too loudly for your post-nap mindset. "Calum, quieter," you mumble as you rub your head. "Oh, sorry," he whispers, well, more like whisper-shouts, "how was your day?" You glance at the clock and frown. "Cal, it's two in the afternoon," you tell him. "Oh, sorry," he giggles. "I'm a lot drunk right now." You sigh and shake your head at him despite the fact that you can't see him right now. "I can tell. What do you need?" you ask. "Nothing. I just wanted to hear you talk for a little bit. You have a nice voice. Have I ever told you that you have a nice voice before? Well, if I haven't, I should've because you definitely do. It's super pretty and nice, just like you! Maybe that's why your voice is the way it is!" he rambles. You laugh and say, "That's very sweet of you, Cal. However, I need to go get ready for class, so I'm going to have to let you go. Call me when you're less drunk."
  • Luke: Your phone rings a little later than anyone would normally call you. You glance at is as you go to answer it. The late call makes sense when you realize it's your friend Luke who has probably forgotten about time zones again. "Luke, it's late," you sing softly. "(Y/N), you answered. Fuck-" he stops himself. He lets out a frustrated sigh and you can picture him running a hand through his messy hair. "Of course I did. What's up? Is something wrong?" you ask him, concerned by his tone. "No, well yeah, but not really," he stutters out. You hear him take a deep breath to focus before continuing. "Look, I'm a little drunk right now, but I mean what I'm about to say, okay? I promise I mean this. Sober Luke means this even more than Drunk Luke does," he tells you. "I'm in love with you, like, crazy in love with you. I write too many fucking songs about you now, you know. Shit, I shouldn't have said that. I'm definitely doing this wrong, but I couldn't wait any longer. I love you, okay? I'm going to hang up so you can think about all of this shit coming out of my mouth. Okay. I love you, (Y/N). Bye."
  • Michael: "Michael, what the hell do you want?" you ask as soon as you answer the phone, not giving him a chance to speak. "You," Michael says. "I want you back in my bed tonight." You roll your eyes when you realize he's drunk. A drunk call from your ex was the last thing you wanted today. "Mike, I don't want to deal with this today," you sigh. "No, fuck, don't hang up. I miss you. Please don't hang up," he spits out quickly. "I know I'm saying the wrong shit, but even you've said this: Drunken words are sober thoughts. And I'm really fucking drunk right now, baby. Please, let me come home." You scoff and say, "You are home, Michael." He sighs and says, "No, home is with you and I'm not with you right now, baby. I tried to find a new home, but it all feels wrong. Not even the bottom of the liquor bottle feels like home anymore. I need you, baby. I love you. Please let me come home. Please." You sigh and say, "Go sleep off the alcohol. If you call me back in the morning, I'll know you actually meant what you've just said." You hang up without another word. It doesn't surprise you when your phone doesn't ring in the morning.
  • A/N: dcmarvelcutie23 requested a blurb where Ashton drunk dials his girlfriend forever ago. I did this with it instead. Hope that's fine. - Kate

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Some headcanons about latinx!Courfeyrac? I saw you bc him as Brazilian once and it made me happy, considering I'm latina

Look, Courf is Brazillian, and nobody can tell me otherwise. It’s pretty much canon. So there.

He moved to Paris when he was little, maybe seven or eight, and he stuck out- because he was foreign, and his French was terrible, and he looked a little lost somehow. Because he felt lost.

And then Combeferre decided that he should go talk to the new kid, and sat down next to him and started asking questions. No nonsense, just straight up ‘we’re friends now, so deal with it.’

And it was when they were both teenagers that Combeferre realised that he might be a little madly in love with his curly haired best friend, with the crooked smile and the bright, sunny laugh, and Courfeyrac realised that his spectacle wearing adorable dork of a best friend might be the love of his life. (Not melodramatic at all.)

To be honest, Courf could read a grocery list aloud in Portuguese, and ‘Ferre would turn bright red and be distracted from whatever else he was doing because. Courfeyrac speaking Portuguese.

Courf tries teaching Combeferre Portuguese, and although 'Ferre only picks up a few words, Courf thinks his attempts to learn it are adorable.

Anyway, TL;DR: Courf is Brazillian, and now I’m even more in love with that particular headcanon.