maybe he was talking about pizza

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If it's okay, can I have a scenario where MC is a pizza delivery girl with pining RFA members?

the only thing that got stuck in my head after this is that one fcking song Jonas Brothers sang


• pizza isn’t really what he usually have on his food lists due to many reasons and he have kept a good tab on not eating take-out unless its a salad or smth really healthy

• but with his fridge empty and a late day of practicing for a upcoming play he decided that yeah, one day of junk food isn’t going to ruin him. He’ll just run it off and work it out later- no prob bob

• what he least expected was to be met by a really charming pizza deliverer that had his heartbeat go up a bit faster than usual 

• had a bit of a small talk after them kinda recognizing him from somewhere, he low key tells them about said upcoming play… maybe they wanna come?? oh ya they do

• smooth af zen, you go u bad boi. Now his stomach is full and happy but so is his heart. He is very much looking forward to see them again.


• he had a sleepover with his friends from college- to study you know? aka to play games and sleepovers need to have some kinda junk food and pizza is perf 

• so after deciding to call after the pizza they play a good game of Mario Cart and the one who loses has to get the pizza and pay lala all that shazaam.  

• Yoosung lost greatly as he fell victim to the blue shells one to many times, such defeat. You will be remembered great shooting star

• but it turned out to be a blessing because holy fck pizza deliverer is honestly super nice and polite and just… wow great. He kinda stammers and blushes as he pays and goes back to his pals

• they tease him the whole night about it, he was red as the tomato sauce on the pizza! said pizza person may and may not turn out to be going to the same college as him wink


• totally exhausted after work and crashed on the floor after she entered her house. one hour turned to 5 hours and wow it’s already 1AM. she is very hungry and she was supposed to buy groceries…. but slept

• so she decides for some take-out and remembers a pizza place one of her co-workers recommended and they also deliver late at night so, NEATO BURRITO

• works through some documents while she waits for the pizza to be delivered since she did miss out some precious time to work

• when the doorbell rings she hurries to the door and is met by the sweetest smile ever and she has to blink once or twice like wow is that an angel. They make a bit of small talk since pizza delivering person is super nice?

• she totally tips because they were really quick and?it’s so late? uncomfy working hours probably and she knows about that. Very charmed by them and think that pizza wouldn’t be bad to eat tomorrow as well


• the day mister jumin han decided to have pizza was a strange day… And especially having it delivered to the penthouse since ya know… He has a chef

• poor pizza delivering MC was absolutely terrified walking into this fancy ass building dressed in their pizza uniform… “who the actual fuck is this person” they wondered

• when they were met by this tall dark haired man they were nonetheless pretty intimidated but hey, a job’s a job. Here’s the pizza dude! hope you’ll enjoy it! 

• he kinda stares at them long enough to make it really fckin awkward mostly because he thinks they’re cute af and he can’t cope. Gives them a tip that’s way off the charts

• as he was munching on the pizza he thought of two things: one, pizza isn’t that bad. It’s pretty good. and two, that pizza deliverer was quite charming


• he thought to himself that he should try to be a little more healthier! Yay Seven! So instead of eating just chips al lá soda- he decided to buy pizza- 

• all the nutrients you need right, such healthy! 

• he decided to wait outside because the whole security measurement would probably scare off the pizza delivery-person 

• and said pizza delivery-person turned out to be absolutely gorgeous in his eyes and he just had to word vomit all over because he was nervous around them good game god seven

• there was something about them he couldn’t help being drawn to, he was definitely buying more pizza now vanderwood was not amused by the pizza containers everywhere


A late entry for Ichabbie Valentine’s!


“Sometimes,” Abbie said into the silence bounding around the Archives of Sleepy Hollow, “It’s really annoying when you don’t reply to me.”

She glanced behind her to see if Crane had, indeed, paid attention. A stack of books sat before him and his nose was buried deeply in one of them. Incongruously, he held a piece of half eaten pepperoni pizza in one hand. It was something he was very grateful to the modern world for. She swore he intended to live on pizza and slushies, some days.

He didn’t even blink at her words.

“I mean,” she continued, “I don’t want you to pay attention attention. But when I want to talk to you about a demon or monster, sometimes it gets irritating when I have to repeat myself.”


She turned back to her own book. “But, whatever. Maybe I’ll text it to you instead.” Crane’s phone was another modern day object he seemed permanently obsessed with, after rejecting it for what had seemed like for-fucking-ever.

A thump. The tome Crane had been reading closed, and in a moment, he stood behind her.


Abbie turned her head. “So your ears do work.”

“As you had already gathered.” He bent so his lips were by the sensitive part of her neck just below her ear. “Would you like to know why I can oft be deaf to your delectable tones?”

Abbie hesitated. She wondered why she’d opened this particular can of worms. She swallowed, the air suddenly thick. “Sure.”

“Because, if I can’t hear your voice, I can’t think about you. About how much I should like to do this.” He pressed a kiss to the spot below her ear. “And perhaps this.” He stroked back the fall of her hair. Her skin tingled and she pressed her thighs together, unspeakably aroused by only these, the lightest of touches. “And this.” He slid a hand around to her waist and pulled her back into him, moving his clever mouth to the nape of her neck. “About how I would worship every inch of you for hours, if only you would allow me access.”

Her mouth was dry as a desert. “I’m gonna go right ahead and say you can… have access.”

They didn’t get a lot of research done that afternoon.

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I have this idea of Stiles programming personal ringtones for everyone in his phone. But when he and Derek get together, he's stuck because /obviously/ he has to change his. Stiles can't figure anything out, & Derek just seems unimpressed with the whole thing. Stiles gives up and ends up busy, forgetting about it for a few days. And then Derek calls him about a week later, maybe asking him to grab a pizza or something before he comes over, and suddenly Stiles' phone is playing 'Howlin for you'

this is wonderful and thank you for this ask– i love love the idea of stiles doing personal ringtones for everyone. BUT WHAT IF STILES DECIDES THIS IS THE RINGTONE BEFORE THEY GET TOGETHER

Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend” continues to blare as Stiles digs underneath the passenger’s seat for his phone. He’s very aware of the undignified position he’s in, but Scott’s calling and Stiles needs to pick up the phone. Now. He squirms, getting the Jeep’s gear to the stomach, and he can’t reach–

“Why don’t you just get out and walk around to the passenger side?” Derek says from behind him.

Stiles can picture it, Derek folding his arms and probably looking unimpressed, and scoffing at Stiles’ ineptitude, probably. Stiles huffs and plants his knees on the driver’s seat, ass wobbling precariously in the air. “Because I’m already here and I know where the phone is.” He does. He touched the metal casing, right before the song stopped playing. Great. Now Scott’s probably leaving a voicemail, which does not bode well since Stiles said he was getting Derek’s info about the troll and now Scott doesn’t know that the thing’s saliva is poisonous and–

“Why don’t you go round that way and help? What are you standing around there for?” 

Derek doesn’t say anything, but then Stiles can hear him stepping around the Jeep. Derek helpfully starts reaching underneath the seat, looking for Stiles’ phone and grumbling. “There’s so much junk under here,” he mutters, pulling out a copy of Wuthering Heights that Stiles was supposed to return to Lydia. Three years ago, when he was still in high school.

Derek’s phone is in the stomach of the last troll, so unfortunately their only line of communication with the rest of the pack is to find Stiles’ phone. In the dark. 

Fortunately, Lydia starts calling. Stiles can hear a few bars of Beethoven’s 9th before it stops, like she was interrupted while calling. 

“We don’t have time for this, we just need to get to them,” Derek mutters.

“Well that would be great, except we don’t know where–”

Derek howls. It resonates through the night, and in the distance there’s a returning howl. 

Stiles tries not to tremble. This is no time thinking about how hot that was. Damn crush, he thought he was over this. Wasn’t going to college and dating other people supposed to put and end to this awful pining? 

Apparently not. 

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Sooo did the maybe-date happen?

It did! 
Seems my parents and friends were all expecting some kind of hand holding and kisses from this date but like… we just had a lot of fun?? It felt normal. Like other times we’ve hung out, which was nice. I didn’t feel as nervous.

Went to his place and played with his puppy for about half an hour, then we left, he opened the door to his truck for me so that was surprising, then we were stuck deciding where we were gonna eat on the way. We had Boston pizza. We talked so much we didn’t finish our meals. We spent all night trying to decide what movie we wanted to see but we never picked anything. We kept going off subject and talking about other things.
We finally get to the theatre and pick one there, the movie doesn’t start for another  hour so he put some money in the token machine and we got like, a million tokens. So we started playing games in the arcade to kill time. He’s really funny and so easy to talk to. He’s got a lot of interesting things to say.

It was just… so much fun. I honestly… doesn’t take much for me to have a good time, especially if I get to spend time with him. He could honestly just talk for 5 hours and I would be content to just sit there and listen. I was more worried about whether or not he was having as good a time as I was. It sucks not really knowing how someone feels about you, especially when you’ve been so sure of your own feelings for so long. I also don’t think he’s a very romantic type lol so I don’t know how much of his feelings he actually shows.

I asked him to go to Fun Haven with me sometime this week and he said that’d be fun, so I’m looking forward to that.
Still not sure where we stand, but i’m not about to push my luck and scare the guy off by telling him I like him after one maybe-date lmao.

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I think not everything Louis does has meaning for something later. So many people started to fret over H going back to the UK and L being in LA. And we know L knows what we do & say. Maybe the pizza thing was literally his way of letting us know period that he was in UK and not alone. I mean he's "given" little things here and there before. All can be called a coincidence but, there is a coincidence & and there is Harry and Louis coincidences.

he obviously placed himself in the UK but maybe that’s about it. maybe it’s not (god knows my inbox is quite convinced there will be elounor shenanigans soon). i mean, we’re gonna have to wait and see anyway. i’m not gonna worry about it until we know.

'The New Kid'

so @androo-the-moose and i were talking about how our s/is would meet so here’s a thing

Kaedyn was nervous. More nervous than he’d like to admit. He had been invited to join the Hidden Block club a few days ago at lunch, and this was his first meeting. It wasn’t supposed to start for another few moments, but judging by the noise echoing down the halls, no one inside the club room knew that. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door and walked in.

Inside was chaos. There were discarded snack wrappers all over the place, random game cartridges scattered across desks, abandoned bags on the floor, and papers with scribbly writing on them everywhere.

Amidst the mess were the club members - most of them, anyway. Jimmy and Luke were peering over a 4DS and giggling like school girls; Wallid was egging on Caddy and Ian, who were, as usual, at each other’s throats; Jeff was doing his best to stop Wallid from cheering them on; and Hana was sitting at the back with a mildly concerned looking kid whom Kaedyn didn’t recognise.

Kaedyn made his way to the back of the room, seeing as Hana and this mystery member were the only two sane members of the club at the moment; pausing only to reply to the welcome calls from Luke and Jimmy across the room.

Placing his bag down on a nearby chair, Kaedyn hopped up onto a desk beside Hana and the mysterious person. “Hey Hana. What happened this time?”
The kid beside Hana gave a low chuckle. “Caddy picked a fight with Ian over something stupid - something about pizza, I think.” Kaedyn rolled his eyes. “So a continuation of the lunch time conversation.” Hana nodded. “Pretty much.”

The kid beside Hana raised an eyebrow. “You must be Kaedyn? Hana mentioned you might be joining us today.”
Kaedyn grinned. “Yep. Hidden Block’s newest member.” he said proudly. He held his hand out to the mystery kid.

“Who might you be? Don’t think I’ve ever seen you around.” The kid shook his hand. “Andy. I’ve seen you around a bit, I think. You hang out with Caddy a lot, right?”
Kaedyn nodded. “Yeah. You wouldn’t happen to be Jeff’s Andy, would you?“ Andy smiled. “In the flesh.” Kaedyn smiled back. “Pleased to meet you! Jeff’s mentioned a couple of times.” Andy flushed slightly. “Well, welcome to the club. Hope you like this much chaos, because this is pretty much how every meeting goes.” Kaedyn scrunched up his eyebrows. “Really? Guess I’m in the right place then.” The only response was laughter.

After a few moments of sitting in comfortable silence, Hana seemed to have had enough of the fighting between Caddy and Ian, so she stood up and went to put a stop to it. Kaedyn chuckled as she left. “Good luck, Hana.” He called.

Silence fell at the back of the class once again, as Andy and Kaedyn watch Hana confront the disaster duo. The silence was only broken by Andy as he leaned toward Kaedyn with a curious expression. “So, how long have you been at Asagao, Kaedyn?” he asked.

Kaedyn shrugged. “Not very long. Just since the beginning of the year.” Andy looked surprised. “You’re a first year?” he asked, incredulously. Kaedyn shook his head, chuckling. “Third year.” He corrected. “I’m a transfer, sort of.”

Andy raised an eyebrow. “‘Sort of’?” Kaedyn chuckled again. “I’m a foreign student, yes: I was born in Canada - but I’ve been living in Japan for nearly 6 years. This is simply the first year my parents have had enough money to send me to this school.” Andy nodded. “Damn. You like it here so far?” Kaedyn nodded. “Yeah. It’s pretty nice.”

Silence feel between the two, both unsure of what to say next. Kaedyn piped up first. “So, I’m gathering you’ve been here a while. In the club, I mean?” he said. Andy nodded. “Yeah.” Kaedyn rubbed the back of his neck. “So, if you don’t mind me asking - why don’t you sit with them at lunch?” Andy flinched. “I do! Well, I do normally. I just didn’t this week because I, uh. Wasn’t feeling well.” He didn’t sound sure, but Kaedyn didn’t press the matter. “Oh. Are you at least feeling better?” Andy gave Kaedyn a small smile. “A bit, yeah.” Kaedyn returned the smile. “That’s good to hear. C'mon, let’s go help Hana.”

Things I Need in Life

- Jack and Maddie being awesome parents ie. Just hanging out with Danny and Jazz, being chaperones on class trips and staying with each child, and teaching them self defense, even if they won’t learn about ghosts.
- Maddie talking to Phantom one night about how she’s thought about the fact that he’s just a kid, like Danny, and that maybe they could just try a truce, and help each other out sometime- “Do ghosts need sleep, because if so, you go take a nap.”-.
-Danny telling his parents that he’s Phantom on his own terms, no plot forcing him to.
- Danny and Jack Father/Son bonding time.
-A family dinner every Friday that started as making an actual meal, but ended up as ordering pizza and just sitting there taking a well deserved break
-Fenton Family bonding

P3 x C: Gathering


Another city, another place that seemed to be swimming around with rumors… they seemed a lot different than the ideas of the Dark Hour back in his hometown…

Hadn’t he moved away from there in order to get away from superstitious stuff…? Now people were talking about men dying in their sleep… he certainly ended up picking the oddest places to live in.

He wanted to get off the street for a moment… today had been a little too much.

He had found a interesting bar known as the Stray Sheep… maybe he could find something to drink and a machine to buy some cigarettes.

He stepped inside… it was definitely noisy… the tv playing over by the bar counter, people sitting at the tables, enjoying pizza and a variety of alchohol, and others messing with the jukebox and a arcade machine.

Ah, he spotted the cigarette machine. He grabbed some spare yen from his pocket in order to get a pack from the device…


That didn’t sound like a good noise… no way, is it broken?

“Ah, for fucks sake…” He grumbled, and smacked the wall… the worst moments to need a smoke…