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Not my Jacket - Part 2 - S.P

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Part I , Part II , Part III

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“Lovely Y/n, how nice to see you again”

Penny peabody smiled at you, a wicked grin on her face. He blonde hair was straightened to perfection, as her navy blazer was crisp. The woman looked at her with wild eyes.

“You know the deal. Join the serpents, pay off your debts, and your boyfriend-”

“He’s not my boyfriend.”

“Sorry” She sneered, “your friend, won’t get hurt”

You sighed;

“What do I have to do?”

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The Movement Detective

Ello!!! Time for more ups and downs. Again, not much but it’s still interesting. Let’s begin once again.

  • Sprints down stairs to Faith
  • Falls down to ground after letting go of railing, just before Faith disappears.
  • Falls down to ground in flat.
  • Climbs up walls.
  • Falls down onto the sofa.

He’s fluctuating in the flat with ups and downs. Could show how unstable his condition/coma is. Also the scene where John says ‘Sherlock’ when he isn’t even there. So, reality bleeding through. Why say Sherlock? Maybe his heart rate is erratic and John is trying to calm Sherlock down by saying his name? Perhaps?

  • Down in lift to the morgue.
    - Could be he’s getting to a level where he can’t get back from. Getting close to being brain dead if someone were to test for a response. 

Overall, more of the same. More of going down. Even now, Sherlock is getting to a deeper level of his consciousness. Which is obvious. Because TFP is definitely the bottom of his mind. Where all the deleted facts and whatnot go to die. :P


The Empty Movements  | The Sign of Movements | His Last Movement | The Abominable Movements | The Six Movements | The Movement Detective | The Final Movement

Safe (Bucky x Reader)

Request:  Hello :) Can you please do a Bucky Barnes imagine where the reader has a nightmare and the avengers try to calm her down but she refuses their help and begs for Bucky since he’s the only one to make her feel calm/safe? Thank you so much! xx 

Words: 618

Warnings: Mention of nightmares 

You woke up with a start, breathing heavily. You could still hear the screams, still feel their hands grabbing for you. Just thinking about it made you burst into a million sobs. Shaking uncontrollably you could tell you were on the verge of a panic attack. 

Since you were staying at the Avengers Tower with the rest of the Avengers including Bucky, you knew that by now JARVIS had alerted Tony about you. JARVIS always told Steve when Bucky would wake up from a nightmare and since you and Tony were really close, you knew JARVIS would have told him by now. 

Your bedroom door swung open and in came Tony, Clint, Bruce and Natasha but no Steve or Bucky. Where was he? They all quickly came to your bed and sat down around you, all with worried expressions. 

“What’s the matter Y/N? Nightmare?” Nat asked, soothingly. Nat was your other closet friend next to Tony. 

You couldn’t even get one word out, all you did was sit there and cry some more. Your breathing quickened and by now you were flipping out. You tuned out their voices as they kept trying to calm you down. Only one person was on your mind right now and he was not in the room. 

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anonymous asked:

How do you think a poly relationship between male!mc x zen x saeran would work out? ;0

softly screams i have a secret love for poly stuff oh my goooshhh

given many of the things he says in-game, it seems like Zen has some pretty traditional views and considers himself straight-by-default. combine that with saeran’s chum bucket of emotional problems and natural inclination towards being a huge tsundere, you’ve got a really weird origin story for your relationship.

It starts, as many things do, with a crush. Weirdly enough, it’s Saeran getting a crush on Zen.

  • You’re not really sure how it happened. You didn’t actually think they got along very well - Saeran would always call Zen giant narcissist, Zen would get offended, and Saeran would post pictures of cats in the chat to harass him. In hindsight, maybe that was Saeran’s way of showing affection for him - like pulling a girl’s hair on the playground or stealing her shoes in the morning - but it really was impossible to distinguish that from actual annoyance.
  • But, you supposed on second thought, Zen did have a lot of sympathy for Saeran and his circumstances, and he took a lot of pains to give the boy an education into the pleasures of life. Read: goldfish bread, musicals, and beer. (It took awhile for Saeran to get used to that last one, but Zen was actually pretty sensitive and considerate in Saeran’s alcoholic education.)
  • …And maybe you did see the first signs of it when Zen took the two of you to an amusement park and won him a giant stuffed toy from the game area. The way Saeran looked at him then, and then turned away and blushed…
  • it was pretty cute, and because it was so cute you didn’t let yourself get disappointed. be happy for him. be happy for them both.
  • even if neither of them ever returned YOUR feelings, you wanted them to be happy.
  • Anyway. Saeran gets really embarrassing over Zen, Zen has ZERO idea what’s going on, and you’re just massaging your temples over these idiots. so, of course, you play wingman.
  • You invite them out. You invite them out a lot. Leaf viewings, ice skating, concerts, museum tours, ice cream dates, movies… pretty much every weekend (and even some weekdays when Zen is free) you’re taking the two of them out to make the magic happen.
  • ……you don’t notice how comfortable the three of you are becoming together. how natural going out is. how the three of you start accentuating each other’s strengths and compensating for each other’s weaknesses.
  • zen’s confidence helps Saeran when he’s getting nervous, saeran’s needs make Zen slow down and appreciate calm, peaceful moments more, and your patience helps soothe the both of them when their tempers have flared.
  • long story short: the three of you are basically dating without actually talking about it, and you don’t actually talk about it until you all go out to a bar, stumble home together, and maybe-kinda-sorta-make-out.
  • w h o o p s……
  • in the morning, zen realizes he’s not as straight as he thought he was, you say your prayers five times over, and Saeran hides in the closet for three hours while you both try to coax him out with cocoa and cookies so you can talk.
  • When everything settles, things… don’t actually change that much, aside from Zen being more effusively romantic towards you both. Which embarrasses the both of you tbh, though Saeran reacts with tsundere grumbling and you just blush.
  • (occasionally, when Saeran’s feeling pretty good, he’ll want to hold hands.)

Hello everyone this is Lux he would like to say hello

Here’s the QR for shiny Slyveon if anyone wanted it!!

Also his Pokedex entry in moon is really creepy like??

What a monster plz calm down Lux