maybe he realized how much i needed a buddy

Dean stopping to fuel his Impala, and when he is waiting in line to pay, he spots some keychains of stuffed animals. One of them is of a guinea pig, and without thinking it twice, he gets it and pays for it along with the gas.

Once he is back in the bunker, he finds Cas in the kitchen and he gives him the keychain. Cas looks at it, studying the stuffed guinea pig with his usual intensity before he looks at Dean, silently asking a question.

“For the keys of your truck,” Dean answers, trying to sound casual, but nothing is casual when it comes to Cas. “Just so you have something to remember home when you’re away.”

Before Dean turns around to hide his obvious blush, he manages to see Cas’ surprised but pleased face. Dean busies himself with the cupboards, trying to find something to eat, waiting for his flush and embarrassed smile to disappear. He almost startles when he feels Cas’ hand on his shoulder, but immediately melts under the familiar touch, his heart skipping a beat when he sees Cas’ bright and emotional eyes.

“I always remember home when I’m away,” Castiel says. “But thank you for the present, Dean. I really like it.”

Dean nods and smiles, trying to hide how much Cas’ words mean to him. “No problem, buddy.”

He watches how Castiel strokes the guinea pig, smiling at the soft touch. Maybe this little gift will make Cas come back home sooner the next time. Maybe when Cas is gone and he sees the little keychain, he realizes the unsaid words Dean is never able to say every time Cas is away.

I miss you.

Come back home.

Be safe.

I love you, Cas.

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#4 for the kiss meme b/c it sounds angsty af & #20 for fluff :)

[OOPS this got really long and angsty SORRY]

4. A kiss given to the wrong person

Foggy will insist to his dying day that he does not, in fact, squeak out loud when the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen lands in the alley between him and the two knife-wielding lunatics who’ve muscled him in there.

Luckily, he’ll have a lot of time for said insisting, because thanks to the Devil, his dying day is not today. Honestly, Foggy doesn’t really see what happens - all he knows is that the Devil moves very fast and suddenly Foggy’s attackers are unconscious on the ground and the Devil is hunched over them, panting like a rabid dog.

“Uh,” Foggy says, even though he’s not one hundred percent sure he’s not about to end up bleeding on the ground himself. “Thanks? Mr…Devil. Sir.”

The Devil startles. “Ff - ” he says without turning around, and then, “Mr. Nelson. Are you all right?”

“You know who I am?” Foggy asks. That’s…alarming.

“I make it a point to know everyone of importance in Hell’s Kitchen.” He’s straightened up, but he still hasn’t turned around.

Foggy blinks. “I’m important?”

“If you’re going after Fisk you are.” The Devil waves a hand at his unconscious victims. “Why do you think these men targeted you?”

Foggy takes a step back and tries to discreetly reach for his phone. “Who says I’m going after Fisk?”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Nelson. Your enemy is my enemy.” The Devil turns his head, just enough for Foggy to see the edge of a stubbled cheek. “You don’t have to be afraid.”

“Who - who says I’m afraid?” Foggy asks, and now he can see that cheek curving into a smile. Asshole.

“Get home safe, Mr. Nelson,” the Devil says, and before Foggy can say anything else, he’s around the corner, melting into the darkness.


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