maybe he legit wanted to share it

how much the companions Share about their sex lives

every sordid detail, with accompanying hand motions:

Hancock will tell you everything you want to know, and a few things about ghoul sex that maybe you didn’t. also slips in mini lectures of how to do everything safely. will egg on Piper and MacCready if they’re already tipsy and in a sharing mood, but he’ll stop them if it sounds like they’re telling stories they’ll actually be legit ashamed of in the morning or something

Cait might even grab someone close by and demonstrate. makes the most hand motions and tells dirty jokes to go with it. she’ll definitely egg on Piper and MacCready and hit on pretty much anyone, but she’ll stop as soon as someone mentions being uncomfortable. it just doesn’t really occur to her to think if she’s overstepping on her own

Deacon has a ton of stories but how many of them are true?? will tease people as long as he’s sure it’s all in good fun, and he encourages people to banter back with him. either by asking more about his “totally wild sex life” so he can tell even more outrageous stories, calling bullshit on said crazy stories, or teasing him about them. as long as everyone’s laughing and having fun, he doesn’t mind

Curie probably hasn’t experienced much, but she is very open about what she wants to try and who with, and doesn’t really understand anything about “embarrassment” or “appropriate timing.” once happily announced at the breakfast table that her masturbatory experiments have been going great, but she’s ready to move on to experiences with a partner. passes out application sheets complete with a full list of “activities” she wants to try

needs to be drunk first, then overshares WAY too much:

Piper once told the whole bar she was a squirter, and it’s only thanks to Hancock picking her up fireman style to put her to bed that she didn’t tell everyone what caused it. she tends to ask questions that are a bit too person if someone’s already sharing. also has a tendency to snoop and eavesdrop, but she gets to nervous to actually hit on people and she won’t keep bothering someone if they say they’re uncomfortable

MacCready is all blushy and “no one wants to hear that sh—crap” when he’s sober, but he overshares SO MUCH when he’s tipsy, and he gets really handsy he’s drunk. but less in a “grabbing other people” way and more of trying to sit in everyone’s lap and sidle up for hugs and basically being very needy for affection. will make out with pretty much anyone, tbh, but will also be very embarrassed in the morning and not make eye contact with anyone

X6-88 refuses to talk about such crude matters and acts like all surfacers are just horny barbarians with no higher thought processes. if teased too much by his partner(s) however, he will shove them up against a wall where no one else can see and calmly list all the ways he’s going to wreck them and then deny them orgasm. does this throughout the day and forces them to act like everything’s normal in front of the others who have no idea what’s going on. when drunk–has to be absolutely wasted to show any sign of intoxication at all–he says all of these things overly loudly no matter who is nearby and WILL make his partner(s) come regardless of the audience

doesn’t really talk about that sort of thing in public:

Nick will make the occasional witty innuendo or snarky comment about something sexual, but is mostly too classy to discuss the details of his sex life with anyone other than his parnter(s). he also doesn’t think it’s respectful to them, taking about what he does with them without their knowledge. does do a lot of dirty talk for his partner(s) when they’re together though

Danse gets flustered too easily, and he thinks conversations like that are inappropriate. if you have enough free time to be gossiping about sex, you can clean your weapons or go muck out the brahmin pit, soldier. (will be absolutely wrecked if his parnter(s) talk dirty to him in bed however. just doesn’t want any of that shared. too possessive, and it’s none of anyone else’s business anyway)

Preston sort of has the same problem about getting flustered, but he also just doesn’t really see the appeal? conversations like that aren’t interesting to him, and he’s not interested in sharing. also worries that his partner(s) might not appreciate him talking about their private moments together with other people. he doesn’t really want to share something so intimate like that with anyone else anyway



Codsworth has discretionary protocols built into his programming to make sure he doesn’t accidentally make a revealing comment and embarrass his sir / ser / ma’am. still somehow finds ways around that to make passive aggressive comments the next morning. “Good morning! will you be needing coffee then? I presume you were also kept awake last night. those dreadful alley cats, yowling like that into the wee hours. I imagine the neighbors might complain. also, I can fix you tea if you would prefer, if a sore throat is an ailment you might happen to have this jolly good morning.”