maybe he just likes keeping a low profile

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integrity by @camilaart

Jack Zimmermann joins a photography class/group at a library in Providence. He’s just known as Jack there. Maybe only like one person there knows that he is THE Jack Zimmermann and that’s only because of the registration. He makes sure to never wear any Falcs gear or Falcs colors

  • He keeps a low profile, he’s quiet but he offers up good critique. He has a good eye. A genuine desire and enthusiasm to become better. Everyone really likes him.
  • Slowly he becomes less nervous and anxious and more comfortable around the group. He’s not worried that he’s going to be judged or found out and given unfair treatment. 
  • And they notice. Because he laughs more. Even smiles. He lingers once sessions are over. Gets together for coffee when his schedule allows, both after sessions and on days off.
  • He starts bringing in things that Bitty made but he won’t get a chance to eat, or that Bitty made for him to bring.
  • He warns the group when he won’t be able to attend.
  • He slowly starts bringing in more photos, not just local scenery and geese.
  • He brings in photos he takes when he visits the Haus. When Bitty is visiting. When he’s on roadies. He doesn’t show any faces.
  • The photos of Bitty are of his hands. His back and shoulders. There’s a few neck down shots of him working in the kitchen in Jack’s apartment.
  • The group realizes how big a sign of trust this is.
  • Slowly the group puts together WHO Jack is. They each have a quiet oh moment and move on. They have a meeting outside of their meetings without Jack and agree that they really like the person that they’ve gotten to know and don’t want to spook him. They like Jack from Photo Group and don’t care that he’s Jack Zimmermann.
  • They also realize how important Bitty is to him, make the connection from the person in the photos and the baked goods he sometimes brings with him. Again it’s something they decide not to bring up.
  • They don’t say anything when Jack comes in late and tired, looking worse for wear after a game or a long flight. Don’t mention any injuries aside from wishing him a speedy recovery.
  • Jack eventually grows so comfortable that he brings Bitty with him. He doesn’t introduce him as his boyfriend but there’s an instant understanding with everyone in the room. They connect the photos and the baked goods and see the way the two act around each other and make ANOTHER vow. 
  • They love it when Bitty comes because Jack is always at his happiest and Bitty always brings baskets full of goodies. The first time he meets them he asks them all their likes and dislikes and the next time Bitty brings something for each of them.
  • It gets to the point where Bitty is sending Jack in with goodies for birthdays and such when he can’t make it and being like “This is from Eric, he’s sorry he couldn’t make it”
  • They love Jack and Bitty and don’t want to make things awkward and like it’s just an open secret. They know who Jack is and that his friend Eric is his boyfriend but they don’t say anything. And Jack and Bits don’t say anything to them.
  • Bitty invites them over to Jack’s apartment for a dinner party. Something he made for his vlog.
  • And of course because Bits is there he tweets about it and Instagrams it. And Jack Instagrams it. (He has two. One that’s for his photography and is personal and anonymous and one that’s his JZimms official account).
  • And after the party one of the members of the group is just scrolling through their phone when they’re at home/hanging out with friends/family and someone is like “IS THAT JACK ZIMMERMANN?” And they’re like “Yeah, he’s in my photography group.” And they’re just freaking out and the person from the group is like ???? He’s Jack from photo. He’s really chill. He always brings us treats and he’s got a really great eye and he gives really good critique.
EXO Reaction to meeting a pretty fan when they're on vacation/disguising themselves?

This was requested by @pasteldreamergirl I hope you like it hun! Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Can’t help it and takes a lot of selfies with you* “I can’t tell you my name… but you’ll find your picture on instagram one of these days… call me when you do” *Such a flirt*


*Better opportunity for him to show how perfect he is* “Call me Galaxy… they say I’m from outer space. Just see… give me a chance and you’ll understand”


“Please Soo.. she’s really pretty.. let me ask her her number! What if I don’t see her again? I promise I won’t tell you are all here… I’ll ask her to keep the secret… please!” *He really really liked you*


*Someone tries to impress you but… everything goes the other way around* “Where’s my exo feeling when I need it!”


*Following you around* “Funny isn’t it… I’m the fan now, following the girl of my dreams*


*He’s just simply himself* “You know, you are really different.. I like you a lot, these could be the best vacations of my life”


*Trying to find  away to get close to her* “Ahh.. why am I hiding.. maybe I should take another’s name… I’ll tell her my name is Park Chanyeol! Oh yes she’s going to love it, kinda gives me the happy virus thing”


*Can’t hive that manliness in him* “It’s not like I wasn’t trying to disguise myself.. it’s just I’m so manly that anyone would recognize me” *Well at least he can impress you freely* 


“Hello! I’m ChenChen-not-from-exo-but-yes and I like you! It’s nice to meet you!”


*Doing everything he can to get your attention* “Ahhh this whole thing of keeping a low profile is going to ruin me!”


“If I can’t tell her who I am… at least I’ll be everywhere she goes… so she notices me and falls in love with me somehow…” *Great logic there Lay*


“Who came with the great idea of keeping a low profile? Oh… yes… it was me…” *destroying his own love life*

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Can you combine these AUs - My cat only keeps going to your apartment because you feed him, you know… It’s like you’re encouraging him on purpose..’ AU‘ & I suspect you might be my favourite reclusive author but I’ve heard you’re notoriously shy and I don’t know how to be cool about this’ AU - where Nico is a shy author who loves his neighbor's (Will's) cat

I got like five messages for the cat one you guys are such cat nerds lmao I love you. 

It wasn’t normal for Will’s cat to be gone. Granted, it was a cat and he lived on the first floor of the apartment buildings and the cat was always left on the porch because for some reason pets weren’t allowed inside, but… still. Kit-Kat was the kind of lazy cat that lounged in same spot of shade all day every day. He only moved when he heard Will coming out to the porch to feed him.

Now all of a sudden, his cat was disappearing for hours at a time each day. He’d come back, but still it was odd behavior for Kit-Kat.

One day, Will was coming back from throwing out the trash when he saw Kit-Kat fitting his obese body between the bars of the patio railing. “Where do you think you’re going?” he chided, stepping in front of it. His cat looked up at him with bored green eyes mixed with gold from the reflecting sun. It was slightly unnerving. “Get back in the patio.”

The cat meowed and pranced past him. Will sighed and mentally berated himself for not getting a dog instead. He turned and saw Kit-Kat jumping up the stairs to the second floor apartments. “Really? You’re going to make me exert myself and exercise to catch you, you rotten cat?” Will muttered. He went up the stairs and nearly caught his cat on the top step.

Then it dashed down the breezeway much to Will’s frustration. He groaned and glared in its direction. “I’m going get you a leash,” he threatened. He walked down the breezeway, but before he could call for his cat, he heard another voice.

“Hey, kitty. Are you hungry?” Will stopped walking before turning the corner and waited. “There’s a good kitty. I wonder if your owner knows you’re here.” Slowly, Will peeked around the corner to see who was talking to Kit-Kat.

When he saw the mess of black hair he gasped and ran back down the breezeway. He was about ninety percent sure that the author of one of his favorite independent novels was living in the apartments, but he hadn’t thought he’d live so close. And he was… feeding Will’s cat?

That bloody cat had better luck than Will ever would. Of course, Will wasn’t completely sure, but he’d seen the guy when he was on his way to work and he was eerily similar to the black and white picture in the back of Will’s book. He was dying to know if it was him, but he had no idea how to ask or explain himself, and he didn’t want to look like an idiot if it wasn’t him. Besides, he’d read on a blog that the author liked to keep a low profile because he was incredibly shy.

He hesitated as he looked down the hall. Maybe this was his chance.

Slowly, nervously, he walked back down the breezeway until he reached the corner. Before he could turn, Kit-Kat came prancing back. He meowed at Will and continued down the breezeway like he hadn’t just been fed by the best author Will had ever read. He looked around the corner and to his dismay, the door was shut and the possible author was nowhere to be seen.

He could knock on the door….

Nope, it wasn’t happening.

He stomped back to his apartment and rolled his eyes when he saw Kit-Kat laying in the shade of the patio. “You’re an ungrateful little shit you know that, buddy?” Kit-Kat meowed lazily and Will went back into his apartment.

That’s how Will ended up stalking his cat and in turn his neighbor. Although, stalking was a strong word. If Will happened to catch his cat leaving the patio, he followed him to be sure he wasn’t getting hurt, of course. Then Kit-Kat would stop at his neighbor’s door. It was almost like the guy was expecting the cat to show up.

Each time, he’d croon at Kit-Kat and talk idly about nothing in particular with a voice that soothed Will. He tried to build up the nerve to talk to him or at least tell him it was his cat he was feeding, but he never could. When he thought he’d mustered the courage, it would dissipate or his cat would come turning the corner and rub against Will’s leg almost mockingly.

Finally, one day Will saw Kit-Kat missing and went out to get him. Will wanted to shower him before he had to go meet his friends at the mall. “Kit-Kat,” he called down the hall. Of course, he didn’t come back. He wasn’t a dog.

With a surrendering sigh, Will trudged forward calling for his cat. He turned the corner and saw his raven haired neighbor sitting beside Kit-Kat stroking his gray fur as he ate from a small bowl that had been set out.

“O-oh, hello,” he said in a timid voice. “Is… this your cat?” he asked. Will bit his lip and nodded. “I hope it’s okay I’ve been feeding him. I like the company.”

“It’s completely fine. He comes back every time.” It was suddenly hard to breathe. Not because this guy might have been the author Will adored, but because he was absolutely gorgeous. His eyes were dark and mysterious, the shy smile on his face made his heart stutter, the tone of his skin, his cheekbones, his jawline. This guy could be a role model.

“What’s your name?”

“Will,” he answered, maybe a little too quickly. He cleared his throat. “Yours?”

“Nico,” he said with a smile.

Will’s heart nearly stopped. “Um… Nico… di Angelo?” he asked hopefully.

Immediately, Nico’s face turned bright red. “Ah… you read my book.” Will nodded, unable to form words anymore. “I’m uh…. Look I’d appreciate if people didn’t come knocking on my door asking me-”

“I wasn’t… I wasn’t going to tell. I won’t even ask for an autograph.”

Nico nodded and stood up. “Okay…. Um you have a really nice cat. Sorry for… feeding him. Goodbye.” Nico turned away and into his house, leaving Will feeling deflated. Kit-Kat meowed at him and maybe Will imagined it, but there was a tinge of annoyance in the sound.

He ducked down and scooped his cat up. Before leaving he looked at the door forlornly, wishing he hadn’t opened his mouth.

The next day when he got back from work, he found his cat missing again. He sighed and went up the stairs and down the breezeway. He turned the corner and saw Nico sitting beside Kit-Kat, stroking his fur, and the same little bowl the cat ate from.

“So you’re the one encouraging my cat to abandon me.” Nico jumped and looked up at Will. Before he say anything, Will said, “I’ve been wondering where he was going off to. I’m Will. Who are you?”

Nico furrowed his eyebrows and looked at him oddly. “What are you….?”

Will gave him a rueful smile. “I made you uncomfortable yesterday. So I’m making up for it by pretending it didn’t happen.” He held out his hand. “What’s your name?”

Nico stood and slowly shook his hand. “Nico….”

“Nico? Wow, I’ve never heard that name before. That’s a unique name, neighbor.” Nico tried to suppress a smile and failed. “The cat so greedily eating at your doorstep is Kit-Kat.”

“I gathered from the collar. You know cats don’t normally wear collars.” Will shrugged. “It’s a nice cat.”

Will smiled as Nico seemed less likely to disappear into his apartment this time. “Want to hear a funny story? I found him as a kitten on my way to the trash. I thought he was a girl at first and I named him Shishi.”

Nico’s eyebrows shot up and he chuckled. “How’d you find out he’s a boy?”

Will winced and heaved a sigh. “I was giving him a bath and realized he had testicles.” Nico snorted and covered his mouth trying to hold it back. “Yeah,” Will drawled. “Very interesting day. Anyway, he hates me. I think he enjoys clawing at me.”

“Well, he’s nice to me. Maybe you’re just not feeding him right,” Nico answered with a smile. Will laughed and shook his head. “It’s nature’s way of telling you you’re not a cat person.”

“That means so much to me, thank you,” Will answered with playful sarcasm. Nico laughed and looked up at him with a light blush in his cheeks. “I mean, we could share him. He seems to like you a lot, and I’m sort of attached.”

“I’d like that,” Nico answered softly. Kit-Kat purred against Will’s legs and Nico smiled. “See, he likes you.”

Will smiled at his white and gray cat. “Yeah, I guess it’s tough love.” Kit-Kat dashed back down the corridor. “Um, I think that’s my cue.” He turned back to Nico and smiled nervously. “It was nice meeting you, Nico.”

“Nice meeting you too,” he answered as he went back inside. “I’ll… see you around.” Will nodded and Nico shut the door. This time the last thing Will saw was his timid smile.

He walked back down the breezeway triumphantly and took the stairs two at a time. When he got to his door, he saw Kit-Kat lounging in the shade. Will scoffed and smiled. “I guess you’re not so bad, Kit-Kat.”

Can’t Fool Me Satan

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Title: Can’t Fool Me Satan

Characters: Dean, Lucifer!Sam, Y/N (no pairing)

Word Count: 1,260

Warnings: fluff?

A/N: This was requested by @mylittlesupertimewolf! I hope you all enjoy this as the second fic of Satan Sunday! I apologize for posting a bit late, I was kind of busy with other things and I tried to rush through them so I could get this out ASAP. If you’d like more Lucifer or any other character, you can always request it! :D

Dean helped you off the ground, looking around for other demons.  Sam was nowhere to be found, but at least he found you.  It was odd how you were just thrown into this room away from him.  It was like something was protecting you, but Dean wasn’t sure.  He thought maybe it was Castiel trying to keep a low profile.

“Are you okay [Y/N],” Dean asked, keeping his voice low.  Dean needed to find Sam.  He hoped that Lucifer hadn’t gotten to him first.  Since springing Lucifer out of his cage, Lucifer had some harsh feelings towards the Winchesters.  Especially for putting him back into his cage in the first place.  Dean brought you to your feet, “let’s go find Sammy.”

You brushed the dirt off your pants, nodding your head.  When a demon came after you, a force pushed you into this room, locking the door.  There had to be a logical explanation for it.  However, you pushed those thoughts aside; you had to focus on finding Sam.  When you and Dean exited the room you were kept in, there Sam stood, looking around.  “Sam,” you called out, rushing up to him.  “Are you okay?”

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A little one-shot that takes place after 4x04

pairing: Robbie/Daisy, quakerider (can be seen as platonic or romantic, whatever works~~~)

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About that Tweet to Lenkov...

Hi, Mr.Lenkov. First thing of all, I really, really love both of your shows! Big fan! MacGyver is fantastic (but I enjoy H50 more lol) ! Love that relationship between Mac and Jack, they're so cute!
I'm writing to you 'cause I want to talk about our boys, Steve and Danny, with you. I just can't hold back my words anymore.
It's been six years since our boys' first met in McGarrett's garage. During the six years, they get to know each other, they get each other's back, and they love each other deeply. Their friends know that, Grace knows that, their (ex-)girlfriends know that, even people who just met them know that, and sometimes mistaken them as a gay couple. In fact, their friend tease them as an old couple many times, and they often compare their relationship to marriage, too. 
They save each other's ass countless times, and Danny even donated half of his liver to Steve without consideration. They quarrel, and make it up even faster. They spend their holidays together, and Steve'll take Danny to some special places, which just feels like a date. 
Steve said Cath was the only one he ever let in, who he barely has any clue about little personal details and plainly refused to share details of his childhood with. But he's glad to share it with Danny, and he knows everything about Danny (S06E09 delete scene). In S06E14, Melissa argued with Danny for the "never say I love you" thing. But Danny, who didn't say love even in the end of that episode, has said it more than ten times to Steve in this show! 
Don't you think they love each other a little bit too much for just being friends? 
Will you considerate giving them a chance to be together, please? Maybe not now. Maybe not until the ending. I don't know.
I know that Scott is okay with it, even enjoy it. I don't know how Alex thinks, but I have reason to believe he has no objaction. 
McDanno has been the top 20 couples in AO3 for years, I'm sure more than 90% of the fans, especally the fans who're crazy for H50, will be really glad to see that happen, and love this idea more than you can image. We've been waiting for this moment patiently for six years, and we're still praying for it.
The article above only represents my personal opinion. Please forgive me if what I say offends you or has any grammatical mistakes, because Engilsh is not my mother language. I can express myself better in Chinese but…lol
Thank you for taking time to read this. I really appreciate it. No need to reply me, just…think over it, okay?
Love you and your shows~ Can't wait to watch next eposides of Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver! Hope they'll get better rating this week!

Well, that’s what I said in that tweet. 

Sorry, I tried to keep a low profile but he didn’t give me the chance… I had no idea he would retweet it. I didn’t mean to gain support from him, I just want to tell him my thoughts. Now I feel that I’m too rash, or stupid, maybe both.

Since I can’t change what has happened, I guess out there to go on Twitter and like his tweet is the right thing to do now. It has only 60 likes now which makes what I said kind of carry no conviction. 

Please support me to show him how much we appreciate this idea.

The link is here:

Sorry again for the troubles I might have caused. I apologize.