maybe he just didnt want the thing on

things to consider; agender magnus chase

• magnus has a pretty good concept of gender and identity. he always has, at least, when it comes to others - reading himself has always been a little harder for him.

• he imagines he’s probably a dude. people have called him a dude up til now, so, theyre probably right. he never really thinks too much on it

• until alex makes a silly comment about “getting together ever thursday to question our gender like a team”. magnus laughs and it makes her smile, but it sticks in his head for a long time. he starts to really wonder what makes someone a man and what makes someone a woman.

• he thinks it might be rude to ask alex, but he cant think of anyone else who would have a better handle on it. he doesnt ask her anyways - he goes to sam. “what makes you a woman?” he asks. she goes quiet for a moment, like she isnt sure. “strength” she answers. “the thing inside me that makes me a woman is my strength.” she shrugs. “its different for everyone.” this wasnt the answer he was expecting and it doesnt help much, but hes glad he asked anyways.

• he goes to hearth next, asks him what makes him a man. hearth signs “rebellion” lazily, then shows the edge of what magnus thinks is a tank top under his shirt. magnus makes a face of confusion and hearth signs “binder.” he shakes his head. “i wont be his sweet little daughter. never.” magnus brings his hand towards his face without thinking about it, signs his thanks. “you always surprise me” he says out loud, almost to himself. hearth shrugs. “i know” he signs.

• magnus is at a loss. he knew gender was confusing, but this? this is ridiculous. neither answer helped him feel anyway towards the other, and maybe that was just the thing - he didnt feel particularly like a boy or a girl. he’s about to go ask blitzen when alex cuts him off.

• “okay, maggie. you and me. we’re settling this.” he doesnt understand what she means until she crosses her arms and says much more quietly “samirah told me.” she tucks a lock of shockingly green hair behind her ear, much more withdrawn than usual. “are you asking for yourself or-” magnus nods immediately. she seems to relax a bit, tenseness leaving her muscles. “oh… i mean. you can talk to me, if you want. if anyone can help you with gender, its me - ive got two of them.” he laughs a little. “practically makes me an expert.” he grins at her and she grins back. they leave for a more private location.

“i just dont get it” magnus admits when they get there. they’re sitting side by side in alex’s room, enjoying the wide open space. theres something sacred and secret about it. something they share. “is it possible to have no gender?” he continues. “is it possible to just… be nothing?”

alex blinks rapidly. “well, sure.”

his head turns towards her quickly, eyes wide. “seriously?”

alex shrugs and says again, “sure. i mean, you arent ‘nothing’ - that would make you agender. neither man nor woman, not nonbinary, and not fluid like me. but not ‘nothing’.”

magnus falls backwards, letting the back of his head touch the ground. he’s staring up but his eyes aren’t seeing. “wow. im.. that? agender?”

alex lays next to him, some of her hair falling over his face. he absent-mindedly blows it away from his mouth and she laughs. “if you think so. you can always… i dunno, try it out and see if its right. i used to think i was only a girl.” she shrugs again. “its okay to be wrong about stuff like this. you find your way to yourself eventually.”

theyre quiet for a moment. then he says “youre being very nice to me right now.”

when he turns his head to see her, he sees shes cracked a wicked smile. “im just warming you up. that way youll never see it coming.”

he raises an eyebrow, the corners of his mouth lifting just a little. “see what coming?”

alex hums. “it.”

they go back to staring at the expanse of sky above them, both smiling. magnus wasnt sure how he expected the day to go, but this wasnt it. he feels… good. he feels like something has shifted, something that was always meant to be has come to be.

magnus has never noticed it before, but for the first time, things just feel right.

Voltron S3 Spoilers

Heres my Voltron theory: Its obviously about Shiro but its not about how hes a clone (which he is) but after learning about how Zarkon was married to his sidekick/witch and how quintessence basically consumed Zarkon and his wife and it made them want more and have the purest form of quintessence. But heres where I break it down upon Shiro;

Shiro didnt have his white hair till AFTER he was abducted by Zarkon and had tests placed on him by his Haggar.

Now im not totally sure if alteans having white hair is a gene type thing or if maybe involves alteans becoming old OR if its quintessence. If you saw in s3 Zarkons wife didnt always have white hair, it just kinda appeared after she had been playing with quintessence, and it didnt look like it was coming from her roots either. But I also hope that everyones aware that Lotor is part altean

@ his white hair of course. Again, thats why im not sure if its just genes or quintessence. 

Back to Shiro, I believe that Zarkons wife was using quintessence on Shiro. It would make sense? With the white hair and his glowing eye thing? And how quintessence has so much “power” which is what Haggar was complaining or was mad about when telling Shiro about how much power she gave him. And I know that she was also talking about his bionic arm but you never know. 

You know who also is filled up with quintessence and has glowing eyes?

Zarkon. WHich his glow kinda is the same at the glow on Shiros bionic arm… 

I also just thought about it because Shiro was a gladiator while on Zarkons ship. But there was a point where he didnt have white in his hair, and didnt have his bionic arm while he was a  gladiator.

I think when Zarkon and his wife realized that Shiro was a good test subject was when they realized he was hella strong and could beat most of their other fighters. SO they wanted to create a weapon to defeat Voltron.

But after watching s3 I have a strong feeling that Shiros gonna be controlled by Zarkon. After all they did capture him again and most likely did more tests on him. I very much also feel like hes going to turn on his team and im not ready for s4. 

But its okay cuz everyone will save him (again) :)

anonymous asked:

Do you know any good kidfics where Neil is the one getting deaged? And if you don't could you maybe write something like that if it's not to much? Thank you 💚

(This has taken me fucking forever to answer I’m so sorry)

Unfortunately, I don’t know any good kidfics where Neil’s been deaged. I don’t actually tend to read those kinds of fics?? Sorry! (Well, actually, I might know one, but I’d have to scour the depths of ao3 to find it and I don’t want to do that. It’s been like a year since I read that fic so idk where it is now) But I can most certainly try my hand at writing one!

Uh, I was debating on how long I should make this, but since I’m posting this on tumblr, I decided to make it shorter than I’d like. If you want, you can consider this ‘part one’ but I probably won’t post more unless I’m asked to.


Andrew knows that something is very wrong when he wakes up in the morning. Something is up when he gets out of bed and Neil is nowhere to be found. He and Neil aren’t comfortable enough to sleep in the same bed, but he’s always nearby in the morning. The fact that he isn’t means that something has happened.

There’s also the fact that Nicky and Kevin are nowhere to be found too. Aaron is sitting on the couch with his head in his hands, like he has a headache. He does this often enough that Andrew doesn’t question it. (Not that he would if it weren’t normal)

Andrew no longer feels the need to shadow Kevin like he has, but it’s still odd that Kevin has disappeared. It may mean nothing, but ‘nothing’ is a much broader term than it once was. Or so Neil likes to insist.

“Coach wants to see you,” Aaron suddenly says, glancing up at him and then to the side. “He wants to talk to you about something.”

Andrew hums noncommittally.

“It’s important, so he told me to stress how urgent it is. He’s at the Court.” Aaron looks reluctant to keep speaking.

“Fine.” Andrew doesn’t move though. He’s still waiting for his coffee to finish. He is not talking to the Coach while he hasn’t had morning coffee.

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dating hansol

alrighty im probably gonna add more to this later because im Soft™ and this might have a lot of typos, but here we go.

-first off, he is someone who would want to date his best friend. like, there has to be that level of trust snd respect that only best friends have that he wants in a relationship. he also doesn’t want to feel bad if he is a total goof (which he is) because he knows his best friend would never judge him.

-loves loves loveS holding your hand. it is one of his favorite things because he likes having you close to him and isnt a huge fan of pda (only in public, ill get to that later). he just loves lacing his fingers through yours and rubbing the back of your hand with his thumb. and he loves it even more when you do it to him.

-not a pda person in public, but when its just you two (or you two and one other person (aka seungkwan)) he is ALL OVER YOU (not like that get ya mind out of the gutter). he’ll pull you into his lap or into his chest and will kiss your forehead or your cheek or like bury his face into you neck or vice versa.

-i briefly mentioned it before but vern is just a huuuge goofball. he absolutely loves it when you play along with his antics, so you would find both of you making up stupid dances and dumb songs and stuff likes that. he knows when to get real and when to get serious and when to chill, but until then, he is a goober.

-fav type of dates are the ones (idek if they count as dates??? cute tho) where yall just stay in, you have the vague area to yourselves, and youre just watching a movie or playing video games. these dates have two moods 1) its been a long day so we’re just chillin (in cedar rapids) and everything is quiet. occasional chatting but with low voices. very sleepy. usually watching a movie or tv show. its dark or there are only fairy lights. sometimes you get deep and cry a lil but everything is well. or 2) ENERGY. playing games ir doing stupid commentary on whatever youre watching. there is no chill. you are loud and despite frantic texts from the members telling you to shuhshshshshshh the two of you are just too excited to be together and have all of this energy!!! you need to get it out!!!!!! memes. there are lots of memes. memes of each other, but also just.,,.., memes. dates usually go something like that.

-loves it when his s/o is super passionate about something. it doesn’t completely matter what it is, as long as it is safe and all that, he just loves it when you have something that you really really love.

-would rap for you a lot. both really good, impressive ones that you can tell he worked really hard on, a d ones that the two of you just made up randomly to make each other laugh. however , he would love it even more if you rapped for him (or tried). he doesn’t care if your good or not, just the fact the you want to become a part of and appreciate something he loves so much makes him glow with happiness.

-listening to music. alllllll the time. he seems to be an open minded peson in general, so my guess is that that carries over to his interest in music too. he would listen to anything, kpop, rap, hip hop, classical, techno, lyrical, ballads, soundtracks, you name it. if there is a genre of music you really like, he would want to become interested in it too, so he could appreciate it with you.

-doesnt really go all out with the couple pet names (doesnt do sweetie or princess and stuff) but sticks to the classics like baby and babe. it makes your heart melt.

-one of his favorite activities to do with you is to play video games!! this is just me but i feel like he would prefer coop or single player games rather then online games. he thinks it adorable when you play a game like skyrim, or something of the sort and you die a lot and get frustrated. you pretend to think he is being a bully when he teases you, but he still thinks your the cutest thing in the universe right there and then.

-gets realllllly soft at night. if the two of you are spending the night or something, he wont let you go to sleep until he gushes and tells you how much he loves you at least 1,000 times. times like these just make your heart soar, and they make you soft and then you get all soft and giggly and tell him you love him 5,000 times and it makes him love you even more.

-would literally cry tears of joy if you and his sister got along. and his mom. and his dad. and his cat. he just wants everyone important to him to get along.

-he has said before that the most important thing in a human is respect, but i also feel like honesty is important to him. he would really want you and maybe even expect you to be as honest as possible, both with you to him and him to you. nothing makes him more upset then you keeping something from him, it makes it feel like you dont trust him, which breaks his heart. this is only of the only things i can imagine him ever “fighting” out about (it barely even counts as fighting. it is an argument usually that would very rarely escalate, and when it did, you would both just take some time to yourself and come back together even stronger and more trusting then you were before).

-usually, vernon is all smiles when he is with you, but like everyone else, he has bad days. maybe it was a long day at practice, maybe he didnt get to talk to his mom that day, or maybe he is just sad. we all have those days. in times like these, he just wants to lay there with you, almost always with soft music. more then anything he just wants a hug. a long, really satisfying and comforting hug. he wants to feel protected and loved, which are all things you are capable of. when you are upset he is always there for you, so please be there for him. idol life is hard, and he will need support.

-honestly, i feel like vern is just a total fluff ball. when its just you two, he gets sooooo corny and goofy and it makes you love him even more. when youre with people you know, he goofs off with everyone and helps you feel included, all while holding your hand or wrapping his arm around your waist. when with people you dont know (or like), his arm is wrapped around you still but tighter, his hand never leaves yours, and he is always checking to make sure youre okay.

-SPEAKING OF, this sweetheart is always worried about you being anxious, or uncomfortable, or unhappy. he is always checking on you, and squeezing your hand, and worrying about you. he just wants you to feel safe and happy.


hey guys, I felt so inspired to write this boss!older!Damian x employee!Reader so please enjoy.

The intense knock on his door was enough to wake Damian out of his half sleeping state. He lifted his hands from between his palms and rubbed his hurt eyes, groaning to whoever had knocked.

“Come in”

The door opened soflty and light from his office spread through the dark hall that laid outside of it. Quietly and respectfully you walked through the open door, being extremely careful that your heels wouldn’t click or make any annoying sound. Damian had been having a rough time with everything this months and seeing him like this made your stomach tighten. Sure, you were nothing but his mere assistant but how could you not worry for someone who would even sleep at work, someone who had taken such good care of you in so many years.
Recently, Damian had forgotten about his hobbies, he wouldn’t make appearances in social events and to top it all, every now and then he’d come to work with bruises all over his face and knuckles. Your boss’s state was horrible and after having been around him for so much time you couldn’t say that you didn’t care. Because you did, more than an assistant should, more than a person could. Damian had become such an essential part of your life and it felt like you needed him to keep living.

“I brought you some food, a coffee as you always take it and i finished the things you assigned me to do.” You said with a soft smile and sat on the chair across his office desk, setting all the goodies you had bought him on it.

“This work was supposed to… it was supposed to have you covered for all week” Damian sighed and once he rubbed his eyes again he set them on the big cup of coffee, eyeing it as if it was the most vital thing for his survival.

“Yes sir, but I wanted to help you. You can hand me twice the amount tomorrow. I promise it will be done”

“-tt- don’t over work yourself (Y/n).” At this point he was so into this coffee and the tortilla sandwich you had brought. He had forgotten how many hours ago was his last meal.

In the blink of an eye his eyes fell on yours. You were watching his every move as he ate with hunger, a look of fulfilment and tired happiness on your face. Every minute he regretted being rude at you in the beginning of your collaboration. You’d always be a good employee, always asking for more thing to do and you’d always make sure to take care of him. You were probably the most selfless and dedicated person he had met.

“Fucking delicious” Damian mumbled as he went on with chewing his food, it was indeed the most delicious sandwich he ever had in his entire life. “Please tell me you’ve brought more of this” He said after he swallowed and his eyes landed on the plastic bag on his office desk and its containers. There was one more sandwich and it probably wasn’t for him, you’ve been here for so long and he could hear your stomach from down the hall with all the silence that existed at this hour.

“You can have it sir, I’ll cook once I get home”

At this Damian nodded. He knew better than staring to be all stubborn around you because he knew you were damn stubborn as well. And he didn’t understand how or when, but it had stopped annoying him.

“Just take one bite (l/n) it won’t hurt. You can come with me for lunch tomorrow so I can repay you for all this” Damian spoke and sipped from his hot coffee, averting his eyes right in yours once again. You felt your heart skip a bit and your cheeks started burning, you just wanted Damian to keep staring at you forever and ever. With a swift move you took Damian’s hand in yours and slowly pushed it away, rubbing soothing circles on it.

For a strange reason he didn’t know if he could take his eyes off of you and he knew you never ceased on staring into his deep, forest green eyes. It acted like a trick as he got the sandwich closer to your mouth so you could freely take your bite.

“No sir, its fine, I promise”

Yet he could see the desperation and annoyance in your gaze as he bit down on your sandwich, the gulp that was so audible and the sharp exhales as you watched him eat. There was something inside him that loved that look on your face, it only reminded him how much he loved annoying people in his own special way, ever since he was a child, in his Robin days.

“You should probably leave, we don’t want your boyfriend waiting for you with an empty stomach right?” Damian smirk with his sandwich stuffed cheeks, you couldn’t help but think how adorable he looked, even sexy st the same time and you mentally slapped yourself.

‘get yourself together (Y/n), hes your boss’s

“Boyfriend, sir?”

“Oh, is it a girlfriend?” At This you laughed. Was he so oblivious?

“Sir, I don’t have any romantic partner in my life.”

Damian felt so relieved as he heard that, although he couldn’t understand the reason why. It was mayne because you were spending your whole damn life at this office, to the point he was afraid he’d lose his job for you, because you were the most hardworking person he had ever met. Or it was maybe because hed never seen you care about all those stuff. He had taken you to galas, to fancy red carpet parties to which he went to, only to prove the media that he was just like his father -but prettier- and you never flirted with anyone. Ever. St first he had thought that maybe you were eith someone and being very loyal but now that he knew that wasn’t the case he didnt know how to actually feel.

Maybe you had been hurt before in the past, but then again he didn’t k ow many things about your past, or maybe you wanted your career to come first and he totally respected that or maybe-


Why was he thinking about all these stuff. Why was he curious about his employees love life, why did he look at you like he was star spangled when only the two of you were in this room, st this time of night and all by yourself, without anyone being able to interrupt. Why did he feel as if his skin was going to melt on the spot you had touched on his hand. He had tons of women begging for his attention at the very moment and yet here he was, feeling as if all these years he had worked with you he was in love with you.

He who had banned his employees from having affairs with each other so it wouldn’t mess up with their job.

No… this wasn’t him…

Damian didn’t have these thoughts for anyone. He didn’t have time for love and he had promised himself he wouldn’t end up like Dick, breaking hearts with a blink of his eye. Even though he didnt have time for love he always wanted to know how it felt to have someone to love and to be loved, to be taken care and take care of. In the blink of an eye the realisation hit him hard because he had been denying for so long, but he felt as if you were the answer to these questions and the thought of not being able to tell you just now, killed him.

“Sir are you alright?”

He heard your voice say and onlt then did his heart lower it’s pace. With a nod he gestured you to leave and after saying your goodnights you were gone for good, leaving Damian wonder how and why. Amd in which way he could come closer to you.

I’d like to read your thoughts on this and if you want me to turn this into a mini series or want me another part just tell me so and I’ll try to.

Phichit Chulanont, Baby Whisperer

With the major gearing up to the Grand Prix series, Phichit had been all but banned by Celestino from visiting St Petersburg, months before Misha was even born, in fact. 

He had been begrudgingly okay with this, honestly, happy to commence ‘god parent duties’ from afar. It was all gone once Viktor had posted the obligatory instagram of Yuuri holding little Misha, captioned with the announcement of his birth. He was just too adorable. Sorry Celestino. 

So, a week later, we find Phichit knocking on Viktor and Yuuri’s door at 2am, suitcase in tow. Of course he hadn’t just shown up without telling them he was coming, but Phichit is about to discover something about couples with new babies, particularly first time parents, is that they tend to be forgetful of everything that isn’t their child.

Yuuri opens the door after five awkward minutes and he looks absolutely wrecked. And Phichit has seen Yuuri tired before, many times, after all they were in college together. He’s never looked quite so zombie-like than this. 

“Oh,” he says, “hi Phichit. Did I oversleep again?” 

“Uh, Yuuri?” 

He smiles stupidly. “Celestino won’t be too mad.” 

Phichit is somewhat terrified. “You do realise we’re in Russia, right?” 

From across the house, Phichit hears a high pitched wail, followed by “I’ll get it!” 

“Phichit?!” Yuuri finally realises, and throws his arms around him. 

Perhaps Phichit would have been a little bit put out at the fact that his best friend forgot he was coming under any other circumstance, but Yuuri just looks much too tired. Still, Phichit follows him inside, and they sit down on the sofa until Viktor emerges, Misha in arms and still sobbing. 

“He can’t still be hungry,” Yuuri practically whispers. 

Viktor, surprisingly looking just as out of it as Yuuri, just shrugs. “He wouldn’t stop crying.” 

“He never stops crying,” Yuuri mumbles, sounding ever more like a broken man. “I’m sorry, did you want to hold him?” 

Despite his sympathy, Phichit finds himself nodding enthusiastically, and takes him carefully from Viktor. It’s love at first sight. Honestly, the pictures he’s seen didnt do the boy justice. He’s the most precious thing Phichit has laid his eyes upon, other than maybe his hamsters. 

Viktor and Yuuri are staring at him in shock. 

“How did you do that?”

“Do what?” Phichit says, rocking the now sleeping baby. 

Viktor looks at Yuuri. “Can we keep him?”

Coincidences Part II (Bucky x Reader)

You guys have waited way too long for this and for that I’m sorry. But here it is, so I won’t start it with my usual long-winded preamble. 

Happy Reading!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (Modern AU thingy)

Words: 5046 (yikes, that’s the longest fic I’ve ever written)

Warnings: The usual tiny bit of swearing

Excerpt:  For a moment, you wonder how this became your life. Yesterday, you were just another girl worrying about everything except her lack of a love life. Now that’s all you can think about because you’re flirting with a complete stranger. How insanely insane is that? For all you know, he could be a forty-something year old dude with three ex-wives and a beer-belly that could carry triplets. Somehow, though, you don’t think that’s likely.

Series Tags: @melanie451 @sebstanwassup @colagirl5 @winenighthoe @lovemarvelousfics @gotnotfeature @sebastianst-n @alwayshave-faith @hollycornish @iggytheboywonder 

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New Message from Mr. Catarcs

3:42 a.m u up?

You blink your eyes blearily and shift in bed. The sheet is wrapped around your legs like sweaty vines, constricting your movement. You growl angrily and throw them off, sitting up and relishing in the cool air of your apartment. Despite the frigid cold outside, you somehow still manage to wake up sweating. Maybe you’re a mutant. 

Glancing over at your phone, it dings again to impatiently let you know that you still haven’t opened the text that woke you up. Usually your phone is switched to silent because of your job at the diner. There are always so many phones going off that it’s almost impossible to tell which is which. It’s just easier having your phone on silent because then you’re never worried about whether your phone is ringing or if it’s someone else’s. It saves you a lot of unnecessary anxiety. 

But ever since last night’s conversation with James, you decided that you wanted to hear your phone ring with a text. It’s the first time in your life that you don’t want to miss a text. 

You pick up the offending piece technology and swipe it open. Sure enough, the text is from James and you grin despite the fact that this message is the same one that woke you at—you squint at your alarm clock—3:49 a.m. 

Deciding you are both thirsty and in need of some time in the open air of your apartment and not under the suffocating sheets, you get up and stretch. The floors are cold as you pad to the kitchen and fill a glass with water, shooting a text back to James. 

3:51 a.m I am now

You wait for an answer while downing your glass of water and putting the empty glass in the sink again. Maybe he fell back asleep when you didn’t answer right away. 

For a moment, you wonder how this became your life. Yesterday, you were just another girl worrying about everything except her lack of a love life. Now that’s all you can think about because you’re flirting with a complete stranger. How insanely insane is that? For all you know, he could be a forty-something year old dude with three ex-wives and a beer-belly that could carry triplets. Somehow, though, you don’t think that’s likely. 

You have no proof of this, and absolutely no reason to believe he isn’t a creep except for a gut feeling. You resolve to ask his age whenever he decides to answer you. 

You think about that. He could lie to you and tell you that he’s 20 when he’s really a lot older than that. The only way you’d truly know is if you meet him in person. 

Suddenly you’re a little dizzy. This is just way too much to worry about at four a.m. You decide to just talk to him. You genuinely like his personality, and you don’t have to worry about all that other stuff until you actually meet him. If you actually meet him. That’s a big, neon-colored, flashing sign in the middle of absolute nowhere if.  

Your phone dings and you look over from where you’re clutching the counter. You don’t notice how hard you were gripping the counter until you pull your palms away and it stings, lines etching themselves across your palm. 

4:03 a.m srry didnt mean to wake u

Before you can even formulate a response, he’s texting you again. A double text. Gasp.

4:04 a.m just couldnt sleep. i was wondring if u wanted to talk

You tilt your head at your screen. He’s up in the middle of the night, and the first thing he does is text you? Why? Does he not have other people he can talk to? A stupid part of you, the same part that wants to meet him in person, thinks that maybe it’s because he wants to talk to you. 

Maybe he does. Probably not. It’s too much to hope for. All his other friends are probably asleep. Regardless, not answering is not an option. Well, it is, but it’s not one you’re likely to explore, not when your chest has those freaky bubbles in it and your stomach is doing that stupid flippy-thingy. Nope. This, you decide, feels like High School when a cute boy texted you first and the instinct to giggle shot up to level 12. 

4:06 a.m alright. what about?

Capitals, Y/N. What the hell happened to capitals?

You take your phone and pad back into your room, perching yourself up against the headboard with your knees drawn up to your chest and your phone in your hands as you wait for a response. Worrying your bottom lip, your mind drifts to work. You’ll have to get up in about three hours to be at work on time. Man, you’re going to be tired. 

It’s then that your phone dings. You decide then that talking to him makes it worth the fatigue. 

4:11 a.m twenty questions?

4:11 a.m Fine, but since you woke me up you have to go first.

The three dots that mean he’s typing pop up three different times before the response finally comes through. 

4:15 a.m whatd u go to school 4?

You laugh. 

4:15 a.m getting down to the nitty gritty personal stuff I see

You think for a moment. Telling him what you do isn’t divulging too much about yourself, so you decide it’s okay.

4:16 a.m lol yup thats me. i want the deep personal stuff. might just ask what ur fav color is nxt

4:16 a.m 1. editing; 2. sorry, that’s sacred info

4:17 a.m 1 ah i understand y ur a grammar nazi now…2 obviously

Thinking for a moment, you decide that favorites are just too cliche. Any conversation anyone has with some new friend ends in questions that start with “What’s your favorite…” You really want to know how old he is, but you figure you need an ice breaker before you get to the actual nitty gritty. 

First, though, you must take the bait to piss him off:

4:19 a.m What would you have done if I hadn’t gone to college?

With a yawn, you lie back down and curl on your side, sitting your phone on the nightstand in front of you with your eyes glued to it. Once you realize that staring at it isn’t going to make him type faster, you turn over. 

You’re totally not too eager. There’s no—


You flip over so fast that you rip the sheet from the other side of the bed and end up with half of it between your stomach and the bed. It pulls from the bottom corner of the bed and is slightly uncomfortable, but you don’t care. 

4:22 a.m high school?

4:23 a.m I didn’t go to high school FOR anything 

You’re not sure if the use of caps-lock is weird, but you send it off anyways, deciding that emphasis on that one word is crucial to your meaning. He replies within seconds. 

4:23 a.m i mean dunno bout u but i went to learn

You laugh, probably louder than is necessary. 

4:24 a.m Touche. What’d you go to school for?

4:26 a.m repeating questions isnt alowed

Frowning, you wonder if he actually didn’t go to college. Should you push it? Maybe you should just change the question. There’s a part of you, the curious part that wanted to be a reporter when you were young, that really wants to know. 

There isn’t too much time for you to think all of that before he’s texting you again. Usually, you’re the one to mercilessly double-text. James, it would seem, has you beat in this department. Also, you didn’t want to double-text a complete stranger. 

Before you even look at the text, it hits you again: this is a complete stranger. The thought of not answering enters your mind again, but you push it down. No harm in just talking if neither of you meet, right? Right?


4:27 a.m i joined the military right out of HS

It’s a real Oh moment, and you find yourself staring at your screen as if it’s a real person. The military? What are you supposed to say to that? What’s the protocol for a text that you’re not sure how to answer? Should you just leave it alone? No; if you leave it alone then he’ll think he freaked you out. He hasn’t. Your brain is just short-circuiting on an answer. 

Should you think him for his service? No. Not yet. You don’t want to call too much attention to it in case he doesn’t want to talk about it or he’s had bad experiences, but you’re still not sure how to respond. Have you taken too long already? 

You summon up some courage and type out a message. 

4:31 a.m Oh wow. Well, what would you have studied if you had gone?

You cringe, totally not meaning for that to sound like you were completely skipping over the issue altogether. James doesn’t seem to mind though, if his response is any indication. 

4:32 a.m hmm history i think. ive always liked ww2 4 some reason

4:33 a.m well you’ve got AP european history girl right here. 1 of only 11 in the whole senior class to take it. 

4:34 a.m well, smartypants i get 2 q’s bc u asked 2 

You feel that you handled that effectively, and you were already beginning to formulate a plan in your head while he thought about his questions. 

See, you know next to nothing about the military or what it’s all about except that it is for valiant people who want to serve their country. You can respect that, but you want—nay, need—to learn more. Convincing yourself that it’s purely for research purposes and not for anything else.

Regardless, you need to know more. It’s probably better to get it from someone who has been through it rather than from some cold, impersonal online source. And besides, you just so happen to know someone who was in the military. Someone who, in fact, lost a limb in the line of duty: Bucky Barnes. 

As far as you know, Bucky lost his left arm in the military. You’d asked him before how he lost it and he hadn’t answered you, opting instead to change the subject to Steve and his new (at the time) art studio. It had been suspicious, but you understand that it must not be easy to speak about something like that. 

You’ll have to go talk to Steve tomorrow morning to get Bucky’s number, but you think that maybe you’ll treat him to lunch in exchange for him giving you some details about the whole military thing. At the company, you get an hour off for lunch, which is just enough time to go out, interrogate a friend (respectfully, of course), and head back before the hour is up. 

The plan was formed and you had your head already set on it. By the time James’ reply comes in, you’ve tuckered yourself out thinking that whole plan out. It is really late—er, early—after all. 

4:41 a.m 1 how was ur day 2 how r u likely to spend a friday night

4:43 a.m I feel like I’m taking a Buzzfeed quiz

You yawn again and type out your answers.

4:44 a.m my day’s just begun. it’s four a.m. And probably reading or something

You put your phone down, thinking that you’ll just leave it there and wait for his reply, but you end up turning over and falling asleep. 

In the morning, you turn your phone on silent again while you get ready for work, playing some music while you apply some light make-up. 

It turned out that James hadn’t answered you anyway, so you would have been up waiting for a text that wasn’t going to come. Good thing you passed out. 

Glancing at the clock, you notice that it’s 7:02 a.m and that Steve should be up. You don’t have to be at work until 8 and it’s not a long bus ride to get to work so you figure you can spare half an hour to haggle your best friend into giving up Bucky’s phone number. You wonder why you haven’t thought to get it sooner, figuring that you just never needed it. 

You and Bucky only ever hung out with Steve or the rest of the gang. He was a friend of yours, but the two of you had never been too close in the two years of knowing each other. That said, you had heard a lot about each other even before meeting from Steve, and Bucky had expressed in the past how annoying he found it when Steve was constantly mentioning you in casual conversation. 

It was the same with Bucky for you. Steve had been talking about his best friend Bucky ever since you had met him. It was in that way that you and Bucky had gotten to know each other sort of inadvertently. 

Heading out the door and across the hall, you knock on Steve’s door lightly a few times. He’s a light sleeper anyways, and you don’t want to wake the whole hall with loud knocking. You only opt for knocking this time in case he’s not decent or something. Otherwise, you would have used your key.

Sure enough, Steve answers the door within a few minutes, clad in flannel pajama pants, a white V-neck, and holding a steaming cup of coffee. It smells amazing, and you realize then that in your rush you’d forgotten to make yourself some. 

“Got another one of those and half an hour?”

Steve raises an eyebrow but steps aside to let you in. He’s a morning person, so you were sure on your way over here that you wouldn’t receive any resistance. 

“What do you need?” he asks you, pouring you a cup of coffee not unlike how he’d done it the night before. He pours in a generous amount of milk and some sugar before stirring it and handing it to you, just the way you like it. 

Blow, sip—“Mm,” you hum. “I need Bucky’s phone number.” You say it as nonchalantly as you can manage so as not to raise any flags to Steve, but by his surprised expression you can tell that you’ve raised them all. 

“Bucky? Why?”

You shrug like it’s no big deal. “He has some info that I need.” It sounds so covert and cheesy that you almost giggle, but you manage to keep your composure while sipping your coffee again. 

Steve tilts his head to the side almost imperceptibly, leaning his back against the counter across from you as you sit at a stool by his island. Said island juts out from a wall to half-enclose the kitchen area like a wrap-around ‘J’ with the island as the tail. 

After a few moments of silence, it becomes clear that Steve is waiting for you to elaborate, and when you don’t indulge, he sighs, setting his cup down and crossing his arms. 

“Okay, but don’t call him now,” Steve says, already ruffling in a drawer for a pen and paper. “He—he has trouble sleeping, and he needs as much of it as he can get before he has to work. And he’s taking Friday off so he has to log in more hours to make up the difference.” Steve hands you a piece of paper with numbers scribbled on it. 

“Got it,” you said, taking the paper and sticking it in your bag. “Thanks, Steve.”

“Yeah,” he smiles at you. “No problem.”

You stand and head to the door, plan in motion and feeling good about it. Then you remember something and turn as you’re walking toward the door. 


He lifts his head from where he’s still standing in the kitchen sipping his coffee. You realize you’ve left yours there, but decide that it’s okay. You’ll survive. Somehow. 


“Mom is bringing over pasta around two, but I won’t be home,” you can already see his eyes lighting up. “I told her to make extra and that you should be back by then. Can you—”

“—keep it here until you get home?” He knows you so well, it’s scary. “Yeah, but don’t expect me not to try some of it first.”

You fix him with a warning finger. “I’ll be over at seven and I will expect there to be enough for dinner and lunch tomorrow.”

He holds his hands up. “Hey, we all know my metabolism requires a lot of calories per day, and two is just in time for a late lunch.”

“Steve,” you warn. 

“Alright,” he laughs. “I’ll leave some of your mother’s pasta for you for dinner.”

“That’s all I ask.” 

You walk back over, kiss his cheek, take one more sip of your coffee, and then leave. 

You tap your foot on the ground impatiently as you wait at your desk for the clock to turn from 11:29 to 11:30 so you can head for a bathroom break to call Bucky and find out if he’s busy for lunch. 

James hadn’t texted you all day, but you figure that’s okay. He doesn’t always have to text you. He has a life. You push him mostly out of your head, or you try to. You fail miserably. 

He’s the reason you’re meeting with Bucky anyways. As much as you don’t want to admit it, that’s the truth. Of course, you can’t tell Bucky that. You’ll just sound stupid. And then Bucky will tell Steve and Steve will have some sort of “talking to strangers is bad” intervention with you. You definitely don’t want to endure that. 

11:30 hits and it’s officially been half an hour since your actual bathroom break. You don’t want to call attention to yourself in the office that you share with a whole bunch of other people in too-tightly-packed cubicles. You grab the slip of paper Steve had given you and head to the elevator. 

By the time you make it to the downstairs bathroom, you realize that you forgot your phone upstairs on your desk. Great. Now what are you going to do? If you go back up to get it, you’ll look suspicious. Of course, you shouldn’t really care what your coworkers think of you, but you do. Everybody says they don’t care about peer acceptance but most actually do. 

It’s human nature.

You sigh angrily and look around. The lobby is all marble floors and a little shop where they sell overpriced snacks and drinks. There’s a desk to the left of the elevator bank with one woman sitting in a black wheelie chair making and taking phone calls.

Can you just ask her to borrow one of her phones? There’s an empty seat next to her. Maybe you can explain your situation and just ask this woman if you can borrow the phone. 

The only thing is that you don’t know this woman. Your supers rented the office space with the endless rows of cubicles  from the people who owned the building. This woman obviously works for the building management, and not for anyone you know. 

You decide it’s better that she doesn’t know you. It’s less personal. You can call Bucky, discuss details, and be done with it. 

You sidle over and lean on the high desk. Its polished marble top is so high that you have to lean over it a little to see the woman. She’s plump, with dark hair, blue eyes, and a squished face. She looks the opposite of friendly. She’s wearing a black headset that you realize is some sort of Bluetooth. 

You wait until she is done speaking to talk to her. 

“Um, hello?”

She doesn’t look at you for a moment, reaching up instinctively as if she thinks you’re in her headset before she realizes she’s speaking to a real person. She eyes you. 


You were right to guess she wasn’t very friendly. 

“I was wondering if I could borrow your phone,” you say kindly. “I have to call someone and I accidentally left my phone upstairs.”

She looks bored and eyes you for another second before looking back at her computer screen. “Just go up and get it.”

“It’s urgent,” you lie. Man, this is going to be awkward after you make the call right in front of her and she finds out its personal.

She eyes you again. “You have five minutes.”

You smile at her. “I’ll only need three.”

You wait as she plops one of the black phones on top of the counter, and it’s so high that you have to go up on your tiptoes to see the number pad. 

“Type extension 382 first, then the number.”

With that, she gets back to her work and you pull the phone from the receiver. You flatten the paper on the desk and do as she instructed. 

You wonder if he’ll even pick up. This will be an unknown number to him, and you know that if it were you, you wouldn’t answer. 

It rings three times before a familiar, gruff voice answers.


“Bucky? It’s Y/N.”

He sounds surprised. “Y/N?” There’s a pause, a honking noise, and then he sounds as if he’s realized something. “Steve gave you my number.”

“Yeah,” you say. “I had to call you from a work phone, though.”

You catch the woman looking up at you briefly and can tell she’s annoyed that this is a personal call. You’re sure this call needs to be as short as you can possibly make it or else you’re afraid she’ll just cut it herself. 


“Listen, are you busy for lunch in, like, half an hour?”

Bucky thinks for a moment on the other line and the lady looks at you again, her gaze becoming more venomous. You’re pretty sure that once she looks at you a third time she’s going to end your call for you. 

Just as you’re about to scold him for an answer, Bucky speaks up. 

“Yeah, I’m—”

You feel bad, but you have to cut him off. 

“Okay, great. Meet me at the Deli down the street from Steve’s studio at 12 sharp. My treat.”

Bucky chuckled on the other end. “Your treat? What do you need from me?”

You smile despite the situation. “Just your brain.”

“Sure you don’t want Banner or Stark for that one?”

“I’m sure,” the woman was giving you her last angry glare. You had to go. “See you then, Buck.”

“Looking forward to having my brain probed. Bye, Y/N.”

You hang up, thank the lady, and make your way back upstairs as fast as you can. 12:00 can’t come quick enough. 

Bucky wonders what you want to talk to him about as he drives a company truck to the deli and parallel parks a couple blocks down. The flatbed of the truck is filled with mismatched pieces of junk, from broken computers to the plastic from the top of a printer. It’s all stuff that can be broken down and reprocessed at a plant. 

The city is taking down an old building and putting a new office building up in its place. It’s Bucky’s job as the assistant to take all the not-so-useless junk and dispose of it somewhere where it can be reused. 

He doesn’t have to be at the plant until two, and he finished loading everything up early, so he has about two hours or so to spare. 

Walking into the Deli, he’s hit with a wave of merciful heat and he immediately pulls his coat off. The deli is small with few patrons a small line for take-out. One woman is sipping an iced coffee through a straw while she types madly on a computer. Two men are sitting at a table wearing yellow vests and eating huge subs. Bucky wonders if he would have ended up as one of them, working for the DPW if he hadn’t begun working with the demolition company. 

It takes him barely a moment of looking around to find Y/N sitting in a corner flanked by two windows with an empty seat across from her. There’s a wrapped sandwich and a water sitting on the table in front of the other seat. 

She’s smoothing out the wrapper of her own sandwich as if the creases in the paper wrapping are offending and should not be allowed to exist. 

“Hey,” he says, walking over and taking a seat in front of her. 

She looks up at him and smiles. “Hey,” she shoots back, and then nods to the sandwich. “Got you a BLT.”

Bucky’s suspicions are steadily growing. He pulls the paper from around the sandwich and lays it on the table as Y/N had done, though he couldn’t care less about the creases. He looks between the sandwich and the girl, eyeing both with the suspicion of someone who thinks he’s being played. 

“What’s this about?” he asks. 

She swallows and puts her sandwich down, looking like she’s about to ask him a ground-breaking, life-changing question. Her eyes quickly flick over to his arm and he’s suddenly very sure he knows what this is about. 

But that’s strange. Yesterday—or really early this morning—he was talking to Y/M/N about him having been in the military. Now Y/N is eyeing his arm like she really wants to ask what happened but she doesn’t want to sound impolite. 

Then there’s the fact that they’re both editors. That’s weird. And how Y/N reminds him of Y/M/N. 

He’s an apopheniac, he has to be. He’s seeing coincidences where there really aren’t any. It’s his brain playing tricks on him. In truth, maybe he just wants this strange girl to be Y/N. Though, probably not. Then again, maybe this whole time he thought he was jealous of Y/N for being so close to Steve, he was really jealous of Steve for being so close to Y/N. 

That thought derails him so fast that he doesn’t hear it when Y/N actually asks her question. 

She lets out a breath as if it’s a load-off to finally ask him, and he’s struck with the realization that if he says he didn’t hear her, she probably won’t take it well. He waits for her to say something else, but when she doesn’t he takes a leap of faith based on her glance at his arm. 

“You want to know how I lost my arm,” he says, rather than asks. If her expression of shock and discomfort is any indication, he’s screwed up. 

Big time.


“I mean,” she straightens in her chair. “I guess—it’s sorta part of it? Yeah.”

She sounds so lost and he feels so bad. 

He still has no idea what her original question was though. ‘Part of it.’ His thoughts drift back to his earlier conversation with the girl he’s been talking to over text. The military. Could that be what Y/N wants to know about?

No, it’s just too weird. There’s no way. But he has to know. 

“The military? You want to know about the military?”

She nods, looking slightly guilty. “Yeah,” he tries not to let his breath of relief show, “I—uh, fact-checking. I’m fact-checking an article.”

Bucky nods slowly, sandwich forgotten. She’s a terribly liar. “You’re a terrible liar.”

Sitting back as if she’s been punched in the gut, she blinks once, twice, three times—“I’m not lying.”

“Your body language gives you away.”

“Is that something you learned in the military?”

Bucky chuckles. “That’s something I learned from a whole lot of spy movies. Seriously, why do you want to know?”

She takes a bite of her sandwich and speaks around it. Altogether, not the most sexy, but that’s okay. 

“Research,” she says slowly.

Bucky creases his eyebrows. “For?”

“For a project?”

“If you’re going to lie, at least lie with conviction,” Bucky says. “One of these days, I’m going to teach you how to lie the right way.”

Laughing, she pulls her chair in a little more and sits forward. The picture of seriousness, she says, “Alright, if I tell you, you need to promise me you won’t tell Steve.” She sounds reluctant to tell him at all. This must not have been her plan. 

Bucky draws a cross over his heart with his index finger. “Cross my heart or hope to die.”

She shakes her head. “Gotta be stronger than that. You have to pinkie promise.”

He gasps dramatically. “Not a pinkie promise. This must really be serious.”

Reaching over, she swats his arm. “Buck, I’m serious.”

“Okay, okay,” he surrenders, holding up his pinkie. She links hers with his and he’s momentarily struck by how soft her skin is. Then it’s over. “Tell me.”

She steels herself, he can see it. Jeez, it must really be something serious or she wouldn’t be swearing him to secrecy using childish, yet efficient tactics. It strikes him that she tells Steve everything, same as him, so for her to say she doesn’t want him to know must mean it’s not necessarily something good.

He lets himself think for a moment that she might be about to confess that she’s the mystery girl he’s been texting. It’s much more likely, though, that she’s about to tell him she’s got feelings for Steve or something. 

Steeling himself as well, he waits as she takes a deep breath. 

“I may or may not—”

“You may,” he corrects. She glares at him. 

“—have answered a text from a guy who was trying to text someone else—” 

This is where Bucky stops listening and his internal monologue becomes one word: 


xxcutecatworldxx  asked:

So if Luca didn't do it who did? I'm guessing a guy hit papaya and Luca got pissed off?


I’m thinking some guys tried to mess with Luca and Paps. Went in for Luca first cuz he was giving them lip and gave him the “bloody” nose. But Luca didnt give a fuck cuz whatever he’s too tired for this shit anyways.

Then the guys went after Papaya (maybe Paps was trying to settle things down? intervene?) and thats when Luca was like AIGHT GUESS THIS IS HAPPENING NOW 

and thus he loosens his tie cuz he’s about to kill some bitches for going after a defenseless lil bun

who were these guys? idfk. there wasnt really a big story behind it i just wanted to draw my babies hurt 

i hope you go clubbing but dont think that will make you stop loving me or make you stop missing me deep down you know you just want to hold me. 

in reality i was just scared, scared of losing myself in someone, scared of not loving enough or loving to much 

you are exactly what i feared you become a mirror image of everyone else you dont live for yourself and you dont go with what you want you kinda just tilt yourself side to side and go with the wind and listen to everyone but yourself. 

because right now if you were to listen to yourself you’d come put me in your arms no matter how scared or confused or even if you think i’d shut the door on you

you are not a baby anymore you are a man. getting with girls wont numb me off your mind or get the touch of my skin off your body 

you always said weve been together for so long that its written in the books for us

i wanted you but not youre world because we come from different ones but somehow we always met in the middle

i dont even know why im writting to you but you reached out and i said if you reached out id hear you out

dont make this your halloween #2 

wether you see me everyday or not for a month then run into me or maybe youll just see me in a year 

the love you have for me is still there 

i hope at the concert yesterday you saw foggy images of me through each line he sang and it hurts it really hurts for you i know it and maybe i didnt ask how you were doing because i knew 

when you were sad or when you were mad or when you were happy 

sometimes you just know and i am always there for you, you know that 

take advantage of that 

i used to always ask if you were doing okay and you said it got annoying so i stopped 

you said things to me that i dont even want to think were true and im hoping they were just out of anger but it got too much it really did 

the thing is you could trust me im the only person you can trust

i had to get rid of everything you got me because its just memories but i think we both know that memories can be erased or taken from us but never knocked out of our mind

think a little you say im the type to just go clubbing and go for any guy im not the one who is going clubbing 

it was always better when it was just us two no outside world

anonymous asked:

Ok Lo so what ridiculous situations are Aaron & Robert gonna find themselves in for their not back together yet hot make out- sesh? hmm??



  • A LOT

anonymous asked:

I saw your reblog and just now realised that Shiro's wearing Keith's clothes... How do they even fit? What are they made of??

listen up nonny, i thought about this a long time ago and i have two theories

one is the logical one which is that since shiro was keiths mentor/guide/big bro/whatever, when keith was kicked out of the garrison, he took with him shiros clothes. he knew the whole piloting error was a lie so he thought maybe shiro would come back or he just didnt want to let go, or he was going to live in the desert and more clothes was a necessary thing

the other one is that keith always had these clothes with him because he always saw these tv shows where people who live away from society in the wild or the desert get buff. so he had these clothes hoping to one day be fit enough to wear them and look cool.

 but then shiro came back and was like “listen dude im literally only wearing a morphsuit type thing and a crop top, i need other clothes” and so keith reluctantly gave him his super secret buff clothes

because where else are they going to get clothes for shiro in the middle of a fucking desert right after they rescue him. the only clothes they could give him had to come from keefs closet

Art student Jungkook

Heeey~~ Guess who’s back? Lol me
I did another Jungkook one (sorry not sorry) but saw a fanart of Jungkook and i was like i need to get this down, and i thought i’d share with you guys ^^ i hope you like them ^^

  • Best of the school
  • I mean it
  • Everyone is talking about him
  • How talented he is
  • His arts
  • And he’s handsome 
  • (so expect everyone dying around him)

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BNHA 119

Do you know the feeling that something is not right or that something really bad will happen?

This chapter was basically this to me: Something will happen and its not good

Ah, I loved how much Midoriya grow up and is more mature, but what I’m talking about it isnt about that. 

In the first page the narrator is the future Midoriya 

“Looking back, my thought process was distorted.”

To me this phrase is basically “I made a bad choice”

And in the end he complements saying…

“And surprisingly, it had never occurred to me… Exactly how much I had been able to traing and polish my body up to now.”

In another word Midoriya didnt know what type of consequences his actions could do.

And to me, the narrator is telling everything with a tone of regret.

It’s just my impression and feelings maybe the things will end well but right now I dont think so~ 

Wanted to try playing with light and shadow a bit more, so here’s a sketchy sad Scotty… maybe something just happened to one of his brothers? Is he worrying about his Father? Remembering Mom? What do you guys reckon would upset our Thunderbird One most?

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Alright, I am HOME and its time to write on this episode because I got Brotp time with Tucker and Grif.

And in order to really get into why I think Bro Time with Tuck and Dex was so important, I should talk a little about Tucker and his Humble Sandwich that he’d eaten. Because really, the biggest problem Tucker has had this entire time is that he knows he’s badass, and he knows that he can be a good leader, and this time around, he didnt have someone to pop his ego.

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Do you know a fic where Paige comes back to life and Stiles is super jealous of her and Derek? (btw, i didnt sleep at all bc i was too busy scrolling through this blog ♡)

OMG! That is the best! I hope you found time to at least take a nap ;) 

Try these fics for some Paige drama. 

Worth the Wait by  Dexterous_Sinistrous | 13.3K

Stiles always had a thing for Derek, but then again, so did everyone else. Stiles just wanted to be seen as different, which was why he waited.

But maybe he waited a little too long.

Married at First Glance by  WonderWolf | 63.3K

Married at First Glance gives its participants seven weeks. Seven weeks, starting when they meet and marry their “perfect match”, to decide if they want to stay married or divorce.

For Stiles and Derek though, the challenge lies within trying to pretend that they don’t absolutely hate each other’s guts. When you’re married to a werewolf who dislikes humans, however, this can get a little tricky.

But the sweet, sweet cash reward at the end will be worth it. Right?

Fly a Little Faster by  mirrorkill | 32K

Everyone knows when you go back in time, you shouldn’t step on an ant, just in case you accidentally kill your own grandparent or something. But what happens when you go back in time and, uh, accidentally interrupt the one event that apparently made the Grumpiest Alpha in Town into a ball of mindless manpain?

Well, if Marty McFly can do it, so can Stiles Stilinski. All he has to do is get Derek and Paige to fall in love before he gets pulled back to his own time. And before he makes anything worse. That’s easy as pie, right? Right?

NCT liking a girl NCT member

Request: “How would NCT (all units) react if they started liking a girl NCT member?”

A/N: idk what to write here, lmao.


Taeil would, literally, hate himself for falling in love with you. He’s still really young and so are you, and he doesn’t want to ruin his career and his whole future, and yours, obviously, just because of his feelings.

Originally posted by jihansol


Compared to Taeil, Hansol would be slightly more worried by this than him, but I don’t think he would be scared of telling you about his feelings for you. He would think that you should know about something as important as this and, if the feelings are mutual, he wouldn’t be shy to invite you in a few dates.

Originally posted by 94ten


Johnny is, in my opinion, one of the most mature members in NCT and I’m a 100% sure that he would confess his feelings right away. Like Hansol, he would think that it’s something worth for your knowing but with the difference that he wouldn’t try to have anything with you more than a friendship.

Originally posted by fxlse-prophets


Taeyong would be the most worried about it out all of them. He wouldn’t tell anyone about this, even if all his feelings for you were slowly destroying him inside everyday a little more.

Originally posted by taeyongofficial


This guy won’t care too much about the opinion of the public and would flirt with you all the time, even when there are cameras around. And if the feelings are mutual he would give it a try, why not?

Originally posted by taei


Kun’s reaction would be pretty similar to Hansol, he would confess to you and maybe try to be mroe than friends with you, but he would think two and even three times about each action first and won’t doubt in taking all the blame if something goes wrong.

Originally posted by fairyprincewinwin


Other baby who would baby extremely worried about having feelings for you. He would talk about it with other members and would ask for advice and eventually they would help him decide to confess.

Originally posted by trainingpanda


Like Doyoung, Ten would tell Johnny or Hansol right away about it, asking them for advice. And, of course, the two giants would convince him to confess to you, and once he does it, just like Kun he would’t doubt in taking all the blame if something goes wrong.

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If your feelings are mutual, Jaehyun would be exactly like Yuta, flirting all the time with you, but being slightly more careful than him and only doing it occasionally.

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I feel like Sicheng is the kind of person that would get really stressed over things like this, thinking a lot about it until he reaches his limit. He would confess and let you control the situation, if you want more than a friendship with him or keep things like they are now.

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Oh boy, another baby who would overthink this situation to the point of stressing. Mark would feel really worried about making a move, not only for the public opiniion or his career but for your relationship. He’s the busiest member in NCT and he doesn’t want to spend just half of an hour with you in the dorms everyday.

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You could tell easily that there was something fishy about him by the loving gazes he would constantly give you and how easily flustered he gets whenever you’re around. When you talked about it with him, he would promise to be more discreet and ask you for an oportunnity.

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Jeno would be confused af. He would talk with almost all the members about it and, after months, would finally decide to confess his feelings to you. If you start dating, there’s nothing to get worried about because it’s almost impossible to tell that he has feelings for you. Y’all forget he’s an actor?

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Haechan would stress so much over this. He would get tired of his feelings keeping him awake at night and faking a smile in his face when he’s actually so worried inside. You would notice, and he wouldn’t mind telling you everything but, like Johnny, he wouldn’t want anything with you more than a friendship. He knows perfectly how defensive the public gets with things like this.

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Just like Yuta, Jaemin wouldn’t give a fuck about other people opinions, but still, he would be really careful and wouldn’t tell no one but you about this little secret, okay maybe jeno would know it too.

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Chenle would confess to you right away and, unlike Haechan, he wouldn’t care at all about the publics opinion. He probably didnt even thought about it in a first place. He’s just a child full of optimism and he would only focuse on you and making you happy.

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This small baby would be SO worried. He knows perfectly that both of you are really young and that falling in love would only bring problems for everyone. He would probably talk about it with other members but wouldn’t dare to confess to you just to don’t make things awkward between you two.

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Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 6

episode breakdown….and by breakdown I mean me….im breaking down…into sobs and endless sadness and bitter impatient tears….its me. im broken down
Stage 1:
we see a combination of enlightened rick (er) and toxic rick (tr) trying to get through the trauma of whatever it is they have just survived. Tr would most likely start rampaging, cursing, breaking shit, and trying to kill off anyone around him in a homicidal blur until he calmed down, however er is probably in there wondering why they even did the stupid thing in the first place. Its not their place to meddle. They are an all powerful super being with highly superior intelligence, so why do they feel this horror and trauma for such a worthless gain? Together they neutralize into a ‘drink until the pain is gone mentality’ henceforth leading to our rick’s alcoholism and ideology of the just 'dont think about it’ mindset
this is the rick we know. The push everything aside, drink, and dont think
Stage 2:

Tr separates. If you notice, the very first thing he screams when he wakes up is “morty”, because naturally it is the first thing on his mind. He frantically searches for him and then calls him a worthless piece of shit, continuously bringing up how stupid and useless he is. This comes from his severe fear of detachment from morty if he were ever to become overly confident and decide he doesnt need his grandpas cool adventures or life style anymore. If a morty gets too confident, he leaves his rick and becomes a sociopath. Normal rick can relatively keep the urge to bring morty’s confidence down under control, but tr impulsively spews it out, so damn afriad that morty will wake up and realize he doesnt need him at any moment. He constantly has to cry out and tell him that they need each other, in his own toxic way. Calling him 'a piece of shit’ is basically begging him 'dont leave me’ he has to make him think he needs him. got it? lets move to the next step of stage 2
tr constantly says things like “im a god” “im above this” “everyone around me is garbage” “you think normal people can do this?” so obliviously this is his narcissism and entitlement, but digging deeper it is also his sense of inner insecurity. now, you may say 'WHAAAT RENATA HOW CAN DAT BEEE?“ well lemme splain. basically rick knows how smart he is, he knows how powerful he is, and he knows all the stuff he could do with this power and intelligence….but that’s the thing, he really doesnt know all the stuff he could be doing, because he doesnt do it. running around in the toxic can, you can see him panicking, frantically working and running to make stuff and do things. He knows how great he is, but he has no idea how to use it or what he should be doing with it. Think about it, when someone tells you "ayy, your the smartest being in the multiverse and could probably cure the world of every sickness”….wouldn’t YOU be a little overwhelmed? He has so much to live up to (an impossible amount) that he hides behind the idea that he doesn’t care about any of it. He cant use his power to save the universe, so instead he claims he doesnt care about it. but deep down he feels bad, because he feels like everyone expects him to do something, when in reality theres way too much to do
so, to sum up, Toxic Rick is made up of multiple other different things than just narcissism and selfishness and rage…just like toxic morty, he is also his burning insecurity in the fact that hes just a normal man, who happens to be the only person who could ever hope to save the universe….and yet he has no idea how to do it
Stage 3:

meet enlightened rick. You’re thinking, “oh, so THIS is the side of rick that actually COULD save the universe if he wanted because he IS confident enough in his abilities, right?” well the answer is no. this rick doesnt have a flipping clue either. how would he? there is no possible way to save every single multiverse, but unlike tr, instead of letting it consume him in misdirected guilt and insecurity, he instead has (healthily) let it go. Hence the name, he is now 'enlightened’ from the worlds problems because he has thoroughly let go of his human need to be the hero and instead surpassed it all in the 'i need not meddle’ mentality. BUT. you might ask, “well renaaaatttaaa then why isnt this rick super healthy? why isnt he perfect? why does he seem so interested in getting his other half back?” welll my little reader I have some thoughts.
Thought 1) er has no humanity, attachment, purpose, selfworth, or cosmic opinion in himself, the human race, or the universe. why? because he has officially decided that its all pointless anyway and most importantly (big dividing factor here) he is OK WITH THAT. he has accepted the fact that he has surpassed human attachment because he has accessed infinite realities and multiverses to the point where nothing he thought had meaning does anymore. To become fully enlightened, he has let go all of his family, emotions, and self doubts because frankly, he just doesnt give a damn. But in a healthy way? Hes just let it all go, unlike tr who insists he 'doesnt give a fuck’ when in fact, he does give millions and trillions of fucks and it eats him alive with each passing day.
thoughts 2) so why does er work to get the phone to connect and work at getting his other half back? well he says it right there in the episode when he and confident morty are sitting in the parking lot at school. He says “im accountable to my toxins, right?” he wants to rejoin because he knows that tr has all his intelligence, all his power, and all his guilt wrapped up into a big toxic package. What does this mean? Hes FUCKING DANGEROUS. thats what it means. er is so enlightened, that he knows letting tr do his worst will mean the end of the world. now, for a little while in the episode, he tries to reason with himself and say that he shouldnt meddle in this either, because why is tr any better or worse than he is? but eventually he realizes the truth that tr left unchecked, is bad news for everyone and not worth lying idly back to watch the universe(s) burn. Because yeah…they would all burn
Stage 4:
now lets watch these two adorable little super humans interact. tr sums it up perfectly when he says “this is the part of your pussy grandpa that keeps it real”…..yup. Thats pretty much the whole concept. If youve been paying attention, youve probably already figured out that er isnt exactly as healthy as he thinks he is. The truh of the matter is just sitting back with your thub up your ass like “oh theres no hope in solving ALL the probems, so let me just not interfere at all” is a pretty effed up way to think. Without tr, he probably wouldnt do anything but stay at home with his family and like, build toys electric toys for kids or something. He wouldnt DO anything extraordinary for fear of messing up the fragile stuff of the universe. Tr reminds him what a waste it would be to live a normal life and ignore their vast power. however, tr doesnt know how to use it either, so hence, the fighting breaks out. basically, they just have no idea how to use there god-like intelligence, and it gets ugly for both. even er says 'that stuff is a part of us and we need to put it back.’ he knows that in sense he needs it, otherwise his power will be wasted

buuuttt…….tr doesnt feel the same way. tr believes that without er, he could possibly become a real man. a real human. a real person who maybe actually cared about things and didnt feel so 'above’ everything and so detatched. like a god among people who couldnt really connect with anyone. he doesnt want to go back to that lonely life of being the only one in his realm. this is why he keeps trying to destroy him while er just wants to recombine. Honestly, er is in the right here, (obviously) because he can see the big picture of how they need each other. Also, fun snidbit, tr is clearly the fighter of the two….clearly….and the sexy maker too apparently…..hehe….good to know good to know…..ahem…..anywaaayyyyy but…..looky here….

here I bring you….
Stage 5:tr doesnt give a shit. he doesnt give a fuck, he doesnt give a….oh,….Beth’s here?…..

he….leaves. immediately. so, here is where we see tr’s true weakness, and what er truly hates about himself. He can’t even bring himself to be around Beth or put her in any sort of harms way, so he leaves the very second she walks in the door. what does this mean? it is tr, er, and our rick’s one true weakness. Truth is, he really cant be fully enlightened and reach his maximum potential, because of his human attachment to his family. Tr probably feels so guilty about leaving Beth (even though it was probably his idea because he was terrified of hurting her) that he cant even stand to look at her. he leaves immediately even though he was technically winning. plain as day, he admits his own true weakness, he just cares too much about his family to ever become truly godlike and reach his full enlightened potential. tr is human, er is the god. but er can see enough of himself to acknowledge that he needs his human self to be a fully functional human being. to truly be…rick.
Stage 6 (almost done)

and here it is….the moment er truly finally actually comes to terms with the fact that his 'version’ of 'health’ was actually just what he thought was his true potential. But alas, because the machine choses your version of health based on what YOU think is healthy, this is the issue he realizes. he didnt become healthy, he became his full potential, minus the pain and limits of human emotion. but the truth is, a full, enlightened, god-like potential is kinda useless without compassion and empathy…isnt it? I mean, if you have the power to save, but you just dont care….then whats the point? He realizes that essentially a god that does nothing is no god at all, and even if tr is a toxic, guilty, confused, miserable man too overwhelmed by his own potential to actually fufill it, he will accomplish more than er ever will just because of that energetic will to survive and just flipping DO SOMETHING. he literally realizes in this one moment that he would probably never accomplish anything like this, not without that crazy, overwhelming, miserably human passion that tr harbors in his soul for his shitty life and shitty decisions. and this is when he knows that they have to reunite, just for the sake of not wasting his life.
Stage 7: (my personal favorite)

ah yes…..the climax of the story. where it all becomes clear. something I havent touched on yet (which i bet you thought i forgot about….you lil scamp) is why tr is trying to make the whole world toxic. Why? simple. he has mistaken his toxic qualities for his humaness. (which in a way is true, but he also got a bunch of bad shit that er probably spends most of his energy keeping on the down low) and so in tr’s mind, he isn’t 'toxifying’ the world, he releasing people’s true emotions and true selves. he releasing the raw humanness inside them so they dont have to deal with their superegos always judging them and telling them how to live. he is the id, in a way, freeing all the other id’s from their superegos so the world can be a genuine, purely human world. However, obviously, without superego the people are monsters, hence the carnage of the toxified people. to him, this is his way of saving the human world by bringing out their true human nature. unfortunately true human nature is primal and disgusting, but shh…..dont tell him that…..poor innocent bean….look how proud he is….

so proud…..
ahem….anyway back to the climax. so now er shows up again and starts talking, lets analyyyyze. first off, er has learned something very important…..its tr’s one weakness that he displayed when best walked in, hes afraid of losing/hurting his family. So of course, he targets toxic morty. and er knows this because he doesnt care about morty WHY WOULD HE? there are millions and trillions of mortys. it is beneath his highly superior brain to care, but tr sees the little picture, and in the moment, he needs morty to support him. He needs to latch onto him. he needs the human comfort. he doesnt want to admit that, but he needs it more than anything else in his life. in fact, he needs it so much, he doesnt even think er has the balls to do it, because he thinks he needs it too….but thats just it….he doesnt. and he knows he doesnt need that human connection, which is why he knows he needs his other half back to need it for him

and here we have the moment that literally made tears come…..

“irrational attachments”……that line just really hurt me bro… hurt me good… got me right in the soul….yikes. too real.
anyway, back to er’s rant. he basically sums it up by saying “you are literally incapable of seeing the bigger picture” hence tr’s irrational love and dependency for his family, even though er and tr both know there are infinite sanchez families with infinite different fates that they have no way in saving or interfering in any way, tr still for some reason feels emotion towards a morty that really isnt even THE REAL morty. but think about this….its the most insecure morty, right? the one that is the most insecure, helpless morty of them all….its the one that needs him the most. the one that is least likely to ever leave him….*more sniffles* so of course he cares about him. I mean….we’ve seen what morty is like without him….

i think rick put it best when he called him 'a tiny american psycho’…..which I mean, he would be, right? hes related to rick afterall. with just enough jerry to keep him insecure. at least jerry was good for one thing.
and soooo….thats the wayyyyy the news goes. At the very end we see a reunited rick. he even says 'master of both worlds’…meaning he is once again human and god. id and superego, making one highly functioning ego. the rick we know and love. a beautiful mess. so the meaning my friends… really shouldnt hate the bad pats of yourself, because at the end of the day, its kind of what makes you….human.
wow….this got really freaking long, and I didnt even get into my whole theory about our morty being evil eyepatch morty. (remember in evil eyepatch morty episode where rick says “a confident morty is bad news, ill tell you when youre older”…..well I think we know what that means now) yikes….and i thought rick was a handful when he was cocky.
so there you have it. Our bread and butter, our saint and sinner, our sexy grandpa and teenage rocker…..our super genius space alcoholic. our rick sanchez. a beautiful chaotic mess.  wubba lubba dub dub bitches.