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lil-jdoolz  asked:

So I'm finally writing a victuuri fic, a College AU where they're holding a contest where whatever student can raise the most money for charity gets a years supply of mac and cheese and phichit sets yuuri up in a kissing booth and the line for it literally goes several blocks of the campus because everyone is in love w/ Yuuri and would definitely pay $10 to kiss him but I need a name for it? I'm so terrible at naming things and you're my favorite author in this fandom, so any suggestions?

AHHHHH THIS IS LITERALLY SO CUTE??? I love it hahaha,,, I can imagine Victor showing up and slapping down a ridiculous amount of cash and just DARING anyone else to approach the kissing booth.

Omg a name??? I say go for song lyrics haha always a safe bet!! Panic! at the Disco has gorgeous lyrics in every song ever and The 1975 has cute lyrics too!!