maybe for the black guy

listen to me. listen. jensen ackles is so hot. the only singular thought in my head when he’s on screen is “hot.” I’ve been staring at his fucking face for the past four years of my life and still it’s just. hot. you’d think I’d get used to it? get over it? grow weary of it? my tired eyes cannot take this much longer. he’s so hot. why am I like this. hot.

  • Noodle: hey remember when my hair was blue lol
  • 2D: *glaring*

Been wanting to draw this all day! I had the idea when watching Mark play ‘Bendy and the Ink Machine’ which looks super cool! I’ve always watched older cartoons as a child, and it helps that my style is super cartoony itself!

Forgot to add Tiny Box Tim, but now that I look at it I wouldn’t even know where to put him honestly. Guess beside Mark would be good, but I’m already done so nah. Maybe next time Tim

Also, I called him Tooniplier ;w; Alternate/Transparent versions below!

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The manga:

Definitely black.

1997 series:

Yeah, I’d say that’s pretty close to the source material.

Film trilogy (2012-2013):

That’s… not quite right. She’s still a woman of colour, but…
Oh well, they can’t do worse than this.

2016 series:

Wow, they actually made it worse. They took a screw up and they screwed it upper. How could you… Why.


infinite list of favorite characters

↳ “Don’t get me wrong. It’s a dream vacation. I mean, I load up, I go into space, I get inside the maximum-security nuthouse, save the President’s daughter if she’s not dead already, get past all the psychos who’ve just woken up. I’m thrilled that you would think of me.”


You don’t really get to choose who you fall for.
It’s embarrassing after all the horrible things I’ve said about him!!!

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Writing prompt, number 15. Do it. Murder my ass with angst. <3

Sjuul I can’t believe you sent me the exact prompt I was waiting for. Anyway, you asked for this. Angst with happy ending, I hope it’s okay that I slipped some Silverflintmadi into it. If not, I’m sorry? I hope you like this anyway? This is set roughly after the battle in 4x03. Also it’s late and I proofread only once there may be some mistakes im sorry

Silverflint + 15. Don’t die on me– Please.

The noise from the rifles was just dying down when Silver heard a blood-curling scream. He whipped around to find Madi and Dooley hunched over a too familiar body. His breath caught in his throat as he hurriedly made his way to where they were lying Flint down, already pressing some cloth to the bullet wound in his side.

“No no no no” Silver murmured, casting the crutch aside as he fell to his knees, everyone else stepping back to allow him closer to the captain. Silver took over Dooley’s hands in pressing the cloth to Flint’s side, trying not to pay too much attention at how much blood he’d already lost.

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Know Your Limits - Jennie (M)

“Can you maybe write a smut about jennie from black pink from a guys perspective in which she is very very dominant”

A/N: Okay you brat
Ah, this is kind of shitty, but I hope it’s decent. [sorry I got a little lazy and she’s not super hardcore dom]


Word Count: 814

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Her fingers combed through your disheveled hair, her sharp nails dragging along your scalp gently. Her gaze trailed along your form, settling upon your parted lips.
Quietly, she withdrew the laptop from beneath your limp hand, carefully closing the screen and placing it on the bare nightstand.

It was nearly midnight, the dim clock beside the bed slowly ticking away.

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みなんの助手の塗くん ! 

everyone’s assistant nuru-kun!  (ノ*゜▽゜*)


Paul Dierden Appreciation Week: day 5 » moment you Sarah realized he was good
↳ “Hi Beth… I need you to do something for me… They know you’re not Beth. Run!

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You know you IRs have always been talking about the "red string of fate" that Ichigo and Rukia share. Maybe you guys got the wrong idea from the fade to black movie which isn't canon. But tbh you guys really gotta wake up as Uryu clearly explains at the beginning of the series that the red string of fate you IRs hold so dear is nothing but a red spirit ribbon that ALL shinigami possess. So how do you explain that?

First, it’s curious you come in here blathering about Fade to Black not being canon, when so many of your compatriots go on and on about the Pilot chapter, despite it not being canon, but I digress.

I agree that FtB isn’t canon (and I don’t even like it very much myself), but I think you’re the one who’s confused. What’s in FtB, and what both Uryuu and Ichigo do in the manga and anime (reiraku), are not at all the same things. They share no commonality whatsoever in terms of visuals or effects. The FtB effect does not show ribbons from other entities (like Renji, who’s standing right there), and reiraku doesn’t home in on the location of the target. What’s in Fade to Black is purely a link between Ichigo and Rukia, not a generalized technique. It’s directly alluded to in the 16th ending at 0:13, (although there it’s blue, not red), which is, surprise, an IR ending. Like 26 and the final version of 28. But again, I digress.

Anyway, to my knowledge, nobody has ever really conflated red Shinigami reiraku with the red string of fate, precisely because they bear no resemblance to one another. One is a large ribbon, the other is a thin thread; what’s to confuse?

As far as I’m concerned, the red string of fate never comes up in the manga in an overt fashion. But, I also think that’s missing the point. Per Wikipedia:

The Red String of Fate (simplified Chinese: 姻缘红线; traditional Chinese: 姻緣紅線; pinyin: Yīnyuán hóngxiàn), also referred to as the Red String of Marriage, and other variants, is an East Asian belief originating from Chinese legend. According to this myth, the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way.

The point is not the string: the string is invisible. It’s a metaphor. You can invoke the metaphor directly, but you don’t have to. The point is what one sees through action and circumstance. Who is it that keeps meeting again and again under strange circumstances?

And perhaps you want to draw up some parallel with Orihime meeting Ichigo again after having met him when Sora died, even though she was around constantly after that and he didn’t really care. You’re free to do that if you want. But you clearly have not understood the concept even being discussed here to begin with.

Why don’t you go draft up your own theory of how Ichigo and Orihime are the ones with the red string, even though Ichigo and Rukia are the ones who catalyzed everything, and who repeatedly prevented reality from ending? And while you’re at it, you can also ponder how to deal with the fact that Ichigo and Rukia are, based on the examples of Yamamoto, Ukitake, and Shunsui, probably going to exist for about 5,000 years (or more), their meeting in Chapter 686 will definitely not be their last, and ½ of all marriages end in divorce, with child-rearing being no great impediment to their occurrence.

Have fun with that.

Edit: Oh, by the way, I forgot: have you ever wondered why Rukia’s ribbon didn’t show up when Ichigo used reiraku, given she was right there? It should’ve been really obvious and red given she still retained some of her powers, no? Ponder that one for awhile.