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Inside Choices: Growing from “Rant Ahead, Be Aware”

While looking through Tumblr posts this week, one of the longer response posts caught my eye. The post was well written and though titled “Rant ahead”, was a well reasoned commentary on things that bother the post’s author. Since the post brought up many points that other players have also expressed, I thought replying as a blog post so everyone has a chance to see the response would be appropriate.

Thank you to lauraotaku2234 both for your thoughts and for permission to share it in our blog. The post is bolded below.

From the Tumblr post “Rant ahead, be aware”:

I just love how Pixelberry reblogs fanart and nice messages about the game. But when fans are actually pointing out errors and mistake the game has done… they just ignore it. They have decided to close a bubble to them.

This is a very fair point. Our team really does read a lot of the feedback generated by our players. But even though we may be working on fixes or things that address the critiques, most of the time people on our  team don’t give a firm answer for fear of making a situation worse or suggesting something that might end up not happening in the future. Because I lead the team, I have a lot more latitude in responding to critiques, but I’ve been focused on a lot of different projects which means that I haven’t responded as often as I should.

I hope this post helps to provide some more light on many of the below issues.

Now, there is a difference between the: “We want more diamond options” and the “James situation”. Here’s why:

On the diamond thing, I doubt PB will change that, mainly because they get their money from us buying diamonds, the more options we get, the least money they make. So its understandable. Yet, the money they make is supposedly to get better staff and equipment so the game can improve and be better. A year has already passed and I still can’t find what the improvement is or was.

You’re correct, it is harder for us to change the diamond economy. We have been experimenting with different options that try to balance our ability with making money and giving players a better experience. As a player, myself, I totally get the complaints. I don’t have anything new to announce right now, but we are working on different features and will see if things like rewarding diamonds for watching ads will help in providing that balance.

It also makes sense that you and other players can’t find what improvements have been made. But I’m hoping that is partially because we’ve been slowly building and rolling out improvements over time and that you’ve gotten used to some of those changes.

One of our most popular requests is launching more weekly content. And in the past year, the biggest change we’ve made by far is expanding from 3 books at launch to a much more robust library. When we first launched Choices, we had about 10 people writing with two new chapters per week. We now have over 30 writers and sometimes release as many as 6 new chapters a week with other new series in production, too. Along with all these writers, we’ve added more artists, producers, testers, and other roles to increasing our capacity for weekly storytelling.

It’s something you can’t see, but when I walk through the doors into our offices, I love hearing the buzz in our office and seeing all the people working together on Choices. And when all the writers assemble for their weekly “Writer’s Meeting,” I still get the chills seeing so many writers gathered around a long table talking about how they can improve their craft together.

So, I hope you really do believe we’ve been investing a lot in growing our team because we treat the future of Choices very seriously.

(As an aside, some people on the team have suggested maybe doing a Fan meet-up in the office - in the Bay Area in California - or maybe sending writers to different book conferences next year, so that maybe some of you can see that growth in person, too.)

Now… The James thing. PB common, you can do better than that. I wouldn’t be upset if you they gave us an actual reason as of why. Also, we need an explanation about what “other characters” means. Will the rest of the character change too? Will it only be a few one’s? I’m replaying every single finished book to find what other faces may have been changed. It has to be done, I don’t want to play The Royal Romance to find you changed Hana’s character appearance just… because.

You are right. We should have told you about the change ahead of time. Also, I wish I could go into more details about the change, but in my previous post, I tried to say as much about why we made the change as I already could. We know this really upset many of you. We understand. It’s our bad for disappointing you.

In regards to “other characters”, we have not rolled out the changes yet, but our Tumblr fandom is pretty clued into what other characters will likely be changed. We will make specific references to those characters when it happens. We will not be changing any other Love Interests (LIs), so Hana and others are safe.

The only book I’m not replaying is ROE, why? Because is a waste to my keys and time. The storyline got old really fast. It was actually a really good story, and I remember the First Book Finale actually left people with their mouths open, but they ruined it when they brought a third book, and now a fourth. I mean, it’s a plot that can be solved with a Snap. Adding more tasks as a way of length[en]ing the story was a stupid move and only brought fans rage. Most fans agree with me when I say: Endless Summer should have as many books as The Freshman, The Crown and The Flame shouldn’t have ended in the third book, The Haunting of Braidwood Manor should’ve been longer, Most Wanted deserves a second book, and even tho The Freshman is my favorite series, The Sophomore plot isn’t going anywhere, it’s like Love Hacks at its beginnings and it’s tiring.

As I mentioned before, Most Wanted 2 must happen. It’s the book every fan is waiting for, including me. It has an amazing storyline with amazing characters, yet, they decided to shut it out, and even erase it from their AppStore/PlayStore menu.

It’s pretty clear that much of the Tumblr fandom has the least love for Rules of Engagement (ROE.) But we have other fan groups and other people who really like this series. Just as we actively try to promote diversity in our characters, we do try to balance the resources we put into genres for various fandoms and individuals playing through our stories. We aim to have something for everyone, and all of our writers pour their hearts into everything they work on.

As the RoE series wrapped up, the writers of ROE moved on to a “mini-book” that would tie the series up in the right way. The book will probably finish too quickly for fans of ROE and not fast enough for fans of other series, but this book length fit the purposes of the story arc. Also because we have such a wide variety of writers, each with their unique storytelling talents and skills, continuing a romance series such as RoE doesn’t actually affect some Tumblr fandom favorites, like Endless Summer or Most Wanted.

Part of what we’re trying to do with Choices is to try new series and genres which is why we sometimes will end, or pause a series faster than fans want so that we can try new things. Most Wanted didn’t do as well financially as our other two launch series, so we moved that team onto Endless Summer and LoveHacks, where they could excel at leading new projects. One of those writers, Andrew, has moved onto managing another project. But Luke continues to be a part of Book 2 and 3 of Endless Summer (which we are aiming to start releasing in December.) And Owen is working on a secret new project, now that LoveHacks has completed!

I really do hope and think that when it makes sense, we will start work on Most Wanted 2. But it will be a matter of the right timing in terms of having one or more of the original team ready and balancing the start of Most Wanted 2 versus other new series we want to start. Dave and Sam will eventually return.

I respect Pixelberry as a company a lot. But with these changes and empty storylines, I just wonder where the old Pixelberry went. It seems like they just ran out of imagination to make stories, so they just continue old ones and create new ones with similar plots but shorter books that in the end everyone likes.

Thank you for respecting us. It’s clear in the thoughtfulness of your “rant” and in the praises and critiques of our fandom. Even when you think we’re ignoring you, we hear many, many of the messages. And I admit that some of the critiques really hurt and sometimes the ones that hurt the most are the ones that ring the most true. But we also recognize the strength of the critiques often is also a measure of how much our fandom cares.

I really, truly hope that as we release new chapters, books, and series that you’ll see that the creative wells of our teams has not run dry. And when a writer is being blocked, a designer is confused by the path forward, or a tester doesn’t know how to reproduce a problem, the creativity of the fandom often breaks that block, clears the path, and helps us keep moving forward. Whether it’s beautiful art, all the “Jomes” jokes, Brian’s Ask Blogs, the many forms of Cetus, faceclaims (yes, it’s okay to keep doing them), and other posts, your creativity motivates us.

As you continue to share on Tumblr or Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, we’ll continue reading, digesting, and modifying our plans. But if you have specific problems or want to ensure we hear what you have to say, I encourage you to contact us directly via our in-game Help. Or if the game is down, reach out via Contact us via our website. We have experienced Player Specialists who listen, solve, tally, describe, and share your thoughts with the right people on our team. They are the first to alert the rest of the team to major problems and Trina, the leader of that team, also shares motivating, poignant, or key messages to the whole studio. Also you can tweet story related questions to @PlayChoices. Jessica will often check with individual writing teams to see if it’s something they can answer.

To all of our fandom everywhere, thank you for your love. We understood that love isn’t just fun and compliments, but it also comes with teasing and obstacles. And the best love comes with hard talks, accountability, and growth. When we stumble, we promise to honor our side of the relationship by continuing to learn and grow. And we hope that you will continue to rant, tease, and grow with us.

On behalf of our whole team,


What if the guidebook were something like this?

More of a diagram. Then you would have all the details explained, without the whole “I have to write a book” thing, but still in book form.

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Hi Erica, I'm wondering what other skills are required to be a storyboard artist in the animation industry like you. The level of draftsmanship required in that field seems so simple. Maybe TOO simple. I've been told by employed 2d animators in the gaming industry and several other artists that my figure drawings are very solid. Not meaning to toot my horn, I still need to improve. But is there something I'm missing? Is there like some kind of a catch? Are people with no degrees glossed over?

Hi! You’re asking if there’s more to storyboarding than good drawing skills. And the short answer is: YES!!

Long answer: Drawing skills are the bare minimum when it comes to boarding. It’s the base skill that every other skill grows off of. Most importantly: cinematography! A beautiful drawing is useless is if your cuts don’t make sense. Or if you’ve got bad staging. Or tangents. Or you’re crossing the 360 too often. Or your acting is off. Or your pacing is weird. The list goes on and on!

Yes, you need to know how to draw, you need to know basic perspective and anatomy, and then from that knowledge, you need to learn to do it in shorthand; loose, fast, and efficient while still communicating everything clearly. That is why storyboards look the way they do! Gorgeously detailed drawings are near pointless in storyboards, and to be plain, there is no time for it. I actually know a storyboard artist who was fired (yes, fired!) for being too detailed. He was falling behind.

Background artists are responsible for beautifying the environment with wonderful detail and crisp, clean lines, and colorists are responsible for beautifying those lines with amazing hues and shadows and lighting. Our job is to rough! Out! That! Story!

 Hope this helped you. Good luck on your journey to boarding!

Tag List Update/Cleanup

Alrighty guys, it is time for a tag list cleanup. I do this every couple months so I can get inactive people/blogs or people who no longer want to be tagged off the tag lists and maybe make some room for people who want to be tagged.

Here is the rules…It’s really simple-I have a limited number of tags per list because Tumblr won’t let you tag more than a certain number of people in posts. So due to that I’m going to have to get a little creative here. Tagged in this post will be my Forevers, Jensen/Dean List, and the Our Little Secret List. For other series (Break a Little, Dirty Girl, etc…) PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK to check that you are on them. 

THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO…If you want to stay on the list you are on REPLY to this post with the list you want to stay on (no asks, likes, or messages unless you have questions). You have until Wednesday October 25th to do so or you will be taken off the list. After that I will be making a post about open spots.

Tags under the cut…

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Also let me just address that Taylor’s “300 people know” comment came at a very bad time. If I’m remembering correctly it was the exact same night a secret sessioner said something like “Gorgeous has such a great meaning behind it and you wish you knew what it is but you don’t and you won’t :) :) :)” so everyone was on edge ALREADY and then came the whole baby thing with the fandom innocently wondering whose voice it was and SOME (of course not all) secret sessioners were on here like “lol you’ll never know because that’s a secret between US and TAYLOR ONLY!!!” so a lot of fans were already so upset when Taylor made her comment. On any other day maybe her “300 people know” thing would have been taken much more lightly but with the events leading up to it I think a lot of us here felt like Taylor was feeding into the already huge egos and basically being the ring leader of a cult of bullies. It felt like Taylor was giving these people permission to act that way toward the rest of us. I truly don’t know if Taylor saw the comments made by those people or not but THE POINT IS Taylor’s explanation was SO NEEDED because prior to it seemed like she was condoning the bullying taking place. I don’t think it was the comment itself that made everyone so upset but the fact that it came off like she was joining in with the people who were being not so nice.

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I've seen everyone talking about how the team would be upset with worry if they learned what Keith almost did. But... what if The clone twisted that. Kuron just glares at Keith and tells him he expected more from him or something like that. Lotor notices and smirks slowly. A rift between the Paladins. He can work with that.

I mean, knowing Lotor–I fully expect him to hold that over Keith. Try to make it feel like Keith owed him. Or downplaying it enough that Keith starts to feel more paranoid about his motivates. Either way, I think Lotor will be the one who really uses it to manipulate Keith. 

The thing about everyone else being angry is–that’s gonna happen. Regardless of Operation Kuron and possible clone status or anything else, the team’s going to be mad. And yeah, Keith will likely feel more isolated because of that. But like, he nearly died. He was going to sacrifice himself for the team. He might not call it suicide–maybe duty or dedication or some other pretty word. And I realize it’s not the same as just plain wanting to die, but you know. It’s still throwing your life away. People are going to take personal offense to that. 

They’re going to lash out. They’re going to be incredibly angry, upset, disappointed, hurt, something. And you don’t think about any of that at the time because you won’t have to. Bracing yourself for that end and then waking up and having to face the consequences? It’s a real fucking nasty surprise. Keith won’t be prepared for that. And having to face the team afterwards? That’s going to be very painful. 

And I hope to hell Kuron isn’t going to be one of those people that holds it against him without offering some sort of comfort. I really hope he’ll at least pull Keith into another hug and tell him how much they all need him, how much he matters. Because not everyone does that. And there’s very few things in the world worse than being rejected by the person you care about most after something like that. 

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I think what Shakespeareinthepark meant was more of a general 'let us not be assholes to each other because of differences nobody chose anyway' rather than 'let us ignore that there are problems'?

Maybe Im jaded from too many years on this hellsite, but 99% of the time someone pulls out the “dont be mean to white straight men for being white and straight and men, its not their fault!” What they are really saying is “people criticizing white supremacy, homophobia, and racism in tangible and measurable ways makes me uncomfortable, so stop it.”

@ most other secret sessioners - well done lovelies, you’re doing great! keep spreading love and positivity and hope, i’m proud of you! 🌈🌈🌈

@ the minority of secret sessioners - please take a step back and remember that what you’re doing impacts other people. please try to be mindful of how you act. don’t be superior, don’t not give others a chance to be noticed, maybe show a lil more empathy. just take care not to overstep or hurt people.

Me: goes to an event which features a crowd of the most obviously queer people I’ve ever seen in this city outside of Pride, having fun and letting loose

Me: goes to tumblr to immediately see a post condemning the media consumed at that event

And the thing is, I know that the creator of this media might indeed have a problem with me and my complex queer identity. But that doesn’t change that this media was a blast of possibility for me when I was younger, a huge formative influence, and, well, fun. 

i feel like i’m in a really weird place where hong kong is Home home, obviously, it’s where i grew up and you don’t spend 17 years in a place without getting severely attached, but china also…. idk, being in china gives me a kind of feeling of familiarity that living in hong kong never will. realistically it shouldn’t because hong kong is, well, hong kong…. maybe it’s the language/culture disconnect but I really wish i could spend more time in china and be friends with more young chinese people, i feel like there’s this whole other dimension of my cultural identity that’s going unexplored and I want to explore it

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Hey there! There's been quite a few other people doing some great Undertale musical projects that I've seen get dislikes for seemingly no reason other than the fact that they probably think the other projects are copying you guys. Any chance you could maybe, I dunno, tell these people to give the other projects a chance as well? Or at least not have them be jerks to others' creative endeavors?

A lot of those same people are usually the same types that get blocked from my channel by saying “DO MEGALOVANIA AND YOU STOLE THESE LYRICS FROM JENNY.” I don’t think they can read with their head that far up their ass.

- Alex

another hiatus

Hey everyone, I hate to say this, but I think I’m going to be taking another break. 

It’s just getting to that point again where I’m not in the best of moods and I’m not really happy with how I’m making this blog. I just feel like it’s too repetitive and that it’s annoying people or whatever.  That what I’m doing is old news and that maybe I shouldn’t carry on with it, that people can just send blogs their thoughts on their own or something since I know of other blogs like mine who have stopped posting and I’m not sure if I’m dragging this idea out too long … And idk, I’m just not putting my best into this blog right now, so I think another break is needed. 

So that being said, there are still a few posts in my queue, but I’m not going to be adding to it for a bit. I don’t know how long this break will be, but I’ll try to not make it last too long. 

Thank you for understanding and I’ll see you soon. 

So after watching the episode I think I’m starting to understand what’s going on with Chloe.

She doesn’t know how to interact with people properly.

Chloe is used to get whatever she wants from her father as a way to distract her from the reality of her home situation.

She is completely relient on people and really doesn’t understand her other classmates.

However she does have a soft spot inside of her, something she can infact built on. But for that to be the case she would need to first be foreced into a situation where for once she truly is independent. Something that makes her understand others better and makes her appreciate their actions more.

And maybe even be confronted with reality in the form of her realizing the consequences of her actions.

Here is what I think might happen.

I believe she will steal the bee Miraculous from Marinette and that way will find out her secret identity. She will accidentally cause another akumazation, however somehow it will have a negative effect on Marinette.

She will realize all of this was her fault and will have to fix her mistake. All on her own for once.

She apologizes and gives the Miraculous back, however Marinette decides she can keep it. heart.

Massey writes, “In his reply, John tactfully overlooked Henry’s attempt to absolve himself from any responsibility for the enslavement of Africans…”

As bold and passionate as he was, I always imagine him tactful and diplomatic as well. I can see him seeing people argue and being able to not only diffuse the argument, but get each party to see the others side as well. But maybe that’s just me…

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Lol, you know what makes me happy about you being German? Most people are bilingual but speak idk Spanish, French, Japanese etc. in addition to English and they receive messages in those languages and I CAN'T UNDERSTAND SHIT (maybe a bit Spanish) but I also am German so fuck yeah! I hope I don't annoy the others when I text you in German^^'

HAHAHHAHA DO I KNOW THE FEELING :’D I can actually understand most French asks and some of the Spanish ones but yeeeeah it takes effort. Then again, writing or reading German on tumblr is weird, I actually slow down because it feels so wrong lmao

I doubt you annoy the others, if they are curious what we’re talking about I’d be happy to translate, everything is fine^^

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Hey Serra there’s a thing that’s been bothering me for a while. When teen girls come out as bi/ just liking other girls regardless of sexuality, they seem to be mocked for it. Like it’s ‘become a stereotype’ and I just don’t understand why it’s been made into a negative thing. People claim so many girls are coming out ‘just to fit the trend’ and it just doesn’t sit right with me. It’s super frustrating too because it made me feel like maybe I wasn’t bi, and it might affect younger girls worse :/

It’s biphobia mixed with a good dose of misogyny and homophobia, mostly. Every one of us who belong to somewhere in the LGBT+ spectrum have their own individual struggles, even biphobia comes in different flavors. Bi girls get told they’re faking it, bi guys get told they’re actually gay and “halfway out the closet”, etc. The best, and perhaps healthiest, thing we can do is educating people around us, protecting ourselves from being exposed to bigotry in a way we can’t handle, and trust ourselves, feelings and experiences. They don’t know you, you know you.

why did me and a bunch of people fight over a tv show yesterday? i mean it almost feels irrelevant. who is actually going to remember about Riverdale at all in 20 years? I’m not saying that straightwashing and queer baiting are irrelevant, don’t put words in my mouth, but literally.

me and a bunch of other people, put so much

time and effort

into paragraphs, and for what? for the argument to just suddenly end the next day, like it never even happened?

yesterday felt like a blur, and I hate how immature I was for letting my feelings dictate every single word I said. Sure, I was civil in some cases, but if none of us put any feelings and saw everything neutrally and civilly, maybe what happened yesterday wouldn’t have happened.

maybe I would have deleted the hate asks and not write the rant.

maybe if the hate asks didn’t hate at all.

I’ve realized that

there are limits

to the situation. it will come to the point where me and a bunch of other people will be so focused on our side of the argument, that we could hurt people.

and saying things that involves you, doesn’t cut it; “it’s important to ME” “I’M not TRYING to be hurtful” “I’M just defending MYSELF”

because in the end,

someone got hurt

and that’s the fucked up part of the entire situation. We hurt people and debated with people over an arguement that, sadly, won’t have one unanimous side. Not everyone is going to hate riverdale, and not everyone is going to like riverdale. It’s nice that people want others to understand, hell someone thought I didn’t understand. We can’t assume things, and you can’t say that “YOU weren’t TRYING to assume things”, because just because you SAY you aren’t doing something doesn’t mean you aren’t doing it.

People came to this community, came to me, came to others, for the sims. and I should have kept it strictly sims for them. because you did not come for riverdale debates, you came for sims. and I should’ve given you the sims, whether my beliefs on the situation, I shouldn’t have to bring my other opinions onto this account. hell, my name is blissims and I’ve only brought hatred at this point.

but I guess it’s over now right? it feels incredibly refreshing. I have this thing called a life that I would like to live. my tumblr notifications are off, my asks are off, and my messages are off, so thank you.

okay bye, messina posts tomorrow, getting ready for Cats & Dogs, all of you have a great day.


  • Me: I was thinking about making a collection of prompts with songs about forever.
  • Bae: Cool.
  • Me: Forever and Always by Parachute with Tetsono.
  • Bae: Okay, that's a little...
  • Me: Forever and Almost Always by Kate Voegele with MikuTsuru.
  • Bae: Maybe something more uplifting?
  • Me: My Immortal by Evanescence with KuroMahi!
  • Bae: ...

anonymous asked:

I dont have anyone to talk to about beimg aro. About feeling broken and unimportant and always beneath romantic partners. Like no one will ever love me as much as they love romance. I will never feel hapy or loved by anyone as long as im like this

Hi Anon,

Those are some harsh things you’re telling yourself, and it makes it even harder when you don’t have anyone to talk about it with to challenge those thoughts. If it’s been hard finding someone in the community, maybe an aro-friendly therapist/counselor could help.

The outside pressure that says “romantic relationships above all” is hard, especially when we’re not built for romantic feelings. And above all, it’s bullcrap, because it’s not the most important thing, life isn’t one-size-fits-all. But even if we know it’s not true, the feelings can linger, especially when there’s not someone validating us.

I wonder if there are any good sites the followers or other mods could recommend where aro people can make friends with each other, that you might be able to join. There are lots of people out there who don’t put romance above everything, and who know that you’re not broken or unimportant.

Anon, being aro doesn’t make you unlovable or unable to reach happiness.

All the best,

Mod Sam