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It seems like a lot of ball python breeders, and even some ball python keepers don’t like ball pythons. Like when they talk about the species all they do is trash it about how boring and dull witted they are. If you aren’t passionate about the species why would you work with them?

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So... since kisses are for jaurias "non lethal mouth gestures" , how does a jauria (specifically karel and bri bc, "lion" and "jaguar") express "we consider you friend and we will not (try to) eat you" (maybe). [ Exp.: Dogs lower their ears and move their tails, cats... they tolerate you and may purr ]

Jauria have several ways of showing affection! They definitely behave like regular humans would but more often than not their body language reflects dog/bird/cat-like habits.

BODY WISE: Primarily tho they tend to brush against you gently and rub their foreheads/top of noses (the area where their whiskers sprout from have spongy tissue and a main pheromone glands and their noses being usually pretty oily also carry these)    grooming IS HUUUGE, you’d be surprised just how nitpicky and clean they are. Communal showering is big with them and grooming manes for parasites/combing hair/massaging is a way of earning other’s favor.

EYE LANGUAGE Their expressions look lazy and even indifferent when they’re comfortable with you. Making eye contact is alright though refrained from being held too long, especially with higher ranking members or lions. Being regarded with half-lidded eyes from an extremely predatory transhuman means they’re not intent on your movement. (If one stares at you with them big ole eyes though it’s usually a threat however) though more active members such as jaguars might commuicate this affection by looking very intent in your actions and occassionally bat for attention. They’re most like dogs and are at other’s beck and call.

VOCALLY  they do a lot of this. A lot. Roaring/howling/screeching is their more publicly known forms of communication but their more communicative range from purring (a sound that’s a lot like bear purring and leopard) to chuffing, groaning and chirping. Whistling is used for long-distance and they have a different sort of bell (from the diaphragm/belly) sounds like this that exclusively use when in distress. they’re also able to do sub-sonic long-distance calls that resemble that of weddell seals a lot. This last one is the most obscure and bizarre and they share it with other gestalt species and are primarily used to communicate across dome levels and underground. 

AND HANDS. Jauria place an enormous amount of importance on hands and arms, the closest associated with affection. Since they see hands only second to mouths as the most lethal aspect of their bodies a lot of trust is acquainted with hand-holding, massaging, etc. Becoming friends with a Jauria involves a lot of hand touching and mutual hand exploration, nail cleaning, play wrestling, etc. There’s sexual connotations as well (esp hand-to-mouth stuff) but sexuality isn’t exactly considered a positive/intimate or nurturing aspect in their society so it’s not polite to approach that stuff. 

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So, I dunno if this would exceed the ask because of the letters xD but I think Chara killed the monsters in the ruins because the fights would interrupt the hunt to the souls until the end of the puzzles, and if a human killed any monster, it would gain EXP and maybe LV too, I don’t know if there were monsters before, when (possibly) the six human souls fell down to the underground??? Because Chara would have planned that Frisk would possibly kill or not a monster, gaining EXP, and when you gain EXP (if I remember well) your chances of surviving increase, and it gets more easy to kill again?? And maybe it would get harder for Chara to kill Frisk on the attempt to get their soul?? I only came with that speculation in the morning XD I know that is silly and a bit nonsense (and my English doesn’t help it :“3) but speculating is free, right? Well have a good day you two! ^^