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playing for keeps

Fandom: SKAM
Ship: Chris x Eva
Summary: Eva hadn’t expected this much enthusiasm from Chris when she asked him to pretend they were dating.

skam month, fanfiction week, day 5: your choice

They fell onto Noora’s couch somewhere between four and five a.m., too tired to mind the close fit and narrow cushions. Chris had planned to leave Eva’s party with her from the minute he’d stepped out of William’s car—fine, from the second he’d known he’d be free for it—but he’d pictured them heading out to a bar or a club. Somewhere with tequila shots, dim lighting, and loud music.

(Or to her bedroom. His. Those worked too.)

As Eva mumbled her eyes shut and molded her back against his chest, Chris decided that he didn’t mind the way things had gone. “Happy birthday, stalker,” he said into her neck, letting his lips linger there.

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All In (A Choices Fanfic)

Pairing: Kenji x F!MC (Alex)

Category: Romance/Angst/Comfort

Summary: Kenji comes to a realization as he searches for Alex; a retelling of Book 1, Chapter 14 from Kenji’s POV where he and Eva actually know that she’s missing and you know, do something about it

Author’s Note: God, I feel so behind on all the great content this week (life’s been busy so I haven’t been able to scroll through my dash as much), so I’m not sure if this has been done yet, but yeah, sharing my spin on the Kenji-less chapter. Let me know what you guys think! 

Kenji Katsaros smiles to himself as he leans back on his office chair, Alex’s voice playing in his head for the nth time today.

“Kenji… I’ll fight. For Northbridge, and for you.“

He grins.

Despite being physically exhausted from superhero duty, his spirit feels light, and he finds himself glancing at his phone every so often, a little too expectant that a certain text from a certain girl will come through.

He sits up straight and shakes his head, his hands slapping at his cheeks repeatedly, but the smile on his face remains, his heart still beating just a little bit faster.

He chuckles. "Ah, you’re crazy, Katsaros.”

He pulls up the picture he and Alex took at the restaurant, and he feels his smile growing wider, the corners of his eyes squinting ever so slightly. He hits the options icon at the photo, his thumb hovering over the ‘set as wallpaper’ option, when he hears a beep on his earpiece.

“Go for Talos.”

He’s still adjusting the size of the photo on his screen when he receives the news.

“Kenji, it’s Alex… Silas Prescott has her.”

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I just think it’s so sweet how Chris really wants to be in a relationship with Eva, maybe finding himself wanting something like his bestfriend William has with Noora, but then theres Eva, who feels that she can’t trust him cuz she knows his past… but still there’s something about him that makes her stay by his side. 

If that doesn’t sum up actual relationships, idk what else will.

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What is he most underrated character in your opinion?

Julian Dahl!!!!!!!

Haha nah, Mahdi or Jonas maybe? Or even Eva? Luckily I don’t feel like the fandom has a problem with appreciation! Every character is appreciated and I love it.

yo. i would love to date a trans person or a nonbinary person or generally just any person of any gender they prefer to be referred as because i am thirsty as fuck and all y'all are attractive as hell

Another thing:

Like, i hate that part of the last episode where we are supposed to believe Jonas pays attention in Eva or that he truly see her, because he can see the sauce stain in her face ??? First , bc it’s dumb but it’s also not true. Jonas paying attention on Eva ???? when? When he didn’t want to go to a party with her bc he had plans with Isak ? When he brought two friends to the cabin and let Eva alone cooking and went to smoke with his friends? (Maybe he’s one of those guys who think the girlfriend is their mother, he even wanted her to serve his plate). Or maybe when he said to Eva she could bring her friends even though she didn’t have any ? Or when he didn’t go to dinner with her mother because buying weed is more important for him? Or when Eva found new friends and he got annoyed? Or when Eva was finally finding things she wanted to do like the bus and Jonas started to mansplain to her why this was a bad idea? Or when they were just good friends going to a party together, but in the last moment Jonas decided he had better things to do and let Eva again without even giving her a explanation, he just disappeared and didn’t answer the phone ?

Or after that when for two seasons he never showed any interest in Eva, because maybe, he get over the relationship? Like when Isak said he was going to the Kosegruppa christmas party, all the boys were all disappointed because they wanted to go to the hot girls party. That really shows how Jonas was not interested in Eva anymore. Because he was disappointed with the idea of going to a party that was basically Eva and her friends.

The truth is Jonas never paid attention on Eva and she was always the second choice for him, when they were dating and when they were just friends. And after that he probably get over, like normal people do. So Jonas suddenly brooding for Eva and Chris in this clip was weird af and he getting her back in the end after doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to deserve her, it’s one of the stupid things that happened on skam. and its not a sauce stain that is going to make me believe he is the one for her.


I think that it’s really funny that Vilde was completely not offended by Elias asking for nudes.  If some random guy that I met a week ago asked me for nude pictures, I’d probably delete him off of facebook and block him.  She was flattered.  She even reported back to Sana and said that she wants to hang out with him and, while she was not offended by the nudes request, she seemed more offended that it was for a YouTube video.

I don’t know how to word this.  Despite Vilde’s obsession with William, I knew that she wasn’t actually sexually attracted to him because of the scene in Eva’s room right before she went off to have sex.  Instead of being attracted to him, she was attracted to everything around him, and she was attracted to the idea of him being into her.

And maybe that’s also the case with Elias, Magnus, and even Eva.  The difference with Eva, I think, is that she admitted to feeling turned on and is in complete denial of what that could mean.  But I never actually shipped Eva and Vilde because apart from them making out in parties, I never got the idea that she was romantically interested in Eva?  Maybe she just likes making out with her?

One thing that I don’t like about a lot of coming out stories that are also love stories is that oftentimes a gay person’s first same sex relationship is with their One True Love.  That’s not always the case in real life.  Sometimes people have sexual or romantic encounters with people of the same sex just to test the waters.  They might know deep down that they aren’t heterosexual, but they might not have any romantic feelings for that particular person.

What do you think?

@theskamgirlsdeservebetter had me thinking what a Northern Irish Skam would look like. I feel like it would be set in Belfast, naturally. Maybe Eva would originally be from Holywood and had gone to Rudolph Steiner. Maybe that’s why she feels a little less intelligent than everyone else and struggles a bit, even though she’s very smart. Her accent would be slightly different, more posh, because that’s how people from Holywood tend to be. Think more Jamie Dornan as opposed to someone with a Belfast accent, which is harsher. I mean she could be from closer to the border and that would explain a different accent etc but I just like the idea of her going to Rudolph Steiner for some reason. And I’ve met people who have moved from Rudolph Steiner in later school years to help with their schooling because it’s alternative education doesn’t suit them. Maybe Eva has dyslexia or something. 

I feel like the sectarian divide would probably feature and they’d have at least one season set near the Twelfth and parade season. I feel like rather than William being some rich douche, perhaps he’s from a rough loyalist family and maybe connected to the paramilitaries in some way. Which honestly suits the fact he’s called William because you know.. King Billy and all. This also suits the violence we see from William. 

Noora would still be a feminist, obviously, but I feel like it would be more of her political views and her views on sectarianism etc that would be a big issue between her and William. Maybe she was brought up in a mixed family and it’s always been important to her to have a diverse set of friends and not let that divide dictate anything in her life. Or maybe while she’s not particularly religious, she could be a nationalist. Which would definitely be an obstacle between her and William. Lol. 

Then we have Sana’s character, growing up in such a polarised country that lacks in racial diversity, and not fitting into either of the main camps of Catholicism/Protestantism or rather nationalism/unionism. And how the fact Northern Ireland is so stuck in the past it breeds a lack of understanding towards minorities and racism. 

Vilde would have her pregnancy scare and it would be even scarier due to the fact abortion is illegal. She could contemplate the reality of finding a way to get to England and what it’s like for young girls who find themselves in that situation.

Isak would face coming out in the last place in the UK without equal marriage, with a political party in power that believes being gay is wrong and businesses should be allowed to refuse gay customers and gay people shouldn’t be allowed to adopt. Where your family will vote for those people because unionism is important above all else. 

And don’t even get me started on our mental health system and what it might mean for Even. 

Over the past few days I’ve been feeling a bit blah. Super tired, exhausted, and headaches on and off.

Today I woke up with a headache again and a killer sore throat. I skipped boot camp and got an extra maybe 40 minute sleep but I still feel like poo. Eva asked if I wanted to babysit and for the first time in 6 years I said no.

Tomorrow I have a busy day.. 8am park run (will probably skip), 9am work Xmas party (lame one where we have to do construction and building), then lunch, then 2pm a baby shower, and I’m going out for dinner. Mum wanted me to go do something with her too and I said I can’t, and Eva asked last night if I wanted to go to a food and wine festival on Saturday so we may go on Sunday.

I feel this this weekend is one that I’m not wanting to come because I feeel tired thinking of it, especially seem I’m not feeling the greatest

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... this popped into my head when i was falling asleep last night but: Beca's about to do her first ever talk show and is totally freaking out so Chloe's in her dressing room with her trying to chill her out. Bonus points for supportive Bellas texts! <3

When Beca got scared, in any way, she struggled with the fight or flight instinct. She assumed, somewhere along the line of evolution, that her genetics favored the art of fleeing over fighting because of the basic inconvenience that her height provided. And people had been categorizing her as a fleer for years as a result, treating her however subconsciously like she might run at any moment. 

What they didn’t know, though, was how strongly Beca’s instincts worked against each other - because just as powerful as her instinctual urge to flee potentially harmful situations was her pigheaded determination to fight the threat. 

Between handsy men at bars to manipulative record producers, Chloe’d learned that the struggle to flee or fight could only really be seen when she was looking directly into Beca’s eyes. Her pupils seemed to twitch, almost, needing to flit around the room but forcing themselves to remained locked on Chloe - grounded, secure, and still. Ready to battle. 

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