maybe environmentalism

We tried out the 101 box game tonight and it took Lio 20 seconds to start whining out of frustration. The thing is that he still participated in the game so I could tell that he kinda understood what was going on- he was just whining the whole time.

I think it’s just so different from how I usually train him which is very structured and involved on my part.

I’m going to try again in like an hour to see how he feels about the box game.

Am I too basic to recognize it in my self?

white mom, in Boulder, when confronted about her reusable Prana bag

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I keep getting ideas for art projects. Oh nooo.

This time mostly fan art for various vidya games. orz

  • Final Fantasy
    • FF5 - maybe some ExDeath. Maybe. (Or even an environmental study of his castle experiencin’ Glamour Failure.)
    • FF6 - Kefka (including anything in the final boss fight), The Warring Triad (oh good gawd tho - the detail work), many of the Espers, Celes, Locke, Cyan, etc.
    • FF7 - Jenova, more of Hojo’s shit, Vincent (maybe in the middle of one of his Limit Breaks), etc.
    • FF8 - Adel, Ultimecia, those gnarly ass Sorceresses you fight when time got compressed, Edea, etc.
    • FF9 - Black Waltzes, Meltigemini, etc.
    • FF10 - Anima, Dark Aeons, Fayth, Sin/spawn, etc.
    • FF12 - P much any of the Espers
    • Tactics - P much any of the Lucavi
  • FNAF
    • FNAF3 - Springtrap
  • Parasite Eve - P much ANY of the monster designs (including Eve’s various forms). BECAUSE DAT BODY HORROR, MY DUDES.
  • Undertale - Amalgamates, Skelebros, Sixbones (again), Undyne, etc.
What I want out of Sun and Moon

- Team Eclipse
- An in-depth plot
Maybe with the success of FE:fates a differing plot for Sun vs Moon.
- Pokedex entries that aren’t just re-using old games’ ):
- Trainer customization; gender neutral clothes and more hair + face options
- Poison type legendary! (Me and two friends at dinner thought up an Oil Spill poison type monster that’d be massive, and maybe you’d have to stop it?)
- New types of gameplay that aren’t as pointless as Air Battles. (Stuff like those reverse battles in X and Y)
- Maybe environmental effects staying in play depending on location, like weather does (A gym that has Trick Room, Tailwind or Grassy Terrain always up)
- Fossil pokemon…a musical Parasaurolophus…