maybe dave too


Tfw you see a force ghost for the first time.

((Ok so people pointed out that the beads inside Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber’s box could belong to Ahsoka and I FREAKED OUT SO YA KNOW what if force sensitive future jedi Finn need a teacher

Screw me though i prefer ahsoka being alive ))

Probably there will never be a Dave at Night movie based on the book by Gail Carson Levine and no one will ever sit there en masse doing fancasts and making art and all, and nobody will charge the gates demanding it become a movie, but I’d like to believe there’s an adjacent universe next to ours where it IS a movie and it came out like 2-3 years ago and David Mazouz was Dave.


Swing Era AU: Character A is a struggling musician who just so happens to be on the run from the law. One evening, he/she stumbles on an eclectic speakeasy filled with the oddest bunch of carefree, off-kilter characters seen on this side of the Mississippi River.

So Ahsoka’s name when she was first proposed as a character was Ashla, and the name she’s using in the novel for her undercover work is Ashla, and she was revived by The Daughter who was the personification of the Light side of the Force, and consistently has that owl whatsit symbol around her in Rebels which is a symbol of The Daughter and the Light side of the Force, and by the way Ashla is the ancient name for the Light side of the Force

The poison, the poison for Kuzco, Kuzco’s poison, the poison chosen specifically to kill Kuzco, poison that is for Kuzco

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That question about Bro and Dave reminded me of someone trying to argue with me that Bro and Dave's relationship was abusive? Was there anything in canon that at all alluded to this or is that just completely fanon stuff and up to peoples interpretations of things?

the only dubious thing is that dave was 13 and knew his brother did puppet porn, and the fact that the porn puppets were all over the house. and the swords…. but these are nit-picky points that dave has never seemed to suffer abuse from? he just takes them in his stride and gets on with it

a small apartment doesn’t mean abuse: that makes assumptions that small house = low income = abuse :// does no-one stop to think that maybe dave and bro just liked having a small house. it was just the two of them, why do they need a huge mansion? bro could afford somewhere bigger, but maybe dave would have been too lonely, or maybe he just really likes sleeping in the livingroom?? maybe theres 10,000 other reasons that aren’t ‘they are poor so bro hit him :’(’

bro wasn’t perfect but none of the guardians were (bec ur a dog ill let you off a little more), and he was just trying his best? and it seems to have worked, seeing as dave is healthy and only suffering as much as everyone else around him–nothing specific to being abused; specific to the fact he’s in the game.

so yeah, as far as i can see its fanon 4 man pain!!!!

I was just casually Google image searching Daveed Diggs (listen the why of it is not important ok it happened) and came across this image, and that’s it, that’s all, my life is over and I want this picture on my tombstone.