maybe cellar


a plague doctor: what’s up with that?
answer: we just don’t know.


Good wood - ‘Hotel Hubertus’ by noa* feels like a slightly trippy wooden wonderland. Nestled at the the foot of the Kronplatz in the Puster Valley of Valdaora (in the Dolomites) it’s a definitely worth a visit, even if only to jump in that pool (and maybe explore the wine cellar too).

anonymous asked:

Can you tell us about your past victor? Childhood perhaps or maybe the cellar i mean we did find a journal down under piles of bones and rubble. Care to explain?

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH” Creed burst out laughing, a combination of amusement and crazy. “Oh wait.. yer bein’ serious?” Creed took a moment of contemplation as he amusingly stared into the stranger’s eyes.

“Ya found him then… ol’ Danny boy? Hey, I get it, excavatin’ ain’t exactly a ‘don’t give a damn’ business. I hear stories all the time ‘bout construction bein’ put to a stop over a few old bones. Ain’t make much sense ta me, the dead are dead. But no…” Creed sighed, sat back, and stared off into the distance with a strangely peaceful expression laced with a sadistic all knowing smile.

“Yeah, used ta work as a mouse catcher fer ol’ Count Courtenay, might know him.. might not.. owned the wine brand Clair House, best damn wine of it’s time if ya ask me. I did my job, and did it well down in them cellars where they left the barrels. Ya see, rats liked chewing at the wood, tryin’ ta get at the stuff inside. Annoyin’ suckers, an’ hardly delicious at first, but I got inventive…” Creed’s eyes glazed over for a moment, his expression turning serious. “There was this kid…. ain’t no good at rememberin’ names but I always called him Danny boy. Sensitive type, always carryin’ around that leather book, an’ bringin’ me treats. Ya see.. bad thing about feedin’ wild animals is that when ya don’t, they’ll retaliate.” Slowly a smile returned to Creed’s lips, and a spark danced in his eyes the way only crazy can. Over all it suggested that things didn’t end well for the kid, but then again, what fate did end well when Victor Creed was apart of it?

There was no telling over all if what Creed was saying was true. He had no idea what was in that book, and it certainly wasn’t his. Monsters didn’t need to know the written word. But if Creed had to have a past, he certainly was going to make it his choice as to what version of it came on top.

There's Nowhere To Go

Bethyl prompt! :) A tornado rolls through and Beth and Daryl have to hunker together for safety. Bonus points for some kind of odd walker-nado.

Note: There’s a point system now? Well, I didn’t quite make it to a walker-nado, but I did get a few airborne for you. Hopefully I get ultra bonus points for the ending. ;) Don’t skip ahead. Why ruin it? Oh, and pardon me if there’s inaccuracies with tornadoes. I’m from New England. I know hurricanes…. tornadoes, not so much. ♥

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