maybe carol next!

Listen, I fucking love Ezekiel. I liked him from the very first moment, he has charm, he’s thoughtful, he’s even funny in his way. I think I’m going to love him episode after episode. His last speech was so emotional. When Carol said “Why you care?” and he was like “Because it makes me feel good” I was almost in tears. Great scene, honestly. I’m totally ok to see them become friends. The reason why I don’t “ship” him with Carol is because my heart and soul belong to Caryl and I can’t just let it go.

I also liked the other main characters of the Kingdom: Benjamin, Jerry and even Richard. And Shiva of course. I wanna adopt that tiger lol

no matter what some people may say or think about you, you have to know that to me you’ll always be a queen. You make me smile, cry, happy and so much more which I can’t put into words right now. Just seeing you on my screen is enough to make me squeal.
Thank you, for bringing Carol to life.
Thank you, for putting so much effort and emotions in your performance.
Thank you, for being the cuteness in person and for letting my heart swell because of it.
Thank you, for being there and for brightening my day.

Please don’t re-post, edit or claim as your own. Thank you.