maybe by the time it shows i'll be asleep

GOT7 Reaction To You Falling Asleep On Them.

Requested: Yes

A.N. Im going to do all the reaction scenarios first and than move onto writing/posting the imagine request!

JB: After getting home late it was the usual routine of him getting into bed after you and you wake up to spend a little bit of time with him. Wouldn’t notice you were asleep until he was starting to ask you questions about your day and was getting impatient that you weren’t replying to them. Would get up and look at your face and just stare and smile to himself, he would tell himself how lucky he was to have you.

Mark: Skype/FaceTime dates was becoming more of a usual thing due to his hectic schedule and you living far away it was just a way of seeing each other. He would be obviously to the time change sometimes but you didn’t tell him him because you just didn’t want to. While in the middle of him telling a story about Junior about to kill Yuygeom, he noticed you haven’t moved nor laughed at his stupid jokes. He than would realize the time at where you’re at and you fell asleep. Expect him to be sending pictures of you sleeping and snoring the next day.

Jackson: Movie Friday date night would always constantly consist of Jackson making commentary throughout the movie. You were tired from a hard day of work that you had so you would just start to fall asleep on his shoulder. Honestly he wouldn’t notice that you fell asleep until he asked what movie you should watch next. When he did notice, would probably poke your nose a few times and make sure to put you in a comfortable position so you can sleep while he watched his show.

Junior: He needed help practicing his lines for an upcoming movie. He thought having you help him would be a nice little time to spend some time with each other with his hectic schedule. He was getting way too into this long monologue and kept rehearsing it over and over but yet his voice was zoo soothing to you, you couldn’t help but fall asleep while listening to him. Junior noticed when he was waiting for you to say your next line, that you were asleep. So of course he would take pictures of you before he would lay down right there next to you, still going over his lines until he fell asleep too.

Youngjae: He had a voice of an angel and could put people to sleep with his angelic singing, he also knew you loved being with him when he needed to practice. He was practicing a new song that he was hesitant to show his manager’s so he asked you to go to the practice room and give him your opinion. Of course the sound of the piano along with Youngjae’s vocals you couldn’t help but sleep to the sound of his voice. When he stopped singing he looked at you to see you peacefully sleeping. He would wrap his sweater around your shoulders, and figured out his next inspiration for a song he was going to write just for you.

Bambam: How the tables had turn with this one, you’re usually the one who takes the longest to get ready, doing your makeup and just trying to look nice in general, he was taking forever right now. You were just laying down on his bed while he was changing his never ending outfits, you couldn’t help be start to get bored and slowly closing your eyes. “I’m ready! Let’s get going Y/N.” He turned around to see you resting so gently, “or we could do this instead.” He always was up for cuddling with you instead of going out, he was in complete happiness when he held you in his arms.

Yugyeom: Late night dance practices was always the worse. He wouldn’t stop until it was perfect, even when all the other members left he would stay behind and keep practicing. Of course he wold sleep for a 3 hours and than back at it again at 7 am. You decided if you went one night he might leave early and get rest for once. That went south when you knocked out in a corner of the practice room because it was 12 am and you were completely wiped out from just being there after your 9.5 hour shift, hopefully this will show your amazing boyfriend that if you’re going to sleep early maybe he should do that same thing. After finally perfecting that move he’s been practicing he wanted to hear you thoughts on it. When he did realize you were asleep, he would just shake his head and just tell himself “point taken I’ll start getting rest.” He’ll poke you to wake up so the two of you can walk, really he’ll probably carry you, back to your place and sleep in a bed rather than a corner.

I think I’ve watched ”Psycho” enough times to recite it in my sleep. In fact, I think I have fallen asleep to it, which doesn’t help that matter.  Fun fact about the movie though; the shower scene in Psycho which Anthony Perkins is most known for, wasn’t even him. He was in New York filming a Broadway show. Could you imagine being known for a scene that wasn’t even you? I would feel bad for the person who did it, and got no recognition for it. Damn Anthony Perkins for being so dreamy.

  • Aries: Maybe if I hit my head against the wall multiple times I'll fall asleep
  • Taurus: Stumbles downstairs to make some tea
  • Gemini: Calls their friends and complains about how they can't sleep, eventually tires themselves
  • Cancer: Grabs a couple of stuffed animals and cries themselves to sleep
  • Leo: Takes a couple (dozen) sleeping pills
  • Virgo: Counts sheep, loses track, starts over
  • Libra: Changes pajamas into very fluffy ones and has a full on fashion show until 6 am
  • Scorpio: Masturbates until they tire themselves
  • Sagittarius: Punches wall, breaks hand and makes a dent in the wall
  • Capricorn: I shouldn't have taken Adderall fuck
  • Aquarius: Tries to astral project
  • Pisces: Can't stop shifting positions, eventually reaches for the Xanax