maybe because of the business outfits

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Because I couldn't get this thought out of my head: a slightly crack-ish!AU to Marines. Everything's the same, but whenever she has to fight, Riskua transforms into "Pretty Pirate Princess Ri-chan!" - the only thing it does is make her wear this big, elaborate, frilly outfit. No special powers past what she can already do. Just the temporary outfit change. Nobody acknowledges it, business as usual. Maybe one lowly Marine recruit notices, but nobody takes him seriously.

“But why can’t any of you see it?!” Dear god, they’re all blind, they all continue on as if nothing’s wrong. Though, Johnson supposes, it could be worse. It could be one of the Admirals who undergo’s a magical transformation… Maybe he should stop asking questions.

Why do people always question if Amber is pregnant every time she has an outfit that shows off her stomach?

The girl is plus sized; we know this. and contrary to what people try to make it, that does not just mean thick thighs and a big ass ( @Drake ). It 90% of the time includes thickness all over including the stomach area.So chill