maybe backgrounds will happen one day

What I want from the ML panel:

-Season 2 release date

-Season 2 trailer

-More background info on characters (like b-days, traits, skills, likes, ethnicity, family info, etc.)


-When will the webisodes come back from war

-Maybe some more chibi clips cuz the first one was so cute oml

-Oh and also the season 2 trailer please

What I don’t want:


-Spoilery screenshots

-Just don’t let Jeremy say anything (Like he’s cool but I feel the dude’s either gonna keep our hopes up for something that isn’t gonna happen or show spoilers)

-Someone attacking Hawkdaddy with like angry and disrespectful shipping questions. (like I s2g)

(Btw I’m tagging all the comic con ml panel spoilers as ‘ml spoilers’. So blacklist that tag if you don’t want to see anything from me)

Soulmates AU (9)

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight

as small as a world (ao3) - justanoverobessivefangirl

Summary:  prompt: “there are tattoos of plants, gardens, forests, that are a part of us, growing, changing and when we meet the one, everything seems to bloom more beautifully”

Bittersweet (ao3) - ToLazehToLiveLife

Summary: “Do you believe that there’s another world at the other side of the mirror where everyone is opposite?”“No.”“Watch out"

Blank (ao3) - LeRein

Summary: “He, Dan Howell a.k.a. Danisnotonfire, was kissing Phil Lester, also known as AmazingPhil.
It felt nice. Dan’s heart plummeted. He had secretly hoped that kissing Phil would feel different than kissing someone else. Not necessarily overwhelming but different. But it just felt… nice. Exciting too. But desperately similar to his previous kissing experiences.“In a universe when everyone is born with a mark on his wrist, indicating who their soulmate is, Dan’s wrist is desperately blank. But does it really matter?

Everything Is Blue (ao3) - orphan_account

Summary:  Soulmate AU where you can only see shades of your soulmates eye color until you kiss them. (1.4k words)

Favorite Record (ao3) - jfcmartin

Summary:  Phil’s most treasured memories are the times he had spent with his childhood best friend, Dan. Unfortunately, Dan doesn’t remember it just as much because of an accident two months after he moved away. Phil is determined to help him bring back his memories, winding up making new ones in the process.

foulmates (ao3) - indemnis

Summary:  Dan finds soulmates in too many people and maybe the most important one is one you create for yourself.

Growth of Plastic Flowers (ao3) - nightowlhowell

Summary: The story of a boy who feared love and the other whom he accidentally fell for.(Or, the one where Dan’s a famous (pastel) musician, 2009 never happened, and Dan’s totally a crazy cat lady.)

Love in the Time of the Dragons (ao3) - fandom_trash

Summary:  Dan Howell is the most dangerously feared assassin and swiftest thief in the kingdom. He silently kills in the night under the name, Dark Silence. Taken in as a young boy by a man named Vexx Grimsbane, he grew up at the secret Grimsbane Institute where he learned to fight and kill with precision. He quickly rose to the top and became the institute’s most skilled assassin. Over time Dan became hesitant to kill & Vexx began to force him to by controlling him with magic. One day when he is assigned a mission to steal a precious magical jewel that’s locked away in a dungeon of an old castle, Dan plans to take the jewel for himself and use this as an excuse to run away. Upon entering the dungeon, Dan unexpectedly finds Phil Lester, the prince of the kingdom who was kidnapped 10 years ago and locked in the dungeon by an evil sorceress. Dan helps get Phil out of the castle and learns that the only way he was able to enter the dungeon was by breaking a spell put on the door that could only be broken by Phil’s soulmate. Even though Dan is skeptical of the idea of soulmates, Phil bets Dan that they will fall in love before the five day journey to return Phil home comes to an end.

Maybe We Were Meant To Fall (ao3) - silentwriterx

Summary:  Dan’s name was expected to be the one inked on Phil’s wrist, but what if it’s not?

Music (ao3) - Cat

Summary:  Everyone is born into this world deaf- that is, until age eighteen. At eighteen, something rather magical- excuse the cliche- happens. You can hear what your soulmate is hearing- except, it’s just background noise until you meet them. So what happens when Dan can hear certain noises perfectly? Specifically, the band Aesop’s Fables?

Of Hidden Memories and Kitchen Adventures (ao3) - SillyLittleStoryteller

Summary: Whenever they reincarnated, it would always take some time before they would regain their memories. And as always, trying to explain will never not be a challenge.“What was that!!??”
“What was what? I mean, nothing, that was nothing, I mean maybe? Do you remember? Anything?”
“Remember!?” Sputtered Dan. “What is there to remember? There was a freaking pot flying in the air!"I don’t know what my mind was thinking, but this is the result. Written at about one AM. Enjoy.

Piano of Dreams (ao3) - Star4545

Summary:  Phil dreams of Dan, each time with a new scenario and he can never actually get to Dan, but the underlying classical music leads the way to Phil slowly escaping the dreams to try and find Dan in real life.

That Awkward Moment (ao3) - Turner_Kate

Summary:  Dan is depressed, not only because the universe has got him down (again), but because he hasn’t yet met his soulmate. PJ and Chris decide that a night out is the perfect way to get a smile back on their friends face, and even try to further help by inviting another friend along. This new guy is everything and more, he might even be Dan’s soulmate! Only problem is, neither Dan, nor this new man, know that they’re destined to be together yet.

The Anatomy of Your Umbrella (ao3) - KittyCatriona

Summary:  Phil starts meeting Dan in his dreams, and Dan misses the way the rain used to make him feel.

The clumsy phil gets his self into another sticky situation (ao3) - Nightcoreday_parade

Summary:  Phil the clumsy always trips over air and is able to stumble on the last step on the stairs. and when he ends up staying up all night without much sleep he decides to look up random stuff and comes across red strings of fate. Phil starts to experiment with stuff with Dan.

The Theory of Colour (ao3) - commonemergency

Summary:  Dan has always seen in black and white, he’s always been told that once you find your soulmate you’ll see in colour. Though he’s never really sure if he’s believed in it, regardless of what people had said it’s just a theory to him. Though one night at a house party he meets Phil Lester and it changes everything. This is a story of the theory of colour, and falling in love for the first time.

We Keep This Love In A Photograph (ao3) - ChristinMKay

Summary:  Dan and Phil meet in a world in which you stop again when you turn 18 and only continue ageing when you have found your soulmate. While Phil does not particularly care about soulmates, Dan hates that he is not ageain. However, as the years pass it seems like he and Phil are, but that can’t be, they are not soulmates, right? It doesn’t help that every one thinks to know better than Dan and Phil, and that Dan has a crush on Phil.

You Look So Beautiful Today (ao3) - sodagiraffe

Summary:  Dan has been living life in black and white, like every lonely soul around, until he finally meets him.
With Phil, he can enjoy life in full color.

Yugen (ao3) - FlyAndDontLookBack

Summary:  Prompt idea from tumblr user limerenceforphan. Soulmate AU in which Person A shoots Person B because of a job and finds out that they were their soulmate later. phan. chara death. angst. one-shot.

anonymous asked:

What's the other evidence of werewolf nicole?

Alright, so, ‘evidence’ is kind of a strong word. It’s more just, I don’t know, hints? Anyway, here’s what I’ve got. 

When Nicole is first introduced, she’s really just a love interest for Waverly. Run of the mill cop, nothing unusual. 

Then she gets attacked by Jack the Ripper. She died on site and had to be resuscitated. The amount of blood all over her car was… a lot of blood. Her hand was heavily wrapped, and she was bad off enough that Nedley didn’t even want Dolls talking to her. 

Next episode, she’s fine. Not only fine, but back on duty, no bandages, no evidence of pain. Completely, 100% like nothing even happened to her. This could be the show just poofing away her storyline since she’s still just a background character at this point, but maybe not. (Keep in mind, it wasn’t just a cut on the hand. She died in the woods. And she lost a lot of blood.)

Not only is she fine, but she is convinced enough of supernatural things happening that she writes an official police report about it. Plus the woman that she’s been super into since day one is trying to talk to her about them possibly dating, and she can only think about the strange shit that’s been happening in Purgatory. All from a few foggy memories with Jack the Ripper when she was majorly injured and bleeding? I feel like she must be experiencing something else, in addition to just that. Maybe she just doesn’t understand what yet.

The next time we see her, she’s rolling around on the couch in Nedley’s office with Waverly. Not exactly an activity for someone who just nearly died. It doesn’t seem to bother her. 

The other thing about Nicole is how aware she is of everything around her. Now, this could be police training. She’s really good at her job. She sees Willa walking into the barn. She hears Wynonna crossing the hallway at the station in time to break apart from Waverly and keep them from being outed. She hears Wynonna walking up the stairs at the Homestead when Waverly clearly does not. (It’s interesting, too, that these all get a little more difficult to detect as time goes on. Willa was right there, Wynonna crossing the hall would have been a little more subtle, and then Wynonna coming up the stairs with the door shut was harder still.)

She also knows that something is very different with Waverly. Now, I wrote a whole treatise on why this could just be Nicole being Nicole, so I don’t think it’s evidence on its own. I’m just saying. Heightened sense of smell and taste. 

Nicole gets shot, and in 2x01, she’s still too bruised for Waverly to get physical with her, but in the very next episode, she’s lifting Waverly and tossing her around like a sack of sexy potatoes with no problems whatsoever. What’s it been? A day? Two days? The bruising from a bullet to the chest is totally gone.

Oh, and also, she bolts all of the time. Now, maybe this is out of respect for Waverly’s privacy - it’s usually when a sister needs her - but there was one time when the show went out of it’s way to show us that it was clearly a full moon. What if she’s bolting when something agitates her and she has to get out of there right then to keep whatever’s happening to her at bay. She clearly loves Waverly more than the fricking sun, and I don’t think she has a history of running. I think it makes more sense that she’s dealing with something on her own that doesn’t have anything to do with Waverly. In fact, it would kind of be a nice storyline parallel for Waverly and Nicole to both be dealing with the fact that they’re changing and trying to do it alone when the one person who could understand and help them through it is sitting right beside them the whole time. 

I’m not saying it’s fact that Nicole Haught is a werewolf. I’m just saying I won’t be surprised in the slightest if suddenly she looks at Waverly one day and says, “You need to get out of here. Now.” And then Waverly is face to face with a very wolfy girlfriend. 

anonymous asked:

Have you and Robin ever considered doing an art collab? I don't know how it would work but it would be so cute! Love you btw, keep up the kickass artwork

Well yes and now, we’ve said hypothetical things of like “it would be cool if we did this.”

It is possible though in many ways, So a way it could probably happen is if lets say I animate the characters and he does the background, or I do the backgrounds and he does the characters, or I animate special effect ontop of his characters.  So yeah there are many ways to do it, but I mean I don’t know maybe one day!

Chapter 545, post-translation thoughts.

After reading the translation I seriously can’t discern anymore if I’m pissed or just plain baffled, tho I surely am sad that we didn’t get/aren’t gonna get anymore chapters to clarify some things.

First of all I am really pissed we didn’t get a panel with Gray and Juvia right after the war. I saw someone say this and I’m gonna reiterate it. Just a fuckin conversation would have been nice, that’s all we wanted. To see shit, literally, not for it to be happening in the background. We get this sorta “your body is mine, maybe”, one year after the war, and it’s just piss poor, even if it makes them canon - probably?. We kept getting these hints - Gray saying he’s gonna give her an answer after the war, saying he needs to apologise, and in the end we got basically none of that. With this kind of panel it’s like “they talked about it but it was in the one year you didn’t get to see, sorry”. Bullshit.

The Jerza treatment is just plain awful. “Since the pardon, Erza has been brushing her hair every day”? Really ? That’s it? That’s all we get? While sweet, it’s really not what I was hoping for. The build up this ship had, deserved a better conclusion. 

I will say this to anyone wanting to tell me to respect the author and be grateful and yada yada yada.

A. The author was the one that did the build up and hyped ships up with his twitter art. It is not outlandish of me to expect more after such hints were dropped over the years.

and B. It’s a free world. Mashima can write the story how he wants to and I can say anything I want about it. I can still love it and at the same time still be pissed by the ending it got. 

Does the ending make me wanna bang my head to my desk? Yes. Does it make me hate the story overall? No. 

I am simply disappointed in how it concluded some things, and I cannot stress this point more - things that had been hyped up by the author himself.

Moving on, the Zervis second ending is just plain bad. I can’t believe we got 5 FIVE FUCKIN PAGES DEDICATED TO THIS MESS. Honestly the second ending to Zervis is bull. Firstly, it’s not possible, as I said in a previous post, this is not how reincarnation works. If they died a year ago, they should be motherfuckin babies by now, not attending Lucy’s party. Secondly, it’s bad, honestly, it botches their story for me, I think the afterlife ending was quite good for them. I do not hate Zervis, I just think a second ending for them was highly unnecessary. 

Like way to make the most powerful dark wizard in history look like a fuckin fuckboi. Way to make the Fairy Tactician a plain Jane. Like, WHAT THE FUCK. They had ascended happy to the afterlife! That last panel with them hand in hand was beautiful! Fuckin the best ending they could have gotten, with the complicated mess they had been. There was NO NEED to add to that. 

They aren’t even Mavis and Zeref anymore, Arius and Mio? Really? The amount of space dedicated in the last chapter to this shit show of a second ending is baffling. I really REALLY don’t get why Mashima felt he had to do this.

Nalu is still all about the hints. We get hints with Gajeel saying “that’s why you like Anna-sensei” - she smells like Lucy. Natsu confirming, basically saying he likes Lucy, or at least how she smells. We get Lucy having her hopes up about what Natsu was gonna say/do “When people think you are gonna do something interesting…”. We get Natsu saying “It’s OK we’ll be together forever from now on” - meaning we don’t need to get there today. And the thing he wanted to say was that they can go on a 100 year quest. Yeah sure, ok. I get it. Nalu is not why I am pissed with the chapter. Their relationship is deep but it’s a real slow-burner.

I am pissed about the important Gruvia things happening off-page, I am upset about the Jerza build-up and subsequent poor ending not on par with the hype and I am extremely pissed about the Zervis that had no place there.

The other things are just plain funny and exactly what you would expect of the Fairy Tail manga. Laxus a sorta host, lol. Romeo not wanting to grow up like Macao and Wakaba. Sabretooth again with the eating contest. To name some things I found funny.

We got Kinabra canon, yeah that’s what really needed a clear cut ending Mashima.. /s Fuck Jerza amirite? We got a small panel dedicated to making Kinabra a sure thing but we couldn’t get at least the same for Jerza. Fuck development and build up.

It’s just hitting me that Naruto - that had way less romance overall in the actual manga, got way more confirmed ships at the end than Fairy Tail did - who had the author building at ships even outside the manga, with art and stuff. Sigh.

I am gonna miss Fairy Tail, really, I am. Make no mistake, I cried my eyes out that it ended. It’s what’s adding to me being so pissed about the end. Because this is it, it’s the end, we aren’t gonna get any more of it. 

Next week there will be no new chapter. This is where we leave off, and other conclusions - save for maybe filler in the 2018 anime (fingers crossed) - aren’t gonna be made by the author anymore. 

The chapter overall is HINTS, HINTS EVERYWHERE, that’s how I would describe it if someone asked me to be brief about it.

Welp, off to fanfiction I go to fill in the blanks and hopefully, praying to GOD, the anime will do Jerza better justice. Or who knows? If I pray hard enough maybe we get a 3rd movie about the 100 year quest. That’d be something.

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The Teenage Acro AU gives me life!!! Ahh, does Reborn still share a room with Tsuna?? Share a bed? -//bricked// What happens when he finds out how bullied Tsuna is? How does Nana deal with Reborn?? What does Iemitsu think of Reborn as his son's sky? Did Reborn tutor Dino before? Is Dino jealous of Tsu? Does the acrobaleno system still exist in this world? I-If it does, is it the tenth gen?? Why does Nono trust Reborn with Tsuna if he's not the strongest yet? Thank you so much for writing this!!!

Teenage Arcobaleno AU 02

-glee- I know right?! The world building is beautiful in this AU. Why have I never considered teenage arcobaleno before?? 

  • Nana thinks that Reborn is an exchange student
  • She thinks he’s a polite child who was so brave to do an exchange program all by himself at such a young age (oh look at his suit. It’s so adorable!) and the added bonus of tutoring Tsuna and being Tsuna’s friend, she adores Reborn like another son.
  • As for Tsuna’s bullies… well Tsuna has been wondering why his main bully hasn’t been back to school. His intuition tells him Reborn knows something, but Reborn remains silent on the subject.
  • Right now, no, they don’t share a room but that may change later down the road. They do share a room when other guests are over though.
  • Iemitsu doesn’t know (yet). Reborn may or may not be planning a surprise for him whenever he does decide to show up. (Tsuna approves). There’s no lost love on Iemitsu. 
  • Dino and Reborn’s relationship is… strange. There’s a story of how they met but neither will say what exactly happened. (Tsuna is determined) Dino was trying hard to recruit Reborn into his family, so he’s a little low-key jealous that Tsuna is Reborn’s Sky. 
  • Up until Tsuna proclaims him “nii-san” and well, maybe it’s more like a giant sleepover at the Sawada Household. 
  • (Reborn is face-palming in the background over the silly antics of the Skies)
  • As for the current arcobaleno… -cackles-
  • One day Reborn opened the door seven babies looking up at him. He proceeded to slam the door shut. 
  • “Hey! Open the door, you ungrateful brat!” 
  • “We heard you got a Sky. We would extremely like to meet him!”
  • “Kufufu, our wayward student hasn’t learned at all.”
  • “I will bite you to death for this.” 

Check the teenage arcobaleno au tag for more

1) Adelaide didn’t have soccer practice today – guess why – and I felt a little guilty about my inner excitement. I slept about 4 hours last night and I’ve had a headache since 5:45 a.m., so I really didn’t feel like going. Many thanks, Universe.

2) Don’t feel too bad for Adelaide. She has a game on Saturday AND Sunday this weekend, so she’s not missing anything.

3) Promotion time is coming. I sent a bulleted list of accomplishments to my boss today (by request). Now the waiting begins. I’m maybe 40% in it for advancement and 60% in it for the raise. I’m not making enough money to support Adelaide while living on my own. That needs to change. Like a year ago.

4) I changed my flight this evening for the Denver sister’s wedding at the end of this month. I am now flying on my birthday (which is good, I guess? Shrug). If Adelaide and I miss our connecting flight and get stranded in Minneapolis, maybe one of you lovely Midwesterners will bring me a slice of cake.

5) I totally ate cereal for dinner. I am not sorry.

Bonus 6: I love these kinds of rainy days, especially when they happen on days I don’t have to work or can work from home. Today I worked in my pajamas with horror movies playing in the background. Not too shabby, Friday.

Allen’s metabolism

We know that as a Parasitic Type Allen required a lot of food, but I never thought that it’d be to such extent.

In the background we can see that Allen didn’t even finish his breakfast when he realised what was happening in the 5th lab.

Normally a meal stays in your stomach for an average 3 hours. Fights in D.Gray-man are  short, no longer than an hour. And yet after that huge amount of intake and such short span of time, Allen’s stomach is already empty.

His metabolism is at least three times faster than an average human’s.

An adult requires 2000 calories intake a day, maybe 3000 if they are sportsman or soldiers. Allen can eat a week amount’s of food in one sitting, that’s 14000 calories per meal. In one day that’s 42000-70000 calories, depending how many times he eats a day, 24-35 times as much as a regular adult.

This is how much he must consume to sustain his a General level Parasitic type Innocence.

fics released so far

Hi! These are the fics that have been posted on or before July 11th! Sorry I’m a bit late but hey, at least I got them all in! Arranged according to pairing.


tell the nights apart (by the state of the heart and the shape of the moon) by niallszayn (T, 26k)

“We should go UFO hunting,” Niall says, and that’s how it all starts.

AU where Zayn and Niall go on a road trip and discover something they didn’t expect.

Looking for Astronauts by flares (T, 7k)

He doesn’t have a crush on Zayn. Like, Niall really doesn’t. It would be stupid. They’re in space. They’re the crew of the first human mission to Mars, for fuck’s sake. Niall doesn’t have time for crushes.

Or he shouldn’t, at least. Logically.

The Little MerZayn by PigSlay (T, 25k, side lilo)

The Little Mermaid AU where Zayn is Ariel and Niall is Prince Eric.

i should be over all the butterflies by hickeyziall (scentedziall) (G, 5k)

Niall would say he knows his own face pretty well. He’s seen himself grow from the crooked-toothed, ruddy-cheeked youngster he once was to his slimmer, more masculine face of the present.

But Zayn’s face was a whole other story, because back in Uni he was already ridiculously attractive, and it was unfair and rude and honestly, who looks that good all the time? Apparently his ex does, because he’s here, and Niall graduated 6 years ago and hasn’t seen that beautiful face of his since.

My Love Reveals Objects by eiqhties (G, 21k)

In which Niall and Zayn are both poetry fanatics, and Niall definitely doesn’t hate Zayn just because he wants to fuck him. No, really.

Shut up, Louis.

Mal Tourné by Neurtsy (M, 6k)

A facility of scientists perform an estranged experiment: injecting an alien strain of DNA into live human subjects. When one subject goes rogue, all scientists, surgeons, and other test subjects working on the secret project are attacked and killed by the hybrid creature they created. All but one - the sole scientist who showed the creature any kindness and mercy. What happens after the slaughter? An interesting development.


I Know Where I Want to Be (By Your Side) by walking_travesty (M, 14k, side ziall)

“You’re gorgeous,” Harry says before he can stop himself. His eyes grow wide in horror when he realizes what he just had just done. Louis is just as surprised as Harry is, his mouth slightly open and his eyebrows raised. He looks away from Harry, looking down at his lap. He starts to shake his leg, and Harry is waiting for the moment when Louis calls him a freak and tells him to get out of his car, but that moment never comes.

Louis looks back up at him, his eyelashes fanning so beautifully against the apple’s of his cheeks that Harry feels close to tears.

“Thank you,” Louis whispers, his eyes full of tenderness. He looks at Harry’s lips, eyes drifting to them and then back up in an instant. Harry can feel his mouth go dry, his heart beating against his chest.

A story in which Louis and Harry are neighbors and chaos ensues.

I’ll show you my heart. by arrowtomyheart (M, 30k)

“You fookin prick! Look where you are going!” He shouts, cold tea soaking through his clothing, sticking to his skin.
“Watch where you’re going pal, I have work to do,” the person says back.
Louis notices the professional camera hanging around his neck, and some keys dangling by his pocket. Along with his obnoxious demeanor, it more than enough for Louis to figure out that he is a paparazzi. Those assholes have no emotion, all they care about is to get a picture.
“Yeah sure, you call stalking people and invading their privacy a job?” Louis spits back. His day had been going great up until he was harassed by this asshole, and now he is going to be even later running back home and changing his t-shirt.

Or as requested by dukelouis
an AU where Harry is a famous celebrity and Louis is minding his own business in the streets when he gets knocked over by paparazzi trying to get photos of Harry.

escape from the city and follow the sun by annanotesxo (T, 24k)

“Niall - what the fuck do you mean, you’re *not* coming until Monday?”

“Listen, Lou…” He could hear Liam laughing in the background. “Li and I missed the connecting flight and there isn’t another one until Monday. Shit happens. You and Harry are just going to have to start the lads holiday without us.”

OR - the one where Niall and Liam ‘miss’ their flight to meet up with Louis and Harry on their lads’ holiday, leaving the two boys who don’t seem to speak to one another to try and not kill each other for three whole days.

call me maybe by swallowsmateforlife (T, 5k)

A middle-of-the-night walk home, a possible mugging, and a wrongly dialed phone number are the recipe for something beautiful.

Better Late Than Never by niallsdancer (NR, 6k)

Louis runs into Harry one day and they pretty much become instant best friends. Throughout their years of friendship, things happen and things are realized. One night, they make a pact to get married if they’re both still single at age 30. All seems to be going dandy until Harry shows up to a welcome home/30th birthday party with a new beau.

what will survive of us is love by shoulderbladesarewings  (G, 3k)

Blind AU


Start It All Over Again by Narryornarry (NR,  6k)

Niall didn’t know he was in love with Liam, until he did.

Then it was too late.

Collaborations by Niallspecs (G, 10k)

Niall starts a YouTube channel to teach people how to play guitar, Liam’s going through personal struggles… and Harry, well he just likes to bake but he’s really bad at it.


Something Happens When I Hold Him by winglesswarrior (M, 24k, side lilo)

The night Niall is activated as a slayer is a fateful one, full of rain and blood.

That was two years ago and now all he wants to do is be a normal uni student in London. He wants to flirt with the cute teaching assistant that teaches his Intro to Programming class. He wants to do anything but kill vampires.

But people don’t retire from being slayers. And the monsters are still out there.


Hollywood Love Affair by jwdish98 (T, 9k, side larry)

Liam really just needs a date for the annual New Year’s Eve party he attends. And, well, if something more happens to come from it then it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, would it?

Now, if only he could stop constantly embarrassing himself, things might be going better.

Or, Liam is desperate, Louis is a concerned friend, Harry is just trying to be hip, Niall is entirely unhelpful, and Zayn is (according to Louis) Liam’s possibly axe-wielding murderer fake-boyfriend. That Liam may or may not have a massive crush on.

(Yeah. Yikes.)


come back into the good life by arcticsound (T, 15k)

“We’ll have everything we’ve ever dreamed of. Just you wait.”

Louis smiles a little, “isn’t that what we always say?”

“But this time, we’ll actually have the money.”

That’s all folks! I will be making another one of these when the second half of fics are posted in August!

mainmeandme  asked:

'we both got kicked out of our rooms because our roommates are having sex so now we're standing in the hallway avoiding each other' AU


there’s something oddly endearing about these two haha heeehehe huehueh i hope this is awkward enough for you 


Soul barely catches his phone as it gets tossed out behind him.

He sighs.

Now what does he do? It’s almost one AM, for god’s sake – none of the cafeterias are open, and it’s not like he can do much, in the hallway of his dorm, at this ungodly hour in the morning. He doesn’t want to hear it: he tries to block out the rustling of sheets, the hushed conversation – he respects his roommate, but he also had in mind to keep respecting him well after their year together. If he’s to do that, he has to forget that he’s been kicked out, again, because his roommate is having sex with his girlfriend.

Keep reading

Roadrat: The Fire that Covered the World

Title: The Fire that Covered the World 
Pair: Roadrat (angst)
(Cleaned up and finished. Just some angst, cause I was having a hard time thinking about something that would make ‘Rat or ‘Hog cry. It struck me as like… they forget to feel that sometimes, so when it comes out it’s a surprise to both of them. Nothing more important then your home, even if you are nomadic.)

The news cast was showing the images. Was showing the plumes of smoke and eaten wasteland—the scorching, the burn, the acid and the toxins rising. They weren’t there—thank god they weren’t there. But it felt like they should have been. They were meant to be in the Outback; they were built to be in Australia. But no. They were in a run-down apartment in London; some dingy shit hole they had bribed out of someone. But there it was: a fire so high and so wide that it could be the ocean.

Usually this would light some kind of gleeful reaction from Junkrat, but he sat quietly, eyes fixed on the screen as he watched his home land go up in flames. Sydney was safe, Melbourne was safe—all the big people places were safe. It was the Outback that was burning—no reports of any deaths yet, thankfully the fire is ravaging and area unoccupied by Omnics or People—the news lady was saying. But hell, they didn’t count Junkers as people. They were all going up in flames.

Junkrat’s eyes reflected the screen, those yellow sparks covered now in the blue-hue of a shitty TV and the grainy flames spreading across the ground. Roadhog wasn’t much better, he was sitting in the back of the room, tucked into a too small armchair as he stared past ‘Rat’s head and at the news broadcast. It was show casing their lives—the room as cold as gasoline.

The Outback was burning. 

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scorose rambles #1

it’s been awhile since I’ve started actively shipping scorose so i thought i’d write a little about it because i have a lot of feelings and no one to share it with

  • i understand the portrayal of rose as a sassy firecracker (for some reason people tend to equate redhead = feisty). but something that really, really bugs me about this sassy-type characterisation is the tendency to make rose extremely rude, and idk that doesn’t fly with me? imo the moment you say something intentionally hurtful, it’s no longer sassy or witty, it’s just plain rude. and while it’s fine to write rose being rude or mean to someone if the plot calls for it, it’s a mistake to justify any rudeness as rose being her sassy or independent self. the moment i see rose being needlessly rude to someone in a fic under the guise of sass i have to close it and i hate losing a fic just because i disagree with this one point, but it’s such a pet peeve

  • this applies to scorpius as well. think about what was most likely a strict upbringing and the fact that his family probably have to eat some humble pie after the war - there’s no way draco would raise scorpius to be rude or mean in any capacity. ofc kids being kids may sometimes be assholes without meaning to be, but i can’t see scorpius and rose being intentionally rude to each other for no reason whatsoever

  • sassy quips and witty comebacks aside, i like a rose who’s just frightfully honest or direct

  • fics that portray all girls except rose as sluts/bitches out to get scorpius’ dick also make me super uncomfortable, it actually makes me sad because girls make the best friends in the world, even the ones who intimidate you at first. i mean, if i were in hogwarts i’d be crushing on scorpius too, but i’d also wanna be rose’s friend, you know?! it’s not some poor girl’s fault that scorpius and rose suck at coming to terms with their feelings

  • not enough fics with rose being the player, tbqh. i too am guilty of writing scorpius as the one with the flings, but i’ll remedy this immediately, starting on new fic in 3, 2…

  • i really do like a scorpius and rose that sink into the background, the pair of them trying to stay under the radar, and love blossoms somewhat quietly and one day someone spots scorpius kissing rose in the corner of the library and not one soul in the whole school knows HOW they happened (except maybe albus) or that they were even friends, and that’s just more romantic to me somehow. though i can see why people would prefer a love/hate dynamic because this sort of quiet romance seemingly comes with a lot less drama? 

  • mostly i just love the idea of scorpius being very private about his life and love interests, and for good reason. also it’s kind of sexy when he’s written this way

  • that said i do like love/hate fics as long as they come without the dramione complex, because scorose are not their parents. it just needs to be done very delicately and i think i’m actually terrible at writing scorose love/hate for all the reasons stated above

So listen up and gather around the pretty picture I posted above as a way grab your attention- because I want to talk to y’all about my girl Artemis Crock.

First of all, let me put in a quick warning that this is going to be a long post. I’m going over Artemis’s character arc throughout both Season’s One and Two, and there’s a lot to cover.

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“Aloha” and The Continued Legacy of Hollywood’s Backwards, Whitewashed Hawaii

Originally, this began as a response to my friend Mokihana Aki sharing a depressing sound bite on Facebook, from Rachel McAdams in regards to Cameron Crowe’s new movie “Aloha.” I was already quite incensed about the film, for reasons I will outline soon. When I read the following quote, however, what started as an angry Facebook comment thread, turned into my very first blog post. 

The following response was in reference to some criticism the film had met in regards to its portrayal of Hawaii. Quote: “Just my experience of being there and working with Cameron [Crowe] I think he was very respectful of Hawaiian culture and really embraced it. You know we kicked off the film with a traditional Hawaiian blessing that one of the Hawaiian chiefs conducted and we spent a lot of time listening to Hawaiian music and going out and experiencing Hawaiian culture so I think that’s an unfortunate, probably not fair comment from my point of view having been there with him.“

Really…unfortunate? Not fair? In my opinion, if ALL your characters are White in a movie that takes place in Hawaii; if nobody properly pronounces Hawaiian words; and cultural references to Native Hawaiians are not 100% factual (you have Google now, so there’s no excuse for you making stuff up anymore!), then no, I’d have to say you were NOT and are NOT respectful of Hawaii’s people and culture. Oh, and if you’re not fully convinced, then here’s another great sound bite from the director himself: “I say whether you see it this weekend or later on TV or something, check it out because we really honor Hawaii in every frame of this movie.” 

Look, I love you Cameron Crowe. You’ve been one of my favorite filmmakers for years. But seriously? SERIOUSLY? Every frame? Explain to me, then, why the hell there are absolutely NO people of color in this movie’s trailer? Not. A. Single. One. Believe me, I LOOKED! I’m talking main characters, supporting characters, extras…NOTHING. Oh sure, if you’re lucky you might catch a brown blur in the background sea of extras, or see a glimpse of the requisite hula dancers that for some reason always appear on the runway of the airports in these movies set in Hawaii. Yeah, maybe back in the day of Elvis movies that happened, but no WAY does it exist today. 

Oh, and don’t forget the shot of White people making simple trite hula moves…you can’t have a movie in Hawaii without it! Sure, hula is an actual part of Native Hawaiian culture, rooted in sacred religious beliefs. Sure, hula was actually banned for over 50 years by White missionaries, effectively neutering Hawaiian culture for multiple generations. Sure, the Hawaiian language was banned for almost 70 years, reducing the amount of Native speakers to a small, SMALL handful today. But clearly, none of those things are as important as maintaining stupid, ignorant stereotypes and myths about Hawaii, in a time when there is no longer an excuse for perpetuating those images. If Cameron Crowe had set his movie on a Native American reservation, and had his all-White cast run around with feathers and painted faces, howling with their hands over their mouths, he would have been torn apart, right?

Why, then, is Hawaii and its people considered so damn expendable? Why does a place where its culture and history are ripe with factually accurate stories and characters, get reduced to a paradise backdrop mysteriously absent of the racially diverse population it is famous for? If all you want are pretty beaches and lush green valleys in the background, Hollywood, I hear green screen is a highly effective filmmaking tool! 

Lastly, I must address the title of this film: the one Hawaiian word that is synonymous in every tourist or non-Hawaii citizen’s mind with their image of Hawaii and its people. The gimmick of its double meaning (something, I might add, that is common in other languages, INCLUDING ENGLISH) has been snatched by 20th Century Fox’s crack marketing team and roped into becoming fodder for a cheesy tagline on a poster: “Sometimes you have to say goodbye before you can say hello.” Well, if these inept geniuses even bothered to do a simple Google search, they’d know that while the word “aloha” does have multiple meanings including “hello,” “goodbye,” and “love” (feel-good rom com, you guys!), the important meaning of the word is its literal translation: breath of life. 

Now, having not seen this movie yet, I will not discount the possibility that Mr. Crowe somehow managed to take a minute out of his day to learn this, and perhaps even address it at some point in the film. However, using a word that is literally connected to the life spirit of the Hawaiian people, as the title for your archetypal Hollywood romantic dramedy? The one with the all-White cast that takes place in one of the few places in the country where WHITE people are actually the minority? The film that takes such an important word in the Hawaiian culture and strips it of its identity, all for the sake of a cutesy, witty marketing campaign? Yeah, you’re right. That’s TOTALLY honoring and respecting Hawaii. 

Opening today, the film “Aloha” is already receiving mixed reviews, so it’s possible that karma has doled out some form of justice for its crimes against Hawaii. However, with big Hollywood stars and a big Hollywood director behind it, this film could still make a decent amount of money this weekend. For this reason, I beseech you all: do not allow this blatant reimagining of Hawaii to continue. The reality of Hawaii is very different from this image of paradise nirvana and tokenism culture that Hollywood won’t stop ramming down our throats, and there is no longer an excuse for this truth to be ignored or forgotten. While we watch diversity succeed in leaps and bounds on film and TV this year, and the industry scramble to reap the rewards, the people of Hawaii are forced to watch the same atrocious missteps of ‘Hollywood’s Hawaii’ trotted out to the masses without any care for the people it’s marginalizing or the culture it’s rewriting.

When the White settlers first came to Hawaii in the 1700’s, it was the diseases they brought that nearly wiped out the Native Hawaiian population. Now, it’s the warped image of Hawaii, manufactured by the tourism industry and Hollywood’s pop cultural consciousness, that reduces our people to insignificant blurs in the background. The inane hula girl on the taxi cab dashboard. My entire life, I’ve watched the buffoonery of ‘Hollywood’s Hawaii’ paraded across decades of film and television, all the while dreaming of the day when I’d see the Hawaii where I was born and raised, on the big screen. I never expected that I would reach my 28th birthday, and continue to see the same absurd stereotypes I saw in movies made 50 years ago. 

Yet here it is, 2015, with all its modern and technical advancements, and we’re still watching the same hokey nonsense play over and over again like a broken record on the silver screen. In an age where white celebrities in Blackface and Victoria Secret models in Native American headdresses are acknowledged as racist and offensive, it is somehow still perfectly acceptable not just to objectify and typecast Hawaiian culture at every turn, but to assign it an entirely new identity. Hollywood has literally been rewriting Hawaii for decades. The scary thing is, no one seems to notice or care.

The only way this will change is if the people OUTSIDE Hawaii choose to change the prescribed course, and start indoctrinating the current and future generations with a fresh dose of reality and respect. Don’t worry, folks. This isn’t nearly as difficult as it sounds! Remember: all you have to do is Google.

Event Review: Wizardess Heart - Star Night Princess


Maybe it was because I was up from midnight til 2am recording this event, but I was in this happy, warm, fuzzy daze throughout the event, and completely enjoyed every second playing through it.  This is an event I’ve been waiting for pretty much since the first Klaus playthrough I ever did – and I think they did a great job with it.  Even the long and interminable wait was worth it, because they were able to develop Klaus and MC’s relationship so much that this event just was so much more poignant compared to literally every other birthday event. (Maybe that’s why it got its own name?)

It was only later, upon a second read, that I felt I fully understood what the thematic significance of this event was in Klaus’ life, and it’s honestly very sad.  I’m going to try to structure this thematically to discuss some of the issues that are raised within the spin-off, and then I’ll address miscellaneous observations at the end.

As usual, all commentary is based on my own interpretation of the stories.

The denial of personal desires in the face of duty.

This is the main theme of Elias Goldstein’s route, but here it rears its head again, in the context of the Goldstein family. Partially because we have access to two members of the Goldstein family, this family background is the most developed out of any in the Wizardess Heart world.

For the past however-many years, since Klaus was ten years old and maybe before that, he has not had a real birthday.  Rather, he has been forced to attend what is essentially an anniversary party for a Goldstein magical tool, simply because his birthday happens to fall on the same day.  Imagine him being told that as a child.

What is a birthday?  It’s a day reserved for selfishness.  A day where one indulges oneself with complete societal approval. Instead, Klaus’ birthday has been taken from him for his whole life in an act attributable to familial duty.

Uncle Karl says to them something to the effect of, “Klaus, I always remember it’s your birthday because of this party.” Doesn’t that sound odd?  Shouldn’t it be the opposite way around?

In that light, it’s unsurprising that Klaus has never mentioned his birthday, nor is he particularly excited about it.  In fact, he actually loathes going home. Part of it is because he gets teased and embarrassed by all these people from his childhood, but the other equally significant part is that going home means having to don the Goldstein mantle again. It’s a performance for him; he is deeply uncomfortable in these situations, something understandable for a Klaus that we know prizes honesty and directness – to the point of harshness – in all his interactions.  But at home, he’s a puppet, made to perform in a setting and speak platitudes to strangers.

This year is different. Klaus has MC for the first time.  And he wants to take her with him to this party, because he thinks it’ll be more bearable, and maybe a little more fun, to have her along.  If the MC chooses to resist, he’ll try to strong-arm her into going by threatening to invite another girl (in actuality he has never brought anyone, female or otherwise before), but then he’ll confess: “If you seriously don’t want to go, you don’t have to. I won’t invite anyone else. It’s just — I’d rather you be there, so I can spend my birthday with you.”

After you go with him, he apologizes – over and over again – for being selfish, for putting you in a situation where you might be tired or uncomfortable – because he simply wanted you nearby.  He apologizes that if you stay together you might be subjected to a lifetime of these events.  What kind of person apologizes for being selfish on their birthday?  It’s heart-breaking.  

Later on, MC and Klaus finally escape the party, and head outside.  Klaus recalls a moment, when he was just ten, when he was made to attend this same party, but then he went outside to play, essentially – by creating a hologram of the stars in the sky and placing them inside a lantern.  MC gives him a cufflink that she selected because he could wear it daily, as well as for its amethyst center, which resembles his eyes. Klaus is actually surprised that she got him a birthday present at all – but then they work together to perform the same magic, that captures the image of the stars in that cufflink.

With that cufflink, what MC has given him is a little reminder of a moment of freedom that he can always keep with him, and that he can call upon whenever he needs to escape and regain his sense of self.

She does not know this herself, but she has given him another gift – she has enabled him to reclaim his birthday as a day when he is allowed to be selfish, to keep his love at his side. To that extent, she has made this day and this place bearable and even precious to him, so much so that he muses that one day they might return to live there together.

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