maybe backgrounds will happen one day

how did this happen i dont remember being able to draw people??

and when am i gonna finish this? who knows 

sometimes i think about how my default state is alone. like, theres usually a brief moment where maybe i do have some friends, and i actually talk to people and feel included. but im not important and i dont stand out so eventually i fade into the background. part of it is my fault for letting it happen. but im tired of trying so hard for others attention. llike, im not good enough, thats all there is to it. i can try all i want to make it as if its not true, but it is, so why fight it? and then sometimes for like, 5, maybe 6 months i’ll have that one friend i talk to every day and then one day they’ll replace me and forget me. im probably overreacting rn but like… i dont know, even when he talks to me its like i can tell ive lost my importance to him?? he exhausts me and made me go insane with how depressing he could be and i couldnt convince him otherwise and i had to be careful of what i said because one little thing could make him spiral and it would take me hours to talk him down from self harm. and its exhausting. i wanted nothing more than for him to replace me. well, he’s finally done it, and now i feel sad and empty and njgdfkgd

like. idk. ive been thinking about my future a lot here lately. at first i was optimistic and happy, thinking i would meet new people and they would like me and… i realized its just the same thing. i dont realyl have consistent friends. i always get replaced. and ive now got a bad habit of realizing patterns and i got a little ahead of myself. “our friendship has lasted 5 months. it will end soon. but usually after a month or 2 of loneliness, i’ll meet new people!!” 

as if that is certain to happen. im so tired,  you know? i just…

Audience Research: Key elements

As a group we are really concentrating on keeping our target audience happy. To do this we recognised that we are going to have to meet their expectations. There are many Dystopian films out there, and we have to make ours unique, and show them what Independant films are all about.

Most Dystopian films start with a flashback, or an establishing shot showing an isolated location and usually a main character on their own. This gives the viewer an insight of who the characters are, and more importatly who the main character is. After a flashback, if one, we return to the current day and we have learnt what genre the film is and had a slight insight through small hints about what the film might be based on. We really want to meet expectations and smash them, so we want to include more important elements, like a soundtrack which matches whats happening on screen or something in the background behind our character that makes people feel some kind of way, either tense or frightened, maybe even confused, we want to achieve something that is completely original, yet rememberable.

In doing this we would have to be careful we don’t drift too far away from the typical Independant, Dystopian genre as we want it to be clear. I think that in order to make sure it’s somewhat the same with its own twist we need to have the romantic side to it, perhaps with a small love story between Cassie and Noah, met by fate. I think the key thing in film production is identifying the audience, and making those connections between the characters and the audience, making them aspire to be like them or even just a small thing like having a favourite character, small things like this make a big impact.

I think its also important the audience know whats happening in the opening scene, if they don’t it will be easy to lose the audience and that’s one thing we do not want to do. I think to do this we need to stick to some sort of guidelines, find similarities in our film and ones like The HUnger Games and Mazerunner and have the same kind of layout to make sure we are sucessful.
When researching film’s that fit the genre, many of them started with intense, suspense filled situations, what leaving you with a cliff hanger, but not so that you’re too confused but you have some sort of idea what’s happening as they give you dribs and drabs of small explanations and it comes together slowly like a puzzle.

The key thing I will be focusing on and making sure we have in our production is engagement witht the audience, so they have a few seconds of being completely confused but then soon realise whats going on reacting like “Ohhh, I wasn'y expecting that!” or “I told you that would happen!” its creates a competition between family and friends to guess whats happening next correctly.

The Hunger Games does this reaklly well, as in the first one, if you haven’t read the book you don’t have much of an idea what’s happeninh, but soon all is explained and comes together nicely setting you up for the rest of te film, and we all know how sucessful that film has been, and that’s what we are waiting to achieve.