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I've seen a blog say that Chris and Seb aren't friends, that Chris hates Seb. What do you think? This is giving me anxiety, I think they are friends, but now I don't know.

They’ve both said multiple times that they’re pretty friendly, and that even if they go months without seeing each other between movies they’re perfectly capable of picking up right where they left off and it’s like no time has passed.

They’ve also both gone out of their way to compliment each other and each other’s work even when they didn’t really need to bring the other person up, and particularly with Chris I think it’s pretty easy to see when he’s not feeling very comfortable, yet in all the footage we’ve gotten from the movies press tours and different events we can see them constantly laughing and having fun being very at ease around the other.

They may not be the closest friends ever, but I do think they mean it when they say they get along super well (lbr we’ve all seen what happens in movies when the 2 main actors have zero chemistry or don’t get along, and Chris and Seb work AMAZINGLY together), and tbh even if we didn’t have lots and lots of evidence, just them saying so should be proof enough. They have no reason to lie, they’re both grown men and very professional and perfectly capable of making these movies together just keeping a polite work relationship, no need for them to say they’re good friends if they’re not, imo.

So I really do think they get along super well and feel comfortable around each other (which, with Chris’ social anxiety, it also tells you something), and I’m gonna respect what they’ve both said about the topic. But in case you’re still worried about it, nonnie, I gathered these for you <3

  • them sharing a private moment and laughing together while someone else was answering a question [x]
  • Seb walking out and going straight to squeeze Chris’ shoulder and Chris holding his hand [x]
  • you can’t fake THIS [x]
  • they’re both all Heart Eyes™ is2g [x]
  • ahemm… [x]
  • AHEMM…. [x]
  • and just… what even was this hug i swear [x]
  • the Chubby Dumpling Incident [x]

and honestly I just had to stop there because I could go oooon and on and I’d never see the end of it, so I hope these few examples will help calm you down!

I’d recommend unfollowing/muting/blocking that blog if it’s making you feel that bad about this, and just ignoring whatever they’re saying about these two or about Chris hating Seb, because, really, look at this man:


Sleepover Saturday?

I’m kinda bored and a bit lonely, so I though maybe I’ll try a Sleepover Saturday? I don’t know it would be cool to maybe know people in the fandom a bit more.
I’ve seen most people doing these so why not?
I guess pretty much anything, idk confessions, fmk, opinions, books/movies/tv/music. I really don’t know how these truly work.
Well I’m rambling now so if anybody is up for it.

For anyone not interested I’ll be tagging the posts with “ss” along with the usual “not yoi”

You know what I need in my life rn guys.
V with long enough hair for a man bun.
Like, listen alright. This boi is all about his aesthetic. You can’t tell me that at some point, this boi didn’t end up going off on a long extended photography trip in a different country (or multiple) and didn’t come back with longer (but not toooo long) hair, enough to put it up in a man bun while he works.
Or maybe he steals yoosungs thing and uses an aesthetically pleasing hair clip while he works to keep his hair off his face. (Pretend his eyes work btw, let me dream!)
You can’t tell me that this wouldn’t be attractive af. Like honestly. Hell, just put the man bun V + summer V and I might just die.
Someone please, art this, I do not have the skills!

Eren secretly has a body pillow of Levi, so whenever he misses his boyfriend he hugs it. And he starts crying all over it. 

So he drags out a corpse from the basement and starts beating it with his hand. Then Levi walks in and joins him because he had a bad day at work and he’s pissed.

im sorry this got messed up pretty fast

//Got me my under the mask fc


Imagine Lance sneaking out at night to hug Keith and cry with me.

pls stop acting like being chronically ill/disabled is just a lack of effort to be healthy. stop telling chronically ill people they could be healthy if they tried harder, if they thought more positively, if we just believed we can get better we totally would!, if we got out of the house, ate this or that, did yoga, if we drank more water… stop. it’s likely nobody asked for your opinion, we know more about our illness than you do and if there was a way for us to get better we’d be the ones knowing about it.