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okay please please write me and undercover-fake-dating blackvibe fic

Title: Pajarita Mia
Fandom: Flash and Arrow
Pairing: Blackvibe (Laurel Lance x Cisco Ramon)
Rating: Strong T, maybe M for almost smut.
Summary: Cisco and Laurel are in Argentina for a mission. Things just manage to happen when Laurel finds out she has a thing for Cisco speaking Spanish.
Author’s Comments: How about an undercover fake marriage fic instead? A massive thank you also to my friend, Lucila, for educating me on Spanish terms of endearment. She kinda freaked out when I told her Cisco was Argentinian as well. At least I think he was. I read that somewhere. I don’t remember where. Anywho. This hasn’t been beta’d.
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She doesn’t think she’d be the one girl who’d get caught up in foreign languages and accents, but boy was she wrong as hell.

Of course she’s heard Spanish before, even went as far as to take it in high school–which she immediately forgot when it came time for graduation–but it’s nothing compared to actually experiencing the language first hand. She’s in Argentina with him, going about a slight mission as a favor to Lyla and a small vacation for herself. She thought she’d be going alone, of course, even told her father that she was going to be fine and had a phone where he’d be able to contact her or she him if anything went wrong. What she didn’t think would happen would be Lyla telling her she had to go undercover as a wife.

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