maybe alcohol is the reason

Not Interested

David Pastrnak x Reader

Team: Boston Bruins

Warnings: Unwanted flirting? Mentions of alcohol, No interactive fic

POV: Second

Being the idiot I was– I accidentally deleted the request, BUT I remembered part of it, so I hope this is okay! It’s a bit shorter than I intended too, so I apologize. -Cam

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“Not interested,” You repeated for what felt like the hundredth time.

“Not trying anything,” The guy smiled back, clearly not having your answer. 

You couldn’t help but smile either, for some reason, maybe it was the alcohol, you didn’t know. You leaned on the side of the counter, trying to figure out what to say but all that came out was a laugh. 

“What?” The guy asked, amused by your drunk self. 

“Nothing, nothing, I just-” You took a deep breath. “I dunno what I’m doing,” You replied, the grin never leaving your face. 

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Reasons why I keep myself from attending parties

My awkward conversation starters:

I can’t dance. It’s physically and emotionally overwhelming:

My closest friends will get drunk enough to start with the awkward flirting:

Randoms trying to flirt with me:

Music… too loud and high chance that im not gonna like it:

If you see food or candy, chances are its gonna contain alcohol (maybe other magical substances) :

*To some this might be a reason to go*

Because I know that after a few hours I’m gonna be willing to return home:

Love contract >> Suga, You (Part 4)

Part four is here guys~ I hope you will enjoy it ^_^ 

Part 1 | 2 | 3

His phone started to ring out of nowhere, so loud and annoying. Suga closed his eyes tightly, before opening them slowly. His vision was hazy as the pain shot in his head.

“Ouch!” Suga winced reached for his phone that was over the coffee table. “Hello.”

“I want to call you for once and not to find you busy or sleeping.” A familiar male voice started.

Suga could recognize his friend’s voice. His hand reached for his head as it clenched around his hair. He shouldn’t have had drunk when he had work early. “What time is it?”

“Lazy as always. How would I know?” He said a matter of fact. Probably the time there was different. Suga’s eyes shifted to the lock over the wall and almost jumped from his sleeping position. It was eight thirty.

“Sh*t.” Suga cursed, stumbling to stand on his feet. He needed to get ready for work immediately. “What do you want?”

“Y/N.” He said and Suga froze in his place, his feet stuck to the floor as if there was a glue over it and his heart sank deeper.

“What about her?” Suga managed to say, shrugging all what he felt a second ago.

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Freefall (2)

Part: (Prologue)  ΑΩ  (1)


England wasn’t sure whether he regretted that decision or not, but the resulting dinner passed them by with an almost peaceful sort of lull and he couldn’t have been more grateful for that. The food was absolutely divine and he had, embarrassingly, eaten as much as he could stand before America took his plate away, knowingly preventing him from making himself sick on it. They had a couple drinks, albeit nothing particularly strong, and as they wandered outside into the warm evening air he felt a little giddy.

It was odd.

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