maybe a step too far

Superhero AUs #13

- ‘You’re my arch nemesis but our best friends are dating…I guess I’ll play nice in civvies, for now’ AU
- ‘So what about a double date?’ AU

- ‘I will burn down this city and everyone in it’ AU 
- 'Good job I brought a fire extinguisher then’ AU

- ‘I can’t believe I finally got into the superhero academy, this is the best day of my life and- …What are you doing here? You’re not a hero’ AU
- ‘My application was mostly ironic, I swear’ AU

- ‘I’m a superthief…is it too cliche if I make it my mission to steal your heart?’ AU
- ‘If you come anywhere near my heart I will cut your goddamn hands off. You are not selling my organs on the black market’ AU

- ‘My mail keeps getting switched with my neighbour’s, which would be fine if it wasn’t full of two-for-one offers on death rays’ AU
- 'Why on earth do I keep getting coded letters asking me to join the League of Heroes? Is this a mistake or some kind of backhanded compliment?’ AU 

 - 'I accidentally admitted that I’ve never seen the Harry Potter movies and now you’re dragging me back to your place for a marathon and I have no idea what to do’ AU
- 'I knew you were evil but this is a step too far! Maybe the reason that you’re the bad guy is that you’ve never seen Harry Potter, because that’s some childhood deprivation right there’ AU 

 - 'Every Tuesday I take the night off from committing crimes to go and sit in my favourite restaurant for a few hours. I absolutely do not have a crush on the cute waitress’ AU
- 'I was getting harassed by two dickheads and my favourite customer stepped in to protect me…aaaand he’s a supervillain. Great.’ AU

- ‘Look, I really need a date to take to this superhero get-together, but I have no-one to ask…will you come with me?’ AU
- ‘Are you seriously asking me to walk into a room filled to the brim with superheroes? …I can’t believe my archenemy is such a sad, friendless person. Of course I’ll come’ AU

- ‘Look after my dogs while I’m in jail, would you?’ AU
- ‘When I said I’d look after your dogs, I didn’t realise they were actual hellhounds!’ AU

- ‘I work in airport security for a city with one of the most famous heroes around. Villains frequently fly in to challenge her. It’s my job to stop them getting out of the airport’ AU
- ‘Jesus Christ, I thought this place was an airport, not a death trap. Who are you?’ AU
BONUS: ‘I am a minimum wage employee drugged up on caffeine and loathing. I have nothing left to lose.’


Request: May I have a Bellamy blake imagine with prompt number 1?? Ps: love your writing

1: “You’re the only thing left that is important to me now.”

Requested by: anonymous.

AN: This ones really short, and i’m sorry. I just didn’t have much inspiration for it! Sorry!

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

You stood next to Bellamy in a comfortable silence, feeling the guilt radiate off him as you watched Octavia stalk off in anger. You winced when you caught sight of Bellamy again, his face bruised and bloodied. He deserved it, you knew, but that didn’t help the fact that maybe Octavia had taken it a step too far.

“Bellamy..” You whispered, reaching up to help him but he shoved your hand away.

“Please, Y/N. I deserved this. I deserved this. I need this.” He said, frantically trying to take in all the pain and it made you feel even worse.

The crowd had gone off, too concerned with Octavia but you had stayed. You needed to. There was no where else to go. Not now. Not now when the man beside you had killed the only important thing left to you.

You looked to Bellamy, staring in a mix of pity and hatred because he’d killed your grounder brother despite falling in love with you. But staring at him, you should hate him. You should hate him as much as Octavia apparently did, but you just couldn’t find yourself to do so.

Not now. Not when you’d really end up alone otherwise.

So instead, you shoved his hand away and helped him, ignoring the way he stared pathetically at you.

“Why…?” He whispered, his breath hitting your neck. You shook your head, hatred in your eyes but your heart swelling with pity.

“You’re the only thing left that is important to me now.”

Every Little Thing (Karamel)

PLOT: [Set after 2x13] Mon-El and Kara are laying in bed and he ponders. Also there may or may not be an argument about who gets to be big spoon.

SHIPS: Kara/Mon-El

WARNINGS: Fluffy as shit, only be wary if you’re allergic to adorableness (if you are though, you probably shouldn’t be watching Supergirl anyways I mean she is so cute she could kill someone–which could be detrimental for your health).

A/N: Big spoon!Kara is everything bye Also: GIF ISN’T MINE!

CHAPTERS: One-shot :)


Mon-El looked down at Kara as she laid on his shoulder, her cheek pressed hard against his skin and her hand toying with his, lacing their fingers in and out of each others’. He loved the way she frowned when she was thinking; loved that little crinkle in her brow. He surmised that it was a normal side effect of ‘liking’ a person.

He also liked it when she accidentally broke things. He’d never tell her, and he’d always sort of chastise himself for thinking it, but goddamn was it cute. She always looked so surprised and embarrassed. Of course, she never had any reason to be any such way or feel any such emotions, but watching her was like watching a movie; almost all her emotions played out on her face.

Often times though, the mystery of her mind boiled down to what exactly was making her feel such a way. She was so compassionate and intuitive; any number of things could make her concerned, or upset, or happy. He often wondered what it would be like to merge with her–with anyone–like martians do. How strange would it be; having your thoughts, and knowledge, and skills put onto another person? He could only imagine the vast number of amazing and beautiful things she was thinking, and although he’d love to know just one, he decided that he firmly believed their heads would practically explode if they shared minds. (Too many overwhelming emotions and inklings for even both of them together to handle).

His eyes traced the bridge of her nose, watched her beautiful blue eyes as they studying his long, arching, fingers. He spread them further apart, and she slipped hers into the gaps he made. She gripped his hand, and he grinned, laughing slightly as she squeezed it.

“Careful, you’ll break something.” He teased.

She smirked at their palms and then looked up at him. Her eyes moved back and forth between the gray ones he called his own. She slipped her hand out of his, and touched his cheek, tracing invisible lines only she could see.

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going from last night heres how i would write a redemption arc for pearl from this point and onwards with the show (meaning the rest is intact and there would be some weird tonal shift but its not like thats a problem for steven universe lol)

to lay the groundwork i do not like pearl and as of s1 i never did, she gives me bad abuse memories and the way she was idolized and babied by the fandom made me blacklist her (it hasnt been necessary for a while but i keep it blacklisted so i get a quick pearl warning before i take my time reading something). her relationship with rose feels fishy and not v good representation to me (tho i dont wanna speak over any wlw so feel free to correct me on it) given how pearl was treated as a slave/object before and we dont know the specifics of their relationship or if it was one sided or not (or at least, if pearl loved rose more than rose loved her for example) and we dont know even if pearl was made for rose or was owned by rose at some point

like i talked in one of my previous posts, give her an ep where she has to sort out her feelings of self worth alone. get her isolated from the gems while fighting somewhere and getting separated and have her have internal conflict without anyone to step or lean on and how she deals with her own internalised feelings of not being equal to others. itd be interesting for her since she always gets comforted and apologized to whenever she breaks regardless of who she hurts. the others dont owe their time or energy to pearl to solve her own personal issues and sometimes your support system isnt there and you need to ride it out

give her an arc where she hurts someone and has to suffer actual consequences for it that might or not even get solved, and she doesnt get apologized to for being sad sad grief grief its ok i abused you cause hear me talk about my problems!!! have someone snap at her and Not care for what reason she did it, because in the end it doesnt truly matter, they’re explanations and not excuses. i feel like it could be amethyst, while i love her and want pearl 8023580295km from her, having amethyst be hurt and actually comforted by the cast this time, give her feelings the spotlight again while she neglects and avoids pearl on the background bc pearl wont apologize properly or seems to feel that sorry for Her and more sorry for herself.  amethyst also has clear self worth problems which she can try to work out maybe with garnet? who opts out of solving pearl’s problems for her this time because she stepped out of line and went too far. maybe ame and garnet can have a duo episode (sing a duet and give amethyst another song????) 

have pearl finally properly apologize but that not magically making amethyst immediately not angry at her and pearl needing to prove herself and not be hurtful anymore

im not one to talk about pearl’s grief bc thats not something i have personal experience with so i cant tell whether overcoming her grief would be better or not. maybe being able to at least accept it and make peace with it? even if she misses rose forever that could help her not be blinded by rose rose rose rose and neglect how other ppl feel

also. have her meet/bond with the homeworld pearls somehow to get a glimpse of an independent pearl, explore the social rules of homeworld more in depth and maybe have her decide to help liberate them on her own, and while trying to help them understand and embrace their individuality and independence, she has more insight into it herself. also to give the other two pearls more personality

yeah those are just thoughts on how to make things slightly better imo bc theres honestly so much wrong with pearls character in my eyes and i dont really like her so skjgl why do you do me like this stephan wormhole


dctv ladies appreciation week: day six
favorite scene 

2.12, fast lane - what? no good luck?

So maybe it keeps going that one step too far. You pick off the scab and then your skin immediately after, fingernails digging into the thin flesh of your knee over bone. A heaving sob led by a whimper. Emergency room papercuts. Candlelight arson.

Crash the car and you have to give yourself a dizzyingly deep breath and five good reasons why you shouldn’t lean on the gas some more and close your eyes as the engine caves in on itself and you fall forward to meet the shrapnel leaving.

You carry a cross. In your head you pray the loudest. God doesn’t exist but if he did he would hate you enough for the both of you and you never were that great at giving up your share of anything. You’ve always been greedy for it. You’ve always been that one bit too empty.

So maybe one day it will be two.

||Ordinary|| Joker x Reader

Joker x Reader

((A/N: request for @chrisxsebastian
I hope you like it!))

daddy kink

Everyone has their bad days, right? The problem with those days is no one wants to be receiving the backlash. Let me tell you something, kid, you do not want to be at the end of the Joker’s ‘bad day’. The Joker is like getting coal on Christmas morning, it’s what the parents warn the children about.

No one warned you about him.

You were a completely ordinary girl, ordinary life, ordinary grades and ordinary everything. Pale (s/c) from being inside a few days too many. Gorgeous but dull (e/c) eyes, lacking any emotions. Plain (h/c), (hair style) just the way you liked it. A solid black t-shirt underneath your army green bomber jacket, blue jeans and black doc martins to go with it. You normally didn’t wear makeup but today you put on mascara and added a little gloss to your lips. A small smile on your lips as you held the warm (fav coffee) in your hands. The sudden burst of confidence today had you in the best of moods! All the while, a certain someone was on the opposite end of the mood spectrum.
You couldn’t hear the footsteps behind you due to the earbuds blasting (fav song). A little dance in your step, you mouthed the words as you made your way home. You didn’t notice the sun went down until the streets were cleared. The warmth of the coffee was stripped from you as your (h/c) locks were yanked into an alley way by three goons all wearing the same outfit.
“We got one!” One shouted into an earpiece. Hands covered your mouth from screaming, you were too petrified to squirm but more hands held you still anyways.
“You get their ass back here RIGHT NOW!” a voice shouted back, loud enough to break the man’s eardrums. The man holding the walkie talkie glared at you, grabbing your hair once again and slamming the side of your head into the brick wall.

You woke up with a gasp, gasping again in pain while holding your head. Immediately you knew you didn’t have to see your hand to know your fingertips were covered in blood. You were laying on the concrete floor, torture devices all around you. Your (e/c) eyes welled up with tears as the fear settled in. You backed into the corner of the room and held yourself for a form of comfort. A lot of footsteps could be heard echoing the hallway outside your room so you weren’t scared of the sounds. That is until they stopped in front of your door. You started to hyperventilate as hot tears poured down your cheeks.

This was it.

You were going to die.

The door was unlocked and you heard the song “I Started A Joke” was playing on repeat as the door opened. You ducked your face into the crook between your knees and chest. Footsteps slowly walked the long ways around the table, towards you.
“Well, well, well!” An uncomfortably soothing voice started to laugh.
“What have we here?” Your hair was gripped and you were yanked to your feet, a cry escaping your lips. Your head was pulled back, making you face the most terrified villain in Gotham history. Your (e/c) eyes were wide in shock as you came face to face with The Joker. Tears continued to fall as you realized you were about to die in a more painful way then you had hoped for. His red lips curling into a smile, revealing his grill suddenly disappeared. He dropped you immediately, turning to whoever came in the room with him. You cowered back into your corner, rubbing your head where it hurt. “What the hell is this?!” Mister J growled, stomping one foot like a child not getting their way.
“Sir?” The voice was calm and monotone.
“Why would you bring her to me?! She’s so.. so.. boring!” J growled, lacking the word to describe you. You frowned at the word. You didn’t think you were boring. Maybe according to him and his tastes but you were normal! You lived a normal life! His lifestyle wasn’t exactly your forte.
“You said anyone, sir.” The voice sounded shaken.
“Did I?” The Joker immediately picked up on this change, “Anyone? In that case..”
You heard a gun cock and whimpered, thinking this would be your last breath.
You heard The Joker chuckle and pull the trigger. You flinched at the sound of the gun firing. Yet. The pain never came. You slowly lifted your head just in time to see the man talking to the criminal fall, blood pouring out of the wound directly where his heart is.
You flinched again at the feeling of someone gently patting your head. This earned you another chuckle.
“I won’t hurt you…” Joker quickly dropped to kneel in front of you, becoming eye level. Your (e/c) eyes filled with tears and fear.
“W-what?” You tilted your head
“Your name.” He gripped a fistful of your hair but a smile on his lips as he looked at you.
“(Name).” You whispered. The Joker began to stroke your head again, almost like he was rewarding you.
“(Name)…” He repeated, “You can call me J, babydoll.”
“Let’s have a little fun, babydoll.” The crazed look in his eyes returned. Your lip quivered as he pulled you by your (h/c) locks to your feet again. Before you knew it you were strapped on the table in the middle of the torture room.
“Now, (Name), this isn’t anything personal,” J purred, holding your chin gently and making a pouty face, “I’m just bored of boring! If we’re going to play, I need you to not be so ordinary! So. This may sting a little.”
You couldn’t see anything, with your head strapped to the metal table and whatnot, but before you knew it, you were being electrocuted. Your body seized and your eyes rolled up to the ceiling. The pain was excruciating and it seemed like it would never end. At last, J made it stop.
You unclenched your teeth and gasped for air. Your body felt as if you had just run a marathon, you were stripped of any energy you might have had. Then the shocking feeling returned. This continued for an hour.



Catch your breath.



Catch your breath.

J released you from the straps and stared at you for a while. You realized he was shirtless and started to giggle, pointing a shaken finger at him.
“What’s so funny?” J growled, not liking that he didn’t know the joke.
“You’re cute.” You said as if it was obvious. J smirked and fixed his hair, happy he was complimented. You were hoisted into his strong arms, eyes threatening to shut at any moment. You were brought to a room similar to the one you were just in but all torture objects were removed. This room also came with a bed and bathroom.

Every day at 3pm J would come into your room, talk to you as you confided in each other for years, then would take you to the other room and electrocute you. He would bring your limp body back in here, lay you on the bed and listen to your mumbled thoughts. This continued for weeks. You think anyways, you can’t really remember.
Today you found yourself singing a song you thought was familiar. Whenever you messed up, you would start to giggle. You didn’t hear the door opening as you continued to try and remember the words. J walked in with a grin on his face as you lied there singing with your eyes closed.
“Oh, (Name)~” The green haired criminal sang, interrupting you. You stopped singing and looked at the man puzzled. J was in the middle of talking when you started laughing like a mad man.
“Who are you!” You asked, unable to stop laughing. J took a step back, thinking maybe he had gone too far.

You woke up holding your head. It throbbed and ached like a hangover but you don’t remember drinking. You rolled into your stomach, hiding your face in the pillow to avoid the light when you realized these sheets were much nicer then you remembered. Satin red sheets? You sat up and tilted your head. You looked around and gaped at your surroundings, the room you were in was beyond extravagant! You smiled but it turned to a frown as you looked in a mirror. You crawled off the glorious bed, stumbling towards the long mirror hanging on the wall. You sat in front of it and touched your now pale (s/c) skin, untouched from the time without sunlight. You had certainly lost a few pounds. Your (length), (h/c) hair unkept and greasy. You began to tear up, frustrated with this person you were looking at.

This can’t be what you look like.

Your thoughts were interrupted by the door opening. The green haired man entered the room, his white shirt covered in blood. He walked right past you, growling. Suddenly he stopped and put on a smile just for you,
“Babydoll! I’m so glad you’re awake!” He knelt down and held his arms out. You jumped back and J flinched at your action. He sighed deeply and smoothed his hair back after he did.
“Baby, come here, Daddy ain’t gonna hurt ya.” He cooed. You smiled at his words, slightly remembering him. Feeling safe, you slowly crawled into his lap. J sat on the floor and crossed his legs, wrapping his arms around you. He purred and you nuzzled into his chest, loving the sound. J lifted you in his arms with ease, standing up and heading towards the bathroom. You looked around, giggling which made J laugh as well.
“How about a bath with Daddy, baby?” he purred, a seductive smile on his lips. You blushed and swayed your body, innocently at the thought.
“Ok.” You said, biting your lip as you smiled.
“No, baby. It’s 'ok, Daddy’.” J poked your nose, making you giggle more.
“Ok, Daddy~” You purred.
J moaned and pulled you into a rough, yet sweet kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck, hesitantly kissing back. You silently hoped he was enjoying the kiss as much as you. Finally, J pulled away, giving a quick nip at your bottom lip before he did.
“Oh, babydoll, were going to have so much fun together” He smirked.

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Lance's   game   was   flirting  .   If   there   was   anything   he   felt   true   confidence   in   it   was   his   ability   to   entice  .   Allure  .   This   was   one   of   those   times  ,   and   maybe   he   sometimes   took   it   a   step   or   two   (   or   three   )   too   far  ,   but   he’d   worry   about   that   later  .

Response   caused   a   smirk  ,   catlike   eyes   and   an   ever   present   smirk   trained   on   the   Red   Paladin   as   he   seemed   to   justify   the   little   suggestion   in   his   head  .   Hmm  …..   Keith   was   cute   when   he   was   caught   off   guard   like   this  .

Being   a   man   who   truly   enjoyed   doing   everything   in   his   power   to   press   at   Keith’s   buttons  ,   Lance   unknowingly   went   against   Keith's   inner   wishes   and   opened   his   mouth  .   “   You   seem   a   little   eager  .   ”

Shifting   now   to   meet   the   other   halfway  ,   with   eyes   hooded   and   noses   nearly   touching  ,   Lance   purred   hot   breath   against   pale   pink   lips  .   “   Sometime  …..   as   in   right   now  ?   Because   I'm   happy   to   oblige  .   ”   Closing   miniscule   distance   with   the   drop   of   heavy   eyelids  ,   Lance   pressed   a   sweet   kiss   against   awaiting   lips  .   There   was   a   slight   bit   of   force   to   the   touch  ,   but   not   enough   that   it   would   come   off   demanding  .   It   was   a   challenge  .   A   mere   taste   before   breaking   connection   and   grinning   against   Keith’s   skin  .  

5 Times Shiro Almost Gave Up and 1 Time He Didn’t

For @tarball-sauce​ who commissioned me for a Shiro raising the twins during childhood. Sort of took it to the next level and went a bit above and beyond the request. I hope you like it and sorry it’s so late!

Series: Ao No Exorcist/Blue Exorcist
Rating: K (some cursing)
Word Count: 1751


“I can’t. Fuck the deal, Mephisto. I don’t fucking care. Just come and pick them up. I can’t do this anymore.”

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Summary: Because we all know where Oliver’s hand was during the OTA drinks…

A/N - hope you enjoy this nice wee Drabble from last nights episode!


“Original Team Arrow!”

Felicity smiled happily as she took a small slip from her glass, the star fruit hitting her nose haphazardly.

She couldn’t really believe that they were all there. John, Oliver and her. It felt like ages since they had last enjoyed spending some downtime together. What with Oliver and John’s rather lengthy dispute, and their prolonged trip away and with everything else that had happened in the last eight months with Thea and Roy it really had been forever.

But she was grateful now, so utterly happy that two of her most favourite people were once again back on speaking terms and that they were both hopefully on the long and windy road to resolve and heal their heavily damaged relationship. It was a shame that it had taken so long but the stubbornness from both parties was obvious. And Felicity was damn well glad that she’d had enough of their stupidity and bashed their heads together because they were a team again. And now she knew they had each other’s backs again, and even if it meant Oliver taking a bullet for Dig she knew that deep down they were far safer working as a team than moping around apart.

“I’m so happy you know, that we are finally getting to do this, the three of us having a nice adult drink and the pair of you actually being able to stomach each other,” she laughed, her hand landing on Oliver’s knee under the table in a slightly more than friendly gesture. But Felicity being Felicity didn’t even realise what her hand was doing to Oliver or the way his eyes darkened as he glanced down at her.

“It’s just like old times,” smiled Oliver, moving uncomfortably at the sudden fullness of his pants. He gulped trying to steady his nerves but the way that Felicity squeezed his leg even harder, her green nails a stark comparison to his jeans didn’t help one bit.

“I’m glad too” smiled John over his beer bottle. “I know I shouldn’t have kept my research from you, but maybe we can get down to the bottom of this together.”

Felicity nodded in agreement before plucking the star fruit off her glass and narrowing her eyes at it a little before popping half of it into her mouth.

And that really was the final straw. Oliver let out a quiet groan, a mix of approval with frustration as he watched her lips narrow around the fruit and her suck softly on it. He shut his eyes momentarily, remembering the way those lips had wrapped around him only the previous night.

Before he could even stop himself he found himself slipping his hand onto her thigh, fairly high up and Felicity jumped slightly in shock, her eyes opening more startled as she tried to concentrate on John speaking, now about Lyla and little Sara. But the way that Oliver’s hand was continually moving, further up and… Oh, yes… Definitely up was utterly distracting.

Oliver glanced up at John, nodding his head in agreement at who knows what as he continued his ministrations his thumb brushing and caressing the inside of her thigh.

He loved doing this, having the knowledge that he knew exactly how to make Felicity shudder and moan within moments. His hand made another attempt to work its way further up her leg and succeeding in somehow managing to continue its way up underneath her dress and so dangerously close to exactly where he wanted to be at that very moment.

“Oliver…” Felicity warned, her lips barely moving in an attempt to make sure that John wasn’t aware of what was really happening underneath the table.

Oliver chuckled in reply, his wandering fingers giving her leg a squeeze as it continued up her thigh, his fingers tracing in a soothing pattern and finding the crease of where her legs met her body.

Felicity shuddered, trying to bite back a moan through her bottom lip. That move really was not a good move for her blood pressure. Or really appropriate for being out in public.

In a sober attempt to try and rein herself in Felicity shifted her weight in the chair, trying to pull slightly away from Oliver but in the end ending up rather close to him, her thigh right against his. Her right leg flopping out slightly giving him more access which she really didn’t want to give him but she for some reason her head and legs were just not cooperating at all.

It was only when his fingers brushed her panties and she felt herself pool with even more warmth that she slammed her legs shut trapping his hand that he realised that maybe he had gone one tiny step too far.

“Right I think I have had enough margaritas for one night!” squeaked a beetroot Felicity. She picked up her glass and downed the last dregs of her drink before pushing herself up quickly. She was eager to leave the table and the warmness inside her and outside of her now only enforced her need to get back to the loft or her car where Oliver’s hand could really be where she wanted it to be.

Diggle raised an eyebrow at her, a curious look on his face as he tried to work out what was going on. He didn’t really need to think too long judging by the look of Felicity’s flushed cheeks and Oliver’s smug look.

“Lyla and Sara are getting back tomorrow so I suppose I should head back anyway…” replied John, standing up as he past his arms through the sleeves of his dark black jacket. The least he could do was make this easier on the pair.

“We should definitely do this again…? Right Oliver? Maybe with Lyla next time? Or you, Lyla and Sara can come over for tea at ours? Oliver makes the best macaroni and cheese ever it is literally to die for,” smiled Felicity her eyes rolling back at the memory of the way the cheese and pasta melted in her mouth. She shifted her weight impatiently from foot to foot as Oliver helped her pull on her jacket, him taking particular care. His hands brushing up and down her sides and dancing over the collar of her jacket, his fingers dragging over her skin in a delicious way.

“Yeah that sounds like a good idea,” mused Dig as he hugged Felicity, before nodding his head at Oliver as they began to head out.

Oliver pulled Felicity closer to him as they guided their way out of the bar, his arm slung around her and through her jacket. His hand made its way down, inch by inch until it was resting on her ass which thankfully wasn’t obvious to the entire world.

“I agree, I’m glad we are back on speaking terms John…”

“Me too, anyway I better be off…”

“Goodnight John!”

“See you tomorrow John,” Oliver replied, nodding in farewell as he and Felicity headed over to her car which was parked away from the others.

“Seriously Oliver you need to stop doing that!” gritted Felicity between her teeth but a slightly playful look on her face

“Doing what?”

“Ohh don’t you do this to me Mr I’ll have my hands all over you to make you all hot and bothered when we are out for some nice drinks with our friend who I only just made up with after six long and tiring months of arguments…” mimicked Felicity, her voice dropping a few decibels in an attempt to sound more like Oliver.

“All hot and bother hm?” He smirked, his eyebrow raising suggestively at her.

“Really Oliver? That’s all you understood from what I just said Oliver?”

“Yep,” he replied, pulling her closer to him as they came to a halt right next to her car, his lips ghosting her own ones as she let out a shaky breath clearly effected by Oliver just being him.

“Oliver… We can’t-”

But his lips found hers then, his tongue cutting of her hardly formed sentence as she relaxed into the familiarity of the kiss. Her hands finding his neck as she stretched up towards him, her chest coming flush against his and where they were and what they were doing didn’t really enter into her mind as his hand once again found its way up the inside of her thigh.

It didn’t take long but thankfully they somehow managed to make it into the car before his hand found where she really needed it to be.

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So i’ve recently made a really hard decision that kept me up at night for days and days trying to decide what to do. And it hurts to say this, but sometimes in the pursuit of your own happiness you have to let some things out of your life. 

Because sometimes you think something is making you happy, but when you really look at it, you realize it’s hurting you so much and straining you until you feel your life start to come apart at the seams, yet you can’t find the energy to fix it because every second of your time is used up on this one thing. I have a problem where I become wrapped up in the idea that I can save everyone, and make all the sad people happy, and you know maybe I CAN help, but I take things a step too far, you see. I get to a point where I have sacrificed and risked  everything for someone else, 

because in my head, it’s my job to fix all the broken people.

And I truly believe that I’ve helped some people, which is amazing and I’m so, so, so glad. But this time, I need to help myself. And it hurts so much I can barely breath because I know this is the only way for me to truly do that. 

I’ve finally learned to put myself first, and I’m sorry it had to be this way. I’m sorry I’ve hurt you, and I’m sorry it ever came to this.

But it was my mistake to ever let things get this way, and now I have to fix it. 

My Little Baby Llama - Part 6

N/A: I won’t even try to apologize. I’ll just let you guys read. 

Shout out to all my dandelions out there!!! 

For those of you that might be a bit confused, this fic is happening around the end of January/2016. Before the tour dates release.
Have fun!

Words: 3400+

Disclaimer: Nor Dan or Phil belongs to me, and while I wish I had a Lizzie in real life, I do not have one either.


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Bucky x Agent!reader – Playing Fair

[Master list]   [Nope, I ship Captain America]

(Not officially part of the How to Avenge 101 universe at present)

Word count: 4,429

Warnings: Fluff, sexual tension (because I LOVE IT), probably a destroyed sofa.

A/N: BUCKYYYYYYYYYYY. Because I know so many of us are missing him since the sudden turn of events in HTA101. Also, a little different this time; a more explanatory A/N is at the bottom, so as not to give any spoilers until after you’ve read this :) I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT THOUGH.

Originally posted by starwinter

“Aww come on Bucky, give me a foot rub?” You moved your legs rest on his thighs as you continued to take up the majority of the sofa. Bucky looked down at the feet in his lap, perplexed, and then gradually moved his eyes to stare at you. You got the sense that if you didn’t move your legs from his lap, fast, then he certainly would. Still you pressed for your cause.

“Please Buck? I’ve been out on a mission for the past three days – my feet are hurting.

He raised an eyebrow at you, clearly projecting that three days’ worth of climbing was nothing to him.

You huffed out a breath – he wasn’t playing fair. Here you were – weary from your mission – and he wouldn’t even give you the courtesy to make you feel better. He’d greeted you the moment you’d gotten off the quinjet, giving you his usual slow once over with his eyes. It had made your heart flip, feeling that intense gaze roll over your body and back up to your face. He’d been checking that you were still all in one piece of course, his protectiveness over you kicking in. But that didn’t stop you from fantasizing that Bucky was just trying to see how long you could go before these looks made you snap. You’d admitted to yourself in the shower that this was working, even if it wasn’t his plan. Though you were unsure what you’d do when you ‘snapped’ because of Bucky.

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Philly Bit My Finger

So youtube rewind was a thing… Phil practically sitting in Dan’s lap. It was just begging for fanfic to be written about it…

Summary: In the process of filming for YouTube rewind, Phil is required to sit on Dan’s lap while they re-enact the ‘Charlie Bit My Finger Video’. They feel this is risky for their established but secret relationship but go ahead with it anyhow.  

Genre: smut - blowjob, buttsex

Warning: smut

Word count: 2.24k

Dan’s POV:

The video producers had just been explaining to Phil and I what we had to do. We were re-enacting a moment from the 'Charlie Bit My Finger’ video that went viral back in 2007. I wasn’t quite sure if I’d heard everything right… Phil was looking particularly cute today and I found it rather distracting.

“Wait, so Phil has to sit in my lap?” I asked, unsure if this is what’d been said.

“Yes,” the producer next to the camera man replied, “That’s okay, right? We presumed you two being such good friends…”

“It’s fine,” I cut her off.

In all honesty, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it. Phil and I were trying to keep our relationship a secret to the fans, and even though this wasn’t exactly coming out, I felt as if it were maybe a step too far. Our fans would go crazy over this. It would be all over tumblr, but they would know it was the rewind creators that had put us up to it - that would make it alright, right?

I looked over to Phil to see what he felt about the matter. He seemed fairly oblivious to the situation. I guess it wasn’t much different from when we snuggled up together at home. All we had to do was play it off as being completely platonic.

“Okay, so Dan,” the producer lady interrupted my thoughts, “If you sit down on the chair, that would be good.”

Unsure exactly where to sit - it was a very big chair after all - I sat down and waited for further instructions.

“Right, shuffle back into the corner. Yes, that’s good. Now Phil if you’d like to sit too. Yes, that’s it. Maybe turn around a little so your right shoulder is in front of Dan. Perfect.”

I bit my lip as Phil shuffled around on my lap. Fuck, was I getting hard. Glancing down, I was relieved to see that it wasn’t making my jeans protrude yet. That would hella awkward, with all the producers and cameras.

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anonymous asked:

Hello ^^ wanna say i love the blog :3 Can you do one were SoSu gets depressed thinking of the past and the companion comforts them and tries to cheer them up

Hello ^^ wanna say i love the blog :3 Can you do one were SoSu gets depressed thinking of the past and the companion comforts them and tries to cheer them up

Hi anon! Aw that’s so sweet of you! Thank you so much! :) Of course, I’ll try my best to write a good one for you!


Danse had been travelling with Sole for a while now and he had their back that much was sure. Sole had stuck up for him when no one else would. They had truly risked everything for him, saving his life in the process and since that night, Danse had felt more alone than he had ever felt before. But Sole had been so patient with him and more understanding than he had ever deserved.

Danse just sighed, he didn’t even know how he was ever going to truly repay them and that made him feel more guilty with every passing day.

He should have been the example, not the exception. He should have died that night.

They had been travelling for days now without rest and Danse had decided that it would probably be best if they stopped for the night and even though Sole resisted at first it didn’t take long to convince them it was the best move to make. He could always tell when Sole was getting tired, they always seemed to get more tense with every passing minute and they both knew how dangerous that could be in the Commonwealth and Sole seemed more hurt tonight than Danse had ever seen them before. He was starting to get concerned.

Passing them some food, he sat next to them and started eating his own. Giving Sole one of his concerned looks, he stopped. Sole was just staring into the fire, they hadn’t said a word since they had got here and that worried the ex Paladin more than anything. They were always so lively and Danse would always have trouble getting them to stop talking and now there was nothing?

But either way Sole broke the silence first.

“I don’t think I can do this anymore”. Sole sighed, pulling their legs up to their chin, resting it there. Danse didn’t say anything. He didn’t know what to say.

“I couldn’t even save my-” They stopped, finding it too much to finish. “I couldn’t even stop them from taking my son-” Sole choked on their own words once again.

“Sole… I am sorry.” Danse now sat closer to them, putting a comforting arm around them. “Listen to me, there was nothing you could have done, you were trapped. And I know what you saw hurt you. It would break anyone and I understand that; but you can’t blame yourself for that.”

“You really think that?” They were fed up of reliving it so Sole gave the comforting words a chance for once. Sole now looked at him with tear soaked eyes. 

Danse used his thumb to wipe some of the tears away from Sole’s cheeks.

“Come on Sole, I don’t just think that, I know. Truly there was nothing you could have done.”

“I guess you’re right, but it still hurts,” Danse sighed, he knew how that felt.

“It will for a long time, but just know I’m here.” Danse tired to give Sole a comforting smile.

“I know Danse, I couldn’t do this without you. You know that?” Danse nodded and the ex Paladin let Sole rest their head on his shoulder “never leave me?”

“Never.” And with that promise made, Sole soon feel asleep. And for the first time Sole seemed peaceful.


He never understood why Sole never showed up when he asked them to come to war meetings.  To be fair to them, they had done a lot for the Brotherhood of Steel and as Elder he couldn’t complain. But truthfully he was worried for Sole. They had been so quiet lately. They had always been outspoken, outgoing and always said what was on their mind. But lately, nothing. They had barley spoken a word to him, and he sort of understood why. Maxson had known how close Sole and Paladian Danse were and to order them to kill him… Maybe a step too far on his part. He had tried to tell them that he was sorry but the words just didn’t come out of his mouth, he wanted Sole to know how sorry he was, but once again it seemed he would be the one to go to them.

Maxson stopped just outside their door. Usually as Elder he had the right to barge in, without warning but this time he didn’t. He just stood there, trying to find the courage to face Sole. After what seemed like hours Maxson finally knocked, and opened the door slightly after getting no answer. Sole was there, facing the wall.


No answer.

“Sole? Look at me.” They finally looked at him but it was a half hearted attempt. He walked up to them putting a hand on their shoulder. Trying his best to comfort them. He knew nothing he said could make them forgive him for what he did and Maxson accept that, but he wanted to try. He felt something with Sole. A respect he had for no one else and he would be there for them, even if it was his doing. To his surprise Sole stood and faced him. But there was little effort in their stance.

“Elder, Sir, my apologies, I had, well… I was a little lost for a second. What do you need of me?”

“Nothing really, I just need you to be honest with me, you never showed up to the war meeting.” Sole just sighed, Maxson knew they were hurting for other reasons. “Come on. You can tell me over a drink.” Sole knew they couldn’t refuse.

Maxson handed them a shot of whiskey as they sat and Sole accepted out of politeness.

“Talk to me”. Sole had no choice. But truly Sole didn’t mind, if they were going to get through the night then they had to tell someone about their pain and Maxson was probably the best person to talk to. Sole just sighed, looking at the floor.

“Everything I have ever loved is now gone. My partner is gone. My son is now dead.” Sole looked away, trying to stop the tears. “The world I once knew and loved is gone.”

Maxson eyes diverted downwards suddenly. He would never know Sole’s pain. He had ordered them to destroy the Institute and to truly do that they had to kill their own son. He was its leader after all.

 What was the name they used? Father? It was something along those lines anyway, but no matter who he was he was still Sole’s son. That one person Sole had been searching months for. 

It was pain Sole simply could not cope with alone.

Maxson knew this and decided he would just have to make sure his Sentinal knew they weren’t facing this pain alone. Not anymore. He stood as he finished his drink.

“I’m truly sorry Sole. But you’re not alone in this,” he placed a calm hand on their shoulder. Maxson didn’t expect them to look at him. Sole would always blame themselves for what happened.

But Maxson would put a stop to that. “I know there’s nothing I can say or do to make this any easier on you right now and trust me I get that. But don’t blame yourself. Never in a million years is this your fault.”


God Sole was a great General. They were a pretty damn good leader too. An amazing person with purpose and bravery installed into them like it was natural. Sole was just something the Commonwealth had been missing for the last two hundred years, but now they were here now and everything seemed a little brighter. Life was getting better.

And when Mama Murphy had first mentioned Sanctuary no one could have believed it would turn into something so incredible in such a short space of time and it was all mostly down to Sole. They had inspired so many people and brought their hopes up to a point where they just wanted to help and get things done. It really was incredible. Sole was incredible.

Speaking of Sole, where were they? Preston wondered, Sole was always disappearing. Preston knew that they had a lot on their mind but maybe it was too much for them to deal with alone? He didn’t know but the only way he was going to find out is if he asked.

As Preston walked across the bridge to see if Sole was at the old Red Rocket Shop he noticed a dog. Alone. Dogmeat? That dog… Sole was never without him, so why was he alone? Preston approached him and knelt beside his friend. Dogmeat seemed tense and Preston quickened his pace.

It took Preston a couple of hours to find Sole. Preston knew that Sole was such a strong person but of course with what they had been through there were moments where everyone worried about Sole’s personal safety. And with that in mind Preston approached Sole with caution.

This time he didn’t call them General.

“Sole? Do you mind if I join you?” He saw Sole shake their head but they were never this quite. As Preston walked towards them; Dogmeat rushed passed him and sat with Sole. 

Preston sat beside them, offering Sole some water. “Talk to me, please… we’re all worried about you. Sole’s expression; It was of a sadness that he could never match.

“My past… it hurts so much. I can’t sleep. I can’t eat, nothing helps, and everyone tries to tell me that everything will be okay, but it won’t. I lost everything even before I woke up. It’s too late for me. I just want to be with my family.” Sole looked away.

“You’re not saying what I think you’re saying. Please you-”

“No. I’ve made up my mind.” Sole didn’t look at him.

“Well, that’s a shame, but may I ask, what of Dogmeat?” Sole now looked at him and then suddenly looked down at his greatest friend. His warm fur was so comforting in a way. “He needs you. We all do. And if this about the work load then trust me I won’t ask for awhile.”

“Do you think he would forgive me?” Sole asked.

“Who Dogmeat? Well, I’m sure he would. But he would never forgive himself. And nor would I.” Preston placed a hand on Sole’s shoulder. “You’re an amazing person Sole. There is a reason you’re here. Your past will heal when you figure out that reason. But for now, I think your reason is a certain someone right here with you.” Preston motioned to Dogmeat.

“I was so sure and now… I’m not.” Sole stroked Dogmeat’s warm fur and to Preston’s relief, a smile had now formed on Sole’s face. “Thank you. I’ve never wanted you to talk me out of anything before, but today I’m really glad you did, you really have a way with words Preston I’ll give you that.” Sole kept smiling at his old friend.

And Preston smiled back.


The dog just watched his friend, he was curious at why they were crying, so he approached. Wagging his tail and letting out a little huff to get their attention. It worked. Sole looked over at him, but that only seemed to increase the crying. So this time, Dogmeat approached more licking their hand. Trying to comfort them.

Jumping up on the bed, Dogmeat tired to get underneath Sole’s arm, he was trying to push his way in and Sole told him to stop but he was having none of that. He huffed again, this timing jumping off the bed and leaving the room; coming back moments later with something in his month.

It was his teddy bear.

Sole couldn’t keep a straight face at this. They didn’t even need to tell Dogmeat what was wrong, somehow he just had a way of cheering Sole up. And Dogmeat knew how much Sole loved him for that. A small sigh came from Sole and he beckoned him over. Dogmeat went to their side. Looking up at Sole proudly, he had created a smile on Sole’s face once again and he couldn’t have done a better job if he tired.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you boy, but one things for sure. I wouldn’t be here… Thank you so much.” Dogmeat went up to Sole once again and jumped up and gave Sole one of his doggie cuddles; he let Sole cry into his fur, holding him tightly Sole let it all out and Dogmeat would stay here until Sole was done. For he would never leave Sole and he would make sure that Sole would never leave him. Not for a little while longer at least.


“I’m so sorry Sole, I had no idea but please know I’m here.” Curie held Sole close.

“You couldn’t have known Curie, please don’t worry.” She just hugged them tightly. Her sweet voice soon resumed.

“Please listen to me?” She let them go. Sole had hesitated at first, but knew they probably would have regretted it if they had said no. “It may not seem like it now but everything is going to be alright. I wish you had told me sooner of course, but I need you to fight this just a little longer Sole, for the people who love you… Because I love you.”

“Curie… You do fine by me.” It was Sole’s turn to hold her. “You know I love you too” Sole smiled widened into her soft hair. Curie was so sweet and she just brought everything to life. She had also done the impossible it seemed; she had brought Sole’s dark world back to life. No one else could have done that and Sole knew that, they really had fallen for this beautiful doctor.

“You need to have more faith in yourself. That day… I cannot begin to imagine your pain, but no one in that position could have done anything. I can promise you that.” Curie was so kind with her words. “What happened that day wasn’t your fault Sole.” Sole didn’t let go of her and Sole did believed her words, but didn’t say a word. Sole just wanted to hold her a little longer. Sole took in her wonderful scent, and in that moment, Sole’s pain just seem to go away, Sole felt free and Curie could feel them relax which helped her calm a little.

“Curie…” Sole now cupped her cheeks with their hands, catching her beautiful smile with their eyes. Sole kissed her forehead and then her cheeks, and then finally kissed her soft untouched lips before whispering something she could never forget.

“I’m never going anywhere. My love for you keeps me going. That’s all I need.”

She felt only joy in that moment. It was just her and Sole now and she couldn’t have felt happier.


“Aw jeez Sole, that’s horrible. I’m sorry, truly.” She didn’t know what to say to her friend. Sole had never deserved to go through what they had, man, no one did. Having to watch something so devastating to begin with was just messed up. Cait sat with Sole for a while, but knew when Sole wanted to be left alone.

So she left them alone for awhile.

“Sole? You in here?” She looked around and there but there was no sign of them. She cursed. Where could they have gone?

Sole had been her support for over three months now, and she couldn’t believe that someone could care about someone like her, but Sole did and they had proven that to her on more than one occasion, she would admit that. They had stuck up for her, supported her, been there in her darkest moments and had saved her life more times than she could count. And life debts were something Cait knew she could repay them for. Taking a bullet for someone was easy. Admitting your worry for someone however was a different story altogether.

Damn it Sole!

Cait wouldn’t normally worry about Sole, but recently she had been noticing signs, signs of pain and angst she had never seen before. And Sole knew that she had nothing but respect for them, but they hadn’t really been themselves recently and it bugged her. It pissed her off that Sole wouldn’t speak to her. After all they had done for her they still wouldn’t let her help them? Sole knew Cait always paid her debts. But as usual they wanted to be alone.


But they were her idiot and she wasn’t about to let anything happen to them. Not while she was still breathing that is. She soon found them, all alone.

Ah shit Sole… Her piercing eyes softened a little.

“Sole? You need to talk to me.” They didn’t even looked at her. Cait eyes now showed only anger. “Why are you doing this?! You idiot! Why won’t ya talk to me?”

Sole didn’t answer.

“You’re hurting me Sole. I need ya to talk to me.” Angry tears now streamed down her face, they were hot and she was angry. She needed her Sole back. The Sole she fell in love with.

“I never wanted to hurt you.” Sole now looked at her. “I never wanted that Cait you know that.” Their voice, always so soft and understanding.

“Shut it and start talking Sole!” She wiped her own tears away.

They did. They told her everything and it broke her heart to hear what she was hearing. Her anger had now turned into pure guilt. She was so mad at herself she couldn’t contain it. She was far from weak.

“Idiot”. She looked up to see Sole.

“Hey I’m-” Sole cut her off, pulling her into a hug.

“You’re more of a comfort to me than anything in this world.” Sole admitted. Cait’s strong heart filled with relief. She wasn’t going to lose her Sole. Not today, not for a long time coming.


“SIr/Mum, there’s no need to worry about all that!” Codsworth tried to comfort Sole. Despite their pain, Codsworth tried very hard to see Sole through these hard times. He knew how they felt. That fateful day, he had seen it, he had been there too.

“I can’t do this anymore Codsworth.” Sole told him honestly. Sole truly had cause for what they were saying.

“Yes you can Sir/Mum, I have faith in you and you’ll always have me!” Sole let out a soft laugh through the tears.

Everyday Sole tried to think of new ways that they could repay Codsworth for his services and his loyalty to them. Even after two hundred years, he was still there when Sole needed him. But everyday Codsworth told them there was no need. 

He was here to serve them. To be their faithful friend for as long as they needed him.

“I know I do, but don’t you sometimes feel like this all gets a little too much to handle? This isn’t the same world we once knew Codsworth.”

“I know but there is still hope and you give these people that hope and that does includes me of you know!”

“You gave me that hope first Codsworth, I should be thanking you.”

“No need Sir/Mum. I’m always here to lend a comforting word.” Codsworth hadn’t changed a bit over the last two hundred years and he knew Sole wouldn’t have it any other way and so that’s how he would stay.


Yeah he felt for Sole, he truly did. And after taking another puff of Jet, he kind of felt worse about the whole thing. At first Hancock thought it was just a load of bad luck… and usually he would just leave Sole to their grief. It was none of his business so he wasn’t going to get involved and at the time that seemed like the right thing to do, or so he’d thought.

None of this was Sole’s fault and he knew that. Damn it. This was cold. Even by his standers. Damn, he could be a harsh bastard sometimes. Hancock knew that. He had to admit Sole was strong and he rarely heard them complain about anything. Man, he couldn’t remember the last time Sole spoke let alone complained.

Maybe, he should go see if they were alright. He didn’t want them ending their life on his watch.

With another puff of Jet he walked into the room Sole had shut themselves in to a couple of hours beforehand and damn he couldn’t have been more ashamed by what he saw. Hancock knew he should have checked in on Sole sooner. Sole looked fucking rough. 

“Hey kid…” Hancock at least tried to start a conversation with Sole, but when they finally looked up at him he could see nothing in their once perfect eyes and that kinda saddened him. He sat with them and offered them some Jet. They declined his offer but thanked him none the less.

“Look… I know things are hard, I understand that. I’ve lost people I once cared for and trust me it’s a pain you never truly get over. I know the feeling. But ya can’t do this to yourself Sole. You’re one of bravest people I know and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let this take you away from everyone who cares about ya.” Hancock sighed, he knew Sole was listening. They were just broken and they needed to be glueing back together. Yeah sure, there will be cracks left behind. But at least they would be standing tall again, just like they been when they first met.

“Sole, you are gonna feel better soon. Trust me.” Sole looked at his friend and decided to give Hancock’s words a chance. They both knew that Sole had nothing to lose, so what was the point in denying help? There was really no option at all, not for Sole anyway.


Nick just listened as Sole told their story. And even though he was a Synth he could still feel a sort of pulling pain in his chest area. He could always explain this pain but he could never understand why it was there. He was an old model Synth. He wasn’t designed to feel pain for others. But over the years things had changed. He had changed.

And yes of course, like so many others Sole needed his help. But this was different. Sole had risked their life to save him and not many would do that for a human let alone a Synth like him. So he took Sole’s case with a pinch of salt. He didn’t really know what he was dealing with here and he knew Sole didn’t either. But he decided to hear Sole out.

He watched Sole’s expression and saw nothing but a pain. It seemed to serve as a reminder of what they had been through.

Nick like most people in the Commonwealth had lost people, people were murdered or went missing all the time but he knew nobody that could only watch on as their loved ones were taken from them. This one was a new one even for him and he had no concept of this case and Nick’s pity only increased with every passing question. He tried his best to comfort Sole but he knew nothing he could saying would make the pain go away but he knew action might at least ease it.

“It’s gonna be alright. I’m gonna do my best to get your son back Sole. You have my word.”


Yes, X6-88 knew of Sole’s past and yet hearing about it again from them personally gave him a feeling. A new feeling he had never felt before. He questioned it everyday and in the meantime he tried his best to comfort his new travel companion. But with no success on the matter, X6-88 wondered if Sole could ever really be comforted through something as deep and as complex as this. He knew it was normal for humans to bottle in their emotions. 

X6-88 truly hated to see Sole unhappy, because he knew it would effect Sole’s combat effectiveness by 60% but the truth was deep down, even though he didn’t know it yet, he really didn’t want their past to get in the way of their future, he truly didn’t want to see them hurt anymore.


He reacted like any person would. At first he didn’t know what to say. He was truly shocked to hear the anyone could put another person through such cruel situation; but they had made the fatal mistake of doing it to Sole. He cared a lot about them and to see them cry, it hurt him. They had both been through at lot together recently and he really did owe Sole a lot. He had lost count when it came to saying how many times Sole had saved his life. But hey, he would always try his best to repay them. 

MacCready cleared his throat.

“I know this is hard Sole but you’ve… you-” He sighed. “Nothing I’m gonna say is gonna get rid of this pain and it’s not gonna happen overnight… and maybe it will never really go-away but I want you to know I’m here for you Sole. You’ve done so much for me and I hope you know without you life just wouldn’t be the same.”

“Thanks.” Sole looked at him and tried their best to give him a genuine smile; but MacCready knew this was still too raw for Sole, so he put them out of their misery for awhile.

“Don’t worry I’m here for ya for as long as you need me buddy.”


Piper had asked for a new story and she got one. But she couldn’t bring herself to write it. She thought, at the time that it would be a great read but everytime she tried to write something down she began to tear up. Just like she did when Sole had told her about it all in the first place.

God! How could she have been so selfish? She had to find Sole and apologise and she found them near her office. They were fixing one of their guns at the repair station and as she approached, she became nervous all of a sudden and she tried to convinced herself to step forward but she still hesitated.

“Sole?” They turned to face her, a smile was there but to her it seemed broken, forced maybe?

“Piper… Is everything okay?”

“No it’s not”, she told them honestly. Sole now looked concerned.

“Why what’s-” Piper cut them off.

“I’m so sorry. I was selfish and I was only thinking of myself. When you needed me the most I was more concerned about my news report. I shouldn’t have asked you all those personal questions! I had no right too and I really hope you can forgive me Sole.” Piper felt truly ashamed for the first time in her life and she didn’t know how to react to such a feeling. So she was panicking a little. She knew it showed in her voice but she didn’t care. Piper only wanted Sole’s forgiveness. “I only wanted to help you find your son and I never meant any of it Sole. If I could take back what I asked you I would. I really am sorry.” She really did feel ashamed.


“I understand if you don’t want to see me.” She began to turn away when Sole stopped her.

“What are you talking about, Piper? If I didn’t want you to know I would never have told you in the first place. I do have a mind of my own you know. I trust you and you were there when I needed you, trust me I know you were, and you helping me find my son is more than most people are doing. You don’t need to ask me to forgive you. But if it makes you feel any better, I do, okay?” Sole gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Now stop worrying. Don’t you have a paper to write”?

Piper couldn’t find the words to express how thankful she was. But she knew she didn’t need too.

She was glad in knowing she would sleep well that night. Nothing made Piper happier. But she had to admit she really liked it when Sole had kissed her on the cheek. Piper soon blushed at the thought.

No no no… no!

She still smiled at the thought and thanked God that Sole was around, she didn’t know where she would be without them and she was happy that they felt the same about her.

It was a very comforting thing.

I haven’t slept yet. Is that bad?

The phrases shouldn’t be running into one long indecipherable chunk of sound. Seijūrō blinked a few times, holding back what would have been a very rude sigh, and rededicated himself to listening to his advisor.

“…as you know, the London branch has lost stock value recently…”

Kōki had suggested a few weeks ago that they take the upcoming trip to London together. Seijūrō finding out exactly what was going wrong there shouldn’t take too much time; it was a small branch anyway and he would scarcely be a few million yen worse off if he closed the branch altogether. Maybe London was a step too far anyway.

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an advancement - luke hemmings

Can I get one with Luke, and the girls name is Raine. It’s not the first time either have had sex, but it’s the first time they have had sex. Maybe it can start off with Raine teasing Luke in front of everyone all day. If you need an appearance, she has long black hair and stone color blue eyes. Thanks in advance!!

- Actually love, I don’t do personals, I’m so sorry. Xx But I have to say, I just adore your name; it’s beautiful. Anyway, ignore me. Hey, I hope you like this.

my masterlist - x

Word Count - 4,310

Rating - R

Summary - (Y/N)’s desperate attempts to get Luke in bed with her might just work tonight, if she plays her cards right…


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