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inspired by the time i randomly ran into goro at the subway bread store?? ? they r gay bcuz i said so (anyways im sleep deprived don’t judge me)

dark!oq set during the finale kind of

She slowly stirs when sunlight peaks through her balcony and turns onto her side, scooting closer to his side of the bed. Where she expects to find the warmth of another body, however, she only finds the coolness of sheets long abandoned.

Reluctantly cracking open her eyes, Regina stares at the empty spot beside her on the bed, hand brushing against the still lukewarm sheets. There’s a piece of parchment in the dent of his pillow, where his head used to be. He can’t have left that long ago; it surprises her that his departure hasn’t awoken her as it usually does.

She stretches lazily and reaches for his note, unfolding the yellowed piece of paper reverently.

Friar Tuck needed assistance on an errand of little importance. I didn’t want to wake you.
- R.
P.S.: Sorry for keeping you up so late.

They had been up quite late last night, she muses. She’s surprised they haven’t made a bigger mess of her bedsheets. Rolling over to his side of the bed, she takes in the lingering scent of pine and campfire and closes her eyes once again.


“This one?”

Tuck’s scowl tells him all he needs to know before the man even utters a word, though he does so anyway. “You can’t ask a queen to marry you with that.”

That is a piece of metal, melted then forged from the blade of his Robin’s old dagger.

He sighs, staring at the boring (he has to admit) ring he holds between his fingers. “What do you propose, then? It’s not like I can afford a real one.”

Tucks chuckles. “When has that ever stopped you?”

Robin looks over to his friend–his alter ego’s friend. They’d come to the Enchanted Forest to escape the harsh reality of their realm, but here, they’d found purpose, a life they both had left behind, but which was waiting for them to return.

Tuck was right. Regina deserved more than a scrap piece of metal.

And he’ll give it to her, no matter what it takes.


It takes the realms destruction–nearly.

One minute, he’s tracking down some lordling’s carriage, and then, everything is black. Darkness has consumed this realm, taken over every square inch.

But light is persistent. Harder to destroy than evil thinks.

It shines through to darkness, lights a path that allows him to survive, until the greatest evil is overcome and he’s again surrounded by trees and dirt.

Evil is gone. And in his hand lies a jewel he could never have bought on his own.


This is not the happy ending they both envisioned, but it’s the beginning of a story worth exploring.

♡ first kiss ?

okay so like I’ve seen a lot of ‘reddie’s first kiss’ and stuff, so I’m doing my own twist:

okay so it’s thundering out and Eddie’s mom left the house and Eddie has been constantly calling Richie to come over because he was scared his house would get struck or something, so Richie finally heads over there. Eddie is kind of shy around Richie lately, and Richie noticed his cheeks were always red around him,, so of course Richie had to tease him a bunch, saying things like “damn did the lighting hit you first or is your face just naturally that red.” Eddie of course blushes even harder and punches Richie in the shoulder, making them start fighting and giggling hysterically as they rolled around on Eddie’s bed,, until lighting struck and it was super loud so Eddie got scared and jumped up and clung to Richie, quickly apologizing as he realized what he was doing and hid his face in his knees, rocking himself back and forth,, as Richie scooted over and slung an arm around him. “You okay Eds?” “What? Oh yeah, pfft t-totally fine.” He muttered, slowing his rocking, as Richie laid a hand on his leg, making Eddie look down and look up into Richie’s eyes. “You know what’s the best thing about lighting storms?” “Nothing is cool about lighting storms, Richie. They’re terrifying, and-” “the lighting makes your cheeks red, or maybe it’s just me.” Richie said, cutting Eddie off. “What? No it’s totally the lightning, that’s why I’m so scared and-” Richie pressed his lips to Eddie’s softly, cupping his cheek in his other hand,, as Richie pulled away a little bit and Eddie fell back onto the bed, blushing furiously. “okay, maybe it wasn’t the lightning.”


Lmao that sucks Idek where I got that idea from lol, but yeah sorry it was kind of long as well 😂💛

The whole BOM and Keith thing in s4 is a tad bit irritating...

But I believe Keith is doing it for a specific reason, maybe he wants to be a better leader, which in s3 he clearly wasn’t ready or willing for it. Maybe training with the BOM might be his way of improving on himself.

I dunno.

ok let’s talk about this

let’s talk about how painfully difficult it would be for jean to watch armin in this chapter, while he’s being groped and basically molested by this creep

after armin had saved jean’s life very recently

and yet here jean is

unable to save the very person who happens to be the reason that jean is still living and breathing

jean can’t even make himself say anything. he has to look away from armin because he can’t stand to watch it. i’ve looked through the chapter 53 tags and i completely disagree with the idea that jean is just being passive, that he doesn’t care enough to help. of fucking course he cares. armin saved his fucking life, but here jean is put in a situation where he is incapable of returning the favor for fear of blowing the operation, where he is completely helpless and entirely unable to stop anything. everything about this chapter makes me want to cry but especially everything that goes on in this scene

I know a lot of people think that if William is in the revival, it’s going to be because he’s in danger and they have to go and find him.  But let’s be real, this is Mulder and Scully’s son we’re talking about.  Remember all of the stupid, reckless, and dangerous shit Mulder got into because he wanted to find out information about aliens?  William is not just going to spend his life sitting around, wondering who is biological parents are.  He’s going to break into places and fuck shit up to find out what he needs to know.  Then something like this is going to happen half way through the revival:

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Can we talk about the fact that they made Alec, who’s gay and always thought he was sick and is struggling to accept his feelings and who he is, the one to sit down and tell Jace, perfect, strong, straight, Jace that “no, you’re not sick”? And how he probably realised that if Jace isn’t sick for falling for his sister, then maybe. Just maybe, there is nothing wrong with him liking boys? 

Idk, this moment just seems so huge to me…

That Neal and Emma scene in the beginning was there to prove the depth and strength of Emma and Kilian’s love, and that she’s never going to give up on him, never going to leave him in the Underworld, and never going to leave him to suffer. It may have seemed unimportant, but it was there for a reason. It was a contrast of the love the two couples have/had between them. Neal’s love for Emma was not enough for him to stay with her and not let her go to prison to suffer, but this was a slap to the face on how much Emma’s love for Killian is enough and how it literally transcends realms and that even death cannot keep them apart. Aaand I am sobbing! IT’S TRUE LOVE. DON’T TOUCH ME!

Just tell me the truth

So, I was thinking about Karen’s speech to Frank on the woods at The Dark End of the Tunnel (2.12), and it just hit me, what if Frank had told her the truth but still killed Colonel Schoonover? Would she be okay with it or would she still consider him a monster?

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So about Divergent...

let me get a few things very clear before i start:

  1. The Divergent Series is my favorite series of all time. I love and adore everything about it. 
  2. I am ridiculously nit picky about book to movie adaptations i almost annoy myself.

With that in mind, here we go:

Overall I quiet enjoyed it. The acting by absolutely everyone was phenomenal. I adored the music (esp ellie goulding) and score. they fit so nicely it was great. They essentially stuck to most of the book which I appreciate but not entirely. Although it was good, the book is soo much better. I’d give it a solid 7/10.

Now time to get into the details (spoilers below):

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