maybe a mole

The canon ships, and those who are happy as they are.

So I read about the characters and their relationships. From what I read, Giggles is the popular one here. I read that Petunia was also with other guys (Though, she wasn’t happy with Disco Bear). Fun fact, the popular canon couples in the show are CuddlesXGiggles, and PetuniaXHandy. 

I also read that Lumpy (In maybe one episode) was also attracted to Giggles, but it didn’t say that they dated and most episodes that involve Lumpy and Giggles together it’s usually a rivalry situation.

Again, this is only based on what I read. Enjoy! 

If someone told me to choose one picture of JunMyeon to look at for the rest of my life, this one will be it, without hesitating.  

I love the fact that they didn’t whitewhased this photo, and I don’t know there’s something about it that makes it so perfect to me. Maybe it’s the tiny mole close to his chest, his cute little nose, his perfect eyebrows, those tiny pinkish lips, the shadow of his mustache… ¡I dont know! I’m just in love with this photo, I can’t get over it, I just can’t.  


my peaches design is a very bitchy guy who probably persists in his own way too much that he basically doesn’t care about what happen around him and only focus on his own cream stuff, does whatever he wants like he may skip the classes and break into school roof just bc he feels like and needs to seek for ~inspiration~ even tho both are against school rules. he’s a notorious new student in the school but also very popular among girls due to his shitty damn hot face(i’m sorry if i didn’t make it look shitty damn hot) also while lexy is a famous and well-respected senpai among both students and teachers, peaches just can’t accept her easily. lexy also sees peaches as a difficult kouhai bc of his bold deeds and uncooperative attitude. other than that peaches just started shipping his senpais hard like shit.

(p.s. the human name i gave him refers to peaches’ jp name: cream. also i hate his heart-shaped mole design so much that i forgot to draw it often. it looks very stupid tbh-

Veneziano Character Facts

🇮🇹he is skilled at using both of his hands and may be ambidextrous.

🇮🇹 He gets frequent stomach aches from eating too much gelato.

🇮🇹 He takes daily 3:00 siestas and takes off all his clothes to do so. However, he always forgets to put his pants back on.

🇮🇹 Switzerland has shot at him for streaking before.

🇮🇹 He is good at fencing

🇮🇹 He hates helmets because they make him feel shorter.

🇮🇹 When his hands and legs are bound he dies.

🇮🇹 In the manga, instead of a pushbroom, he gives HRE his underwear 

 🇮🇹 Worrying about Italy is apparently a Prussian Tradition 

 🇮🇹Prussia has asked him on a date before 

🇮🇹Spain has wanted to marry him before. Italy was a child when this happened. 

🇮🇹Veneziano is Japanese for “of Venice”. 

 🇮🇹 His right nipple is Corsica and his right pectoral area also represents Savoy and Nice. (Maybe they’re moles?) 

 🇮🇹He has phimosis (if you are under 13, I suggest you not look this up ). 

 🇮🇹 He is taller than Romano 

 🇮🇹 He is not physically weak. He is just cowardly and scared of everything. 

 🇮🇹 Italy’s curl actually wasn’t added until the last minute. Now Hima says that the curl feels important

 🇮🇹 Former Italy design:


If I stare long enough, I’m sure I can find something in the swoop of his shoulder blades, or a hidden message in the constellation of his moles. Maybe it’s in the structured line of his jaw, or the underwhelming, plain blue of his eyes.

And so I stare at this golden boy, trying to piece together what exactly I’m looking for.

My eyes wander to the mess of bronze curls splayed across his pillow, over his forehead. They wander to his pink pink lips, to the column of his neck, to the thick eyelashes rimming those underwhelming, plain blue eyes.

Everything I’m looking for is already there, eight feet away from me and tangled in the wrong sheets.

I’m looking for Simon Snow, but a different Simon Snow. One that whispers lovely things into my skin, one whose fingers fit perfectly with mine, one who loves me.

Kaldur is my favorite character so maybe Im being over protective… but it bothers me how the team treats Kaldur… They dont seem to care about him too much. They dont seem to have as much of a connection with him…
The episode Red Tornado fam attacks and the episode after it in particular bother me… Like they dont even ask Kaldur how hes doing while hes being fried in that cage and then after when they find out Kaldur kept the ‘maybe theres a mole’ secret… they dont bother asking WHY he didnt tell them… just blamed him for Megan almost getting killed (like he wasnt ALSO dying in that cage?). ((Also the episode Megan leaves him to die to look for Superboy even though she was the only one that could have been able to move Kaldur quickly and safely??))
Im glad Shazam was such a sweety to him… Shazam is just a sweety in general tho.
I wish Roy was on the team or they actually went somewhere with SB and Kaldurs friendship

//disgruntled Kaldur fan noises

Ya know I never actually believed Kaldur was evil… but I was sorta like ‘I dont blame him if he wanted to… at least his evil daddy loves him.’